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Sherri lived in a small town so it was always big news when something happened there. The new something was simple and yet extraordinary. An ice cream Sex Shoppe. The ice cream came in many flavors: cum, pussy butter pecan, cream cum vanilla, chocolate anus cream, peachy pussy, hard core nut, and dreamsicle.

Sherri was a virgin though nearly 40. She had waited her entire life for Prince Charming to come along and cast his spell on her. No go. It just didn’t happen. She had a good paying, boring as hell desk job. But the economic times were hard and there was no real good solution to her predickament.

She saw the ad in the paper for the ice cream Sex Shoppe. There had been a lot of press surrounding it, mostly unfavorable views but it came anyway. It was summer and it was hot and one over 100-degree day, Sherri decided to treat herself to a cold, hot treat.

She entered the ice cream Shoppe. There was a tall, very muscular man behind the counter. The Shoppe was completely empty. The quietness of the environment üsküdar escort made her anxious. She almost turned around and left but somehow was so embarrassed all she could do was stare at the menu items on the wall.

“If I may recommend something to you?” Came a soft, masculine voice.

Sherri was jarred out of her anxiety and looked at the help. “Sure,” she said.

“The dreamsicle is the best thing on the menu.”

“Ok then, dreamsicle it is.”

“Follow me”, said the man. Sherri was a bit taken back and hesitated for a moment but then not knowing what to do, followed him into the back room.

“Here it is, hard, tasty with a cream filling” said the man, who had been behind the counter, but was now standing in front of her with a large, hard cock sticking straight out from his muscular body.

Sherri all but fell to her knees. She was weak and felt clammy from the perspiration on her skin. He moved forward until his rigid cock was just inches from her mouth. She opened her göztepe escort mouth automatically as if he had flipped some switched on the back of her neck. He eased the tip of his cock into her mouth. Her tongue circled it, tasting the orange flavor of it, and then took it into her mouth, deeper and deeper and deeper. She sucked and sucked and he groaned and groaned and her panties were dripping by the time he took her blouse off. He took the soaked panties in his hand and raised them to his face. He took a deep inhalation and then began to suck on them, tasting her juices. This turned her on and she continued to suck him, wanting the cream filling the menu had promised was inside the dreamsicle. She wanted to taste his sex, to swallow him entirely . . . She felt a hand reach under her skirt and separate her and penetrate her wetness. She gasped and then resumed her sucking until finally he gasped and the sweet cream came spurting from the end of his cock. Oh, the deliciousness of it. Oh, the sweet bucking istanbul pendik escort of her own orgasm as he penetrated her with his hand.

Finally, their breathing turned back to normal. She looked up at him and smiled. “Consider me a regular customer,” she said and then got down on her hands and knees and allowed him to fuck her hard from behind. He pounded her, her ass slapping against him as he took her deep. Again and again and again. Right as she came, she felt him pull out and she turned her head to see him over her shoulder. He was cuming all over her ass. And then he kneeled down and licked her ass clean of the sweet cum that was running over it and down her pussy. He flipped her over and put her legs over his shoulders and buried his head in between her legs. His tongue was licking her, his fingers were in and out of her, her mind and body were about to explode with pleasure. She came with a loud groan and a rocking in her body that almost made her black out. Somewhere in her consciousness she heard a ring. Then footsteps. Then a door opening. Finally, she came to and looked up. There was a beautiful red headed woman with her mouth agape, staring at the scene in front of her. “May I suggest the ‘dreamsicle’, Sherri said. She then shakily stood up, kissed the man behind her and walked unsteadily out of the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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