Joys With Red Floods

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So I got to seduce her. Slowly and steadily I was working towards leading her into my trap. First it was letting her open her heart to me. She would rattle endlessly about her joys and tricks. Tricks she had aplenty – how to make a fool of someone, or pulling a fast one on another, and bursting out aloud. I was privy to all those stories and many more. She had a child like innocence, when narrating all her thoughts, although she was just about eighteen.

But she would protect Her self zealously. Any attempts of mine to casually touch her were repulsed. So there I would be fuming and fretting within, for failing in making any headway into her heart and body. Till one day, I held her hand and kissed it. Oh what a yell she gave – NO, I DO NOT WANT ANYONE TO TOUCH ME. The virgin that she was, must have been protecting herself from the sins of the world.

So next time, when she came I did not know whether to proceed or turn her back. My instincts told me that despite of her flaring up last time, her presence in my room was a positive sign. So while she got down to tell me her tattles, I held her hand, caressing it casually, and slowly implanted a kiss on her palm. And it was a similar reaction but not that strong as it was the first time. Imagine, a kiss on the palm caused so much consternation! What would happen if I told her that I Wanted her badly.

She was small built, dusky coloured with shapely body, a maiden on the doorstep of womanhood. She was of an age where men would gape at her beauty, and wish if they could go to bed with her. I was no different, and badly wanted to be In her.

This game of slow wooing by being her pal who heard her stories was too much for me. Each day my frustration would built up, and I would decide that either I would tell her that I wanted her or turn her away with nothing to do with her thereafter. But just when I would be twiddling my thoughts on her, she would breeze into my room with her effervescent smile. And I would melt.

I would again be playing into her hands, despite of my urges troubling me during my lonely nights, and most of the idle days. Of course, I was slowly inching close to her. I could now kiss her, except on the lips. I could caress her, as if unknowingly, and feel her softness through the clothes. But beyond that, I could not progress. She was too protective, yet would entice me with her fluttering eyes and sweet words.

One day, when she was with me, sitting close to me, she slipped. While attempting to break her fall, I lunged forward. And she, as if deliberately, fell on my lap. I was holding her tight, and in that moment of such closeness, kissed her on her mouth. It was a full blooded kiss, with her letting my tongue deeper into her mouth. I could taste her saliva, feel the warmth that makes a man desire for more. And she was encouraging me with her soft moaning…I was exhilarated, getting the first of my desires fulfilled.

During the kiss, I boldly slid my hand over her breast, fearing that she would throw it off. But none of that, instead she put her palm over my hand to allow me to cup her tender mounds of softness. I craved for more, may be to put my mouth over her unripe nipples. konyaaltı üniversiteli escort I attempted sliding her dress up, to begin my next move. And like a butterfly she slipped out of my reach. Before leaving she gave me the mischievous smile of her discovery, and denial to my bursting desires.

It fuelled my desires further. I wanted her badly. All my awake hours were spent in scheming my moves to get beside her, to taste the forbidden fruit. And during my sleeping hours, she would torment me endlessly by being close enough to smell her breath, but far enough to deny me my pleasures…except that there were nights of wet dreams where she wrecked me with her enchanting ways.

When she came the next time, she confronted me. How dare you touch me and kiss me? I gave the sheepish smile of a guilty, who was leading a young damsel astray. I gave all kinds of soft and moving reasons of enjoying the bliss of physical love. She did not even allow me anywhere near, maintaining a safe distance from me. Here I was bursting out of my trousers, and my nymph was denying me the basic joys of even a kiss. Imagine my plight, all my scheming came to a naught, if she did not play the game. Or was she dictating to me the price of seeking her – her warmth, her softness, and her wetness.

This continued for a few more days, driving me on the edge. Till one day I decided to take the bull by the horns. The minute she stepped in, I shut the door, lifted her up in my arms. She was lighter than a feather. And kissed her Full. She relented a little, I knew I was succeeding and moved to my bed. She was clinging to me, like a baby. Seeking my mouth, grasping my tongue and hugging me tightly. Soft moans were coming, so also I felt as if she was giving up her resistance. I slowly put her on the bed. Keeping my mouth on her, I caressed her breasts, those tender mounds. I was on the verge of my victory. I wanted to seek her deep dark secrets Now.

I undressed her, to her lingerie. She cooperated. Next unbuttoned her bodice. And there in my full view were the dark cherries, perched on top of the golden brown mounds. She was a dusky, and extremely desirable petite dame. I licked all around her soft breasts, watching her nipples come erect. I wanted to swallow those mounds, and suck her nipples – and I did exactly that. I was relishing each moment of this bold bliss. She too was cooing lovey dovey words in my ears. My mind was racing, my desires were building and my flood gates would have erupted, if I did not do it now. I wanted to enter her so badly, that I was desperate to rip her panties apart.

Suddenly she grabbed my hand from going below her navel. I was perplexed, disappointed. Till I discovered – that she was flooded in a red sea…Oh my agony of being so close to get her, and yet not managing to eat her cherry. I did not know what hit me, I slumped down on top of her, having burnt all my flames of passion. She on the other hand was not satiated. As I fell back on the bed, she climbed on top, her bare body was enticing, but I was interested in her deeper crevices. To get the game going, once I controlled my disappointments, kurtköy escort I started fondling her breasts, and French kissed her mouth. She responded to my overtures aggressively. Biting my lips, swallowing my tongue and making me hard once again.

She implored me to tell her how to give me pleasures. I talked of my disappointment. She said that she would allow me to take her once the red floods stop, but till then could she do something to give me pleasures. I sat in front of her, took her hands on my erect meat. I allowed her to explore me thereafter. She was inexperienced, and I wanted to relish each of her discoveries about her man and his meatloaf. It was glistening with overflowing secretions, the foreskin had long retracted back. It was red and throbbing. And it was seeking someone to punish, with the veins on its body standing taut.

She gasped. She could not understand what to make of this throbbing devil. She desired holding it, but it was big for her small hands. She desired to taste the fluids, but she was shy. She asked me bluntly, I want it but do not know how to serve the Devil. Only if she knew how desperate the Devil was to be served. I gave her no clues and told her to do with it what she pleases. She asked could she do Anything with it. Anything you wish, I nodded. She slid past me. She made me lie on my back and took control of the ceremonies. She was the master of ceremonies, and now I was her slave.

And what a master she was, in the ceremonies she performed for the Devil. She started at the base – mouthing the balls and suckling them. This added to my desperation for release. She was least interested in my desires, she only knew how to please herself with her new found stick of joy. I tried pulling her head on to the shaft, but instead she slid down to the hole below. It was an agonizing feeling for me. I wanted her to shove something in my arsehole, so much joy she was giving me with her tongue assaulting those uncared for areas. I felt her experimenting with her fingers and there she pushed one finger up my hole. I needed release, I seemed to be loosing control. I tried holding my stick to shake. But she intervened, No you can not touch yourself, this is my show. I slumped back waiting for her next move.

While she was caressing my hole with her bold probing finger, she opened her mouth wide to gulp the head of my devil. Wow, this was pure ecstasy. The warmth, the silken feel of her rolling tongue, and added joys of arsehole being fingered deeper and deeper. I was agonizing for release …and she was least interested in my agonies. She deep throated me, so much so that I felt as if there is a band of lips at the base of my rod, and the rod had become one with her warm mouth and ever agile tongue. I wanted her to slow down, I could not withstand the torment any more. I wanted my release. Suddenly she moved away, leaving me bewildered.

She asked if we can mate, despite of her red floods. I did not know what to say, I had dreamt of her for so long and when the opportunity had come my way, would I shy away from assaulting my desired dusky beauty. She looked more ankara kurtuluş escort beautiful in this state of flushed sexiness. Her face was reddened, her nipples were erect and I wanted to enter the flooded dark crevices of joy.

I had never ever earlier tried doing it during the flows. But my desperation to conquer her and to satisfy her virginal desires made me blind to my reservations. I wanted to give her the pleasure she sought from me.

But she did not let go of her control over me. Once she knew that I was willing to play the ball, she relented for my invasion into her guarded touch-me-not territories. In fact I was surprised at her behaviour. Was it the same one, who would not let me kiss her or would not let me fondle her in my moments of torment while craving for her. Here was a young girl, sacrificing her womanhood at the alter of my desires, and she was willing to do it whole heartedly. I wonder who had seduced whom?

Anyway, I was beyond the limits of self control. I wanted to enter her, and I wanted it now. The red floods did not matter. I wanted to control the events to satisfy my urges, and she wanted to do it her way. Since it was her deflowering ceremony, I relented to lie down on my back, and enjoy the show.

She removed her panties, and I could she red fluids oozing, falling down on my body. It was warm and smelt funny. Then she sat on her haunches astride me as if to ride the horse-stick. And ever so slowly she slid on my shaft, parting her lips with her fingers. Looking in my eyes as if to enquire if she was doing it right. I encouraged her to lower herself more and more till she had swallowed my whole length in her warm flooded dark den. I could not move much in this position, but the tightness of a nubile cunt was blowing my mind apart. Such warmth, such tightness, I could have come any moment now. Suddenly I found her rocking up and down. She was humping me nice and good. The instincts of a woman enjoying love making had overtaken all her inhibitions. She was moaning and grunting. Murmuring all kinds of sweet nothings she transcended into the world of forbidden joys. She was enjoying each moment, and in her joys I found my happiness. I allowed her to ride me for what seemed like an eternity, till…

I could not control myself any longer. There was red warm fluids all over my rod, on my body and around her cunt lips. The smell of the freshly oozed flow acted as an aphrodisiac. The tightness of those virginal cunt lips had gripped my rod like never before. Her ecstasy was building to a crescendo now and I was agonizing for my release. I grabbed her at her narrow waist, and started shaking her in a rhythm slowly and increasing the pace till I knew I was about to burst. And with a holler I came. I was beyond control now. I kept on shooting my cum into her dark crevices till I felt I had finished. I might have spent my cum, but she continued her fast riding up and down my stick till she was completely exhausted. She fell on top of me, with my slowly shrinking rod still in her now ravaged cunt. I allowed her to rest against my chest, caressing her hair, fondling her as far as my hands could feel her. I too was overtaken by the bliss of just consummated ceremony of endless love making. Slowly we both dozed off, dreaming of all the marathon session that we just had.

When I woke up, I saw her still asleep, but my mind was already racing for the next session of lovemaking that we may indulge in before she left. I suppose I am greedy about her, now that she has enslaved me with her charms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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