A Game of Basketball Pt. 6

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Friday Morning

Morning in Dave and Nicole’s Room

“Uugghhh.” My dick feels like it’s wrapped in a steaming hot wet hole. I open my eyes to see beams of light trying to break through the curtains. The hill made out of blankets is moving up in down. I pull them off to find Nicole swallowing my dick.

She’s got her nose buried in my pubes before she pulls up, letting my cock flop from her lips.

“Good morning!” she says with a big smile.

“Now that is a sight for sore eyes. I thought you were going to wake me up with your dick up my ass. Not that I’m complaining.”

“I thought you deserved a morning blow job,” she says as she swirls her tongue around the head of my cock, creating a whirlwind of pleasure as if every neuron just fired off, starting from my dick trailing up to my brain.

She starts stroking the shaft, smearing the spit around before taking it all down her throat. Her head bobs up and down on my dick. The moist warmth of her mouth feels utterly amazing. Like melting in a hot bath after a long battle on the court. But the feel of her mouth is 100 times better. The way she presses her tongue against the bottom of my cock as she pulls up is truly mind-blowing.

And then she sucks it back in… Fuck it feels so good! “Awwwhhh! Baby, that feels so fucking amazing! Keep going.”

She pops my dick out as she places my legs over her shoulders. I look down as she lathers her middle finger in spit. Before I know it, she’s got that digit well past the knuckle in my ass. She continues gobbling down my dick as she finger fucks my butt.

“Uggghhhh god, that’s fucking incredible. I might cum any mm… Minute! Fuck!” I moan as she licks my balls with my cock down her throat. Ever so slowly she pulls back while doing her best to suck the cum out of my nutsack as one would do with a popsicle. My dick falls from her lips.

“Ah, ah, ahhh,” she says as she grabs my hips and yanks me close to her pelvis. She presses my knees against my chest as she tongue punches my little butthole. Getting that little starfish wet with her spit, her tongue dives deep inside my anus.

My dick is harder than it’s ever been as I’m on the edge of an orgasm of epic proportions. Suddenly her tongue withdraws out from my asshole. She spits on her hand and lathers her dick with saliva before pressing it up against my bumhole. Slowly she presses into me. The pressure builds before her dick plunges inside me.

“Ugghhhh fuck me!” I shout out. Her hands run up my abs and pecks before being planted on each side of my head. She leans down and connects her mouth with mine before she starts to thrust inside me. She goes hard and fast, fucking me like an animal.

I wrap my arms around her back and pull her in tight as she continues to rock my world. I feel like I’m being thunderstruck by her dick. Every blow makes my cock grow even harder if that was possible. I’ve been on the edge for what feels like an eternity.

Our tongues clash into each other as she pumps me full of cock. I grunt with every thrust. She looks down at me with deep sea blue eyes. “Fuck, Dave! I love you so much!”

She slams inside me once more. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The thrust that pushes me over the edge. I can literally feel the cum get pushed out of my balls as it erupts from my cock, spraying both of us in my sticky white semen.

As if fireworks went off inside me, the orgasm was so overpowering, I felt as if every cell inside me was struck by lightning. Another thrust and suddenly a warmth took over me as her hot gooey cum fills up my ass. Her lips are on mine again and our tongues embrace as she slowly humps the last of her cum inside me.

“That was incredible! Truly, I’ve never experienced anything like it!” I gasp.

“It’s called edging, I read it in an erotic story by an author named… Phoenix I think?”

“I’m going to need to get that story from you,” I tell her. “For research purposes of course.”

“Haha, yeah sure…” She kisses me before finally getting up.

I follow her into the bathroom. As I clean out my ass, she straightens up her hair.

Once we finish freshening up, we get our uniforms on. Thank god that our shoes our dry. Once again I put both of our shoes in my backpack. We head down to the lobby and eat breakfast with the rest of the team.

We have a little bit of leisure time since our game doesn’t start until 2 PM. We eat an early lunch and head down there.

At the Gymnasium

After we arrived at the gym, we head into the locker room. Once we’ve all finished getting ready, coach has the bus driver take our things. Once coach gives us a speech and tells us what to focus on, I give my own little motivational speech.

Then we rush out onto the court.

Shalhevet’s already doing their warm-ups as we huddle in the center of the court and start doing our chant.

Once we’ve stretched and warmed up, it’s time for the tip-off.

Scene with Zach and Don Goldsmith

The game was a total blowout. An 81-65 win for us! We lead by at least ten the entire game. Nicole had an all high scoring game of 21 points. She hit 6 three-pointers.

Once again I managed to get another triple-double in points with 24, 12 assists and 11 rebounds. I even had 6 steals and 2 blocks.

As we watched Santa Barbara take a sizable lead over Palos Verdes, Nicole and I got quite comfortable.

“Once again Kevin isn’t playing…” Jeremy says.

“Yeah, it’s weird. I thought I saw his parents, but now I can’t find them,” I add.

“Huhh, whatever. We’re still going to destroy them. Just would have been nice to get back at the kid who put the nails in our coffin last year,” Jeremy adds.

“Yeah, no doubt…” Austin says.

“Whatever, there’s always the State Championships,” I add.

“That’s if they make it,” Jeremy jokes. We all can’t help but laugh. I have no doubt we’ll see them there. As long as Chris is their point guard, they’ll make it.

“Hey, I’m going to grab something to eat,” Nicole says.

“I’ll come with you,” I add.

“No, it’s fine.”

“I insist,” I add.

She nods and we head down to the concession stand.

As we walk down I hear someone yell out my name. Turning around I see Zach, my younger brother. He hasn’t changed one bit, although… he’s had a growth spurt. Fuck, he’s now taller than me and he let his dirty blonde hair grow out. He’s definitely put on some muscle since I’ve last seen him.

“Zach, long time no see!” I say as he pulls me into a bear hug. I don’t know how he can be so carefree. He’s the total opposite of Brett. Always smiling and looking at the bright side of things. And of course, he’s always surrounded by friends. A ripped blonde kid is chilling by his side.

“Yeah, good game out there,” he says as we break off. “Nicely done with the triple-double.”

“Thanks, one of these times I’m going to have to come to one of your games,” I add.

“Well, yeah! That’s if you want to see the next Lebron James in action.”

I laugh. “Well, I guess it’s good to have dreams.”

“Go ahead and make jokes, but I’m going to be the one laughing when you’re the one watching me from the stands at the Staples Center.”

“I can wait, by the way, this is Nicole,” I add as I introduce her.

“I know,” he says. Did he know her back in Santa Barbara? I glance back at Nicole and she’s as stiff as a board. They must’ve known each other.

“You do?” I ask.

“Yeah, I just watched her play, dodo.”

“Oh, right! Haha.”

“This is my good friend Don Goldsmith. He’s the quarterback who threw me all of my touchdowns,” escorts in london He smirks.

“Nice to meet ya, Don,” I say.

“You too man, good to finally meet the legend Zach always talks about,” he says.

“Yeah, well I don’t know about all that, but it’s good to hear that he talks about me.”

“Well, I’m going to go watch the rest of Brett’s game, we should chill while you’re still here,” Zach says.

“Sure, just don’t bring Brett and dad.”

“You know dad’s changed, right?”

“No matter how much he’s changed, it’d never be enough.”

“You should at least give him a second chance,” he says.

“How can you defend a man that cheated and beat on our mother?” I ask.

“He’s not the same man, he’s been sober ever since you both left us.”

“Let’s just drop it. Text me later, we can chill and grab dinner or something. We should get back to the team.”

“Okay, man. I’m just saying, you don’t want to go your whole life hating him. Also, you want to invite mom?”

“Yeah sure, I love you, Zach,” I add as I pull him into a hug.

“I love you too, Dave.”

After we part ways, Nicole and I grab some snacks from the concession stand. That’s when I see Kevin’s Mom… Why is she here? Kevin’s not even playing.

“Hey, I’m going to use the bathroom, can you take my drink and snacks and I’ll meet you back up at the stands?” she asks.

“Yeah, sure… No problem.”

I take one last look at Kevin’s mom before heading back up to the team.

It’s no surprise that Santa Barbara rolls over Palos Verdes. Chris tore the defense apart.

After the game at the Hotel

Sex Scene

After the game, I ask coach if I can hang out with my brother and my mother for a little bit and she doesn’t care. I shoot my mom a text, letting her know what’s up.

“You want to come with us?” I ask Nicole.

“No, it’s fine, you should just go. I don’t want to intrude on family time.”

“They’ll need to get used to it because you’re my girlfriend, right?” Her eyes bolt up to mine. The look of shock on her face turns to a blushing smile.

“If that’s what you want…” she says shyly.

I pull her close. “If the last few weeks haven’t proved how much I love you, I don’t know what will.”

Our lips connect as our tongues crash into each other. Her arms sling over my shoulders as we speak in tongues.

Then I lead her into the bathroom and start the shower. Slowly, I strip off her jersey. One layer at a time. Peeling off her sports bra, I give each of her nipples a kiss, twirling my tongue around the areola. She lets out a moan as I gently dig my teeth in her breast.

I don’t stay there long, before making my way down south. I kiss each one of her abs as I pull her shorts down along with her tight compression undies, letting her dick flop free. She grabs a hold of my hair as I take her dick in my mouth.

I lather it in spit as I give her access to my throat. She moans as she plunges her shaft balls deep inside my mouth. My hands slowly trail up the back of her thighs, each grabbing a handful of her ass as she slowly starts to thrust down my throat.

But she only pumps me a few times before pulling out. “I want to fuck that ass of yours, bend over baby.”

I get on my hands and knees and crawl to the toilet. I rest my elbows on the toilet seat as she pulls down my shorts and starts giving me a rim job.

That tongue feels so good as it lavishes my asshole, getting it nice and wet for her fat cock.

She sticks two slick fingers inside me, opening me up for her. I look back as she pulls her fingers out and replaces them with the tip of her cock.

As she starts to press forward, it pops in without much resistance. Fuck, it feels so good inside me. She grabs ahold of my ass cheeks, spreading them as she slowly saws my ass with that pole of hers.

I watch her as her eyes transfix on her dick sinking down inside me. She looks like a kid with a new toy, pushing that cock ever so slowly inside my ass. Each plunge sends tingles down my spine and makes my own dick twitch.

She finally catches my eyes. Her hands slide up my body, wrapping themselves around my torso. I lean back as she attaches her lips to mine. Her thrusts become faster and harder as her tongue breaks through my lips and lays claim to my mouth.

Fuck, it all feels so good. I’m lost in her embrace. Her lips are like fire. Her touch is gasoline. Each thrust ignites my blood, engulfing me in her flames.

The feel of that thick veiny cock of hers as it packs my ass is indescribable. The way that log batters my prostate, causes me to shutter in overwhelming pleasure.

I completely surrender to her. I want to lose myself in her. Let myself go in her arms. I want her to plant her seed inside me.

To claim me for herself.

That’s all I want at this moment.

“I’m going to cum, baby,” she whispers in my ear.

“Cum inside me, I want to feel your seed paint the inside of my ass.” She kisses my shoulder as she starts to fuck me fast and hard.

I am on the edge myself. One more thrust and all… “Ooooh fuck!”

The feeling of the cum being drained from my balls as she pounds my ass is unlike anything I’ve ever felt before Nicole came into my life. I’m in heaven as she pounds the orgasm out of me.

I can feel my ass tighten up around her dick, milking her cock. She hilts herself inside me and I can feel her dick expand just before it explodes inside me. Fuck…

The feeling of her hot steamy cum filling my bowels is so fucking unbelievable. Like fireworks went off inside me. She slowly gyrates her hips, filling my ass up with her seed.

“Urrgghhh, fuck that feels so good, baby,” I moan.

She kisses my shoulder. “I wish we could just stay like this.”

I laugh. “Me too.”

Finally, she pulls out and helps me climb to my feet. Are lips attach as I pull her into the shower. We spend the next few minutes cleaning each other off as our tongues clash in my mouth.

Dinner with Family

Finally, we get out of the shower and dry off. After getting dressed, my mom texts me they just arrived at the hotel.

Nicole and I head out to the parking lot to meet my mom and Emily. We pack into the back of her car and I tell my mom where we’re meeting Zach.

It doesn’t take us long before we arrive at this Sandwich place I’ve never heard of. Zach’s already waiting inside for us.

Walking in, I’m met with the smell of freshly baked bread. Zach looks up as we head towards him and the biggest smile I’ve ever seen appears on his face. “Mom!” he says as he jumps up and picks her up in a big bear hug.

“Oh, it’s so good to see you, baby.”

“You too, mom,” he says.

“Honey, this is Emily. She and I are seeing each other.”

He looks over at Emily and holds out his hand. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“She’s also our English teacher. So that means we’re pretty much going to get an A, right Emily?” I give her that good ole Dave smile.

“Ha, if anything I’m going to push you harder,” she says.

“That’s not fair! You’re supposed to show us favoritism,” I laugh. “So what’s good here?”

“I’m all about that Philly cheesesteak!” he says.

I look at Nicole. “Does that sound good to you?”

“Don’t you want to do what we did at subway? Split two sandwiches?” she asks.

“You just read my mind. What were you thinking?” I ask.

“How does the chicken cordon bleu sound?” she asks.

“Good to me!”

We put in our orders and grab a seat at one of the tables.

“How are things going at school, Escort in dubai Zachary?” my mom asks.

“Great, grades are fine, sports are going well, my friend Don and I got moved up to varsity for the playoffs and we made it to state finals in football.”

“I know, I watched it on TV! You had such a great game!” she says.


“Got a girlfriend yet?” I ask.

“Ehh, a few… Ha, just kidding. I’m kind of prefer the single life right now. I see you’ve got one,” he says as he looks at Nicole. I wrap my arm around her and pull her close.

“Yeah… She’s become my best friend. Say… Have you seen Kevin lately? How come he’s not playing?”

He looks at Nicole before looking back at me. “Well, Kevin moved…”

I look at him in shock. “What! Where?”

Once again, he looks back over at Nicole. “I don’t know. He had a falling out with Brett and the rest of the team and then just up and moved.”

“I thought you were close, he didn’t tell you where he moved?” I ask.

His eyes drift back to Nicole, before shifting to mine. “Nope… “

“That’s weird,” I say.

“Why’s that? You did it,” he says.

“You knew exactly where we moved!” I tell him.

“Did you tell Kevin? Or anyone else?” he asks.

“Well, no…” He makes a good point.

“Well, I don’t know about you all, but I’m starving,” my mom says.

As if they heard us, the clerk tells us our orders are ready.

After we grab our sandwiches and dig in, we continue to chit chat. “So, how’s the new school anyways?”

“Great, we would have won state championships if it weren’t for one school in particular,” I jab.

“Haha, sucks to suck,” he says.

“Ehh, sometimes it’s not so bad,” I add and Nicole definitely gets my meaning as she laughs under her breath.

Zach just gives us a weird look, the joke went way over his head, but Emily thought it was funny. And so did mom. She gives me that motherly look that says I shouldn’t continue down that path.

“It’s too bad Brett couldn’t make it,” my mom says. “I would have loved to see all my boys together again.”

Zach shoots me a glare. “Yeah… It really is too bad.”

A few moments of silence pass by as we continue to eat our sandwiches. Nicole and I trade our halves. Zach was right, the Philly is fucking delicious. The chicken’s good too. Can’t go wrong with Chicken.

“So… how is your father?” mom asks.

“He’s… he’s doing alright. Much better than when you left. He quit drinking.”

“Is he seeing anyone?” she asks.

“Well… he kind of knocked up Kevin’s sister…” His eyes dart over to Nicole. Why does he keep looking at her as if she’s about to blow up or something? He looks at me. “Good news is that we have a baby sister! Bad news, we barely see her much since she lives with Kevin’s mom.”

Mom and I both look at each other. “Wait a sec… What!” she says.

“You guys didn’t know?” Zach asks and we both shake our heads. “Yeah.. she’s a cutie. I mean, I’ve only seen her a few times. She’s only 2 years old… I think. Of course, we really didn’t find out until after she was born.”

Zach looks at Nicole once again before shifting to me. “You know, I’m sure if you talk with Kevin’s parents, they’ll let you see her.”

I feel Nicole tense up as she shifts in her seat. I don’t understand what the hell is going on between them. It’s like there’s some kind of secret between the two of them.

“That would be great, “I say before looking at my mom. “If that’s okay with you.”

“Why wouldn’t it be, she’s your sister, you should get to know her.” Then my mother turns to Zach. “Zachary, we’re going up to Grandma Maisie for the annual family Christmas dinner. I would love for you and Brett to come.”

“That would be great, but unfortunately we can’t. We’re visiting our other grandparents that weekend, at least dad and I are. Brett’s got other plans… Anyways, we’re flying out there on Thursday and coming back on Sunday. It’s one of those flights with a layover in I think Denver.”

“Well if something comes up and you change your mind, just give me a call,” she says.

“Definitely,” he says.

“Well, we should head back,” I tell them as I grab Nicole and my trash.

“Yeah, I should get going too,” he says.

After we clear off the table, I pull him into a hug. “It was good to see you, man. I’ll definitely try to make it to one of your next games.”

“That’d be awesome and we can chill afterward or something. You should talk to dad, I know he misses you. And Brett, even though he can be such a dumbass sometimes.”

“Ha, right. I don’t know if I can forgive dad,” I tell him.

“At least try,” he says.

“We’ll see. Maybe someday.”

My mother’s next to pull him into a hug. “I love you so much. You’ll always be my baby boy.”

“I love you too, mom.”

After they break off from the hug, he turns to Emily and hugs her. Zach has always been the hugging type. “It was nice to meet you, Emily. Take care of my mom for me.”

“I will. It was nice to finally meet you too. Your mother has told me so much about you.”

He finally turns to Nicole. “Keep my brother out of trouble, will ya?”

“Ha, that’ll be impossible.” She sticks out her hand.

He laughs. “We hug in this family.”

He pulls her into a hug and whispers something in her ear.

Back at the Hotel

We finally go our separate ways. My mom drops us off back at the hotel. Most of the team is sitting in the lobby, shooting the shit.

“Dave!” Donny yells as soon as he sees me. “We’re talking about hitting up the hot tub, you and Nicole in?”

I look over at her and I can see she’s hesitant. I can’t let her miss these moments because she’s scared of being judged. “Sure, we’re in.”

She squeezes my arm and gives me the are you serious look.

“Awesome! Well? What the heck are we all doing sitting around here? Let’s get changed!” he says as they all get up and we head back to the rooms.

Once we get into our room, Nicole hits me. “Really!”


“I can’t go out there. I didn’t even bring a bathing suit. Plus, I get so stressed out in a bikini. What if people clock me?”

“Clock you?” No idea what she means by that.

She breaks her gaze away from me. “Yeah… When someone figures out I’m transgender.”

My fingers gently touch her chin and I pull her face back up to me. “It doesn’t really matter if the whole world knows you’re transgender. You’re still human. You’re still the girl I’m in love with. Besides, the team already knows you’re trans. Who gives a shit about everyone else.”

A tear falls down her beautiful face as she buries it in my chest, wrapping her arms tightly around my waist. “I love you so much, Dave.”

I hug her close.

After a long moment, she finally pulls back. “But still, I didn’t bring a swimsuit. What am I going to wear?”

“How about shorts and a sports bra?”

“I guess that’ll work.”

At the Pool

We quickly change and head down to the pool area. Donny and the guys are already in the hot tub. They make room for us as Nicole and I pull off our shirts.

As sit down, I wrap my hand around Nicole’s shoulder and pull her close. She leans her head against my shoulder.

“So, you think Kevin’s going to play in the game tomorrow?” Jeremy asks. Nicole shifts uncomfortably. It’s weird, every time someone brings up Kevin, she tenses up.

“No, Zach told me he moved,” I inform them.

“Really? Well, that sucks. I was really looking forward to getting revenge on that punk,” Jeremy says.

“Dave, I’m going to Dubai Escorts make your brother look like a bitch tomorrow,” Finn declares.

“By all means, give it your best shot,” I tell him.

Just then a group of girls our age walks in.

“Ladies! Care to join us? There’s plenty of room for all of us!” Donny hollers. “Of course, one of you might have to sit on my lap.”

“Eww gross, I think we’ll pass,” The blonde haired girl says as she follows her friends to one of the tables.

“Aww, come on! Don’t be like that!” Donny says.

Jeremy jumps up out of the hot tub and rushes over there and starts flirting with them.

“I’m surprised you’re not over there as well, Jason,” I say.

“Well… I kind of have a girlfriend at the moment,” he replies.

“What! No way! Who going to be my wingman?” Donny asks.

“Dude, this just means I’m an even better wingman because now I’m not going to steal the girl right out from under you.”

Everyone shares a laugh at that.

Wow… Jeremy did it. He convinced the girls to come join us in the hot tub.

The blonde one is even sitting in his lap. I don’t know how he does it.

“So where are you boys all from?” The brunette asks.

“We’re all from Orinda, up north,” Austin says.

“What are you all doing down here?” she asks.

“Basketball tournament in Santa Barbara,” I tell them.

“Oh right! That’s why we came as well. My brother was playing in the tournament before they got beat,” the blonde says.

“Who did they lose to?” I ask.

“Miramonte High School,” she says, then her eyes fall on Nicole. “Oh shit! That’s you guys. You’re the transgender girl who made 6 three-pointers in a row!”

Nicole tenses up once again, I can feel the fear coursing through her. “You were such a badass.”

Instantly, her cheeks turn a beautiful rosy pink color. “Thanks.”

“Even though you’re transgender, it was fun watching a girl kick a bunch of boy’s asses. Even if one of them was my brother,” she says.

Nicole looks away for a brief moment. I can tell even though the girl had good intentions, her words still sting.

“That’s my girlfriend, beating up boys in basketball since she moved here,” I tell them.

Nicole looks up at me with those beautiful eyes of hers. She leans up and kisses me. “Aw, you two are so adorable,” the blonde says.

“You know, I think we’re going to head up to the room, it was nice meeting you all,” Nicole says.

“We are?” I ask.

“Yes, we are.” She gives me a subtle wink.

“Oh right! Yeah, we are! Catch you all later,” I climb out and follow her out.

“Fucking lucky bastard,” I hear Donny say as we leave.

We barely get into the room before she attacks me. With her lips against mine, she starts tearing off my swim trunks. Before I know it, we’re both naked, wet on the bed. She straddles my waist as her tongue duels mine.

My hands trail up her thighs, making their way back to that perfect ass of hers before heading up north.

She breaks off and looks into my eyes. “Thank you,” she whispers.

“For what?” I ask.

“For making me feel… Normal,” Once again water forms around those delicate eyes of hers. “Whenever I’m with you I feel like not only an actual human being but as if I matter.”

“You do matter, you matter to me.”

“I know… It’s just, I hate being labeled “transgender.” I know I’m a girl. I have no doubt in my mind of who I am. At least…” She looks away. “Until I’m out in public. When people find out I’m trans, they make me feel like I’m some kind of… freak. Even when they’re being nice, they have a way of making me feel like an oddity. Or some kind of foreign object.”

She brings her gaze back to me as tears fall down those soft caramel cheeks. She quickly wipes them away. “But not when I’m with you. You make me feel loved and accepted. You make me believe that I actually belong. That I am a real girl.”

“You’re the most real girl I’ve ever met and I love you more than anything.”

“I don’t know what I did to deserve your love, but thank you, Dave. Thank you for loving me.”

I grab hold of her and flip her on her back as she holds onto my shoulders. My lips find hers and our tongues embrace. I slowly kiss my way down her neck, while my hand massages her breast. She lets out a gasp as my tongue swirls around her nipple. I don’t stay there long as I make my way down south.

I scoot down her legs as my mouth finds her cock. “Oh fuck, Dave!”

My tongue twirls around the tip, making her shutter. I hold it in my hand as my lips make out with her balls. My tongue gets in on the action, lathering them in my spit. I suck on the right, before giving the left some love all the while I stroke that fat dick of hers.

Ever so slowly, I lick my way up her big shaft before plunging it in my mouth. As the head of her dick rubs up against my throat, I swallow, letting her in.

She runs her hand through my hair as my nose rubs up against her small patch of pubes. Slowly she starts to swing her hips back and forth as she bobs my head up and down. My fingers run up and down her thighs as she humps my face.

She finally lets go of my hair and I pull back as her dick pops free. I crawl up her body and straddle her thighs as she pulls herself up into a sitting position. I slide my knees past her hips as I wrap my fingers around her thick cock and rub the head up and down the crack of my ass.

She leans back on her arms while she watches me impale myself on her cock as I line it up against my butthole.

Slowly I lower my ass down, sinking her cock inside me. I’ve missed the feeling of fullness that only comes when her cocks lodged deep inside my ass. Fuck, it feels so good. She wraps her arms around my shoulders as I cup her face and pull her lips against mine. Slowly I start bobbing up and down on her cock.

Her hand strolls up past my shoulder blade and into my hair while the other slips beneath my arms and starts to caress my chest.

Our tongues battle in each other’s mouths as I slide my ass up and down on that pole of hers. Slowly building up the pace. As her cock nudges up against my prostate, I can’t help but moan into her luscious lips.

Her fingers fall from my chest and wrap around my steely hard cock and slowly start to stroke me off.

She falls back down on the bed, brings me with her and slowly starts to thrust up into me. Our movements fall into sync as she starts to fuck me as I plunge my ass down on her dick.

Both of our breaths have become heavy. This time she’s the first to cum, filling my ass up with her hot steamy spunk. Having her cum inside me is one of the best feelings in the world. It’s like jumping into a steaming hot bath after spending all day out in the cold.

Her grip on my dick tightens as she continues to jerk me off while she deposits the rest of her seed inside me.

One more stroke and I’m… “Urrggghhh fuuuuck!” I moan out as my jiz explodes all over her tits. I literally felt each and every little spermling travel from my balls to the slit of my dick. I look down into those half-lidded golden eyes. “You literally just fucked the cum out of me.”

She almost snorts as the laughter escapes her lips.

Our lips are back together as her hands make their way down to my ass, giving each cheek a squeeze before her dick flops out of my butthole.

After we clean each other up, we cuddle up on the other bed since we got the one we usually sleep in all wet.

She snuggles her head up against my chest as I wrap my arms tightly around her.

She looks up at me. “I love you, Dave.”

“I love you too.”

I hope you enjoyed my story. Feel free to leave any questions or feedback you might have in the comment section. Please give it an honest rating.

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