Reading Jack’s Home Visit Notes

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[Here’s another segment in my Bohemian church series. While this can be read as a stand-alone, you will likely gain more pleasure by reading the stories that precede it first. All characters are 18 or older. This story involves bodily fluids and matter, and elderly widows, so if either are a turn-off for you, please look for another story more to your liking.]

A sampling of the “needs” and fetishes of my Bohemian sweeties

As the conclusion draws near of this series of memoirs of my first year as a lay server to parish members of the Bohemian church in the Rust Belt of Northern Ohio in 1968-69, I thought that my loyal readers might appreciate a sampling of the various eccentric “needs” I was called upon to fulfill for the numerous elderly Czech widows as I made my daily home visits.

When I first began my training as a catechumen and lay server at age 18, Father Viktor had suggested that I keep notes detailing my visits to the needful parish members whom I thought of as my “sweeties” or “old gals”. Not only would these records help jog my memory of their special needs for subsequent visits, but Father Viktor and Mother Magdalene seemed to find my notes to be stimulating evening reading over a snifter or two of fine Cognac.

I took von Kraft-Ebing’s extraordinary study of human sexuality, Psychopathia Sexualis, as my inspiration, and tried to faithfully note all the old gals’ quirks and cravings. I was hardly a fine literary stylist, but I did my best to type up my notes at the end of each weekday and place them into the sturdy three-ring binders which were kept on the top shelves of the rectory library. This kept them well out of sight or reach of any ordinary church members who might wander into the library. However, among the parish clergy who were aware of such matters, the binders were often borrowed for furtive study and enjoyment.

So here is your exclusive sampling of several home visit notes.

* * *

Visit 09 — Velma R — Age: 71; Height: 5’1″; Smell: Strong; Demeanor: Coquettish; Needs: Utter Submission; Resolution: Sublime Union with the Divine.

Velma is an earthy soul, at ease with her natural body, and very loving in her appreciation of my visit. Much given to teasing me with peeks of her thighs, cleavage, and unshaven armpits.

Responded well to my advances and made batıkent escort a playful game of our disrobing together. Superb whoppers with crinkly areolas and sensitive nipples. Achieved orgasm twice from titty play.

Craves being overpowered and gently manhandled. Loud vocal response to fondling, pinching, and fingering. Begs for oral and anal sucking and tonguing, both giving and receiving. Wonderful taste and body odor.

By end of my visit, Velma had surrendered herself to total ego loss as Bride of Christ. Exquisite physical union in divine bliss. A dear dear sweetie. Handle with loving care.

* * *

Visit 14 — Yelena M — Age: 73; Height: 5’3″; Smell: Sweet; Demeanor: Hungry; Needs: Permission to go wild; Resolution: Total blowout of nervous system and extended cuddling in aftermath.

Yelena, despite her advanced years, is a wild child who welcomes home visits as opportunities for loving orgies. Very anal, with a strong desire for Kiss of Peace and rectal penetration. Needs considerable lubrication for optimal intimacy.

With sufficient foreplay, Yelena transforms herself into a sacred whore who turns her loving encounters into mutual worship of each others’ bodies and souls. A special devotee of the Bohemian old ways, she invites extreme expressions of physical love of the natural body in all its strong smells, intense tastes, sliminess, and sensitive responses.

Skipped ritual sharing of pee and poop, but reveled in fudge-packing anal penetration, resulting in shattering climax and bodily jerks. Required half hour of loving cuddling to calm down and respond to her own name. Contrite after mutual shower, requested mortification of flesh, after which blissful calm prevailed.

* * *

Visit 18 — Bertha F — Age: 69; Height: 5’6″; Smell: Fresh; Demeanor: Teasing; Needs: rude self-display and dirty talk; Resolution: Mutual masturbation capped by intense vaginal coitus.

Bertha is a well preserved, voluptuous woman, very outgoing and vivacious. A perfect hostess, she served us finger food and martinis for happy hour. With inhibitions lowered, she displayed her knickers, insisting I sniff them and push their gusset up into her large sticky slit. Extensive mutual fondling in half-undressed state, followed by full exposure of our sexual organs beşevler escort and salacious conversation and self-stimulation.

Extremely hairy body with strong fresh body odor, Bertha insisted we wrestle and I let her win. Her prize for winning was a noisy, joyous fuck in her juicy old twat. Very passionate and appreciative. A class act, all around.

* * *

Visit 21 — Suzita G — Age: 77; Height: 5’1″; Smell: Soapy; Demeanor: Extremely Shy; Needs: Teasing, Humiliation, Love; Resolution: Complete fulfillment and ecstatic release.

Suzita is short and curvy, but physically fragile, needing gentle handling. Gives impression of being embarrassed to be alone with me, but this improves after lovely Embrace of Eden. Very modestly dressed in baggy housedress that hides all her charms. I suggested she remove it, which she dis after considerable coaxing. Quite lovely for her age, but smelled strongly of Ivory soap, which I found repellant. I suggested she go wash herself to restore natural odor. My request seemed to humiliate her, but she did as I asked and returned very wound up.

I suggested we share pee and poop Mrs. Tupa style, which almost caused her to faint, though when I hosed her twat down while she pissed in her toilet, she had a spontaneous cum from her shame and mortification. Sharing our poop, with her on my lap on the john, she allowed me to hold her tight and fondle her low-hanging whoppers while we defecated together. After cleaning each other’s arses, Suzita seemed more relaxed and at ease, even eager.

The Kiss of Peace on her bed was poignant as I lovingly licked her pock-marked buttocks and tongued her purple anal ring while she sobbed with joy and longing. When she whispered for me to penetrate her Open Heart, I used generous gobs of Vaseline from the large jar on her bed-stand to slather up my tool and her love hole. Once inside her, her clutching rectum felt hot and loving. We took things very slowly, enjoying the feelings of blissful union. She cried out in passion when I shot my goo deep within her, as she had her ecstatic release.

Before I left, she thanked me profusely for overcoming her shyness. I told her I was the one who should thank her, and we shared a last kiss.

* * *

Visit 25 — Agneta P — Age: 73; Height: 5’4″; Smell: beypazarı escort Sweaty; Demeanor: Down to earth; Needs: a thorough workover; Resolution: Blasted into orbit.

Agneta is a devout follower of the Bohemian old ways, only bathing when her body odor becomes offensive to her own nose. She revels in her hairiness, and stripped herself completely soon after she let me in. She urged me to disrobe as well, and spent long time (an hour?) smelling and tasting every inch of my body. I did the same, simultaneously, with her sturdy voluptuous body, the two of us seamlessly moving back and forth between the welcoming rituals, combining them into one heady expression of holy adoration.

Agneta expressed a strong need for vigorous massage and manipulation, even to the point of my slapping her buttocks, titties, and private parts. Insisted on doing same to me, which I agreed to as experiment. Extremely arousing for both of us.

Afternoon culminated in loving fuck, both fore and aft, sustained without ejaculation of semen, while Agneta clawed her way through multiple orgasms. Amazing visit, but I left covered in scratches which Sister Katka kindly attended to with Mercurochrome before communal meal in rectory. Ouch!

* * *

Visit 42 — Magda D — Age: 80; Height: 5’3″; Smell: Talcum powder; Demeanor: Placid; Needs: Facesitting; Resolution: Ecstatic Gratitude.

Magda is a dear old gal, largely bedridden, and attended to by a live-in parish caretaker who cooks and cleans and attends to her body functions. Wears adult diaper at all times, repeatedly wetting and filling it, with no embarrassment whatsoever. Beyond all shame for life in this state

Requested I strip and sit on her face for entire visit, while caretaker watched and suggested periodic relief for oxygen intake. Quiet groans while Magda inhaled my man stink and farts and played with her clit and titties. Seemed to gradually melt into a deep blissful trance, interrupted only by sporadic diaper changes.

A relaxing low-key visit, nourishing to all present. After Magda thanked me profusely and drifted off to sleep, caretaker insisted on sucking my thickened prong until I spurted ropes of thick goo into her mouth and throat. All praise to the Most High for blessing such tender and loving activities.

* * *

I trust that these humble notes on my home visits will indicate the needs and proclivities of my very dear sweeties and how I meet them.

[Positive and helpful comments and feedback are appreciated. Private feedback is also welcome and I almost always reply if you include an email address. Thanks much for reading.]

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