The Calcium Club Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 – The Milking Parlour

Some times of the day were busy times for the staff at the Calcium Club. Just now was one of them, between 10:30 and 11:00 am when many of the young mothers from the offices of the nearby business district found they just had time to slip across to the club instead of taking their morning break. Of course by this time of the morning some of the girls were fairly desperate, although some had fed baby early morning and deprived the club of their full cream!

Jodie was one of these women, she had a good job as PA to an advertising executive, but he’d not taken it too well when she swelled in pregnancy especially as with Jodie at 35 he didn’t think by then she’d start a family and that he was safe from losing his assistant. Jodie thought it was because her bloated figure didn’t fit in with the image he wished for in his trendy agency. He wanted a plush luxurious office where all the girls were svelte and slim and moved like models. Jodie in her final weeks certainly didn’t fit this image! She was not sure that her boss had it right though, Jodie had noticed that many of the male clients eyed her with a special look and the female clients were delighted to discuss her forthcoming baby. However she compounded her boss’s annoyance when she took maternity leave and didn’t get her expected pay rise. Well just stuff you, Mr Smarty Ad-Man she thought to herself. Coffee breaks were often longer than scheduled, just let him try to fire her. He’d find himself flying cabin to Lagos or somewhere next time he asked to book him business class to Las Vegas. He’d never know the difference until he got there.

“Hi Jodie darling,” Angelo greeted her, “you’re early today.”

“Oh Angelo. Do me right now honey, I’m real tight.” Jodie was already unbuttoning her blouse.

Angelo helped her with her bra-clasp and released her large plump breasts.

“As spectacular as ever Jodie, so firm and those nipples could poke your eye out. Lovely to see you as always. Jake will sort you out.” Angelo stroked one of Jodie’s breasts gently as he spoke and called over a slim young guy who looked barely out of school.

“Jodie, this is Jake. He’s just started with us. Jake, please deal with Jodie for me. She’s real experienced and will help you.” Angelo instructed and moved on as more girls were arriving.

“Hi Jake.” Jodie smiled at him and added archly, “it will be a pleasure to be handled by you young man. Do you know what to do my dear?”

“Yes Miss, of course.” Jake replied politely, “The Club gives us full training. Could I ask you to come to this station please?”

Jodie complied willingly and lay across the bar to lower her breasts over it as required. Despite Jake’s confident reply she’d caught the little tremor in his voice and as he wiped her breasts down with the antiseptic tissue, she could sense his hands trembling. She smiled to herself, she knew her breasts were exciting to most men and she took a thrill that she was probably giving this callow young guy a hard-on.

“You’re very young Jake. A little young to be working here perhaps?” Jodie asked him.

“I’m eighteen and old enough to deal with you I think. Now Miss, I need you to stop talking please and let your milk down now. I’m a mite busy.” Jake replied as he fastened the suction cups to Jodie’s nipples. He fastened fresh sterile bottles to the milking machine and taking a note of the small number discretely tattooed under Jodie’s breast, and tapped it into the computer keypad that would record her contribution and hence her fee.

Oh, well that put me in my place, thought Jodie as her nipples stretched and were drawn out by the vacuum. Her milk splashed the insides of the bottles immediately. He might be young but he’s not going to be intimidated by any woman. Her milk began to flow freely. Jake watched for a minute or two and then moved on to check on a younger girl that Jodie knew slightly as Janice, and then over to another woman of Jodie’s age that she’d seen a few times but didn’t really know, and then to Sandy, a teenage mother who worked in the post room of the agency that Jodie worked for. Jodie watched as Jake made sure that the milking was progressing. He seemed to have four women under his charge. He didn’t seem to satisfied with Sandy and reaching under her, grasped her breast firmly so that his thumb pressed down along the blue vein that traced he plump globes. He moved on and then back to Jodie whose bottles were nearly full.

“Aren’t you going to change the bottles Jake?” she asked him.

Jake checked without speaking and then repeated his action on Jodie, squeezing her softly and massaging her downward as he looked at her flow. He shook his head without speaking.

“I think you should change them.” She told him.

“And I think you should be quiet Miss Jodie,” he spoke firmly, “you are in my charge and you’ll do as I say please. You’ll dry in a few minutes and you can go then, there is no need to change the bottles. çankaya escort You sure are a good milk cow though, plenty in them nice big breasts.”

As he unhooked her from the machine and she dressed herself again, Jodie made a note to be careful how she spoke to this young man. His confidence was growing rapidly. She had often commented to herself in the past how the younger men there always treated the girls with polite formality and Jake was the same, but with him there was an air of command that even from her relaxed point of view she could not resist. It was always “Please Miss” or “Good morning Miss Jodie” but she knew she’d always do just as jake told her.

As Jodie left she ran into Janice, another secretary from her agency.

“Can’t stop Jodie dear,” Janice was breathless, “I’m late and my boss has a big meeting at 11:00. Its either upset him by rushing here or upset him by embarrassing everyone by leaking all over my blouse by lunchtime! He’s such a pig.”

“Get that new guy Jake to deal with you.” Jodie called after her wickedly thinking that Janice could have another dominant male to complain about afterwards.

Jake did intercept Janice rapidly enough as he’d heard the exchange between the two women. He helped Janice with her bra fastening and very quickly positioned her for milking.

“Thank you Jake,” Janice sighed as her nicely formed breasts swayed forward and Jake’s palms massaged her in preparation.

He noted the number that he read on the underside of her right breast, 2398, and entered it on the computer. This brought up her record for him to see and as he fastened the milking cups to her nipples and noted as the pulsation of the machine did its work, he studied it carefully. He tapped a few keys and analysed the data in several ways while Janice relaxed, barely aware of what he was doing.

“Your yields are dropping slowly Miss,” he told her after about five minutes, “they are still good but I see you had your baby two years ago now and the analysis shows me that you have perhaps another year of lactation available to the club.”

“Really?” Janice was shocked, “I thought I just seemed to keep going. Regular milking is good for me!”

“Yes miss, it is. You are maintaining yield well but there is a trend here too. I’m surprised nobody else has picked up on it yet.” He offered.

“No one has said anything at all.” Janice said as she straightened up and buttoned her blouse.

“I think you should be inseminated again soon Miss,” Jake told her in a matter of fact way, “Then your milk yield will maintain at a good level.”

“Oh, you think that do you! You cheeky jerk.” Janice responded angrily at this intrusion.

“Yes miss. I just mention it for your consideration. Do you have a partner to impregnate you? If not the club can provide a stud for you if you wish.” Jake told her, his voice factual and authoritative.

Janice blushed deeply, suddenly intimidated by his straightforward analysis of her.

“I have a husband thank you very much. I don’t need to be put to a stud but I’ll talk to him. We may think of having another kid soon.” She said as she left the club wondering what her husband’s reaction would be. He certainly liked the monthly check from the Calcium Club but would he consider another baby to keep her in milk? Put her in calf again to keep the dairy yield high, she could almost hear Jake describing it requirement to him.

When Marianne arrived there was no one immediately available to deal with her. She was an experienced woman and knew her way into what she knew was called the reception area but the staff called the milking parlour. When she entered she could see why. There were about thirty milking stations each with its portable milking machine and all were occupied. She could see that Angelo literally had his hands full as he was hitching up a rather large girl who Marianne didn’t know, and he seemed also to be looking after four other girls. The two other staff members also seemed to have four of five girls in their charge. Such was the usual state of affairs in the milking parlour at this busy time. The time when all the young office girls in the business district popped over during their morning break and the time that the Calcium Club preferred, as the first milk of the morning was always the best, the richest and creamiest.

“Hi Marianne darling. Sorry my dear, will attend to you as quickly as I can.” Angelo caught her eye and called across.

“OK Angelo. Not to worry, I’m not in too much of a hurry today, the boss is away.” She smiled.

As she waited, she looked around. She recognised only one or two of the girls by name, and only one from her own company. A woman called Lisa who had in fact introduced Marianne to the club when she fell pregnant. There was Suki, a young Asian girl who worked a few floors above her for an importer and who she met regularly in the elevator as they arrived at work. Marianne cebeci escort recognised two by sight only as they similarly worked somewhere in her building, but the others were unknown. It would have been difficult for her to follow the shifting population here, especially if she had realised that the Calcium Club generally had about 150 girls on its register at any one time and a total list including previous milk cows over the club’s 15 year history running into several thousand. Although the tiny little number 2209 tattooed on the underside of her own breast should have told her that if she’d given it a thought.

Although the Club had this many girls or women on its list, there was nothing casual about their membership as milk donors. Each female had to undergo a searching physical examination although the fact of their pregnancy was a general enough indicator as to their health. The anti-natal services had already checked this. The club concerned itself more with the girls’ physical well-being. Each girl was checked that she had not d**g addictions and was encouraged for the benefit of the flavour of their milk to keep to a basically vegetarian diet and smoking was absolutely forbidden.

As Marianne was led across to be milked by Angelo, she tried to calculate the yield from the parlour in an average day. She loved being milked, especially by Angelo and his warm hand on her breasts as he fastened the machine and the gentle action as she let down her milk induced a soporific effect and she gave up the task as too difficult. In fact it was a difficult calculation. In the three busy periods of the day, now in mid-morning and later at lunchtime and then again as all the offices closed, about 100 girls attended. Then of course there were the call ins at other times and the house girls too. The Calcium Club found that it milked about 30 pints a day in its dairy. It was not all dealt with in the same way but generally the milk from all the girls was taken to the cooler and mixed. It was available then to any member who called into the club and served in the bar or used in the kitchens. The coffee in the club was made with it, and because the whitening power of women’s milk was poor, this was made completely from their milk with no water. The club’s coffee was a lovely white latte which required no sugar due to the sweetness of the females’ milk. Some of the members who did not attend the club arranged to have a pint delivered to them regularly by courier and in this way the parlour supplied the demands of the Calcium Club.

All the girls who had ever registered with the Club had their details on file against their names and numbers in the Calcium Club’s huge register which was available for inspection in the members’ lounge or on the club’s secure website. It was common to see a member leafing through it while relaxing. The house girls were in the front of the book, but all the others were listed and in theory a member could request the milk from any individual girl. Apart from the house girls of course this was not always possible. The girl chosen may not have called in at the club for some time and although the register was kept as up to date as possible, some girls may have ceased lactating or moved on. If a member made a request though, every effort was made to satisfy it and the letters or emails would go out to contact the girl if her present whereabouts was not already known.

Marianne had been asked for many times and had the compliment of being milked separately from the other females and seeing her milk taken away quickly, still warm, and of course of being paid the extra fee as a named girl.

“When are you going to come in to the Club Marianne?” Angelo broke into her thoughts as he checked that she was finished.

Angelo was referring to the fact that while Marianne’s milk was often requested by certain connoisseurs in the Club, she had never presented herself in person and made herself available to any of those members. She was strictly a “Parlour Girl” in the Club’s parlance. She came in daily to be milked and left it at that.

“Oh, you know Angelo. I don’t want to get that involved, I’m just happy to let those men have my milk you know.” She replied.

“Dan has received many requests Marianne. You know you’re in great demand as your milk is so rich.” He pressed.

She knew she was, more often then not Angelo told her when she arrived at the parlour that a member had purchased her milk and she certainly looked forward to the $50 fee that she received instead of the regular $20. The club was strictly honest in its dealings and all such transactions were recorded in its books. However, Marianne was not a single girl unlike many of the others that were in the Club’s herd and she knew that her husband would not want her getting directly involved with other men. Not that he objected to the $10,000 per year that she could bring in from the Club in fact she thought, he almost relied çubuk escort on it, and in truth, he probably didn’t realise what a financial asset his wife could be if he marketed her to the full she thought to herself!

Marianne was just 31 years old and had given birth to four c***dren. From her first baby at the age of eighteen she had never been out of lactation since as each birth had been scheduled at regular intervals and the constant demand of the Club’s milking machines had kept her milk flowing for several years at a time. idly she stroked her soft underbelly with her hand as she stood up from this latest session, knowing that her husband’s sperm was freshly deposited in her that very morning. He’d been attending to her quite regularly recently and she suddenly realised that he had decided to impregnate her again. That would be typical of him she thought, impregnate her on schedule without even asking her just to keep her in milk and earning here at the Calcium Club for a few more years. She ought to know him by now she realised wryly to herself, not entirely displeased by the arrangement.

As Angelo helped her fasten her bra before leaving, he was interrupted by Dino, one of the young men on his staff.

“Angelo, that new girl Stacey has arrived and you asked us to let you know.” He said.

“OK Dino, thanks. Show her to my office will you.” He looked at his watch and noted 11:35 and looked around the parlour. Things were slowing up a little now in preparation for the second rush when those girls who could only use their lunch hour would arrive. Stacey had arrived exactly as he’d instructed which was always a good sign. He strolled unhurriedly to his office, pausing to look with satisfaction at the daily chart of the milk yields and the names of the women that had been milked.

“Good morning Stacey!” he greeted her, “Welcome to the Calcium Club. Now don’t be worried, you’ll be taken care of well and I’ll deal with you personally this first time.”

“Oooh I am so nervous Angelo. Its all a bit scary. Will people be watching me?” Stacey stuttered.

“Well, we don’t milk you in private honey, I think we told you that. The milking parlour is where all the regular girls come along but just now there’s hardly anyone here.” He told her. “Don’t worry, you’ll soon get used to it. Now, we just have a little operation to perform first which we told you about I think.”

“Oh yeah, you gotta put a little number on my tittie don’t you,” Stacey giggled. “Did I come dressed right for you?”

Angelo noted her neat office wear. Stacey was only just nineteen and he knew from her record that she’d had her baby just three months earlier. A single mother, Stacey was just right for the club. He looked at her tight black tailored skirt which stretched across her full hips and her crisp white shirt hardly contained her full breasts. The whole package was set off by a pair of neat black heels which showed her legs to great advantage. Stacey had recovered her figure well after her pregnancy he thought. Yes, she’d find herself in great demand from several of the club members.

“That’s right Stacey and yes, that outfit is just perfect for when you attend the parlour session. May I just help you there please?” he asked.

“Sure, Mr Angelo. You just go right ahead and show me what I need to do.” She replied.

Angelo’s fingers deftly unbuttoned her shirt and peeled it aside. Stacey shrugged it off and folded it neatly on a nearby chair before turning her back to him so that he could unfasten her brassiere for her. He unhooked the catch and as he did so she shrugged the straps from her shoulders and turned mutely back to him so that he could peel the lace cups away from her full breasts. Angelo had not seen Stacey’s naked breasts until this time as he’d not performed her initial assessment and so he took the time to study her carefully. His hand cupped one gently and noted the satisfying weight and also the firmness of her flesh. Her aureolae were large dark circles. He flicked her thick rubbery nipple with his thumb and was rewarded with it erecting promptly and a bead of milk forming.

“Beautiful breasts Stacey,” he murmured.

“Ready for milking Angelo if you want. Please milk me, I’m full.” Stacey invited softly.

Just then the door opened without warning and a young man in a white coat entered pushing a small trolley.

“Come in Jimmy,” Angelo greeted him, “Stacey’s ready for you. Be quick though, she’s a little uncomfortable.”

“I’ll not be long Angelo. Hi Stacey, nice to meet you.” Jimmy consulted his record book and made an entry, “you’ll be 2550 honey. Let’s see now… “

Jimmy took her breast from Angelo and examined the hang of it’s jut. Her breasts were large enough to sag a little even though they were young and firm. He made a small mark in pen close to the underside of her right one and then released it. Satisfied that the mark just showed as her breasts returned to their natural drop he prepared his tattoo needle.

“This will just be a little funny sensation Stacey.” He told her.

Deftly, he tattooed a very small number 2250 followed by two small letter “C” s on her soft white flesh, finishing quickly and wiping her with an alcohol loaded antiseptic pad.

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