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Waking up, something didn’t feel quite right. Tingly and warm, I am pretty certain I had a sex dream. Of what I can’t be certain, but what I can be certain of is that my panties were absolutely saturated. The white high waisted underwear was so wet that if I were to wring them, they would drip. I even surprised myself with the sheer quantity I had produced. My hand slides between my legs with the lightest of touches to feel my panties, utterly soaked. Retreating, my fingers are so wet that it appears as if I ran them under a tap. Despite how aroused I felt, unable to play I go about my day, wondering what I had dreamt of to be so hot and bothered. It’s not until much later that I can really dwell on such thoughts.

Frustrated from holding in my urges all day, the second I am alone I can’t help myself. It’s late, the TV hums in the background. Planes, Trains and Automobiles- I had to pause it because I would hate for two men to ruin what is to come. Pulling my shorts aside and sliding a finger between my nethers, I am still wet. Must have been one hell of a dream. Conjuring up mental ‘fantasies’, I flick through ideas as if I were trying to pick something to watch on Netflix, figuring out what I’m in the mood for tonight. A funishment? A threesome or more? Something darker? Should my mentally fabricated Miss make an appearance? I finally settle on something. Circling my nub, my mind focuses. Reliving the following events with a real life Miss while my fingers work for my climax–

Harkening back to simpler times, I can almost smell that summery evening all over again. The scent of cut grass and flowers in full bloom lingering through a light breeze. The light from golden hour shines into my eyes, resulting in hazy vision as the sun sets. It’s unbearably hot, at 25°C my Scottish blood cannot tolerate such heat. The breeze is a small mercy, it caresses my skin through the thinnest of sundresses. Walking home from the quickest shopping trip I have ever went on, I am linked arm in arm with my Domme, Tara* (not her real name). We had previously spent the whole day in bed and various other locations within the house, unable to keep our hands off each other.

Between us we had an astonishing amount of orgasms that day. Having only left the house to stock up on some essentials, we were both ridiculously aroused despite the sheer amount of naked frolicking that had previously taken place. Tara stops to fix one of our bags, when she looks up the breeze has my dress clinging to my form, my nipples poke through my dress, revealing the fact I am not wearing a bra. She looks both annoyed and delighted in equal measures, how she failed to notice this will forever remain a mystery. I’m thankful that despite the material being flimsy, it is not sheer. That would have earned me a tanning and a half.

“I have just realised you missing an important undergarment! How the hell did you sneak that past me?! You know you are for my viewing pleasure, and mine alone,” She said with a grin, “just you wait until I take you home. I’m going to fuck you so hard that you won’t be able to walk for a week.”

“Yeah yeah, we both know you won’t do a thing.” Rolling my eyes, I reply while flicking my ponytail. Tara, who is obviously amused at my sass, grabs my hand and pulls me along which forces me to walk faster to keep up with her.

“I could threaten you with all the things I will do to you but I’m not going to, you don’t deserve to know. The time for words is over, actions have consequences. You little madame!”

“Talk is cheap Miss.” I sass back.

Doing what I do best, while we walk to my place I catch Tara off guard and push her against a bench. My whole body pressed into hers, I go straight for the kill and begin laying kisses up her neck. Varying from gentle pecks to nibbles until I reach her ear. My mouth softly wraps around her lobe, gently sucking while my teeth skim over her skin. To add insult to injury, I playfully moan into her ear when I’m done. She shivers and breaks away, the look on her face is utterly comical.

“You are a fucking tease!” Tara growls, clearly hot and bothered. “You know what that does to me!”

I escort london feign innocence, pretending to be unaware of any wrongdoing, taking great pleasure in tormenting Tara. I do it so well. “Aww is my little Miss angry?” I said, giggling and booping her nose repeatedly. She huffs and laughs, her eyes darken as she threatens me, Tara mentions something about obliterating my tight little pussy the second I unlock the door.. I failed to hear the rest as I was distracted in attempts to distract her further.

“You do know we don’t have to wait until we get back..”

“Lauren, we are in public! What do you want me to do, bend you over and fuck you right here?” As she says this, instant regret washes over her face as mine lights up with glee.

“Well Miss, if you are offering.. Come over and fuck me like the little brat that I am.”

“It’s broad daylight!!” Miss says, shaking her head and attempting to cover her face.

“Don’t be a pussy. Also, in case you failed to notice- it’s evening, the sun is going down, so not broad daylight. Get it right.” I said with a head tilt and the sweetest smile I can muster.

“I can’t even be mad at you when you pull that face.. you are too cute, Princess.”

I skip ahead and taunt Miss further, sheepishly looking around to see if anyone is there, I pull up my dress and flash my underwear at Tara, the light grey panties are saturated. Turning around I give a playful bum wiggle before releasing the skirt of my dress. She stands stony faced, I can feel the tension rolling off her. Mission accomplished, despite the grumpy facade- her eyes twinkle. I am done for when I get home.

“Look Miss, why don’t you just take me down there and rail me against the railings?”

“Oh my god, Lauren! Are you crazy? That is a fucking courthouse!!”

“And your point is?” I said with a shrug.

“We’ll get locked up!” Tara’s eyes widen, she is taken aback by my suggestion.

“Only if we get caught. Live a little.”

I can’t contain the devilish grin on my face, I’m desperately needy. I want, no, need Tara to relieve me. So full of desire that I may explode before I make it home. Smirking at me, Tara runs her hand through her short hair and licks her lips. She agrees for us to sneak behind the courthouse for a quick playtime. However she warns me that if we get caught, I will be the one doing the talking, of course I agree to her terms.

The courthouse is only a short distance from home but I just cannot wait. It’s also thrilling, the possibility of someone seeing us sends electric tingles down to my nethers. Tara leads me down the path to get behind the building. The view is rather picturesque- the courthouse is directly beside a river, what remains of a castle is in view in the background while across the river is a main road lined with trees, gardens and parks. Rows of terraced houses are just about in view behind the trees. As the river rushes, water glitters from the sun, it’s a rather open and exposed location. But it could be worse. Tara leans in to kiss me, our lips connect and I bring my hand up to the back of her neck. She grabs my hand, breaking away she scolds me.

“Nope, no touching for you. That is your punishment for teasing me in public.”

I whimper and pout in protest as she pushes me against the fence that surrounds the courthouse and puts my hands behind my back between the rails, warning me that if I dare move them that she will stop everything and I won’t be allowed to come for the rest of the night. Continuing to whine out of disappointment, I begrudgingly follow through on her request. Miss tells me I have to ask for what I need. This instantly colours up my face, instinctively I try to look away and turn my face into my shoulder. Miss has none of that, she pulls me by a fistful of my hair so I have no choice but to face her.

“You will look at me! Keep your eyes on me. Now, tell me what it is you need.” She said firmly, her ocean blue eyes stare right through me sending shivers down my spine and tingles to my nethers. I can feel myself forming an even bigger puddle and I just melt.

“I-I really need to come..” dubai escorts I squeak. Turning into a blathering idiot. It’s actually embarrassing how much I need this.

“Excuse me? I can’t hear you..”

“P-Please Miss.. I-I desperately need to come.. C-Can you please make me come?” I pitifully beg, my whole face burns red.

Miss smirks, agrees to make me come and tells me I look cute when I blush, flustering me further. Reaching under my dress, she slips her hand between my thighs, feeling my nethers. I let out a soft gasp as I feel my wetness seep through the panties, they are wringing wet. Tara simpers into my ear, with her hand pressing into my mound creating a delightful pressure, she slowly leans in. Painfully slow as she brings her lips to mine. Barely pecking me at first before pulling away, returning to nibble my bottom lip. She digs in hard, I moan and squirm as she begins to kiss me. Pulling away, both of her hands peel my underwear down underneath my dress until they fall to my ankles.

Picking the soaked panties up, she tells me that she’s keeping them as a souvenir and puts them into the pocket of her shorts. Returning to kiss me, her hands slide up my waist until they reach my breasts, thumbing my nipples through the material until they become excruciatingly stiff. I moan into her mouth as our tongues tango, Tara presses herself into me and I grip the metal rail. My hips writhe upwards and grind into hers, she pulls me closer. My wetness is immense at this point, so hot and bothered that I would love nothing more than to reach out and touch her. It takes every ounce of self control to keep my hands behind my back. I need my orgasm desperately so I forget about reaching out for her and behave. Between frantic gasps, pants and moans, my Miss’ hands begin to undo the buttons at the front of my dress, exposing my breasts to the evening glow. The heat caresses my skin in unison with her hands.

Breaking our kiss and leaving me breathless, Miss plants kisses the whole way from my jaw, down my neck, giving my shoulder a bite until she reaches eye level with my chest. Her tongue flicks over both of my nipples one at a time, all I can do is cling to the rail and squirm where I stand. My clit is throbbing at such an intensity I feel as if I may come right there and then. My whole pelvis is contracting and burning inside, my face is flushed as Miss alternates between left and right. Kissing, licking and sucking my nipples mercilessly. She knows full well what this does to me. It’s torture. Divine torture.

“P-Please.. M-Miss..”

My whisper is barely audible, but Tara hears my feeble begging and snickers at me. She chooses to ignore me which drives me absolutely crazy as she carries on abusing my nipples. I lean my head back onto the fence, moaning softly, breaking eye contact with my Miss. Becoming more intoxicated with the pleasure coursing through my body, I am startled back to earth as Tara gives each of my bare breasts a sharp smack.

“I thought I told you to look at me!” Her eyes gaze into mine, compelling me to look away once again.

“Sorry Mi-” I struggle to talk through breathy whimpers, resulting in my pale complexion turning crimson as I force my eyes back to Tara’s.

“If you want to come then you keep your pretty little eyes on me.” Miss purrs while her hand cups my chin and guides me until I reluctantly look back at her.

Clutching to the rail for dear life, my wetness oozes down my inner thigh. Tara’s hand now slides up the skirt of my dress, instructing me to separate my thighs while she inches closer and closer to me until finally her lips are a hairs breadth away from mine. Miss’ fingers trace up the inside of my thighs, slipping as they make their way to my nethers. Each touch sends pleasurable shocks throughout my body, my heart hammers inside my chest. Trying to maintain eye contact is a struggle as Tara’s fingers tease my nether lips, all the while her face leans onto mine.

“You’re so deliciously wet, I’m going to devour every inch of your cunt when I get you home.” Miss whispers into my ear.

My blush while only visually appearing on my face, Escort Dubai extends internally from my roots right down to my toes, scorching me from the inside out. Shivers run down my spine, it may be roasting hot but goosebumps form all over my skin. My hips try to leverage some pressure from Tara’s hand as her fingers begin to glide over my now incredibly excited nub. Circling, rubbing, teasing. She quickly looks around to make sure no one is coming. There is a buzz, knowing right behind us and across the river that people could be watching us is just exhilarating. A thrill like no other. So full with pleasure that the tingling and throbbing between my legs is overwhelming. The summer breeze tickling my skin.

Birds twittering in the background, leaves on the trees rustle in the gentle gusts of wind. The scent of Miss’ cologne lingers in the wind. My senses heightened, acutely aware of the risk we take as car doors slam shut in the distance. People chattering and dogs barking, the walkway behind the courthouse is a popular place for dog walkers, especially at this hour. Panic sets in, these people are just around the corner. Their dogs leash clicks and I feel the hairs on my body raise, we are about to get caught! Tara’s fingers franticly flick my clit, her face reddens as she too now moans. It’s her first time doing such a lascivious act outside and the poor thing is about to get caught red handed.

Miss gives me permission to come and to drop any formalities. I can hear my own heartbeat thundering as my orgasm is approaching at what seems like a glacial pace. My moans are now stifled by Tara’s hand which is now over my mouth to silence me as the footsteps get louder. She looks at me with desperation, as if to tell me to hurry up. Thankfully the adrenaline mixed with pure pleasure pushes me over the orgasmic edge. Letting go of the fence, I grab Tara’s hand and keep it between my legs as I grind through my climax. It feels like it took an eternity to finish, in reality it’s a mere matter of minutes from beginning to end. Time is a luxury that neither of us have and just as quick as I come, Tara pulls away and begins doing up the buttons of my dress as I fix my skirt.

Both of us out of breath and as red as a pair of tomato’s. My wetness coats my thighs. The couple and their dog round the bend to where we stand, thankfully due to my past practice with outdoor pursuits, I hurriedly throw my arms around Tara’s neck and kiss her, now all the couple will just see another couple out for a walk, caught in a seemingly innocent clinch. Crisis averted.We break apart, both of us shyly greet the other couple as they gave us a the “It’s a beautiful evening for a walk” line. Neither of us could be any redder, hopefully they will assume it’s a case of spending too much time in the blistering sun. Picking up our bags, Tara leans into my ear with the biggest grin and announces that she too had an orgasm. Purely from my pleasure and reactions, that delights me. Two birds, one stone–

“Oh my fu-“

I snap from my reverie as I moan numerous obscenities. I am completely saturated, languidly circling the now swollen, rosy bud between my legs. Each touch is with the same lightness of a paintbrush, barely applying any pressure. My hips rise and fall which causes me to gently tap my clit between strokes. Softly rolling each of my nipples with my free hand, the pleasure radiates through every single nerve in my body. I’m beyond aroused as my orgasm approaches, building and building until I can no longer take it. Several delicate yet quickened grazes later, my hand grips onto my thigh as I turn my face into the sofa. Dainty, breathy moans fill the room as my climax floods through my nethers and pelvis with the most delightful medley of tingles and throbs, every ounce of tension washes away, to be replaced with relief and satisfaction.

Still caressing my nethers while I ride out the aftershocks of the first glorious orgasm, a smaller second climax rolls in. Despite the lower intensity, it still feels divine. Incapable of much else, I lay there sprawled on the sofa. My wetness has pooled on the blanket as one of my legs dangles off the armrest and the other on the floor. Now that my urges have been taken care of, I continue watching the film that I had paused before getting a fantastic sleep. Sometimes past experiences provide more pleasure rather than fantasies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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