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It was John’s first day as a tutor. He’d signed up only because he needed the money. John was a college student and like most college students, he was in need of money. So when he saw the posting in the library to be a tutor — and how much it paid — he immediately inquired and got the job. John was a sophomore biology major. He loved biology and wanted to work for an international science research company when he graduated. He was 20 years old and very handsome. He stood at an even six feet tall. He was also a runner, which gave him a nearly perfect body. And his blonde hair and ice-blue eyes completed the look.

John arrived at the house of the student he was to be tutoring. According to his information, the girl’s name was Jessica. She was a high school senior doing post-secondary, and she had requested a tutor for her advanced placement biology course. John was a little anxious about meeting his pupil, but he figured it wouldn’t be that bad. He went up to the house and rang the doorbell. A minute later a woman opened the door.

“Hi, I’m John. I’m here to tutor Jessica.”

“Oh, hi John. Come on in. We’re expecting you,” said the woman.

John stepped in and removed his shoes, placing them on a mat next to the door. The woman, who John guessed to be Jessica’s mother, asked him to come into the living room and have a seat.

“I’m Cathy, by the way,” the woman said. “I’m Jessica’s mother.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” John said.

“Can I get you anything to drink?” Cathy asked. “We have water, tea, Coke, root beer.”

“Just some water,” John replied.

A few seconds later Cathy brought him a glass of water. Then she called upstairs.

“Jessica, your tutor is here.”

Soon, John heard footsteps bounding pendik sınırsız escort down the stairs. He stood and when he saw his pupil-to-be, his jaw nearly dropped open. Jessica was about 5’8″ with green eyes and straight brown hair down to the middle of her back. She had ample breasts for an 18 year-old — John estimated them to be about a 34 C — and very shapely legs. She looked like a goddess. And to boot, she was wearing a schoolgirl uniform: knee-length plaid skirt, white button-up blouse, and white knee-high socks. John had to control himself from thinking dirty thoughts about her.

“Hi, Jessica,” John finally managed. “I’m John, your tutor.”

“Hi,” Jessica smiled shyly. “Thanks for coming.”

“Well, shall we get started?” John asked.

“Sounds great!” Jessica said. “I have my books on the table.”

Jessica and John sat at the table and began to study. Cathy went into the kitchen and was getting ready to start dinner when the phone rang. Cathy talked for a couple minutes then hung up the phone.

“Who was it?” Jessica asked.

“That was your father,” her mother replied. “His battery is dead and he needs me to come pick him up. Will you be fine here with John? This shouldn’t take more than an hour.”

“We’ll be fine,” Jessica assured her mom.

Cathy went to the front hall and put on her shoes. She grabbed her purse and her keys then headed out the front door. John realized he was alone here, with Jessica. His mind began to wander, thinking about the things they could do in an hour. In his mind’s eye John saw Jessica on the table, her beautiful legs spread, his cock thrusting in and out of her tight wet slit. John began to get hard.

“Are you okay?” pendik yeni escort Jessica asked.

“What?” John said.

“Are you okay? You zoned out there for a second.”

“Sorry,” John said. “Just got some stuff on my mind I’m dealing with.”

Jessica gave me a cute, almost seductive little smile.

“You wouldn’t happen to be thinking about me would you?” she asked.

John didn’t know what to say. Before he could answer Jessica put her hand on his crotch. She felt his big bulge.

“I guess you were thinking about me. It’s okay. I have that effect on men.”

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be turned on by you,” John apologized.

“It’s ok,” Jessica replied. “I think you’re hot.”


“Yes. Um, do you have a girlfriend?”

“No. Why?”

“Because I want to have some fun with you before my mom gets back.”

John was in shock. This girl he didn’t even really know was coming onto him. Jessica pulled her chair out and stood. She beckoned for him to follow her. She led John to the couch and motioned for him to sit. Once he was on the couch, Jessica went to work. She unzipped his pants and giggled when his eight-inch dick popped out. She unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the floor. Then she removed her bra. She stuck out her tongue and began to lick the head of John’s cock.

“Oh, fuck, that feels good,” John moaned.

“Yeah, you like that?” Jessica teased.

John moaned his assent. Jessica swirled her tongue on his cock some more, eliciting moan after moan from her tutor. He was so big. She opened her mouth wide and took him into her. She was surprised at how thick he was. She began to bob her head up and down on him.

“Oh, Jessica,” sancaktepe escort John moaned, a little louder this time.

Jessica continued to suck her tutor’s huge cock. Soon she could taste his pre-cum in her mouth. It was sweet, like oranges. She sucked harder. She noticed her pussy begin to get wet. She reached down with one hand and began to rub herself through her panties.

“Yeah, play with that eighteen year-old pussy,” John said.

Jessica pulled aside her white panties and began to finger herself. She imagined her fingers as John’s dick, pumping in and out of her. The thought made her even wetter. She sucked John’s cock harder and faster, each motion making her tutor moan, which made her wetter. John put his hand on Jessica’s head and pushed down. Jessica yielded to John and let him force her further down on him. She felt his cock going into her throat. She gagged. John let her up for air. Then she went right back down on him, deepthroating him again. Her pussy was dripping wet now and she could feel herself building. She sucked harder, gagging again. John’s head went back.

“Oh, Jessica, you’re going to make me cum,” he moaned.

Jessica moaned her approval.

“Do you swallow?” John asked.

“Mhmm,” Jessica said with cock in her mouth.

She felt him getting stiff in her mouth, and she knew he was about to explode. She fingered herself faster and harder, getting very close to orgasm.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” John moaned loudly.

Jessica felt his cock spasm then his load of thick white liquid shot into her throat. It tasted warm and sweet. She let it drip down her throat. She moaned on his cock as her pussy released. She came hard, soaking her white cotton panties. She removed her mouth from John’s cock.

“How was that?” Jessica asked.

“Fucking amazing,” John said.

“Just wait until next week’s session,” Jessica teased.

“I can’t wait,” John said.

This tutoring job was turning out to be so much better than he’d expected. He couldn’t wait to see what his new pupil would do next week.

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