Birthday Gift

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Hello. This is my first posting and hope u will like it. This a true incident which happened about three months ago. I am from Ludhiana A big city in India.


My Name is Prince aged about 20, good physique and my g/f Chitra who was studying in +2 and had just turned 18 about 5.3 fair color with 36 C, Cup boobs .It all happened the day after when she celebrated her 18th birthday.

Our friendship was not much old and we used to meet at different places like restaurants and cafes. Once sitting in a cafe with doors closed talking to Chitra, I kissed on her cheek and she reciprocated the same. Encouraged by this other day I kissed her on her lips and our tongues meet for a long time, which we both enjoyed.

So one day while sitting together kissing each other I slowly put my hand on her boobs. Initially she resisted a little, later her resistance subsidized and my hands slipped inside her shirt. While doing so I asked her whether she had been kissed or fondled by any guy earlier which she denied and said that it is me only, who kissed her or fondled her boobs.

Later it became our routine and I always fondled her boobs while kissing and some times caressed her pussy also over. One day on phone I asked whether she enjoyed caressing her pussy which she accepted shyly. I called her to meet again that day and she came at the designated place. That day while kissing and fondling her boobs while caressing her pussy I slowly opened the zipper of her jeans and slipped my hand inside her panty and fingered her pussy and she started moaning with ecstasy.

So after that day we started chatting on sex freely on phone also. And she was replying in the same way. I normally say I enjoy fondling her boobs and fingering her pussy and want to fuck her. She said to wait till her 18th birthday.

So one day while talking on phone I asked her whether she would like to suck my cock which she refused but she agreed to caress my cock. So other day when we met at our favorite place and were doing it. I opened my zipper and pulled my cock out. Which was fully erect and put her hand on my cock and she started caressing my. By the time we both were feeling very hot. And then asked her to kiss my cock, first she hesitated and later she moved her mouth towards my cock hesitantly and placed her hot lips on the tip kartal genç escort of my hot and erect cock and kissed it. Slowly I pressed her head a little deep and my cock entered a little deep into her mouth and it she licked it for a few times. While departing me asked whether she enjoyed it she shyly accepted. I said if she would like to do this again in their next meeting. She didn’t reply and left. And this goes on till her birthday.

Very next day after she celebrated her 18th birthday I called her to my house as my parents were out for the whole day and asked her to come my house at that we can be together for at least 3 to 4 hours. She reached my house a little bit earlier than 11. That day she was really looking a sex goddess wearing tight jeans and low cut top exposing her 36 C boobs standing in a fully erect and ready to burst out of the top which she was wearing.

Once in, I took her to my room and we started kissing madly. I started pressing her boobs hardly and she started moaning in pleasure. I lifted her top she was wearing and started pressing her boobs over the bra and placed her hand on my fully erect cock and she started caressing it.

I asked her today I want to suck her boobs and she agreed for it. While talking like this we both got hot. And she was in bra and jeans only. She was wearing white bra of lacy see through thin material showing her erect nipples clearly.

By the time she also took my cock out of my boxers and was caressing it and I removed her bra and pinched her nipples (which were gone hard by the time). I put my lips on her nipples and started sucking them and encircling over the nipples of her boobs and she started moaning in pleasure and pressed my head so that my lips should not part away from her nipples. I sucked both of her boobs turn by turn and she gone mad with pleasure and asked for more sucking. While I was sucking her boobs and she was caressing my cock over the boxers I wearing.

By the time we both were very hot and I asked, let us see each other fully naked.

And I opened her jeans, and I removed them, which she reluctantly allowed. Under the jeans she was wearing the same white panty of same lacy material, which was showing her, shaved pussy lips clearly. I was delighted to see her shaved pussy. Then I removed her panty also and she was bayan kartal escort stark naked in front of me. First she felt a little bit shy and tried to cover her pussy with her hands and in this process her hard boobs were standing like a rock. I also removed my boxers and we both were in birthday suit in front of each other.

And then slowly I pushed her mouth to my cock and she started sucking my cock first the tip only and later my full 7″ cock was fully inside her mouth. That made both of us so hot that we immediately moved to bed.

Once on bed lying by her side I started pressing her boobs madly and she was moaning in ecstasy and I started sucking her fully erect nipples and with other hand started fingering her pussy which was wet by now and my fingers were moving easily in her slippery pussy. She started enjoying my fingering and gripped my saluting cock with her soft hands and started blow job.

This made both of us fully hot. I whispered in her ears that I want to give her birthday gift today. First she didn’t understand what me saying but when me asked her that I wish to give her the first fuck of her life as a birthday gift. She said it will be painful for her as she had not been fucked earlier and my tool was too big for her small pussy. I asked her not to fear, as it will hurt a little then she will enjoy it.

As she was hot by fingering sucking etc. she agreed for it. Then I made her lie on her back fully exposing her erect hard boobs and shaven pussy, which she had shaved that morning only. We hugged each other and I felt the stiffness of her erect nipples on my chest while she felt the hardness of my cock on lips of her bald pussy. She again said about the pain, which me replied that it will be for a moment and she will enjoy it later. As she was too hot by the time and her pussy was so hot that it was burning like a heater and her pussy lips were wet with her juices which were flown out with fingering. I started fingering her again first with one finger then inserted two fingers into her wet pussy.

As it continued for some time it made her mad and she started saying.

Hi prince ab mujhe mera birthday gift de do. Ab nahin raha jata mujhe chodo meri chhot ko phar do meri chhot thumahara lund mangti hai ab chodo mujhe main isi din ki wait kar rahi thee

(Hi Prince please escort kartal bayan fuck me now I cant wait now tear my pussy, my pussy wants your cock, fuck me please I was waiting for that day only).

On hearing this from her mouth I asked her to spread her legs wide so that I can push my cock inside her. And she opened her legs wide then I placed a pillow below her ass so that her pussy is lifted up and positioned my cock over her hot wet pussy and pushed my cock into her pussy in a single stroke.

Yeh kyonki uski pehle bar thee or uski choot fat gayee thee who dard ke karan jor se boli ki meri choot mein dard ho rahi hai who aur please meri choot se apna lund bahar nikal lo aur uski aakhon mein aasoon nikal aaye

As it was her first time and her hymn was broken she screamed in a loud voice that it is paining her and please pull out of from her pussy and tears rolled out from her eyes.

Me asked not to worry and put my lips on her lips while my hands were busy pressing her tits slowly she started enjoying my strokes and was cooperating with each and every stroke of my cock. Then after about ten minutes of heavy stroking. She felt her first multiple orgasms of her life with the help of cock and I was also about to cum. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and sprayed my cum over her tits and mouth. After that we both lay exhausted on bed and embarrassed each other. I noticed a mixture of pain and satisfaction on her face. I asked whether she enjoyed her first fuck she admitted that it was painful first but later she enjoyed. Me asked how she felt my cock she replied that it was like a hot rod which was going in and out of her tight pussy.

After some time we moved to bathroom and washed her pussy, which was fully soaked by the blood of her pussy. Which was torn by my cock and after returning to bed I asked whether she want more gift. She smiled and said sure, she wants more as she enjoyed it. Then me asked her now I want her to fuck in doggy style and made her in doggy style and fucked her for about 10 minutes. And during the fuck she continuously demanding for more deep and deep inside her pussy and was saying hi my prince tore my pussy fully today I am addicted to it now and now fuck me daily.

(jab main use doggy position mein chod raha thaa to who jor jor se bol rahi thee hi Prince jor se chodo mujhe meri choot poori tarah se phar do main to is ka nasha aaj pehli bar mein hi jaan gayee hoon ab roj mujhe chodna).

And after that I fucked her two more times that day. When we finished that day. Her pussy was swollen like as bun which returned to normal after she had a good sleep and rest for night and our fucking sessions continue till today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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