How To Be A Boi Bitch Lesson 04

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Clothes, my darlings, are very important for a bitch.

Clothes control the cock, after all, and not just your own. It’s why I love shopping. Sex and shopping. Shopping for sex. And if you’re me, you know that sometimes, on your best days, you can have sex while shopping. I have had some of my best fucks in stores. Tongues that darted into my cunt. Mouths that were wrapped around my cock. Sales sealed with cum and cunt juices dripping on freshly bought leather and lace. On rubber and silk.

Hmmmm. It’s heaven, darlings.

Because being a bitch is all about pleasuring yourself.

Abuse cocks. Abuse cunts. Abuse credit cards. As long as you abuse!

Your closet still has so much space, doesn’t it? Still enough to hide a few more things. Underneath your gym clothes. You t-shirts. Behind your office shirts. Soon, all these things will be gone. Soon, the bitch will have taken over your closet. And the bitch wants to wear herself. Dress herself in glorious decadence. And finally step out of the closet to be revealed. Worshipped.

I’m going to dress you up with my love, darlings.

You’ve been waiting for this, haven’t you?

Cock and claws, you have always known, since you we started, that they would only be the beginning.

They are a bitch’s core. Your heart and soul, my darlings.

They are what you reveal to your lover. At the very end.

Unwrapped by layers of luxurious decadence.

(6) karşıyaka escort TO BE A BITCH IS TO STRUT LIKE A SLUT

Boots! Boots! Boots! Darlings, a bitch wears boots. Leave the Manolos to women! Leave the sneakers to men! Boots make the bitch, and nothing else! And there are so many that thinking about them makes me delirious with lust every single time. Leather and rubber, they are not made for walking, and fuck what the song says. They are made to strut!

The strut that is also an art. That needs to be taught. That needs to be practiced.

And you will practice for me, bitch. Before I allow you to smoke again. Before I allow you to fuck yourself again. That’s right, darlings. You will not be allowed to feel a cock in you again before you learned how to strut like a whore. When I was still you, my friend Lesslie made me strut every day for a week. In front of her. In front of our bedroom mirror. It made my cock so hard. Begging her to touch it. For me to touch myself. And not being allowed to. It made me insane. I want you to imagine it. One week.

Starting on the day she and I went shopping. It was a fetish store. Dark and delightful. And filled with so many things that I would use, on myself, on Lesslie and later, my other lovers. That were still waiting for me. But nothing more important that the boots.They lined up against the walls, racked up in shelves that ran in rows and rows across kartal escort the second floor of the store. Armies that were waiting for their orders. To be worn. To march.

I am you, they whispered to me. Wear me. I will make you complete. All in different voices of leather and steel. Rubber and vinyl. I am you. I am you. I am you. And you will be me.

Your first boots. They are special. I still have mine. I have had them licked. Spat on. Men have spurted their cum on their tips. Women lapped up their own juices from them. I have used their high heels to fuck asses and cunts. I respect them. Worship them. And want them to be worshipped. Because when I wore them openly for the first time, everybody knew a bitch had just entered the room.

The strut makes you different from anyone else. It perfects your posture. The heels lift your ass and shift your weight, so that it sways just the right amount when you put one foot before the other. I personally prefer knee-highs these days. Devious Shoes are my favorites. They have 8 inches that force a very rigid posture on you. A dominant bitch’s posture. I wear them to fuck.

But being a bitch is not all about the fuck. It’s also about the tease.

It’s about walking tall. And walking strong.

And have all the filthy thoughts you have suppressed so far.

Oh, my darlings. There are just so many to choose from. Pick your kastamonu escort perversion. And make it expensive.

Because a bitch is expensive. A bitch deserves to be expensive.

It’s why you will be worshipped.

Pleasure, my darlings, can still be kept in a box.

Small enough for your girlfriend not to find it.

Together with all your other ingredients that I have gifted you.

Have no fear.

Buy boots, my darlings. And learn how to use them. Watch yourself in the mirror as you take your first steps. As I teach you to walk. Into your new life. Do it naked.

Watch yourself. Watch that bitch. How hard your cock will be, my darlings. Watch how you raise your ass. And turn around. Present it to your mirror. Present it to me. Isn’t it beautiful? Put your hands on your cheeks. Spread them. And flex your muscles. Do you see how your boi cunt opens and closes?

How it wishes to be filled right now? By me? By anyone?

Put your finger in it for me. Slide it in. Yes, like that. Are you moaning? Hissing? Begging? Do you want more? Not yet, my darlings. Not just yet.

Get that finger out again. And put it to your mouth. Lick it. Taste it. This is what I will taste when I slide my tongue into you. I can taste it already. But not yet.

The boots, my darlings. These boots are made for walking. Walk them. You will not be allowed anything else before you know how. Walk them. Like a whore.

And once you have, I want you to wear them.

The next time you smoke. The next time you fuck yourself. Raise up your legs high.

So you can see them.

As you plunge that cock into yourself. Harder than before.

For me. For you. For the glory of us all.

All of us bitches everywhere.

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