Anything She Can Do Better

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If it ain’t broke

It all started with an honest-to-god accident. My wife refuses to believe me but it’s true. Maybe you will.

“Not as easy as it looks, huh?” I said with a smile my wife couldn’t see but surely felt.

“Whatever,” Maya breathed onto my neck. “I’ll get it.”

We lay in bed on our sides, my wife playing the role of Big Spoon. It wasn’t the only role reversal for the night.

As a married couple, to maintain a healthy sex life it’s crucial to know what works and what doesn’t. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. So, if I want to make my wife cum, no matter how long we go at it or what positions we try, I put her on her side, slip inside her with her legs pinched tight, and with my right hand reach around and rub her clit.

It gets results.

Like damn near every time.

I can always tell when she is close because she’ll reach her hand back, grab onto my ass cheek and pull me tighter. I’ll go in deep, my hand still massaging her, and pretty soon the convulsing orgasm begins, complete with leg twitching, fingernail marks dragged across my butt, and her juices running down my cock and balls.

I’m never far behind.

That last bit is done on my terms. She is in a post-nut stupor and goes wherever my hips lead her. More often it’s a simple roll, steering her face down onto the bed, her ass protruding skyward while I elevate on top. Sometimes I pull her hair back. Sometimes I deposit a smack flush onto her plump ass cheek. Others, I grip her shoulder for better leverage. The strokes are deep and long until they are short and fast and that’s about all it takes with a pussy that wet and that tight. I used to announce I was cumming until Maya told me I sound ridiculous. She always knew when I was cumming. She could feel it.

Insert audible exhale here.

That’s the position we were in when we got into this situation. Pressed for time but still eager for results. Not even enough time for adequate foreplay so Maya insisted I just use the KY and hurry up.

“I need you inside me, like now.”

She wiggled her naked ass invitingly. It always popped on its side. An hourglass tipped over. Bikini lines separated the tanned skin anybody could see from the unblemished terrain only I was privy to. I squeezed entirely too much KY onto my already throbbing cock and pressed up against her. It passed between her cheeks like a credit card.

“Oh baby, you’re so hard already.”

“Ready to be inside you.”

“Well quit talking and fuck me.”

I peeled my hips back and guided my cock towards her. Once I liked my angle I pulled my hand away and clasped onto her hip.

Then it happened.

I lurched inwards and as my cock penetrated her I heard those two words no normal guy wants to hear.

“Wrong hole!” Maya shouted with a mixture of surprise and discomfort.


“You can’t tell?!”

“I mean, not really.”

“Well, fucking take it out! What’s wrong with you?”

I didn’t have a good answer for that one.

We presumed as planned and achieved our respective goals. But the real result was Disney plus izle far bigger. It began our foray into anal play. Had I not been a wise-ass it would’ve remained just her ass in play but as fate would have it, mine got into the game too. And quickly.

It started as a finger during a blowjob and then two. We messed around with a butt plug until it became butt plugs. A strap-on was the natural progression. It started modestly and grew.

And that’s where we pick up our story. Our naked bodies pressed together like our bed was a silverware drawer. Maya nestled behind me, trying to finesse the newest and largest weapon in her arsenal—an 8-inch flesh-colored member with two firm testicles—into mine. We’d started with me on my back and a few fingers and a lot of lube. After a little bit, she deemed me ready slapped my left butt cheek, and told me to get onto my side.

Now, as I peered back over my shoulder, I watched Maya struggle to contort her body beside mine to find the proper angle for insertion. The skin beneath the black straps of her harness still shined even in the darkness. I reached my hand back and fumbled around for her member.

She smacked my hand away.

“Get out of here.”

“I’m just trying to help.”

“You wanna help, slide your butt up.” She patted my backside. I inched into more of an S position on my side and tried to make my ass as receptive as possible. My cock bounced in the repositioning as if to remind me it was still there. I began stroking it lightly.

“None of that either. I got this.”

She pulled my arm away and laid it in front of me. Stripped of any duties, I clasped my hands together and stared at the bedside table. The anticipation gave me butterflies.

Maya went back to work, tweaking the strap-on’s angle and lifting her hips. I felt the base of her pelvis against my tailbone. I surged with excitement.

She pressed forward.

“How does that feel, babe?” Maya breathed against my neck.

“You aren’t in.”

“Wait, what?” Her gentle thrusts stopped dead.

“It’s just between my thighs.”


“Yeah.” I reached down and gave the tip of the phallus a playful tug.

“I’d put some more lube on it too.”

Maya pulled away and searched for the KY.

“How the hell am I supposed to know it’s in?”

“You can tell.”

“But how?”

I looked back to catch her dousing the strap-on in lube and then spreading it along the length of it with vast, exaggerated strokes. The butterflies swirled.

“Your reaction for one.”

“What do I do?”

“Well, you make a sound. That’s usually a pretty good indicator. There’s just a reaction.”

Maya didn’t respond. I wasn’t sure how to interpret her silence. The ensuing hand on my hip told me she meant business. I tensed up once again as her body pressed against mine. I felt her strap-on meet my ass cheeks and glide down them effortlessly. She pulled away. I relaxed and waited for her next question.

Then in one motion she passed inside me and stole any semblance of breath I had. My mouth sagged open Exxen izle as my wife pressed further. My top leg curled up and my hands struggled to grab hold of anything that would prevent me from levitating from the bed. The pain was a snippet of time, enveloped and erased simultaneously by the rush of her taking me. It could’ve been the first time. My brain wouldn’t commit. The initial pop of her entering me gave way to the seemingly never-ending euphoria of depth. It wasn’t until the deepening sensation stopped that I finally exhaled. It was an audible exalt of pain and pleasure fused into one organic and damn near orgasmic sound.

It soon transitioned into words.

“Fuck me,” with an emphasis on the U. “You’re in.”

“I know, baby,” she cooed.

A subtle move sent shockwaves to my toes and more labored breaths. She was simply docked inside me, allowing the girth of her strap-on to stretch me. My fingers clawed at the sheets.

“You’re… it’s so big.” I blurted through waves of pleasure.

“Now you know how I feel,” she said coyly. Her hand pressed down against my hip and I felt the strap-on begin to escape. I moaned with every centimeter.

She set a pace. Rhythmic thrusts never dipping too far inside me while I feverishly tried to grasp her cadence. It was useless. A deviation of a half-inch either direction or a subtle pause left me panting and begging for more. I tried to steal a glance. Her hips swung like a carnal metronome—hell-bent on administering otherworldly pleasure with methodical precision and persistence. Her hand on my hip steadied me while her gaze was focused downward. She was admiring her handiwork and savoring every inch.

Every thrust.

Every ensuing moan.

She was biting her goddamn lip when she caught me looking. She took up a handful of my hair and steered it back forward and then up. Her assertion forced yet another primal moan.

“You like that, baby?”

“Oh fuck, it feels so good.”

“You’re so damn tight.”


“Yah. It feels like you might take this thing away from me.”

Like a devious sex wizard, she timed her thrusts to correspond with her chiding so when she said ‘take’ she thrust so damn slowly that my leg twitched. Maya giggled and slapped my ass.

“Yah baby! You’re getting the hang of this.” Her smile was palpable. She slapped my ass again—this time with a little more authority.

“You too,” I wheezed.

“What can I say, I’m a quick learner.” Again the sex wizard choreographed her line so on the word ‘quick’ she dashed deeper.

Way deeper.

Like all the way deeper.

Like moan louder and longer than Maya ever has deeper.

The moan didn’t stop when she did because she simply pulled back out and did it again, this time slower and then the next time faster and the next time just as fast until she was running the length of the strap-on to its max in either direction. I desperately tried to steady my breathing as the onslaught continued.

“That’s it, baby. Take all of this dick.”

“Ohhhhh fuck!”

Maya seized her opportunity. And by opportunity, Gain tv izle I mean my aching cock. I’d forgot it even existed.

But once she wrapped her dainty fingers around me I knew I was toast. Her hand slalomed up and down my cock to the speed with which she fucked me. I couldn’t think. I could only moan. I reached back and clasped her entire ass cheek in my hand and pulled her forward. Deeper inside me.

“Ohh yas, baby. You want me deeper.”

It wasn’t a question but I gasped yes.

“You want to cum, baby.”

Again not a question and I couldn’t answer it anyway because it was too late. I exploded. Massive spurts of cum pumped out and onto the sheets beside me while I gripped her ass and held her in place and she mercilessly stroked me and whispered more instructions into my ear that I could not hear or understand because my senses could not operate amidst such elation.

As the final drops seeped from my cock I let go of her ass and sunk onto the bed as if I’d just finished a 12-hour shift in a coal mine. My mistake was thinking it was over.

Her hips pressed against me. Steering me. Steering me over. I couldn’t fight it because I had no desire to so I succumbed to her silent instruction and with her still inside me rolled over and laid in the pool of my semen—the sheets clinging to my stomach like a desperate lover.

Maya climbed atop me seamlessly and, with one hand placed square in the middle of my back, pressed herself deeper. I’d given up all restraint and masculine stigmas a long time ago and shrieked with every thrust. The faux nuts of the strap-on rammed against me every time. Then they landed flush against my ass and stayed put. She was completely submerged inside me. I poked my ass upwards ever so slightly, desperate to add any little bit that would send her deeper. The silicone sack pressed harder.

“Ohhhhh fuck!”

Her hips began to gyrate. Small circles or ovals or some goddamn shape but her strap-on never strayed from as deep as fucking possible. The weight of her hand on my back increased. Her hips were all but attached to me. She was using the strap-on as her own personal clit massager. My ass was collateral damage. Maya’s moans grew clearer. Quicker. Louder. She planted a firm smack across my ass and I reached back with both hands and clutched my ass—leaving me face down with muffled groans.

A shudder ran through our bodies. It started with Maya as she clamored and whimpered her own unmistakable orgasm which permeated the strap-on and burrowed deep inside me until I was again moaning and frantically trying to find my breath. Every twitch. Every convulsion. Every moan. Like a bit of electricity racing through our bodies. And then the electricity ceased and it was silent and dark. Maya pressed down on me her hands and slowly removed herself entirely while I gasped one last time. I felt her collapse on the bed beside me.

There were no words so neither of us tried to summon any. Our orchestrated breathing filled the gap. I finally mustered the strength to raise myself from the stickiness. I rolled to face her. She was on her back, panting and staring at the ceiling fan. I pulled her in like the little spoon she had once been. Our bodies all but stuck together. Her member bounced and reverberated before settling in a fixed position.

It was in the same position when we woke up.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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