John’s Story

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There’s a chance the story John will tell you will inspire some of the other people involved to write about their version of what happened.

Stay tuned.

John’s Story

I never knew what hit me. I mean, I’ve had encounters of the sexual kind before, but this was, well. . .

I had better back up a bit. I’m John Thonth, a 42 year old math teacher at a pretty well known college. That’s being modest: I’m chair of the math department and I’m really good at teaching and research, but this story will show you I’m lousy at personal relationships.

Some women have called me a professional bachelor, others have called me worse than that. I may not be married, but I like going through the motions. The more experienced men reading this story will appreciate that some ladies are much better at those particular motions than others. This story is about one of those ladies…

I dated Jayne M six or seven years ago. Jayne is a professor in the biology department here, and she was probably one of the most attractive women I ever knew. She was a sophisticated classy lady, one any man would be proud to have on his arm. You wouldn’t think it when you looked at her, but there was a big bonus — she was as exciting and adventurous as you could imagine in the bedroom. She claimed I was only her fourth (or was it fifth?) lover, and that included her ex husband. One of them had to have been an inspiring teacher of sexual techniques, and Jayne was a good student

I thought about Jayne often. Sometimes those memories kept me warm at night when I was in bed by myself. Hell, sometimes I thought about her when whoever I was having sex with isn’t very exciting.

What happened between her and me, why weren’t we still together, you might ask. Well, that’s easy. The only thing we had in common was sex. She liked chamber music, I wanted country. She liked old classic movies, I watched the newest films. Long dresses and fine restaurants worked for her, blue jeans and local bars were better for me. We figured out we didn’t have a future together and agreed we’d just be dates and sex partners of convenience.

It wasn’t much later when we stopped seeing each other – no hard feelings – and a year after that she married a guy who I guess was a much better match for her than I was. I wished her well, and meant it. Still, when I’d see her on campus I’d remember the hot times we had and wished it was possible to go back to them, at least for a while.

It’s not that I saw her on campus much. I didn’t go there often during the summer. Hell, if you know anything about faculty workloads, you’ll know I didn’t go on campus much period — tenure is a wonderful thing.

My grad students did know I was on call for them, and everyone knew I spent Tuesday afternoons in my on campus office unless that interfered with a tee time or some other afternoon delight.

On the Tuesday before the 4th of July this year I meandered over to campus and began going through the stack of papers in my in box when I saw Jayne walking by. She waved and I asked her to join me for a cup of coffee. It turns out, she said, she was looking for the chairman of the physics department. He had a small “this is my office for thinking, everyone keep out” place in the math building. Jayne said she was working on a joint biology/physics grant. He wasn’t around, so we chatted about old times and flirted a little bit. Things were fine in her life, she said, although she did say her husband was away a lot.


“Is he away now?” It turned out he was. “Well, is there any reason we shouldn’t have a dinner together, or at least a drink to celebrate old times?”

She thought about that for a minute or two, then agreed a salad and some wine the next night would be a nice way to spend the evening.

“My place or yours?” I asked with a big smile to prove I wasn’t serious.

We agreed a TGI Fridays a dozen miles away would be a good place to meet. It wasn’t popular with people either of us knew, and Friday’s salad selections would work for both of us. It was an informal enough place so that our meeting couldn’t be classified as a ‘date’. We both knew it would be different if we had gone to one of the better restaurants right in town. People might have noticed and tongues would have wagged.

I looked forward to that quasi date: Jayne was fun to be with and we had some catching up to do.

We met around 9 the next night. It was an odd evening, there was a tension in the air, probably because she was a married woman now. That didn’t make a lot of sense though, she knew I never dated, much less bedded, married women (why get shot by a husband when there was so much legal opportunity around?)

Besides, this wasn’t a real date after teach that-bitch porno all, it was just two people who were alone enjoying each other’s company. I did some pro-forma flirting: that’s almost a reflex for me. She gave as well as she took, making it even more fun. Like I said, she was really great in bed, and playing flirting games would give me something to think about when I went home and wrapped my fist around my cock.

She asked about how I was doing and I was honest enough with her. Yes, I was seeing someone she didn’t know pretty regularly, but Joyce – that was my date’s name – wasn’t ever going to be a life partner. Yes, I still lived in the same house, but now my bed was king sized, not queen. “A bigger playground?” she wanted to know, and she was right. I didn’t tell her about the scarves under the bed that could be tied to its corners or the video cameras I installed sometime after she and I had broken up. Hey, when I’m alone I’d rather be the star in the porno films I watch!

It was natural to ask about where she lived, too. “Oh, we have a place over in the Pines.” I knew The Pines. It was a gated community with large houses on large lots, and there was a private golf course there, too.

“Wow, your husband does pretty well, doesn’t he?”

“We do pretty well,” she corrected me, “but you’re right, he makes three times what I do.”

“And he’s often away,” I added.

“Yes, it does get lonely,” she agreed

There was a quiet minute or two. I expected her to say goodbye and go home.

That’s not he way the conversation went… “Have you ever been to The Pines?” she asked.

“I played golf there once a long time ago. It seemed really nice and the houses all looked like they should be called estates.”

“They are mostly big houses, you’re right.”

“I’d like to see some of them close up,” I said, which was true enough but also a flirt and in a real way, a gambit.

She accepted it. “Would you like to see our place?”

That was a no brainer: “I’d love to.”

Jayne took the napkin from her lap, and very delibertly draped it over her dish and said “Follow me.”

I got the bill paid, and somehow my Toyota kept up with her not very aggressively driven 7 series Beamer. That was odd, years ago she was a fast driver: careful, but fast. We didn’t go to the Pine’s main gate – there was an owner’s gate that was radio controlled. The gate swung open for her, and closed. I almost expected her to just drive away, but she opened it again for me.

Their house lot was so big that when I drove into the driveway I could not see any other house, just some lights through the trees.

It was beautiful house, a fitting place for her to live, and I told her so. I got a quick tour, then we settled into the den with its big fireplace.

The den had two large sliding doors that opened onto a patio. She turned on the outside lights. I could see a pool out there, and a high wooden fence. “That gives us lots of privacy,” she said. I’d have liked to have gone swimming with her in that private pool but that was an offer she wasn’t making. She pulled set of gauze curtains over the doors – the other set looked heavy and opaque – then turned off the outside lights. The glass doors seemed to turn into mirrors and the den appeared even larger. The room had leather furniture and reeked of quality and class. The floor was slate, with an Oriental rug in front of the fireplace, and big cushions there, for less formal sitting.

That’s where we sat. We toasted each other and old times. I didn’t know where this evening was going, I was somehow all off balance all night. “I’ll be right back” Jayne said after a little while, and she left the room. I briefly thought this was going to be one of those times when the lady returns in a negligee, or nude, then laughed at myself. That wouldn’t happen tonight but when I got home I’d sure pretend it did. I’d be ejaculating into a tissue instead of where I’d have liked to deposit that protein. After all, Jayne was married and some things were not meant to be.

Then she returned.

The suit she was wearing was gone, replaced by a white robe that ended above her knees. It was made of some kind of satin that clung to everything underneath is and it was obvious the only thing it was clinging to was Jayne. This was the kind of thing men dream about, but these dreams don’t often happen. Maybe some things WERE meant to be.

I stood, wanting to take her in my arms, but she put her hand on my chest. “I want to do this my way,” she told me and then moved behind me. This was her house: we’d follow her rules and her route. We both knew how it was going to end.

I could see our reflections in the patio teamskeet porno doors, the curtains covering them just softened the image a little. I watched and felt her arms move around me, saw her hands stroking my chest and my belly, and felt them brush over my crotch. “I can feel that I have that old effect on you,” she said, cupping me ever so softly.

“You sure do.”

I stood there while her fingers pulled my golf shirt from my slacks, then I raised my arms as she pulled it up. She couldn’t get it over my head; I took it off the rest of the way. I was glad, looking at our reflections, that I stayed fit. I wanted to turn to face her but she stopped me from doing that, kept me facing our reflections. “I like watching us,” she said. One of her arms was around my chest, then other, on my belly and then I could feel her lips on the center of my back! I thought I’d explode.

I wished we were at my place, I’d have the cameras running and be able to watch this seduction whenever I wanted. “Next time,” I promised myself. Somehow I controlled myself, and both of her hands moved to my belt. I stood there, arms at my side, watching and feeling and enjoying the sensations of a beautiful woman undressing me, her delicate fingers fumbling for a moment with my belt, then with the clasp on my slacks, then my zipper. She pushed my pants down, and I helped by kicking off my boat shoes and stepping out of my slacks. I still had on boxer shorts but they weren’t doing an especially good job of hiding my erection. That erection didn’t get any smaller when I saw her hand slip under the elastic, and for sure got even harder when I could feel that hand with its magic touch stroke me. “That feels nice,” she said, “it feels the way I remember it.” Did that mean she thought about me, fantasize about me, the way I did about her?

Her hands moved to my waist and she pushed the boxers down. I could feel the waistband drag down my cock, and watched in the window’s reflection as the band slipped over my penis’s head. It – I –sprung free, exposed. She pushed the shorts to my knees and I did the rest and stepped out of them. I was standing naked in front of her, feeling her hands move onto my hips, then stop. “I remember when we were dating that you told me you would never have sex with a married woman. I’m married, are we going to have a problem?” she asked.

Her fingers moved over my cock, I had forgotten how wonderful her touch was. “I’ll make an exception to that rule tonight, if you’re willing to break it with me,” I told her. She reached under my penis, cupped my scrotum, and I could feel her lips on my back.

“I want what I have in my hands, John, I want to break that rule of yours, I want to do things to you, and put this thing in me” she said, and her lips moved along my back, lower, then finally over to my hip. She moved a quarter of the way around me, and tuned me the other ninety degrees. I looked down at this woman, now on her knees in front of me. I wanted to pull her mouth onto my cock, to control her and dominate her but she wasn’t having any of that.

“Just put your hands down, I’ll do this my way,” she said. Was this going to be a tease?

Well, no.

She moved toward me, and her lips touched my cock’s head, offering it only the softest kiss. She pulled one of my arms to the front, and wrapped my fingers around my erection. “Stroke yourself for me,” she said. I started masturbating – if she wanted a facial I’d give it to her.

As I pushed my cock through my fist she opened her mouth wide and took the exposed end into her mouth.


She held my scrotum with one hand, and the other was around me, fingering my anus, then more than that, poking into it, while she blew me! I thought she was great before, but this was new. Someone taught her new tricks, tricks I didn’t know!

Could it have been her husband? I was getting a world class blow job from someone else’s wife! The analytical part of my brain began questioning my policy of staying away from married women — if they were this good, that policy was ending right now!

It was an erotic oral adventure. She knew enough to apply tight pressure around my cock when she felt me start to come so she could prevent a premature ejaculation. I heard of that, but never had it done to me with someone’s lips!

She finally pulled me down to the cushions on the floor. I was on my back, my penis was sticking up like some kind of a May Pole,. She knelt at my feet and untied the robe’s belt. She held the damned thing closed while she pushed it off her shoulders, looked at me and asked “Is this what you remember?” She relaxed her hands and the robe slid down her arms, off her breasts, off of her hands, and she was naked.

Then tecavuz porno she was beside me on the cushions, and I was lapping at her, sucking at her, feeling her arousal, feeling her needs and satisfying them.

But not for long. She pushed me onto my back, I was sticking straight up again. She got over me, put her hands on my shoulders to support herself, centered her vagina over my cock and then just lowered herself onto me. I mean, the only parts of us that were touching were her hands on my shoulders and our pelvises! I forgot how wet Jayne would get, and how she was never too tight for a first penetration. Every time I had sex with her going in the first time was like moving in the heaviest warm cream, with her just tight enough to provide ideal stimulation. Like I said at the start of this story, some women are better than others

I looked down between us, we were having fully exposed sex. I loved seeing my penis shine with her lubrication when as she lifted off me, then I would sink deep inside her when she came down.

We rolled over into a classic missionary position and rammed into each other for what seemed only a couple of minutes. She reached between us and stroked me, masturbated me, while I fucked her. That was new, too, and it worked. Oh god it worked, I came in what seemed like buckets full.

I fell onto her way sooner than usual, empty and exhausted. We somehow rolled away from each other. I was soft, wet and soft. I wanted to cuddle, to have her touch me some more, and maybe we’d have sex again, this time more slowly, like we used to.

“You’ll have to go, John,” she said, ruining my plans. “You can’t spend the night. I don’t want the homeowner’s security guys seeing your car here, people will talk and I don’t want that to happen.”

“I want to see you again,” I told her. She was even better than I remembered, and I didn’t want to give it up, even if she was married. “I don’t think so, John. Nothing good would come of that, would it? I don’t want to put my lifestyle here at risk and we already know the only thing you and I have in common is sex. That’s not enough.”

“But,” I argued, “but wasn’t it good? Weren’t we good together?”

“We always were,” she agreed, “but this was only a one night stand, nothing more. I loved it, I hope you did too, but it’ll have to be enough. Try to remember me kindly, John.”

I dressed and left. I’d remember her all right, but somehow felt hollow, used. I knew when the security gate closed behind my car it also closed her off from me for ever.

But I’d remember. Oh, I’d remember the way she looked, the way she felt. I’d wish, maybe for the rest of my life, that we would have made a go of it. I did know a little of Jayne was better than none of her. Was it Garth Brooks who sang a song talking about broken romances, but concluded he wouldn’t have wanted to miss the dance?

I’m glad I had that last dance. I was man enough to hope her husband would never find out: she deserved the life she had. And me? I was pretty sure I’d be comparing her to other women for the rest of my life.

Then something odd and good happened. Jayne brought her husband to a faculty mixer a few days ago and introduced us. I somehow never knew his name was Walter. He shook my hand, of course, but he looked at me in the strangest way. I had to wonder: did he suspect something? Did he know something? Then the answer came to me: I’m sure Jayne told him we used to date before she met him. That’s the reason he had that knowing look in his eye: he thought we shared the same woman at different times.

When I was driving home I laughed out loud at that thought. The times we shared the same woman were not as far apart as the thought — it’s not that big a difference in time, Wally! It was days, not years.

The laugh was on me, though, because tonight he was going to be next to her, and me? I would just have my memories, and my fist, and a box of tissues.

Laughter and tears aren’t really that far apart. I didn’t expect my bedside tissues would be wet with tears and that I’d be hugging a pillow, but that’s what happened.

There was another song from my youth, it was about loving the one you’re with. The woman I had been dating for six months, but not seriously, was really very nice. For the first time in my life, I began thinking about spending a lifetime with a one woman.

I’m not even sure how I came to make the decision, but somehow my phone was against my ear, and hers was ringing. “Hi Joyce,” I said, “I know it’s late, but I’d love to talk with you for a while tonight. Can I come over, or would you like to come here?”

She lived 10 miles away. In the 15 minutes it took for her to come to my house I had gotten rid of the scarves that were under the bed and disabled three video cameras. A little while later, after she got over the shock of my question and said ‘yes’ we were holding each other, connected in every way, complete.

And here’s the best part. I not once thought about Jayne.

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Joey , Amber Ch. 02

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Note to Reader: This story is broken into two versions of the same basic storyline. This story includes more fetish related material while the other version has more of a romantic tinge to it. Please read the version that most suites you or read both it is entirely up to you. Feedback is always welcome I hope you enjoy the story.

He waited impatiently in the airport terminal for his girlfriend to arrive nothing could calm his excitement. His girlfriend of five months was returning from a business trip and had been away for two weeks. Joey and Amber were a very “close” couple often having sex 2 to 3 times a day and sometimes retreating to mutual masturbation in front of each other. While Amber had been gone the couple ran up their phone bills talking for hours at night only being able to have constant phone sex. Some day’s Joey would call Amber’s mobile while she was at work, Amber would pretend it was an important business call but it would really be Joey masturbating… teasing her. However, Amber loved listening… the rush of seeing all her business associates trying to figure out why her face was so red thrilled her. In her breaks Amber would do the same thing calling Joey and masturbating for him.

This was the longest the two had been apart since they had met, as the monitors declared that the plane had landed and the people stared to move through the doors into the terminal Joey began frantically moving his head around trying to find her. When he found her doing the same thing he smiled and immediately relaxed as she ran towards him jumping into his arms and kissing him passionately. After their kiss Joey picked up Amber’s bags and they headed for the car.

The trip home was “interesting” to say the least; both were extremely aroused and as fate would have it conversation slowly drifted. “I’m not wearing any underwear,” Amber said with a cheeky smile. Amber was wearing a denim skirt and instinctively opened her legs slightly as she saw Joey’s hand leave the steering wheel and land on her knee. Slowly sliding his hand up, Amber closed her eyes, his hand finally come to rest between her legs immediately upon feeling that she in fact did not have any underwear on, his hand went straight back to the wheel… teasing her. Amber gave out a little frustrated giggle and chose to fight fire with fire, pulling her skirt up and opening her legs she gently began to rub her clit as Joey drove. This was too much for Joey for he knew that he could never beat her. Amber let out a little moan sending Joey over the edge and he pulled over. When the car had stopped her reached student sex parties porno over and immediately began pashing Amber.

They kissed for a few moments, Joey began to caress Amber’s leg getting higher each time. As he reached the top of Amber’s thigh he slid two fingers straight into the top of her wet pussy sending shock waves through her body as she bit Joey’s neck. He began fingering her faster and faster Amber was getting close as she reached over sliding her hand inside Joey’s pants rubbing him as he fingered her using his thumb against her clit. She came hard as they kissed, Joey’s fingers slowed and he placed his forehead against hers, they smiled and Joey retreated back into the divers seat, Amber followed.

Her hand was still in Joey’s pants stroking him up and down she brought his hard cock out immediately putting it into her mouth. She tickled the tip with the tip of her tongue as she gently stroked him. She began sucking harder and stroking him harder, as she took her mouth of his hard cock he came, shooting onto his stomach. After he came back down to reality she licked as much as cum as she could from his cock and stomach and Joey started the car driving back to his apartment.

When they arrived Joey grabbed Amber’s bags taking them inside for her. Amber was staying at his place for the next few days since it was an hour drive to her house and neither party felt up to an hour-long drive when Joey’s place was so close. As soon as the couple entered the apartment and Joey had put down her bags Amber ran towards him jumping into his arms forcing him down onto the bed. Amber had never been in Joey’s apartment and no matter how horny she was she couldn’t help but look around plus she loved teasing him. She explored his house as Joey just lay on the bed with a smile on his face thinking that he could get her attention by masturbating on his bed. However, Amber’s attention had been diverted to the 2 sets of hand cuffs that she found at the bottom of his bed head hidden from plain view. She slid her hand down the back of his bed immediately Joey sat up worried. Amber picked up one set of the handcuffs still attached to the bed head and smiled. Joey was worried that she wasn’t into the type of stuff he was. However what Amber did next surprised him she seductively took off all her cloths and handcuffed her left hand to the bed head and gestured Joey to cuff her right.

Joey did so with a sort of cheesy grin he had fantasized about this for years but had never met a woman who would willingly want to be submissive cuckolds porno hand cuffed and let his will be done upon her. Joey was not into extreme types of bondage however he did like mild doses. When Amber had been successfully hand cuffed to the bed head Joey blindfolded her and traced his fingertips down the entire length of her naked body. His fingers trailed down over her forehead, down her checks, over her lips, down her neck, over her chest and breasts, down her stomach, then each hand caressed down each leg. Amber began to moan as his fingers trailed her inner thighs.

He smiled and removed his cloths, knelling on the bed and cuffing her legs. Joey then when to the kitchen and found a rose that he was planning to give to Amber at the airport but had forgotten. He thought this convenient when remembering how Amber had jumped on him; he gave a little chuckle to himself picking up the rose “She will like this more anyway.” He thought to himself looking at the rose and walking back to Amber. He knelled back down on the bed placing the rose to Amber forehead.

Moving it down he placed it under her nose and let her smell its sweetness, he ran it down over her neck running it around her collarbone. Sliding it down to her breasts he ran the rose around her left nipple and then leaned down to kiss it and nibble it, then doing the same to Amber’s other breast. Moving the rose down over her stomach he circled her cute little belly button leaning in to kiss it also. He then used the rose to caress her inner thighs and over her shaved pussy. Amber’s back arched as the rose touched her clit Joey leaning in yet again and slid his tongue around Amber’s clit smiling to himself as she moaned knowing that this was only the beginning.

He put the rose on the bedside table retreating to the kitchen again to find more goodies. He took a glass from the cupboard filling it with water and ice, going back into his bedroom seeing Amber there naked was driving him crazy but they were both having such a great time.

He put the glass next to the rose and fished for an ice cube; he held the ice above her head letting the drips fall on her lips, then her breasts and lastly a few drips on her clit. Placing the ice on her forehead he let it slide down her nose, lips, neck, breasts concentrating on her nipples, then down to her pussy where he began to rub the ice against her clit. Amber immediately began to moan loudly and as she got closer Joey stopped then pushed the ice cube deep inside her Amber squealed at the unique pleasure taboo heat porno she was feeling.

Joey went to the kitchen retrieving a candle he lit it there and walked back to his bedroom. Joey knew that hot wax was one of Amber’s biggest turn on’s, he knelled on the bed again and began to drip the hot wax onto Amber’s breasts without warning. She started moaning straight away, her pelvis began to move up and down slowly as the wax dripped onto her body. He dripped the wax around her nipples and stomach, lastly he dropped one droplet from about a foot above Amber straight onto her clit, Amber screamed at the pleasure and wanted nothing more then to fuck Joey right there and then. Her clit was throbbing and her body ached for him, she began wondering weather she made a mistake but she was loving every second knowing she would have her time with him later.

Joey went into his office getting his letter opener, which was an exotic dagger; knelling beside her he used it to peel off the wax. The feel of the cold steel against her body drove her insane turning her on a lot more then she would have thought. After the wax has been removed Joey removed he leg cuffs and cautiously removed her right hand cuff, she didn’t move she just kept breathing deeply. He removed her blindfold and he opened her eyes and looked at him in awe. Her head looked to her left hand as Joey opened the cuffs.

As soon as they were open Amber leapt at him pashing him, Joey knelled with his right leg in between Ambers legs and he held her, pashing her. Amber began to press herself against his leg rubbing her wet pussy against his leg as they kissed. She pushed him down on his back kissing down his body, biting his nipples, kissing down further she took Joey’s hard wet cock into her mouth sucking it madly. He sat up stopping her and kissing her again, she just pushed him down again but this time onto the pillows where she had been laying. She knelled over his lap gently masturbating in front of him smiling, then slowly siding herself down onto Joeys cock.

She took all of him inside her as deep as he could go and then gently started to rock back and forth and in and out. She put her hands on Joey’s chest and threw her head back as she fucked him faster. Joey moaned as he begged her to fuck him, Joey then whipped her round onto her back, kissing down her neck biting and sucking it hard. Kissing down her chest he bit her nipples and kissed straight down to her clit where he began licking it fast. He slid two fingers inside her getting faster and faster until Amber told him she was getting close. He stopped and slid another piece of ice inside her followed by his hard cock.

He fucked her harder and harder, Amber began to scream as she came before Joey but not to long before. As the two slowed down Joey came to lay down beside her they looked into each others eyes and Amber Whispered to him “I Love You”.

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Just Sex

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I’m a little groggy, just barely beginning to wake up. The room is almost dark, some light coming in around the blind on the window. I realize I’m spooned up against the back of someone, flesh on flesh. I smile, remembering last night. Great sex. He ate me longer and better than anyone ever has. I had orgasms over and over. Just remembering makes me rub against him some more. And then we fucked. And fucked. Changing positions. Just terrific. I reach over his side and hunt with my fingers for his cock. A lovely strong cock. It’s erect. Hard. Feels so sexy. Do all men wake up with an erection?

I hold on to it and move back a little and push him onto his back. He makes a little noise but he’s still asleep. I get up on my knees and move around to get to it. With every thing we did last night, I never tasted him. Just feeling and seeing his really lovely big thing makes me feel sexy. I lean down, holding it, and kiss it, lick the top. I get my lips over the head and lick it some more. I have to spread my jaws really wide to start getting more of it into my mouth. I love this, it’s just what sex is all about. I get a bunch of it in but can’t swallow it all. I hold on to the rest of it with several fingers.

I suck and lick and grip with my lips and slide up a little, then take it back in again. I can feel him moving. As I suck him he feels my butt, moves his hand to slide a finger into me. He reaches with his other hand and pulls on my thigh. “Let me taste you, too,” he sort of grunts out so I move my bottom and get my leg over him. I keep on holding him and sucking him and straddle him and get my pussy somewhere near his face. I can’t believe I taste very good after last night, all his stuff and mine in there. But I can feel his tongue licking me, his finger sliding back into me. I slide up and down on his cock with my lips and tongue, jerking him off as much as I can with my hand, too.

He lasts and female agent porno lasts. My mouth is almost getting tired. But I love what he’s doing to me. I’m getting so darned aroused I can hardly stand it. I lift my bottom and almost jump, getting turned around and back over him again, my pussy sitting on his big cock. I hold it and lower myself. It feels perfect, filling me. I love this. He pushes with his hips as I move on him. I use my thigh muscles to start raising and lowering on him, fucking him. This is all just so perfect. He has hold of my waist, moves a hand up to one breast to try and hold it, play with my nipple. I just keep fucking him, bouncing on him. Harder, faster.

I’m cumming. It almost hurts it feels so good, him up in me. Then I can feel him actually getting even harder and then he’s shooting his stuff up into me. I go up and down on him a couple more times then lean forward, laying on him. I have to slide up to kiss him and his cock comes out. I lay on him and we kiss. I roll off to the side. put my arm back over him, one leg up on his leg, lean my body against him.

“You quit sucking me. You don’t like that?”

“No, I do love it. But. Well, when I was a kid I used to go with my mother to the market. We would stop at the frozen pies and she’d have me pick out one. I really like cherry pie, tangy cherry pie. And I like berry pie and cream pies and more. But I’d look at them all and wonder and then pick apple. Always apple. I liked them all but liked apple best. It’s the same with cock. I like to suck a cock. It’s sexy in my mouth. But I like having it in my vagina even more. So I started sucking you. I wanted to. I liked it. But then I realized that I really wanted to fuck you, to have it in my vagina. I was also surprised you wanted to eat me. I mean, I must have been sort of cruddy, with all the stuff from last night still there. I’m not female fake taxi porno complaining. Last night you ate me better than anyone and did it for a long time, longer than anyone ever has. I loved it. So I love it but didn’t expect you to want to do it this morning.”

“You have a delicious pussy. A beautiful pussy. I could eat you forever. I think you taste better the more aroused you get, the more you cum. So I liked your taste this morning. Sexier and stronger than when you’re clean and we’re just starting.”

I lean on top of him and kiss him. He grabs my butt. “I have to go to the john. Then I think I need a shower.” I purposely crawl over him rubbing against him and head into the bathroom. I turn on the light and look in the mirror. Crap. No make up at all, my hair all over the place. I look like Hell. I sit on the john and pee. He comes in and stands there watching me, using one hand to sort of play with himself a little. “You like watching me pee?”

“You have a gorgeous body,” he says. “Lovely tits. I should have spent more time on those last night but I guess I’m like you with cocks, I’m really a cunt man . And you have a really good one.”

I wipe myself and lean into the tub to turn the water on, then the shower. I adjust the water until it’s seems right. I step in but don’t slide the glass door shut. He steps in after me. I turn to him and put my arms around him and we kiss. I get the little bar of soap and start washing him. Not his face or hair, but his body. I get down to his waist and ask him to turn around and he does. I get his back and then kneel down to wash his butt and legs and then ask him to turn again. I wash up his legs and then get to his cock and balls. I lather them a lot and feel them and play with them as I wash them. He starts getting hard. I lean to it and kiss the head. Then stand up.

He takes the soap and glory hole secrets porno does the same to me, washing me bare handed. He spends some time on my breasts, tells me how great they are, then down onto my stomach. I turn and he does my back, like I did his, then my ass. He actually kisses my ass. Then down my legs and I turn again. He does with me like I did him and starts working on my pussy. I lift one leg and get it up on his shoulder. After the water rinses me a little he leans against me and kisses me there, then licks up and down a couple times. He looks up at me and grins.

Then he stands up, holding my leg up and uses a hand to aim his cock into me. He uses his legs to push up into me. I’ve done this before, fucking in a shower. it’s sexy. Our bodies are against one another, his pressing me against the wall. I get my other leg up, sort of on his hip, so my whole body is held up by his cock in me. As he pushes up into me, he lifts me. As he pulls back, my weight drops down some and then he lifts me again. And again and again. Nothing can be sexier. I don’t last as long as him. I must cum at least twice, maybe never stop, until he finally does, too. We hold on to one another, both all hot and bothered, our bodies locked together, the water running over us.

He finally pulls back some, sliding out of me. We maneuver around a little then get out and dry each other off. Then back out into the bedroom. “I need to get back to my place, brush my teeth, comb my hair, put on something other than what I wore last night,” I tell him and start pulling my underwear on.

He says that he needs to go, too, not pay another day for the hotel room.

I’m dressed first. I kiss him and leave. The door closes behind me. Down the hall and then I’m in the elevator going down. I smile. It was a great night. Very sexy. I don’t remember his name, wonder if I ever knew it. But I have to get home. Doug’s probably getting on an airplane right now, heading home from his business trip. I need to get cleaned up, probably get a roast in the oven. I smile some more, thinking of how horny Doug will be, gone for five days. Tonight may be even better than last night. He doesn’t eat me as good but Doug’s cock is even better than what’s his name’s was.

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Son , Nudist Mom Fuck Like Crazy! Ch. 02

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Authors note: My stories “Son & nudist mom fuck like crazy” chapter 1 and 2 are actually based on reality.

On the Jerry Springer show in the United States there was a show called “I refuse to wear clothes.” Where Two gorgeous, blonde nudist named Adara and Amanda actually came on stage and stripped nude and explained to Jerry Springer and the audience that they go shopping, to the bank, and to work in the buff.

Adara and Amanda are both strippers who go nude everywhere while their boyfriends film them with camcorders. I have a tape on these nudist at my house. These nudist live in the city of Chicago to boot. You see these nudist on tape going shopping, getting in a cab, walking down the street-all in the buff.

The nudist girls say the police don’t arrest them or anything they are just turned on by all of this like everyone else. So my story with a lovely, blonde lady walking around nude is based on reality.

Plus some people have also written to me in Chapter one of this story that a lady could not have a child at thirteen years old. Although this is not common I have heard of at least one case of this in the United States.

Some people have also written to me in Chapter one of this story that the ladies son couldn’t be away from college for a full year without coming home at least once for Christmas.

This does not happen often but it does happen sometimes. I heard of some students in my college who did not come home for the holidays and stayed the whole year at their dorms until summer arrived again. Not everyone can go home for the holidays for whatever reason.

And last but not least Boom-booms body transformation is not common but we have all seen before and after pictures of a once obese lady turning into a gorgeous, bombshell in a short period of time havent we? So It is possible, as well as it is possible a hot mother and son romping in the sack!

If you did not like chapter one of my story it’s your choice if you want to read chapter 2 or not. If you liked chapter one. Thank you and please enjoy this one too.

Plus one final note. Many of these Literotica stories are fantasies anyway. So please just loosen up and enjoy.

We arent inventing the cure for cancer here you know. I am just trying my best to sexually entertain you with my stories here. That’s all!And please read Chapter one of this story before reading Chapter two. It will make more sense. Thank you And on with “Son & nudist mom fuck like crazy.” Chapter 2.

My name is Tommy Roberts. I just returned home from college after being away for a full year and discover that my mother, Loni Roberts has gone through a major body transformation.

My mother, who was once an ugly, fat duckling had now turned into a beautiful swan in a relatively short period of time and I loved it!

My mother Loni Roberts has gone through such a major body transformation I now nickname her Boom-Boom, because of the way her massive jugs bounce up and down when she struts.

I was sitting at the breakfast table one morning staring at Boom-boom with unscrewing eye-balls as she served me a breakfast of scrambled eggs,toast and sausage with orange juice on the side.

Boom-boom was wearing a short, small, white apron around her waist that just barely covered her succulent pussy, along with “Fuck me” Mule sandal high heeled shoes on her feet.

I even caught flashes of her succulent pussy as she walked briskly back and forth from the kitchen as her apron flew up.

I just could not get enough of my mothers fresh faced, tanned, golden girl looks with big ocean blue eyes.

The rest of her body looked dynamite too, as I looked down at her Enormous twin hemispheres of flesh, with wide areole and big pink nipples, slim curvy waist, fantastic ass, endless long legs, and well- toned arms.

My Mother, Boom-boom then caught me staring at her with great lust in my eyes.

“My, my Tommy dear, your pajama pants look like someone had put a baseball bat inside of them!” she giggled.

“Did looking at your mommy’s sexy face and hot bod make you do all that?” she teased. knowing full well that it did.

“Yes, it did Boom-boom and believe me my cock not only looks like a baseball bat it is as hard as one too.” I answered back smiling.

“I am sure that it is my son, but I hope you can finish eating your breakfast with your throbbing cock just aching to be relieved like that.” Boom-boom teased.

“I will manage.” I replied, as my cock grew even harder, excited over my mom’s sexy talk.

“Thanks for saluting me with your enormous,flag son. It’s sure is flattering to see you pitching your pajama pants up like an enormous circus tent over me like that! ” Boom-boom laughed excitedly as she stared at my dick twitching wildly over her.

“Don’t mention it mom. Hell! I do it all the time. It’s impossible for me not to with your voluptous body strutting around the house in the buff all the time.” I answered back smiling.

“By the way Can I have some more orange juice Boom-boom?” I asked.

“Sure you can sweetie.” grup sex Boom-boom purred.

Boom-boom then strolled over sexily to where I was sitting and casually bent over in front of me as she refilled my glass with orange juice.

As she was leaning over giving me more juice, Boom-boom gave me a full moon shot of her fantastic ass as she quickly slipped off her little white apron,letting it fall to the floor at her feet.

As soon as Boom-boom did this her fantastic, firm shapely butt-cheeks and very succulent pussy were right in my face.

I was so close to her quivering pussy and ass that I could see pre-cum glistening her pussy lips.

Boom-boom then started to wiggle her ass sexily in my face.

Sweet jesus! My mother,Boom-booms teasing was just too much for any man to take!

She was ready to fuck and so was I, As my cock instantly went like rock, as I then quickly lost my pajamas and I grabbed her curvy hips, as I put her succulent pussy right into my rock,throbbing cock as I furiously began to bang away.

“Ohhh! Yes! Baby! Yesss! Fuck your mother good with that big, fat cock of yours!” she cried as I started to fuck my gorgeous, super-stacked mother more rapidly.

“Ooohh! god! Baby! Thats it! That’s it! You are starting to hit my G-spot.” she moaned as I kept pumping away inside of her.

Boom-boom was far more energetic than any busty cheerleader that I had ever dated in my high school days when she was bouncing rapidly up and down my cock like that and I loved it.

“OOhh! fuck!” Boom-boom cried as she exploded mightily in an earth shattering orgasm that rocked her whole body wildly to and fro, making her “Fuck me” Mule sandal high heeled shoes fall completely off.

“Ohh! god! Tommy! Keep on fucking me baby cause I am coming again!” She moaned pleasurably as she orgasmed even mightier.

My cock was still as hard as rock with my mother,Boom-boom still hopping up and down on it vigorously.

“Jesus Tommy, you are doing it to me again!” Boom-boom laughed excitedly as she braced herself as a gigantic orgasm rocked her whole body.

“Wow! Tommy If you keep fucking mama like this she is going to pass out in lust!”

“Won’t you give your mama a little breather from orgasming so much?” she giggled excitedly, as she closed her eyes bracing herself for another incredible orgasm.

“OOHH! baby!” Boom-boom moaned as her body rocked again in incredible orgasm.

Boom-boom did not think her son, Tommy could possibly give her still another orgasm after giving her so many already.

It was impossible, absolutely impossible. And yet..the feeling began to sweep over her. The incredible mind-blowing buildup of a storm waiting to break as she closed her eyes to brace herself once more as “Boom!” she almost exploded so hard she almost passed out on her own sons lap while still being impaled on his massive dong, as electricity raced through her body as she orgasmed wildly again!

God! Did her son know how to fuck a woman!

Boom-boom was rocking so wildly on her sons dick that it soon triggered off his own orgasm as he came just as mightily inside of her.

“Whew! that was fun honey!” My mother, Boom boom giggled as she finally stopped rocking in pleasure, as she slowly started to get off my lap.

“Yeah, wasn’t it though.” I agreed breathlessly, as I touched her fantastic ass helping her off.

“Can I please cum for more?” Boom-boom asked laughing at her own wit.

“Yes, you can and please cum as many times as you like. I absolutely insist. I replied as we both broke out laughing.

My mother then told me to finish my breakfast as I then sat down very naked with her. Boom-boom then gave me one of her sly smiles as she stared at me.

“Tommy, I know that I have given you alot of surprises already with my great body transformation and all but I still have another surprise to spring on you.” she said excitedly.

“What’s that Boom-boom?” I asked curiously hoping that it would be a good surprise.

“Well, Tommy, since I have not seen you in a year since you have been away at college I decided that we need more of a mother and son bonding.”

“What do you call what we just did together ma?” I asked as I started to laugh.

Boom-boom started to laugh too but managed to control herself as she kept on talking. I don’t mean the sex we had together Tommy, I mean a real mother and son bonding where we go on a vacation together.

“A vacation together?” I asked.

“Yes, Tommy, I have made arrangements already to go to a clothing-optional resort in the Bahamas for two whole weeks.

“Really?” I asked dumbfounded.

“Yes, really son. There is a whole lot we can do over there like going to the beach, snorkeling, wind surfing,looking at the sights, meeting people and of course fucking our brains out in one of their fancy hotels I have paid for already.” My mother said proudly.

“That sounds great Boom-boom when do we leave?” I asked.

“We leave the day after tommorow. So pack your bags.” Boom latina fuck tour porno Boom answered sweetly.

I then looked at my mother with a sly smile of my own.

“We will both be nude at this clothing optional resort anyway so why do we have to pack any bags?” I asked laughing making her laugh as well.

“Very funny smarty pants, just bring your light summery clothes, like your shirts, shorts and sandals.” Boom boom replied still trying to control her laughter.

“And I will bring mine.”

I then dropped my fork on the ground by accident and reached under the table to pick it up. When I reached under the table to get my fork I suddennly saw my mothers long, shapely crossed legs, suddennly uncross, revealing to me her very succulent pussy, which was throbbing madly with excitement.

I could not help myself as I then lined my face up with my mothers cunt under the table as I then started to eat her sweet pussy out with my talented tongue.

“OOHH! YES! Baby! Yesss! Lick my cunt baby!” My mother,Boom-boom moaned as she soon came in many multiple, earth shattering orgasms, as my cock went up like a spring hearing her very erotic moans of pleasure.

My mothers pussy was flowing copiously as I continued licking it feverishly with my tongue.

After I brought my mother off to many orgasms. She pushed her chair back and stood up as I sat first on her chair and she sat on my rock, hard throbbing dong as we started to fuck like rabbits.

“OOHH! Baby! yess! Fuck your mother good with that massive horse sized dong of yours!” she gushed as I kept pumping excitedly away inside her pussy.

“OOHH! baby!” My mother moaned as she orgasmed mightily as I kept on pumping.

I knew I wasn’t going to last long either pumping my voluptous Mother like this as I suddennly lost total control and orgasmed wildly inside of her.

After this fuck session I then sat back on my chair again as I wiped off my fork with a napkin.

My mouth and dick felt fantastic after eating my moms pussy and fucking her like that.

I knew my mother, Boom-boom felt fantastic too because she kept making the most erotic moaning sounds you have ever heard in your whole life, as she started to put the cum from her pussy to her mouth. As soon as I saw my Mom do this my cock went like rock again pointing straight towards the ceiling.

I then stared lustilly at my mother, Boom-boom, as she stared lustilly at my very erect cock. And just when I was about to mention having sex with her again she read my mind, smiling slyly.

“Later baby ok?” she asked sweetly.

“Let’s finish breakfast first and then you can take me upstairs and bang my fucking lights out all over our water bed.” she continued.

“Ok, Boom-boom.” I replied.

“Do you think you can manage to hold off your monster cock from exploding until then?” she asked.

“Yes, Boom-boom.” I replied happily.

“Well I hope your horny mama can hold off till after we finish breakfast!” she replied giggling, as she crossed her long legs sexily and shimmied her giant boobs seductively at me, as we then enjoyed a delicious breakfast together.

After breakfast was over I helped my mother clean up as I then carried her upstairs and fucked her brains out all over the water bed!

After the sex I told my Mother that I was going to take a shower as I grabbed a wash cloth and hopped right in. I was only in the shower for a minute when I saw the shower curtains part and saw my mothers smiling at me totally nude.

“You didn’t think I was really going to let you shower all by yourself without me jumping in and joining you in the fun did you?” she laughed, huge boobs heaving.

“No, I really didn’t Boom-boom”. I answered as my cock jumped up like a spring over my very voluptous mother.

I tell you my mother looked like a playboy bunny and fucked like the energizer bunny. She had an insatiable sexual appetite.

“How did you get inside the door?” I then asked.

“With my long fingernail baby! One little turn with it in the doors keyhole opened the bathroom door right up and here I am!” she said excitedly.

“Now no more talk baby! Mommy just wants to fuck!” she said as she then hopped right into my arms, with me holding her up off of her feet, as her arms went around my neck and her long legs straddled my back, as I did what she told me to do and sank my horse sized dong right into her all to willing pussy, as we then had an hour fuck session right in our own shower together.

“OHH! Baby! Fuck your mother with that horse sized dong of yours!” she moaned as she went up and down vigorously on my cock like a pogo stick.

It was great fun watching my mothers cum pour like lava down my own cock when I was fucking her.I soon returned the favor by filling my mom’s pussy up with plenty of juice!

I gave my mother multiple orgasms in the shower as she gave me several powerful orgasms with that super-tight pussy and ass of hers.

After the shower and all the fucking I put on my clothes lezbiyen porno again, as my mother stayed nude, as we finally began to pack for our two weeks vacation in the Bahamas.

The trip to the Bahamas was only a short flight from where we lived in Florida and we were there in no time.

When we got to the clothing-optional resort we quickly checked into our hotel room and unpacked all our things. After this we went to the open-air, thatched roof bar on the beach.

Even though Boom-boom and I knew this was a clothing optional resort we were both stunned at the sight of all the naked bodies, swimming and sun bathing, But I noticed that my mother’s eyes were soon busy checking out all the muscular studs at the bar.

I wasn’t immune to all of this myself as I felt my cock begin to stir over all the lovely, nude women there. Even though most of the nude ladies were gorgeous not one of them could compete with my mother in the looks and body department. Boom-booms looks and bod were that awesome!

Boom-boom was wearing a short sleeved, white, spandex top. Her enormous, round bosom and big nipples poured out incredibly. She was also wearing tight white short-shorts with sandals on her feet while I was in a blue, short sleeved shirt, white shorts and sandals.

Boom-boom and I were the only two people wearing any clothes at this clothing optional resort and we both felt a little self conscious.

Boom-boom then began to mingle, and with her winning personality and looks I knew that she would make friends easily, as I soon noticed many of the muscular studs there with semi-erect cocks.

My mother then turned and smiled at me.

“Please, Order us some drinks son, I need to go back to the room.” she said as I nodded my head.

I drooled at my mothers fantastic body as she quickly took off her sandals and started to run back towards our hotel. Her super-sized tits jiggling all the way.

After my mother left I then began to order some drinks for us as I mingled with the lovely, nude young ladies at the bar.

In only a few short minutes I noticed out of the corner of my eye, Boom-boom walk back to the bar. When I turned my head to actually look at her, every guy there turned to look too, their once semi-erect cocks turning instantly into rock,hard throbbing monsters, as we all watched Boom-boom strut in wearing nothing at all.

Boom-boom was all smiles, gargantuan tits everywhere,big-tent pole sized nipples excitedly erect, as her long, shapely legs strutted sexily making her firm, shapely butt-cheeks sway provocatively from side to side.

My mother was an awesome sight to behold. She was the best looking and best bodied female in the place and she and everybody else knew it.

Boom-boom then smiled brightily at me.

“You know honey, I feel so much better now without any clothes.”

Why don’t you join us all?” she asked sweetly as I joined the rest of the muscular studs at the bar in growing full fledged hard-ons over my mothers super-voluptous, nude physique.

The other ladies at the bar could only look on in jealousy, knowing full well that their was no way in a million years that they could arouse so many male cocks at one time like Boom-boom could with her body!

Christ! The Bahamas bar looked like the United Nations building with all the different color flags waving over her!

All the hunky guys continued to stare and hover over my mothers fabulous, nude physique with unscrewing eye-balls, their enormous one eyed monsters pointing straight up towards the sky.

These sexy, young men could not believe how extraordinary lovely and super-curvaceous my mom was.

My mom had the most sensational pair of whopping “Jahoobies” that they ever seen in their whole lives, as my mother struck one sexy pose after another for their enjoyment,as I saw pre-cum tipping most of their dicks.

Now I was the only one in the place with clothes on, as I quickly excused myself to go back to the room and told her that I would meet her on the beach in a few minutes.

And sure enough when I returned I saw my gorgeous, super-stacked mom, as nude as can be talking to six muscular, naked studs whom she conversed with on the bar, as the other ladies continued to look on in jealousy.

Instead of being jealous of my mother being drooled over by all of these very hunky guys, I was sexually turned on over it and it made me instantly hard!

I was wondering how many of these nude men were looking at her gargantuan, round boobs and how it would feel to titty fuck her. All of them I would guess.

Boom-boom then saw me and waved for me to come over as she grabbed the arm of one particular well-chiseled, ebony Adonis.

“Honey,” she said as I reached her. “This is Jimmy Rider.”

“Jimmy is a bodybuilder like you are and has actually won a MR. Bahamas bodybuilding contest.” she said.

“He is also a wind-surfing pro.” my mother continued on proudly.

“That’s nice.” I replied smiling as I introduced myself and shook Jimmy’s hand.

“Jimmy is kind enough to teach us wind-surfing dear. What do you say?” she asked sweetly to me.

Although I am not gay I could not help noticing how gorgeous and extremely, muscular Jimmy was, along with the awesome size of his dick. Jimmy’s dick was a totally enormous, horse sized dong while still in a limp state.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Because she had grown accustomed to me bringing her roses in the morning I wanted to surprise her. I worked late nights and always came home to my woman in the wee hours of the morn. I often stopped at a nearby gas station to grab a rose to leave on her pillow. Cuddled in her bed, a gentle smile always spread across her face as soon as she smelled the soft aroma. Looking at her beautiful smile and the way she wrapped herself in those bed sheets made me want something more. I wanted to unwrap her.

I crept softly around our bedroom so as not to wake her. She knew that I would be coming home around this time, but she likely just expected me to slide in bed behind her and drift on to sleep. Not this time, My Love. I stared at my caramel skin toned, mocha locked wearing, smiling sweet thing. I wanted to unwrap her. I wanted to taste her like she was my after work dessert. And then more.

I silently dropped my bags in the corner, disrobed, and then made my way to my side of the bed. I lifted the covers to see her round ass squeezed into her white boyshorts as she gripped her pillows. I could see the curve of the lips of her vagina pressed to the bottom of her underwear. Wearing only my boxers I slid into bed behind her.

I started by gently caressing her thighs. They were cold, calling for my warmth. I felt her body relax when she felt my touch. I rubbed her legs warming her skin then slid my hands under her shirt to touch her stomach. She purred at my touch on her flesh. I leaned closer to her and gently kissed her shoulder. I then placed my lips on her neck. She crooned amatör porno a velvet soft moan. I slid my hands further up her shirt and found my way to her soft nipples. Her nipples stiffened as I tenderly rolled my fingertips over her areolas. I had in a soft grip on her left breast and then tip-toed my hand down her stomach and inside of her underwear. I could feel the warmth coming from her mound. I felt over the soft hair of her self-proclaimed “happy trail” and couldn’t follow it fast enough. I gently touched her pearl with the tip of my ring finger. Eyes closed, she opened her mouth in a light gasp. I reached my middle finger down to touch the entrance to her sugar walls. She was already deeply wet. I slid my hand out and tasted my love on my fingertips. Ripe and juicy.

I slowly pulled her boyshorts down below her buttocks, and then down to her knees. Her legs kindly obliged, but her eyes still looked to be in a peaceful sleep. Under the cover I crawled my way down to her oh so wet spot. I bit her ass as I got between her legs. A bite followed by a kiss on her left ass cheek. Mmm she tasted like candy. I ran the tip of my tongue over her soft pink asshole and down do the creamy entrance to her pussy. I slid my tongue up to touch her clit and then back down to her warm pussy hole. I sucked on her labia lips from behind. I slurped on her pussy as I drank her juices. I slipped my tongue in and out of her soft womanhood. In and out. In and out. Each glide left my tongue sticky with cream. I loved the taste of my love. She slapped her hand on the bed sheets anal porno in delight to me pleasuring her. Ironically, she stilled looked to be asleep. Either she was playing possum or deep in blissful dream.

I licked my way from her pussy up to her asshole and licked that soft twist between her bottom. She shivered at the sensation. I rubbed on her ass cheeks as I licked her hole. Then went to biting one cheek then the other, kissing, biting, kissing, rubbing. Her ass was so soft it pleasured me just to touch it. My manhood was stiff poking into the bed in wait to be inside her. It was time.

I slid closer to her in a spooning position so that she could feel my stiff manhood pressed between her ass cheeks. I kissed her shoulder passionately gently nibbling on the skin on the nape of her neck. Somewhat instinctively, since her eyes were still closed, she saddled her ass into my pelvic area slowly grinding her ass on my hard wood. I reached down and rubbed my erect tip against her wet pussy. Pressing my arrow against her clit and feeling her tender wetness, I shivered at the sensation. I wanted to be inside her. I rubbed my dick around to find the gentlest way to enter my love. Sliding inside her wet pussy was like diving into a sea of fantasy.

… … …

I stroked in and out of my love queen slowly. She curved her back and received my stroke. Her warm lips locked around my dick, her ass cheeks sheathing my shaft. I was in heaven. Her moans were silk falling into the air and wrapping me in her sensuality, pleading me to stroke deeper. Who ana breakers porno was I to not satisfy my queen? I slid deeper and deeper into her pressing against her sugar walls. Knocking on her door asking her cum to come out and play. A few deep strokes later, who was she to not oblige? I felt her warm creaminess gush onto my dick as I stroked inside her. My queen grabbed a fistful of covers in her orgasm. Her ass bounced as she came. Grabbing her soft breasts, I continued to slide in and out of her. But she stopped me.

She turned her head around to look back at me and used a come-hither finger motion to call my lips to hers. I wanted to taste her lips and she wanted to taste the sweetness of her lips on my lips. We shared a passionate kiss, twirling tongues. She sucked on my bottom lip and then used her lips to pull my tongue into her mouth. She sucked on my tongue as if she was sucking on my manhood. She reached her hand down and grabbed my dick and pulled me out of her pussy. As good as it felt to be inside her I actually didn’t want her to go down on me. Instead, she spat on her hand and rubbed her spit onto my dick. She then rubbed the tip of my dick up and down between her ass cheeks and then pointed me at her asshole. She slid her ass back to receive my dick as I grabbed her waist and pushed inside her. She gasped.

I stroked her deeply, Squeezing and spreading her ass cheeks as I penetrated her. She was awake now. Her moans were getting louder and louder as I pushed into her tight asshole. The light of the sun could be seen yawning its way over the horizon and creeping into our bedroom through our window. With my lips at her ear I whispered to her “Baby, I’m about to cum”. In her sultry siren voice she moaned to me “Come inside.” She pushed her ass back deep onto my dick. We both shivered at the sensation as I came inside her ass. Juicy.

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Jeremy’s Journal: Country Drive

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We were in the middle of summer and the worse heatwave. Everyone Candy and I knew were trying to find new ways to beat the heat. Previously we had found the showering together pleasurable but we needed something new to do together. My uncle had a really nice cottage in the country near to a waterfall that he used once or twice a year so I asked him if I could use it for the long weekend we had coming up. Being family had its perks and after getting the keys from him, I went to Candy’s house to pick her up. She was still packing a small suitcase so I took a peek as to what she was taking for our weekend. I told her not to pack too much clothes because we were in the middle of a heatwave and I wanted her naked as much as possible (to help beat the heat) she laughed but continued her preparations.

The drive would take a few hours but I told her it was worth it. I had been to the cottage before some years before with an ex girlfriend so needless to say I was eager to make some new memories. Once we were on the road and out of the city. I knew exactly what time and which route would have the least amount of cars, it would be the longer route but I had some plans to enact on this drive. We stopped off to fill some petrol and grabbed a few things to eat and drink. As we got further into the country side I began the first step of my plan. Taking off the air conditioning, I told her the country air was better for us. I put my hand out the window and played a game of arm wrestling with the oncoming wind which got a laugh and a question about what I was doing. She chuckled at my explanation but I challenged her to do the same, which she latin sex tapes porno did.

As she continued to keep her hand out the window and playing with the wind I told her that I always enjoyed the feel of the wind against my chest so I took my T-shirt off and then looked at her with a sad look and mentioned how she would never be able to experience the same. I don’t know if she figured out what I was planning but she looked at me with a challenging look and took off her top as well. I loved having her half naked in my car. As I continued to drive I moved my hand over to her breast and I began to massage and fondle them. Her nipples became hard as I gently kneaded them. The road was empty, there was no one around so Candy lifted herself from her seat and lifted one of her tits to my mouth. As we drove, I hungrily licked and sucked every part of her nipples and breast as I could.

Noticing my erection, Candy reached her hand down my pants and grabbed my cock. As she stroked my shaft, I began to unzip her shorts and started to pull them down. She was just as horny as I was on this ghost road so she helped me take her pants off. I was happy that she had lived up to my condition of not wearing underwear because now, my plan had succeeded. I had her fully naked with her tits in my mouth, her hand stroking me to orgasm as I was fingering her wet and slick snatch. I loved hearing her moan, I found it really hard to stay on the road with all these amazing distractions so I slowed down even more.

The road was straight for a few kilometers so I put the car into cruise control and took off my lezbiyen porno shorts. Candy knelt on her seat, her ass in the air and sucked on my dick like a vacuum. I’m not sure who did it and how it happened but soon the roof of the convertible started to retract but I was too busy enjoying the experience of having my cock sucked while driving and Candy was too busy making those wonderful circles around the head of my dick with her tongue to notice either. The heat of the sun, the warmth of the wind and wetness of Candy’s mouth on my dick is a memory that still gets me hard to this day.

As Candy made those slurping and sucking sounds, she tried to see how much of my dick she could fit into her mouth. I used my hand to reach over and find her wet cunt. As my fingers felt her wetness, I flattened my palm and slowly made clockwise circles and then rubbed back and forth a few times before using my middle finger to massage the inside of her vagina. Honestly I wanted to cum, I wanted to reach our destination to fuck her brains out and at the same time I was just enjoying this experience too much. So I asked her to sit and recline her seat a little. I pulled her right leg over between my legs and began to finger her again and she closed her eyes and reached for my dick.

As her hands gripped my cock we unconsciously synched our tempo. While my finger slid in and out of her making that sloshing sound, she was stroking my cock with such force that my balls were bouncing on the seat like basketballs. I really couldn’t help it anymore. I knew we were getting closer to our destination and I could continue driving like liseli porno this for a little while longer but I was so driven by my hormones I pulled the car over. I really didn’t care if there were cars passing I jumped out the car and went around to the passenger side. I pulled Candy out of the car, turned her around, bent her over and lifted one of her legs and just speared her pussy with my penis. She let out a loud gasp/moan and I just started thrusting deeper and harder with every sound she made. I was like an animal that couldn’t process anything other than blind ravenous lust.

She raised her head and I remembered grabbing a handful of her hair and pulled it back until my face was next to hers. I was still pounding her pussy from behind and I felt her legs begin to quiver, her breath got both deep and shallow as she seemed stuck in time and frozen and then her body changed scent and she almost collapsed. The heat from my cock felt like a furnace and I could feel the cum surging from my balls into my shaft. As I inched nearer and nearer to cumming inside her I pulled out and smashed my pelvis into her ass. I continued rubbing my cock against her butt cheeks as if I was still inside her and felt my energy and cum explode at the same time. My mind was completely blank as I felt the cum rushing out my dick and being smeared on Candy’s ass. Even after I came I just continued to rub my cock on her ass. Candy reached into her bag and pulled out some tissues and wiped the semen off of her butt and wiped the residue from my dick and stomach as well.

She let me sit on the passenger side of the car and got into the drivers seat. She brought back up the directions on sat nav and drove off. I really don’t remember too much about the rest of the drive to the cottage but I do remember Candy telling me that if the drive to get there was that good…she she was really looking forward to the weekend.

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Sarah’s Diary – Entry 16-18

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Entry 16: Exposed

Very early yesterday morning I woke up to my brother feeling along my back with his hand and kissing the back of my neck. He whispered into my ear how’s the sexiest girl alive today as I couldn’t help but smile. He had some really romantic moments when he wanted to. He started whispering how much he loved me and my body and then that he had a surprise for me. As i was getting more awake I got a little more curious. He asked me to meet him in his room as soon as I could. Sleepily I wiped my eyes and headed to the door but decided to make sure I had my lube and condoms just in case. I decided to surprise him a little too and started taking my pajamas off and looked in the mirror for a while. I traveled my fingers along my boobs and down across stomach, reaching down and spreading my pussy to look at it a little then turning around a bit and rubbing my ass and spreading it the same.

I remember at the time still thinking I’m nothing amazing why does he like me, but shook it off and got more in the mind set of he thinks I’m sexy, time to be sexy. As I gazed at my back my thoughts shifted around, I wondered if Amy, or any of my other friends ever questioned their body types. Girls that I thought were definitely sexier than I was. I let them know all the time id kill for bigger boobs and a fuller butt and most of them had one or the other or both like Amy , but then sometimes they will tell me I’m lucky to have my type.

I started daydreaming for a bit about having a sexier body until I eventually I started thinking about what exactly he had in mind right now. Before I could think through the list in my head my bedroom door swung open and he tugged me out towards his room. I was giggling the whole time as he tugged on my arm. After we got to his room he looked my body up and down then pulled me close and kissed me, my naked chest was pressing against his t shirt, my nipples started getting hard with excitement as I pressed closer, feeling his solid frame pushing into mine, he was so warm.

We kept kissing until I softly breathed out I was still on my period, but I could do something else to him and reached my hand down to his jeans zipper. He said he had something else in mind and started moving his hands down my body and massaging my hips then gently pushed me back into the bed so he was looking down at my naked body. He looked at me with a sort of curious look and started kissing along my legs, up to my thighs and ended leaving long tender kisses just next to my pussy, he was making me really excited.

Just as I felt he was going to go for it, he took me and gently turned me over so my back was facing him and stuck his tongue gently into my vagina causing me to squirm a bit as he brushed my clit gently with his finger. I was more than a little surprised and it was kind of embarrassing thinking about having a tampon in there but he seemed to like what he was doing and it felt amazing. As he licked along my pussy lips from that angle and kept his fingers making a slow circle around my clit I couldn’t stop thinking he was so much better at teasing me now.

He kept going for a bit then licked up gently to an area of skin between my pussy and my ass and eventually he took be by surprise. He spread my butt wise and ran his tongue quickly and roughly across my asshole. I jumped in reaction to the sudden shock but not before letting out a tiny moan, I admit it felt good just odd. I know there are a lot of nerve endings there I just wasn’t ready for the feeling having never messed with it myself yet besides that one time.

I flipped over really quick pretty wide eyed and said something like “whatcha doing?” His response was how his buddies had told him all the “good girls” like me love to have their ass played with during sex because it’s so dirty to them and he had to try me because it was so sexy to look at. I had to laugh a bit at their theory but I couldn’t say I didn’t like it. I felt really dirty, and made me feel exposed but in such a good way. He started apologizing as I guess I was just sitting there thinking until I told him not to worry, but let me explore myself there a little more first before we do anything together.

He made a significant aww sound but then laughed and tackled me kissing along my neck and down to my boobs slowly sucking on my right nipple while his fingers twirled my left one causing me to moan again softly. I whispered in his ear there was a condom on the floor next to the bed if you don’t mind me bleeding a bit. The look he gave me made me so happy , like he desired me and couldn’t look away as he leaned toward across the bed and opened slowly taking out a packaged condom as he eyed me. I was so horny and dying for him to penetrate me that I didn’t hear the first car horn beep but luckily I heard the second.

Our mom had come back from work and I jumped out of the bed quickly racing to get some clothes on, nearly tripping but the whole time in my head I just kept thinking how I wasn’t going to get fucked now, it felt dirty asyalı porno and a bit hot to be disappointed that my brother couldn’t fuck me because our mom was home. I raced to the door after tossing on a t shirt as I heard my brother head back to his room. We didn’t get to finish and it was back to school again. something tells me our summer there will be much less interrupted experiences, and on a positive note, my brother clearly thinks my ass is super sexy, so it’s helping me to see it that way too. I can’t stop thinking about how good it felt to have his tongue there.

Entry 17: Naomi

I’ve known i was bi since pretty much forever but i’ve only seriously crushed on two girls, my best friend, Amy, and this new girl, Naomi. So because of my period there wasn’t anything super sexy between my brother and I until later in the week, but I wanted to vent a little about school earlier in the week and into one of the most pleasurable things he’s done to me so far Saturday afternoon and my crush on a girl at school. Starting earlier in the week i was pretty excited about seeing what they were offering for our usual summer programs because there’s a girl I’ve been crushing on a little that I’ve never talked to and I knew she was going to be a counselor for some of them. As much as I just want to be with my brother all summer I’ve been doing some activity of some kind over every summer so I figured I had to at least keep up appearances. She was the only girl besides Amy I really couldn’t get off my mind. I figured I had to take a chance and talk to her a little or I was going to drive myself crazy. I told my brother about her a lot before and asked if he would mind if I tried flirting a little and he said not really at all , he liked the thought of me flirting with another girl. I was just wrestling with my own nerves as far as talking to her goes, after all I hadn’t done so all year.

It was easy enough to make her out today, she had her uniform open to be pretty revealing, under her blouse a white tank top with plenty cleavage showing that I could see her black bra through hugging to try and contain her large bust. She is definitely one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever met and I’m crazy jealous but also really into her body. She has long dark wavy honey colored hair, big bright brown eyes that always seem bright, lightly tanned skin, full lips and a perfect almost hourglass figure plus she’s taller than me which is attractive as hec for some reason. If I wasn’t so infatuated with her I’d be more jealous, I definitely still am of her boobs, they just look so perfect and her tummy is to tight with thick hips. I’d love to have her body.

Due to my instagram stalking I also knew she had a tattoo on her inner thigh of her left leg I’ve only seen once and a couple piercings that only added to my attraction to her, she gives off a bad girl vibe and maybe it’s just because of being raised in our dad’s super religious house but to me it’s super attractive. I’ve always had the hots for the bad girl types and she was older than me which made me sort of happy. The bold girl type has always turned me on, especially taller and older bad girls that i would just want to make me super submissive for them as they take charge. My stomach hurt and my throat got pretty dry as I approached and asked if I could sit with her, except it came out, “HEY, canisithereplease?” , a small yell and me talking really fast from nerves but I figured she got the message as she kicked a chair slightly out with her leg and looked at it briefly, she still had on a pretty relaxed or serious look though.

We sat awkwardly for a bit until the teacher announced what we’d be doing today and basically we had to fill out forms or different sections we would be interested in attending during the courses. I tried to look at things she was filling out and I figured I’d use the topic to ask her a bit but about her but don’t think it went over that well. The first box she’d circled was actually a pride orientation which is basically a get together group for lgbt supporters , and she had some art boxes checked as well as music. I figured I’d try and get us common ground so didn’t think much when I asked if she had come out to her parents already, and briefly told her about my experience with my mom and dads strict household stuff.

She just looked at me for a while and said “your parents won’t care you know, you’re a princess type, nothing bad happens to girls like you”. I was a little confused by what she meant so I asked her to elaborate and she went on to explain how I seemed like a spoiled child who never had to worry about anything because my parents would bail me out and I couldn’t really know what real problems were if I tried. I was upset about this sure, she didn’t know me, but I was also worried I guess that she’d had a rough time so I wasn’t sure what to say.

Ultimately I just decided to go with it, I’d never said anything like this but basically I was trying to be flirty and told her “listen castajans porno if I’m such a princess , I demand you to be nice to me and answer my question” She squinted at me for what seemed like forever and I realize how silly I probably sounded but she lost her serious look and for a brief moment chuckled slightly and asked me what my name was again. I told her Sarah and she started to say Naomi but I finished for her and said I know. She eyed me for a few more minutes and said “alright princess we should probably work on this now” I gave her a pout and asked her to call me by my name but she shook her head and said princess sounded better. She never answered my question.

That was the rest we spoke for the school day and she definitely didn’t meet my exact expectations but at the same time her bad/tough girl vibe and attitude were like chocolate to me, I just couldn’t eat enough, the “bad”/”tough” girls have always easily stolen my heart and she wasn’t much different. Everything I couldn’t get in my own life i was attracted to , her tattoos her tongue and nose piercings , her super revealing way she wore our school outfit just I would never be allowed or have the courage to wear, all drew me in like a magnet and I could barely look away.

I really can’t wait to talk to her again and hope maybe I can get a little more personal with her. I also really hope she didn’t notice I could not stop staring at her body, her chest down to how tight her clothes were and then back to her lips over and over, she was so beautiful and all I wanted was to have her jump across the table and kiss me just to see what would it was like, her to tear off my clothes to see underneath and let her know how bad I wanted to try being with a girl like her but I kept it to myself and just imagined her taking me and making out on top of the table and tearing my clothes off before going down on me. I told my brother about everything and he actually seemed really excited for me. I think the thought of a threesome possibility just crossed his mind too much, but I know it won’t happen for a while.

Entry 18: Blind and Bound

I don’t like having so many secrets from my parents and I kind of want to know if Naomi is right. I know my dad won’t be happy I also like girls, but I think my mom would be ok eventually if I told her and it would draw attention away from our relationship I hope. I think I might tell them I’m bisexual and I really am considering telling my best friend Amy about me and my brother. I’m finally off my period soon so I can’t wait to get back into bed with him, I’ve been fantasizing about tonight for a while, I think I’m going to let my brother try a little of what he wants and just give him control.

That letting go of control experiment I decided to enjoy led to one of the best orgasms I’ve had with him and every moment was amazing. It all started Saturday morning when we were getting ready to visit morning service at our church. I couldn’t get him off my mind and getting off my period always makes me crazy horny. I couldn’t stop thinking about wanting to jump him and just having him take me right there but obviously that couldn’t happen. I went to take a shower like I do every morning and normally I’d never do this because my mom and I get ready at the same time and she’s almost always doing hair/makeup or something while I get in the shower but I couldn’t help reaching down between my legs and rubbing along my thighs eventually getting to my lips. Even with the hot water running down my body I could feel how wet I was, god I was so ready for sex again. I was a little lost in the moment, pushing a finger inside and massaging myself while another finger rubbed over my clit.

I’d never masturbated in the shower before and aside from trying to keep myself upright it was pretty good. The thought of my mom possibly catching me right outside was actually kind of a big turn on. I felt myself getting closer and closer to an orgasm before my mom yelled to hurry up I was taking too long. It scared me a bit so I stopped, just before I was going to release and felt hornier than before. The whole church service I was sitting next to my brother squirming trying to get myself under control but just kept imagining unzipping his pants and sucking on him right there. I’m sure that would have got some reactions.

I couldn’t even pay attention during the prayer and felt pretty bad for feeling like this where I was but I couldn’t help it, I was next to him and he was so warm, so hot. After dropping us back at our house our parents went to their usual lunch date, I knew they would they would be gone for hours and apparently he wasn’t going to wait either. My brother rushed into my room and said he had a surprise for me but I had to trust him completely. I wasn’t going to be skeptical , I just wanted him to fuck me at that point so I told him I’d do whatever he wanted.

He told me to sit in my computer chair and gave me a black strip of cloth telling me to tie it around bangbros porno my head. After doing so I couldn’t see much of anything but I figured that was the point and smiled a little, thinking about what he was going to do to me. We’d never done anything like this and it was exciting. I felt his fingers move along my arms and start to move them, slowly behind my back as he started to kiss my thighs below the skirt I was wearing. Pretty soon after that is when I felt a cold touch around each wrist and heard a small click.

I didn’t need to ask I knew he’d used some kind of handcuffs to bind my arms to my chair and now I was a little scared but actually more excited. What was he doing to me? I couldn’t help but imagine all the scenarios but it was better than I thought when it started. I felt his fingers rubbing along my shoulders down my body and across my legs, he started low and worked his way up to my thighs. His warm touch and my state of excitement was definitely building my arousal and curiosity. I suddenly felt his lips pressed into mine and gave in completely , letting him take the lead as I felt his tongue enter my lips, massaging mine with his.

He’s definitely become a much better kisser than he was before and just the fact that I was only sensing and feeling it all was exhilarating. He kept kissing me, I couldn’t help but whimper a little into his mouth as his hand kept running further up my leg until I felt him tugging at my skirt, pulling it down. He kept going, slipping off the underwear I had on as I sat anxious for him to go down on me, touch me, fuck me, anything. I wanted him to take my body and make it his. Then I heard him shuffling through my stuff and I was a little confused until I heard a familiar buzzing and I couldn’t help but shiver with excitement.

I felt the warm touch of the material of my toy start to rub between my pussy lips, slipping easily up and down with how wet I was. He kept going, teasing me as he turned the setting up and pushed the cock shaped part inside me, as it swirled around my body twisted and squirmed uncontrollably, holy god it felt good, I couldn’t even make out a word and just moaned wanting to reach out he grab him but moving my hands just felt the binding. He started moving it in and out at a slow and steady pace and then he turned the ears on, vibrating them just over my clit.

My legs instinctively pulled up and apart, giving him full access as my body started shaking as he built up my orgasm and then he kept going harder until I couldn’t take it anymore. I came, hard and couldn’t help begging him to fuck me, I told him I wanted to feel him inside me but his only response was to turn the setting up higher. It was an incredible sensation to have that much stimulation after I’d just cum and as he kept going I came again, this time I was helpless, I couldn’t speak or even make an audible sound that made sense only moan as my whole body shook with pleasure and as I was finally coming down he did it one more time.

I came a final time and i was stunned as it seemed ridiculous , he’d built me up and brought upon three orgasms pretty quickl in succession when I usually need to work my way up to them. After that point I was a mess, there was a little spit on my face from not being able to close my mouth and he knew I was loud when I came so we definitely lucky no one as there. He took the makeshift blindfold off and I looked around, my body was sweating and my chair smelled completely like my pussy juices. My lips were trembling as I told him to kiss me and he happily replied.

He was so hard, I could see his cock fully outlined in his pants as I licked my lips. I wanted him, more than I had ever wanted anything but he wasn’t done with me. He didn’t say much besides he wanted to try something while I was so wet. I didn’t have the strength or willpower to deny him anything at that point as his finger traced along my pussy, going inside and seeming to reach around until it was covered with me. He stared into my eyes as he started to rub his finger down lower, moving my body forward and my waist up higher so he had access to my ass.

He rubbed his finger just outside of it in small circles. It was warm, and it felt good and oh my god was I hot and then he took me completely by surprise and pushed his finger inside. I clenched down hard, wincing as he pushed all the way in. I asked him what he thought he was doing i told l him not until I was ready but despite how tight and uncomfortable the surprise intrusion was at first, it felt good, really good. I let out a small grunt of a moan as he moved lightly in and out. My body kept shaking, I was tingling everywhere and I think at that point I would have done anything he asked me to until he pulled out his finger.

He said that I was such a perfect slutty good girl and gave me another kiss before undoing the cuffs which I had to ask about. I felt so naughty but in such a good way. I had to ask where he got them and when he planned all this, but none of this until after I recovered. I didn’t even have the energy to put my underwear or skirt back on and fell asleep on my bed with just my top. I collapsed as a soaking mess pulling over my blanket trying to come down a little. Even collapsing in bed i wanted his cock in my mouth, in my pussy, anywhere.

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Seducing Mom

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Eleanor sat upright abruptly, she was flabbergasted and at a loss for words, instinctively reaching for her wine glass while her brain attempted to process what she had just been told. A lifetime of liberal thinking and open-mindedness had not prepared her for what her son Ryan had just divulged.

Over the years she had been completely open and approachable with her children, both of them able to come to her and discuss any problems or questions they had without her making any kind of personal judgement. As they got older and asked questions, she would answer truthfully, never dodging the subject, no matter how potentially embarrassing their query may be.

Taking a large gulp from her glass, she pondered as to how she should respond to his statement, should she remonstrate with him or try to laugh it off, did she take it seriously or was he in fact, pulling her leg and winding her up and his words were some kind of perverse joke.

It was her own fault that she now faced this dilemma, with the day being as hot as it was, they had started drinking far too early. Ryan at nineteen and Jemma at twenty-two were both old enough she had told them, to take responsibility for their own alcohol consumption.

It was the first full day of their holidays; they had not managed one last year due to work commitments and so this year she had splashed out on a villa in Spain. Unfortunately, she had not listened to her own advice and had drunk more than she should have done. It was too hot to eat a proper meal and so they had had a light lunch and dinner but because of the heat, the drinks kept flowing.

As the evening drew to a close, they were all tipsy with Jemma finally calling it a day and retiring to her bedroom. Eleanor and Ryan continued out on the patio as the evening cooled, discussing a variety of subjects, often going off at tangents and laughing and joking all the while. He would return to university this autumn, continuing to study law, something he had set his heart on at an early age. And then at some point, the topic turned to his love-life or lack of it.

‘Don’t you think it’s about time you found yourself a girlfriend who lasts more than a few weeks.’ His mother had teased.

What she had said was correct, Ryan had been in quite a few relationships, none of which lasted longer than a month, most only lasting a couple of weeks. The problem he had found, was their lack of maturity, more concerned with their friends and being seen in the right places and less interested in the relationship.

‘I can’t see the situation changing for the foreseeable future,’ he responded, ‘The type of woman I would like just isn’t out there. Tell a lie, they are I suppose, but are just not available.’

Eleanor laughed at the way Ryan responded to her question, he never had been one to give you an easy answer, in short, he would make a perfect lawyer.

‘Rubbish,’ she shot back at him, ‘We live in a town with hundreds of young women, you’re trying to tell me that not one of them takes your fancy?’ But Ryan just shook his head.

‘So, tell me, what is it you are looking for, surely it can’t be that hard to find someone?’ Perhaps, she thought later, she should not have asked, she was not prying, she was just interested and wanted to see her son happy.

He took a moment, his finger resting against his lips as he gave it some thought, a glint of mischief in his eyes as he spoke. Well, she needs to be in her mid to late thirties or even early forties, slim, but with a nice figure, it shows she has taken care of herself over the years.

‘She is incredibly attractive with auburn hair and a great sense of humour. But she has a maturity about her, she is caring and approachable, and as sexy as hell’.

It suddenly struck Eleanor that apart from the ‘sexy as hell’, he could have been describing her, but she shrugged it off as her vain imagination.

‘Surely you’ve seen someone that you find attractive, though I can see your problem with the age group you’re aiming at,’ Eleanor said, suddenly getting a fit of giggles at the thought of her son fancying older women.

Ryan sat calmly watching his mother laughing, the slightest of smiles playing across his lips, ‘There have been a few that I’ve considered and wondered what my chances would be, Carol for one.’

It took Eleanor a moment or two as she tried to put a name and a face together with his description of his perfect woman, and then it hit her, a look of shock on her face, ‘Do you mean, my Carol?’ By that, she meant one of her friends who was married with two children.

‘Then there is Alice, Donna, Amanda, oh and Joanne, we had better not forget Joanne, she is definitely, one hot lady,’ Ryan had continued with a chuckle.

Eleanor was stunned, every one of the women he had named was either friends or associated with her. She could understand him having the hots for Joanne, she was thirty-seven but looked like she was thirty and was a fitness instructor at the local gym. Her body was toned sex izle to perfection and her chest really was a lot more than a handful, and she supposed most of the men in town lusted after her. The other women though, she just classed them like herself, as middle-aged and whilst they had all been pretty when they were young, the years had caught up with them.

Once she had got over her surprise she was intrigued and sure now that he was intentionally pulling her leg. What else had he never told her, she wondered, all of this being something that her son had kept secret from her and so she decided to humour him as they continued their conversation. They had carried on drinking, Ryan getting from his chair as he topped up their glasses and Eleanor noting that he was slightly unsteady on his feet, she was about to tell him to slow down when she realised she was in no better a state.

‘Right,’ she laughed, ‘If you could have just one of them, which one would it be?’ She was sure he was going to pick Joanne, in his position, she would. ‘Just wait till we get back and I tell the girls,’ she was thinking when he delivered his answer.

Ryan kept his face emotionless, even though he wanted to smirk, he was not as drunk as he appeared and had slowly but surely, brought the conversation around to this point. ‘Well, if I could pick only one… would have to be my favourite,’ he paused for a few seconds watching her lean forward slowly as she anticipated his answer, ‘It’s the person I think about the most when I imagine the perfect woman… has to be…..YOU,’ he said, embarrassing her.

And that was why Eleanor was flabbergasted. When finally, she found her voice, it came out sounding slightly high pitched and strangled, ‘You fancy me……you have actually thought of sleeping with me?’

Ryan looked a little flushed ‘Who said anything about sleeping, you said if I could ‘have’ any woman…… then my choice would be you.’

He had got her, she had asked the question, and as she had brought him up to do, he had answered her truthfully. Her mind was in turmoil, how should she act, what should she say? Ryan had more or less said that he wanted to have sex with her. She fumbled for words, stammering and stuttering until the most obvious obstacle sprung from her lips, ‘But……But……I’m your mother!’

Ryan had waited, fairly sure he knew what she was going to say before she said it. ‘But you are also a woman, are you not? Are you a mother first or a woman first?’ he asked her.

Eleanor knew he had got her again, those were her own words spoken long ago when she was explaining something to her children, ‘I am a woman and a mother’ she had said, ‘But I will always be a woman first, with dreams and desires, and a mother second.’

It was something Ryan was able to do, he watched, and he listened and then he filed it all away until such time as he needed it to win a debatable point. As her children grew up, Eleanor would impose rules, telling them that if they could put forward a reasonable argument as to why her rules were wrong, then she would acquiesce and change her mind. Jemma had never got the hang of it, preferring to argue the toss and then storm off when she did not get her own way. But Ryan was different, he would go away and think about it, perhaps an hour later, or even the next day, he would come back to her and put his case, remembering words that she had spoken in the past and forgotten to help him win his argument, and he was good, winning far more than he lost.

‘It’s wrong’ she stammered ‘And it’s against the law’.

He watched her face closely, ‘Have you ever smoked weed mum? Have you ever broken the speed limit?’

He already knew she had, both, ‘Are not each of those things against the law, but you still chose to do them.’ ‘Dad was wrong for you, but you still made that choice, even though gran advised against it.’ It had been over ten years since his mother and father had split, a marriage definitely not made in heaven as Ryan still remembered.

Eleanor was flummoxed, no matter what she said, she knew she would never win this argument with him but for the life of her, she could not see an easy escape route.

Ryan was in his element now, his words silky smooth as they twisted and embraced his mother.

‘Let us imagine a hypothetical situation’ He began.

‘You are in a room alone and bound to a bed, naked except for stockings and suspenders. A hood covers your face and you may not utter a word upon pain of death.

‘You lay there listening, all your senses alive when you hear the door open. Someone enters, a man, a woman. You have no idea. The mattress moves as the person joins you on the bed and then a finger softly caresses your nipples as they become hard and erect, the tiny goosebumps around your areole getting harder as that first sense of arousal begins.’

He paused for effect.

‘A mouth kisses your neck, your shoulders and then your breasts, the warm lips suckling your sexmex porno teats.

‘The mouth works its way down your body, over your ribs, across your belly, your mound, and then you can feel the hot breath on your vagina as your legs are spread and the person slides between them.’

Ryan stopped for a moment as he watched his mother, his words were arousing, her thighs clamping together and her nipples two prominent protrusions in her one-piece swimsuit.

‘Who is this person you wonder, male, female, young, old, black, white?

‘What you do know is that your arousal has increased, and then fingers spread your labia and a tongue penetrates your vagina, licking and lapping, teasing your clitoris until eventually, you climax.

He paused again, letting his words sink in.

And then finally you realise that it must be a man as his penis penetrates your vagina. He fucks you slowly and tenderly, all the while making sure your needs and desires are fulfilled, you can feel his cock inside your fanny, your hips rising to meet his as your second climax approaches.

‘Your orgasm is astonishing as you writhe beneath him, only he doesn’t stop, he keeps on fucking you until you climax a third time and then a fourth as finally, you feel his shaft explode inside you and his hot sperm coats your love passage.’

Eleanor’s breathing was ragged, her nipples prominent and her chest rising and falling rapidly, Ryan able to notice the damp patch that had appeared between her legs. He let her digest his words before he continued.

‘It is the best sex you have ever had; never before have you been so totally satisfied, or a man considered your needs to such an extent.

‘You feel him untying your bonds, waiting to see who he is, desperate to experience making love with him once more. Slowly he removes your hood and you find yourself staring into the face of………. your Son!’

Ryan waited patiently for fully a minute before he spoke again, ‘So, what would you do mum?’

Eleanor did not know what to say or do, over the years when she had spoken to her children about sex, these were the words and descriptions she had used, this was how she had explained things to them, creating images and using phrases they would encounter as they got older.

Ryan put his glass down and stood, walking over to his mother and kissing the top of her head, ‘It’s probably time that I turned in before I get too drunk,’ he said as he walked slowly towards the kitchen entrance.

Eleanor was hot and horny, and she wanted to fuck, If Ryan had asked her to join him, at that very moment she would have said ‘yes’. Her nipples ached for attention, her quim was wet and open, ready to accept a cock being thrust into it. She stood unsteadily, not because of the drink, but because her body was demanding sex, the idea already in her head that once in her room and naked, the rubber dildo secreted in her suitcase would be put to good use.

Ryan knew that in all probability his mother would be feeling aroused from his words, which was why, once he was in his room, he changed into shorts and t-shirt and shimmied out of his ground-floor bedroom window and secreted himself amongst the shrubs and bushes. He was fairly confident that he knew what his mother was going to do and so waited patiently.

Her room was next to his on this side of the building and so all he had to do was to watch and wait, hoping that his words would have had the desired effect and that him mum was going to put a show on for him.

It was not a long wait as suddenly his mother’s bedroom light came on as she entered, Ryan moved into the shadows so that he could better see into the room, hoping that she would not close the blinds. Thankfully, as the villa did not have any nearby neighbours and also coupled with the fact that Eleanor was in a rush, she left them wide open as she removed her swimsuit.

He got an instant hard-on as he gazed at his mother moving around the room naked, she went to her suitcase and extracted a long pink object. Ryan’s pulse increasing as he instantly recognised what it was, one of her toys that she had brought with her. As she lay down on the bed, which was square on to the window, he got a perfect view as she took it in her mouth, moistening its length before then rubbing it against her vagina.

Pushing down the front of his shorts he removed his erection, pulling the skin-tight and teasing its plump head as he watched her slowly ease the pink dildo into her fanny.

Eleanor was trying to think of men she knew, even males on the tv whom she found attractive as she slid the pink cock into her quim, but each time, the vision behind her closed eyes evaporated, to be replaced by an image of her son as he knelt above her, his hard cock pointing skywards as he masturbated and kept her waiting. She cupped and rubbed her small breasts, twisting and pulling at her nipples as she aroused herself, the dildo sliding faster and faster into her cunt, her juices sikiş izle making it slick as she pummelled her genitals.

Outside, Ryan was ready anytime she was, bringing himself to a peak and then letting it subside before increasing his arousal once more. He had been nervous out on the patio around the pool, wondering what his mother’s reaction would be when bit by bit he had told her he wanted to have sex with her, but it had gone far better than he could have imagined.

Eleanor was arching her body, her face screwed up in anticipation as her climax approached, she had given up trying not to focus on Ryan, instead, she now embraced the idea as she imagined it was her son sinking his flesh into her as she orgasmed, a blinding light exploding in her head and her body shaking as she gasped and panted, the dildo being rammed into her cunt as hard and fast as she could.

Outside Ryan had ejaculated, his cock twitching and becoming hyper-sensitive as he wanked furiously, several spurts of semen flying from its tip. He’d tried to keep still for several seconds as he pointed his phone at the view through the window, snapping off a couple of photos and horrified when he realised he had forgotten to turn the flash off and it lit up the room. Thankfully, his mother was too engrossed to notice as he pulled his shorts up and moved back into the shadows.

He waited until he saw her settle and draw a thin sheet over her naked body before turning out the light. Another ten minutes should be ample he thought as he kicked his heels and then made his way quietly around the villa to the side that overlooked the pool and patio. A window on one of the rooms was open as he poked his head inside and whispered ‘Pssst.’

Jemma sat up in bed as she watched him climb through her window, totally unconcerned that she was naked. In the dim light of the moon, she asked him how it had gone as he ditched his clothes, Ryan holding up a circled finger and thumb to signify that everything was OK before slipping beneath the thin sheet and joining her.

His hands cupped her tit’s and squeezed, pushing her nipples nearer to his mouth as his head dipped and he sucked on her teats.

Ryan remembered back to how it had started just over eight months ago, both of them regularly dated other people but none of their relationships ever seemed to last. There had been a few times when something nearly happened between them, but they never quite got it together, that was until one night when she returned home upset, another relationship having bit the dust.

He held her tight until the tears stopped and then got them both a drink from an already opened bottle of wine. Their mum was in bed, hopefully asleep, as they sat and talked quietly to each other, Jemma berating her ex and Ryan commiserating and telling her the bloke must be a jerk for letting someone as gorgeous as her, slip through his fingers. Drinks finished he continued to cuddle her until suddenly he released her and made to get up.

‘What is wrong?’ she asked, not wanting him to move, she was enjoying his arms around her.

‘I’m sorry Jemma,’ he said, looking embarrassed and apologetic, ‘But I can’t carry on holding you, it’s affecting me,’ his head and eyes indicating his lap.

Joanne could not believe it; her brother was getting aroused just by holding her? She was shocked, but at the same time, she recognised that the germ of a thought, suddenly tangible in her brain was slowly beginning to blossom. In any other place and at any other time, she would have dismissed the thought out of hand as outlandish and disgusting. But the argument with her ex and the few drinks suddenly had her dithering. There was no denying that Ryan was good looking, even if she had never thought of him in those terms before and it was sex, not a relationship, not a commitment, just pure and simple sex.

The more she thought about it, the more the thought began to appeal, what had she got to lose, it wasn’t as though he was going to go around bragging about it afterwards she was thinking just before she threw herself at him, their mouths locking together as he felt her hand go between his legs and stroke the length of his cock.

Ryan could not believe what was happening, whilst he had occasionally imagined his sister naked, that was all it had been. Never in his wildest thoughts had he ever considered that she may actually harbour a similar desire. One of his hands slid under her top and pushed her bra out of the way as he fondled her breasts before slipping under her skirt as it headed for her fanny.

It had not taken them long before they were both naked and lying on the rug in front of the fireplace as Ryan’s cock slid into her fanny, making her gasp as he began fucking her. He had kept her entertained for the best part of the next two hours as he fucked her, constantly changing positions and making her climax more times than she had ever done before.

Back in her bedroom in Spain, she watched him slide beneath the sheet, knowing exactly where he was heading as she lay back and opened her legs wider, finally feeling his hot breath on her pussy. She closed her eyes as he went to work on her cunt, pulling her labia wide as his tongue sunk into her soft pink sensitive flesh.

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Sex with My Stoner BBW Cousin Ch. 01

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I don’t ever remember a time in which my cousin Megan wasn’t a very special part of my life. Though she was seven years older than me and we lived about 300 miles apart, we were always very close.

Each of us was an only child and our families visited each other a few times a year. Often when her parents and mine were hanging out together, Megan and I hung out together by ourselves. And from the time Megan was 10 and I was three, she would be my sitter wherever her parents and mine went out together. I thought of her as a combination of my second mom, the sister I never had, and my best friend. As long as I can remember, each of us has always addressed the other by the same name – Buddy.

We were both shy and had only a few friends at school, but always felt completely comfortable opening up and talking to each other about everything. And because of our age difference, she taught me a lot.

When her family visited mine during Summer vacation when I was between first and second grade, my parents got a sitter for both Megan and me, never leaving the two of us alone together. I greatly missed the one on one interaction with her.

Right after Megan and her parents left, I asked my parents why they wouldn’t let Megan be my sitter this time. They said they didn’t want to tell me, but since I asked, they would. They explained that three months earlier, Megan and been caught with marijuana in her locker. As a result, she was arrested and expelled from school. Shortly afterward, her parents enrolled her at a Catholic school in the hope that she wouldn’t have anymore bad influences.

My parents said that since Megan has done drugs, they don’t trust her to be alone with me. I had been so successfully conditioned to believe that all drugs were terrible, I was disappointed in Megan. But I still loved her and desired closeness with her as much as ever. Similarly, she had been obese as long as I’d known her, yet that didn’t change my feelings about her either.

The next few years, she and I still weren’t allowed to be alone together, but my relationship with her deepened, especially when I got an e-mail address and my own phone and we started corresponding almost every day.

An exciting new dimension of our relationship formed when my family visited hers during my Summer vacation between sixth and seventh grade. I was 12 and Megan was 19. When my parents and I got there at about 10:00 PM, Megan’s parents told me that she was at her job. She had just finished her first year of college and was working as a waitress. Shortly after arriving, I put on my pajamas, lay down on a couch in the living room, and fell asleep almost immediately. I looked forward to seeing my cousin the next day.

About 2 AM, I woke up thirsty and walked out toward the kitchen to get a glass of water. The house was completely quiet, but when I waked past the back door, I heard a slight gust of wind. I walked over to the door and was concerned to find it slightly open. I hoped that no one had broken into the house.

I peaked through the curtain and much to my pleasant surprise, I saw Megan standing on the back porch. She was wearing only a long T shirt and her back was to the door. By that time, she had reached her full adult height of 5’3″ and was 230 lbs. with curly shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, a pale complexion, and 40 DDs. Her fat was very evenly proportioned throughout her body.

Upon my opening the door in excitement, Megan instantly jumped in fear and did a 180 in the air. When her bare soles returned to the concrete, she was facing me and her right arm was behind her back, giving me the impression that she was hiding something.

Upon seeing that it was me, her face lit up. “Hey!” she said ecstatically. With wide grins, we walked quickly toward each other and had a long, tight hug.

“Hi, Buddy!” she said.

“Good to see you!” I responded.

“Good to see you, too!” Megan then gave me a very tight squeeze, let go, and continued talking. “But hey, it’s late! You better go back to bed! We’ll have lots of time to hang out tomorrow!”

I almost immediately figured out why she was trying to get me to go back in the house. She looked extremely euphoric, like I’d never seen her before, and I saw smoke rising from behind her back. And within a few seconds, i smelled something very different than cigarette smoke. I figured that it was probably marijuana, especially knowing that she’d smoked it before.

Wanting to know for sure, but not wanting her to be afraid that I’d be upset with her or tell her parents, I spoke to her in a lighthearted, non-threatening manner. “What are you holding behind your back?!” I asked. She grinned, blushed, and stared down at the porch. After a few seconds, I spoke assuringly. “It’s okay, Buddy; I won’t tell on you! I know you smoke marijuana!”

“How do you know that?!”

“My parents told me about the time you got arrested and expelled for it!”

“Oh yeah?!”


“What do you fake angels porno think of that?! Do you think I’m a bad girl because I like to get massively fucked up on weed?!”

“No, you’re a good girl and you’re my best friend!”

“Aw, you’re so sweet!” she said as we hugged again with her initiating it.

“So are you!” I responded.

Megan then let go of me and showed me that she was indeed holding a joint. “Have you ever done weed before?!” she asked.


“How come?!”

“I don’t know, I guess I’m afraid.”

“Afraid of what?!”

“I guess getting caught and harming myself.”

“Hey, you’re not going to harm yourself! Don’t believe what your parents and teachers say about weed! That’s all a bunch of fucking bull shit to scare you! I’ve been doing weed for seven years, since I was your age, and I’m doing better than ever!”

“Well what about getting caught?!”

“I’ve only been caught once in seven years and that’s because I was really fucking stupid, bringing it to school! I know how to avoid getting caught now! My parents think I’ve only done it once!”

“How many times have you done it?!”

“Almost every day for the last seven years. I guess that’s about 2,000 times!” She then held the joint a few inches in front of my face and gave me an enthusiastic offer. “Come on, try it!” she said.

“I don’t know!” I said shyly, while staring down at the porch and being afraid to do it.

“Come on, it’ll make you feel better than you’ve ever felt before!” After pausing for a few seconds, she added “Come on, you know I wouldn’t let you do anything that would hurt you.” She then paused for a few more seconds and said “Look at me! Do I look like I feel good?!”


“We’ll wouldn’t you like to feel that good, too?!”

That line got me interested in trying. “Maybe!” I told her.

“Okay, here’s what we’re going to do!” she said. “I’m going to teach you how to do this, you’re going to smoke this joint to my instructions, and if you don’t like it, no problem, you don’t have to do it again!”

I was still very nervous about it, but I wanted to experience the euphoria that she felt, and furthermore I wanted to impress her, as she was the person who I looked up to the most. So after a few more seconds, I said “Okay!” softly and reluctantly.

Grinning even more now, Megan lightly placed the joint between my lips and then gave me step by step instructions. “Okay, now very slowly inhale until I tell you to stop.”

I did and instantly started coughing hard. Megan immediately smiled and hugged me, which I reciprocated. She then spoke very assuringly. “It’s okay, honey. That happens to everybody their first time!” After a few more seconds, during which time I caught my breath, she let go of me, took a couple of steps back, and continued her instructions.

“Okay, we’re going to try again. Very slowly inhale until I tell you to stop.” I did so again and this time coughed only mildly. After about 10 seconds, she said “Okay, stop and hold it.” I did so and almost immediately felt what I later realized was the THC going to work on my brain. Euphoria filled my body and my senses became enhanced, bringing a huge grin to my face.

After holding it for about five seconds, Megan took the joint from my lips and instructed me “Okay, now very slowly exhale,” which I did. From there, she and I went back and forth with the joint until it was done.

From that night on, I was a huge weed fanatic and Megan and I were weed buddies. Almost every night when we were together, we sneaked outside in the middle of the night and got fucked up. And at the end of each of our visits to the other, she gave me a few joints so I wouldn’t have to wait until the next time I saw her to get fucked up again. And to top it off, she gave me a lot of great tips on hiding the weed and not getting caught.

Almost two years after I started doing weed, I went through puberty and discovered my other obsession. In March and April of my eighth grade year, as temperatures became warm, many girls started wearing flip flops again. I had noticed that pattern for several years, but this time it had a dramatic affect on me – especially when a girl slipped off her flip flops and I saw her soles. I became massively turned on at the sight of female soles and spent much of my class time staring at them, without ever getting tired of it.

I didn’t understand why I was attracted mostly to female soles rather than female private areas, and I was initially uncomfortable about it, but I didn’t let that stop me from staring at them every chance I got.

And a few weeks after my fetish began, I wondered if I’d get to see Megan’s soles when I visited her during Summer vacation. When I’d been around her before, she’d almost always been barefooted or wearing flip flops unless she was outside in very cold weather. And even then, she wore flip flops more often than not. I felt dirty and perverted for fake cop porno wanting to see my cousin’s soles, but nevertheless thought about it constantly for the next several weeks until I saw her again.

Finally, in late June, I visited Megan again. When my parents and I arrived, it was about 11:00 PM and she was in bed asleep. I lay down on the couch within a few minutes and pretended to quickly fall asleep. It had been three months since I smoked the last of the joints that Megan had given me the last time I saw her, which had been in February. I didn’t want to wait another day. I was determined to get fucked up on this night, and for my weed buddy to join me.

After about an hour, Megan’s parents seemed to be settled in their room and my parents in the guest room. So I made my move. I quietly entered Megan’s room, closed the door, and turned on the light. She was lying in bed on her left side, facing me, with a blanket almost up to her shoulders.

I stood right next to her bed and admired her natural beauty. Though I’d desired to see her soles for several weeks, I now had romantic thoughts about my cousin for the first time. I so much wanted to join her in bed and cuddle with her all night. And I wanted to have sex with her. But I felt almost certain that those things would never happen. I thought seriously about touching her in some way, or at least pulling up her blanket to see her soles, but I was afraid that she’d wake up and that it would very badly hurt our closeness if she knew about my romantic and sexual desires for her.

After a couple of minutes, I decided it was time to wake her up. “Buddy?” I whispered. She immediately opened her eyes. Upon seeing me, she grinned and got out of bed, groggily but quickly.

“Hey there!” she whispered as we wrapped our arms around each other. She was wearing nothing but a long T shirt that went down almost to her knees. I caught only a quick glimpse of her feet as she got out of bed, but I was noticing many beautiful features about her that I never noticed before. After all, this was the first time I’d seen her since I began puberty. And for the first time, sharing a hug with her and feeling her huge rack pressed against me got me hard. It was also the first time that I noticed being taller than Megan.

As she let go of me, she grinned and whispered “Well, I guess you waking me up in the middle of the night means that you want us to go outside and get fucked up out of our fucking minds!”

“Oh, fuck yes, you know me so well!” I responded.

“Okay, I’ll get the weed!” she said as she playfully pinched my left cheek. At that, she walked over to her closet and I looked closely at her feet for the first time. They were short and wide with stubby toes, each of which had a ring of fat around it. They were great and got me hard, but I much prefer the bottom of the foot to the top. She was wearing bright red nail polish on both her fingers and toes.

And when she opened her closet door, I was in for a great surprise. On the floor inside were about 25 pairs of flip flops and only one pair each of running shoes, boots, and work shoes. Ever since my fetish began, flip flops had greatly turned me on, just as many guys get turned on by female underpants. I’d rarely ever seen Megan wear any shoes other than flip flops, and because of my new interest in female soles and flip flops, I decided to mention her shoe choices. I wanted to gain some insight about her flip flop fixation and ask in a way that wouldn’t imply my fetish.

“Do you have enough flip flops?!” I asked.

“Yeah!” she said as she turned to me. “That’s about all I ever wear on my feet, so I buy them in a bunch of different colors, so I’ll have a pair to go with whatever I’m wearing on the best of my body!”

“Why do you like flip flops so much?!”

“They’re comfortable as fuck! I hate the feeling of my feet being closed in! If it never got cold, I’d either go barefoot or wear flip flops all the time!”

“Sometimes you wear flip flops even when it’s cold!”

“Yeah, as long as there isn’t snow on the ground and I’m not in danger of frostbite! Sometimes during the Winter I’ll be walking outside with flip flops when it’s 25 fucking degrees and people stare at me like I’m crazy, but honestly, my feet don’t get cold very easily! I guess because I’m so fat!”

“I’m glad you like them so much!

Then I was in for one of the greatest rushes of excitement that I’ve ever experienced. She suddenly dropped to her knees, giving me a full view of her soles. And they were absolutely amazing; two of the best I’d ever seen, highlighted by what looked like a round puff inside the bottom of every toe. My hard on intensified and my cock started throbbing. I later looked inside her running shoes and found that she wears size 6.

Megan was opening a small safe on the floor in her closet. I quickly grabbed my phone out of the pocket of the sweatpants I was wearing and snapped pictures of her soles as quickly fake hospital porno as I could, continually standing and leaning slightly closer, in the hope of getting as close as possible without her noticing.

And thankfully, she fucked up the combination a couple of times, giving me even more time. And she didn’t seem suspicious of me at all, apparently thinking that I was watching her try to open the safe.

Finally, after about two minutes, she got the safe open. By that time, I was kneeling behind her and photographing her soles from just a few inches away. She then leaned forward slightly to reach into the safe, then returned to her upright position a few seconds later, scrunching her toes in the process. The scrunch drove me over the edge.

I suddenly felt an amazing euphoric sensation, completely unlike any I’d ever experienced. Powerful chills went racing through my whole body and I felt like something was building up in my cock and was about to explode. I wanted so much to cry out in pleasure, but I forced myself to remain silent. After a few seconds, I ejaculated for the first time, saturating much of my sweatpants with my first load of come.

It lasted about 45 seconds and ended at about the time that Megan closed the safe and stood up, holding a joint and a lighter.

We walked through the back door to the side of the house with no windows, which is where we usually got fucked up when we were together, whether at my house or hers. Unless we were the only two people home, we no longer got fucked up in the backyard. We were concerned about being easily seen there if one of our parents opened the back door.

I’d always loved the sensory enhancement that weed gave me, but when we smoked this time, the weed made me horny and obsess even more in thinking about Megan’s soles. I decided right there and then that when I had sex, I wanted to be fucked up on weed. And at the same time, I decided that I was deeply in love with Megan and that she was the woman of my dreams.

Over the next four years, I masturbated literally thousands of times while looking at pictures of Megan’s soles. And often my fantasies involved her dominating me, I guess because I’d always looked up to her so much. Furthermore, every time I visited her, I secretly took a pair of her flip flops home with me and often used them to masturbate. The next time I visited, I secretly put the pair I borrowed back in her closet and then took another pair home with me.

I also never had a girlfriend or even tried to get one, because I was so much crazier about Megan than anyone else. I knew that many people would disapprove of me having such feelings for my cousin, but I didn’t care. I knew that if I repressed those feelings, I’d be the one losing out.

And every time one of us visited the other, I managed to take more pictures of her soles. Sometimes dozens or hundreds at a time, when I was lucky enough to catch her asleep with her soles uncovered, or we got fucked up and she passed out before I did.

And late most nights if I didn’t have school the next day, I sneaked outside to the side of the house and jacked off to pictures of Megan’s soles. I held my fuckstick in my left hand, and my phone and a joint in my right hand, and shot hundreds of loads into the lawn.

Near the end of my ninth grade year, however, I was devastated to learn that Megan had been arrested for dealing marijuana and would probably be going to jail for a long time.

I had known since she was 18 that she was dating a guy, but I never met him and she told me little about him. I never asked, because I was so in love with her, I didn’t want to think about her being with another man. When she did talk about him, she never sounded happy with him or in love with him, and I was glad, even though I was almost 100% sure that I’d never have a romantic or sexual relationship with her.

She had moved in with him three months prior to her arrest, much to the disapproval of her parents, who disliked and were suspicious of the guy. It turned out that he had been a heavy dealer for a long time, and got Megan to work with him.

She pled guilty and received a five year sentence. With good behavior, she could be paroled in half that time. She and I wrote at least two letters to each other a week. I wanted to visit her, but the prison was 500 miles away and my parents weren’t willing to drive me. Through her letters, she often seemed very depressed and said that my correspondence was the only joy of her life.

Because I was unable to see her soles in person, I relied on her pictures even more. And since many of her items were still in her room at her parents’ house, when I was there, I often took home four or five different pairs of her flip flops. I even took a few pairs of her underpants each time and often wore them, which made me feel even closer to her. And when I visited her parents, I slept in Megan’s bed instead of the couch. That made me feel even closer to her, especially since the first few times I did, I smelled her perfume. I don’t know what kind it was, but she’d been wearing it for as long ad I could remember.

I also found a local source for weed, and was relieved that I didn’t have to wait until Megan was out of prison to get fucked up again.

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She Left

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Belle Knox

[The people in this story have somehow solved the problems others see about unprotected sex (they don’t have and won’t get STD’s or AIDS) They also have decided that certain other beliefs of “normal” society don’t work well for them. There are sexual acts like coitus, oral and manual genital manipulation, hickies, more than two people sharing sexual activities, and watching. Oh, and incest too. You are invited to vote and comment on the story. Typically less than 5% of readers vote and less than 10% of those who vote leave a comment. Be unique, do both!]

She left. She left her job, her home, her friends, her church, her credit cards, her car and she left me.

That last one is the one that was toughest to take. I was stunned. Let me back up just a little. Sandi and I had been together since our freshman year at UCLA. She and I met at a track meet. We were watching. When it was over we bought food and sat on the grass for a picnic with a hundred other people and somehow she sat by me.

We hit it off and before we graduated we were man and wife. We were married in a small ceremony at a park with some friends. Everything was great, I thought. She didn’t want kids and I wasn’t all that big on them either. We worked hard, played hard and loved a lot.

Our careers allowed us to live at the beach, enjoy lots of activities and great vacations. We had friends. We enjoyed every moment we were together.

Twice a year I flew back to Boston for a week of meetings at the company head office. The last one was six months ago. Sandi took me to LAX and kissed me good-bye at the curb. It was a good enough kiss a passer by said, “Get a room!” We laughed and she drove off.

Whenever I went to Boston, I called home every night. On the last trip we had phone sex the first night I was gone. The second night I called at a little after eight her time. No answer. I thought of five good reasons she might not be there. At nine-thirty I called again. No answer. Then it hit me, no answer and no answering machine! I set my alarm and at two in the morning, L.A. time I called again. No answer.

At nine that morning I called her work. Her assistant Karen answered. “Karen, this is Nick. Where is Sandi?”

The pause was full of everything except information.


“You don’t know?”

“No. Where is she?”

“Her last day was last Friday. She’s gone. Took her last check with her. I don’t know where she is.”

I called friends and the pastor of our church. No one knew or no one was talking. I left the meeting two days early and flew home. When I got home her car was parked behind mine. The house looked fine, except all the little things that were hers were gone. The bathroom was almost empty. No blow dryer, curling iron, lipsticks, perfume, pink razors. Her closet was empty and clean. Her chest of drawers, empty and fresh paper on the bottoms of the drawers.

In the kitchen I opened the fridge and saw an envelope with my name typed on it.

I opened it and read her note. “I left you. It is cruel to do this but it’s done. I needed you and I used you. I am sorry. We were not legally married. The guy who performed the ceremony was an acting student. You can’t get a divorce and you don’t need one. I will never be back in L.A. For your own sake don’t contact me. Thank you for the best years. I will cherish them. It was good and now it’s over. Sandi”

I sat on the floor of the kitchen and did nothing for hours. Some time during those hours I did manage to close the fridge. Over the next few days I discovered she had prepared to leave and then, just left. Her car was in my name and she left it. She even paid the lease on our place for three months ahead.

A week later I was back at work. A week after that I went to church and the pastor asked about Sandi. I showed him the note. We talked. I was going through the motions of being alive. Her words kept ringing in my ears. “We were not legally married.” Maybe according to the state of California but my head and my heart were married! I checked and she was correct, California had no record of our marriage.

Over the next few months I got into a cold routine. I became a robot. My programming got me out of bed, dressed, to work, back home, and kept me alive so the next morning I could do it again. I made it through an entire NFL season without watching a single game. I didn’t walk along the beach once. I didn’t take my car or hers to a car wash.

One day I noticed a moving van in front of the house next door. I briefly wondered if the people were moving in or out. I didn’t see anyone and I couldn’t remember what the people looked like who lived next door.

When I came home from work a few days later, I noticed Sandi’s car was shining and clean. The ground around it was wet. Someone had washed her car. I had the sudden thought that Sandi was back. The door almost came off its hinges as I burst into the house.

She wasn’t there.

I sat down in the living room and cried. I hadn’t cried in months. Seeing the car had brought back all the pain anime porno and missing. Eventually, I fell asleep right there in the living room.

In the morning my programming took over and I showered, dressed and headed to work. When I stepped out of the house I stopped. My car was as clean and shiny as Sandi’s.

At work I forgot about the cars and focused on getting through the day. When I went back out to my car at four that afternoon I wondered about who might have washed it.

The deck behind my house is about ten feet above the beach. There were many days when we sat out on the deck naked and no one walking by saw us. Not only was the deck ten feet high but it had a three foot high wooden fence along the sides. I hadn’t been out on the deck once since Sandi left.

My car stopped two feet from Sandi’s and I wondered if it would even start. I walked past it and around to the back door. When I climbed the stairs I saw the deck had been swept and the chairs and chaise lounges cleaned. Then I noticed a woman on one of the chaise lounges. I cleared my throat and she sat up, covering her breasts in the process.

“You’re on my deck.”

“You don’t act like it’s your deck.”

“It is attached to my house.”

“Oh? Does someone live here? When I moved in next door I saw a yard with dead plants, two filthy cars, and a deck with a year’s dirt on it. I assumed no one lived here.”

“You’re right. I quit living a long time ago. You want to use the deck? Go ahead.” I opened the back door and went inside. Later, while I heated something in the microwave for dinner I noticed she was still sitting on the deck.

The next night when I came home I noticed new plants by the house next door. A few nights later I saw three pots of flowers on my deck. On Friday as I drove home from work, I realized I hadn’t changed the oil in my car in a year. I stopped at the station not too far from my house and left it. I told the mechanic at the gas station I’d walk back for it in the morning.

I broke my own programming by stopping for a small pizza on the way home. I walked in the sand from the pizza place home, carrying my shoes. I slept really well that night and woke late. When I looked out the bedroom window at the beach I noticed my neighbor on the chaise lounge. She had on a g-string bikini bottom and a baseball cap. It said, “Cubs.”

I couldn’t stop looking at her body. The last tits I had seen were Sandi’s the morning she took me to LAX. My neighbor didn’t look like Sandi. Sandi had DD cup breasts with elongated areola and smallish nipples. Her breasts had always stayed white. She only went topless on the deck when she couldn’t get burned. My new neighbor was brown all over. Her breasts were maybe a B cup. The areola were puffy and toped by nipples the size of blueberries. The right breast had a scar on it, out near her arm pit. The scar was round, and red like it was still healing.

I pulled myself away from the window and got dressed for my walk to the station. I figured to get some breakfast after I got my car. I opened the back door and my neighbor sat up, hands over her tits.

“I didn’t think you were home! I’m sorry.”

“I left my car down at the station for an oil change last night. If you’d like to go for a walk, I’ll buy you breakfast after I get my car back.”

“I’m not dressed.”

“I’ll wait. I’m not in a hurry. I’ll even go back inside so you can have privacy while you go for clothes.” I went inside and closed the door. I didn’t look. I didn’t need to.

Three minutes later she knocked on the back door and I went out. She wore white shorts and a white bikini top with a thin, flowered print blouse over the bikini top.

Half way to the station she asked, “Why did you invite me along?”

“I honestly don’t know. I’ve been a hermit for months.”

“I don’t even know your name.”


“Did you ever ask your parents why they named you Peter?”

“They didn’t.”

“You changed your name to Peter?”

“No. Pete. When I was in high school there were five boys in my class with the same name. My last name is Peterson so the coach started calling me Pete. I’ve been Pete ever since.”

“Oh. That makes more sense than someone naming their son the slang term.”

“I knew a guy named Richard and his family called him Dick.”

“How horrible for him.”

“Worse. His Dad was also called Dick. I called his house once and when a female answered, I asked to speak to Dick. She said, “Big Dick or Little Dick?” I said I didn’t know either one well enough to answer the question.”

She laughed and for the first time in months, so did I.

“I’m Cass. I know, my parents loved the Mommas and the Poppas. I do too.”

“Can you sing?”

“Not like her!”

We arrived at the station and the guy told me what I owed and I paid him. We got in the car and automatically I drove us to a place where Sandi and I used to eat. We walked in and I saw two people I knew. They waved and we joined them.

I made the introductions asyalı porno and we all ordered. Cass ordered French Toast and I ordered blueberry pancakes. After I ordered I wondered if her nipples influenced my choice of blueberries.

“You’re smiling. What about?” Cass asked.

“I cannot tell you here. Ask me later, Ok?”


The breakfast banter was about the neighborhood, the upcoming volleyball contest and the latest word in new restaurants. I had been out of it so long Mark and Kath had decided I moved away. No mention of Sandi was made.

Cass and I left them in the restaurant and headed home. “Can I ask questions?” I asked.

“I guess so. I can always tell you it’s none of your business if I don’t want to answer.”

“You live alone. You’re beautiful. What’s up with that?”

“Up until six months ago I didn’t live alone. I was married. We were in love. One night we went out for dinner and a movie. When we came out of the movie I heard three shots. Two of them hit my husband. He was dead before he hit the ground.”

She cried. I pulled to the curb and shut off the motor. I held her and she sobbed for a long time. I knew where the third round landed. I’d seen the scar.

She stopped crying and wiped her wet face with a tissue I gave her. “I’m sorry.”

“I still cry too. I was married and I loved her too. One day she left. No warning. No legal battles. She just left. Some days I feel like someone ripped my insides out. Other days, I’m numb.”

The car got us home and Cass looked at Sandi’s car. “Hers?”

I nodded. “Can I buy it?”

“You don’t have a car?”

“It died just before I got here. I let them bury it out in the dessert.”

“Come with me, please.”

We went inside and I found the keys, hanging right where Sandi put them. I handed them to Cass. “Go see if it will even start. If it starts it’s yours. If it doesn’t I’ll call the auto club and we’ll get it fixed.”

She took the keys and went out to the car. It didn’t want to start, but it did. I went out and told her to let it run for a while to let the battery charge. I sat in the car with her. It was hard on me. She could tell, and she wanted me to stay.

We talked about her needing a job. About how the house belonged to her uncle but his wife hated the beach so she was going to rent it from them as soon as she got a job. We talked about how nights were the worst. We spent a lot of our time together not talking at all.

After the car had run for half an hour I moved my car and she moved the Malibu to her driveway. She came back to me and started taking the house key off the keychain.

“Leave it there, please. We’re neighbors. Where I grew up most of the houses didn’t even have locks. You need a cup of sugar, come get it. Mi casa es su casa.”

“Mi what?”

“My house is your house.”

“We haven’t talked price for the car.”

“I want ten percent of your first twelve paychecks. Ten percent of the gross.”

“I’m not going to make very much at first. You sure?”

“I’m sure. It will be happier with you driving it that it was sitting dead in my driveway reminding me she left.”

“Ok. Can I make dinner for you?”

“Any evening you want. I have become a gormet of microwave cooking.”

“Isn’t that pronounced gourmet?”

“Only when the food is good.” She smiled and said, “Come over at seven. I promise nothing will come out of the microwave.”

“I would like hot food. If you don’t use a microwave how can you make it hot?”

“I use magic.”

“Seven. I’ll be there.”

“Don’t get dressed up.”

We went inside our respective homes and I sat down and turned on the TV. At five minutes of seven I walked out my back door and took the thirty steps to her door. It was open. The smells coming out of the door were from heaven.

“Come in. A little wine?”

“If you’re having some.”

“I hope you like Cajun food.”

“It depends. If it’s so hot it cooked itself, I won’t like it. If they’d serve it in an old folks home, I won’t like it. In between, I think I’ll like it.”

She turned from the stove with a spoon full, aimed at me. I opened and she inserted. It was perfection.

“Jambalaya. Oh, my, I like having you for a neighbor.”

“I promised nothing from a microwave.”

“Wow! Can I tell you something? I feel good. I haven’t felt good in a long time. Thank you.”

“Thank you. I felt better since we went for a walk than I’ve felt since…” Her voice trailed off. She served two bowls of jambalaya and we ate. We didn’t run out of things to talk about. At nearly ten I realized I needed to go to work the next day. I thanked Cass for a wonderful day and evening and went home. She stood by the door as I left and I wondered if she expected or wanted a kiss.

I was headed for work a little early the next day. When I got home the car wasn’t in the driveway next door. I wondered where she was.

When she came home she bounced up my back stairs and knocked. I answered and she gave me the backroom casting porno good news. She landed a job. Office manager for a branch office of a utility company.

I invited her to dinner to celebrate. She asked which Stoffer’s meal I was making. We went to a Chinese restaurant. I had her home before ten. We parted in the driveway. No kisses.

I was asleep before ten-thirty. At about one I was awaken by the sound of gun fire. Three shots. Then the sound of a helicopter and a police car. The helicopter moved away after a couple minutes and I started to go back to sleep.

I heard the sound of a key in my back door. Then I heard the door open and then close. I waited. The sound of bare feet approached my bed and she slid under the covers with me.

“I heard shots!” She whispered. I wrapped her in my arms and said, “You’re safe. Stay right here.”

She was shaking and I felt drops fall from her face onto my chest. I held on.

I woke up first. The sun was up and by glancing at my clock I knew I had half an hour before my alarm would sound. Cass had turned and I was spooned against her back and butt. She was naked. My arm was over her body and she held my hand in hers.

I breathed in her smell and it stirred my libido into life. When I poked her in the butt she woke up and said, “Good Morning. Are you serious?”

“Serious? Yes. And I’m an adult man. Just because I’m hard doesn’t mean you’re in danger. I don’t rape.”

“How about pillage and plunder?”

“We can discuss those options.”

“If I turn and face you, how do you feel about morning breath kisses?”

“It depends. If the kiss is a good morning kiss I like them. If it’s a see you later kiss, I don’t like them. If it’s a promise for later and I still need to go kiss, I like that kind too.”

She turned and said, “How about a I don’t have to go anywhere today and I want to feel you inside me kiss?”

“Haven’t had one of those in recent memory. Let’s see how it goes.”

She molded her body against mine and her tongue invaded my mouth. Her exploration was through. Her hands and mine explored the available skin.

She opened up for me and we joined slowly and carefully. I avoided her scared breast and slowly followed her signals on how to please her body. She cried a little. She held on tight and she wrapped her legs around me as well as her arms.

As her climax started she whispered, “Good-bye Mark.” Then she surrendered and sobbed as her body shook beneath me. We stayed in bed for a long time.

We kissed and stayed touching for a long time. Finally, she said, “Mark was my husband.”

“I thought so.”

“You are the first man I’ve been with since he…”

“I guessed. Thank you. I’m making it mean something that you feel safe enough to trust me.”

“You haven’t been hitting on me. You’ve been a friend. I could feel your pain and I could tell you felt mine.”

“Remember when we went to breakfast?”

“Yes. You didn’t want to tell me why you were smiling.”

“I was smiling because I realized I ordered blueberry pancakes because your nipples reminded me of blueberries.”

“You spied on me?”

“Guilty. When I saw you on the deck I looked. You are beautiful.”

“There is an ugly scar.”

“I saw it. I didn’t touch it last night or this morning.”

“You are considerate, too.” We were quiet for a time. “Why do you think she left?”

“I don’t have a clue. I have thought of many reasons but none of them make sense. There should have been a hint. Some upset, a fight an admission that she fell for someone else. I have no idea.”

“Can I come back tonight?”

“Yes. When you crawled into bed with me I realized I missed sleeping with someone, someone I care about. It helps that I like you, know you a little and there seems to be something between us.”

My alarm went off and our days began. She wrapped in her robe and went home. I did my ritual and went to work. When I came home she was out on the deck. The g-string was the same color as her skin. She wasn’t naked, but she looked like she was. When I climbed the stairs she didn’t cover herself. I sat next to her on the chaise lounge. She sat up and we kissed.

“It feels weird, kissing you with a shirt and tie on, when I’m almost naked.”

“Then I should get undressed. Covering your body ought to be illegal.”

“Then, may I help you get undressed?”

“Sure.” We got me undressed and I sat next to her, enjoying the sunshine and the intimacy with her.

Over the next three weeks we spent lots of time sharing my deck, my bedroom and her kitchen. When she got her second pay check she brought me a check. “My first ever car payment.”

“If I can be nosey, how are you doing financially?”

“It’s tight. I’ll make it, but it’s tight.”

“Does your Uncle charge you rent?”

“Yes. He gave me a good deal but it’s still a lot of rent.”

“Consider this, you could rent the house out and charge your Uncle to manage the place.”

“If I rent the house where will I live?”

“How about here with me?”

“You mean live with you, like we were married?”

“Yes. Sandi and I lived together and we acted like we were married, and we weren’t. Now you and I can live like that, and both know we aren’t married, we just like being together.”

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