The Photographer Ch. 07

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Although Becca was almost never comfortable with the desires and fantasies that people came to her studio with, this one really made her stomach turn. She yelled at Chelsea, but her friend insisted that it was entirely consensual and that it wasn’t illegal at all… after all, they weren’t actually related by blood.

When Mr. Chris Watson brought in his stepdaughter Pearl, Becca could almost understand why he wanted to sleep with her, despite the taboo. It was a complicated situation. Chris had married Pearl’s mother, helped to raise the girl and they’d had a rather close (if not always totally platonic) relationship. Now he and Pearl’s mother were getting a divorce, the girl had just turned 18 but was unlikely to see him again as she would be leaving for college and he was moving to get as far away from her mother as possible. But first, they wanted a documented session with Becca of them together – and not just them but also Chris’ brother, Pearl’s step-uncle Richard. Apparently the Pearl had no problem with this, in fact wanted it quite a lot.

But Becca still felt a little queasy, although she tried to show no judgment on her face as the girl stood between the two older men, passionately kissing the man she still referred to as “Daddy”.


She had long brown hair which was done into two pony-tails, making her look several years younger than she really was. The short height of 5’3″ didn’t help make her look any older, even though her step-father and uncle were both a little under six feet.

Richard was rolling her t-shirt up over her young, 32B breasts. They were small but perky, just enough for him to really get his hands on, and he tugged on her very long nipples before continuing to pull her shirt up. Pearl moaned into her step-father’s mouth when her nipples were tugged.


Their mouths had to pull away just long enough for Richard to get her shirt over her head and then she was pressing against her step-father again, her barely budded breasts rubbing against the fabric of his shirt. Behind her, her uncle lustfully looked over the smooth flesh of her back, running his fingertips down from her shoulders to the waistband of her short skirt.


Pulling the skirt off her body, it became apparent that the girl shaved her pussy mound completely. With her small breasts, the pony-tails and shaved mound the girl looked barely 14 rather than the 18 years she really was. Becca couldn’t help but feel a little turned on at the appearance of multiple taboos… it was so wrong… but in some ways that just made it even more hot.


Now Richard started hurriedly undressing himself. The 5’9″ slightly balding man with light brown hair was also in possession of love handles and a little bit of a flabby belly. Seeing his hard dick pressing against the ass cheeks of such a young and innocent looking girl was incredibly erotic even as it was slightly disgusting.


Pulling her mouth away from her step-father, Pearl turned and looked with wide eyes over her step-uncle’s bare form, “Oh Uncle Richard!” she said, “You have such a treat for me!!!” and stepped up to begin kissing him, his dick pressing against her young stomach.


Watching them kiss, Chris started to divest himself of his own clothing. He was in about the same shape as his brother, with the same body type, but all of his pubic hair had been shaved while Richard sported a trimmed bush around his hard dick. Fisting his cock, konyaaltı escort Chris pushed it between his step-daughters ass cheeks, running it up and down between her firm globes.


Pearl leaned away from her uncle, looking over her shoulder, “Ohh… Daddy…” that made Becca’s stomach turn a little… but her pussy also did a little flip. The girl started kissing her step-father, rubbing her ass back against him as her uncle lowered his mouth to her long nipples.


Moaning, the young girl arched her breasts out for more treatment, and as her uncle kissed and suckled on the pencil-eraser like nipples, her step-father reached his hand down her body to touch her pink, smooth pussy.

“OH DADDY….” her eyes were half-lidded as his fingers slid between the soft folds.


Becca could feel her own pussy starting to get wet. Even ignoring the incestuous nature of this session, the fact that this young and beautiful, innocent looking girl was right now moving her body sensuously between these two older men – who weren’t bad looking… but still, much older and not that great looking either – well it was just all a turn on. Despite the nature of what was happening. There was just something so erotic about the youth of the girl against the age of the men, the beauty of her body against their imperfections. It was fucking hot is what it was… and even hearing Pearl call her step-father “Daddy” made it hotter.

“MMMM… be good baby girl… you feel so good…” Chris pulled his fingers from her pussy, reaching up to slide them between her lips where she sucked all the juices from his fingers.


As Chris’ hand left her pussy, his brother’s mouth moved to replace it. Kneeling before the girl, Richard pressed her thighs a little further open with his hands, sliding his tongue into her soft wetness to drink up the sweet juices that were collecting there.


Moaning, Pearl leaned back against her step-father, her hands on her uncle’s head to brace herself as he started sucking at her pussy even more energetically. Pulling on her long nipples, Chris made her back arch as he pinched and tugged them far away from her body.


“OHHHH… Uncle Richard!!!!!! You’re licking my pussy!!!! Ohhh!!!!!!! It feels so good Uncle Richard, don’t stop!!!!!!” The girl was gyrating on top of her, pressing his mouth further and further into her young pussy.


Chris squeezed her small breasts in his hands, using his forefinger and thumb to pinch her nipples at the same time, rolling them on her chest. Pearl had her head thrown back, leaning against her stepfather’s shoulder as her uncle ate her out, moaning in ecstasy.


As Richard slid two fingers into her sopping hole, Pearl started to convulse, fingers clutching at his sparse hair and crying out that she was cumming.



Flushed, the pretty brunette smiled down at her uncle, releasing his head from her hands as Chris kissed the nape of her neck, still playing with her breasts.


“Thanks Uncle Richard!” she said, pursing her lips prettily at him.

“Anytime beautiful,” he grinned as he got to his feet, “Any thoughts on returning the favor?!”

“Ooooh!!!” dark brown eyes lit up gleefully, “I thought you would never ask!”

Two pony-tails hung down on either side of her as she bent straight forward, kültür escort pressing her delectable ass into her stepfather and grasping her uncle’s cock with one hand. Holding it firmly at its base, she began licking and sucking at it like it was a favorite lollipop, her uncle grasped each of her ponytails.

“Mmmm… gotta love handle bars!” he grinned at his brother.


Behind her, Chris began sliding his dick up and down his step-daughter’s extremely wet pussy, slicking it up for entry.

Pearl turned to look at him, still fisting her uncle’s cock, “Ohhh… put it in Daddy… I want to feel your big dick in me…”

“Be a good niece and suck me,” her uncle groaned, using the ponytails to turn her head back around and press her mouth down on his dick. As his dick started to disappear between her pink, pouty lips, his brother’s dick began their entrance to the lower portion of her body. Pearl moaned as her step-father’s dick entered her.


With her legs spread wide, bent over and small breasts hanging down, the girl looked like every older man’s sexual dream, her innocent face glowing with lust. The two older men started to thrust in and out of her, taking turns so that Chris’ thrust would press her mouth onto Richard’s dick, and Richard’s thrust would push her back onto Chris’. Very soon, she had the entire length of her uncle down her throat and was allowing him to just fuck her face, her own hands were preoccupied on her own body, playing with her small breasts.


Richard used her ponytails to really force her head back and forth over his length, burying himself in her throat. Behind her, her step-father had a firm grip on her hips and was slamming himself against her heart-shaped ass.


Watching this family scene Becca wondered a little about her own family… not her father of course… but maybe one or two of her uncles who weren’t actually blood related to her… had they ever lusted after her like this? Admittedly, there were some times when she was growing up that she’d tried to tease them sexually… And watching this was turning her on more than she’d ever thought possible.

Both of them men groaned, Chris first and then Richard as Pearl screamed ecstasy around his cock. With two cocks thrust fully into her body the girl was convulsing, her eyes wide in passion as she came again, their cum spewing into her.


As the two men pulled out of her, they stepped back to watch. Smiling seductively, Pearl sat down and then lay back on the floor, spreading her legs wide. Licking her lips at her uncle, she reached one hand down to her pink pussy where a little stream of white cum was visible.

“Mmmm… that was nice…” the two men watched as she pressed two fingers into her pussy hole, drawing out a scoop of her stepfather’s cum. Both of them were watching avidly as she brought the white creaminess up towards her mouth.


“Mmmm… you taste good Daddy,” the little vixen smiled, reaching down for another scoop of cum from her pussy.


Three scoops later she was done. Getting onto her knees she pulled her stepfather to her and began licking her own juices off his groin, making sure to suck his balls into her mouth.


Richard began playing with himself, watching as his brother’s dick started to swell in his niece’s hungry mouth. Bobbing her head, the insatiable girl reached her fingers down to begin playing with her pussy markantalya escort while she sucked.


Her uncle was soon hard again from watching, and he tapped his niece on the shoulder, laying down so that she could mount him.

“Ooh… Uncle Richard… you’re ready already?!” the excited girl pulled her mouth off her stepfathers dick, “Don’t worry Daddy, I’m sure you’ll be ready soon too!” Smiling at her stepfather, she straddled her uncle’s lap and then looked down at him as she lowered her body onto his waiting cock. The older man groaned as he slide into that wet, warm haven.


Pearl started fucking him with abandon, her little breasts jiggling merrily on her chest as her stepfather stared at her lustfully, stepping forward to press his dick back into that open mouth. The girl moaned, eyes wide and excited as she rode her uncle, sucking her stepfather’s dick down her throat. He moaned as her rippling throat muscles played over his length.


Becca watched hungrily as the cocks disappeared into her holes, continuing to snap pictures of this lustful scene. Once again, she found herself wishing that she was the one with her pussy and mouth being filled. And then Chris stepped around to his step-daughter’s backside, caressing the firm curves of her ass, and she slowed her movements on his brother.

“Oh… yes Daddy! Put your cock in my asshole!!!! I’ve never had a cock there before!!!” Chris moaned in lust at the innocent look on his stepdaughter’s face as he pushed the head of his cock against her asshole.


“Ohhhh… it hurts Daddy…” indeed, her face was agonized as his dick inched into her tight backdoor.


“Be good little girl,” he told her, panting a little as he plundered her virgin ass, his entire length sliding slowly in, “it’ll start feeling good soon.”

The pretty girl photographing felt another stab of envy as Pearl was sandwiched between the two men… out of all the things she’d seen in her studio this was the one she was the most curious about. Even though she’d never had anything in her ass… neither had Pearl and she seemed to be enjoying it now that her stepfather was dragging his dick back out of her deflowered hole, before thrusting back in hard. Pearl groaned, her face a mixture of discomfort and lust.


Pumping her young body hard, the two men were in heaven, completely embedded in her tight holes. It seemed as though Pearl was enjoying it immensely too, her moans were filled with “Oh Daddy…” and “Uncle Richard…”. She seemed to get special pleasure out of emphasizing their relationship to her, liking the fact that this was taboo and dirty. Of course, some of the other things she was moaning were just as dirty, talking about how good their cocks felt, begging them to fuck her harder.

After so many sessions of people having sex, Becca was getting good at reading faces and she could tell that neither man was going to last long. Both of them were picking up the pace, slamming their cocks into Pearl’s body in unison so that she shrieked with pleasure.


Becca’s pussy tingled with envy as the pretty, young brunette started cumming loudly, jerking in between the two men. They in turn groaned loudly and thrust a few last times before holding her body hard, releasing their second loads into her tight holes. Pearl continued to orgasm throughout their own climaxes.


* * * * *

That night, for the first time, Becca tried to fit her vibrator into her ass. She only got it halfway in, the pain shooting through her stretched hole, but as she rubbed her clit with her fingers her orgasm was stronger than ever as the toy buzzed in her tighter hole.

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The Ordeal

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At one end of the long room was a dais and on it an imposing magisterial bench. Behind the bench there were two throne like chairs, and on the wall above them the golden crest of Philastan.

Below the dais at floor level was a long desk, behind which sat the two Clerks of the Ordeal Tribunal clad in their traditional dark blue robes, murmuring to each other and shuffling papers. Beyond them in the body of the room a number of green clad figures – Stewards of the Ordeal – sat or stood either in silence or whispering as they openly or surreptitiously looked at the two white robed figures seated in the front row.

Those in the white robes were a man and a woman; the woman very beautiful and the man, looking younger than the woman, bore a distinct facial resemblance to her. Their physiques could not be judged since the loose fitting robes allowed no clear view of their figures.

A door to the right of the dais opened and an Usher in the chocolate coloured robe of his office entered.

“All rise,” he called out, “The Tribunal of the Ordeal is now in session, Eminences Raka and Matia presiding.”

Two scarlet clad figures, the crest of Philastan embroidered on their left breasts, entered; a man and a woman who appeared to be in their fifties and of immense dignity and handsome looks, made their way to the two thrones.

As they stood before the thrones the usher continued, “The gods protect Philastan.”

All present responded, “The gods protect Philastan.”

Raka and Matia sat. Raka nodded to those assembled who also sat, and then leaned over the bench and said, “Master Clerk, the business.”

The clerk stood and said, “Eminences, Breni and Nurina have applied for incestuous hand fasting and the Registrar of Hand Fasting has requested that they be put to The Ordeal.” He handed Raka and Matia each a sheet of paper.

For a few moments Raka and Matia studied the papers in silence, and then Matia, looking at Breni and Nurina, “You are mother and son?”

Both replied, “Yes Eminence.”

“You have engaged in bodily union?”

“Yes, Eminence.”

“For how long?”

“For seven months, Eminence,” replied Nurina.

“How did your bodily union begin?”

“Eminence, we came upon each other naked and desired bodily union, and so I took Breni to my couch.” Matia sat back and Raki took up the questioning.

“As you know, in Philastan all bodily unions are accepted whether within hand fasting or not. Why then do you seek hand fasting?”

Nurina answered again, “Eminence, it is our desire that our bodily union should bring us progeny, but it is forbidden by Philastan law that progeny should be produced outside hand fasting.”

“It is well that you are aware this, Nurina and Breni, for you know what happens to progeny born outside hand fasting.”

“Yes Eminence; they are taken from their begetters at six years of age, and must serve all their lives as acolytes in the temples of the gods.”

“That is the law,” Raki said, and smiling grimly went on, “If you lived beyond the borders of Philastan in Atraps and had been detected engaging in incestuous bodily union you would have been tied facing each other and burned at the stake. But here in Philastan we are civilised.”

Matia commented, “Nurina, you have been hand fasted before.”

“Yes, Eminence.”

“And you are now unhand fasted?”

“Yes Eminence.”

“Unhand fasting is a serious matter, why did the Registrar of Hand Fasting permit you to be unhand fasted?”

The Clerks hunted through papers as Nurina replied, “The law of Philastan states that if one hand fast refuses bodily union to the other hand fast, then the Registrar may unhand fast them.”

“That is so…”

“Eminence;” the Clerk handed Matia a sheet of paper. She studied it for a few moments.

“I see the Registrar reports that your hand fast claimed that you are insatiable for bodily union.”

“Yes Eminence.”

“Your hand fast admitted he was unable to cope with your demands for bodily union and he had withdrawn from you. Ah, I see; the Registrar granted unhand fasting under the law which says that for bahis firmaları a hand fast to refused bodily union without reasonable excuse the hand fasting is null and void.”

“That is so, Eminence.”

“And Breni is able to sate you?”

“Yes, Eminence; he is the only male who has ever been able to do that.”

“And you, Breni, you can sate Nurina with pleasure and ease?”

“Yes Eminence, I love her.”

“Ah yes, love, we shall come to that.”

Matia glanced at Raki who nodded and called out, “Stewards of the Ordeal.”


“Lay bare Breni and Nurina.”

Two Stewards came forward. Breni and Nurina stood as the Stewards untied the cords that held their robes together. They stood naked.

Eminences, Clerks, Stewards gasped.

“You are both of great beauty,” Matia exclaimed; “Your breasts, Nurina, are like two halves of the fruit of the Ahab vine. And your phallus Breni is like the mighty Shofkah tossed by our young men at the Philastan Games to test their strength.”

“Is it not lust for Breni’s phallus that drives to ask for hand fasting, Nurina?” asked Raki.

“And you, Breni, is it not desire for Nurina’s breasts that urges you on?”

“Eminence,” protested Nurina, “I loved Breni in the womb, and have loved him unfailingly through his childhood and now in his manhood. It is true that I rejoice in his mighty phallus, but it is for love I join with him in bodily union.”

“Eminence, although Nurina is the only female who has been able to receive the fullness of my phallus, it is for love that I enter into her,” cried Breni.

“You have spoken much of love; have you both read the Sacred Scriptures of Philastan?”

“We have Eminence.”

“Breni, do you recall verse fifteen of chapter six in the Missive of Blessed Epithum, ‘Love can bear all things; love can forgive all things.”

“I have known it since Nurina taught it to me as a child,” Eminence.

And do you believe it?”

“Eminence, the Sacred Scriptures are from the gods; they cannot err.”

“Clearly you are a pious young man, so tell me, is there anything that Nurina could do that your love could not bear and your heart not forgive?”

“There is nothing, Eminence.”

“So you say…so you say.” Raki leaned back in his chair smiling ominously as Matia spoke.

“Breni, our learned Professors of Erosology tell us there is one thing that that few lovers can bear and forgive.”


“It is to see the beloved in bodily union with another.”

“But Eminence, if she has been overcome, if she is being forcibly…”

“Yes…yes Breni, I perceive you are a compassionate young man, but I am not speaking of force. I speak of her entering voluntarily into bodily union, and furthermore, delighting in that union. Would your love bear and forgive that?”

“Eminence, Nurina would never put me to such a test.”

“You think not; then let me explain. In the case of incestuous hand fasting it is written in our laws that the love the applicants claim to have for each other must be put to the test. The test is known as ‘The Ordeal.’ I emphasis that it is a test and not a punishment, and if you now revoke your application for hand fasting, then this Tribunal will come to an end; so how say you Breni and Nurina, do you revoke your application?”

“I cannot, I love Nurina, Eminence.”

“And I love Breni, Eminence.”

“Then I must tell you of what The Ordeal entails; Master Clerk.”


“Let them see the Room of Ordeal.”

The Clerk pressed a button on his desk and the floor between his desk and where Breni and Nurina stood slid away to reveal a large glass panel. Through the panel could be seen a small room in the middle of which was a large upholstered platform or couch.

Matia waited for a minute as Breni and Nurina looked down into the room, before she spoke.

“If you do not revoke your application for hand fasting, you, Nurina, will be taken to that room. There you will be laid on the Couch of Ordeal. Three young men, among the most potent in Philastan will attend you. They may do with you as kaçak iddaa they will short of causing pain or bodily harm.”

“If you struggle your application for hand fasting with Breni will be automatically rendered null and void.”

“You Breni will remain here to witness what is being done to Nurina. Over your ears will be placed audophrams so that you may hear as well as see what passes. You will be closely watched, and if you close your eyes for more than a blink your application for hand fasting will be rendered null and void. Do you both understand what I have said?”

“Yes Eminence.”

“Then I ask again, will you revoke your application for hand fasting?”

Breni and Nurina looked at each other. Nurina smiled and said, “Breni, if you can bear it, then so can I.”

“I can bear it, Nurina.”

Raki asked; “You are determined to proceed to The Ordeal?”

Together they answered, “We are, Eminence.”

“I must now tell you what happens after The Ordeal with the three young men. You, Breni, will be taken to join Nurina.

She will still have the bodily fluids of the young men within her, and you will smell the odours of their union with her. If she requests you to join her in bodily union you will immediately enter her and mingle your seed with that of the young men.”

“If you succeeded in all this we shall know that your love can bear all things and forgive all things. The Registrar of Hand Fasting will be summoned and you will be hand fasted.”

“Now is the last chance for you to revoke your application for hand fasting. If either one of you refuses to proceed with The Ordeal, then the matter is at an end and you will never be hand fasted. How do you now say?”

“Eminence, if Breni desires me to undertake The Ordeal, “then I go to it willingly,” replied Nurina firmly.

“Eminence if Nurina goes to The Ordeal willingly,” then my love can bear and forgive.”

“So be it. Stewards take…”

“One moment,” said Matia. “Nurina, have to taken your bar fluid today?”

“Yes Eminence.”

“It is as well; we do not desire any progeny to result from The Ordeal, it involves too much paperwork afterwards.”

“Take Nurina to The Room of Ordeal,” Raki continued, “and summon the young men to sport with her. May the gods be with you.”

All responded, “May the gods be with you.”

Nurina was escorted from the room to appear soon after in The Room of Ordeal. Audophrams were placed over Breni’s ears and proved so sensitive that he could hear Nurina breathing.

Further breathing was added as three naked young men entered the room. They lifted Nurina onto the Couch of Ordeal and joined her there. One young man began to kiss her; another played with her breasts and suckled her nipples, the third knelt between her parted legs and started to stroke her vulva.

Each young man took it in turns to stimulate various parts of Nurina’s body, and Breni could hear her starting to moan and whimper. One of the young men said, “She’s ready,” and Nurina was lifted up and made to sit on the edge of the couch with her legs parted and raised. They took it in turn to give her cunnilingus, and while one did this the other two continued to kiss her and play with her breasts. As each withdrew his tongue from her vagina Breni could see their faces gleaming with her female fluid.

Nurina’s cries rose in volume and as the third young man withdrew his tongue from her vagina she was drawn back into the middle of the couch. They spread her legs wide and one of them came over her.

Breni, in his agony, noticed that Nurina took hold of his penis and guided him into her. As the young man started to penetrate her Nurina began to cry out, “Yes…yes…oh gods…its happening…come into me…come with me…ah…aha…oh…yes…do it…I’m co…naaaeow…”

It was clear that the young man was realising his sperm into her, and she was clutching wildly at him and her legs had wound round him. His groans mingled with her now piercing screams of ecstasy.

Breni was sweating and tears of humiliation were streaming down his cheeks. “How can she…how can she,” he wailed.

The kaçak bahis young man finished and Breni could hear Nurina begging him, “Don’t stop…don’t stop…I’m still coming.”

Despite her pleas he did pull out of her and one of the others lay on his back. Nurina was lifted over him and brought to a kneeling position. The recumbent young man drew her face to his penis, and she took it into her mouth. The third young man knelt behind her and inserted his penis in her vagina.

Nurina, her mouth filled by the penis, could no longer be heard; only the gasps and groans of the young men.

The young man penetrating her from behind suddenly cried out, “By the gods,” and seizing her hips thrust deep into her, holding her to him tightly for a few seconds, and then rapidly moved back an forth.

Nurina was trembling violently as another orgasm washed over and through her.

Almost simultaneously the young man with the penis in her mouth gave an anguished yell, and holding her head tightly to him started to beat his seed into her mouth. Soon the glutinous fluid was oozing out of the corners of Nurina’s mouth and hanging from her chin in sticky strands.

There was a pause when they finished and then withdrawing from her the young men stood up. Looked down at the still recumbent Nurina for a moment, and then left laughing.

Breni could see the sperm dangling from Nurina’s chin, the saliva still drying on her nipples, and faint traces of sperm starting to ooze out of her vagina.

She had a bemused look on her face as she stared up at the glass panel. Breni, Their Eminences the Stewards and the Clerks stared back at her for a few moments, and then Raka said, “Take him down to her, and the gods be with you.”

“The gods be with you.”

Two Stewards escorted him out of the room, down a short flight of stairs and into The Room of Ordeal, then they left him.

He looked at Nurina who was still lying prone. The room was pervaded by the smell of bodily union and he could see more clearly the melange of sperm and lubricant clinging to her genitals and inner thighs, and she was still trying to swallow the residue of the sperm that had been injected into her mouth.

She looked at Breni imploringly, stretching out her arms invitingly.

Breni felt sick. He wanted to vomit as he said, “You enjoyed it…you wanted them to do it to you…you…you…”

“Darling, I couldn’t help it,” she said thickly, “but come to me…let us have bodily union…you said you could bear it…I need you…come…”

Breni slowly shook his head and Nurina started to wail, “I did it for you…for us…for our progeny…so that we can be hand fasted…”

Breni turned to leave the room and Nurina’s screams grew louder,

“Breni…darling…don’t leave me…Breni…Breni…Brian…please Brian…”

A voice, at first sounding a long way off but drawing nearer was calling, “Mother…mother…wake up mother, you’re having a dream.”

The Ordeal Room, the glass panel and the staring inhabitants of the room above faded. One face looked down at her.

“Brian…oh Brian…I had such an awful dream. I was…there were people…people looking…and…and you were leaving me.”

The face above her smiled and said, “Well I’m not leaving you and I’ve been with you all night.”

The face came nearer and she felt warm lips enclose hers. For a few moments a tongue probed into her mouth and a hand enclosed her breast.

“You just need your morning loving, mother.”

Fingers searched her genitals, penetrating her vagina.

“My God, mother, it must have been some dream, your saturated. I hope it was about me.”

“I think it was, but I’m not sure. Don’t make me wait, darling, I need you.”

She parted her legs and he came between them. As his penis entered her she asked, “Would you mind if I stopped taking the bar fluid?”

“The what?”

“The bar…I don’t know why I said that, I meant the pill.”

“You’re going to let me make a baby with you at last?”

“Yes; well it been seven months since we started to have bodily…making love, so why not?”

“That’s what I’ve been saying for a long time.”

“Oh Brian darling, that’s beautiful…ah…ah…do it again…harder…oh my darling…”

The dream was forgotten as Brian drove his young seed into her.

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Mr. Big Ch. 04

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4. Charlie’s Diner

Loretta left after breakfast. Actually, after a rather frantic goodbye fuck and breakfast, to be accurate. I’d woken up to the sound of Justine moving about in the kitchen, and the feeling of Loretta moving her mouth about on my cock. When my cock was soft, Loretta had found she could stuff all of it in her mouth, and one of her favorite tricks was to do this and see what happened next. This usually involved either me waking up, or my growing cock trying to force itself down her throat, or both. On that morning, she just waited until I was decently hard — or, given the size of my dick, maybe that was ‘indecently hard’ — before jumping aboard for a final ride.

You’ve seen those fairground rides where the girl sits astride the horse and it goes up and down on a pole as the carousel rotates? There was no rotation — at least not until the world started spinning for Loretta, around ten minutes later — but she was sitting astride her stallion and going up and down the pole. We never even said ‘good morning’. Halfway through the ride, the stallion became a bucking bronco as I thrust up hard into her wet and stretched cunt as she came down. She was trying hard for orgasm number three when it all became too much for me and I failed to make her pregnant for the hundredth time. I had to finish her with my fingers on her clit.

“Coffee?” Justine said breezily, coming in with a tray. She had on a little wrap-over and, I thought, looked cute — if a woman in her mid-forties is allowed to be cute. No-one would ever have known that she’d been riding a twelve-inch dick and screaming obscenities the night before as she came like someone receiving ECT.

“Morning, sweetie,” Loretta panted, still straddling my hips, perspiration running down her face. “I just — just needed one last ride. Hope — hope you don’t mind.”

Justine smiled. “Hey, Loretta, Tommy’s not my property. He’s been your fuck-toy for a while now, and if you need to use him, he’s yours any time. Me, I may have to ration my usage of this particular rampant rabbit. I’m still a little sore from last night. That second time was a bit brutal.”

So after Justine had ridden me and had her first mega-orgasm, and we’d all had time to recover, Loretta had started kissing Justine again. I’d watched as they slipped into a hot sixty-nine, with Justine on top. Actually, I’d watched until the sight of two horny MILFs making out, and the sound of them both moaning, had made me massively horny again, and then I’d used the resulting massive horn on them both, starting this time with Justine. I’d guessed — rightly — that her previously-tight little cunt would be rather more stretched and open than when I’d first gone in, and it only took around five minutes of enthusiastic fucking before Justine’s fuses blew again. I carried on, but she’d begged me to stop after a while, and as she’d slumped over onto the bed, still trembling slightly, I’d just climbed between Loretta’s open thighs and let her have it, hard and deep. At one point, I noticed Justine covering her ears as Loretta shrieked and screamed and swore and moaned her way through an orgasm that must have gone on for about a minute. It was still rolling when I pulled my cock out — followed by a thick stream of cum that I’d deposited there at least a half-minute earlier.

As I said, after some very full-on kisses from both of us, Loretta drove off. I put my arm around Justine and we went indoors. I asked her about jobs around the house that needed doing, and she gave me a list. I set to; fixing a damaged shutter, lifting some broken paving stones and replacing them, painting the porch, mending a table-lamp that had stopped working, putting down some flooring in the loft so she could stow some more of Mark’s gear. After two days, I’d exhausted Justine’s list — and after two more nights, I think I’d exhausted Justine. She’d learned to relax a little more when I started to push my cock into her, and she seemed to come just as easily as Loretta — maybe even more easily. But, on the Thursday night, she asked if I could just eat her pussy.

“Tommy, baby, it feels great when you fuck me. I mean, truly great. I confess I have never been fucked like that before, and it’s thrilling. Only — only this old lady is now feeling a little tender. If we could keep the frantic fucking down to maybe just two or three times a week for a little while, maybe my pussy will adapt more easily. I love it that you make me come so strongly, but afterwards, I’m a little sore and rather exhausted. I nearly fell asleep at work today. Can we maybe see if we can get each other off with our mouths and hands tonight? Then, at the weekend, we can perhaps do it some more?”

Justine couldn’t suck my cock as deeply as Loretta had done, but her technique was excellent. She licked my balls and rimmed my asshole and ran her tongue up and down, and then finished me off with her tongue swirling around my cock-head while she sucked quite hard. I let her ride my bahis firmaları face again until she was bucking around, bouncing on my fingers up her cunt and ass.

As we lay together on the bed afterwards, her head resting on my shoulder, I thought it was a good time to ask about the ‘Mark thing’. Justine smiled — a little wistfully, I thought.

“I can see how it could look like incest and a little gross, but it isn’t really. See, Mark was an orphan adopted by my late husband. Sure, he called me ‘mom’ because I treated him like my son, but we’re no more related than you and me. So after I lost my second husband, I was an emotional wreck and I wasn’t ready to go back to dating for the third time or resorting to Tinder. Anyway, Mark provided a lot of emotional support, and we got close: about as close as you can get, I guess. One night I was feeling low, so I’d had a lot to drink and I started crying. Mark held me. Then we started kissing. The kisses got hotter, and then our relationship kinda shifted. I taught him a lot, and he pleased me when I most needed it. Those English girls are in for a treat. He’s not hung like you — shit, I’d have to go the zoo to see a cock bigger than yours — but he has enough meat to satisfy an old lady, and he’s very good-looking. And that boy eats pussy like it was chocolate dessert and can fuck for hours without coming. He gave his old mom her life back. You’re doing a great job, Tommy boy, but I guess it’s a little like a diet. Mark’s portion-control was just right. Sometimes your servings are just a little too large. But hey, when I’m hungry…”

The problem was, I’d gotten used to Loretta’s appetites and her apparently-insatiable desire for my cock. I’d gone from a complete sexual desert to a world running not so much with milk and honey as with cum and woman-juice. Even with the difficulties of trying to meet up with a married woman whilst living at home, I’d usually managed to meet Loretta to fuck at least six or seven times a week — and make her come at least twice each time. And it seemed like we’d hardly stopped fucking on our road trip. If Justine’s more-delicate woman parts couldn’t take the pounding I was used to handing out, life could, I felt, get a little frustrating.

Anyway, on Friday afternoon, I showed up at the diner ten minutes earlier than requested. Charlie saw me and headed over.

“Hey, Johnny, isn’t it?”

“Er, Tommy, sir,” I replied.

“Great, yeah, Tommy. I remember now. OK, so have you ever waited tables before?”

“No sir, but I’m very ready to try.”

“OK. So first, let me introduce you to our staff and see how they feel about me hiring you.” He took me into the kitchen. “This is Pattie,” he said, introducing a rather motherly lady in, I guessed, her early fifties. She was talking to a younger woman, who had her back to us, standing by a sink. “Pattie, this is Tommy. He’s looking for a job.”

Pattie turned to look at me. She had a kinda grouchy expression on her face, which seemed to change to a broad smile as soon as she saw me. “Hey, Tommy. I’m Pattie. Appropriate name for a gal who flips burgers, dontcha think? You here to wait tables? Sorry, I can’t shake hands right now — I’m preparing food.”

“Yes, ma’am, assuming Charlie and you are happy to take me.”

The younger woman turned around, and I saw that she was quite a lot younger — and rather cute. She looked like a Latina, judging by her coloring, and had a pretty face and nice curves.

“Hey, do I get a say too? I’m Rosa,” she said, coming up and extending a hand. She was also smiling. I thought that the smiles all around were a good sign.

“Well, ladies, what do you think?” Charlie seemed to be in a hurry to get approval.

Rosa looked me up and down, her hands on her hips. They were nice hips. She looked kinda sexy in her waitress outfit — a smart, short-sleeved blouse and tight skirt, with a little apron across the front. Her smile had a friendly look to it. I decided that I liked Rosa.

“When Charlie said he was going to hire some more help to replace Jackie, I thought he was going to get another girl. I think it’ll be nice to have a guy working here — especially a big, strong guy who can deal with any difficult jerks we get in here. You can do that, can’t you?”

“Sure. I mean, I’m a pretty placid kind of guy, and I don’t get angry much, but I played football at school and also did some martial arts, so I can handle myself.”

“Rosa likes to smile at the guys; she gets bigger tips that way. Sometimes she gets some unwanted attention when the guys don’t quite understand. Think you can deal with that? Only I’m not as fit as I used to be.” Charlie ran a pudgy hand over his balding head. “I can shout at them, but I don’t think I’m that frightening, and if I bring the shotgun out from behind the counter, the regular patrons get a little spooked.”

“Sure, sir, I think I can deal with any troublemakers.”

“I think you might stir up a little trouble yourself,” Pattie said with a wink.

“Sorry, kaçak iddaa ma’am?”

Pattie smiled. “We get quite a few groups in her — tables of guys, tables of women. The guys seem to like Rosa. I just think the ladies may be interested in our new recruit. Or was that your idea, Charlie, you crafty dog?”

Charlie chuckled. “Now Pattie, you may have hit on something there.” He turned to me. “OK son, I need to measure you up for a uniform. I don’t think you’re my size, and Jackie’s old blouse won’t fit you either. I can pay you eight bucks an hour to start with. I know it’s not much, but you get to keep all your tips. Charm the ladies — I’m sure you know how to do that — and they’ll be generous. As you’re at college, I’d expect you to work four to five hours in the evening — seven to eleven, midnight on Fridays and Saturdays — and you’ll get two, maybe three days off a week. I have two other staff members who help out during the week and sometimes at weekends. You may have to take your turn working in the kitchen; Pattie’ll show you the ropes. Now, do you have a smart, plain, short-sleeved shirt and some dark pants?”

“Well, yes sir, but…”

“Good. How about you start this evening? Maybe do the seven-’til-midnight shift? Wear the shirt and pants until I can get you some standard-issue; I’ll give you an apron to protect your clothes. Arrive around six so we can show you around. Now, come this way and I’ll find out your size. My guess is XXL.”

“See you later,” Pattie and Rosa chorused with a smile and a wave. As I looked back, I saw them grin at each other. I thought I’d probably like working there.

So I turned up in a crisp, pale-blue shirt I’d worn for a couple of things at school and a pair of chinos. Charlie gave me a dark apron and a hand-written badge saying “Tommy — trainee”. Rosa showed me how to note the orders down, how to bring them to Pattie, how to spot the signal that orders were ready and so on. She showed me how to work the card machine and what to do about cash. Pattie took me through the rudiments of flipping burgers, cooking fries and ribs, heating sauces, checking on the salad bar and making sure everything was replenished.

Charlie took me through the drinks side of things. If the place was busy, I was allowed to pour soft drinks and carry beers and cocktails to tables, to serve glasses of wine and to deliver and open full bottles. Charlie looked after the bar, and any cocktail mixing or pouring beer was to be left to him. I was shown how to do the ‘tasting ritual’ that always accompanied opening a bottle of wine, how to pour, how to set up an ice bucket if one was requested. And then I was let loose.

With just an hour’s training, mishaps were inevitable. However, I smiled a lot, and it all seemed to go pretty well. At midnight, I’d made forty bucks in wages and double that in tips — not bad for a first night. I went home, happy but exhausted.

That first week was busy. Charlie knew I was doing this to pay my way through college, so he was fairly flexible. I said I’d like to work every night for that week, then maybe only three or four nights a week after the college semester started. That would give me time to focus on my studies, and also to keep Justine happy. He wanted me in for more nights, but we agreed that three or sometimes four would have to do.

I barely saw Justine on that first weekend. I worked a long shift on Saturday, and then an extra-long one on Sunday — noon ’til eleven — to cater for the folk who liked to go out for lunch. Justine had, however, anticipated my regular absences at the diner. On Sunday morning, around eight, she came into my room wearing sexy lingerie and stockings, leaned back against the small desk and asked: “OK Mr. Big Dick, what are you gonna do to me?” What I did to her was get her panties off, ate her pussy until she was almost screaming, and then bent her over the desk and carefully inserted my Big Dick into her Tight Cunt — I told her that’s what I was doing, and she gave a little shiver. She still wasn’t able to take a good, hard fucking in the way that Loretta enjoyed, so we had to build up slowly, and I nearly came a couple of times before I got her off. It was a nice fuck, but not as roaring-in-the-ears powerful as the debauched stuff I’d been doing with Loretta.

The first week at college was easy enough. It was mostly about attending a few introductory classes, getting to know the teachers and my fellow students, and signing up for societies and teams. The football team took one look at me and said “OK, you’re in.” I decided I should give martial arts another try, so I signed up for Taekwondo. Otherwise, I felt I wouldn’t have the time for anything else. The girls on the acapella singing stand seemed to really want me to join them. “We need someone with a good, powerful — er — bass voice,” a cute blonde said. “I’m sure you’d fit in so, so well.” I smiled and said I couldn’t sing, but I’d be looking out for their performances. I also checked out the cheerleading kaçak bahis team. Yes, I thought I’d enjoy football.

But Charlie was eager for me to work the diner as much as possible, and to be honest, I needed the money. I had to pay for insurance and gas for the SUV, and a service — I hadn’t realized it had just stood there since Mark had left. So even though Justine had waived the next month’s rent because of my performance that first time, I wasn’t exactly broke, but I could just about pay my bills. I was pleased that the tips at the diner seemed very good. At first, Pattie had insisted that Rosa and I should take turns in the kitchen, so she could get access to the tips. However, her food was much better than ours — at least, much better than I could cook up — and Rosa and I seemed to receive more generous tips than Pattie ever saw.

After a couple of rather unsuccessful evenings, I suggested a deal. The two of us would work the tables, and Pattie would cook. If Rosa served the mostly-male groups and I served the mostly-female ones, we could probably manage a very good take by the end of the evening. We put a tips box behind the counter, and all agreed to be honest about splitting the joint proceeds three ways. It was a system that worked well — for quite a while.

However, there was a complication. Rosa, who I guess was in her late twenties, seemed to be attracted to me — and, to be fair, me to her. The only problem was that Rosa was married. At first, she’d hinted that she would sometimes get a little ‘juiced up’, flirting with the male customers. Generally, they all understood the term ‘sexual harassment’ and followed the simple rule of ‘look but don’t touch’. But Rosa found that there were some guys that she would like to touch her, and it was becoming frustrating for her. What was worse was that her husband often worked away during the week. She said she loved him, but it was difficult, getting home around midnight, horny from all the eye contact and suggestive talk, and then having nothing but some plastic to relieve the tension.

When I’d started at the diner, I think she thought we could have some fun together. However, I didn’t want to get involved with another married woman. Her husband, Raoul, worked in a construction company with Rosa’s two brothers. Apparently, a few months before I’d arrived, Rosa had had some trouble with a jerk who wouldn’t take no for an answer. Charlie had called Raoul’s cellphone, and ten minutes later, Raoul and the two brothers arrived and took the abusive asshole outside. No-one ever saw him again. Now there could be many reasons for this, but I understood the message loud and clear.

This didn’t stop Rosa from flirting with me, and to be fair, I flirted back a little. Sometimes, when things were quiet, we went out around back for a little kiss and cuddle. Rosa particularly liked me to cuddle her lovely titties. Some nights, she’d ‘forget’ to wear a bra, and her prominent nipples would be one of the weapons she’d use to extract large tips from the boys. For me, it was easy to unbutton her blouse a little to allow access to a hand or some lips. Her nipples were very sensitive. She’d told me her husband could sometimes make her come from just licking and sucking her nipples, but so far, we hadn’t had enough free time together for me to see if I could reproduce that feat.

And although she’d tried, I hadn’t let her get her hand down my pants. Honestly, it’s bad enough flirting with a table full of attractive ladies and trying to stave off a huge boner, but if Rosa had gotten hold of my dick, she may have screamed, or she may have got it to a size I couldn’t disguise under the short apron, and then left me to suffer for the rest of the evening. So I contented myself with some hot, Latin kisses, the feel of some excellent firm titties, a suck on a nipple and — if we were very quiet and Rosa was particularly horny — playing with her wet slit, on a couple of occasions until she came.

She, of course, invited me back to her place when her husband was away, but as attractive as she was, I said I really shouldn’t get sexually involved with her; it was bound to end badly. There were times when she didn’t take this well. She even accused me of being gay or having a very small dick that I was embarrassed about. If only she knew.

Then one night I was there before her. She arrived wearing a loose t-shirt and baggy jeans — not at all the way she liked to dress at the diner. Through the window, I saw her kiss three Latino guys. None of them was as tall as me, but they were all built like tanks. I guessed that these were the husband and the brothers, and my views on avoiding sexual involvement with Rosa were reinforced.

She came in, changed into her waitress outfit — no bra again and a particularly short skirt, I noticed — and then proceeded to flirt not just with the customers but with me. “Raoul’s truck got smashed up and he has to go to a job way up the coast for a few days, so he’s taken my car and I’m all alone for a few days. Oh, and I’m not sure how I’ll get home.” Her smile would have been described by any independent observer as ‘naughty’. “Tommy, could you please give me a ride later? I could — maybe — give you a ride in return?”

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Moving Violations

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She had been misbehaving earlier that day, indulging herself at the adult toy store, so when her husband came home staggering drunk she wasn’t that put off.

“The party spilled over from the night before and they wouldn’t let me leave!” he confessed, then stretched out on the couch and promptly fell asleep.

She resumed her work on the computer.

It had been about an hour when she leapt up with a jolt. She could hear her phone as plain as day and wanted to silence it lest it wake him. She fished it from her purse and paused… there was no sound other than the soothing voices of golf commentators coming from the television. She glanced down at the phone’s display: “you have 1 message.”

She laughed quietly to herself for two reasons. First, because she had the phone set on mute for texts – it was her intuition calling, and secondly, because with out even looking at the message she knew who it was from. She checked. It was from her lover – a simple winking emoticon sent only 1 minute ago. She wouldn’t go so far as to call it a psychic connection, but it was spooky at times how in tune she was to him.

“Hello sexy” she replied. She described the state of her husband.

“I’ll come over. Do you upstairs.”

“Too dangerous… In the garage.”

“The garage isn’t dangerous?”

“It’s outside. No squeaking bed, no squealing me.”


“Come now” she demanded… There was silence.

“Tempted, aren’t you?” she plied.

“Someone’s horny”

“I am. Or I can go for a walk. I know a park with a tiny parking lot.”… There was more silence.

“Or tomorrow daytime,” she offered as an alternative.

“No one around?”

“No. I’ll be all alone from 10-6.”

“I meant the parking lot.”

She chuckled. Apparently he had to work the day shift and it could be several days before their schedules synched up again. He didn’t want to have to wait either.

“Yes. It’s tiny and in a residential area where you’d have to live to even know it existed.”

“Wait for dark?”

“No. I can’t justify going for a walk after dark – too suspicious.”

“I’m coming now.”

“I’ll get my walking gear.”

“A skirt? ;)”

“Not practical :P” she laughed.

She skipped up the stairs to change into her track pants and hoodie. On her way out the door she left a note: ‘Taking that walk while it’s still daylight.”

She grabbed her phone, ear buds and keys then headed out the door.

She had just rounded the corner and had gotten about four blocks from the house when he pulled up. Wow… he was in a hurry! Normally she would have gotten ten blocks or so before he found her. She climbed in and directed him to their destination.

He took her hand as they drove. She didn’t think anything of it until she realized that they had been interlacing and stroking each other’s fingers tenderly. She grinned at him. He smiled as the same thought crossed his mind, “oops – too affectionate.” He pulled her hand to his crotch. Still in traffic, he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his stiffening cock.

It wasn’t easy to give a hand job as they drove. Most of his length was out of reach in his jeans. She forced her hand deeper and gave his shaft a squeeze. There was no room for movement. She pulled her hand out and contented herself by playing with his last two exposed inches. Her hand didn’t slide smoothly so she wet her fingers and, with the lightest touch, swirled her finger tips over the head of his cock, petting the underside and feeling his contours and ridges.

He didn’t exactly stop short as they came to the last major intersection but he wasn’t accelerating-decelerating güvenilir bahis as smoothly as he normally would. “It’s hard to concentrate,” he chuckled.

“I can imagine.”

As they pulled up to where the parking lot entrance aught to be she pouted. It was chained off and a sign read “Closed For Winter”. “I’m sorry. Google map didn’t say anything about that.” She thought for a moment. “I know another parking lot, similarly private.” She tucked him back into his jeans and gave him a pat. “It’s a bit of a drive.”

If she wasn’t going to give him a rub, at least he could take her on. As they drove he slid his hands between here legs and pressed her labia through her clingy track pants. She moaned approvingly and spread her legs to better accommodate him.

It was still very bright out and the sun wouldn’t set for at least another hour.

Forget being a lady, that’s not what an encounter like this was for. She reached down and worked her hand into her track pants and under her panties. Though the fabric she let him feel her fingers moving, pleasuring herself under the pressure of his hand. She closed her eyes as they drove, conscious that she should be aware of where they were for when the time came for direction, but willing herself to let go between intersections.

She was becoming sensitive and pulled her hand out, petting his wrist instead and inviting him to taker her place. His fingers parted her pussy lips and he found her warm and slick. He strummed her clit and she purred.

He pressed deeper into her pants. He couldn’t reach very far while still sitting up, his eyes on the road ahead and his other hand gripping the steering wheel firmly. She bucked her hips, gyrating so that his fingers penetrated her over and over, just stretching her opening. Her own hand was in her pants already, holding the waistband up to make it easier for him. She pressed in under his palm and as his fingers churned just in side of her, she fluttered her clit. Release was not long. She took her hand away to grip his wrist and still him for a moment before letting him resume his attention.

The sound of her wetness and her sighs filled the car. She wondered if her noises ever came across as too much showmanship but when he slid his hand back up towards her clit the gasp was genuine. Her mewing was as much for her as him.

“Damn it! That park is closed to traffic too!” Both lots were so tiny the municipality deemed them insignificant for maintenance. Plus, and it occurred to her, both had long, very steep driveways leading down into the ravine to be near the river that bisected the city. The hills could potentially ice up, trapping cars below. They drove on.

“Your turn. I’m two for two strikes.”

“I really don’t know,” he stumbled. He was content to be fingering her sex for now.

She leaned back for a moment to think. She watched all the cars going by and smiled at their naughty behaviour. She noted his speed and chuckled inwardly. He was keeping it just at or just below the speed limit. No one drove the speed limit around here. She spread here knees a little farther.

“There is one more place… are you familiar with the art campus?” she asked.

“Not really.” He bit his lip. They both wanted to find a destination and soon.

She directed him further south.

When they reached the entrance to the grounds he had to take his hand away to negotiate the curves. He was driving with the first two fingers of his right hand held away from the steering wheel. This was a shared vehicle, heaven forbid some of her DNA be left behind. The thought made her smile.

The campus was up on a hill, surrounded by pristine türkçe bahis natural park landscapes. There was a road that circled around the buildings and several small parking lots tucked into the trees, each one held a couple cars. They opted to park in the last lot. Once they were finally stopped he reached into the back seat to grab a tissue. She cocked her brow at him as he wiped his fingers clean and he shrugged.

There were two other cars here as well. Both had occupants. One appeared to simply be waiting, probably for a student. The other car was running and the windows were completely steamed up. It wasn’t that cold out, she thought and a naughty idea came to mind. Dogging – She knew there was a subculture of it in the city, having seen the postings for such events online, but she’d never knowingly stumbled upon it until now. Perhaps the first car was an observer?

They opted to take a stroll into the woods rather than linger here. As they picked their way along a springtime muddy trail she shared her hypothesis about the two cars. “No!” he said incredulously.

“Yep. Apparently this sort of gathering is a lot more common than you might think. Not really my cup of tea, but to each their own.” Besides, who was she to sit in judgment of strangers in a car while she, herself, was eagerly making her way through the brush for some naughty upside a tree action?

She kept looking over her shoulder to check the distance they were putting between themselves and the parked cars. As soon as the cars were completely out of sight she headed for the first large tree she spotted. Even with the comfortable distance between them and the lot, she opted to position the tree between themselves and any would-be spectators.

It was still very light out. To the west the forest dropped away down a steep slope to the river below. To the north the terrain ambled away, there was the winding path, a footbridge and more wood. While they had been making their way in, a train had rumbled by to the east. She knew it would be fenced off from the public and any residential property would be on the far side. They could see clearly in all directions and knew they were quite alone here in the woods.

She pulled him close for a kiss and caught herself humming her pleasure again even at the simple taste of his mouth.

Her fingers fumbled at his jeans until she got the top button loose. His hands came to her aid and he undid his jeans the rest of the way. She reached in to grip him the way she wished she could have held him before. He was hard and thick, pulsing under her touch.

With her back to the tree she carefully lowered herself into a squatting position in front of him. Her mouth teased him, wetting him, taking in a little more of with each pass, but not fast enough for his liking. He took her by the back of the head and pressed her all the way down, only releasing her when she started to struggle. His rough play always turned her on. She picked up the pace and started to give him some more enthusiastic attention, letting the head of his cock thud against her soft pallet. Usually a silent partner the sensation made him moan.

Rising from her squat she came up for a kiss. “Do you want to fuck me?” she breathed into his neck. She wasn’t one for words either. Her attempt at talking dirty amused him.


She reached into her pocket and brought out a condom – her treat this time. She tore open the foil and positioned it over his cock, gently rolling it down his shaft. Once dressed, she gave him once more squeeze then turned and presented her ass. She was leaning against the tree with her back arched but he wasn’t satisfied. He smacked her güvenilir bahis siteleri ass and firmly pushed her shoulders down until she was in a deep bend. The tree was hard and rough against her shoulder, especially when he started to drive into her. She struggled to brace herself from the blows, putting her arm between her and the tree.

Even in the cover of night their outdoor play was usually rushed, not for any lack of time, but because the excitement of these meetings always pushed them to the edge that much faster. Here in the early dusk light in the woods there seemed to be less urgency. While hanging upside down with her back to the tree she could look between her own legs up at his. They were spread and flexing as he moved in her, his jeans bunching just above his knees. She knew his view was no less indulgent. She felt his hands sliding over the small of her back and landing small smacks on her white, fleshy bottom.

She attempted to pull herself up right for a moment but he was having none of that. He shoved her down again, her other shoulder being jammed into the tree, and she gasped. Taking her firmly by the hips he began to fuck her with longer, more forceful strokes. She moaned and gave into him, letting her back release so that she hung lower. She reached back with her free hand and he took it, pulling her arm back and pinning it to the small of her back. It wasn’t long before she was trembling in a full-blown orgasm that shook her to the core. He pressed in deep and stilled, enjoying her involuntary spasms. When she caught her breath again he resumed his assault.

It was his turn to give into his own needs. Aggressively he pounded into her until, with the smallest growl escaping his lips, he stepped away.

His exit was so abrupt she thought for sure someone was coming upon their scene. She stood and pulled up her pants. There was no one else. She turned to face him.

“Get on your knees.” It wasn’t a request. She smiled her approval at his dominance and did as she was told.

Knowing better that to try and offer head, she look up at him, hiding her smile and opening her mouth.

“That’s good,” he praised while stroking his cock. A moment later he grabbed her head again and buried his cock in her mouth. He came hard and copiously down her throat and she was forced to swallow quickly. She pulled away just long enough to take a breath then took him back into her mouth to finish sucking him. Her gentler manipulations against his sensitive flesh made him wince.

She stood and they embraced. She sprinkled his lips with little kisses, flicking the tip of her tongue over his lips and brushing his tongue. He always humoured her mouth after using it, but she knew that he appreciated her swallowing first. Their’s was a give and take arrangement. As much as she loved being controlled, this was her little piece of dominance over him.

“That was fun,” she sighed.

“It was. Thank you.”

“I’m going to need a favour now. Can I get a lift back home?”

He laughed. “Sure, I can do that.”

On the way back they made small talk. “What will you say about those bruises?” he asked.

She smiled. She liked the fact that he recognized that their play was sometimes painful. He knew she would say so if it ever got too rough. “They may or may not surface. And besides, I’m a bit of a clutz. I’ve always got mystery bruises rising to the surface here and there.”

She had him drop her off a block from home, just far enough for her skin to cool. She was supposed to be out for a chilly evening walk after all. Before leaving his car she stole one last kiss. It was a dangerous move, knowing someone might see, but she didn’t care.

She returned home to find her husband had woke and was most of the way through preparing dinner.

“How was the walk?” he asked.

“It was a lovely evening for a walk in the park,” she admitted.

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Moving In

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I first saw Ann when I was carrying groceries into my apartment. She was moving in. I live in one of those horseshoe apartment buildings, with an open courtyard in the middle. Pool, BBQ pit, nice place. Anyway, I was balancing my groceries on my knee and unlocking my door when I heard the commotion. I turned to look and all I saw was her tan legs and blue running shorts. She was bent over, trying to pull something up the stairs. Quite a view of an incredible ass, I thought as I dropped my groceries and ran over to help.

“Oh! Um, thanks,” she said, breathing heavily from the effort. A light sheen of sweat glistened on her forehead, plastering her blonde hair down. “My friend crapped out on me, and I’m stuck trying to get everything moved in myself.”

I told her it was no problem, and let’s get the loveseat up the stairs and into her apartment, then let me get my groceries put away and I’d help. Hell yeah, I’d help! She was hot, and anything I could do to get in good with a woman like that, I was down for it! We got her loveseat into her place, then she came with me to get a glass of water while I put my stuff away. Thank God I cleaned the place up the day before, because I’m not exactly neat. Anyway, she finished her water and I finished my groceries, and we headed down to the street where her moving van was parked.

She had a few big things left, including her dresser, bed, and a couple of tables. Some boxes, and what looked like garment bags.

“I am, well I was, a model. But I’m going to law school now.” She told me about how she dropped out of high school as a freshman and had private tutors while she traveled to photo shoots. Turns out, I had, um, well, pleasured myself to her pictures for about the past six years or so. I didn’t tell her that, but seeing her just inches away, and knowing she was going to be my neighbor, I had trouble hiding my erection!

We spent the next two hours or so getting everything moved out of her van and into the apartment, just two doors down from me. I helped her get everything situated, then drove with her to return the van. We stopped on the way back to our apartment complex for a beer, her treat, before getting home and ordering a pizza. We ate and talked as I helped her unpack her kitchen and get her bed put together. Watching her fall back on it once it was all assembled, I almost lost it. So glad she had her eyes closed, so I could adjust my cock and pinch just below the head to keep from cumming. By the time she was ready to call it a day, it was almost ten at night. I offered her a cup of coffee and a movie at my apartment, but she told me she was too tired. She did give me a big hug for helping her, and the feeling of her perfect breasts, 34-C according to her model data sheets, kept me wide awake all night long.

A couple of days went by before I see her again. I swim every morning in the dinky pool we have. Twenty meters long, so I have to do a lot of laps to get anything out of it. It keeps me in shape, though, especially when I mix it with running several miles every afternoon and weights at the campus gym three nights a week. Anyway, she came out to go for a morning run just as I was getting out of the pool.

“Hey, Ann! Getting settled?”

“Yeah, getting there. You swim in that pool?”

“Well, I flip a lot more than a regular pool, but it helps. Swim for an hour every morning, and even in this little thing I get a decent workout.”

“Oh, okay. Well, I better go on my run. I have an appointment at the law school at nine.”

“Want some company? I usually run in the afternoons, but you don’t know your way around yet.”

“No, I want to get going, and you’ll be a few minutes. Besides, you just swam, you wouldn’t be able to keep up!” She smiled and hit play on her iPod and started trotting, looking back and smiling before she left the courtyard. This time, there was nothing I could do about my hard-on: She was wearing those same blue shorts!

Friday rolled bahis firmaları around, and every Friday some neighbors and I usually fire up the grill. I hadn’t seen Ann too much, but once she smelled the charcoal she popped her head out of the door and asked what she should bring.

“Whatever you want to eat and your sweet self,” I shouted, instantly beating my ass for saying that. She laughed, though, and turned to grab something from the fridge. I watched as she turned, and maybe it was just my wishful thinking, but I got the idea there was no underwear under her shorts. Not the blue ones, though. If it were the blue, I think I could’ve seen.

She brought down two big porterhouse steaks. “One for my moving buddy,” she smiled as she handed it over. Good thing, too. I was starving and my pork spareribs just took a tumble in the dirt. I cooked the steaks, the last items to come off the grill. Someone else had made corn and a salad, and Ann & I settled in for a nice steak dinner with the neighbors. She sat across from me and we talked, laughed, made a little eye contact. I offered her a beer and she gratefully took it, sucking down half of the very hoppy IPA I brought down for the meal. She look ed at the label and commented on it, which got me going. I’m a beer snob, and once I get going on it I just can’t shut up. We talked about beer for a few minutes as we ate, the neighbors either quieting down and listening, or maybe they just faded away, as all I heard was Ann talking, eating, and nothing else.

I finished my steak and leaned back, resting my hand on the table as I turned slightly to face the rest of the assembled group. Ann picked up my plate and stacked it before returning to her seat. Her hand brushed against mine and I turned to catch a slight smile on her lips as she sat. I smiled back, feeling almost shy. After about 20 minutes, I finished my beer and noticed Ann was finishing hers.

“Want to help me with these dishes and grab another beer?” She jumped up and grabbed the dishes as I collected the empty bottles and motioned for her to lead the way. She walked up the stairs, giving me another fantastic view of her magnificent figure, and of course I tripped. I dropped the bottles, and I swear this was an accident… I ended up with my arms around her waist and my face pressed up against her ass. We both laughed as I turned beet red and collected the bottles, and this time I led the way lest I trip again.

She deposited the dishes in my sink as I opened the beer fridge and displayed my selection. She oohed and ahhed as she bent over to look at all the shelves and types of beers I had. Naturally, my eyes were all over her body, and I didn’t notice her looking up at me for a few seconds. Again, I turned beet red as she laughed and shook her ass at me.

“You seem to have a thing for my ass.” Oh, she had no idea how right she was! She grabbed two beers and stood up to face me. “How about that run you promised me?”

“Now? We’re kinda full of steak.” She moved closer to me, close enough that I could smell the sun on her skin.

“Then let’s drink these and decide what to do for the rest of the evening.” Words I had dreamed of hearing from her mouth for years, and here she is, uttering them to me. She smiled as she held up the two bottles and motioned to the couch. I closed the fridge and opened the bottles, handing her one as we walked to the couch. She moved over to look through my DVD collection. Oh, shit… I have two porno discs in there. She’s going to find them, and in a moment she does. Thankfully, she just “Hmm”s as she skips over them to pick a decent action film. I power up the DVD player and TV as she puts the disc in, then settles down on the couch next to me. The movie begins, but neither of us are really paying attention. She brushed my leg with her hand, I brushed her hand with mine. During the slow scene in the movie, she rested her head on my shoulder, grabbing my hand and putting my arm around her.

We kaçak iddaa stayed that way through the rest of the film and through the credits before I decided it was time to make my move. I shifted slightly, prompting her to move her head and giving me the opportunity to touch her chin. I brought her lips to mine for a short, sweet kiss. She responds by returning the kiss, turning her body to mine and laying on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her and began rubbing her back as we kissed on the couch. My hands started pushing up the back of her shirt, one hand rubbing her bare back as my other hand pushed down to her perfect, shapely ass, the ass dreams are made of. My cock was throbbing, straining to get out of my shorts, and I knew she could feel it. Her breathing got deeper, harder as she raised her body up to straddle me. As she moved, I pushed the front of her shirt off, and she helped me peel it off along with her bra. I began squeezing her breasts, sucking and licking the smooth, soft nipples and feeling them harden. She ground her crotch into mine lightly as I played with her breasts and her hands held me against her. I broke away from her breasts long enough to pull her lips down to mine, stopping for a moment to take my own shirt off. Skin to skin, we kissed on the couch for a while before our hands found their way to each other’s pants.

She stood, my hands fidgeting with the button holding her shorts closed, and she let me undo it. I began sliding her shorts off but she stopped me, instead turning her back to me and bending over, showing my that perfect ass. Her pussy peeked out from between her thighs, damp already, before she stood and turned back to me. She smiled and moved to one side, sitting on the couch and motioning for me to strip for her. I slowly unbuttoned my shorts, trying to be sexy as I slid my clothes off. My cock sprang out of my shorts, slapping me in the stomach as I bent down to step out of my clothes. She giggled softly before I heard her suck in her breath. I felt her hand grab my cock as she pulled me closer.

Positioning herself on the couch, she leaned forward and stroked my cock a little. Short strokes at the base as she looked at the crimson head. I closed my eyes as she moved her face closer, and I felt her tongue lick it softly. She bathed it with her tongue before she slid the head between her lips. I felt her soft lips wrap around my cock, sliding slowly down until she met her hand and slid back up. So soft and warm, I felt my hands grip her hair as she slid back and forth. She twisted her head and lips around the shaft, sending bolts of pleasure through my body and giving me that slightly cool sensation in my stomach and hips. I felt the need to move, but resisted, choosing instead to look down at her head, and her ass just past that. I felt her hand slide off my cock, move across my thigh, and cup my balls. She slid one finger between my ass to rub that spot between my legs, and I started moaning and gasping.

“Oh, yes, Ann, just like that!” I rolled my hips slightly as she began working further down on the shaft. I felt her nose press against my pelvis and her warm lips wrapped around the base of my cock. She slid slowly back up and off, looking up and smiling at me.

“You like this?”

“I love it.”

She smiled and slid back down on my cock, her lips squeezing and sucking hard as she pulled back. After a few more strokes, I was afraid I was going to cum, and I wanted to hold that until later. I took her face and lifted her to her feet before laying her back on the couch. I put one foot on the back of the couch and her other foot on the floor and knelt between her legs. She didn’t shave, but she kept things tidy on her pussy, and I couldn’t wait to taste it. But before I did that, I ran a finger along the lips, feeling the wetness growing there and smelling the sweet scent of her body. Her hands pressed against her inner thighs as I moved my face closer. My hands moved to pull her lips open kaçak bahis and show all of her pussy to me. I rolled the skin at the top back and found the dark pink piece of flesh which I knew would send her through the roof. I moved to lick it lightly before I slid my tongue down to her wet opening. I dug my tongue inside her to taste her body, and she tasted as sweet as she smelled. I licked the opening a little before sliding back up to her clitoris. I began sucking and licking her clit slowly as I pushed a single finger inside her. She felt tight around my finger, and I felt her squeeze lightly as I worked it in and out of her. Her clit throbbed between my lips as I licked and rolled it around, eliciting small moans from her mouth. I began to suck and push a little harder and her moans turned to groans and gasps. I knew her orgasm was building. I began to push my finger in harder, fucking her with my middle finger as I sucked her clit hard. Her hands moved to grip my hair as her thighs clamped on my head and I heard her cumming, breathing hard, grunting as her body shook. She went limp and I looked up to see her smiling and looking down at me. I rose up and slid up her body, kissing her as I moved up to her lips and fully intending to penetrate her in one smooth move when she stopped me.

“Wait, take me to your bed.” I grinned and stood up before bending down and lifting her off the bed. She giggled and wrapped her arms around my neck as I carried her into the bedroom and laid her down. I laid down beside her and began stroking her body as she caressed my face. She pulled me on top of her and began kissing me before she parted her legs.

“I’ve never gone this far,” she said. I stopped, looking into her eyes.

“Are you sure you want me to? I mean, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Yes,” she whispered as her legs wrapped around my waist and her hips tilted upward to let me in. I pushed my cock against her lips, moving my hips to rub the head against her opening and get it wet. After a few strokes, I pushed it down against her opening and began slowly pushing it in. I saw her eyes close, she bit her lip and smiled, squeezing her eyes shut as I pushed slowly into her. I stopped halfway in and pulled back, almost completely out before I began sinking back into her. I did this several more times before I felt myself sink fully into her. I stayed there for a moment, kissing her lips before raising back up. She opened her eyes and looked into mine before she began rolling her hips around and squeezing my cock. The movements made her breathing rapid and deep and I knew she was working up another orgasm. I began to move with her, pushing my cock around inside her before pulling it out again. I pushed in smoother, faster, and she gasped as I hit home a little harder than before. I fucked her slowly at first, getting her used to the feel of a cock inside her before I started going a little bit harder.

“Yes, oh God, yes!” She moaned, eyes closed, scratching my back as I pumped my cock harder and faster inside her. I felt her body shudder as she came again, and the flood of juice allowed me to move faster inside her. Panting, I felt my balls begin to tighten as my stomach went cool and my body took over. In a moment, I felt my cock erupt inside her, filling her with my cum. Her hips pumped to take all of my cum into her pussy before I collapsed on top of her. My lips sought hers as I felt my cock begin to soften inside her. I rose up and off of her, moving down to look at her pussy and watch my cum trickle out of her. I dipped a finger into it and offered it to her. She sucked my finger clean before dragging a finger across my cock and tasting that as well. I moved back beside her and kissed her shoulder as she closed her eyes and curled up next to me. After about ten minutes she looked up ad smiled, kissing me once more before settling in and falling asleep.

The next morning, we kissed and played around a little more before showering and getting dressed for a run. Best six-mile run I ever had, especially since I was following her and telling her which way to go. I loved watching her ass move.

Oh, and for the record, she wasn’t wearing panties that night.

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Movie Night Moaning

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Here I am. There she was, right next to me. She’s wearing that fishnet and miniskirt combo that, secretly, gets me going. I can see her belly button because she’s wearing a black crop top that outlines her small top curves. We can see her house at the end of the block. What a nice, big suburban house she lives in. You glance over at her again and see that she’s holding her arm at the elbow behind her back while staring down at her black and white converse through her glasses.

She has just finished talking to you about how amazing it was to spend first Friday with you and the reason why you’re going to her house is because you’re going to Netflix and chill, with emphasis on the “chill.” It’s obvious that she’s terribly shy, but she wants this. You both reach her house, she steps in, and invites you in as well. While making your way to her room, you notice how short her skirt really is, especially when you follow her going up the stairs because you can see her black and white polka dotted panties as her skirt bounces up and down. When you reach her room, you kick off your shoes and socks and both lay down together on her bed and start watching a movie. It’s an old one, but it’s good she tells you. You wrap your arms around her body and pull her close into you. Your legs intertwine while you’re cuddling her, and you find yourself to not be interested in the movie, but in her.

You start trailing kisses up her shoulder to her neck while moving your arm down from her neck closer to her breasts. She tried to stay focused on the movie, but is starting to smile.

“Stop, I want to watch the movie,” she says, but you can see her biting her lip and smiling.

“Oh come on, please, even if it’s just for a little,” you whine, wanting her really bad and in that moment. She looks bahis firmaları into your eyes, her big eyes trying not to budge, and says, “I…”

You continue trailing kisses down her neck, more intensely now, and one of your hands is on her boob, squeezing it. She is now moaning quietly and her eyes are rolled back in her head. Raising your mouth to her ear, you tell her, “shh, your parents are home and asleep, we don’t want to wake them with our fun,” and you can’t help but smile at yourself.

With your free hand, you move up from her knee to her thigh, to her inner thigh, higher and higher until your hand is placed under her skirt, right on top of her panties. You can feel her wetness, the arousal that you’re giving her. You move your fingers so they are now inside her panties and you can really feel the wetness now. As you try to find her pussy through all her wetness, you realize that her hole is so tight and tiny that your pointer finger is gonna struggle to go in. At this point, she is moaning significantly louder at you kissing her neck, squeezing her boob, and rubbing her pussy. You take your hand out from her panties and cover her mouth with it to silence her, and some of her pussy juice goes into her mouth. She removes your hand and sucks on your pointer finger to get all the juices off. This sends your hormones crazy and you rip her panties off, throw them, and drop your face down to her pussy.

You aggressively begin eating her out which, once again, causes her to moan loudly so you take you take one of your sweaty socks (it’s what was closest) and stuff her mouth with it to keep her quiet. She is squirming from how well you are tonguing her pussy down and is basically waterfalling at you doing this. You attempt to stick one finger in now and it surprisingly goes kaçak iddaa in. With only half of one finger inside, she is already convulsing and moaning loudly yet again. You decide to keep going and stick the entire finger in. She is jumping at this, so you immediately stick two fingers in and she practically grabs the bedsheets for dear life as she has an orgasm. You get up, take off your pants, and pull her by her legs to you so her face is now up to your dick. You lower your boxers to release your 9 inch, very thick monster for her. She gasps in disbelief and, while her mouth is still open, you grab her head shove your dick into her mouth. She begins gagging and choking, but you don’t stop.

You continue to face fuck her and force yourself down her throat until you see the tears coming down her face. You take advantage and force her head down and yourself into her throat until she’s swallowed your entire 9 inch thick dick. You hold her there for a few seconds before letting her head go and she pulls away and falls backward onto her bed.

“Thank you for lubing me up,” you say to her and give her an evil smile.

“I’m on birth control so I want you inside of me. Right now.” You don’t hesitate. You pull her legs apart to reveal a large wet spot on the bed where her pussy is, you pull her pussy up to your dick, and you place it on top of her stomach. It reaches up between her boobs, and you know there’s no way you’re fitting it all inside of this tight, tiny girl.

“You have to beg me for it first,” you tell her, wanting her to tell you how bad she wants you.

She begins pouting and says “come on, i need you inside of me right now, I can’t wait any longer. Please, please fuck me as hard as you can.”

“Okay, you asked for it,” you said and place your tip at kaçak bahis her entrance. You try to push yourself in, but she is way too tight for you.

“Damn, you are too tight,” you tell her. You slam 3 fingers inside of her to loosen her up and her body convulses again because you’ve just caused her to have another orgasm. She loosens up a little, so you once again place the tip of your head at the entrance of her tight, wet pussy and, without trying to see if it would fit, you slam all of your 9 inch, thick monster right into her virgin tightness. She screams through your sweaty sock you put into her mouth and tries to push you out, but you grab her arms and begin to roughly fuck her. You can feel her small pussy grip your massive dick as you shove yourself in and out of her. She cannot stop from orgasming, and continually cums. You begin twisting her nipples while you pound her pussy and this sends her over the edge even more. Her eyes are rolled back, her back is arching upward, and she can’t stop squirming.

After a few minutes of being in the missionary position, you spin her around so she is now doggy style. You place the tip at her entrance, which is still extremely tight, but instead of going inside all the way, you tease her pussy by sticking just the head in and out and rubbing in the wetness up and down. She is begging you to pound her again, but you know that this is what turns her on the most, the teasing. When you feel yourself about to cum, you slam all the way into her and stay completely inside of her while you bust all the way into her stomach, and she orgasms with you, except she cums twice.

You lay on top of her for a minute while you enjoy the orgasm and, as you slowly and teasingly slide yourself out of her, you can feel the damage your massive 9 inch thick dick did to her super tight wet pussy. You pull your sweaty sock out of her mouth and throw it on the floor. You both fall asleep together, and you wake up with a massive morning wood boner. That’s part 2 though.

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The New House Adds a New Dimension

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About thirteen years ago my boys and I bought a house together, and the things that have happened since then really turned my world upside down. My name is Angela and I have raised my three boys as a single mother since I was 18 years old. I have had to work extremely hard, but I must admit that I have had it much better than many women in my situation. I became pregnant with my first son, Edward, when I was just 15 and gave birth to him when I was 16. Being the brilliant teenager that I was I got pregnant again just three months later, this time with the twins, Ethan and Allen. The boys have the same dad and we have always had support from both families, but things were doomed for their father and I from the start. Luckily with the support our families provided we were both able to finish school and Brad, the boys father, was even able to get a degree in engineering. He makes pretty good money and has always supported the boys to the point that we could live well with my lesser earnings.

As an attractive young mom to three boys I got a lot of attention from their friends, and rightly so if I do say so myself. I think in different circumstances I could have been a successful actress. My hair is a deep brown with just a hint of red, styled and about shoulder length. Just long enough to be sexy but not long enough to be a pain to maintain. I have bright green eyes and very cute little nose. My lips aren’t full and pouty but they are not really thin either, somewhere right in between the two. I also love my body. Maybe my ego is swollen from all the compliments I get but I really do love it. I am very tall at 5’10” with C cup breasts and a round booty too. I don’t work out so my tummy isn’t completely flat and muscular, but I still look great in a two piece. I don’t care too much about how my nails look, but I know all the guys like them so I keep them nice because I like the attention they all give me.

Again I may have a skewed perspective, but I think the boys are very attractive as well. They all three look pretty much the same, with very few and very minor differences.Edward is a bit taller at 6’2″ but the twins aren’t far behind at 6′ and his hair is just a shade or two darker. Other than those minor differences my three boys could be triplets instead of twins. They are also very close, it seems like they do everything together. They aren’t really jocks but all three played on the high school soccer team and their bodies were lean and strong. It always makes me proud to see how strong and healthy they are. With all that, add the dirty blonde hair and baby blue eyes, my boys had their pick of the girls in high school, and as I later found out even beyond the school girls.

About six months ago the twins graduated from high school and decided it was time for our living arrangements to change a little. They weren’t planning to go on to college full time right away and they, along with Edward already had good paying construction jobs. I had a good job at the time myself and with all our incomes flowing into the same household we had plenty of money and wanted to buy a home. We had rented up ’till then but something about home ownership just felt right. We talked it over and decided to buy a house together. It was a little bahis firmaları strange I’ll admit, but it felt right and has worked out wonderfully. There has been one or two times when it got a little strange though, and the first time didn’t take long to happen.

It took about a week to get all moved in and we were all just in love with the house. Everybody felt right at home, and the atmosphere was super casual. I went grocery shopping that Saturday morning and when I got home I was in for the shock of my life. I walked in on my sons and one of there good friends practically having an orgy with their girlfriends right there in my living room. They even had more girls than guys. I knew they dated more than one girl at a time sometimes, but I had no idea the girls knew about it and didn’t care. It was quite a sight as I stood there with my arms full of groceries. They didn’t even stop when they saw me either. Edward was on his back with a mouth full of pussy and another girl had his cock deep down her throat. Ethan was fucking his girlfriend doggie style while she ate Allan’s girlfriends pussy. Allan’s girlfriend was loving every lick of it while she sucked Allan’s cock and apparently fingered his ass. Their buddy John was on the other side of the room with two girls on their knees sharing his cock between them.

I knew all of these girls and I figured my boys had sex with some of them, but I had know idea it was anything like this. I was just staring in shock for god knows how long. Finally one of the girls sharing Johns cock noticed me and got up, leaving poor John with only one beautiful young lady to service his needs. Gina was the one who got up and came over to me, fully nude with no shame at all. Not that she had anything to be ashamed of, she was stunning and young with long straight brown hair and a slender tight body capped with perky, if somewhat small little titties. As she was walking toward me Gina had to pass the others and when she passed Ethan she paused briefly to kiss him deeply and passionately while he continued railing her friend. After that she looked at me and smiled and said, “Hi Miss Angela would you like some help with those?” reaching out and taking the bags from my hands. I was still in a bit of shock and let her take the bags. As I watched her naked little ass scurry toward the kitchen I had to take a seat and get a grip.

I sat in the leather chair, which was one of the few pieces of furniture not currently occupied, and was fortunately very close. I guess the boys didn’t realize I was there until just then Because Allen looked up from his blow-job and said, “Hi mom,” like nothing unusual was going on at all. Ethan and Edward must have heard their brothers greeting because they each turned and greeted me the same way almost in unison. Their friend John however did one better. He pulled his dick out of Becky’s mouth and walked over to me, leaned down and gave me a hug. I leaned forward and hugged him back like I always did, and when he stood back straight his dick almost hit me square in the face.

He said, “Hi miss Angie how was your shopping trip? That dress looks fabulous on you.” I thanked him and told him my trip was fine, dumbfounded that we were conversing with his cock dangling kaçak iddaa right in front of my face. “well I don’t want to keep Becky waiting too long,” John said as he turned away. “She gets fussy if she doesn’t get to finish,” he said snickering as he slid his cock right back into Becky’s waiting mouth.

Gina returned from the kitchen and casually sat on the arm of the chair that I was in, putting her arm around me just like she would have done if she weren’t completely nude. About that same time Edward had finished licking Samantha’s pussy to a shuttering orgasm, and he chatted with me while Samantha helped Shelby finish cumming on his cock. “Mom I hope it doesn’t bother you too much, but it is our house too and well, with moving in and all, we needed some good relaxing release, and this is how we do it. I knew it would be a shock for you the first time, but I know we’re close and can work through it,” Edward said, and then dove right back into Samantha’s pussy.

I hadn’t noticed while Edward was talking but Gina was rubbing my shoulder sexily with the arm she had around me and also rubbing my leg right around the point were my dress ended with her sexy naked calf. “It’s really not all that strange you know Angie,” she said to me, seeing that she had my attention again.

“This is definitely a little strange Gina, and me being here watching makes it a lot more strange,” I told her but she didn’t waiver one bit.

“Just relax and pay attention to me,” she said and fluidly place my far hand right onto her nipple, then with the same hand she gently lifted my chin and oh so softly kissed my lips. Surprisingly, I had not noticed my own sexuality in all of this mess. As I instinctively kissed Gina back and rolled her rubbery nipple with my fingers I realized how wet my pussy was. I was soaked through. Gina kissed me harder now and pulled my hand away from her breast as she lowered the straps of my dress from my shoulders, exposing my breasts to everyone in the room, and I let her. I was so completely hot and horny that I had lost all control. Her hands and lips were magic as she touched my breasts and kissed my neck. She had my nipple in her mouth when i lifted myself and allowed her to remove my panties. From the time Gina started touching I only knew her touch until I felt a second wonderful mouth on my other nipple. I looked down and saw John sucking my right nipple gently and cupping the left one that Gina had In her mouth.

Gina released my nipple and put her head up under my dress. I was anxious, I wanted to feel her tongue so badly. John kissed my mouth and our tongues danced as I felt Gina’s tongue enter me from below. I came hard. I was out of control. I had both hands on Gina’s head pushing her face hard into my pussy. A cock flashed before my eyes and I grabbed it and I sucked it. Oh my god John’s cock tasted good. My mouth must have felt good too because within just a few minutes he was cumming and I was cumming again. Such a flurry of emotion. Gina was still licking my pussy and Edward had just moaned loudly as he filled my mouth with his seed. Edward, oh my god I thought it was John but he was still sucking my tits. I looked up at Edward suddenly very in the moment and very much in shock.

“God kaçak bahis mom that was amazing,” Edward said, with his cock softening in my hand.

“Yeah Angela,” Samantha said, “no one has ever made Edward cum that fast. Not even me when I took his virginity,” she added smiling.

I had just sucked my oldest sons cock and had no idea what was going to happen next. Edwards dick still had a little cum on the tip, John was now standing with his dick almost poking my cheek and Gina was now getting her own pussy licked by Samantha. I was flying on instinct up till now, but it was time to decide. What next? I looked at Edward and smiled, licked the cum off his tip and told John he would have to wait a minute. “Ethan, Allan,” I announced, “get over here and fill your momma up while I swallow Johns cock.”

Everyone kind of paused while I finished removing my dress, then we all got into our places. Brittany lubed up my ass and Danielle stroked the lube onto Ethan’s cock as I mounted Allan and slid his cock as deeply into my burning wet cunt as it would go. It felt amazing, tight but amazing, as two of my boys were sliding into me at the same time. I sucked on John while they slid in and out with perfect timing. I wanted Edward in me too.

“John honey go get Edward. I will fuck you silly later but right now I want my boys. Go get him. Quick, ” I gently ordered and soon I had my baby’s dick firmly between my lips again. We switched positions briefly with Edward on bottom in my ass with me facing away from him, and sweet Ethan grinding my pussy with Allan’s lovely cock rubbing my face inside and out. That position was strenuous though, so when we switch up again. I mounted Edward, and Allan slid easily into my stretched out ass while I sucked Ethan’s lube covered cock. I was surprised to see Edward lean up, and as I sucked his brother’s cock he took his brothers balls gently into his mouth. Ethan loved it and was soon sending his seed down his mothers loving throat. when he finished Allan quickly took his place with his cock in my mouth and his sack in Edwards, he too drained a load deep down mommies throat.

I had now swallowed all my boys cum and they still weren’t done with me yet. Edward roll up on my back with my ankles almost to my ears and entered my pussy. He pounded me hard and loud, grunting and sweating and thrusting. John slid into Edward from behind and I felt his balls empty into me almost instantly. He didn’t soften though and his cock rammed deep in me every thrust that John rammed into him. I came hard again yelling, “Fuck us Johnny, fuck us.” He came with me, deep in my sons ass.

I was drained and needed a shower. I told them all that I was going to shower and nap. I also told John he could come to my room for some one on one action in a couple of hours if he wanted to, but I needed some rest first. He agreed and I was on my way.

That was the first of many sexual encounters in this house. My boys and I were always close, and after that we were even closer. They are all married now with kids of their own. We are still very close though, and we all even live together still. We have had to buy a bigger house though to accommodate our ever growing family. With all the kids around we don’t have the large group sessions very often any more, but we all still fuck, and every now and again when the timing is just right, my boys still all enter me as one and their wives all seem to love eating their cum out of me.

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Mountain Lodge Affair

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Dear readers and fans. Different from the previous stories that I have posted, I have this time put my hand to writing below work of fiction. It is based on a mix of desires that I’ve shared over the past 6 months with an admirer and dear friend from Lit. I have his full consent to post this, with the knowledge his name has been altered and his identity remains only known to me. I hope you enjoy it as much as the other ones and I thank you in advance for your comments and votes.



It is mid-winter, fresh snow covering the trees and the landscape outside. The morning sun is still low in the sky. As we walk, I notice you are watching how the small puffs of steam escape my lips when I exhale. It’s almost like I’m blowing out smoke from a cigarette. You confess your thoughts to me. Admitting you’d love to see me smoke one for real. A strong desire to see me placing my red luscious lips on the end of a filtered cigarette and allowing you to light me up. Inhaling for you, letting the smoke run from my lips as I take it from my mouth.

Back in the house our hands start to fly at each other’s clothing the moment the door is shut. We lusted for this moment for so long. By the time you walk to the drawer, most of our garments are scattered all over the floor. My body only scantily covered by the lace panties and matching demi cup bra. I watch you take out a fresh packet of cigarettes. You open it carefully and hand me one. Fulfilling your fantasy, I let you light me up. Looking at you, I take one, then two drags while you relax on the sofa.

With the cigarette between my lips I straddle you. My legs spread with my knees resting aside each of your legs on the sofa. My crotch presses down into yours. I can feel you throb under me while I take another drag. Inhaling deeply then exhaling, pushing the smoke from my pursed lips. Your cock pressing against your boxers and touching me through my thin panties. Just briefly, I grind back into you, bucking my hips, letting my panties slide back and forth along your thick shaft.

Inhaling another drag, I look at you and scoot down onto the floor. Holding my breath as I drag my nails over your naked torso, until they hook into the waist-band of your boxers. With one swift pull I release your manhood, which jumps right up against your abs. With one hand I aim it at my lips and open them to receive you. Guiding your cock head into my warm mouth, I exhale. Smoke escaping the corners of my mouth around your dick.

Then I inhale, this time sucking the air from around your mushroom head. Standing back up I pull my panties aside, exposing my moist sex to you. Lowering myself into your lap again, this time aiming your big rod right to the entrance of my hot sex. I’m ready for you, horny and dripping wet. At the same time as I lower my longing pussy down on your cock, I bring the cigarette back to my lips and inhale again.

Your thick meat stretching my engorged lips and slowly entering me. Your hands grabbing my ass, you thrust your hips up to drive home, filling me completely and forcing the air from my lungs. With a deep moan, the smoke escapes my lips and you start to drill my sweet pussy till we both reach the peaks of our orgasm.

How many times have we shared this fantasy? I don’t know. The months since we met on-line seem to have flown by. Just our exchanges by email and the occasional times we connected in the chat room of Lit have led to a strong bond and longing to be together. I’ve been wanting to do this for so long, to please your desires and fulfil your fantasy. Now as I read our last shared moments together on my tablet, I’m finally on my way to meet you.

Chapter 1 — The moment we meet

With all my travelling I’m blessed to be able to enjoy almost all 4 seasons all the time of the year. As much as I love the sun and spend my spare time tanning and lazing around on a quiet beach, the beauty of the fresh fallen snow covering the trees and mountains brings also another type of tranquillity. Your mention that winter had come made me long for that feeling of walking along the forest trails through the virgin snow and enjoying your company afterwards around a wood burning fire at a mountain lodge.

It took another 3 weeks before my Flight schedule brought me near your neck of the woods. A chance to be together, one that I could not resist to turn down. Finally, I took up the courage to agree to meet. After hinting to you my thoughts for a short weekend in the mountains, I let you make the arrangements. A few days before my departure, you sent me the address where we will meet. Curiosity is taking over and I look it up on Google Maps, finding it to be a small vacation resort of independent wooden mountain cabins in a nature reserve of the mountains.

Some more Googling and I have their website open. Shocked at the prices for the cabin, but also extremely excited as I read about the amenities. Each bahis firmaları cabin is fully secluded on its own little plot surrounded by trees with a clear view over the valley through the large bay windows at the front. Inside a large living space with an open plan kitchen separated by a cooking island and bar. On one side a large open fire place and on the other side a set of French doors lead out to the secluded back area, which has a large wooden deck. In the middle of it there is hot tub and in the near corner a Swedish sauna. It’s perfect… I’m amazed by your attention of detail, checking all the boxes to make this the most perfect weekend.

With an appointment at the hairdresser planned for the day before I leave and some special shopping in town, I aim to make this weekend special for you too. At my favourite department store, Galeries Lafayette, I look for some new outfits. It’s easy to find a couple of sexy lingerie sets, but what to do for clothing? Something warm, comfortable and sexy is quite a challenge. In the end I get a grey fine knitted cashmere dress, one that I could wear with some stockings without being too cold. It stretches perfectly around my curves, which I’m sure you would appreciate.

But what if it is really cold? I find a pair of checkered beige woollen pants, which I can match with a nice v-neck jumper. Still I want something a bit sexier as well… I decide on a set of short black hot pants and underneath a very thick pantyhose. I can match it with the v-neck jumper, but I also get a nice blouse just in case we are going out somewhere by car and I can wear something a bit lighter. The black knee-high boots I found finish it off quite stunningly and they would go great with the dress as well. The small heel just gives me an extra inch in height but would allow me to walk comfortably. For the woollen pants, I find a pair of light brown leather boots lined with white fur. A dark brown parka with a light brown woollen scarf and suede gloves also lined with fur… and I’m all set.

Everything packed, I get dressed for my duty flight over the pond. The 10-hour flight will be tiring, but I’m sure the prospect of finally meeting you will keep me energized. Hopefully I can get some good sleep in the crew rest during my break. As always, I pick out a nice matching set of bra and undies, sliding on some sheer stockings and clipping them to the garter belt, which I also have picked out for you. You might like the idea of pleasuring me in my flight crew uniform. After all the excitement to arrange and meet up this weekend, you must be ready to burst and release all of that pent-up energy. If I made you cum just by chatting on Lit, our first encounter would for sure generate some big fireworks, wouldn’t you think?

As usual, I get all fired up myself during take-off. My nipples are hard like little erasers and rub against the lace of my bra almost the entire flight, while I can’t stop pondering on the naughty thoughts we shared. I find myself restless by the time it is my break time. Lying in my bunk sharing the confined space of the crew rest with 5 of my colleagues, I end up reading some of the emails we exchanged. When we finally arrive, I can’t wait for all the passengers to disembark. Finally we can get off board ourselves and can clear immigration through the crew section.

A few hugs and kisses from my fellow crew members and I’m on my own, heading to get my rental car. Before I do, a visit to the ladies room is in order. The creamy coating that stains my dark lace panties is evidence of my arousal. There is no point changing them, as they would be in the same state by the time I have driven up to the mountains. From our chats online, I know you would be expecting nothing less, dying to finally devour my aroma and the scent of what you have stirred up inside of me.

The closer I get, the more excited I am. Pleased that I made the effort to wear this saucy little outfit under my uniform, ready to give myself fully to you as soon as I get there. I start to wonder if you feel the same. About an hour into the drive I call you, just to check up. Not willing to let you know my exact time of arrival, I pretend that I just landed. I confess my feelings and desires for you and you acknowledge you’ve been feeling the same. The longing starts to ache even more when you tell me how hard your cock has been all day long and you confess the thoughts that have been on your mind.

It’s just getting dark by the time I reach the resort. The lady at the reception hands me the key and on small map she explains to me how to find the cabin. I hesitate if I should take off my uniform and walk in just with the parka covering my lingerie-clad body, but I decide against it and save that for another surprise. Just your arranging this great escape is enough already to have an energetic naughty weekend and that first moment does not disappoint.

I open the door and drop my suitcase on the thick wooden floor of the kaçak iddaa cabin. The fire is going and when I turn to close the door, you are standing there. Handsome, sexy, lustful eyes gazing at me as I open my arms to give you a warm hug. Our mouth lock for the very first time. First our lips explore tenderly, till our tongues find each other and you draw me in passionately. I manage to unzip my parka and while kissing you, I push it off my shoulders. Stepping back, you adore me for just a brief moment, giving me a chance to gaze you up as well and my eyes pause when they reach the large bulge protruding down your left leg under your trousers.

No words are spoken. I know what you want and I need it just as badly. Turning around I walk to the edge of the large sofa. Bending over at the waist, I pull the hem of my uniform up, revealing the lace edge of my stockings. Looking back over my shoulders, my eyes fall down to your crotch again and you don’t need any more hints when I pull my dress over my bare ass and I spread my legs slightly to reveal my swollen labia spoiling the sheer lace panties with thick cream. Your trousers drop around your ankles by the time you are behind me and pulling my panties to the side.

You pull your cock from your boxers and in one thrust you slide effortlessly into the depth of my soaking pussy. I push back, encouraging you to take me harder and deeper. Cries of pleasure escape my lips as your cock drives in and out. Rubbing every inch of it along my inner walls. Your hands clamping on my hips as you pull me hard onto your cock. I needed this… I longed for this so much… You are fulfilling my desires and this weekend I will fulfil every single one of yours.

My breath deep, moaning, telling you just how close I am. So soon already. You tell me you are too. I feel the throbbing of your cock, knowing you have been waiting for this moment so long already and your balls have been aching for release all that time. I urge you on, trying to hold back my own heights till you are ready to explode with me. In me, deep, filling me. Making me yours for this weekend. To do and please as you wish. And then you drive in one last time, holding me and your cock swells up even more inside of me. You grunt loudly and start to cum, the flooding of my cunt with your hot seed sending me over the edge as well.

In the aftermath we collapse on the sofa together, your trousers still around your ankles and my dress hiked up over my waist. Your cum mixed with my own juices running down my thighs. With my fingers I touch myself, collecting a large glob of it and bring it to my lips. Tasting you. Tasting us, together for the very first time. With the remains still sticking to my lips I lean in and kiss you again. My tongue opening your lips and sharing our juices with you. Then I pull back and look at you with a warm smile of content.

“Nice to finally meet you Sam,” I say and you look at me acknowledging you feel just the same.

Chapter 2 — Time to enjoy some other pleasures.

What a wonderful welcome this is. We lie in each other’s arms on the couch, our half naked bodies warmed by the fire. You tell me you have booked a table at a local restaurant that serves traditional mountain dishes.

“It’s getting late and I’m hungry. Do you want to go out for dinner?” You ask. “But if you are tired, we can stay in.” you quickly add.

I’m used to the long flights and with the time difference. A late night out before hitting the sack, would set my clock straight to your time zone.

“I’d love to go out,” I respond, “Only if they have cheese fondue.”

“They do,” you tell me.

By my smile and the peck on your cheek before jumping off from the couch, you know that you scored some bonus points for tonight by making the reservations for us there. We take a shower together and, as we lather each other in soap, I’m happy to see that you also have found some renewed energy. By the time we are done your cock is standing up again. And I’m intending to keep it hard all night till I’m ready for my dessert. But of course, I can’t resist getting a quick taste and sink to my knees as you are drying yourself with a large bath towel, letting me suck your lovely rod between my lips in the process.

“hmmmmm,” I moan around your thick cock, “I know what I’m going to have for dessert too.”

Looking at you as I give your cock head a few licks with my tongue as if it was an ice cream. “Let’s get ready before I spoil it,” I smile.

You get dressed in some nice dark blue slacks and white shirt. After getting done with drying my hair, you are already dressed and I get you to bring my suitcase.

“I won’t be long dear, you can call for a taxi to be here in 15 min.”

I hesitate between the grey cashmere dress and the hot pants with the blouse. I’m not a big fan of pantyhose so I choose the dress. I decide on going without bra as it causes too much of an outline. Just a sheer thong covering my kaçak bahis delicate privates and the knee-high boots. Some makeup and lip gloss. All set and ready for you.

The way you look at me when I join you in the living room is an acknowledgement that I made the right choice of attire and I do not need more than that as a compliment. But you tell me just how good I look nevertheless and give me a small hug. I feel your hands run over the soft cashmere dress along my back down to my butt. You squeeze it as you pull me in for a kiss. I love the way your hands feel. Pressing your body against mine, feeling your arousal. The way you kiss me, your lips pressed against mine, your tongue slowly exploring mine. Perhaps we should stay in, but before I can change my mind, the taxi shows up. You get my parka and help me putting it on, your hands sliding along my sides as I slip my arms in, catching the side of my breasts. They pause for a second as you realize I’m not wearing a bra. Instantly I can feel my nipples stiffen when you look down over my shoulder.

Outside, the cold dark air surrounds us. You open the door for me like a gentleman and walk around to get into the cab on the other side. My dress rising up over my thighs as I sit down. Your hands quickly find the bare skin at my exposed knees when the taxi sets of to our little restaurant. The touch of your hands setting me on fire again. They are strong and masculine. You are almost twice my age and your hands have turned rough from many years of hard labour, yet somehow they feel soft on my skin. It makes me shiver and my nipples grow fully erect. Lusting in thought to feel them all over my naked body. Maybe you will explore some more during our meal. My own hands find your thigh. I run my nails on the inside of your leg, slowly, looking at you. Feeling you squeeze your fingers into my flesh as I reach closer to your manhood.

“I love it when you are so hard for me,” I whisper, which you acknowledge with a smile and leaning into me for a kiss, letting your hands roam freely.

The drive is too short. The brief moment that you caressed my legs and felt me up, letting your hands grope my naked mons through the cashmere dress is far too short. I wish now that I was back at the cabin with you. Eager for you to disrobe me. Yet for now I will need to take pleasures from teasing and making this a very special dinner. Charging you all up for a nice climax later.

At the restaurant we are seated in a small booth made of wood. Real authentic style. We share the bench and sit close to each other. You order a dry white wine and as soon as the waitress is gone you lean in for another kiss. Our hands explore our bodies while our tongues mingle again and explore our lips and mouths. I long to explore so much more with my lips, but will have to wait till I can get my dessert.

“Do you know how nice it is to finally be with you?” I ask you, looking into your eyes.

Being able to spend the weekend together, away from our hectic life. Having dinner with you in a small little restaurant, so close to each other after having been apart for so long. It feels like I already know you for so long, even though not less than an hour ago we first met. And how. I had sworn not to give in to my desires, planning to seduce you slowly, surrendering a little at a time to you. But I lost control, I wanted it and knew you wanted the same. Our time apart had been too much for both of us.

Now that your primal instincts have been taken care of and my desires have been satisfied for the time being, we can start over. A game of slow and teasing seduction, a smile, some tongue-in-cheek, subtle touches, a gentle kiss. The way you look at me, touch me, squirm in your seat. I am like bait for a hungry fish and I’m certain to make the catch. I confess how you have made me feel over the past months, writing to me. Leaving out no detail, unashamed how my thoughts had wandered so many times to moments like this, going beyond the possible.

In my mind I gave myself to you as apéritif, main course and dessert, while I would masturbate alone in my bed and bring myself to incredible heights repetitively. The thoughts alone making me wet again. So do your eyes and hands that continue to wander along my soft cashmere dress. The wine flows generously and by the time the waitress serves us the cheese fondue the heat between us seems to have melted our inhibitions just like the cheese. The fondue is accompanied by a large wooden cutting board filled with charcuterie and some bread.

“I love a nice fat juicy sausage…” I say looking seductively in your eyes as my fingers run along the thickest saucisson on the cutting board. “One like this is not enough to fill me up.”

“How do you like your sausage? ” I ask, taking the knife in my other hand. “You don’t mind if I cut this one up do you?” slowly slicing the tip off.

“It tastes even better with some warm and creamy melted cheese.”

I dip a piece in and bring the slice of meat dripping with cheese to my lips. Not taking my eyes from yours for one moment. Some of the cheese sticking to my lips, which I lick off by running my tongue along my lips.

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The Mother Load Ch. 02

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As I lay on her bed next to my mother, I worried about what was in store for me for joining in with Lorraine in this game of pleasuring her while she was bound and blindfolded. I had taken advantage of her and had hoped to get away with it by keeping my identity a secret. But that was now a forlorn hope. Lorraine had changed the rules of the game on the fly by removing the blindfold just as my mother started to climax for the first time. I had been well outed.

However, I had just given my mother three earth-shaking orgasms with my mouth. I could only hope that she would be pleased enough by that so that she would go easy on me.

My mother was lying quietly on her back next to me. She seemed to be recovering slowly from the rather strenuous workout I had put her through. I wondered too if she was mulling over her feelings about what had occurred and thinking about how it would affect our relationship.

Lorraine came over and lay next to me on the other side from my mother. My erection had not subsided at all. Much of my face was still covered with my mother’s juices, and the strong smell continued to excite me. Lorraine pressed her mostly naked body against me and soon began cupping and gently squeezing my balls. Every so often, she would stroke up and down my hard cock for a moment before returning to the scrotum, which loved the feel of being held in her hand. Every other trip up my cock, she would use her finger nails and spend some time toying with the head.

I was loving this, but finally I decided that I had to find out what my mother was feeling. Not wanting to face her too abruptly, I moved over between her still spread legs and started to creep up over her body, pausing to probe her navel with the tip of my tongue, and on to her breasts where I took some time licking and sucking on each firm nipple in turn. When I did this she made a soft noise, almost a purr, and put her hands on the back of my head. This was promising. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, after all. And, I remembered the little hint that Lorraine had given me earlier and wondered if my mother had actually revealed an interest in me to Lorraine.

Finally I moved up so that my face was over my mother’s. Because of the difference in our heights, my erect cock just came up to about her pussy. I wanted to tease her there and more, but I was worried about pushing things too far. It seemed safer to let her take the lead if anything further were to occur. So, I just rested the end of my cock up on top of her mons.

She had opened her eyes now and was looking up at my face from below. To my relief, she was smiling. She pulled my head down and bahis firmaları kissed me softly on the lips. Soon she started to probe with her tongue, and I let her in to my mouth, allowing our tongues to stroke each other, making my head swim. After a few minutes of this, she stopped kissing and began to lick me on the lips and around the lips.

“Wow, your face is completely soaked,” she said. “I love it. It’s like a juicy pussy. And my face is getting soaked too.”

She reached down and took my cock in her hand, giving me a little shock of pleasure from this first grasp by her and started sliding the tip up and down her slick furrow. Her mouth was right next to my ear, and she began to whisper, but loud enough for Lorraine to hear. “So, you have made it to mother sucker, and with high honors I have to say. I suppose you will now want to graduate to mother fucker.”

She continued stroking between her slippery labia with my cock, but now started to pause when it reached her entrance, allowing it to penetrate an inch or two before moving on. She was so open and wet, I could slide in easily. I was throbbing now and spurting little jets of precum into her when she paused to let me in. It took all my will power to stop myself from just plunging my stiff, needy rod all the way up into her warm, inviting snatch.

“The truth is Mommy would love you to be a mother fucker,” she whispered. “It has been ages since Mommy has had a meaty cock like this one throbbing way up inside her. And I know that I would be your first. You can’t imagine how exciting that idea is for me. But that would be crossing another line.”

With this she started squeezing my cock harder, causing it to jump. My head was mostly in a daze from the sensations, though I remember thinking, “Mommy? Where did that word come from? I haven’t called her that for at least ten years.”

“If we crossed that line, I know that you would want to do it all the time. Once you had thrust that big hard thing way up into Mommy’s warm, wet pussy, there would be no stopping you. Every time you came home from college, you would have to give Mommy a good fucking as soon as you got in the door. And Mommy would need it too. We would be at it like rabbits. It might just be better not to cross that line.”

Now she was pausing longer at the entrance and letting my cock come further into her. And at the top of the stroke when I was outside, she was taking more time teasing her clit with the tip. Her whispering became a little hoarser, and more sporadic, almost a kind of panting.

“Just having you here at my entrance has me on a hair trigger again…you already gave kaçak iddaa Mommy three huge Os…feeling you pump a big sticky load up in me would definitely set me off again…knowing you were having that experience for the first time with Mommy…what a thrill that would be for both of us!”

I was losing my resolve to not force the issue. The little head and the big head had been struggling for a while, and now the little head had pulled way ahead.

Finally, one time when I was partly in, she released my shaft, put both hands on my butt, and started to pull me into her. I gave in, just a little at a time, loving the feel of slowly sliding into her snug, but well-lubricated, velvet tunnel. Shortly, I was lodged up to the root in my mother’s vagina, which seemed to be gripping my cock from all sides. And, I was very aware too of all the places on my body where her skin was touching mine, of her head next to mine, of her breasts against me, of her pelvis pressing on mine, and of her legs wrapped over mine and holding me in their grip. I felt a wave of total bliss come over me, partly from the enormous physical pleasure, but also from a sense of warmth, connectedness, security, and satisfaction. What is the word that captures all of this? Love? I don’t know.

I started to pull out most of the way and then slide gently all the way back in, pausing there to rub against her clitoral area. The feeling of her vagina caressing my cock as I moved in and out was more exciting than anything I had felt before. I didn’t want it to end, but before long, I could feel an impending climax. I was too stimulated to go very long. She seemed to be getting there with me, breathing in and out more quickly and making little clipped moans.

Soon I was past the point of no return. I speeded up, thrusting into her more quickly and firmly, pausing when fully engaged, then pulling out part way and injecting myself forcefully up to the root again. She responded to this with whimpering, “O…o…o.” Her eyes were closed and there was a look of pure pleasure on her face.

Unable to hold back any longer, I buried myself in her. I felt a kind of contraction and then a kind of electric jolt as I pumped explosively the first, voluminous jet of creamy spunk deep inside her. Just as that began, she cried out – “I love you!” – followed by a huge, guttural and unintelligible shout, louder than any produced by her prior orgasms. She continued moaning and shaking from this massive climax as I kept pumping her full with volley after volley of my warm sperm. After about four volleys, I was done though my cock was still throbbing. She continued for a while kaçak bahis longer, but then finished and became quiet.

I stayed in her longer, but finally withdrew. My cock was followed by a trail of white goo oozing from her vagina, some of which ran down her leg and onto the sheets. We lay on our backs in silence for a least a minute, totally satisfied and spent. My mother then lifted her head slightly and said softly, “Ok, so rabbits it will be.”

I looked over to Lorraine and saw that her face was flushed and her nipples were standing out long, firm, and proud. To change the mood, she started clapping and called out: “Bravo. Che bello.” She had been taking beginning Italian lessons in preparation for a trip to Italy that she and my mother had planned.

Then Lorraine came over and crawled between my mother’s legs To my amazement, she stuck out her tongue and inserted it into my mother’s dripping pussy, withdrawing it after a few moments with her tongue furled and holding a sizable glob of gelatinous spunk. She retracted this into her mouth, but some seeped out from her lips and dribbled down her chin. There was more of the sticky stuff plastered on her lips and around her lips from when she pressed her face against my mother’s pussy. She swished the stuff still in her mouth for a moment and seemed to savor it before swallowing it down in a single gulp.

I figured this was largely for my benefit, so I smiled at her to show my appreciation. She winked at me and said, “You know your mother and I share everything. I know she doesn’t mind me taking some from the mother load. But I’m sure it is even better direct from the source.”

The long hours of driving and all that followed had taken a toll on me, and I felt a sudden wave of weariness come over me. I hadn’t eaten anything for quite a while, so I got up, slipped on my boxers, and went down stairs to the kitchen. I found a three slices of left-over pizza in the refrigerator, so I heated them briefly in the microwave and chewed them down. They tasted dry and stale, but at least they satisfied my craving for food partially. I was still a little hungry, but I was too tired to do anything about it.

I went back upstairs to my room where I got into bed and pulled the covers over me. I was anxious to be alone for a while to reflect on the momentous events of the last hour or two. I was relieved that the burden of virginity had been lifted, and I wasn’t feeling any guilt about how that had happened. But, I was feeling some uncertainty and concern. How would my relationship with my mother change? What would our life at home now be like? We had gained a new way to relate to each other, but I couldn’t help worrying that something might have been lost, as well. I didn’t have a lot of time to think about all this. Before long, my consciousness slipped away and I drifted into a deep sleep.

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The Musical Child

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Cody stared out the window as their driver sped down the highway to his new school. At the age of fifteen he was finally a freshman, while his sister was a junior, and his older brother was the senor of the group. The New York skyline painted the sky as Cody kept his excitement from showing. He knew the school had one of the best high school music programs in the country. He also knew if he could excel there then he could find his way into one of the art colleges that dotted the city proper.

“Andy, Stephanie,” his mother’s voice cut through the silence of the cab of their limo. Crossing her left leg over her right Cody played off the fact he caught a flash of his mother’s bright red panties not that his mother even noticed her eyes were always on his brother and sister. At least to him he always felt like the child they never wanted yet was forced to raise. “I want the two of you to keep an eye on your younger brother. I don’t want him getting into trouble his first week of school,” her bright red hair bounced against her chest as her hand rested on Andy’s mid-thigh which seemed odd to him. “If you do…” Whatever his mother said to his brother he never knew as his mother whispered into Andy’s ear.

“Sure Mom,” Andy said his sky-blue t-shirt stretched taut across his muscular chest due to his years of constant working out to stay on the football team as the school’s star quarterback. Not that Cody was envious of his older brother he was the jock of the family — the pride of his father — who also was the star football player when he was in his own youth. Cody knew how sought out his brother was given how scouts had been stealthy scouting out his brother in his junior year on the team. Then there was his sister paying no attention to him like always, yet she was attentive to their mother’s words. He had no idea how she had managed to secure the title of head cheerleader, however, Cody tried not to eye her cheerleading outfit which to his mind truly didn’t hide her alluring body to anyone’s eye. Nevertheless, he could care less for his sister’s attitude, though Cody suspected all cheerleaders had that snobby kind of attitude or it was just his sister. Who knows?

“Good. If nothing happens by Friday, you know,” his mother winked at his older brother again this Cody found strange. Then again, he didn’t really care as his violin case sat on his lap. His main concern was impressing the musical director of the school. Cody had spent all summer long improving his skills, all so he could make the schools orchestra. Earning his families ire due the constant hum of the strings of his Stradivarius. That earn him expulsion from their home to the shed his father had bought and placed on the farthest corner of their property surrounded by boxwood hedges. To his father’s thinking out of sight, out of mind. This Cody had no problem with. It gave him the ability to play to his fullest without incurring his families wrath. He even liked that little space with its window ac/heater unit, the mini refrigerator, the music stands that held sheets of music of his favorite music, to the cot he had placed in there when he wanted to practice into the early morning hours without waking his family when he grew to tired.

“Cody, now you don’t get in your brother’s and sister’s way, you hear?” his mother said arching an eyebrow looking pointedly at her youngest son.

“Okay,” Cody said bowing his head to hide from his mother’s gaze as the limo pulled into the drop off area of the school. Not that he need his siblings help to get around the school. Cody did have an eidetic memory and having toured the school the week before he was sure he wouldn’t have a problem. It was also one of the reasons he was such a good violin player. Once he saw any piece of music his mind was like a steel trap never letting anything go.

“Listen here pipsqueak,” Stephanie said with a sneer as she looked down at her younger brother, “I don’t care what Mom said don’t you dare think to come find me or Andy while we are in school. We so run in better groups than you do,” she said with the undertones of arrogance.

“Yeah, we have reputations to live up to,” Andy said shooting his sister a coy smile.

“Come on, we have people to see Andy,” Stephanie said flipping her flaming red hair over her shoulder. Looping her arm around her older brother’s their laughter filling the air as they walked off.

Two and a half years later…

“Mr. Warlick?” Cody’s music director said peering over the rim of her glasses. His heart raced as those soft brown eyes gazed at him. Ever since he had started high school he’s had a crush on his music teacher.

“Yes, Ms. Davis?”

“Please,” her slender finger beckoning him to her desk on the other side of that large auditorium style room, “I rather not speak across the room,” she said setting down her pen as the other students packed up their instruments. Quickly wiping down his violin before placing it gently into its case. Snapping the buckles into bahis firmaları place before heading over to his teachers desk. “Cody, why haven’t you turned in your permission form yet?” Ms. Davis whispered low. She didn’t want him to miss out on this chance to visit one of the most prestigious music schools in the city. Ever since she had heard him play (hiding out in the shadows as he played by himself during the walkthrough two and half years ago), she knew Cody could be one of the best. That is why she had been pushing him so hard over the past two years. So that when the time came he could awe and astound all those that had the privilege to hear the sweet melodies that he could produce.

“Umm,” Cody rubbed the back of his neck as he felt his cheeks heat. Ever since starting high school he and his parents had drifted apart. Cody couldn’t put his finger on it, but something was off with his family. He found it odd that his full ride brother and sister still lived at home since they started college; and ever since his father banished him to the shed for his love of playing that awfully expensive violin. Cody lost interest in what happened in their private lives as they had done with him so long ago. “Ms. Davis do you really need it?” Cody asked dreading asking his mother or father.

“Of course I do! I can’t very well take one of my students off school grounds without his/hers parents approval. Now, I expect you to have the form on my desk tomorrow or I will take it that you must remain here next week,” Ms. Davis said sternly.

“Okay,” Cody sighed.

“Good. Because there is someone there I want you to meet, and I know if he hears you play just once you’ll be a shoe in for one of the limited spots at that school,” Ms. Davis said reaching over taking hold of his hand, “Cody, this school can launch your career. I know with that talent of yours every orchestra will be fighting just to get you.”

“Really?!” Cody said trying to keep his eyes focused on his teachers face and not on those lovely breasts of hers.

“Oh yes, I even sent him a recording of your solo you preformed last year when we went to competition. He was so ecstatic that you would be apart of the group that would be visiting his school. So please, get that form signed I want the best for you,” Ms. Davis said her eyes burning bright.

“Okay, I’ll see if they can be bothered to sign it,” Cody said not wishing to disappoint his music teacher.

Unbeknownst to Cody at that very moment at the Warlick household. What had been taking place since Andy turned eighteen was going full swing in Stephanie’s bedroom.

“God, this is one tight cunt,” Daniel grunting as he rammed his cock hard into his daughter’s cunt, “you like having us split roast you, don’t you?” he asked spanking his daughter’s ass.

“Mmmhmm,” Stephanie muttered around her brother’s cock.

“Yeah, take that cock,” Andy grunted hard as he face fucked his sister, “so Dad, how about we switch,” he said not overly fond of sloppy seconds.

“There you are!” Mariah huffed crossing her arms below her naked breasts. She would have thought her son would have been in her room by now not tag teaming his sister. She had been waiting for this day where she could spend the day in the arms of her strapping first born. “Andy, why don’t you leave your sister and come fuck me,” she cooed using that very same seductive voice she had first used to seduce her son.

“I think he wants a someone younger than you,” Stephanie smirked cruelly at her mother. Knowing this was what she had been after since they brought her into their little fun. She always had a grudge against her mother once she found out that she was able to experience both of the studs that inhabited their home.

“Don’t you dare speak to me in that tone!” Mariah growled.

“Mariah, why don’t you just go back to your room and play with that toy you always use,” Daniel said cruelly.

“Fuck you Daniel!” Mariah spat.

“There’s the woman I’ve had the pleasure to know for the past twenty years,” Daniel said rolling his eyes.

“Don’t worry Mom when I’m done with him I’ll be sure to send him to you once I drain every ounce of cum from my brother,” Stephanie said with a sinister smirk.

“God! How did you turn into such a bitch!” Mariah shouted slamming the door behind her.

“I learned from the best!” Stephanie yelled so her mother could hear her as Mariah stomped towards the room she had taken up since her and her husbands falling out.

Mariah and Daniel knew they both had far too much to lose with a divorce. So they continued on letting the world believe they had a happy marriage, yet all she wanted to do was strangle Daniel on the good days. Throwing open her walk-in closet door, snatching her light pink silk robe off of the hook. Shoving her arms into the sleeves, yet she couldn’t deny the fact she needed to be fucked. It was hard enough to sneak Andy into her room at night when Cody was home. It was why they had kaçak iddaa taken to the days Andy was off from college so that Cody would never find out. However, now she wondered if her youngest child could ease her itch. She knew if she just showed an ounce of attention to her youngest son, that the boy would be so eager for her affection.

“Fine! If Andy wants to keep fucking her fine! That boy better not think he’s going to get off scoot free this time,” Mariah huffed angrily, “I’m not some whore he can just blow off and keep thinking he can keep fucking me and this wonderful pussy,” she said staring at her trimmed bush in the full-length mirror. A smirk graced her lips running her fingers through her ginger hair wondering how Cody would like the view of her body. Alternating lifting each of her breasts knowing while they sagged slightly they were still firm and eager for a man’s lips to be wrapped around them. To feel the warmth of his mouth soaking into her skin as he sucked on her nipples. Mariah began to salivate at the idea of having her youngest sucking on her breasts once again. “No sir. I do wonder how that ego of his is going to take it that he has been replaced by someone younger, although not as attractive but ten times smarter than he could ever hope to be.” Looking over at the clock knowing their driver should be arriving soon with her son in tow. Tying a knot in the belt of her robe before exiting her room. She wanted to be in position to welcome her son home.

“Thanks Greg,” Cody said as the sedan pulled to a stop, since it was only him that was still in private school it wasn’t cost affective to drive the limo into the city just for him. Plus, Cody wasn’t all that thrilled to show off the wealth that his family had, not that he had to worry about such things given the private school catered to the rich that dwelled within the city. Yet he wasn’t flashy maybe that was why he never truly got along with the other rich kids that went to that school.

“Not a problem Cody,” Greg said looking at his charge in the rear-view mirror, “so are you keeping up with your practice?”

“Of course,” Cody said smiling broadly.

“Good. So when’s the next concert?” Greg asked taking an interest in the young man. He had seen how his parents had treated the young man throughout his life. He found it wrong and reprehensible. Greg just couldn’t understand why have a child if you weren’t ever going to love them as they should be? So since his own parents couldn’t bother to bring themselves to take an interest in the boy. He and his wife made sure to fill that void underneath the nose of his employer. Not that he wanted to lose his cushy job, yet the risk was worth it.

“Next month. Oh! I almost forgot!” Cody said digging into his bookbag. Pulling out a cd he had made for Greg. “I know you and Mary might not be able to make it this time, so I thought I’d give you a recording of what we would be playing next month,” he said handing Greg the disk.

“Oh Mary will love this!” Greg said smiling at the boy.

“Sweet!” Cody said blushing at the only man that had praised him for his gift in music.

“Now you best run in,” Greg said opening up the case, “you eat something you hear?!”

“Yes sir,” Cody said flashing Greg a toothy smile as he exited the car, “Oh! I think Mary would like “Summer” when she hears it. It’s one of the three solos I’ll be preforming for the concert next month.”

“I be sure to tell her,” Greg said before Cody shut the door. Walking into his home Cody heard some strange noises coming from upstairs.

“What the fuck?!” Cody whispered low as he set down his bookbag and violin case. Wiggling out of his coat wondering what was going on up there as he hung up his coat in the side closet. If he didn’t know any better he would say someone was jumping on their bed, and he knew his mother would never allow such a thing to take place in her house. He himself had earned her scorn for daring to do such a childish thing when he was ten. Shaking his head at the noise he had things to do, a concert to prepare for Cody just didn’t have the time to be sidetracked about such things.

“Hello Cody,” Mariah said leaning against the marble counter sipping on her tea as her son walked into the kitchen. “How was school today?” she asked in her best motherly voice.

“Fine. Same as always,” Cody said arching an eyebrow as he placed his case on the counter of the island before heading towards the refrigerator. Opening up the door searching for the one thing he was looking forward to once he got home. Sighing when someone had eaten the last of the pudding cups. The door closed in a loud kiss knowing Andy had purposely ate the last one. His brother knew how he liked to indulge in that sweet snack once he got home from school. Sending his condolences to his stomach for his brother’s constant usurping of his joy. “Jocks being jocks, snobs being snobs everyday life for a high schooler,” Cody said shooting his mother a look at the last part. kaçak bahis

“You know,” Mariah said bring the steaming cup to her lips, “it has been some time since the last time I heard you play.”

“Yeah, eight years flies by don’t it?” Cody said rolling his eyes.

“That it does,” Mariah said nodding ignoring the vague insult. “How about you play your mother something, hmm?”

“I don’t know, I got a lot of stuff to do,” Cody said reaching for the handle of his violin case.

“Please baby, just one song,” Mariah said feigning interest. Hoping that some where in that mind of his Cody would fall for her ploy.

“One song, and I can go about my evening?” Cody asked unsure about his mother’s motives. Knowing how he could count the number of times she actually took a vested interest in his music on one hand.

“Of course,” Mariah said with a curt nod, “I know you hide out in the shed because of your father made you, so I’ve missed out on how you improved over the years.”

“And it’s not that far of a walk Mom, no one was keeping you from poking your head in every once in a while,” Cody said not entirely sure what his mother was playing at.

“I know sweetheart, humor me please?” Mariah said batting her eyelashes at him. “I promise from now on I’ll make it a habit of visiting you out there as often as I can,” she said laying on her charm.

“Alright,” Cody said plainly. Popping the latches on his case, his mind raced for a piece of music he could play and not keeping him there for minutes longer then need be. He wasn’t about to play her the song he had chosen for his audition he hoped to get to attend that school. No. His mother wasn’t that deserving to hear such a treat. He needed something quick and fast. A smile formed of his lips as the song popped into his mind as he gently lifted the bow and the violin from the velvet lining of the case. Backing away from the island to give him room for the rapid movements of Antonio Vivaldi’s “Summer.” Blowing out a steady breath as he brought his violin up to his chin, tapping his foot to set the tempo before the bow hummed across the strings.

Mariah’s eyes grew wide as she heard those crisp, clear notes. The masterful way he moved the bow, how quick his finger movements were as they flew across the fret board. Watching how her son moved as he struck certain notes. The way that melody made her heart quicken as if she herself was within that swirling storm of musical notes. She hadn’t prepared herself for how well her son was playing. It reminded her of the times when she and Daniel would visit the opera, or whichever visiting orchestra was in town before they had children.

“Well, would you look at that,” Stephanie said in awe with Andy and her father in tow behind her as the last notes died away.

“Finally good at something, huh?” Andy asked with a lopsided grin.

“As to what? Tossing a misshapen ball made from a pigskin from one end of a field to another,” Cody retorted. Cody stood on the tips of his toes as his brother lifted him up by his shirt Andy had balled in his fist while his other one was posed to bash his little brother’s nose in. “Do go on big man, show them how big and strong you are,” he said taunting his brother to act like the muscle-bound jock that he was.

“Yes,” Mariah said narrowing her eyes at her first born, “punch your brother in full view of your parents all because you don’t have the wit to counteract Cody’s words,” she said cutting Andy to the bone with that fork tongue of hers.

“Well, I think you don’t need to be out in that shed any more,” Daniel said pulling his eldest son off of his younger one, “this house could use some living up,” he said pushing his son behind him.

“Nah, I rather stay in the shed,” Cody said packing up his violin, “that was all you wanted right?” he asked looking up at his mother.

“Yes,” Mariah nodded, “thank you, for playing for me sweetheart I really enjoyed it. Maybe next time you’ll play me something a little longer and a tad bit slower. I want to experience this master that lives within this house,” she said shooting Andy a burning glare.

“So not going to happen,” Cody thought to himself as he closed up his case.

“Wait Cody!” Stephanie said racing out the door behind him. She knew her mother was up to something. Whatever it was she was determined to steal it from her.

“What now?!” Cody sighed heavily trying not to let the cold get to him.

“Why don’t you come back inside and play for me? I only got to hear the end of your song. Don’t you think it’s unfair that you let Mom watch you play and not your adorable sister,” Stephanie said flashing her brother a smile that made many a teenage boy bend to her will. Yet all the while feeling her father’s and brother’s cum leaking out of her cunt.

“Not interested,” Cody said coldly before continuing on his trek towards the shed.

“Crash and burn,” Mariah sneered from behind her daughter.

“Please,” Stephanie said flipping her hair over her shoulder as she turned towards her mother sticking her nose into the air as she sashayed back into the house. “I’m only just getting started. Cody will come around.”

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