Lisa’s Adjustable Petticoat

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Copyright Oggbashan April 2001 The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

Note: “Velcro” is a trade name.

* * * * * * * * * *


This story is part of a series based around “The Bridesmaids’ Revenge”. The same basic characters from the Silverbridge’s amateur football (soccer) club’s First team “The Glossies” and the Ladies team “The Silver Vixens” are involved in all the stories. Lisa, the main character in this story, is the Chief Bridesmaid in “The Bridesmaids’ Revenge”. She is the goalkeeper of “The Silver Vixens” and is the proprietor of a dressmaking shop. She also plays a major part in “The Hen Party” and “Lisa trains Thomas”. At the time of this story Thomas is still Lisa’s boyfriend and slave. Later he will be Jane’s bridegroom and Harold will be Lisa’s boyfriend.

* * * * *

My Problem

As a professional dressmaker, I used hooped petticoats as a base for some formal and wedding dresses. They were essential for full skirts in heavy materials. I hadn’t been happy about most of the hooped petticoats available commercially because they were difficult to store correctly. Even if handled carefully they could be damaged, and they always required a lot of wardrobe space for infrequent use.

I’d searched the Net several times for hooped petticoats and found that most of those available had the same storage problem. Some did have removable hoops but taking the hoops out and putting them back was a annoying process. Then I found a design I liked produced by a US company. These petticoats had individually adjustable hoops that could be expanded and contracted. The petticoat folded down to a very thin disk about two inches high and as wide as the largest adjusted hoop. If contracted as much as possible the disk was about twelve inches in diameter – fairly easy to store or carry.

I ordered a couple of examples to try but I hadn’t liked the method of securing the diameter of the hoops. Their design had one end of the hoop fixed and sliding clips rather like the loops on a watch strap. I had found that they could slip while being worn. This would ruin the set of the skirt until re-adjusted. If an upper hoop became bigger than a lower the wearer would look ridiculous.

The Revised Design

I experimented with different ways of securing the hoops. Eventually I used a wide Velcro strip glued to the loose end of the hoop which attached to another pair of continuous narrow Velcro strips sewn above and below the band holding the hoop. If the Velcro on the end of the hoop was peeled outwards the hoop could be increased or decreased in size. When the correct size was found the Velcro was pressed against the narrow strips. The hoop was then fixed and any pressure from the inside or outside of the petticoat made the join stronger. The size of the hoop could only be changed by peeling the Velcro apart.

My first petticoat using the new system was a short two hoop one to go under a Rock and Roll skirt. I wore it, with other petticoats, to a 1950s party and despite dancing energetically all night the hoops had not moved at all. I’d moved a lot! I’d deliberately tried to dance as much as possible. I had even entered a jiving contest with John as my partner. He turned me over his back and swung me between his legs. The hoop petticoat had survived even if John was worn out. Although he’s strong I was (and am) a big girl!

The first long petticoat

At this time Thomas was my boyfriend (see “Lisa trains Thomas”). Thomas and I were due to go a formal Dinner Dance in a couple of weeks. I thought that it would be the right occasion to try a long hooped petticoat under her ball gown, but only if I was sure that the new design would survive heavy use. If not I had normal hooped petticoats to wear.

I had the materials and the equipment in my dressmaker’s workroom. I usually worked on the design in the evening as the workroom was very busy during the day. Thomas stayed with me to keep me company. He was also useful for other things such as supplying me with coffee.

I wanted to make a full length petticoat and as an experiment put in as many hoops as would fit between waist and hem. This would be many more than normal but I could adjust the hoops individually and so alter the shape of the skirt at will. I found that I could fit ten hoops. I made the bodice like a vest with wide shoulder straps and a back zip.

The ball gown I intended to wear had a high neckline so the straps would not show.

As I was making the petticoat I tried it on my dressform “Lisatoo”. I wanted the hoops would be the same height all the way round. The only detail I wasn’t sure about was whether the hem would sit correctly when I was walking or dancing. Stupidly I asked Thomas to help. I put the petticoat on and walked up and down.

“Is is niğde escort riding up?” I asked Thomas

“I don’t think so, Lisa.” he replied.

“What do you mean? You don’t think so! Either it is or it isn’t!” I retorted. Thomas can be so frustrating.

“Well, it’s swinging a lot as you move. First the front swings up, then the back. I think you need to try it with the dress on top because it’s too light as it is.” he replied.

“I suppose you’re right. Help me put it on.”

Thomas lifted the ball gown over my head and zipped up the back. He said “Perhaps I’ll be able to tell this time.”

I walked up and down and tried a few dance steps.

“I’m still not sure” said Thomas “I don’t really know what to expect – or perhaps I don’t know what I should be looking for.”

That was it! I exploded: “Surely you can see when a dress is lifting too much or not!”

“Not really, Lisa.” said Thomas “I haven’t paid much attention to how

women’s dresses move. I’m usually more interested in what’s inside than the dress itself.”

“Typical man!” I’d said “I’ll have to see for myself. Help me out of this.”

Thomas unzipped the ball gown. I took it and the petticoat off and stood there in my basque and stockings.

“Don’t get ideas” I growled at him”I need to sort this petticoat out. If it works it could be a real money-maker. You’ll have to help. Strip down to your pants.”

“What?!” said Thomas

“Strip!” I ordered. “You’ll have to show me since you can’t tell me!”

Thomas stripped. He could hear that I was getting angry.

When he had stripped I pulled the petticoat over his head and fastened the back zip. Then I stood back. “That’s no good. You need breasts to make it sit properly.” I found one of her old bras. “Put this on”.

“I can’t” replied Thomas “the petticoat is in the way.”

I unzipped the petticoat bodice and fastened the bra around Thomas’s torso. I roughly stuffed the bra’s cups with spare pieces of material before re-zipping the bodice. I threw the ball gown over Thomas’ head and closed the zip.

“Oh ****! You aren’t tall enough.” I slipped off my heeled shoes. “Put these on.”

Thomas tottered on the high heels.

“Now walk up and down the room for me” I asked.

As Thomas walked gingerly in the unaccustomed heels, I watched the movement of the dress closely.

“You’ll never make a model” I told him “and all this was a waste of time. The dress moves perfectly – which you should have been able to tell me when we started. Now I want to see what difference reducing the size of the hoops makes. Hold the skirt up while I change the diameter.”

Thomas stood for a long time while I moved each of the ten hoops inwards. Each change was accompanied by the ripping sound of the Velcro.

“Walk!” I ordered.

Thomas started to walk but his stride was restricted by the hoops. He fell flat on his face in a flurry of skirt and petticoat.

I started to lose my temper.

“Can’t you even walk across a room? It’s simple enough!”

Thomas answered “I’ve no idea how to walk in high heels and skirts and I don’t know how you can. I’ve had enough of being a clothes horse.”

That did it!

“All I wanted was some help. If you had used your eyes you wouldn’t have had to be a clothes horse!”

I undid the dress and helped Thomas out of it. I had an evil thought. “Hold it! I haven’t made sure the hoops won’t slip. You’ll have to help me one last time tonight. I know the hoops won’t move if pressed from outside, but I don’t know about pressure from inside.”

I unzipped the petticoat, lowered the bodice and took off the bra. I then pulled Thomas’ arms out of the armholes of the bodice.

“Put your arms down by your side” I said. “Now slide them inside the first hoop.” Thomas complied but was startled when I zipped the bodice tight again, trapping his arms. “What are you up to?” he asked.

“I’m trying to test against inside pressure” I lied. “Hold still!”

I pulled the top hoop as tight as I could before securing the Velcro. Then I did the same to the next hoop.

“Hey!” protested Thomas “I can’t move my hands or arms!”

“That’s the idea. When I’ve done I want you to see whether you can loosen the hoops using all your strength. But wait till I’ve finished.”

Thomas made a face. “This sounds like another one of your training methods in the making.”

“I hadn’t thought of that” I lied again “but this is serious. We’re talking about making money out of an invention and making money is more important than making love – because it provides the time and opportunity to make love properly. Keep still!” I snapped as Thomas began to wobble on his feet.

“How can I? You’ve already wrapped me almost to my ankles and each time you pull a hoop tight I can’t move my feet to brace myself.”

I looked up at him as I was tightening the last hoop round his ankles. Thomas was swaying dangerously and about to fall over. I jumped up and grabbed him nişantaşı escort just as he started to fall.

“Phew! That was close!” I said.

Thomas was annoyed. “I’ve already fallen flat on my face once this evening. I feel like a trussed chicken.”

He started to say something else but I clamped my hand across his mouth.

“Shut up!” I shouted.

“Mmmmpf!” grunted Thomas then his eyes opened wide as I gagged him with a bra. He does look pathetic when I do that. The bra turns him on even when I’ve silenced him completely.


I looked at him while I propped him upright.

“You’re right. You can’t stand up like that and you DO look like a trussed chicken.”

I picked him up in a fireman’s lift across my shoulders. Thomas’ feet waggled but he couldn’t resist. I carried him upstairs into the bedroom. I lowered him on to the bed and pulled the last hoop tight.

“Right!” I said “I’ll go and make us a cup of coffee while you try to get free or at least loosen one of the hoops.”

I left but watched from the door out of his line of sight. Thomas tried to sit up. He couldn’t. He tried to roll. He couldn’t. He tried to inch his way up the bed. He couldn’t.

Even using all his strength a feeble wriggle was all he could do.

The hoops were cutting into his skin and there were so many so close together that he had no room to move. Even if he hadn’t been gagged he couldn’t have reached the Velcro to pull it free with his teeth because his legs and lower arms were fixed in place. He relaxed and waited for my return. I’d trapped him again! Poor Thomas. He’s such an easy target for me.

I went to get the coffee. When I returned he hadn’t moved.

“Well, you haven’t got free. Have you tried?”

Thomas nodded.

“Have you really tried?”

Thomas nodded violently.

“That’s a good boy. I’m pleased with you.”

I caressed his forehead gently then untied the bra gagging him. Thomas shook his head gingerly.

“I couldn’t do anything” he said “but now can you let me out, please?. The hoops are cutting into me and it’s very painful.”

I gradually loosened the hoops, sat Thomas up and slid the petticoat off him. His legs and forearms were ringed with angry weals where the hoop strips had held him. They looked nasty.

“I’m sorry Thomas. I hadn’t meant to hurt you like that.”

I hugged him.

“Do you want anything put on those bruises?”

“No” he replied “I think they’ll go away in a few minutes. How about that coffee?”

“I think you deserve more than coffee. It’ll do for a start.”

She handed him a mug.

“I’ll have to have a separate under-petticoat inside the hoops. What you suffered was exceptional but the hoops could be uncomfortable if they rub against the legs when moving or cut in when sitting down. The material they are held in is very strong but light so that the petticoat can be folded small but it doesn’t soften the hoop edges. But that’s a simple problem. We’ve shown that the design is basically right. I’ll have to contact the US company that made the petticoats I started from and see if I can agree with them to manufacture my variation. I’ll get it patented in the UK. Shall I call it Thomas’ petticoat?”

“Don’t you dare!” exploded Thomas “Anyway it wouldn’t sell with a name like that!”

“You’re probably right. I was only teasing you. You did look so funny parcelled up in those hoops. I could have done anything to you. Why didn’t I? Anyway I think you deserve a reward for your suffering in the cause of commerce. Are you up to it?”

Thomas put his empty mug down. “You know I’m always ready. What had you in mind?”

“How about a touch of The Wild Western Woman?” I asked.

“YES! Lisa, yes!” shouted Thomas

“Lie back and wait – I won’t be long. Just slip out of those pants.”

I returned in a few minutes dressed in a long full skirted denim dress with a froth of petticoats underneath. I was wearing a full length white apron with frilled shoulders and a poke bonnet. I climbed on the bed and kissed Thomas. I knew exactly what effect my costume was having on him. Shame – it was like shooting a sitting duck. Who says life is fair!

“Lie back and think of England” I ordered.

Thomas rested on his back as I straddled him and gradually moved up his body. I lifted my skirt and petticoats and covered his head as my legs clamped his arms to his sides. We both became excited. I slid myself down easing on to his erection. Then my muscles took a firm hold and we gasped to a mutual climax. Thomas shook his head free of the enveloping petticoats.

“You were marvellous” he breathed “I’d put up with almost anything for that sort of reward.”

“You’ll have to” I said “I’m not letting my slave get any ideas about freedom.” *****

The second fitting

The next evening our friend Jane was to visit for a chat and a fitting of a new ball gown. Thomas would cook ankara olgun escort dinner for both of us girls.

Jane arrived early in the evening. She and I went to the workroom while Thomas cooked. When the meal was ready he called us and served a candlelit dinner with appropriate wines. The three of us had an enjoyable discussion about the recent fortunes of “The Glossies” and “The Silver Vixens” but even Thomas commented that he thought we girls’ minds were elsewhere. They were.

After the meal he found out why we were distracted. Jane had seen and liked the new petticoat but the original long one was too large for her with too many hoops. She thought she’d like one made for her but she wanted to see mine in use. I couldn’t demonstrate it before the meal as I was in my working overall. Now I would change and wear the hooped petticoat and a ball gown – but we girls wanted Thomas to help. Thomas was suspicious. Even he knew that Jane was nearly as devious a ***** as I am!

“We’ll go down to the workroom. Will you bring the coffee to us please?” I said sweetly to Thomas as Jane and I went to the workroom.

Thomas brought a tray down to the workroom. By then I was wearing my ball gown with the hooped petticoat underneath. Thomas poured the coffee and watched as I walked up and down.

“Now you’re here, Thomas, I want to try some petticoats under the hoops” I said. “Could you get some of my “Western” petticoats from upstairs, please?”

Thomas collected three tiered and flounced petticoats from the bedroom and brought them downstairs. I knew that even touching them got him hot and bothered. Shame – he’s so easy to control!

“Help me step into one” I asked. I hauled up my skirt and hooped petticoat while Thomas, on his knees, lifted the tiered slips up my legs. As he moved back I dropped my skirt. I walked up and down the room as Thomas and Jane watched.

“No. That doesn’t feel right.” I concluded. “I need a stiffer plain slip underneath. There’s a sharkskin one over there. Fetch it please” I ordered Thomas.

Thomas picked up the sharkskin slip which rustled as he moved it. He brought it to me, then dropped to his knees to take the tiered petticoats off. Then he reached for the sharkskin slip and held it for me to step into.

“Not like that!” I snapped “Sharkskin doesn’t stretch. You have to undo the zip, stupid!”

Thomas found the concealed zip and opened it. Then he offered the slip again. Holding my skirts up, I eased each foot into the slip’s waistband and Thomas raised it up my legs. I knew that he was finding the closeness to my stockinged legs erotic and he slid his hands against them as he moved. He thought I didn’t know exactly what he was doing. Then he met a difficulty that Jane and I had planned. He couldn’t do the zip up because of the narrowness of the top hoop. There wasn’t room for his hands.

“I can’t do it up” he told me “There isn’t room. You’ll have to pull the hoops higher.”

I pretended to try to make room for Thomas’ hands but there was too much material around my waist. So I said (Jane was finding it hard to suppress a giggle)

“Do it up from the inside.”

Thomas moved his face close to my panties and lifted the slip over his head. The hem slid down his back to the floor. He reached his hands round to the back of the slip. His fingers just touched the zip … Then came the surprise Jane and I had planned!

I dropped the hoops. His face was pulled right into my muff. He tried to struggle free but Jane tightened one of the lower hoops around him. He couldn’t retreat. While he wriggled more hoops were trapping him closer. He could hear us girls giggling at his predicament. He was pinioned in my petticoats and he couldn’t do anything about it. I dropped my skirt around him as my hands pressed his head further into my muff. I was swaying my hips like a belly-dancer and his head was forced to comply. Jane was nearly in hysterics. Even I couldn’t help laughing as his feet waggled furiously.

Jane and I had planned every move for Thomas. Now he was muffled by my clothes and sniffing my muff. He might have enjoyed it if we had been alone but we were humiliating him because Jane was there as well.

I tensed my legs around him and I pulled him forwards and down as I sank to the floor. I rolled over so that I was on top. Jane pulled Thomas’s trousers down and tied his ankles with them. She pulled his legs straight – then her hands grabbed his pants and pulled them off. He was gagged and blindfolded by my pantied muff and wrapped from head to hips inside my petticoats. His hands were trapped behind my waist.

I began to pump up and down on his face as Jane lifted her skirt and engulfed his tool in her warm softness. We’d made him the meat in a girl sandwich! As Jane and I began to move in unison Thomas began to lose consciousness from lack of air and the excitement of what was happening to him. Just before he passed out Jane and I climaxed together. We had to haul him out almost at once. He was limp and floppy and completely out of it.

When he woke up his head was in my lap. I was stroking his hair. Jane and I had been worried that we’d actually suffocated him but he didn’t actually stop breathing. As he recovered a stupid grin spread across his face. We’d enjoyed him. He seemed to have enjoyed us!

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