A Picnic

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Gentle tapping on the window frame, the blinds shift as the warm Welsh air pushes into our room.

I stretch and catch a glimpse of the dream that woke me, its slithering tail slips through my grasp.

“Buggar, it was a good one too”. Something to do with you, mmmmmm and sex.

It’s 1100. I should get some more sleep but know that I won’t be able to now.

I shower, making sure that I’m smooth everywhere that counts, dress and pack a little lunch for us.

I could walk but it’s getting late. I jump in our car, a red Peugeot in remembrance of a story I’d written a year earlier.

I zip through housing and park near your office. My heart is racing, still haven’t gotten used to the thrill of you.

You look up and smile as I step through the door way. God, I love you.

No punters. No ‘secretary’. We’re alone.

“Hey you,” you stand and kiss me as I step into your arms. “You have to work tonight, you should be sleeping”

“I did sleep. I need you more.” I tippy-toe to kiss your lips, your mouth is hot and tea flavored. I could spend the rest of my life tasting your mouth, but your hands grab my bottom and pull me against you and I remember my mission.

“I brought lunch, fancy a little picnic? Some private kurtköy eve gelen escort little spot in the sunshine?”

“I was about to run home and sneak back into bed with you.”

“Great minds…”

“We always have thought alike,” you smile. “I have the rest of the afternoon off. Let’s go find somewhere really private”

I’ve grown very fond of the Welsh country side. It feels more like home that any of the other places I’ve lived in. I know it’s because you’re here, you are my home.

It’s a beautiful day. The sky’s a brilliant blue, accented by puffs of cotton clouds. The breeze is warm and slightly salty.

I kick my sandals off as you spread a large blanket on the grass.

“This is a perfect spot!”

You lay down with your hands behind your head, smiling, watching me.

I hold a neatly wrapped sandwich in one hand and indicate myself as the other choice.

You point to me.

“Are you sure? P B and J, your favorite.”

“It isn’t my favourite! I only like them because of the way you break off little pieces and feed me.”

“Okay, you’re sure?” You nod and I toss the sandwich onto the blanket.

I reach beneath my skirt and wiggle out kurtköy genç escort of my panties. You don’t move but continue to smile.

I tap your belt “may I?”

“Yes, please do.”

I free you from your uniform trousers and boxers, just to your knees. You’re ready for me, hard as a rock but I know you’ll get even harder in my mouth. I have your full attention as I lick my lips and dip down to taste you.

You raise your head on your hands to maintain eye contact.

I tease you with light flicks of my tongue before popping your head into my mouth.

I love the way you taste.

I want to tell you how much I love you but I can’t, my mouth is full. I show you instead.

My lips caress you, my tongue snaking, exploring every detail.

My hair is loose, wild in the breeze, blocking your view. You reach over gathering it into a fist and gently rein my movement.

I lose the world, only you exist. Your pleasure is my own, the rumble rising from your chest draws a moan from my throat.

I know you’re close. I squeeze the base of your cock and suck hard as I rise. You leave my mouth with a slight ‘pop’.

I am so wet, every nerve ending in my body is alight, screaming kurtköy kendi evi olan escort for you.

I perch over you, straddle you, position you at my entrance. I let you in just a little, to hold you in place. Your hands are on my hips, urging me to ride but I slowly unbutton my blouse.

The lacy demi-cups expose me perfectly and your hands are distracted. Your fingers trace the lace edge, your thumbs graze my nipples. Waves of electrical impulses pulse through my body. I want you, more than anything.

I have an absolute hunger for you, only you. Our eyes meet and I see my emotions mirrored.

Your hands return to my hips as they tilt forward and I slowly engulf you. Slow. Enjoying every sensation, loving how perfectly we fit.

I lean forward for a moment, kiss you, let our tongues play, nibble your bottom lip. Whisper in your ear “I love you,” and lick the curve of your ear. I rise and begin to undulate my hips, must be a belly dancing move. If I were wearing bells, they’d be ringing.

You touch me where we are joined, and rub my engorged nub – you know that will increase my speed, make me need to cum.

I’m racing, and you’re right there with me. My quads are burning as I ride. You’re right where I need you to be, always find the perfect spot.

“Oooo babe yesss, come with me. Now!”

I arch backwards as my muscles tighten and spasm and you raise your hips as you fill me.

I rest my hands on your chest as our breathing calms. Your fingers stoke my face.

“Je vous aime mon compagnon d’âme”

“I love you too. I always have.”

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