An Undress Occasion

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“She’s just come over from England,” Pauline said. “She’s only been here a week. But it’s a blind date, so you can’t be too choosey. She’ll be alright.”

“I just hope she enjoys fucking,” I said. “An evening of conversation isn’t my idea of a Saturday night out.”

“With your kind of conversation anything can happen. Just don’t start off with, ‘Do you want to fuck now or later?’ It’s apt to put a girl off. Besides, she’s only twenty.”

It was a fancy dress dance. I was going as a gangster. When I was introduced to Joy I did a double take.

“What are you supposed to be?” I asked, rather tactlessly. “I’ve never seen anything like that.”

“This is the way high school girls dress back home,” Joy explained. “It was my school uniform five years ago. I hadn’t got anything else to wear.”

I shook my head. “Bet they don’t have any trouble keeping the girls out of mischief in that outfit. No wonder they keep their virginity longer.”

“Well thank you, Sir Galahad!” Joy tossed her head. “You do say what you think, don’t you? Do you think of anything else besides sex?

“Not much,” I admitted. “How about you?”

“We’ve come here to dance,” Joy said severely. She danced up a storm, I had to admit. But every time I looked at her, my hopes sank lower. For a start, fancy dress dance or not she really looked like a schoolgirl, and from what I could see under that silly school uniform she’d hadn’t much to show in the way of a figure. By the look of her, too, she’d never been screwed in her life. No-one would want to screw her. She wore grubby steel rimmed glasses, she wore pigtails with a bow at the end, she wore this ridiculous school uniform. And she wore braces on her teeth.

I took her home afterwards. That was part of the blind date deal. She invited me in, shyly. Begged me to come in, really. And I hadn’t the heart to refuse her. And then I wondered how I was to get away without hurting her feelings.

But that school uniform!! From the bottom to the top it was a turn-off. Sturdy black shoes. Thick black cotton stockings. A gym slip, she called it, black and shapeless from her shoulders to her knees. A white long sleeved blouse under the gym slip. And more horrible than anything, as she’d danced I’d caught sight of black knickers under her skirt.

“I should never have worn this silly gym slip,” Joy said. “It was winter uniform, really, and it’s so hot. Give me a hand to get it off, there’s a dear.”

She undid the knot in the sash round her waist, and began to tug the skirt up over her hips, and then bent over. “Catch hold and haul it over my head. It’s a bit tight. I haven’t worn it for years.”

Good Grief! I thought. If anyone comes in it looks like I’m helping a schoolgirl to undress. I could get jail time for this. And when she stood up again, flushed with the exertion, she was standing there quite unabashedly in a blouse and those horrible knickers, black things with elastic round the thighs. Wouldn’t fancy my chances getting up those things in the back seat of a car, I thought, as I gazed at them with horrid fascination.

Joy struck a pose. “Sorry, I hope I’m not embarrassing you. They’re pretty ghastly, aren’t they?”

But there was something even more horrible. Those black stockings only came halfway up her thighs. And there were thick white garter things holding them up, disappearing up under the elastic of the knicker legs. And three or four inches of pink, naked thigh. Oh god, I thought, I must be hungry, three inches of flesh is getting me horny.

“There’s worse to come,” Joy announced gaily, and undid the buttons down the front of her blouse. “Here, help me off with this.”

I couldn’t help myself. I pulled the blouse back off her shoulders. They were bare shoulders, naked escort ankara shoulders, and now that I was so close she smelt almost sexy. But over her shoulders were thick white straps, and those straps supported a garment that fitted tightly round her from armpits to waistline, buttoned all down the front and disappearing at her waistline beneath the knickers. There were bulges that suggested she might have a pair of breasts underneath

“It’s called a liberty bodice,” Joy explained. “I don’t know why. You couldn’t take a liberty with me if you wanted to.”

I certainly don’t want to, I thought. Joy smiled at me, her teeth flashing. “These braces are killing me, they’re fake ones, but they’re not very comfortable. Kind of inhibit the snogging, don’t they?”

Snogging? Was that English for kissing? Was she kidding? But then she took off the braces, and took off the glasses, and smiled. And I wished I’d known all evening she had a mouth like that.

“I’ll bet you don’t like braids, either,” she said. “Have you ever undone braids before? Have a go.”

I seemed to be hooked into this routine, whether I wanted to or not. And I was beginning to think I did. I wanted to see what other surprises there were. So I helped her undo the braids, and she brushed a glorious mass of chestnut hair down over her back and her shoulders, and shook it a little.

That liberty thing and those black knickers and black stockings were still hideous, but as I looked at the top part of her and realized she really was undressing for me, my prick was forcing itself uncomfortably against my shorts.

“You any good at undoing buttons?” Joy asked, smiling at me wickedly. “Have a go at these, there’s a dear.”

Undoing a brassiere was something I always liked doing, when there were breasts and nipples underneath that needed sucking. But undoing about a dozen buttons over a bust that might or might not be worth looking at was not my idea of entertainment.

“Please,” she wheedled, and put her mouth an inch from mine. Even then, I couldn’t quite bring myself to kiss her. There was something a bit sick about it. So she kissed me. And there was nothing sick about it.

“Undo the buttons,” she said, pulling away after a breathless minute.

I fumbled with the buttons. The bodice thing was so tight across her chest that at first I couldn’t get the buttons out of the button holes. But eventually I got them undone down as far as the waistline of her knickers. I just couldn’t bring myself to touch those horrors, but the liberty bodice disappeared down inside them, and I stopped.

“Here you are,” Joy said impatiently, and pulled the knicker elastic down almost as far as her crotch, and I was able to undo the last two buttons. The bodice pulled open and there was naked flesh underneath, and the cutest navel winking at me, and a garden of chestnut foliage straggling up from below.

“The thing has a twofold purpose,” Joy said. “One is to conceal any trace of a bust. The other is to hold up the stockings. You may as well undo those suspenders for me.”

“Suspenders?” I queried.

“Garters to you.”

I knelt down and worked out how the things worked. They must have been the same things as on a garter belt, but I’d never been this close to one.

Undressing a girl, even one who didn’t seem to promise a dividend at the end of the operation , was giving me a cock-stand that was downright embarrassing, and fumbling with those strange clothes was exciting, too. I got the garters undone at last, and they hung free.

Joy took one side of the bodice in each hand, pulled it up from inside her knickers and opened it up like a jacket, pulling it back and slipping it off her arms. And I gasped.

Those bulges under the constriction were swelling mamak escort out into a pair of breasts. Smallish, but gorgeous. And on each tit was a pinky brown aureole surrounding a hard nut of a nipple. Joy cupped them in her hands and massaged them, squeezing them up and out under my delighted eyes. “They’ve been strapped up too long. I Began to wonder if they’d ever pop up again.”

But they were popping up, standing up, begging to be sucked. I leaned forward instinctively, and Joy stepped back.

“When a young lady invites a man to help her, she doesn’t expect him to take liberties. Be a love and undo those shoe laces for me.”

I was being had for a sucker, I could see, but with those cute boobs so close I had no resistance in me. I knelt down again and undid her shoe laces. She lifted her feet, and I took off her shoes. I looked up, and realized she was next door to naked, stark naked from the waist up, her breasts directly above me. But between those beauties and me were those hideous stockings and those horrible knickers.

“While you’re down there, be a dear and haul down those stockings for me,” Joy commanded.

It was only as I reached up to take hold of her stocking tops, and my fingers touched the nakedness of her thigh, and I realized how tall she was and how well developed her breasts were and how very far from schoolgirl shy she was, that I understood just how much I’d been had for a sucker. So, rather than pulling down each stocking with my fingers, as I’d been about to, I made the exercise a journey of discovery. The thighs above the stocking tops were warm and soft, and as each stocking came down my hands explored the flesh I was exposing, caressing it and enjoying it. Until all that remained between Joy and total nakedness was those horrible knickers.

But those black knickers were no longer the horrors they had seemed. Suddenly they were incredibly sexy. Suddenly all I wanted to do in life was explore inside those knickers, and pull them down.

She didn’t have to ask me. My hands were on her thighs, caressing them, slipping under the elastic, exploring further up inside the stifling blackness. Joy moved her legs, standing with her feet apart and her thighs separated. My fingers reached the top of her legs inside the knickers, found the wetness at the top, felt her open cunt lips and slipped up inside her waiting cunt. Joy put her hands on the waistband of those incredibly sexy knickers and slowly pushed it down, revealing the dark brown of her muff. She pushed down further till my hands prevented them going any lower.

With a growl I took my hands out from the knicker legs and grabbed the waistband and hauled the things down to her feet. She stepped out of them, and opened her thighs again. Her naked twat was an open flower, her cunt lips were protruding like pink petals, her cunt hole was open and wet with dew.

My hands reached round behind her to take hold of the cheeks of her ass and pull her to me. My mouth went to the center of the flower and began to drink. She opened her thighs wider and put her hands on my head, forcing my lips to her clitoris.

“Suck her for me,” she pleaded. “You’ve excited me so much, she feels as if she’ll burst. Suck her inside your mouth and let me feel you rub her with your tongue. Masturbate her for me, I’m going to cum any moment. It was so exciting having you undress me. I was afraid those knickers would turn you off. Oh yes, yes, keep on doing that. Masturbate me, diddle my clit with your tongue, put your thumb up inside my cunt as far as you can. Masturbate me and fuck me with your thumb at the same time. I’m cumming. I’m cumming!”

And while she forced my mouth into her slit, she ground her whole pelvis round and round and her thighs opened yenimahalle escort and closed like scissors. My hands gripped her cheeks harder, pulling them apart so that my fingers could explore the cleft between, and one finger slid up into her twitching anus.

Apparently she really was nineteen And if this was the way a nineteen year old could cum, I’d like to be around when she reached twenty one.

When she was finished she pushed my head reluctantly away, and stroked my face. “I’m sorry, I thought it would be fun to pretend I was a schoolgirl. And I wanted to see what those P.K.’s would do to you.”


“Passion Killers. That’s what we used to call them at school. I had quite a job getting into them, I’ve grown a bit in the last five years. Aren’t you glad?”

I’d grown a lot myself in the last five minutes, and I had to do something about it. I tried to be flippant. “I’m wearing passion killers myself. And they’re not doing me any good at all.”

“Oh, do show them to me,” Joy said excitedly. “Let me help you.”

I stood up, and it was her turn to be on her knees. A retrograde step, because I couldn’t gaze at that salivating cunt and those red tipped boobs. But she was working on my zipper, and I mentally said my thanks that she wasn’t going through the whole routine of stripping the top part first, as she had with herself.

She had my pants round my ankles quicker than I could have done it myself. And then her hands were cupping my cheeks and her face was pressed to the painful bulge in my Y-fronts.

“They may kill your passion,” she said, “but it doesn’t feel like it. You’ve got a lovely hard-on inside here. I can feel it.”

And she was feeling it, feeling the outline of my swollen prick and cupping my balls. And then she leaned back, and slowly and deliberately peeled my briefs down. My cock surged out, free at last, and stood up and reached toward her face. Then my balls were free, and she paused a moment to look at the fucking machinery displayed. But not for long. With a growl just like mine she leaned forward with her mouth wide open, and gobbled the bloated knob and clamped her lips round it. One hand gently explored my ramrod and the other fondled my scrotum.

I seemed to have been on the point of cumming ever since I’d first seen her tits swelling out of that liberty bodice thing. And now with her mouth sucking my cockhead and her tongue massaging my prick, I knew I was about to explode into her mouth at any moment. There was nothing wrong with that. Oral masturbation was one of the most delicious sensations in life as far as I was concerned. But, perversely, I wanted her to cum with me. I wanted to fuck her, dammit!

So I pulled out quickly before it was too late, hoping I wasn’t going to shoot my wad right into her face.

She’d read my mind. She lay back on the floor in amongst the debris of passion killers, hers and mine, and opened to me. And I took her right there on the floor. She was no virgin, as I’d feared at first. Her hungry cunt seemed to suck my prick right inside her as soon as my cock head touched her wide open hole. She was wet with her own cunt juice and the saliva I’d given her when she came into my mouth. And the tunnel of her vagina was wet and slippery all the way up.

She wrapped her thighs round me, and locked her legs over me, and began to hump me from underneath. I humped her from above, and the pace got faster as we kept time with each other, until I was ramming her as fast and as hard as I could go.

And then I came, an explosive ejaculation into the depth of her belly that made her cry out with delight. And as I continued to spurt inside her, filling her cunt with hot love juice, she cried out again. She was shouting. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I can feel you cumming inside me! Don’t stop, just keep on fucking me, fucking me, keep going, I love it, I love it, I love you fucking me. Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck.”

Funny how exciting those Passion Killers had been!

-The end-

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