Losing It

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Where to begin? My virginity seems as good a place to start as any. I was eighteen and I still had it. Not from a lack of trying to get rid of the damn thing, it just hadn’t happened yet.


The 70’s were supposed to be the decade of free love, but that wasn’t the case in Eastern Kentucky where I grew up. The local ladies weren’t giving it up, at least not to me. When I graduated from high school, I had never even gone on a date. When I look at pictures of myself from back then, I see a nice-looking dark-haired boy, but I didn’t realize it. Combine that feeling of unattractiveness with my extreme shyness, fear of rejection and teenage over-abundance of hormones, and you get a recipe for frustration.

The summer after I graduated I was really attracted to the red-haired girl who lived up the holler from me. Angie was awesome. She had a small waist, big breasts and an incredible ass that she was always showing off in skimpy tight shorts. Every evening she used to walk out to the main road with her brother and sister. They had to pass our house and I would always be out on the front porch playing music.

Angie would stop by and dance sometimes. You should have seen her shaking her ass to Led Zeppelin’s Rock and Roll. We talked and flirted almost every day and even shy self-conscious yours truly started thinking that maybe she liked me.

One evening we walked up the lane without any siblings around to inhibit us. I was messing with her and I dropped a nickel down her cleavage. Then I insisted that I had to retrieve it. Angie raised no objections, so I stepped behind her and reached over her shoulder and down inside her blouse and bra, ostensibly for my coin. My lower body, with an erection straining against my shorts, was pressed against her firm round ass.

Of course, I intentionally went in the wrong cup first and didn’t find my change. My searching fingers stopped long enough to caress her hardening nipple. She was still not complaining, so I moved my hand to the other side. I gently pinched her other nipple and she looked back over her shoulder at me with the strangest expression on her face. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was half open. She seemed to be breathing rapidly. Later, I figured out that she wanted me to kiss her, but my brain didn’t tell me that in time for the information to be of any help. I proceeded to regain possession of my coin and withdrew my hand, but I think I disappointed her.

Things just weren’t the same between us after that. She started dating my cousin and married him a short time later.

That fall I was enrolled in the local junior college for a few months, before I dropped out. I had a room to myself in the dorm and I managed to talk a girl into joining me there once. Melody and I were petting hot and heavy on the bed within a short time of our arrival. She had short dark hair, a trim body and small perky breasts that I was covering with kisses, as she had removed her blouse to facilitate this action. While continuing oral stimulation, I managed to unsnap and unzip her jeans. With access available, I made the first contact with female genitalia in my frustrated life. All the while I was covering her face with kisses, which she said was really turning balgat escort her on. When I slid one finger inside her wetness, she shuddered, moaned and then pushed me away. As she was getting redressed, she explained that normally she only allowed petting above the waist. She went on to say that I had gone further with her than anyone before, but this was small consolation for a horny virgin.

Over the next eight months I had a lot of experience with petting above the waist. It seems that all the young ladies I found myself alone with had an invisible Do Not Cross line below their navel, but the following summer I got involved with another neighbor girl. She was a short brunette with a plump body that probably made her figure look better than it otherwise would have. We used to make out all the time and I had my hand down her pants as often as I got a chance. I had even fingered her to an orgasm on one occasion, but we were never able to really be alone because we were both members of large families. Always having siblings around definitely puts a cramp in a young bachelor’s style.

One day she told me that her whole family would be going in to town the following day. Since the local metropolis was over an hour away, that meant they would be gone for a while. She explained that, if I came over early, we would have an extended period of privacy before they returned about noon. The next morning I woke up at dawn, waited until I saw her father’s car go by and hurried over to her house. We began kissing immediately and soon I had her blouse open and her pants off. I was kissing my way from her breasts across her stomach on the way to going down on her. I had never pleasured a woman that way before of course, but it sure sounded good when I read about it. She was reclining on the sofa and I was kneeling on the floor between her invitingly spread thighs. Behind me the front door was open for cooling purposes, but the screen door gave us privacy. It was through this mesh that Sherry saw someone walking up the lane toward the house. It was one of my sisters. For some unknown, but completely infortuitous reason, she had decided to pay an early visit. Sherry totally freaked, pushed me backwards and hurriedly donned the pants I had managed to coax from her nubile body. As you might guess, I was totally devastated by this untimely turn of events. I had figured that after I ate it, I would surely be getting some. So much for that plan.

Sherry must have decided that she didn’t trust herself alone with me, because things changed after that and we never got together again.

So August came and I was still frustrated. I thought about sex at least ninety percent of the time, but I was still the big V.


My uncle gave me a job, working at his motel in town. Now, I have no proof, but I believe he is responsible for what happened next. You see, when I had dropped out of college the year before, he told me that I would either go back to school or end up selling drugs. I told him that there were a lot of options between those extremes, but he was worried about me.

So, one day while I was sweeping the sidewalk in front of the motel, a stranger walked up and started talking to me. He knew batıkent escort my name, which I thought was curious. He was in civilian clothes, but he turned out to be Sgt. Smith, the local Air Force recruiter. I believe my uncle told him to talk to me. What do you think?

When I told him I wasn’t interested in enlisting in the military, he came up with an alternate plan. It worked, too, but we didn’t find that out until later. He asked me how I felt about going down to Louisville, staying in a motel at government expense and laying around the pool for a couple days. All I had to do was take the entrance exam and a physical, no strings attached. I was bored, so I agreed to the plan, but I had no intentions of actually joining up.

A few days later I was in the pool of a Holiday Inn in Louisville. They fed me and I shared a room with another recruit. The next day, after another government purchased meal, I went over for the testing and physical and they talked me into enlisting, but that’s another story.

That evening I was back at the pool, wondering what I had got myself into. After dinner, I was lounging in front of my room. I was dressed in jeans, with no shoes and my shirt unbuttoned. Back then I always kept a nice tan and, while I didn’t exactly have six-pack abs, my stomach was a lot flatter than it is now. My dark brown hair was shoulder-length and kept out of my face with a head-band. I was ready to put the move on some big-city women, but I didn’t have my hopes up.

The two guys from the room next door, who were also recruits, invited my room-mate and I to walk uptown with them. My roomie turned them down, but I took them up on their offer. The other guys were casually dressed, but I was still shoeless and practically shirtless.

I don’t remember where we went, but my companions started talking to a couple of local girls. One was a skinny blonde and the other was a dark-haired girl, who was about six months pregnant. Neither girl was a beauty, but I thought the expectant mother was the more attractive one.

I am not sure how events turned out the way they did next. Things started off with the two other guys talking the girls into coming back to the motel with us. They were each rapping to one of the young ladies and I was just kind of tagging along. By the time we got back to the motel, the pregnant girl (whose name I can’t remember) was holding my hand and kissing me every few minutes. I’m sure the guy who initially approached her wasn’t pleased by this turn of events, but she seemed to want me. What could I say? Hey, he had asked me to come along.

The other guys took the blonde girl into their room and left me and the mom-to-be kissing in front of my door. She asked if I was going to invite her in. All the lights were off, so I told her my room-mate was probably asleep and we would need to be quiet.

When we got inside even I knew what was going to happen next. The illumination filtering through the partially drawn curtain in the window allowed me to see well enough to undress her. I had no trouble with her blouse and bra, but the safety pin holding her maternity pants together was giving me fits. She told me she would take care of that and by beşevler escort the time I removed my own clothing she was lying naked on my bed.

In the pale light, she looked like one of those ancient fertility figures. She had nice wide hips, large thighs and, due to her condition, her breasts and stomach were enlarged. A dark patch of hair concealed my ultimate goal. I climbed onto the bed between her thighs thinking that It was finally going to happen.

About that time I realized that I didn’t exactly know what to do next. I wasn’t sure if it was cool to use my hand or if I was supposed to work it in un-aided. I didn’t have to worry long. She grabbed my penis with both hands and guided it to the spot. For a long time I had imagined how this was going to feel, but I hadn’t come close. She was so hot and wet, it practically sucked me inside. Damn, it felt good!

Now I started worrying again. I had read about premature ejaculation and vowed that it would not happen to me. But as I began moving, I started feeling that was exactly what I was going to do. Oh, no! I had to do something. The last thing in the world I wanted to do was disappoint this young lady.

So when my orgasm tried to happen, I just tensed some internal muscles and stopped it. That felt kind of strange, but it worked. I was sort of sensitive for a while, so I had to slow down, but within a few minutes I was back to hitting it good.

The only drawback was that I had no idea how long it was going to take me to cum again. I was to discover later that sometimes I could again and sometimes not, but this time I was able to go on and on. She had several very loud orgasms. I’m sure my room-mate must have heard us, but he never said anything about it.

When she asked, I lied and told her that sometimes it took me a long time. For some reason I didn’t want her to know that this was my first experience. After her third outburst, she went down on me for a while. That felt really great, too, but still no nut. I told her that normally I couldn’t cum that way (another lie, I had nothing to compare it to), so she got on top of me and rode my erection until she had a couple more orgasms.

Finally, she told me that she was very sorry, but we were going to have to stop, because she was afraid we were going to hurt the baby if we kept going. I told her she didn’t have to be sorry because I had had a wonderful time. If she was satisfied, then I was. She assured me that she was very satisfied and happy. I wasn’t lying to her this time. It felt so great to give her that much pleasure.

We got dressed and went over to the room where her friend was. When we got inside, one of the guys was watching TV and the other was getting busy in bed with the blonde. The first guy seemed eager to inform me that he had already hit it twice, so I guess they were taking turns.

Eventually, the girls left and I went back to my room feeling as if a great burden had been lifted from me. I wasn’t aware at the time, obviously, but it was going to be over a year before my second time. But at least I wasn’t a damn virgin any more!

There was one surreal moment that night. Just before the girls and I left the other room, there was a commercial break on the TV. Then before the movie came back on, this caption flashed on the screen. In block letters it said: THE LATE FLICK. The L and the I were very close together, so you can figure out what we all read. Simultaneously, everyone burst out laughing. Somehow, it seemed an appropriate way to end the evening.

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