Hot Coed Needs to Find Her Way!

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Pamela was a pretty normal, shy girl who grew up in a suburban town about a half an hour away from the big city. Her family was lower middle class and she had both a hard working mother and father. She played sports and was quite a good soccer player growing up and throughout high school. She never really put on makeup until her senior year and that was only when she went to the Winter Formal and the Prom.

I guess you could say that she fit right in with the average crowd, and that was ok with her. The one thing that wasn’t really average about Pamela was she had developed one of the nicest bodies that a nineteen year old woman could have! You could really say that Pamela was a hottie!!

Since she wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, she was held back one year, so when she graduated from High School she was already 19.

She was a brunette and her hair was long and flowing, although she mainly kept it in ponytail, especially when she played soccer or was in the gym working out. She stood just under 5’4″ tall and she weighted a nice 124lbs.

Her boobs were an amazing sight, well for those lucky enough to ever see them; I would have to say that they were spectacular! She wore a 32C cup bra, so she did not have a wide back and her tits looked rather large for her size. She tried to keep them covered as much as possible, but when she was nude, they had a slight hang to them, as the stood firmly up and high on her chest.

She didn’t really like her tits being so big for her small frame, as they sometimes had a tendency to bounce a bit when she ran in soccer practice and during the games, so she pleaded with her mom to buy her one of those supportive sport’s bra’s even though it wasn’t really in their family’s budget. Her mom though, knowing that Pam had developed a set of big, firm, full breasts, agreed.

Now, since she loved running, working out, and playing soccer, she had really developed a nice strong and toned set of legs too. Her legs, oh say if seen in a nice short skirt, would have looked so beautiful, but the thing was, Pamela didn’t like wearing short skirts or dresses and she hated the attention that the men would give to her.

It wasn’t her fault, but because of her conditioning, she had also developed one of the nicest asses that a woman could have. Her ass was very round and very firm and her jeans always fit her very snug, because her of her round beautiful ass.

Every man who saw Pamela in jeans had to always take a second look, whether it was a front view of her toned thighs and the V at her crotch, or if it was that amazing view of her from behind, where you could make out the shape of her upside heart shaped ass, in those tight jeans!

Since she was such an outstanding student athlete, she was able to get a scholarship to one of the smaller State Universities, but being that her family didn’t have much money, she had to also go out a get herself a part time job, if she wanted to eat or buy anything on her own.

She was happy to leave the suburbs, where everyone blended in and move to a small college town in the middle of what seemed like nowhere to her.

Not having much experience, but being a smart girl, maybe not the brightest, but she certainly knew how to follow directions, I mean it was because she did all of her homework and studied hard to pass her tests, was the reason why she was a straight A student. It was not because she had street smarts or common sense.

Also, being the natural beauty that she was, really helped when the young 29 year old manager of the diner, Randy, decided to higher her to be one of their evening waitress’s. I’m sure he thought about how nice it would be to actually play with her nice tits, and feel her soft pussy, but Pamela never thought much about that, well at least not with any guys she had met so far.

Oh don’t get me wrong, Pamela was fully aware of the sensation she would get between her legs while in the shower or bath, and by accident, when she was running the hand held shower head over her legs and inner thighs one day, she felt the stream of water hit her right on her clit, and from then on, she was often in the shower masturbating her little pussy.

It made her feel so wonderful, so special, it was like it was her little secret, as she laid back in her tub and allowed the jets of the shower head to massage her small moist cunt. She would close her eyes and think about the cute guys she saw on TV, the older distinguished types, as she would move the shower hear back and forth along the lips of her slippery little twat.

She even had gotten bolder and inserted her finger tip into her pussyhole making it gush with pleasure as she would bring herself to intense orgasms!!!

Now, she lived on campus and when her roommate was out, she began to venture into the computer and soon she found herself viewing other naked women about her age and the big penis’s that seemed to be everywhere.

She had seen a man’s penis only once in real life, on accident, kadıköy escort when she opened the bathroom door during her graduation party and her dad’s friend was standing there taking a leak. She said to him, “Oh excuse me Mr. Albert’s,” but he didn’t seem to mind at all as she stood there staring down at his hanging penis as he pissed.

Maybe he forgot to lock the door, maybe he didn’t, but he just smiled as the beautiful Pamela stared down at his nice sized penis that was in his hand.

You see Pamela didn’t date much; she just didn’t seem to like the guys always staring her at her body and not really paying attention to her. So she maintained her focus on sports and her studies.

Anyways, getting back to her being in college now, she was getting into a nice routine, going to class, working out some days, and then coming to work five nights a week. That seemed to be just fine, until one day, when Ross came to town. Ross had just been relocated to this small town and he was not at all happy about it. This town had one big factory, the plant they called it, where most of the town’s people worked. His new assignment was to overlook it and get it as productive as the plant that he just left.

Oh, they paid him a nice salary, he wasn’t complaining about that, but he was used to a faster pace, oh well, he thought to himself, being 36 and doing this for the next couple of years would be a good experience. It was located about a two and half hour drive outside of the city.

Ross didn’t like to cook, so he found himself wanting to find a nice local diner where he could come in and eat his dinner on a regular basis and sure enough, he happened to pick the one where Pamela worked.

She had just finished making small talk with one of the local business owners in town, this time it happened to be Tom, who owned the hardware store in town, as she placed down his piece of Apple pie and she refreshened his cup of coffee.

Oh these local yokels, they loved stopping by the diner, looking at the local college girls who would get hired there, sort of eye candy for them, then head home to their wives and kids. Pam didn’t mind it, oh they always tipped her a buck or two and they all seemed to very polite, they treated her like a lady she thought!

Although most of their thoughts were turned to her big boobs, so tightly outlined in the tight fitting tops that were part of her uniform and when she walked away, their eyes and thoughts turned to her fabulous firm ass that you could make out from the tight white stretch pants that Randy, her manager said she that had to wear to work.

Pam didn’t mind wearing tight clothes, oh they fit her well, because of her athletic physic and because her pants were stretch pants, they were comfortable on her. What she didn’t know was that Randy and the other men in the diner all loved gawking at and admiring her beautiful butt in those white stretch pants.

She didn’t like to be embarrassed, so when she first put her uniform pants on, she turned in the mirror and sure enough, she could completely see her panties thru her pants. Since she didn’t want to complain to Randy, she decided that she better do something about it, so she went out to the local department store and she bought herself a few pairs of thong panties.

She had never worn thong panties before, oh she knew some girls did, as she had seen them in the locker room and on the computer, but she didn’t think that she would ever be wearing them too.

Now that she had them on, she had to admit, they were comfortable on her, I mean being that she had such a great ass, they seemed to just disappear up into her ass crack, and she laughed some, because at times they actually tickled her small butthole a bit.

They were snug against her vagina and she liked that, she liked wearing panties that were snug; they just felt better on her. Girls with tight firm bodies like Pamela, oh they like nice fitting clothes, even if they are bit shy, like she was.

So, the first time that Ross came in, just as she was finishing serving the piece of pie to Tom, Pam looked up and she noticed him immediately. She couldn’t help but sort of stare at him. He was not like the overall wearing men that typically came into the diner, not at all. He was wearing a nice fitted button up shirt and slacks, with nice leather shoes and Pam, and for the first time in her life, just by looking at a man, she felt a sort of tingly buzzing feeling down between her legs.

She was shocked at that, and she actually looked around to see if anyone noticed, but of course they did not. The locals were used to traveling salesmen and others sometimes coming thru town, and being a small town, they all knew Ross was the new Plant manager sent over from the big city to oversee the plant.

Ross was a nice man and good boss that was how he turned the last plant around. He always treated all of his employees with dignity and respect. It didn’t matter if you were a department kartal escort manager, the lead, the workers, or even the janitor. Ross believed that every man and woman that worked for this company had a right to be treated as he would want to be treated.

That was what made people want to work for Ross, they would come in early and leave late, they would do their jobs correctly and when they did, he made sure to recognize a job well done.

As he walked in, Stacy, a long time waitress at the diner there and one who really took Pam under her wing, greeted him and gave him a seat in a booth, telling him that she was going on break and that Pam would be over to help.

He thanked her and looked down at the menu. Ross always preferred these little diners to any big franchise restaurants, the food was always better and they seemed to take pride in that.

As Stacy walked up to Pam, she said, “go help out table 4 darling, it’s the new plant manager, take his order sweetie.”

Pam took a deep breath and walked over, as he was looking down at the menu, she said to him, “hello, my name is Pamela, and I’ll be your server, would you like something to drink as you decide what you would like to eat?”

Something in the way she said that, maybe it was the nice tone of her voice, but something made Ross smile and look up, and when he did, he was greeted with the most beautiful green eyed and brown haired woman that he had ever seen.

He could not take his eyes off of her, she stood there smiling, that long brown hair was in two braids, coming down across her shoulders. Her boobs seemed to stick straight out at him, like two nicely shaped cups. He was taken aback by her sheer beauty, and he said, “Yes please, can I get a cold glass of lemonade?” as he smiled.

She smiled and said, “Ok, be right back.”

As she turned and walked away, Ross was treated with a view of that spectacular ass in those tight white stretch pants, he was an intelligent man, and he guessed her to be wearing thong panties, as he did not see any panties lines. He immediately felt his penis growing in his slacks as he watched her….

So it became a routine, Ross would come in every night for dinner, and each time, he would take his time and speak to Pamela, finding out how old she was, barely 19, and what she was doing there, etc.

Pamela also took time to get to know Ross some, why he was not married, why he took the job way out here, etc.

After two weeks of this, Ross, had to ask her out, oh he knew he was old enough to be her dad, but that wasn’t going to stop him, so he went in and asked her, and without much hesitation, she agreed.

She was so happy, that he had asked her out. She wasn’t really interested in any guys her age; she thought he was a kind man, and she enjoying serving him. She wanted to be able to see him outside of work and now it was her chance.

Pamela, didn’t have many nice clothes, and she was very nervous about her date with Ross, she put on her best pair of tight jeans, and a pretty purple soft top, along with her some nice low heels, one of only two pairs that she owned, and she went over to the front part of the campus for him to pick her up.

She didn’t want him coming to her dorm, as some might get the wrong idea, I mean he was quite a bit older than her, and he was also happy to pick her up in front, he didn’t want to make much of a scene, picking up a young nineteen year old woman from her dorm room.

As he pulled up in his nice pickup truck, he not only stopped, but he got out and opened her door, then they drove off. He asked her what she wanted to eat and she not being much of a person who ever ate out much couldn’t think of anything special.

So Ross, picked a nice drive thru at the end of town, where they could actually eat in his truck and talk. He wasn’t really interested in going to any fancy restaurant anyways, besides in this small town there weren’t many to choose from.

They talked and laughed and they found out that they both had something quite nice in common; they both really enjoyed watching football. Oh Pamela grew up with three brothers, who all played football, she learned the rules of the game, and she would even go out and play touch with them, at Thanksgiving and family events.

She loved watching both the NFL and college football, so they had a great time talking about their favorite teams, etc.

As the night wore on, Ross found himself becoming more and more attracted her, and by the time he dropped her off, it was all he could to keep himself from reaching out and fondling those gorgeous big fucking tits she had.

He didn’t want to scare her though, so he asked if he could give a kiss goodnight. The thing was, Pamela had never really kissed a man before, he kissed her prom date goodnight, but never a man this old.

She nervously agreed and soon she felt his tongue dancing inside of her mouth, she liked it, oh she liked it a lot! Again she could kurtköy escort feel that tingly fuzzing feeling between her legs as she did her best to pretend that she actually knew how to kiss a man.

Ross was not fooled, he could tell she did not know how to kiss, but he did not care, he actually enjoyed the fact that she as trying her best to kiss him, and her lips tasted like pure honey, and he could feel his penis growing hard in his briefs.

It was beginning to strain against his briefs, the special briefs that he had to wear because although he as a trim man, and his waist size was a mere 34″, his penis was enormous! He had just scared away the woman that he loved because she thought his cock was just too big.

He didn’t want that to happen with Pamela, he didn’t want to scare her away; he made sure that he wore briefs that would not allow his big cock to go noticed. You see Ross was a man with a 10″ cock, and he was very thick. About as thick as most women’s wrists and it seemed that only sluts wanted his cock, any nice girls that he had met before could not take the size of such a huge cock.

So Ross vowed not to allow any woman to see his cock unless she was a slut and he knew that Pamela was not a slut….

They dated for a few months, and soon became the talk of the town, oh the locals knew it, but they seemed so happy together. Ross’s employees all loved how he treated them and the two friends that Pamela made, thought that he was handsome, polite, and dreamy!

He would often buy all three of them something to eat or maybe a nice treat and they loved it. Pamela would often play with her pussy in the shower thinking about and wondering what Ross’s cock was like. She still looked at the adult websites and they still made her pussy wet, but she was so curious now, curious to find out what his penis was like.

She didn’t know how to ask him and certainly would never bring it up. When they kissed and she felt as though he was going to try and maybe touch her breasts, like her mom told her men like to do, he would stop and take her home.

It was killing him too, he would get back to the small house that he was renting and would furiously jack off, his big ole cock, pumping it until that big gallon of sperm would shoot out all over his sheets.

He was not going to lose Pamela because of his Extra Large cock, no way he thought, she’s not a slut!!

He would call into the city and there he still had a horny slut of a woman named Marie that simply loved his big cock. She was married, and by chance met Ross at a corporate party, but she would find ways to get away from her husband so that she could fuck Ross!

She loved and craved his big cock, she needed his cock! It made her cum, cum a lot, and cum hard! They thing was, Ross was only using her for her pussy and asshole. Yes, he would make her take his monster cock up her married asshole.

She never allowed her husband to fuck her in her ass, but Ross told her, if she wanted to suck him and fuck him, like a married slut, then he was going to take her asshole too. She whimpered and sometimes cried out when he would fuck her little asshole, but she wanted his big cock too much not to allow him.

He wasn’t his nice respectful self when he was with Marie, and he didn’t have to be. She was only a whore to him, oh don’t get me wrong, she was a very beautiful woman, close to his age at 37, with a nice 36-25-36 body to match, but to Ross she was just a nice piece of ass!

He would gag her face with his massive cock and laugh at her trying to fit in her mouth, she would transform from a nice loving wife and soccer mom, that she was at home, to Ross’s dirty little fucking whore in the hotel room that he would get, and she loved it!

She loved his big cock, and she loved being his cockslut! He didn’t have to worry about her trying to get to close, as she had a loving husband and family at home. Their arrangement was perfect. She got the big cock that her husband could not give her, and he got the sexy little married tramp, who would please his huge cock. He would fuck all of her holes and leave his cum wherever he felt it should be. In her mouth, in her slutty pussy, or up her hot married ass!

The thing is, since he met Pam, he would think about her as he assaulted Marie’s face and cunt! Making her scream and moan, before turning over and drilling out her small asshole! Ross never tired of fucking this slut wife, especially in her ass!

He got joy out of her making her strip and dance around for him, sometimes he stood up as she squatted and he would dick slap her pretty face, as he smirked at her. He made her put things inside of her pussyhole as he stroked his dick too.

Best of all, he loved fucking her asshole, he would fuck her ass, then pull his big dick out and look at her gaping asshole, he’d make Marie suck his cock, fresh out of her asshole, like the cumslut that she had become to him, before shoving back up her ass and fucking her senseless. Yes, Marie was a great fuck and Ross’s little whore!

By the same token, Pamela, started to think that maybe she wasn’t pretty enough for Ross, so when he had to leave sometimes” on business” she started paying attention to the other boys that would give her so much attention.

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