Minnie and the Newlyweds

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A tale of young newlyweds submitting to the demands of their female landlady. Despite the humiliation, their submission is consensual. No violence, no rapes. Just pure, off-beat eroticism.


Peter and Angie were in love with life. At 20 years and 19 years respectively, they had made the crazy madcap decision to elope, against their parents wishes, move from rural Southern California where they were both raised and travel overseas. They had dreamed of travelling to New Zealand, and shortly after their Las Vegas matrimonial ceremony they flew out from LAX for the 12 hour flight, cuddling and kissing like two young kids on an exciting adventure, which is not far from the truth.

Having arrived in New Zealand, Peter and Angie headed to Lake Taupo where they knew they could find work in one of the many cafes or tourist activities that are abundant in this popular holiday destination. Having spent the first two weeks in backpackers’ accommodation they searched around Lake Taupo for a more permanent place to live. Responding to an ad in the local Taupo Times newspaper they were delighted to rent a large room in an upmarket apartment close to the lake.

Their new landlady, Minnie Davies, was a delight. A single lady in her mid-40’s, she welcomed Peter and Angie with open arms, and treated them both as if they were her own children. In fact, on occasions, Minnie would admonish them as if they were her younger infants, but she would always do if with a twinkle in her eye and loving smile, so that the newly weds would happily oblige by tidying up the dishes they had left in the lounge, or whatever their misdeed was. Anyway, coming from rural California, they knew they had a lot to learn about life. They never dreamed how much they were about to learn of life, what hidden desires one may harbour, and how these may be fulfilled.

Like any newly weds, Peter and Angie loved sex. Peter knew very little about the intricacies of foreplay, preferring to quickly ram his eager penis into Angie’s sweet, moist vagina. Angie would respond with powerful, noisy moans that built to a shuddering orgasm. It was quick and passionate, as may be expected from two young lovers.

It was Friday night and Peter and Angie were looking forward to the weekend after a long week working in the Replete Café. For once they both had the weekend off. After watching a movie on television with Minnie, the newly weds decided to head off to bed for a much needed sleep.

“Off to bed, then?” Minnie fixed her engaging smile on both of them. They both nodded and bid Minnie goodnight.

“I hope you are not planning to have sex tonight?”

Minnie’s statement stopped both of them mid step. Had they heard correctly?

“What do you mean?” Angie managed to stutter.

“My dear, if they gave out Oscars for the noisiest orgasm, you would win hands down. Even the porn queens couldn’t compete with you.”

Angie could feel her face blush bright red. It was true. She knew she screamed while in the throes of orgasm. The noise came from deep within trabzon escort and she just couldn’t control herself. It was a primal scream of deep satisfaction.

“Well?” Minnie directed her question to Peter. Peter responded with a dumbfounded expression.

“Are you planning to have sex?” Minnie pressed the point

Peter shrugged shyly. “I’m not sure,” he managed to whisper.

“Come here and stand in front of me.” Minnie beckoned to Peter.

For a moment he stood his ground before shuffling over to Minnie, his hands in his pockets and his head looking at his feet. He looked every bit the young lad about to get a scolding from his mother.

“Come closer” Peter stepped forward and now stood directly in front of Minnie.

Without warning Minnie reached out and unbuckled Peter’s belt.

“What are you doing?” Peter exclaimed anxiously, but made no attempt to move away.

Minnie ignored him. She proceeded to unzip his jeans. Angie’s mouth hung open in disbelief at what she was witnessing. With aggression Minnie pulled Peter’s jeans to his knees, exposing bright blue boxers covered in pink hearts.

Minnie couldn’t help but smile. “What lovely boxers. So….tastelessly youthful”

Peter was more embarrassed than he had been in his life. He knew he could stop it all by moving away, but his feet felt anchored to the floor. To add to his utter humiliation his penis was reacting to the situation in a way it never should, and he knew his erection would be obvious to all to see.

With a wicked glint in her eye Minnie roughly pulled the boxer shorts down. Peter’s erect penis sprung into view. Peter did not dare to glance at his beautiful young wife. What must she be thinking?

” This delightful little fella is much too full of life,” Minnie stared into Peter’s embarrassed face, “which for me means another night of disrupted sleep while your darling little wife screams her orgasmic heart out in blissful ignorance of others in the house. Angie was angry. She was being treated like a child, and this woman had no right to be embarrassing her husband in this manner. She was about to mutter her disgust when events took a turn for the worse. Minnie brazenly reached out with her hand and wrapped it around Peter’s penis, then proceeded to stroke it, slowly at first before increasing the rhythm. Peter let out a low groan. He knew it was so wrong, but he was powerless to stop the events that were engulfing him. His legs begun to buckle as he felt his orgasm build. His fit young body shuddered as the orgasm hit him like a sledgehammer. Minnie had placed her other hand over the end of his penis and he ejaculated into her palm. Minnie continued with long strokes until Peter was well and truly spent.

Minnie squeezed her hand into a fist. The sperm squelched between her fingers. She turned to a horrified Angie, and gave one of her charming smiles.

“Perhaps now I might get a good night’s sleep.”

Embarrassed beyond belief at what he had allowed to happen to himself, Peter pulled up tunalı escort his boxers and jeans and began to sidle out the room.

“Not so quick, the two of you,” Minnie’s voice carried authority. “Do either of you own pyjamas?”

Both shook their heads from side to side.

“I thought as much.” Minnie reached for her purse and took out $60. “Tomorrow I want both of you to go out and purchase some modest flannelette pyjamas.”

“We don’t want your money, and we don’t want pyjamas!” Angie whimpered petulantly.

“You will do want Minnie requests, because I know you are both lovely young people who want to please, but just need some guidance. You are, after all, both very young.” Minnie placed the money in Peter’s hand. “Now run along, and tomorrow night I want you both to report down to me, in your nice new pyjamas, before you go to bed.”

The newly weds quickly retreated, both in a state of shock. One of them was very angry, the other acutely embarrassed.

“How could you?” Angie could hardly bring herself to speak. Peter could only shrug. He had no understanding of why he had let himself be humiliated in such a manner.

It was a very quiet night, and needless to say there was no sex.

It was Saturday morning and Angie and Peter were surprised they had slept in late. After dressing they quietly made their way down the stairs, hoping that they may avoid the embarrassment of coming into contact with their landlady. To their surprise Minnie was in the kitchen and had breakfast and coffee ready for them. She was her normal bright and cherry self and chatted as if nothing had happened. Her only reference to the previous night was an offhand comment that she had had such a good nights sleep. Angie could not help but blush. After breakfast the newly weds ventured into town to purchase some groceries for Minnie. As they strolled down the street they came across a shop that sold pyjamas. Both looked at each other. They had not discussed Minnie’s request.

“What harm is there?” Peter pleaded. “If we don’t do as she asked we risk offending her and will then be out in the street. It is such a lovely place, and the rent is very cheap. We will never find anything near as good.”

“Whatever,” was Angie’s petulant response. The truth was she was so confused she did not know what to think.

However she did not resist when Peter led her into the shop, and they soon departed with what Angie thought were unflattering, baggy, striped, flannelette pyjamas.

That night they decided to take in a movie. There was nothing that either of them particularly wanted to see, but to Angie it was preferable to spending the evening with their landlady. When they got home they were dismayed to see that Minnie was still up. Silently the trudged up the stairs to their bedroom. As they undressed, Peter did not hesitate to put on his pyjamas. Angie frowned in anger and stormed into the bathroom, but when she returned a few minutes later she was wearing her new pyjamas, the cord around her waist pulled tunceli escort tightly as she feared her pyjama bottoms would fall down. Silently they made their way down the stairs.

They stood at the doorway to the lounge where Minnie was sitting.

“Night,” they both mumbled, and tried to beat a hasty retreat.

“Come in here and show Minnie your sweet pyjamas.” Reluctantly they both obliged, standing awkwardly in the middle of the room.

“Come over to me, Peter,” Minnie beckoned with her finger.

Peter hesitated, and glanced over to his darling young wife. ‘No’, she silently mouthed to him. Peter looked back at his landlady.

“Now, young man! Don’t make me come over and get you.”

Peter’s resistance evaporated. Before he knew it he was standing perilously close to the seated figure of his landlady.

Brazenly she reached out and grabbed Peter’s penis through his pyjamas. “How is my favourite little penis tonight? Is it going to behave itself or does it need some relief to ensure I get a good nights sleep?”

Peter tried to stammer that he was fine, but his penis quickly betrayed him. Minnie could not suppress a wry smile.

“Please drop those pyjama trousers now,” Minnie spoke quietly, as if her request was nothing more than asking him to pass the salt.

“No!” Angie cried out, “don’t Peter”

“Now, don’t be jealous young lady. I’m not about to steal your man. As charming as Peter is, he’s not my type. I like to swing the other way, if you know what I mean.” Minnie was staring directly at Angie with piercing blue eyes. “But you, my dear, I would love to eat.” Minnie laughingly licked her lips seductively.

Angie felt a shiver go up her spine. They had never seen their landlady with a male companion, but it had not dawned on them that she may be gay.

Minnie quickly turned her attention back to Peter. “Drop them.”

Nervously he obeyed. When he loosened his pyjama bottoms they quickly fell to a heap on the floor, revealing his semi-erect penis. Minnie enveloped his member with her hand and squeezed tightly. Despite Peter’s discomfort his penis swelled to its full potential. It only took a few deep, hard strokes by his landlady before he erupted in orgasm. Peter groaned in deep satisfaction. Minnie again captured the squirting sperm with her free hand.

Turning to Angie she opened her hand and gazed down at the sperm, almost as if she expected little tadpoles to be swimming about.

“Go and fetch me a tissue, sweetie.” Minnie directed her request at Angie. Angie responded with a look of absolute disbelief. Her landlady had not only just masturbated her husband, but now was expecting her to fetch a tissue to clean off the sperm.

Despite her outrage, Angie found herself going to the kitchen and fetching the box of tissues. She threw them onto her landlady’s lap.

“Pick up the tissues, take one out, and wipe up your darling young husband’s sperm, unless you would rather lick it off my palm!”

Angie rapidly recovered the box of tissues, removed one and quickly began wiping up the sperm. She froze when Minnie reached out and grabbed her wrist.

“You really are a beauty.” Minnie made it sound like a genuine compliment, and Angie could not help herself from blushing. “I really mean it. You are very beautiful.”

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