The Conference Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: This is a work of sexual fantasy fiction. The names are made up and don’t represent any particular individual. In this fantasy world, unwanted pregnancy doesn’t happen and STDs don’t exist, so protection is not an issue.

The Conference


Janet had been looking forward to this annual meeting all year long. Her job as a science professor at a small liberal arts college didn’t give her much chance to interact with cutting edge scientists, so it was a great chance to catch up on the latest research to share with her students.

Besides that, though, the real reason is that a week-long rip to the big city gave her a once-a-year chance to get away from her controlling husband, Mark, and the prying eyes of the small town and really cut loose and have some fun.

Mark was very controlling. Everything had to be just so in the household and he barely let her have any friends, other than his friends. She had to play the demure wife at all times. Straight home from work, dinner at 7:00, TV (of his choice) until 10:00, then bedtime. As for sex, well, she got to lay there once a month while he pumped into her for 2 minutes missionary style, before rolling off and going to sleep. Sometimes he’d come home from drinking with his friends and she’d get a bonus fuck, but he usually just passed out before he’d get started. He’d get her worked up, but hadn’t made her cum in years and she always had to finish herself off in the shower after he was done, thinking about the kind of sex life she dreamed of.

Her life at the college was not much better. Junior faculty had to be on their toes at all times and defer to the more senior faculty, and the department chair, who was a bit of a prig, expected female professors to be especially proper.

That was extra hard for her because she got the freshman classes, which included all the athletes getting their science requirements out of the way. Imagine what being in a room full of fit, sexy young men did to the libido of a sexually frustrated woman day after day, especially since she could only look, never touch. It was like being a kid in a candy store but not allowed to have any candy! Sometimes she’d get so horny, she’d have to go into the faculty bathroom and masturbate, just to release some of the tension. Some of the boys flirted with her, but she didn’t dare respond. Imagine the scandal if she had an affair with one of her students, or with 2 or 3 of them all at once, right there in the classroom, which is just one of the scenarios she fantasized about when she was masturbating in the bathroom. That wouldn’t do, or course, but, Oh God, how she wanted it.

Day One – Stranger Delight:

Janet arrived at the conference by Uber, and already her mind was racing. The Uber driver was a handsome younger Arab man, Mohammed, and she couldn’t resist flirting with him during the ride. He obviously liked it and kept stealing glances at her short skirt, which she was careful to let hike up as she sat there. He even offered to “show her around the city” later. She laughed and said, “I’ve got your number!” It was tempting, but she had bigger plans.

Check-in for the conference was crowded, which was exhilarating as far as she was concerned. As usual, there were more men than women at the conference and she was surrounded by dozens of men of all ages, standing around in clumps chatting. Maybe it was her imagination, but she felt like she could feel their heat and smell their manly scents as she made her way to the check-in desk.

She purposely bumped into some of the hot young grad students, just for the thrill. “Excuse me,” she’d say in her cutest voice and they’d respond with a nerdly, “No problem!” and turn back to their friends with a new grin. She knew she was sexy, slender and shapely, with nice breasts, beautiful brown hair and a gorgeous face. It was so fun to catch their attention and exciting to know that they were watching her walk away thinking they’d like to fuck her. “Maybe some of you will…” she thought to herself.

After checking in, she went to her hotel room, in the same hotel as the conference. She’d requested a private room with a king size bed. Didn’t want to get stuck with some stodgy roommate, after all. Might as well be back home! The good thing about the conference was that she wasn’t known in the field, so nobody here had any preconceived ideas about her, and they wouldn’t be telling anybody about anything she did. She was anonymous here.

She stripped off and was headed to take a shower when she heard a knock at the door. “Concierge, ma’am. You left one of your bags at the desk, so I brought it up.”

Feeling naughty, she went to the door just holding her shirt in front of her. Opening the door, she saw a handsome young man, and said, “Thank you so much! You can put it anywhere…” with a grin. She had a sweet voice with a little lilt that everyone found sexy. He blushed and put the bag down by the door.

“Wait, I’ve got a little something for you.” and let him have a view of kurtköy olgun escort her bare butt as she walked over to get a tip out of her purse. “Thanks again”, she said, batting her eyes at him as she got a little too close to hand it to him. He lingered over her touch and said, “If there is anything else you need, anything at all, don’t hesitate to call, and ask for Bruce!” “Oh, I will…” she said in her breathiest, most suggestive voice.

As he left, she giggled to herself and touched her pussy. It was sopping wet from the encounter. Back home, she would have immediately gone in the shower and masturbated, but not now. Now she just washed up and left the tension to build in her, knowing it would be relieved in much better ways, soon enough.

Dressed in a skirt and button down shirt, she headed out to the afternoon introductory session. The outfit was conservative, but she filled out the skirt nicely. The fact that she was wearing the shirt buttons undone just enough that you could see her lacy bra and a bit of cleavage made it a little less so.

She grabbed the obligatory cup of coffee and a cookie from the refreshment table and started to mingle. She joined a group of 3 men and a woman talking about their research briefly, but after introductions, she saw they were only interested in talking about their latest grants, so she excused herself. Then she noticed a distinguished looking man standing nearby, alone. She saw him looking at her and went over to say hello. “Hi, I’m Janet.”

“John. Nice to meet you. I see you got bored with the shop talk over there. It’s enough to make you want to scream sometimes.”

“Yes, the men seemed to be trying to impress the woman with how nerdy they are, but it didn’t seem to be working.”

“It doesn’t surprise me. I saw her come in with her female grad student a few minutes ago, and they seemed to be more than just adviser and student, if you know what I mean…”

“I see”, she said with a smile. “I guess there’s a lot of that sort of thing that goes on here. Students and profs letting their hair down, trying to get lucky with new people on a trip and all that. It’s like spring break for nerds.”

“Ha, ha. Yep, it’s just human nature.”

“What about you? Do you engage in extracurricular activities at these meetings?”

He eyed her speculatively. “Well, I’m as human as any of them. For example, you’re a very attractive woman. If I got the idea you were interested, I wouldn’t mind spending some time with you.”

She eyed him back. A little taller than her, he was very good looking, about 45, and he looked like he was in great shape. He carried himself with a confidence that she found very sexy. “We could explore that…”

Just then, the announcement that the first talk was about to start came over the PA system.

She stared into his eyes and said “Looks like it’s time to start”, hoping he got the double entendre.

“Yes, let’s go in. Would you care to sit with me?”

She definitely did want to sit with him. He was starting to turn her on, and was obviously very interested. They found a pair of seats near the back of the auditorium and sat down to hear the opening talk.

As the lights went down, they both made it a point to sit close, with their arms together on the armrest and eventually, with their legs brushing against each other. She could hear his breath catch when that happened, but he didn’t pull away. Instead he leaned closer.

She saw he had a notebook on his lap. “Oops, I didn’t bring anything to take notes on,” she said.

She expected him to hand her a sheet from his notebook, but he just said “Here’s a pen. Feel free to reach over and jot down anything you want on this page. It’s just scratch notes.”

She leaned close and whispered, “Thanks, I will”. She reached over and scribbled the speaker’s name, just to have an excuse to put her hand near his crotch. She made it a point to press a little harder than necessary and rock the notebook on his lap.

He chuckled and said, “His name is in the program, you know”.

“Oh, right…” Then she wrote “Janet – Room 713” and left her hand weighing on the notebook a little longer than she needed to. “Just to remind myself, in case I get lost.”

She pulled her hand away and he shifted uncomfortably. She was pretty sure it was because he had an erection under the notebook.

He put his hand on her arm and caressed her gently. It set off fireworks in her pussy. She leaned close and breathed hotly in his ear, “Do that to my thigh, and I’m yours.”

Just then, the speaker finished and everyone applauded, so the mood was broken, or at least postponed. It was going to be a long afternoon of talks, so they settled down, both knowing what was going to come later.

Near the end of the session, though, his cell phone rang. “Oh shit, I’ve got to take this.” and went outside. She followed him out when the talks ended a few minutes later.

“I’m so sorry. That was a call from my lab tuzla escort and there’s a broken pipe flooding the place. I’ve got to take care of it and it looks like I’ll be on the phone half the night getting it straightened out. Listen, I really like what we started here. Will I see you tomorrow? I promise to make it worth your while”

She had been all ready to fuck his brains out, so she smiled and said, “Of course, but I’m going to make you work at it. Truth is, you’ve got me really horny, so come rested and ready.”

“Same here. I’ll look forward to it. We’ll see who needs a rest at the end.” Then he kissed her full on the mouth. Her knees almost buckled and by the time she could catch her breath, he was gone.

“Wow”, she thought to herself, “tomorrow is going to be interesting.”

But now she was horny as fuck, and was going to have to start all over.

She was too worked up to be hungry and didn’t want to go to the rubber-chicken banquet for dinner, anyway, so she decided to go to the hotel bar and have something light.

She sat down at a table and asked for a glass of wine and a salad. As she ate, she was thinking of John and what she was going to do to him tomorrow, and wondering what the hell she was going to do about her throbbing pussy tonight.

Maybe the guy at the bar could see it in her face, or maybe he just thought she was cute. He came over and said, “Hi. Penny for your thoughts.”

Eyeing him up and down, she said, “Funny you should ask. I was just thinking about how much I’d like some company tonight.” He was about her age, mid 30’s, tall, and looked lean and strong. “Are you here for the conference?”

“No, I’m in town on business. Had a bunch of meetings today, and now I’m ready to relax. I’m Jim, by the way.”

“Janet. Please, have a seat, Jim. The conference mixer tonight is a huge bore, so I thought I’d find something more interesting to do. Or someone…”

It was pretty obvious to both of them what they both wanted, and it didn’t take long for them to warm up. As they finished their drinks, she said, “I hate drinking in bars. Want to go up to my room for a night cap and a little conversation?”

“That sounds… perfect.” She didn’t really expect much conversation, though.

On the way up the crowded elevator, he stood behind her and drew up close to her. The heat from his body was exciting. She pressed herself back against him and reached around to rub his crotch. She was pleased to feel a growing bulge. She pressed her ass against him and was thrilled when he put his hands on her hips and pulled her tight against his bulge. She could feel his cock and moaned. An older couple looked over at them disapprovingly, so she reached up and pulled his head to her neck for him to nuzzle her, which he did enthusiastically. The old folks quickly looked away and pretended not to see anything.

When they stepped off at her floor, they almost broke down laughing. “Did you see their faces? Hilarious!”. He said “Yeah, I hope they got an eye full, but I’m glad they’re not looking right now.” With that, he grabbed her and pressed her against the wall, kissing her passionately. She put her hands on his ass and pulled him against her crotch. She could feel his big hard dick grind against her. “I want you now. Let’s go inside.”

He barely got the door closed before she started tearing at his clothes. She unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off while they kissed, tongues twisting. His shoulders were broad and his tummy flat. “Mmm”, she moaned, “You’re so hot!” and ran her hands over his chest. Then she started unbuttoning her own shirt. He stepped back and watched as she took it off and then undid her bra. He gasped when her firm tits popped free and then reached for her with a little growl. Hot, bare skin against skin was so exciting and they continued to kiss and moved toward the bed.

She reached down to undo his pants, breathing, “Give me that cock…” When she unbuckled his belt and pulled his zipper down, she was surprised to see a long, beautiful circumcised cock pop out, rock hard. She knelt down to take him in her mouth.

It was the first cock besides Mark’s she’d touched in ages and she couldn’t get over the size difference. Mark had an average penis but this one was at least 2 inches longer. It wasn’t so thick that she couldn’t get it in her mouth though. She took the head all the way back to her throat and then moved back so she could use her tongue on the head. It felt hard but soft in her mouth and she almost came just from the thought of it. She could taste his salty precum on her tongue.

She pulled it out of her mouth and rubbed it on her cheek, then went down to lick the shaft. It was so long… and soo hard. She wrapped her two hands around it and put her mouth on the head. He groaned as she licked it and moved her hands up and down. She took one hand and cupped his balls. They were big and heavy. He seemed to like that and began to move his hips in rhythm with her stroking.

“Take pendik escort it easy, Sexy. I’m not going to last long if you keep doing that.” He pulled her away, and pulled her up and led her to the bed. “Let’s get this off…” he said as he unzipped her skirt and pulled down her panties. Her pussy was dripping wet when he touched it. He pushed her back on the bed and said, “My turn,” as he lowered his head to her crotch.

He lapped at her juices, licking all around her lips and hot vagina. She thought she’d explode from the sensation. She’d been wishing for this all year, but only got it in her dreams.

When he got to her clit, she did explode. Her orgasm came on like a tsunami. She started bucking and screaming “Oh, God! Oh, God!” He kept licking and sucking and her orgasm kept going, on and on, wave after wave. “Don’t … stop … please…” she gasped between waves of cumming. He kept going for what seemed like hours, until it finally subsided and she pushed him away. She let out a long, shuddering sigh. That’s the first time another person had made her cum all year and it was wonderful!

She smiled down at his wet face and said, “Come here, lover.”

He crawled up to her chest and nuzzled his pussy-smeared face against hers. She kissed him, savoring her own flavor, and said, “That was fantastic. I really needed that.”

“My pleasure”, he said, moving to kiss her neck and move down to her tits. She loved it, and when he reached down to her pussy and started fingering her, she started to cum again. This time, it was different. This was quicker and sharper. Her back arched and she couldn’t even speak as she came, again, and then again, and then again.

“Holy shit, you’re good,” she managed to get out at last. They cuddled for a few minutes while she caught her breath, but she could tell his dick was aching for some attention.

She pushed him back on the bed and said, “Get ready for a rough ride, Cowboy”. This time, she was going to make him cum.

She moved down and gave his cock a little lick, which made it twitch and him gasp, then she straddled his chest and rubbed her pussy down his torso, slowing getting closer to his erect, throbbing dick. “I hope the whole thing will fit in me,” she said. “Let’s see…”

She hovered over his erect cock and slowly rubbed the head of it against her pussy. As the soft/hard head brushed against her clit, she almost had another orgasm, but she kept moving. The tip was glistening with precum and she rubbed it around on her already wet labia, then slowly eased down on it, guiding it into her hole.

It had been forever since she had had a real fucking. Mark’s monthly poke didn’t count, and it certainly hadn’t prepared her for a cock as big as Jim’s, so she had to go slow at first. First, she slid an inch or two in and then moved up and down a few times. It sent lightening though her pussy with each thrust, so she started to ease further down. Now halfway, it felt a little like Mark’s, but it didn’t go soft after a dozen strokes. She took more, and more, and then finally slowly eased on down until the whole thing was in her. She sat there, still for a minute, savoring the full feeling.

But then Jim began to thrust. He put his hands on her ass and lifted her up, pulled out halfway out, and then pushed in again. He did this over and over, slowly at first, but then faster and faster. She felt herself starting to cum again and buried her head on his shoulder, biting him to keep from screaming. Through her powerful orgasm, she heard him say, “I’m close…”

Without hesitation, she groaned, “Cum in me. Fill me up with that beautiful cum.”

This sent him over the edge. He grabbed her hips and fucked her with all his might, faster and faster, and deeper and deeper, then froze, pushing all the way into her. He grunted and started bucking. She could feel his cock pulsing with each spurt. It felt like he was cumming gallons deep into her. This set off another wave of orgasms that left her weak. As he grunted out the last of his semen into her sopping pussy, she collapsed on him.

She felt his cock slide out and felt a huge glob of semen pour out of her.

“Holy shit! How much did you cum?” She rolled off of him to see his dick covered in his and her juices. As she laid there, she felt more cum oozing out of her still-twitching pussy.

“That was incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever cum like that. You are one sexy woman.”

“Mmm. It was just what I needed. Now I need a shower. Join me?”

More cum was dripping out of her as they stumbled to the shower. Once under the hot water, she spread her pussy lips to let more run out, and washed it gently, but she didn’t push. She loved the idea of having that beautiful seed deep inside her.

He came in and began to gently soap her up, all over. She turned to face him and returned the favor. Soon they were slick with suds and rubbing against each other sensuously. His dick started to get hard again, so she paid special attention to lathering it up. In seconds, he was semi-rigid again.

He turned her around and pressed his cock on her ass, and reached around to soap her pussy under the hot running water. The sensation was fantastic, and she began to see stars. As her pussy responded, he began to rub her clit and pull her back against him.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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