Jeremy’s Journal: Country Drive

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We were in the middle of summer and the worse heatwave. Everyone Candy and I knew were trying to find new ways to beat the heat. Previously we had found the showering together pleasurable but we needed something new to do together. My uncle had a really nice cottage in the country near to a waterfall that he used once or twice a year so I asked him if I could use it for the long weekend we had coming up. Being family had its perks and after getting the keys from him, I went to Candy’s house to pick her up. She was still packing a small suitcase so I took a peek as to what she was taking for our weekend. I told her not to pack too much clothes because we were in the middle of a heatwave and I wanted her naked as much as possible (to help beat the heat) she laughed but continued her preparations.

The drive would take a few hours but I told her it was worth it. I had been to the cottage before some years before with an ex girlfriend so needless to say I was eager to make some new memories. Once we were on the road and out of the city. I knew exactly what time and which route would have the least amount of cars, it would be the longer route but I had some plans to enact on this drive. We stopped off to fill some petrol and grabbed a few things to eat and drink. As we got further into the country side I began the first step of my plan. Taking off the air conditioning, I told her the country air was better for us. I put my hand out the window and played a game of arm wrestling with the oncoming wind which got a laugh and a question about what I was doing. She chuckled at my explanation but I challenged her to do the same, which she latin sex tapes porno did.

As she continued to keep her hand out the window and playing with the wind I told her that I always enjoyed the feel of the wind against my chest so I took my T-shirt off and then looked at her with a sad look and mentioned how she would never be able to experience the same. I don’t know if she figured out what I was planning but she looked at me with a challenging look and took off her top as well. I loved having her half naked in my car. As I continued to drive I moved my hand over to her breast and I began to massage and fondle them. Her nipples became hard as I gently kneaded them. The road was empty, there was no one around so Candy lifted herself from her seat and lifted one of her tits to my mouth. As we drove, I hungrily licked and sucked every part of her nipples and breast as I could.

Noticing my erection, Candy reached her hand down my pants and grabbed my cock. As she stroked my shaft, I began to unzip her shorts and started to pull them down. She was just as horny as I was on this ghost road so she helped me take her pants off. I was happy that she had lived up to my condition of not wearing underwear because now, my plan had succeeded. I had her fully naked with her tits in my mouth, her hand stroking me to orgasm as I was fingering her wet and slick snatch. I loved hearing her moan, I found it really hard to stay on the road with all these amazing distractions so I slowed down even more.

The road was straight for a few kilometers so I put the car into cruise control and took off my lezbiyen porno shorts. Candy knelt on her seat, her ass in the air and sucked on my dick like a vacuum. I’m not sure who did it and how it happened but soon the roof of the convertible started to retract but I was too busy enjoying the experience of having my cock sucked while driving and Candy was too busy making those wonderful circles around the head of my dick with her tongue to notice either. The heat of the sun, the warmth of the wind and wetness of Candy’s mouth on my dick is a memory that still gets me hard to this day.

As Candy made those slurping and sucking sounds, she tried to see how much of my dick she could fit into her mouth. I used my hand to reach over and find her wet cunt. As my fingers felt her wetness, I flattened my palm and slowly made clockwise circles and then rubbed back and forth a few times before using my middle finger to massage the inside of her vagina. Honestly I wanted to cum, I wanted to reach our destination to fuck her brains out and at the same time I was just enjoying this experience too much. So I asked her to sit and recline her seat a little. I pulled her right leg over between my legs and began to finger her again and she closed her eyes and reached for my dick.

As her hands gripped my cock we unconsciously synched our tempo. While my finger slid in and out of her making that sloshing sound, she was stroking my cock with such force that my balls were bouncing on the seat like basketballs. I really couldn’t help it anymore. I knew we were getting closer to our destination and I could continue driving like liseli porno this for a little while longer but I was so driven by my hormones I pulled the car over. I really didn’t care if there were cars passing I jumped out the car and went around to the passenger side. I pulled Candy out of the car, turned her around, bent her over and lifted one of her legs and just speared her pussy with my penis. She let out a loud gasp/moan and I just started thrusting deeper and harder with every sound she made. I was like an animal that couldn’t process anything other than blind ravenous lust.

She raised her head and I remembered grabbing a handful of her hair and pulled it back until my face was next to hers. I was still pounding her pussy from behind and I felt her legs begin to quiver, her breath got both deep and shallow as she seemed stuck in time and frozen and then her body changed scent and she almost collapsed. The heat from my cock felt like a furnace and I could feel the cum surging from my balls into my shaft. As I inched nearer and nearer to cumming inside her I pulled out and smashed my pelvis into her ass. I continued rubbing my cock against her butt cheeks as if I was still inside her and felt my energy and cum explode at the same time. My mind was completely blank as I felt the cum rushing out my dick and being smeared on Candy’s ass. Even after I came I just continued to rub my cock on her ass. Candy reached into her bag and pulled out some tissues and wiped the semen off of her butt and wiped the residue from my dick and stomach as well.

She let me sit on the passenger side of the car and got into the drivers seat. She brought back up the directions on sat nav and drove off. I really don’t remember too much about the rest of the drive to the cottage but I do remember Candy telling me that if the drive to get there was that good…she she was really looking forward to the weekend.

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John’s Story

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There’s a chance the story John will tell you will inspire some of the other people involved to write about their version of what happened.

Stay tuned.

John’s Story

I never knew what hit me. I mean, I’ve had encounters of the sexual kind before, but this was, well. . .

I had better back up a bit. I’m John Thonth, a 42 year old math teacher at a pretty well known college. That’s being modest: I’m chair of the math department and I’m really good at teaching and research, but this story will show you I’m lousy at personal relationships.

Some women have called me a professional bachelor, others have called me worse than that. I may not be married, but I like going through the motions. The more experienced men reading this story will appreciate that some ladies are much better at those particular motions than others. This story is about one of those ladies…

I dated Jayne M six or seven years ago. Jayne is a professor in the biology department here, and she was probably one of the most attractive women I ever knew. She was a sophisticated classy lady, one any man would be proud to have on his arm. You wouldn’t think it when you looked at her, but there was a big bonus — she was as exciting and adventurous as you could imagine in the bedroom. She claimed I was only her fourth (or was it fifth?) lover, and that included her ex husband. One of them had to have been an inspiring teacher of sexual techniques, and Jayne was a good student

I thought about Jayne often. Sometimes those memories kept me warm at night when I was in bed by myself. Hell, sometimes I thought about her when whoever I was having sex with isn’t very exciting.

What happened between her and me, why weren’t we still together, you might ask. Well, that’s easy. The only thing we had in common was sex. She liked chamber music, I wanted country. She liked old classic movies, I watched the newest films. Long dresses and fine restaurants worked for her, blue jeans and local bars were better for me. We figured out we didn’t have a future together and agreed we’d just be dates and sex partners of convenience.

It wasn’t much later when we stopped seeing each other – no hard feelings – and a year after that she married a guy who I guess was a much better match for her than I was. I wished her well, and meant it. Still, when I’d see her on campus I’d remember the hot times we had and wished it was possible to go back to them, at least for a while.

It’s not that I saw her on campus much. I didn’t go there often during the summer. Hell, if you know anything about faculty workloads, you’ll know I didn’t go on campus much period — tenure is a wonderful thing.

My grad students did know I was on call for them, and everyone knew I spent Tuesday afternoons in my on campus office unless that interfered with a tee time or some other afternoon delight.

On the Tuesday before the 4th of July this year I meandered over to campus and began going through the stack of papers in my in box when I saw Jayne walking by. She waved and I asked her to join me for a cup of coffee. It turns out, she said, she was looking for the chairman of the physics department. He had a small “this is my office for thinking, everyone keep out” place in the math building. Jayne said she was working on a joint biology/physics grant. He wasn’t around, so we chatted about old times and flirted a little bit. Things were fine in her life, she said, although she did say her husband was away a lot.


“Is he away now?” It turned out he was. “Well, is there any reason we shouldn’t have a dinner together, or at least a drink to celebrate old times?”

She thought about that for a minute or two, then agreed a salad and some wine the next night would be a nice way to spend the evening.

“My place or yours?” I asked with a big smile to prove I wasn’t serious.

We agreed a TGI Fridays a dozen miles away would be a good place to meet. It wasn’t popular with people either of us knew, and Friday’s salad selections would work for both of us. It was an informal enough place so that our meeting couldn’t be classified as a ‘date’. We both knew it would be different if we had gone to one of the better restaurants right in town. People might have noticed and tongues would have wagged.

I looked forward to that quasi date: Jayne was fun to be with and we had some catching up to do.

We met around 9 the next night. It was an odd evening, there was a tension in the air, probably because she was a married woman now. That didn’t make a lot of sense though, she knew I never dated, much less bedded, married women (why get shot by a husband when there was so much legal opportunity around?)

Besides, this wasn’t a real date after teach that-bitch porno all, it was just two people who were alone enjoying each other’s company. I did some pro-forma flirting: that’s almost a reflex for me. She gave as well as she took, making it even more fun. Like I said, she was really great in bed, and playing flirting games would give me something to think about when I went home and wrapped my fist around my cock.

She asked about how I was doing and I was honest enough with her. Yes, I was seeing someone she didn’t know pretty regularly, but Joyce – that was my date’s name – wasn’t ever going to be a life partner. Yes, I still lived in the same house, but now my bed was king sized, not queen. “A bigger playground?” she wanted to know, and she was right. I didn’t tell her about the scarves under the bed that could be tied to its corners or the video cameras I installed sometime after she and I had broken up. Hey, when I’m alone I’d rather be the star in the porno films I watch!

It was natural to ask about where she lived, too. “Oh, we have a place over in the Pines.” I knew The Pines. It was a gated community with large houses on large lots, and there was a private golf course there, too.

“Wow, your husband does pretty well, doesn’t he?”

“We do pretty well,” she corrected me, “but you’re right, he makes three times what I do.”

“And he’s often away,” I added.

“Yes, it does get lonely,” she agreed

There was a quiet minute or two. I expected her to say goodbye and go home.

That’s not he way the conversation went… “Have you ever been to The Pines?” she asked.

“I played golf there once a long time ago. It seemed really nice and the houses all looked like they should be called estates.”

“They are mostly big houses, you’re right.”

“I’d like to see some of them close up,” I said, which was true enough but also a flirt and in a real way, a gambit.

She accepted it. “Would you like to see our place?”

That was a no brainer: “I’d love to.”

Jayne took the napkin from her lap, and very delibertly draped it over her dish and said “Follow me.”

I got the bill paid, and somehow my Toyota kept up with her not very aggressively driven 7 series Beamer. That was odd, years ago she was a fast driver: careful, but fast. We didn’t go to the Pine’s main gate – there was an owner’s gate that was radio controlled. The gate swung open for her, and closed. I almost expected her to just drive away, but she opened it again for me.

Their house lot was so big that when I drove into the driveway I could not see any other house, just some lights through the trees.

It was beautiful house, a fitting place for her to live, and I told her so. I got a quick tour, then we settled into the den with its big fireplace.

The den had two large sliding doors that opened onto a patio. She turned on the outside lights. I could see a pool out there, and a high wooden fence. “That gives us lots of privacy,” she said. I’d have liked to have gone swimming with her in that private pool but that was an offer she wasn’t making. She pulled set of gauze curtains over the doors – the other set looked heavy and opaque – then turned off the outside lights. The glass doors seemed to turn into mirrors and the den appeared even larger. The room had leather furniture and reeked of quality and class. The floor was slate, with an Oriental rug in front of the fireplace, and big cushions there, for less formal sitting.

That’s where we sat. We toasted each other and old times. I didn’t know where this evening was going, I was somehow all off balance all night. “I’ll be right back” Jayne said after a little while, and she left the room. I briefly thought this was going to be one of those times when the lady returns in a negligee, or nude, then laughed at myself. That wouldn’t happen tonight but when I got home I’d sure pretend it did. I’d be ejaculating into a tissue instead of where I’d have liked to deposit that protein. After all, Jayne was married and some things were not meant to be.

Then she returned.

The suit she was wearing was gone, replaced by a white robe that ended above her knees. It was made of some kind of satin that clung to everything underneath is and it was obvious the only thing it was clinging to was Jayne. This was the kind of thing men dream about, but these dreams don’t often happen. Maybe some things WERE meant to be.

I stood, wanting to take her in my arms, but she put her hand on my chest. “I want to do this my way,” she told me and then moved behind me. This was her house: we’d follow her rules and her route. We both knew how it was going to end.

I could see our reflections in the patio teamskeet porno doors, the curtains covering them just softened the image a little. I watched and felt her arms move around me, saw her hands stroking my chest and my belly, and felt them brush over my crotch. “I can feel that I have that old effect on you,” she said, cupping me ever so softly.

“You sure do.”

I stood there while her fingers pulled my golf shirt from my slacks, then I raised my arms as she pulled it up. She couldn’t get it over my head; I took it off the rest of the way. I was glad, looking at our reflections, that I stayed fit. I wanted to turn to face her but she stopped me from doing that, kept me facing our reflections. “I like watching us,” she said. One of her arms was around my chest, then other, on my belly and then I could feel her lips on the center of my back! I thought I’d explode.

I wished we were at my place, I’d have the cameras running and be able to watch this seduction whenever I wanted. “Next time,” I promised myself. Somehow I controlled myself, and both of her hands moved to my belt. I stood there, arms at my side, watching and feeling and enjoying the sensations of a beautiful woman undressing me, her delicate fingers fumbling for a moment with my belt, then with the clasp on my slacks, then my zipper. She pushed my pants down, and I helped by kicking off my boat shoes and stepping out of my slacks. I still had on boxer shorts but they weren’t doing an especially good job of hiding my erection. That erection didn’t get any smaller when I saw her hand slip under the elastic, and for sure got even harder when I could feel that hand with its magic touch stroke me. “That feels nice,” she said, “it feels the way I remember it.” Did that mean she thought about me, fantasize about me, the way I did about her?

Her hands moved to my waist and she pushed the boxers down. I could feel the waistband drag down my cock, and watched in the window’s reflection as the band slipped over my penis’s head. It – I –sprung free, exposed. She pushed the shorts to my knees and I did the rest and stepped out of them. I was standing naked in front of her, feeling her hands move onto my hips, then stop. “I remember when we were dating that you told me you would never have sex with a married woman. I’m married, are we going to have a problem?” she asked.

Her fingers moved over my cock, I had forgotten how wonderful her touch was. “I’ll make an exception to that rule tonight, if you’re willing to break it with me,” I told her. She reached under my penis, cupped my scrotum, and I could feel her lips on my back.

“I want what I have in my hands, John, I want to break that rule of yours, I want to do things to you, and put this thing in me” she said, and her lips moved along my back, lower, then finally over to my hip. She moved a quarter of the way around me, and tuned me the other ninety degrees. I looked down at this woman, now on her knees in front of me. I wanted to pull her mouth onto my cock, to control her and dominate her but she wasn’t having any of that.

“Just put your hands down, I’ll do this my way,” she said. Was this going to be a tease?

Well, no.

She moved toward me, and her lips touched my cock’s head, offering it only the softest kiss. She pulled one of my arms to the front, and wrapped my fingers around my erection. “Stroke yourself for me,” she said. I started masturbating – if she wanted a facial I’d give it to her.

As I pushed my cock through my fist she opened her mouth wide and took the exposed end into her mouth.


She held my scrotum with one hand, and the other was around me, fingering my anus, then more than that, poking into it, while she blew me! I thought she was great before, but this was new. Someone taught her new tricks, tricks I didn’t know!

Could it have been her husband? I was getting a world class blow job from someone else’s wife! The analytical part of my brain began questioning my policy of staying away from married women — if they were this good, that policy was ending right now!

It was an erotic oral adventure. She knew enough to apply tight pressure around my cock when she felt me start to come so she could prevent a premature ejaculation. I heard of that, but never had it done to me with someone’s lips!

She finally pulled me down to the cushions on the floor. I was on my back, my penis was sticking up like some kind of a May Pole,. She knelt at my feet and untied the robe’s belt. She held the damned thing closed while she pushed it off her shoulders, looked at me and asked “Is this what you remember?” She relaxed her hands and the robe slid down her arms, off her breasts, off of her hands, and she was naked.

Then tecavuz porno she was beside me on the cushions, and I was lapping at her, sucking at her, feeling her arousal, feeling her needs and satisfying them.

But not for long. She pushed me onto my back, I was sticking straight up again. She got over me, put her hands on my shoulders to support herself, centered her vagina over my cock and then just lowered herself onto me. I mean, the only parts of us that were touching were her hands on my shoulders and our pelvises! I forgot how wet Jayne would get, and how she was never too tight for a first penetration. Every time I had sex with her going in the first time was like moving in the heaviest warm cream, with her just tight enough to provide ideal stimulation. Like I said at the start of this story, some women are better than others

I looked down between us, we were having fully exposed sex. I loved seeing my penis shine with her lubrication when as she lifted off me, then I would sink deep inside her when she came down.

We rolled over into a classic missionary position and rammed into each other for what seemed only a couple of minutes. She reached between us and stroked me, masturbated me, while I fucked her. That was new, too, and it worked. Oh god it worked, I came in what seemed like buckets full.

I fell onto her way sooner than usual, empty and exhausted. We somehow rolled away from each other. I was soft, wet and soft. I wanted to cuddle, to have her touch me some more, and maybe we’d have sex again, this time more slowly, like we used to.

“You’ll have to go, John,” she said, ruining my plans. “You can’t spend the night. I don’t want the homeowner’s security guys seeing your car here, people will talk and I don’t want that to happen.”

“I want to see you again,” I told her. She was even better than I remembered, and I didn’t want to give it up, even if she was married. “I don’t think so, John. Nothing good would come of that, would it? I don’t want to put my lifestyle here at risk and we already know the only thing you and I have in common is sex. That’s not enough.”

“But,” I argued, “but wasn’t it good? Weren’t we good together?”

“We always were,” she agreed, “but this was only a one night stand, nothing more. I loved it, I hope you did too, but it’ll have to be enough. Try to remember me kindly, John.”

I dressed and left. I’d remember her all right, but somehow felt hollow, used. I knew when the security gate closed behind my car it also closed her off from me for ever.

But I’d remember. Oh, I’d remember the way she looked, the way she felt. I’d wish, maybe for the rest of my life, that we would have made a go of it. I did know a little of Jayne was better than none of her. Was it Garth Brooks who sang a song talking about broken romances, but concluded he wouldn’t have wanted to miss the dance?

I’m glad I had that last dance. I was man enough to hope her husband would never find out: she deserved the life she had. And me? I was pretty sure I’d be comparing her to other women for the rest of my life.

Then something odd and good happened. Jayne brought her husband to a faculty mixer a few days ago and introduced us. I somehow never knew his name was Walter. He shook my hand, of course, but he looked at me in the strangest way. I had to wonder: did he suspect something? Did he know something? Then the answer came to me: I’m sure Jayne told him we used to date before she met him. That’s the reason he had that knowing look in his eye: he thought we shared the same woman at different times.

When I was driving home I laughed out loud at that thought. The times we shared the same woman were not as far apart as the thought — it’s not that big a difference in time, Wally! It was days, not years.

The laugh was on me, though, because tonight he was going to be next to her, and me? I would just have my memories, and my fist, and a box of tissues.

Laughter and tears aren’t really that far apart. I didn’t expect my bedside tissues would be wet with tears and that I’d be hugging a pillow, but that’s what happened.

There was another song from my youth, it was about loving the one you’re with. The woman I had been dating for six months, but not seriously, was really very nice. For the first time in my life, I began thinking about spending a lifetime with a one woman.

I’m not even sure how I came to make the decision, but somehow my phone was against my ear, and hers was ringing. “Hi Joyce,” I said, “I know it’s late, but I’d love to talk with you for a while tonight. Can I come over, or would you like to come here?”

She lived 10 miles away. In the 15 minutes it took for her to come to my house I had gotten rid of the scarves that were under the bed and disabled three video cameras. A little while later, after she got over the shock of my question and said ‘yes’ we were holding each other, connected in every way, complete.

And here’s the best part. I not once thought about Jayne.

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Joey , Amber Ch. 02

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Note to Reader: This story is broken into two versions of the same basic storyline. This story includes more fetish related material while the other version has more of a romantic tinge to it. Please read the version that most suites you or read both it is entirely up to you. Feedback is always welcome I hope you enjoy the story.

He waited impatiently in the airport terminal for his girlfriend to arrive nothing could calm his excitement. His girlfriend of five months was returning from a business trip and had been away for two weeks. Joey and Amber were a very “close” couple often having sex 2 to 3 times a day and sometimes retreating to mutual masturbation in front of each other. While Amber had been gone the couple ran up their phone bills talking for hours at night only being able to have constant phone sex. Some day’s Joey would call Amber’s mobile while she was at work, Amber would pretend it was an important business call but it would really be Joey masturbating… teasing her. However, Amber loved listening… the rush of seeing all her business associates trying to figure out why her face was so red thrilled her. In her breaks Amber would do the same thing calling Joey and masturbating for him.

This was the longest the two had been apart since they had met, as the monitors declared that the plane had landed and the people stared to move through the doors into the terminal Joey began frantically moving his head around trying to find her. When he found her doing the same thing he smiled and immediately relaxed as she ran towards him jumping into his arms and kissing him passionately. After their kiss Joey picked up Amber’s bags and they headed for the car.

The trip home was “interesting” to say the least; both were extremely aroused and as fate would have it conversation slowly drifted. “I’m not wearing any underwear,” Amber said with a cheeky smile. Amber was wearing a denim skirt and instinctively opened her legs slightly as she saw Joey’s hand leave the steering wheel and land on her knee. Slowly sliding his hand up, Amber closed her eyes, his hand finally come to rest between her legs immediately upon feeling that she in fact did not have any underwear on, his hand went straight back to the wheel… teasing her. Amber gave out a little frustrated giggle and chose to fight fire with fire, pulling her skirt up and opening her legs she gently began to rub her clit as Joey drove. This was too much for Joey for he knew that he could never beat her. Amber let out a little moan sending Joey over the edge and he pulled over. When the car had stopped her reached student sex parties porno over and immediately began pashing Amber.

They kissed for a few moments, Joey began to caress Amber’s leg getting higher each time. As he reached the top of Amber’s thigh he slid two fingers straight into the top of her wet pussy sending shock waves through her body as she bit Joey’s neck. He began fingering her faster and faster Amber was getting close as she reached over sliding her hand inside Joey’s pants rubbing him as he fingered her using his thumb against her clit. She came hard as they kissed, Joey’s fingers slowed and he placed his forehead against hers, they smiled and Joey retreated back into the divers seat, Amber followed.

Her hand was still in Joey’s pants stroking him up and down she brought his hard cock out immediately putting it into her mouth. She tickled the tip with the tip of her tongue as she gently stroked him. She began sucking harder and stroking him harder, as she took her mouth of his hard cock he came, shooting onto his stomach. After he came back down to reality she licked as much as cum as she could from his cock and stomach and Joey started the car driving back to his apartment.

When they arrived Joey grabbed Amber’s bags taking them inside for her. Amber was staying at his place for the next few days since it was an hour drive to her house and neither party felt up to an hour-long drive when Joey’s place was so close. As soon as the couple entered the apartment and Joey had put down her bags Amber ran towards him jumping into his arms forcing him down onto the bed. Amber had never been in Joey’s apartment and no matter how horny she was she couldn’t help but look around plus she loved teasing him. She explored his house as Joey just lay on the bed with a smile on his face thinking that he could get her attention by masturbating on his bed. However, Amber’s attention had been diverted to the 2 sets of hand cuffs that she found at the bottom of his bed head hidden from plain view. She slid her hand down the back of his bed immediately Joey sat up worried. Amber picked up one set of the handcuffs still attached to the bed head and smiled. Joey was worried that she wasn’t into the type of stuff he was. However what Amber did next surprised him she seductively took off all her cloths and handcuffed her left hand to the bed head and gestured Joey to cuff her right.

Joey did so with a sort of cheesy grin he had fantasized about this for years but had never met a woman who would willingly want to be submissive cuckolds porno hand cuffed and let his will be done upon her. Joey was not into extreme types of bondage however he did like mild doses. When Amber had been successfully hand cuffed to the bed head Joey blindfolded her and traced his fingertips down the entire length of her naked body. His fingers trailed down over her forehead, down her checks, over her lips, down her neck, over her chest and breasts, down her stomach, then each hand caressed down each leg. Amber began to moan as his fingers trailed her inner thighs.

He smiled and removed his cloths, knelling on the bed and cuffing her legs. Joey then when to the kitchen and found a rose that he was planning to give to Amber at the airport but had forgotten. He thought this convenient when remembering how Amber had jumped on him; he gave a little chuckle to himself picking up the rose “She will like this more anyway.” He thought to himself looking at the rose and walking back to Amber. He knelled back down on the bed placing the rose to Amber forehead.

Moving it down he placed it under her nose and let her smell its sweetness, he ran it down over her neck running it around her collarbone. Sliding it down to her breasts he ran the rose around her left nipple and then leaned down to kiss it and nibble it, then doing the same to Amber’s other breast. Moving the rose down over her stomach he circled her cute little belly button leaning in to kiss it also. He then used the rose to caress her inner thighs and over her shaved pussy. Amber’s back arched as the rose touched her clit Joey leaning in yet again and slid his tongue around Amber’s clit smiling to himself as she moaned knowing that this was only the beginning.

He put the rose on the bedside table retreating to the kitchen again to find more goodies. He took a glass from the cupboard filling it with water and ice, going back into his bedroom seeing Amber there naked was driving him crazy but they were both having such a great time.

He put the glass next to the rose and fished for an ice cube; he held the ice above her head letting the drips fall on her lips, then her breasts and lastly a few drips on her clit. Placing the ice on her forehead he let it slide down her nose, lips, neck, breasts concentrating on her nipples, then down to her pussy where he began to rub the ice against her clit. Amber immediately began to moan loudly and as she got closer Joey stopped then pushed the ice cube deep inside her Amber squealed at the unique pleasure taboo heat porno she was feeling.

Joey went to the kitchen retrieving a candle he lit it there and walked back to his bedroom. Joey knew that hot wax was one of Amber’s biggest turn on’s, he knelled on the bed again and began to drip the hot wax onto Amber’s breasts without warning. She started moaning straight away, her pelvis began to move up and down slowly as the wax dripped onto her body. He dripped the wax around her nipples and stomach, lastly he dropped one droplet from about a foot above Amber straight onto her clit, Amber screamed at the pleasure and wanted nothing more then to fuck Joey right there and then. Her clit was throbbing and her body ached for him, she began wondering weather she made a mistake but she was loving every second knowing she would have her time with him later.

Joey went into his office getting his letter opener, which was an exotic dagger; knelling beside her he used it to peel off the wax. The feel of the cold steel against her body drove her insane turning her on a lot more then she would have thought. After the wax has been removed Joey removed he leg cuffs and cautiously removed her right hand cuff, she didn’t move she just kept breathing deeply. He removed her blindfold and he opened her eyes and looked at him in awe. Her head looked to her left hand as Joey opened the cuffs.

As soon as they were open Amber leapt at him pashing him, Joey knelled with his right leg in between Ambers legs and he held her, pashing her. Amber began to press herself against his leg rubbing her wet pussy against his leg as they kissed. She pushed him down on his back kissing down his body, biting his nipples, kissing down further she took Joey’s hard wet cock into her mouth sucking it madly. He sat up stopping her and kissing her again, she just pushed him down again but this time onto the pillows where she had been laying. She knelled over his lap gently masturbating in front of him smiling, then slowly siding herself down onto Joeys cock.

She took all of him inside her as deep as he could go and then gently started to rock back and forth and in and out. She put her hands on Joey’s chest and threw her head back as she fucked him faster. Joey moaned as he begged her to fuck him, Joey then whipped her round onto her back, kissing down her neck biting and sucking it hard. Kissing down her chest he bit her nipples and kissed straight down to her clit where he began licking it fast. He slid two fingers inside her getting faster and faster until Amber told him she was getting close. He stopped and slid another piece of ice inside her followed by his hard cock.

He fucked her harder and harder, Amber began to scream as she came before Joey but not to long before. As the two slowed down Joey came to lay down beside her they looked into each others eyes and Amber Whispered to him “I Love You”.

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Just Sex

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I’m a little groggy, just barely beginning to wake up. The room is almost dark, some light coming in around the blind on the window. I realize I’m spooned up against the back of someone, flesh on flesh. I smile, remembering last night. Great sex. He ate me longer and better than anyone ever has. I had orgasms over and over. Just remembering makes me rub against him some more. And then we fucked. And fucked. Changing positions. Just terrific. I reach over his side and hunt with my fingers for his cock. A lovely strong cock. It’s erect. Hard. Feels so sexy. Do all men wake up with an erection?

I hold on to it and move back a little and push him onto his back. He makes a little noise but he’s still asleep. I get up on my knees and move around to get to it. With every thing we did last night, I never tasted him. Just feeling and seeing his really lovely big thing makes me feel sexy. I lean down, holding it, and kiss it, lick the top. I get my lips over the head and lick it some more. I have to spread my jaws really wide to start getting more of it into my mouth. I love this, it’s just what sex is all about. I get a bunch of it in but can’t swallow it all. I hold on to the rest of it with several fingers.

I suck and lick and grip with my lips and slide up a little, then take it back in again. I can feel him moving. As I suck him he feels my butt, moves his hand to slide a finger into me. He reaches with his other hand and pulls on my thigh. “Let me taste you, too,” he sort of grunts out so I move my bottom and get my leg over him. I keep on holding him and sucking him and straddle him and get my pussy somewhere near his face. I can’t believe I taste very good after last night, all his stuff and mine in there. But I can feel his tongue licking me, his finger sliding back into me. I slide up and down on his cock with my lips and tongue, jerking him off as much as I can with my hand, too.

He lasts and female agent porno lasts. My mouth is almost getting tired. But I love what he’s doing to me. I’m getting so darned aroused I can hardly stand it. I lift my bottom and almost jump, getting turned around and back over him again, my pussy sitting on his big cock. I hold it and lower myself. It feels perfect, filling me. I love this. He pushes with his hips as I move on him. I use my thigh muscles to start raising and lowering on him, fucking him. This is all just so perfect. He has hold of my waist, moves a hand up to one breast to try and hold it, play with my nipple. I just keep fucking him, bouncing on him. Harder, faster.

I’m cumming. It almost hurts it feels so good, him up in me. Then I can feel him actually getting even harder and then he’s shooting his stuff up into me. I go up and down on him a couple more times then lean forward, laying on him. I have to slide up to kiss him and his cock comes out. I lay on him and we kiss. I roll off to the side. put my arm back over him, one leg up on his leg, lean my body against him.

“You quit sucking me. You don’t like that?”

“No, I do love it. But. Well, when I was a kid I used to go with my mother to the market. We would stop at the frozen pies and she’d have me pick out one. I really like cherry pie, tangy cherry pie. And I like berry pie and cream pies and more. But I’d look at them all and wonder and then pick apple. Always apple. I liked them all but liked apple best. It’s the same with cock. I like to suck a cock. It’s sexy in my mouth. But I like having it in my vagina even more. So I started sucking you. I wanted to. I liked it. But then I realized that I really wanted to fuck you, to have it in my vagina. I was also surprised you wanted to eat me. I mean, I must have been sort of cruddy, with all the stuff from last night still there. I’m not female fake taxi porno complaining. Last night you ate me better than anyone and did it for a long time, longer than anyone ever has. I loved it. So I love it but didn’t expect you to want to do it this morning.”

“You have a delicious pussy. A beautiful pussy. I could eat you forever. I think you taste better the more aroused you get, the more you cum. So I liked your taste this morning. Sexier and stronger than when you’re clean and we’re just starting.”

I lean on top of him and kiss him. He grabs my butt. “I have to go to the john. Then I think I need a shower.” I purposely crawl over him rubbing against him and head into the bathroom. I turn on the light and look in the mirror. Crap. No make up at all, my hair all over the place. I look like Hell. I sit on the john and pee. He comes in and stands there watching me, using one hand to sort of play with himself a little. “You like watching me pee?”

“You have a gorgeous body,” he says. “Lovely tits. I should have spent more time on those last night but I guess I’m like you with cocks, I’m really a cunt man . And you have a really good one.”

I wipe myself and lean into the tub to turn the water on, then the shower. I adjust the water until it’s seems right. I step in but don’t slide the glass door shut. He steps in after me. I turn to him and put my arms around him and we kiss. I get the little bar of soap and start washing him. Not his face or hair, but his body. I get down to his waist and ask him to turn around and he does. I get his back and then kneel down to wash his butt and legs and then ask him to turn again. I wash up his legs and then get to his cock and balls. I lather them a lot and feel them and play with them as I wash them. He starts getting hard. I lean to it and kiss the head. Then stand up.

He takes the soap and glory hole secrets porno does the same to me, washing me bare handed. He spends some time on my breasts, tells me how great they are, then down onto my stomach. I turn and he does my back, like I did his, then my ass. He actually kisses my ass. Then down my legs and I turn again. He does with me like I did him and starts working on my pussy. I lift one leg and get it up on his shoulder. After the water rinses me a little he leans against me and kisses me there, then licks up and down a couple times. He looks up at me and grins.

Then he stands up, holding my leg up and uses a hand to aim his cock into me. He uses his legs to push up into me. I’ve done this before, fucking in a shower. it’s sexy. Our bodies are against one another, his pressing me against the wall. I get my other leg up, sort of on his hip, so my whole body is held up by his cock in me. As he pushes up into me, he lifts me. As he pulls back, my weight drops down some and then he lifts me again. And again and again. Nothing can be sexier. I don’t last as long as him. I must cum at least twice, maybe never stop, until he finally does, too. We hold on to one another, both all hot and bothered, our bodies locked together, the water running over us.

He finally pulls back some, sliding out of me. We maneuver around a little then get out and dry each other off. Then back out into the bedroom. “I need to get back to my place, brush my teeth, comb my hair, put on something other than what I wore last night,” I tell him and start pulling my underwear on.

He says that he needs to go, too, not pay another day for the hotel room.

I’m dressed first. I kiss him and leave. The door closes behind me. Down the hall and then I’m in the elevator going down. I smile. It was a great night. Very sexy. I don’t remember his name, wonder if I ever knew it. But I have to get home. Doug’s probably getting on an airplane right now, heading home from his business trip. I need to get cleaned up, probably get a roast in the oven. I smile some more, thinking of how horny Doug will be, gone for five days. Tonight may be even better than last night. He doesn’t eat me as good but Doug’s cock is even better than what’s his name’s was.

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Son , Nudist Mom Fuck Like Crazy! Ch. 02

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Authors note: My stories “Son & nudist mom fuck like crazy” chapter 1 and 2 are actually based on reality.

On the Jerry Springer show in the United States there was a show called “I refuse to wear clothes.” Where Two gorgeous, blonde nudist named Adara and Amanda actually came on stage and stripped nude and explained to Jerry Springer and the audience that they go shopping, to the bank, and to work in the buff.

Adara and Amanda are both strippers who go nude everywhere while their boyfriends film them with camcorders. I have a tape on these nudist at my house. These nudist live in the city of Chicago to boot. You see these nudist on tape going shopping, getting in a cab, walking down the street-all in the buff.

The nudist girls say the police don’t arrest them or anything they are just turned on by all of this like everyone else. So my story with a lovely, blonde lady walking around nude is based on reality.

Plus some people have also written to me in Chapter one of this story that a lady could not have a child at thirteen years old. Although this is not common I have heard of at least one case of this in the United States.

Some people have also written to me in Chapter one of this story that the ladies son couldn’t be away from college for a full year without coming home at least once for Christmas.

This does not happen often but it does happen sometimes. I heard of some students in my college who did not come home for the holidays and stayed the whole year at their dorms until summer arrived again. Not everyone can go home for the holidays for whatever reason.

And last but not least Boom-booms body transformation is not common but we have all seen before and after pictures of a once obese lady turning into a gorgeous, bombshell in a short period of time havent we? So It is possible, as well as it is possible a hot mother and son romping in the sack!

If you did not like chapter one of my story it’s your choice if you want to read chapter 2 or not. If you liked chapter one. Thank you and please enjoy this one too.

Plus one final note. Many of these Literotica stories are fantasies anyway. So please just loosen up and enjoy.

We arent inventing the cure for cancer here you know. I am just trying my best to sexually entertain you with my stories here. That’s all!And please read Chapter one of this story before reading Chapter two. It will make more sense. Thank you And on with “Son & nudist mom fuck like crazy.” Chapter 2.

My name is Tommy Roberts. I just returned home from college after being away for a full year and discover that my mother, Loni Roberts has gone through a major body transformation.

My mother, who was once an ugly, fat duckling had now turned into a beautiful swan in a relatively short period of time and I loved it!

My mother Loni Roberts has gone through such a major body transformation I now nickname her Boom-Boom, because of the way her massive jugs bounce up and down when she struts.

I was sitting at the breakfast table one morning staring at Boom-boom with unscrewing eye-balls as she served me a breakfast of scrambled eggs,toast and sausage with orange juice on the side.

Boom-boom was wearing a short, small, white apron around her waist that just barely covered her succulent pussy, along with “Fuck me” Mule sandal high heeled shoes on her feet.

I even caught flashes of her succulent pussy as she walked briskly back and forth from the kitchen as her apron flew up.

I just could not get enough of my mothers fresh faced, tanned, golden girl looks with big ocean blue eyes.

The rest of her body looked dynamite too, as I looked down at her Enormous twin hemispheres of flesh, with wide areole and big pink nipples, slim curvy waist, fantastic ass, endless long legs, and well- toned arms.

My Mother, Boom-boom then caught me staring at her with great lust in my eyes.

“My, my Tommy dear, your pajama pants look like someone had put a baseball bat inside of them!” she giggled.

“Did looking at your mommy’s sexy face and hot bod make you do all that?” she teased. knowing full well that it did.

“Yes, it did Boom-boom and believe me my cock not only looks like a baseball bat it is as hard as one too.” I answered back smiling.

“I am sure that it is my son, but I hope you can finish eating your breakfast with your throbbing cock just aching to be relieved like that.” Boom-boom teased.

“I will manage.” I replied, as my cock grew even harder, excited over my mom’s sexy talk.

“Thanks for saluting me with your enormous,flag son. It’s sure is flattering to see you pitching your pajama pants up like an enormous circus tent over me like that! ” Boom-boom laughed excitedly as she stared at my dick twitching wildly over her.

“Don’t mention it mom. Hell! I do it all the time. It’s impossible for me not to with your voluptous body strutting around the house in the buff all the time.” I answered back smiling.

“By the way Can I have some more orange juice Boom-boom?” I asked.

“Sure you can sweetie.” grup sex Boom-boom purred.

Boom-boom then strolled over sexily to where I was sitting and casually bent over in front of me as she refilled my glass with orange juice.

As she was leaning over giving me more juice, Boom-boom gave me a full moon shot of her fantastic ass as she quickly slipped off her little white apron,letting it fall to the floor at her feet.

As soon as Boom-boom did this her fantastic, firm shapely butt-cheeks and very succulent pussy were right in my face.

I was so close to her quivering pussy and ass that I could see pre-cum glistening her pussy lips.

Boom-boom then started to wiggle her ass sexily in my face.

Sweet jesus! My mother,Boom-booms teasing was just too much for any man to take!

She was ready to fuck and so was I, As my cock instantly went like rock, as I then quickly lost my pajamas and I grabbed her curvy hips, as I put her succulent pussy right into my rock,throbbing cock as I furiously began to bang away.

“Ohhh! Yes! Baby! Yesss! Fuck your mother good with that big, fat cock of yours!” she cried as I started to fuck my gorgeous, super-stacked mother more rapidly.

“Ooohh! god! Baby! Thats it! That’s it! You are starting to hit my G-spot.” she moaned as I kept pumping away inside of her.

Boom-boom was far more energetic than any busty cheerleader that I had ever dated in my high school days when she was bouncing rapidly up and down my cock like that and I loved it.

“OOhh! fuck!” Boom-boom cried as she exploded mightily in an earth shattering orgasm that rocked her whole body wildly to and fro, making her “Fuck me” Mule sandal high heeled shoes fall completely off.

“Ohh! god! Tommy! Keep on fucking me baby cause I am coming again!” She moaned pleasurably as she orgasmed even mightier.

My cock was still as hard as rock with my mother,Boom-boom still hopping up and down on it vigorously.

“Jesus Tommy, you are doing it to me again!” Boom-boom laughed excitedly as she braced herself as a gigantic orgasm rocked her whole body.

“Wow! Tommy If you keep fucking mama like this she is going to pass out in lust!”

“Won’t you give your mama a little breather from orgasming so much?” she giggled excitedly, as she closed her eyes bracing herself for another incredible orgasm.

“OOHH! baby!” Boom-boom moaned as her body rocked again in incredible orgasm.

Boom-boom did not think her son, Tommy could possibly give her still another orgasm after giving her so many already.

It was impossible, absolutely impossible. And yet..the feeling began to sweep over her. The incredible mind-blowing buildup of a storm waiting to break as she closed her eyes to brace herself once more as “Boom!” she almost exploded so hard she almost passed out on her own sons lap while still being impaled on his massive dong, as electricity raced through her body as she orgasmed wildly again!

God! Did her son know how to fuck a woman!

Boom-boom was rocking so wildly on her sons dick that it soon triggered off his own orgasm as he came just as mightily inside of her.

“Whew! that was fun honey!” My mother, Boom boom giggled as she finally stopped rocking in pleasure, as she slowly started to get off my lap.

“Yeah, wasn’t it though.” I agreed breathlessly, as I touched her fantastic ass helping her off.

“Can I please cum for more?” Boom-boom asked laughing at her own wit.

“Yes, you can and please cum as many times as you like. I absolutely insist. I replied as we both broke out laughing.

My mother then told me to finish my breakfast as I then sat down very naked with her. Boom-boom then gave me one of her sly smiles as she stared at me.

“Tommy, I know that I have given you alot of surprises already with my great body transformation and all but I still have another surprise to spring on you.” she said excitedly.

“What’s that Boom-boom?” I asked curiously hoping that it would be a good surprise.

“Well, Tommy, since I have not seen you in a year since you have been away at college I decided that we need more of a mother and son bonding.”

“What do you call what we just did together ma?” I asked as I started to laugh.

Boom-boom started to laugh too but managed to control herself as she kept on talking. I don’t mean the sex we had together Tommy, I mean a real mother and son bonding where we go on a vacation together.

“A vacation together?” I asked.

“Yes, Tommy, I have made arrangements already to go to a clothing-optional resort in the Bahamas for two whole weeks.

“Really?” I asked dumbfounded.

“Yes, really son. There is a whole lot we can do over there like going to the beach, snorkeling, wind surfing,looking at the sights, meeting people and of course fucking our brains out in one of their fancy hotels I have paid for already.” My mother said proudly.

“That sounds great Boom-boom when do we leave?” I asked.

“We leave the day after tommorow. So pack your bags.” Boom latina fuck tour porno Boom answered sweetly.

I then looked at my mother with a sly smile of my own.

“We will both be nude at this clothing optional resort anyway so why do we have to pack any bags?” I asked laughing making her laugh as well.

“Very funny smarty pants, just bring your light summery clothes, like your shirts, shorts and sandals.” Boom boom replied still trying to control her laughter.

“And I will bring mine.”

I then dropped my fork on the ground by accident and reached under the table to pick it up. When I reached under the table to get my fork I suddennly saw my mothers long, shapely crossed legs, suddennly uncross, revealing to me her very succulent pussy, which was throbbing madly with excitement.

I could not help myself as I then lined my face up with my mothers cunt under the table as I then started to eat her sweet pussy out with my talented tongue.

“OOHH! YES! Baby! Yesss! Lick my cunt baby!” My mother,Boom-boom moaned as she soon came in many multiple, earth shattering orgasms, as my cock went up like a spring hearing her very erotic moans of pleasure.

My mothers pussy was flowing copiously as I continued licking it feverishly with my tongue.

After I brought my mother off to many orgasms. She pushed her chair back and stood up as I sat first on her chair and she sat on my rock, hard throbbing dong as we started to fuck like rabbits.

“OOHH! Baby! yess! Fuck your mother good with that massive horse sized dong of yours!” she gushed as I kept pumping excitedly away inside her pussy.

“OOHH! baby!” My mother moaned as she orgasmed mightily as I kept on pumping.

I knew I wasn’t going to last long either pumping my voluptous Mother like this as I suddennly lost total control and orgasmed wildly inside of her.

After this fuck session I then sat back on my chair again as I wiped off my fork with a napkin.

My mouth and dick felt fantastic after eating my moms pussy and fucking her like that.

I knew my mother, Boom-boom felt fantastic too because she kept making the most erotic moaning sounds you have ever heard in your whole life, as she started to put the cum from her pussy to her mouth. As soon as I saw my Mom do this my cock went like rock again pointing straight towards the ceiling.

I then stared lustilly at my mother, Boom-boom, as she stared lustilly at my very erect cock. And just when I was about to mention having sex with her again she read my mind, smiling slyly.

“Later baby ok?” she asked sweetly.

“Let’s finish breakfast first and then you can take me upstairs and bang my fucking lights out all over our water bed.” she continued.

“Ok, Boom-boom.” I replied.

“Do you think you can manage to hold off your monster cock from exploding until then?” she asked.

“Yes, Boom-boom.” I replied happily.

“Well I hope your horny mama can hold off till after we finish breakfast!” she replied giggling, as she crossed her long legs sexily and shimmied her giant boobs seductively at me, as we then enjoyed a delicious breakfast together.

After breakfast was over I helped my mother clean up as I then carried her upstairs and fucked her brains out all over the water bed!

After the sex I told my Mother that I was going to take a shower as I grabbed a wash cloth and hopped right in. I was only in the shower for a minute when I saw the shower curtains part and saw my mothers smiling at me totally nude.

“You didn’t think I was really going to let you shower all by yourself without me jumping in and joining you in the fun did you?” she laughed, huge boobs heaving.

“No, I really didn’t Boom-boom”. I answered as my cock jumped up like a spring over my very voluptous mother.

I tell you my mother looked like a playboy bunny and fucked like the energizer bunny. She had an insatiable sexual appetite.

“How did you get inside the door?” I then asked.

“With my long fingernail baby! One little turn with it in the doors keyhole opened the bathroom door right up and here I am!” she said excitedly.

“Now no more talk baby! Mommy just wants to fuck!” she said as she then hopped right into my arms, with me holding her up off of her feet, as her arms went around my neck and her long legs straddled my back, as I did what she told me to do and sank my horse sized dong right into her all to willing pussy, as we then had an hour fuck session right in our own shower together.

“OHH! Baby! Fuck your mother with that horse sized dong of yours!” she moaned as she went up and down vigorously on my cock like a pogo stick.

It was great fun watching my mothers cum pour like lava down my own cock when I was fucking her.I soon returned the favor by filling my mom’s pussy up with plenty of juice!

I gave my mother multiple orgasms in the shower as she gave me several powerful orgasms with that super-tight pussy and ass of hers.

After the shower and all the fucking I put on my clothes lezbiyen porno again, as my mother stayed nude, as we finally began to pack for our two weeks vacation in the Bahamas.

The trip to the Bahamas was only a short flight from where we lived in Florida and we were there in no time.

When we got to the clothing-optional resort we quickly checked into our hotel room and unpacked all our things. After this we went to the open-air, thatched roof bar on the beach.

Even though Boom-boom and I knew this was a clothing optional resort we were both stunned at the sight of all the naked bodies, swimming and sun bathing, But I noticed that my mother’s eyes were soon busy checking out all the muscular studs at the bar.

I wasn’t immune to all of this myself as I felt my cock begin to stir over all the lovely, nude women there. Even though most of the nude ladies were gorgeous not one of them could compete with my mother in the looks and body department. Boom-booms looks and bod were that awesome!

Boom-boom was wearing a short sleeved, white, spandex top. Her enormous, round bosom and big nipples poured out incredibly. She was also wearing tight white short-shorts with sandals on her feet while I was in a blue, short sleeved shirt, white shorts and sandals.

Boom-boom and I were the only two people wearing any clothes at this clothing optional resort and we both felt a little self conscious.

Boom-boom then began to mingle, and with her winning personality and looks I knew that she would make friends easily, as I soon noticed many of the muscular studs there with semi-erect cocks.

My mother then turned and smiled at me.

“Please, Order us some drinks son, I need to go back to the room.” she said as I nodded my head.

I drooled at my mothers fantastic body as she quickly took off her sandals and started to run back towards our hotel. Her super-sized tits jiggling all the way.

After my mother left I then began to order some drinks for us as I mingled with the lovely, nude young ladies at the bar.

In only a few short minutes I noticed out of the corner of my eye, Boom-boom walk back to the bar. When I turned my head to actually look at her, every guy there turned to look too, their once semi-erect cocks turning instantly into rock,hard throbbing monsters, as we all watched Boom-boom strut in wearing nothing at all.

Boom-boom was all smiles, gargantuan tits everywhere,big-tent pole sized nipples excitedly erect, as her long, shapely legs strutted sexily making her firm, shapely butt-cheeks sway provocatively from side to side.

My mother was an awesome sight to behold. She was the best looking and best bodied female in the place and she and everybody else knew it.

Boom-boom then smiled brightily at me.

“You know honey, I feel so much better now without any clothes.”

Why don’t you join us all?” she asked sweetly as I joined the rest of the muscular studs at the bar in growing full fledged hard-ons over my mothers super-voluptous, nude physique.

The other ladies at the bar could only look on in jealousy, knowing full well that their was no way in a million years that they could arouse so many male cocks at one time like Boom-boom could with her body!

Christ! The Bahamas bar looked like the United Nations building with all the different color flags waving over her!

All the hunky guys continued to stare and hover over my mothers fabulous, nude physique with unscrewing eye-balls, their enormous one eyed monsters pointing straight up towards the sky.

These sexy, young men could not believe how extraordinary lovely and super-curvaceous my mom was.

My mom had the most sensational pair of whopping “Jahoobies” that they ever seen in their whole lives, as my mother struck one sexy pose after another for their enjoyment,as I saw pre-cum tipping most of their dicks.

Now I was the only one in the place with clothes on, as I quickly excused myself to go back to the room and told her that I would meet her on the beach in a few minutes.

And sure enough when I returned I saw my gorgeous, super-stacked mom, as nude as can be talking to six muscular, naked studs whom she conversed with on the bar, as the other ladies continued to look on in jealousy.

Instead of being jealous of my mother being drooled over by all of these very hunky guys, I was sexually turned on over it and it made me instantly hard!

I was wondering how many of these nude men were looking at her gargantuan, round boobs and how it would feel to titty fuck her. All of them I would guess.

Boom-boom then saw me and waved for me to come over as she grabbed the arm of one particular well-chiseled, ebony Adonis.

“Honey,” she said as I reached her. “This is Jimmy Rider.”

“Jimmy is a bodybuilder like you are and has actually won a MR. Bahamas bodybuilding contest.” she said.

“He is also a wind-surfing pro.” my mother continued on proudly.

“That’s nice.” I replied smiling as I introduced myself and shook Jimmy’s hand.

“Jimmy is kind enough to teach us wind-surfing dear. What do you say?” she asked sweetly to me.

Although I am not gay I could not help noticing how gorgeous and extremely, muscular Jimmy was, along with the awesome size of his dick. Jimmy’s dick was a totally enormous, horse sized dong while still in a limp state.

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Because she had grown accustomed to me bringing her roses in the morning I wanted to surprise her. I worked late nights and always came home to my woman in the wee hours of the morn. I often stopped at a nearby gas station to grab a rose to leave on her pillow. Cuddled in her bed, a gentle smile always spread across her face as soon as she smelled the soft aroma. Looking at her beautiful smile and the way she wrapped herself in those bed sheets made me want something more. I wanted to unwrap her.

I crept softly around our bedroom so as not to wake her. She knew that I would be coming home around this time, but she likely just expected me to slide in bed behind her and drift on to sleep. Not this time, My Love. I stared at my caramel skin toned, mocha locked wearing, smiling sweet thing. I wanted to unwrap her. I wanted to taste her like she was my after work dessert. And then more.

I silently dropped my bags in the corner, disrobed, and then made my way to my side of the bed. I lifted the covers to see her round ass squeezed into her white boyshorts as she gripped her pillows. I could see the curve of the lips of her vagina pressed to the bottom of her underwear. Wearing only my boxers I slid into bed behind her.

I started by gently caressing her thighs. They were cold, calling for my warmth. I felt her body relax when she felt my touch. I rubbed her legs warming her skin then slid my hands under her shirt to touch her stomach. She purred at my touch on her flesh. I leaned closer to her and gently kissed her shoulder. I then placed my lips on her neck. She crooned amatör porno a velvet soft moan. I slid my hands further up her shirt and found my way to her soft nipples. Her nipples stiffened as I tenderly rolled my fingertips over her areolas. I had in a soft grip on her left breast and then tip-toed my hand down her stomach and inside of her underwear. I could feel the warmth coming from her mound. I felt over the soft hair of her self-proclaimed “happy trail” and couldn’t follow it fast enough. I gently touched her pearl with the tip of my ring finger. Eyes closed, she opened her mouth in a light gasp. I reached my middle finger down to touch the entrance to her sugar walls. She was already deeply wet. I slid my hand out and tasted my love on my fingertips. Ripe and juicy.

I slowly pulled her boyshorts down below her buttocks, and then down to her knees. Her legs kindly obliged, but her eyes still looked to be in a peaceful sleep. Under the cover I crawled my way down to her oh so wet spot. I bit her ass as I got between her legs. A bite followed by a kiss on her left ass cheek. Mmm she tasted like candy. I ran the tip of my tongue over her soft pink asshole and down do the creamy entrance to her pussy. I slid my tongue up to touch her clit and then back down to her warm pussy hole. I sucked on her labia lips from behind. I slurped on her pussy as I drank her juices. I slipped my tongue in and out of her soft womanhood. In and out. In and out. Each glide left my tongue sticky with cream. I loved the taste of my love. She slapped her hand on the bed sheets anal porno in delight to me pleasuring her. Ironically, she stilled looked to be asleep. Either she was playing possum or deep in blissful dream.

I licked my way from her pussy up to her asshole and licked that soft twist between her bottom. She shivered at the sensation. I rubbed on her ass cheeks as I licked her hole. Then went to biting one cheek then the other, kissing, biting, kissing, rubbing. Her ass was so soft it pleasured me just to touch it. My manhood was stiff poking into the bed in wait to be inside her. It was time.

I slid closer to her in a spooning position so that she could feel my stiff manhood pressed between her ass cheeks. I kissed her shoulder passionately gently nibbling on the skin on the nape of her neck. Somewhat instinctively, since her eyes were still closed, she saddled her ass into my pelvic area slowly grinding her ass on my hard wood. I reached down and rubbed my erect tip against her wet pussy. Pressing my arrow against her clit and feeling her tender wetness, I shivered at the sensation. I wanted to be inside her. I rubbed my dick around to find the gentlest way to enter my love. Sliding inside her wet pussy was like diving into a sea of fantasy.

… … …

I stroked in and out of my love queen slowly. She curved her back and received my stroke. Her warm lips locked around my dick, her ass cheeks sheathing my shaft. I was in heaven. Her moans were silk falling into the air and wrapping me in her sensuality, pleading me to stroke deeper. Who ana breakers porno was I to not satisfy my queen? I slid deeper and deeper into her pressing against her sugar walls. Knocking on her door asking her cum to come out and play. A few deep strokes later, who was she to not oblige? I felt her warm creaminess gush onto my dick as I stroked inside her. My queen grabbed a fistful of covers in her orgasm. Her ass bounced as she came. Grabbing her soft breasts, I continued to slide in and out of her. But she stopped me.

She turned her head around to look back at me and used a come-hither finger motion to call my lips to hers. I wanted to taste her lips and she wanted to taste the sweetness of her lips on my lips. We shared a passionate kiss, twirling tongues. She sucked on my bottom lip and then used her lips to pull my tongue into her mouth. She sucked on my tongue as if she was sucking on my manhood. She reached her hand down and grabbed my dick and pulled me out of her pussy. As good as it felt to be inside her I actually didn’t want her to go down on me. Instead, she spat on her hand and rubbed her spit onto my dick. She then rubbed the tip of my dick up and down between her ass cheeks and then pointed me at her asshole. She slid her ass back to receive my dick as I grabbed her waist and pushed inside her. She gasped.

I stroked her deeply, Squeezing and spreading her ass cheeks as I penetrated her. She was awake now. Her moans were getting louder and louder as I pushed into her tight asshole. The light of the sun could be seen yawning its way over the horizon and creeping into our bedroom through our window. With my lips at her ear I whispered to her “Baby, I’m about to cum”. In her sultry siren voice she moaned to me “Come inside.” She pushed her ass back deep onto my dick. We both shivered at the sensation as I came inside her ass. Juicy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

I Can Sign For That

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Big Cock

Hope you enjoy. Thanks for reading. Comments and feedback are very welcome.

I put on my shoes at the door, pushing away the cat pouncing at my feet. Maybe pouncing is an overstatement…the kitten was reared back, frozen with her paw up as if to say, “Remember, I attack.” I couldn’t help but smile at the ball of cuteness, a smile made brittle by the burst of cold air as I opened the apartment door. The air outside was 20 degrees under brisk, and I hunkered down into my coat as I descended the flight of stairs from to the ice-slicked parking lot. The ground wasn’t really frozen, so I knew the roads and sidewalks would be fine by mid-morning. Here in the pre-dawn, though, it was like nature’s own insurance nightmare. I moved cautiously, and slowly made my way through the parking lot. At least my office would be warmer.

It was a slow morning, organizing email and receiving out-of-office responses on nearly everything I dealt with. At some point in my career, I had moved into a skill set of management where the product no longer particularly mattered to my higher-ups. I now run a Systems department within a corporation, and am good at my job. Given time, I figure I’ll move up into an office in this company, and a larger office beyond that, onward and upward. So far, it’s been a good place. Promotions seem at least mostly based on merit and profitability, and that was a game I could play to win. I had never been particularly adept at social climbing, so at least a rising career star helped round out my cat/apartment cosmology. I had long since put my energies toward academics and relegated sexual urges to fantasies and scheduled alone time. It wasn’t that I didn’t like sex, quite the contrary. In fact, I had been feeling a little lonely in the chill of the holidays, and had found myself turning to my little vibrating “rabbit” more and more.

The week between Christmas and New Years was always like this – skeleton crew and quiet phones. Quiet emails too. I sat back from checking Facebook for the thousandth time in the past hour and got up to go to the breakroom for lunch. Just a small salad and a Diet Coke. It was nothing too fancy, but the dressing was good and I was looking forward to it when it occurred to me that the office was empty. Completely empty. Of the 3 or so people actually physically present at work today, I was all that remained. Jamie had gone home for lunch and emailed that she wouldn’t be back. That was fine, I was planning to lock it up at 4 anyway (and I was even thinking maybe a bit earlier, provided the phone and email chatter remained silent) but then Susan’s kid had popped at flat at the mall, and now with both of them out I was the only one here. And then, as if in some horror flick, the buzzer for the outside office door went off. I am willing to admit I jumped and made a small squealing sound I’m not proud of.

I walked quickly to the front of the office, heart racing, and stopped short of the holiday-cheerful but unmanned front desk. As I looked around the last cubicle wall I let out a sigh of relief. Our regular FPS Delivery man, Frank, was standing in the cold holding a package for delivery. I smiled and reached under the front desk to the button that released the door’s magnetic lock. Frank was kind of the office hottie, and package deliveries frequently caused conversations to trail off into fawning awkwardness at the front desk. I myself had thought fondly of Frank now and again, his strong body taking me from my bed and straight to orgasm, Priority Overnight please. I forced the smile off my face and composed myself czech super models porno/ as Frank rushed inside. He put the package down on the desk and rubbed his hands together in front of his mouth.

“You holding down the fort?” Frank asked as he flexed life back into his thick fingers and looked around at the empty array of cubicles.

“Yeah, I stayed in town for the holidays and it’s dead here this week, so there were only three of us in the office today anyway. I sent Jamie home at lunch, and then Susan’s kid called with a flat tire. I’m it until I shut it down, I guess. Your rounds getting easier now that Santa-time is done?”

“Thank God. Actually, it’s my last day on this route.”

“Oh no! We’ll miss you around here. Changing jobs?”

“No, just shifting routes. It’s a promotion, in a way. Still, I was glad to see the delivery for y’all today on my list. Gives me a chance to say ‘bye.”

“Well, lemme buy you a going-away drink, then, sailor.” I grinned at my bad joke and Frank chuckled as we started to walk to the break room. I dropped two quarters from my coin purse into the honor jar and took a couple of Cokes out of the mini-fridge. Frank popped the top on his and I took a second to look him over one last time. It was no secret that Frank was a main attraction around the office. He was big and handsome in a rugged way, nothing you’d put on the cover of GQ, more like a guy who could help you fix your car. He was almost fireman-calendar hot. Dark, thick brown hair that hung a little low into his forehead on sweaty summer days and his deep green eyes were the most romantic aspects of Frank, but they weren’t all there was. The rest of him was calloused and rough, all sinew and muscle under a plain khaki uniform. The only real strike against him was the few months of the year when his delivery uniform changed to shorts, making Frank look like he was some schoolboy with a pituitary disorder. The rest of the seasons? Nothing but yummy.

I think I had been lost in reverie for a moment too long. Frank cleared his throat and took a swig of soda.

“Well, here’s to new opportunities, right?” I toasted a little late, catching Frank as he lowered his can. “Wish the rest of the office were around to see you off.”

Frank took a step closer to me than was absolutely necessary for conversation and the hairs on my neck perked up.

“Meredith, can I tell you something that…well, I guess maybe isn’t exactly appropriate?”

“Frank,” I demurred, “was that a stammer and a blush?”

“Heh. Yeah, maybe it was. What I was going to say was…” Frank moved a bit closer. I could smell the musky combination of aftershave and sweat from his uniform, the warmth of his neck was on my face as he leaned into me. “What I was gonna say was I only really wanted to say goodbye to you. I’ve looked at you every time I’ve delivered here, and never said anything. But now we’re probably never going to run into one another again and I thought maybe”

I cut him off with a kiss, my tongue in his mouth pushing those words back, replacing them with passion. Suddenly his arms were holding me, almost lifting me as we shoved against the breakroom wall. I put my hands on either side of his head, running my fingers through his short, thick hair as I continued to kiss him. Our mouths paused and pressed against each other, lips touching then parting. I opened my eyes and his were closed, I smiled and he kissed me again. His strong hands slid down my back and I shivered at the caress. He cupped my butt through czech tax porno my skirt and I lifted my feet from the ground, leaving my weight in his capable arms as I wrapped my legs around him. My back was against the wall and cork-board tacked memos stared down at us.

“Oh God, Meredith, I’ve always fantasized -“

I pulled his head back by his hair and stared at him intently, sitting in the sling of his hands. “We’re never going to see each other again, you said?”

“Nope” he said.

“And we’re the only ones here.”

“Yep” he said.

“Then Frank, I want you to listen closely to what I’m about to tell you.”

Frank was hanging on my every word, our bodies shaking on the edge of eruption.

“Yes, Meredith?”

“Fuck me.”

Frank spun me around and put me down on the break room table. He reached under my skirt and pulled down my panties as I unclasped my bra and shimmied out of my top. God, if HR were here right now….but they weren’t.

Frank was.

I undid the buckle on his pants and dropped his trousers to the floor. He wore boxers, and his cock was straining, making a tent-pole inbetween his meaty thigh and the thin cotton. Just above the hem of the shorts a wet spot of pre-cum gave away his size. I turned to sit on the edge of the table, kissing him again as my hand found his hardness. I stroked against his shorts, my palm mapping the length of him, feeling his hot cock stiffen at my touch. In return, his hand had found my womanhood, parting my lips with those sturdy fingers, more gentle that I’d imagined but still rougher than my own caresses. I felt my juices begin to flow as my pussy moistened to allow his fingers in. I rocked onto his stiff middle finger, shifting my hips to pleasure myself on his hand as my kisses became tiny bites down his neck. That intoxicating smell of him filled my nose and I nuzzled into his shirt, trying to pull us into a single, writhing body. My squirming became more intense and his hands were at my hips again, laying me back against the table as his mouth found my neck, my collarbones, my breasts, my nipples. He snapped fierce kisses down my skin, nipping at me, perking up my nerves. His rough hands, warm against my thighs, opened my legs to take him. His cockhead brushed against my lips and bobbed up and down, slapping lightly against my clit. I put a hand down there and began to rub myself, spreading open to take him. I couldn’t believe that here, in the break room of work was where I would get to have easily the best sex of 2012, and just under the wire. Frank’s fist was around his shaft and my fingers continued to work my clit as our eyes locked. My other hand was cupped around the back of Frank’s neck and his free hand teased my nipples as he entered me. Slowly, so slowly…his cockhead pushed past my pussylips and into my warmth. In and out, gently, slowly, as if he were getting me accustomed to it all. He seemed to tease and fondle and near-fuck me like this for ages until I couldn’t stand it anymore. With wildness in my eyes I pulled myself up to him holding onto his neck, off the table, and bit his lip as I kissed him hard. He put me back down and leaned close, that teasing tip of his manhood inside me. My hand was a mad dance on my clit, and I heard myself whimper as he leaned to my ear and said, “What do you want, sexy?”

I practically growled it at him. “I want you to fuck me.”

“What? You know you look so gorgeous, I’ve wanted this since two years ago, when I heard you were divorced…you get me so turned on…I’ve got the hardest defloration porno cock ever and I just want to know -“

“God damn you, Frank, SHUT UP AND FUCK ME!”

I screamed it into the empty office and felt Franks hand slide over my mouth, his palm warm on my cheek. I took one finger into my mouth and began sucking on it when finally he released his dick from its hindrance and slid into me. It was ecstatic, his manhood filled me and touched inside me at all the perfect angles, each stroke rubbing masterfully against my insides as if this man were made to make me come. I felt tears start to leak from my eyes and my hand continued its jitter as he pushed in again and again, driving me into the break room table, sending wave after wave of shimmering sweet pleasure through me. I laughed and came and kissed and licked as his cock brought me to orgasm.

His hand drifted down to my breast and then off the table to brace himself as his body tensed. He chewed a bit on his bottom lip. His pace and stroke changed, and he leaned deep down toward me and we kissed. Our lips and tongues moved in harmony and I felt him shake inside me, his come flooding into me, warm and hot proof of the desire we unleashed. We hugged there, nuzzling and kissing as he softened and fell from my sex. My fingers played in his hair a moment, and then the fridge kicked on and the reality of the break room sank in.

I stood up from the table and began to piece my outfit together while Frank did the absolutely unfair “guy’s cleanup from a quickie” – he buttoned his pants and shirt and looked immediately as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened on his run today at all. Well, his cat who ate the canary grin gave it away, but otherwise, he looked like the soul of discretion. I, like most women in this situation, now looked like I’d Just Been Fucked. I had JBF hair, makeup clothes and smile. I was never more glad to work in the information age, all emails and phonecalls, because no amount of bathroom triage was going to undo the rats’ nest in the back of my hair, or change the fact that this break room now positively reeked of afternoon delight. Frank saw my dressing turning to panic and came over, placing his hands on my arms and leaning in to kiss me on the mouth. Then softly in my ear he said, “There’s nobody here, thankfully, and anyway, you look so hot right now I want to fuck you again.”

I smiled up at the man who had just completely made my day. “I thought we were never going to see each other again…”

“I changed my mind. I’ve got to see that at least one more time.”

I handed him my cell phone from my jacket pocket and said, “Put your number in, then, and I’ll call when I need a delivery.”

He handed it back to me after a few thumb-swipes. “You know,” he said, “I can deliver dinner and a bottle of wine, too…”

“Why Frank,” I cooed. “Are you coming on to me?”

We both laughed and walked to the front of the office. Frank gathered his clipboard computer and put on his coat, then gave me a sly look as he disappeared out the door and into the afternoon. I went back to my desk and sat down, staring at a couple of low-priority email updates that had rolled in during my tryst. As I started to read the annoying requests of clients halfway around the globe, I shifted in my chair and felt Frank, hot and wet inside me. My lips curled up with devilish delight and I set about my work with come on my thighs and a song in my heart. The afternoon flew by, and I floated through my commute and up the stairs, back home at last.

The kitten was on point as I entered the apartment, standing guard with her tiny meeps and that hesitant outstretched threat of a paw. I smiled at her and picked her up a moment to shut her up, then put her down next to her food and water bowl. I was much more interested in my rabbit at the moment. My day had given me quite a lot to think about…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Sensual Siblings

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Sensual Siblings

Bursting from the water, the wildcat gasped for air, lungs working furiously after being underwater for too long. He shook water from his ears and blinked up at the sun, gaze sweeping the gently lapping waves that stretched around him. The gentle slap of water rang soothing and he blinked sleepily, lulled into doziness in the rocking arms of the ocean pool. A resort in the Maldives had not been Cadman’s first choice for a solo vacation – hey, he would get the chance to meet up with long-distance friends a bit later on – but he certainly did not find himself regretting the warm sun and clear waters.

Cads swam to the edge of the natural oceanic pool and propped his arms up on the boardwalk to peer over the top, water dripping from his light brown striped fur to darken the pale wood. The salt water made his nose twitch and he fought down the urge to sneeze, soaked fur sticking to his body. Above the water, the heat beat down on him as if daring him to submit below the waves again and he growled softly, his mewl nearer to that of a kitten than a wildcat. He was more used to his home in the United Kingdom than this tropical climate and still found it difficult to adjust to the temperature as sunshine tickled his fur.

He kicked his hind paws lightly beneath the water, which was so clear and blue that he could see right down to the sandy white grains on the bottom. Silver fish flickered by in a school that moved almost too quickly for the eye to see and was gone as soon as he took note of them. His fur wafted weightlessly, floating away from his skin as if he was perfectly dry or even freefalling through open air. Darker stripes layered his body, running out from his spine, and he rubbed his nose against his arm, tongue snaking out mindlessly to bathe his own fur in long, relaxing laps. Cads’ ears slanted to either side of his head as he purred, muscles unknotting as his environment soothed his eyes after spending so many work days in front of a computer screen.

So lost was he in his reverie that he failed to pay attention to the otters sprawled upon the red and white striped deck chairs some distance away. Though they were male and female, the duo was similar in size and appearance, with even their whiskers trembling in like fashion. Living practically in each other’s back pockets, the twins knew the other more intimately than they knew themselves – even strangers had commented on it! Jayne flaked out on the sun bed and rolled her body into a sinuous arch that only the flexibility of an otter could make natural, so aggressive was the twist of her body. Sighing softly as the sun gleamed on her finely combed, brown fur, she pushed her sunglasses up her muzzle, balancing them there as the clips that would normally hold them in place on her head dangled loosely at the sides.

Her twin brother, Sean, was a side less relaxed than she, tail slapping the arm of the sun bed several times in swift succession. The male, who wriggled his toes every two seconds, shifted his weight, eyes darting too quickly between his book and the water, though his mind was not on swimming. Salt dried into his fur and he shook his head, hunching his shoulders forward as he struggled to focus, an uncomfortable swelling between his thighs making movement unwholesome. He should really have slipped into the water to hide his embarrassment yet he couldn’t bear to move and lose his view of the feline drifting oh so near, the closest he had been all holiday.

He tried not to look, he really did. He would have told anyone the same such in hindsight. Yet, in the moment, the temptation was too great and the otter groaned, making his sister’s ears perk up. Sean popped his muzzle up over the top edge of his book, nose quivering as he strove to look as if he was not really looking.

“You see him?” He whispered, voice carrying more than intended: the otter winced.

Heaving a sigh, Jayne propped herself up on one elbow and looked over the top of her sunglasses, rolling her brown eyes as if she had seen the display a thousand times before. Sean shook his head and scrambled over his sun bed to sit pressed to his sister’s legs, muscles trembling in nervous excitement that had him chirping like a cub all over again. He prodded his sister’s thigh with a high pitched giggle.

“Don’t look!”

“I’ll look if I want to, Sean.” She rolled her eyes a second time and sat up straighter, staring boldly at the wildcat that was yet to take note of them. “He’s busy anyway. Ogle all you want, sweet brother of mine.”

Sean licked his lips, pink tongue flicking out over a nose as black as the ocean depths.

“What if he sees?”

He almost sounded xvideos porno as if he wanted the feline to see, to turn his head and lock those sparkling blue eyes with his, allow him to fall into their depths. He had watched in the restaurant and near enough been caught staring the previous night, wondering just how the feline would feel moving over his back, his cock nudging open his tail hole to plunge in with a slick thrust. Sean squirmed and pressed a paw between his thighs, only sparing a partial glance for his sister. To him, there was little point in imagining and the thought stirred sadness in his belly, frustration rising up as he leaned forward, aching to get to his paws and move. He wouldn’t do it though. He would never make the first move, though he would imagine how it would go over and over again. Sean would play out a scene perfectly in his head exactly the way he wanted to go and never lift a paw to put it into action.

Keeping a careful eye on her brother, judging just when she needed to step in, Jayne stretched out the kinks from her arms with an overhead stretch, bosom rising up within her black bikini top as if to show off her femininity. In the beauty of the Maldives, she could have been a goddess from the ocean shaking droplets of water from her fur.

“You’re going to burn a hole in his trunks staring like that.”

He whipped his head around, eyes darkly accusing.

“You said it was okay to look!” He snapped as Jayne scooted closer to him, a wicked smirk dancing on her lips, so subtle that he could have missed it if she had been anyone other than his sister.

“Sure it is – where was there ever any harm in looking?” Jayne counted, slinking an arm around his waist as she sat beside him on the edge of his sun lounger. “It’s the getting caught that’s the fun part. And all that comes after, dear Sean…”

She pushed his book down to tumble on to the wooden boardwalk with a soft thud of pages.

“What if he sees?” Sean repeated with a wriggle that pushed his rump into his sister’s hip.

Leaning in closer, Jayne rested her chin on his shoulder, breath tickling the otter’s rounded ear.

“Then he knows you’re interested.”

“I don’t even know if I want him to know I’m interested yet!”

Wickedly, Jayne nudged her twin’s book closer to the edge of the boardwalk with a bare hind paw, pushing it cruelly close to the edge. Heart pounding, the male otter’s eyes shot wide, his body in motion before his mind caught up. Squeaking, he half-lunged for it, pausing with his paw a fraction of an inch from it as he caught sight of a feline head turning and a pair of eyes landing squarely upon him. The otter gulped and closed his eyes as waves slapped the boardwalk, water sloshing off Cads’ body as he pulled himself seamlessly from the water some distance down the boards.

Jayne sat back, yanking Sean with her with an arm around his shoulders even as he swiped helplessly for his book. He growled and shot her a look, heart in his mouth as paws padded along the boards, closer and closer. One of these days…

“Leave it! And be quiet!” Jayne sniped, slapping his rudder with her hind paw. “He’s coming by.”

The wildcat stalked along the boardwalk lazily, his stride comfortable as the wooden planks had been fixed to the seabed when the resort had first been built, only maintained as necessary. He flexed his paws, enjoying the warm feel of the wood beneath them, as he approached the otters – surprisingly much shorter than he – that took such an interest in him. He had noticed their looks throughout the resort, though it seemed to be relatively quiet in the off-peak season so there were fewer travellers to chat too. They must have been lonely, just the two of them travelling together for a glaze of a heated holiday.

Sean gulped and looked up shyly at the taller wildcat as Cadman stood near, a smile perking up his whiskers.

“Hello,” Cadman said pleasantly, long tail swishing and dripping water all over the boardwalk. “Are you on holiday together?”

Jayne jabbed her brother in the ribs, dropping Cads a wink that he didn’t quite catch as he slipped his gaze between the two otters, waiting on an answer. Sean squeaked.

“Y-yes, we are,” Sean answered after a pause that was longer than necessary, blood rushing to his cheeks: thank the heavens for fur! “We come here every year, whenever we can.”

“I guess the open water is a lure,” Cads agreed, flicking his ears. “If that’s not too forward to assume. Are you two brother and sister?”

Sean bobbed his muzzle so slightly that the motion could not be discerned by the casual eye. Sighing, Jayne slunk her arm closer around his body and leaned into him, tilting his muzzle up with one paw so that he looked the kindly concerned wildcat in the eye.

“Twins.” Jayne answered for Sean, arm squeezing tighter around his waist to rest her paw on the curve of his hip. “We tend to take our holidays together. We’re very…close.”

“That’s yerli porno nice,” Cadman rubbed the back of his neck, muscles flexing as he twisted his lips in thought. “Say, would you like to join me for dinner tonight? I’m on my own, you see, and it would be great to have some company.” He paused. “That’s not weird, right?”

“Not weird at all,” Jayne purred, flicking out her tongue to lick her lips. “We’d be delighted to join you…”

She paused, expectancy stretching out between them.

“Oh!” The wildcat chuckled to himself. “Cadman. But you can call me Cads, it’s what I usually go by.”

“Nice to know who we’re talking to,” Jayne smirked, nudging her brother as if to prompt him into action. “I’m Jayne and this…”

She waited.

“What? Um…” Sean shook himself. “Yes. I’m Sean. This is Jayne too. Dinner would be nice.”

He glanced at his sister as if for confirmation that that would indeed be nice and she nodded, kissing his cheek. Her perfume tingled in his nose and he shifted, resting a trembling paw on his opposite knee to shield the bulge in his tight swim trunks. Though they were bone dry, they still accentuated his ‘package’, as they said, to an uncomfortable degree. Jayne, of course, was the one who had given them to him as a present and subsequently insisted that he wear them for, well, the majority of their holiday together, as was her way.

Cadman stepped back, heel brushing the edge of Sean’s book. He looked at it with a raised eyebrow as if surprised to see a book sitting where it could so easily tumble into the water

“Oh!” His mouth twisted. “Best keep this safe, doesn’t look like one you’d want to lose.”

Cads leaned down to pick up, tail flicking up higher over his rump as he did so. The otter’s eyes strained and he leaned forward, only held more or less in place on the sun lounger by the iron grip of his sister, who attempted to hide her growing smirk. He couldn’t drag his eyes away, the poor cub. The damp fabric clung to the cat’s toned backside as he collected the paperback and straightened again fluidly, unaware of the effect he had had on a certain little otter.

“Here you go,” Cads said, extending his paw to hand the book to Sean. “Don’t want that getting wet now, I’m sure.”

His fingers brushed those of the otter’s as he passed the book back and Sean’s whiskers twitched. The feline’s touch was electric and the otter gulped loudly as he pulled his paw away, silently nodding his thanks with a muzzle ducked down to his chest, unable to look Cads in the eye. Jayne giggled musically, rudder thumping the sun lounger as her fingers massaged slow circles into the curve of his waist, cock-bulge pushing up behind his carefully placed arm. He hoped the feline did not notice and prayed to any listening gods that he would not require Sean to move anymore, lest he see exactly what he was hiding!

Cads was too genuine to take Sean’s quietness as anything other than shyness so he waved a paw and turned on his heel, long tail swishing as he padded away. He purred, flexing his toes against the warm wood and, as the salt dried on his fur, considered a short workout in the resort gym, only then retreating to the steam room and adjoining facilities for some much deserved spa therapy. It may very well have been the Maldives but Cads wasn’t about to skip a session when the facilities allowed. Just a light cardio routine or something with circuits to keep his muscles active and working well for him. He’d hate to waste time when lazy, long days stretched out before him in the summer sun.

Watching him walk away, Sean whimpered and licked his lips, mesmerised by the tight swimwear gleaming over the wildcat’s perfect arse. His trunks tented further and in his mind’s eye he imagined the wildcat bending him over, his cock grinding into the otter’s rump through his swimwear just moments before they were ripped off.

A half-smile on his muzzle, Sean smiled and swayed dreamily as his sister sight. Drumming her hind paws on the boardwalk, she raised an eyebrow as if to query what on earth her brother was doing – a question she asked of herself frequently.

“What are you waiting for?” She hissed, paw suddenly tight around his wrist as she leaned in, lips pursed disapprovingly. “You’re letting him get away!”

“Get away?” Sean blinked. “But we’re meeting him…meeting Cads for dinner later. How is that letting him get away?”

Jayne raised both eyebrows this time and waggled them suggestively, rising half to her hind paws.

“Oh, sweet brother of mine… Why meet him for dinner when you can have him now?”

Jayne smirked, leaping up as her rudder swung to follow her motion.

“Let us be off!”

She sprang into a light run, dragging her brother behind with a less careful yank of his paw. Jayne didn’t take into account his ‘state’ and chuckled to herself as she sped up into a sprint, glasses tumbling off her head to disappear into the clear youjizz porno waters, never again to be worn on her muzzle. Sean wheezed for breath, simply struggling to keep up as his mind tried to catch up with his body, legs not working as they should have with a hard-on between his thighs. Thankfully, his cock softened as he ran, making the movement easier and his arousal less obvious to the casual eye. But Jayne knew how his blood sang for that wildcat. She always knew. It was why he was so grateful for her egging him on and setting him up with partners. His heart thudded painfully against his ribcage and nervous energy gave speed to his paws. Leaning into his run, he overtook Jayne and laughed wildly, flying between sky and sea in a demonstration of sinuous otter sprinting.

“Jayne!” Sean threw a laugh to the wind, caught up by her wild spurt of action. “You’ll have to race me, Jayne! Catch me if you can!”

“You brat! After -“

Her words were whipped away as his paws pounded the boardwalk, closer and closer to the island with white sand and overgrown greenery that could have sprawled into leagues upon leagues of tropical jungle. In all truth, one could walk around the island in less than an hour, if at a swifter pace, and Sean had circled it at a run and at a languid front crawl swim on more than one occasion. As much as he loved to run, there was nothing that could compare to swimming. Or sex underwater. That particular act was the very best of all. His crotch stirred in memory, shaft thickening within his trunks, revealing the rod of otter flesh as he closed in on the island, his eyes bright.

Running was always better when he had a quarry. Like the whippy tail of a silver fish, he narrowed his eyes as the wildcat’s hind paws met sand, oblivious to his pursuers, and re-entered the hotel. The hotel was set some height up from the beach, steps leading up to the single door beach entrance, which was placed so that it would be safe when the waters grew high and rough. Furs could never be too careful when it came to tropical storms after all, though that was not Sean’s concern as he burst through the door, chest heaving and eyes searching for his Cadman. Unfamiliar with this part of the resort, Sean slowed to a walk, letting his sister catch up as his nose twitched and he quested back and forth.

Where had that cat gone? He couldn’t have lost him so quickly!

“Health club, silly ott’,” Jayne chided him as she darted past, lighter than he.

Cadman hummed a tune to himself as he wound through the resort’s corridors, enjoying the peace. He could only imagine what a bustle it would be in the peak months but, for now, the place was inhabited by only a few scattered furs. The gym would be even more of a haven that the warm outside and he purred as the air conditioning eased the burn of heat from his skin. Sometimes a cat could enjoy the sun a little too much, but that was a very feline problem to have.

He pushed open a side door marked with a male figure, adjusting the waistband of his swimming briefs in what he hoped was a modest fashion, even though there was no one to see. Padding into the gym’s locker room, he rolled his shoulders, muscles pumped with blood after his swim. It was the best time to warm up and work out, then perhaps go for another lazy float in the rolling waves later on. Cads smiled to himself and purred, making his way to his assigned locker for his stay, key tucked into the hidden pocket: a handy design really.

Glancing back instinctively over his shoulder at a light noise, he furrowed his brow to see two very familiar otters standing there, Jayne’s chest heaving for breath a side more than Sean’s. The male otter drew himself up tall and bold, body angled slightly to the side with a coy smile that seemed designed to lure Cads in. The wildcat gulped and shook his head, clearing it of uncouth thoughts. Why, he had only just met them. And they were twins! Related! He couldn’t think of them like that, no way in hell!

“Are you two following me?”

He smiled genuinely, the tip of his tail twitching. He couldn’t think anything bad of the twins, not when they had been so pleasant to chat to. But there was something in Jayne’s eyes that made him hesitate for the fraction of a second that it took for the locker room door to swing closed behind them.

Grunting, he leaned against his locker and rubbed the back of his head, fingers scratching through his mop of hair, ruffled from swimming.

“I’m just going to work out, not gonna disappear,” he tried to assure them, eyes darting from side to side as he struggled to discern what they wanted. “Six o’clock all right with you?”

He referred to dinner but that was the furthest thing from Jayne’s mind. The female otter raised an eyebrow, tugging the strap of her bikini top down over her shoulder so that it clung to muscle, defined in her lean yet strong form. Cadman licked his nose, wondering how many years of swimming had gone into that taut body. Likely a lifetime.

“But, sweetie…” Jayne fluttered her eyelashes. “We have a much better workout for you to try today.”

“A better workout?” His muzzle brightened, a smile gracing his muzzle. “Well, I’m always up for that. What did you have in mind?”

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In the Rain

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Amy snapped her wrist in an upward motion then stepped back to admire her work. The annoying throb in her lower back subsided, and the confidence trickling through her lifted her spirits. It was exactly how she had pictured it. The colors bold, lines soft. Imagined images of presenting the piece for display in the art gallery downtown, flicked through her mind, widening her smile.

In her moment of excitement, her thoughts suddenly shifted to what Mark might have thought of it. “Its beautiful Amy, just like you,” she knew he would say or perhaps, “your artistic creations showcase your inner beauty,” he’d tell her then wrap her up in his arms and spin her back out. He would love it too. Just as he did every thing she created with paints or otherwise. Closing her eyes, she refused to acknowledge the tightening of her chest that often came with thoughts of her late husband. She swallowed past the lump in her throat and gently reminded herself that he had been gone for nearly 6 years.

Amy sighed inwardly as she tapped her answering machine with only her fingernails, contemplating the play button. She knew Jeff’s voice would awkwardly request her company to an over priced meal in town where he would blatantly try to seduce her. She hated rejecting her newly divorced neighbor, but couldn’t bear another night of his droning conversation, and unflattering flirting. She rolled her eyes, as each of her dates in the last four years mirrored the one before in her mind. They always ended in a drunken blur, a bed full of tissues and regret.

Gunther whined in the corner unknowingly helping to redirect her thoughts. A heavy sigh blew between her lips, she turned from the answering machine to meet Gunther’s impatient stare. With his ears perked and his tail thumping viciously against the wall she couldn’t help but to giggle. Amy grabbed his leash from the wall considering, only for a moment, grabbing a sweater. The leaves had begun to fall outside and she knew the slight breeze could be chilly. If it rained, she thought, it would make her walk that much better. Amy smoothed her dress, gave herself a quick glance in her full length mirror, then whistling for Gunther, she headed for the door.

The smell of rain and the warm breeze filled her senses as she stepped outside. Inhaling slowly, she enjoyed the soft breeze that danced across her shoulders and swept her hair into a lazy flight relaxing her body. The smell of coming rain surrounding her and the leaves crunching under her feet cleared any prodding thoughts.

Sauntering between the small trees that lined the worn and narrow path off her back yard, she thought about her next painting. Gunther galloped ahead marking his spots and sniffing for any new smells. Amy inhaled another lingering breath and welcomed the colors, lines and forms that filled the forefront of her thoughts.

A low rumbling growl of warning from Gunther snapped her attention to her dog. Crouched low to the ground he watched something that she herself could not see, something passed the line of trees ahead. Rarely did they encounter anyone else out here, which was part of the beauty of living several miles outside of town. Even so she didn’t feel fear, but rather curiosity. Just another person out enjoying the start of the fall weather, Amy thought as she confidently approached her dog and stroked his standing hair, before making her way to the edge of the trees.

A man stood only a few yards away with his back to her holding, what she guessed to be a camera to his face. Instead of heading in a different direction and leaving the man to his business, she stood completely still and watched him. Something about the fluidity in which he moved heightened her curiosity, reminded her of Mark.

Her eyes flicked over the flannel material that covered his broad shoulders and lean torso. She had never seen him around the small town she lived in, she was sure of that. He would be hard not to notice. Her gaze dropped to his waist, taking notice that the faded blue jeans he wore fit him nicely. Her gaze lingered before lazily following his long legs down to the dark boots he wore on his feet. A tattoo on his forearm uncovered by his rolled up sleeves, caught her attention but she couldn’t make out what it was. She wondered half heartedly what he was like. Something about just the sight of him intrigued her, catching her slightly off guard.

Clyde clicked the shutter of his camera capturing the dark rolling clouds, the tree braches that seemed to reach for them, and the naked hills in the distance. The high desert had been a pleasant surprise supplying just what he needed to indulge in his hobby.

The snapping sound of a twig and the crunching of fallen leaves sent him spinning on his heels towards the sound, his camera still pressed against his face. He hardly expected to see the beautiful woman that filled his lens, and barely noticed the dog at her side. She stood perfectly still staring at him, her shoulders squared, her wide open reality kings porno eyes reflecting slight surprise. Slowly he lowered the camera and smiled awkwardly at the woman watching him, wondering how long she had been standing there.

Amy’s breath caught in her throat when their eyes met. His hair hung defiantly against his face, dark and untamed, amusement flashing in his blue eyes. The short stubble on his unshaven face darkened the line of his strong jaw, and his smile caused her to struggle with an uneven breath. There was something that lurked just under the surface, something mysterious, dark even, that captivated her.

“Hello,” Clyde offered nodding to her.

“Hi,” she mumbled, unsure if he had even heard her. He looked so much like Mark.

The curious glare of his gaze sent a chill dancing up her arms. She was barely aware that Gunther had lost interest and was now in the thick of the trees.

Her mind screamed at her to say something else, or at least look away, yet she did neither.

Clyde raised an eyebrow at her strange demeanor, but quickly abandoned the thought as a pair of hawks flew fitfully above the trees behind her. He quickly brought his camera back to his face, capturing a shot of the birds. Keeping the pose for a moment he contemplated his new surroundings. She was still watching him, seemingly frozen in place. He shifted his weight, as a breeze swirled her peach colored dress around her knees, revealing her shapely pale legs. Her long honey colored hair blew softly off her slender shoulders, and before he could finish the thought, he clicked the shutter closed.

Amy felt her blood pool under the skin of her cheeks. Had she imagined the sound of the shutter? No, she didn’t think so. Her mind raced yet she couldn’t form a clear thought. Standing as if concrete held her in place, she waited for him to lower the camera again.

He didn’t. And as this handsome stranger continued to watch her through the lens, she felt heat rush over her skin in a raw mixture of embarrassment and excitement. Her mouth felt dry, and despite the breeze perspiration dotted her skin.

Clyde watched her, smiling behind the camera, a little surprised by her lack of reaction to the photo he had just taken of her. Her almost black eyes reflected something he couldn’t quite indentify as they fell to the exposed skin of his chest. His blood stirred as he studied her full, slightly parted lips.

The quickening of her breaths brought his attention to the rise and fall of her small supple breasts, their tips hard and pressing through the material of her cotton dress. Another gust of warm wind blew her dress tight against her small frame, and Clyde found himself following the lines of her waist and hips. Again he closed the shutter, ignoring the strange feel the situation produced.

Strong tingles of excitement swept through her as the sound of the shutter echoed in her ears. Was she crazy to just stand there and let a perfect stranger take photographs of her? He angled the camera, still focused on her as she shivered against the long forgotten feeling of desire that hit her like a strong bolt of lightning. What was happening to her?

Again the sound of the shutter filled her ears and the heat rushing over the surface of her skin grew to flames that licked furiously at her flesh. The thin silk of her panties captured the heat that rose between her legs, dissolving her mind’s resistance to her body’s reaction.

She held her breath as he lowered the camera, and met her gaze. Like twin flames, his eyes bore into her, quickening the pulse between her thighs. She barely noticed the first couple of rain drops that fell with a splash on her heated skin.

Clyde struggled to keep his feet planted. He wanted to touch her and the fact that he knew nothing about her, no longer mattered. The sight of her made it hard to swallow. His grip tightened on the camera and all rational thoughts dissolved. He watched as the rain dampened her hair, skin, and dress. She didn’t move. He moved slowly towards her, adrenaline racing through him, watching her slender throat as it worked to swallow.

The rain began to fall harder, soaking her dress to a sheer thin material. He could see her skin through the clinging dress, the curves of her hips and hollow of her belly button. Her hardened nipples created a low groan collecting in his throat.

Thunder crashed in the distance, rain water dripped off his hair and into his eyes blurring his vision slightly. He continued to close the distance between them, watching her; stoping only when he was inches away from porcelain like face. Her dark, intensity filled eyes searched his own. Her small lips quivered slightly, goose bump’s springing from her pale skin. The smell of jasmine filled his nostrils as he lifted his camera.

“Clyde, my name is Clyde” he whispered hoarsely, watching a rain drop travel the length of her neck.

Amy smiled, “Amy,” sexmex porno she told him watching his lips curve.

She struggled to comprehend the effect this stranger had on her, or the way she was responding. She could feel his heat, hear his uneven breath. The raw, musky smell of him mixed with tobacco swirled around her and she clenched her thighs in an attempt to ease the pressure and tingle between them. Even his eyes shared many similarities to Marks.

She watched his jaw clench, and heard the shutter close again only inches away from her. His unruly hair swirled around his thick neck, and she found herself watching the rain water roll down his stubble covered face. She seemed to have little control over her own actions or even her thoughts.

He lowered the camera, sexuality filling his clear blue eyes, his breathing a little raspy. She swallowed hard, her skin burning in the places she yearned for him to touch, anticipation rumbling through her.

He moved his hand towards her, his gaze sliding over her soaked face, and gently pushed her wet hair away from her eyes. A grin raised one side of his lips in response to her smile. He knew that she was feeling something very similar to what he felt, and he knew he would act on it.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked, his voice sounding almost forced.

She only smiled in response and felt a rush swamp her body, heat radiating through her from the inside out. His eyes flicked over her face, as if looking for permission and when her smile widened his eyes seemed to change, becoming darker as he watched her.

Something in her, feminine yet completely primal came alive, when their lips met. She pressed her body against his solid chest, and slid her arms around his neck. His tongue slipped through her parted lips, sensually dancing with hers. A low groan rumbled from his throat, adding to her excitement. She had forgotten what a passionate kiss was like, how her whole body could respond with riveting, desire.

A throaty moan stalled in her own throat as his hands moved down over her body, touching her breasts, her stomach, hips before grabbing her ass and lifting her easily off the ground. Amy wrapped her legs instinctively around his waist pressing her sex against the bulge in his pants. Tiny pulses of anticipation shot through her veins, as his body trembled against her own.

“Don’t stop, please don’t,” she whispered between hard, deep breaths. She felt a little out of control and knew she was acting completely out of character, but she didn’t care. It felt good to do something wild, something different and crazy.

Clyde’s desire ripped through him as her words filled his ears. Every muscle in his body suddenly ached. His lips moved across the soft skin of her face until he caught her earlobe between his lips. “I wasn’t planning to,” he whispered softly.

She jumped slightly in his arms, as thunder crashed again in the distance. The heat of her body and the urgency he sensed from her was almost more then he could bear. Closing his eyes, he demanded himself to stay in control. His desire seemed to roar in response, forcing him to fight the urge to lay her down and fuck her until he found his release. He wanted to savor this once in a lifetime experience.

Amy let her head fall back as his lips moved across her skin, the stubble on his face scrapping against her, sending frantic beats of pleasure pulsating through her. She let a long moan glide from her throat, her toes curling in her sandals.

Holding her weight in one arm, he pulled her dress up until he could feel the cool, damp, silky skin of her ass. He flexed his rough hands over the taunt skin, and felt her head fall against his shoulder. The contrast of his rough hands scraping against her soft skin was mouth-watering.

She heard him grunt, his voice sounding strangled. He stood completely still for a moment his head resting against the space between her breasts. She felt the rain splash her face as she rested her cheek against his shoulder, his muscles tense and rigid under her finger tips.

Slowly she lifted her head, and searched his eyes when their gaze met. She kissed him tenderly, wanting desperately to melt into his chest.

“Hang on,” he told her, his voice thick.

Amy clutched his shoulders, and squeezed her thighs against his hips as his arm snaked around her waist and lowered both their bodies to the wet patch of grass beneath them.

Clyde hovered above her, resting his weight on one elbow, allowing himself time to reclaim his control. Rain splashed against her body as he watched her breasts rise and fall with rapid, shallow breaths. His gaze holding her own, he lowered himself to lie beside her and traced his finger across her bottom lip and down her body until he came to her thighs.

There he lingered, and kissed her throat before closing his lips around her hardened nipple through the wet material of her dress. Gently he touched her inner thigh caressing sindrive porno it, until she let her legs fall apart. He watched her face as his fingers slipped under the silk of her panties, easily parting and slipping through the warm, puffy lips of her pussy. His muscles twitching he watched her, eagerly pushing the tip of his finger inside her slick opening, stroking her gently and listening to her soft moans.

The need to taste her consumed him and in a swift movement he positioned himself between her legs, pushed her panties aside, and lowered his head until he could suck her swollen clit into his mouth. His tongue early tasting, feeling her.

Amy cried out in shock as pleasure exploded through her, he suckled her begging clit, flicked his tongue across it as her heels dug into the wet grass. The rain continued to splash her face, as his fingers moved inside of her, pushing against her throbbing walls. The sensations of hot and cold made her body shake and tighten as her temperature rose. His movements were gentle, as she arched her back and relished the sensations that she had longed for, for so long.

She knew her orgasm was approaching quickly as her body trembled against his touch and the wet grass beneath her. Only moments later and in a scream of erotic ecstasy she flooded his fingers with her climax, bucking her hips against his face. White hot flashes burned through her in a rippling effect as wave after wave of delicious aftershocks rocked her body.

Slowly she felt him remove his fingers, lifting his head to smile broadly at her. Standing, his eyes never leaving hers, he unbuttoned his jeans his smile transforming to a playful, devious grin. She wanted to feel him inside her, and hastily ripped her panties down her legs. She watched him struggle to get the wet denim past his hips, smiling when his cock, hard and throbbing, jumped from his jeans.

Through her erotic haze, Amy moved towards his rigid cock, taking the tip between her lips. A noise somewhere between a roar and a moan escaped him, encouraging her to take him deeper into her mouth. She flicked her tongue over the swollen tip, pressing her lips around it and bringing it to the back of her throat. His slick shaft slid easily into her mouth; she sucked hungrily, touching her sensitive clit in gentle slow circles. His fingers tangled themselves into her wet hair and she could feel him vibrate as she wrapped her hand just below her lips twisting and pulling, saturating his shaft with her saliva.

Gathering her hair away from her face, he watched her, her soft mouth eagerly sucking and sliding down is cock. Pleasure ripped at him, his knees felt weak and he struggled to stay standing. He watched her slender fingers touch her clit, little moans gurgled from her as her tongue twisting around the head of his cock.

Only when he knew he couldn’t handle it much more did he pull her away and lower himself to his knees. His fingers hooked the straps of her dress, slipping it down her arms. She smiled at him as her breasts bounced out of her dress.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered.

“You’re pretty irresistible yourself,” she said almost giggling.

Slanting his mouth over hers he kissed her, lowering her back down until she was flat against the cool wet grass. His lips left her own, traveling down her neck, then further until he captured a hard wet nipple between his lips.

Her pussy twitched as another wave of pleasure lapped over her. Eager to feel him, she wrapped her hand around the hot soft skin of his shaft and pulled gently until the tip of his cock brushed her clit.

Amy gasped, letting her head fall back as she used it, rocking her hips so that his cock slid over her clit back and forth, over and over again. Irresistible sensations burned in her, the need she felt quickly becoming overwhelming.

She moaned hoarsely, loud in an attempt to release some of the tension ripping through her. When she opened her eyes, he was watching her, his own tension apparent, etched in his eyes. She leaned forward and slowly guided his throbbing cock into her pussy, her breath stalled.

He pushed into her, stretching her, inch by tantalizing inch he moved until he completely filled her. Amy whimpered, rocking her hips slightly, trying to accommodate him. It had been so long since she had been with a man; it almost felt like the first time. She wiggled against him as hot liquid seeped from her.

He didn’t move, instead with his cock buried inside her, be bent his head and suckled one nipple then the other, giving her time to adjust around him.

Amy squirmed under him, desperate for him to move inside her. Finally he moved, gliding in and out of her in rhythmic motion. She moaned heavily as heat raced over her skin, the walls of her pussy gripping his cock. She couldn’t stop herself; she withered and pushed underneath him as her orgasm grew nearer, rocking herself and molding his cock inside her.

He pushed against her, filling her small body up with his rigid shaft, she was tight so wet and so good. The sensations of hot wet friction sent flickers of flame shooting through his veins. His balls rolled and he felt his cock twitch as she squirmed, thrusting her hips to collide with his own.

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