Freeze Frame – An Erotic Short

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Short erotic tale by Will Rowley

She wasn’t expecting my proposal immediately out of the shower, but I couldn’t contain my excitement any longer. It is virtually impossible for me to remove my eyes from her body when she is naked.

Mini light prisms flickered off of her skin as the water droplets slowly began to collect and drip down various trails over the contours of her pale body. I didn’t give her an opportunity to grab a towel to begin drying off. I wanted to look at her this way.

“So you know how I have been talking about a new creative side opening up in me right?” I asked with slight hesitation.

“Y..yeah?” my wife responded inquisitively.

For another brief moment I was distracted by her still wet skin. I couldn’t help but notice that the cool air was starting to make her nipples stiffen. They filled in thick and puffy, and the skin inside the areola tightened up and created little crevasses that made my mouth water. There is one thing that is absolutely true in our relationship, and that is I will always keep her guessing what my next response and request may be.

“I know that I’ve mentioned an interest in photography, and… Well,… I would really like to use you as my muse. Tonight would be a perfect time to start.” I mentioned. Then I began to smile as I anticipated her response.

There was no way for her to suspect any one idea over the other being the random person I am. Catching her off guard always rewards me with the best “look” from her eyes. And this woman tells full stories with her eyes.

I didn’t have to say another word and she knew exactly what I was referring to at that point. The half sultry, half questioning smile that broke through her lips was restrained intentionally.

She wanted me to see the look of concern. The concern was in fact real to a degree since she is always the one taking pictures, and rarely the one being photographed; self conscious, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out why. My attraction to her is borderline obsessive, and overly compulsive.

This could only mean she was intrigued by my intentions, however a bit nervous. “I need to dry off first, and dry my hair, and yada yada,” she started explaining.

“I think you should just put it up and deal with it in the morning, if you want my opinion,” I said.

Another big smile was being held back but she couldn’t contain it again. She smiled big as thoughts of how I would carry out my plans began to play through her mind.

“Fine, I’m cold anyway,” she insisted, confident enough to make me second guess as to whether it was her idea or mine. She’s always had that distracting effect on me.

Again, my eyes were drawn to her nipples which had gotten even harder looking. My dick inevitably hardened into a throbbing vessel. She looked down and locked her eyes on it.

I slowly walked toward her with no specific intention. Maybe only to spank her on the ass. “Tisk, Tisk,” she said as she waved her finger back and forth. She didn’t say another word as she turned her back to me, and backed up close. She reached back and lifted my penis so that it rested just between her ass cheeks. I pressed into her slightly, embracing my arms around her breasts, and kissed the back of her neck.

Shivers dikimevi escort trembled from her spine and splintered throughout her body. This was one of the hotter spots for her, and I knew just how to heighten her primal urges.

I really wanted to extend this episode out longer than usual since I hadn’t even begun to explore why I called this evening to attention to start with. Before I led her out of the bathroom, I asked her to wait just a second.

I went into her closet and pulled out a neon green bodystocking that had not surfaced in a few years. “Let’s put this to use tonight, this is my favorite one,” I mentioned.

She took the piece from my hands, “You better enjoy this,” she grinned. “These things are a huge pain in my ass to put on.” Then she laughed.

“Look at me,” I pointed down at my pulsing cock. It was lightly bouncing with each beat of my heart. “I’ll tell you what, once I put it in you’ll know how well I’m enjoying it.” I smirked back at her.

The both of us were exhibiting a tremendous amount of restraint at this point. As bad as we both wanted to attack and devour one another, we refrained.

The stocking had multiple patterns but flared out into five individual spaghetti straps just over each shoulder. Overlaying each breast was a fishnet pattern that looked like a fusion of a kaleidoscope and spiderwebs, but it was so very sexy looking.

Our bed had a huge red and white checkered throw blanket laid over it. I looked at it and thought to myself, eh, what the hell, I think the green will stand out wonderfully. I sure don’t mind taking color risks. She didn’t mention anything about it, which actually surprised me! She is always conscious of how color goes together, so undoubtedly she was cool with the scheme.

I had her lay down right in the middle, feet towards the wall, looking back at me. “Freeze, right there!” I said. She unknowingly had the perfect pose, and I wasn’t ready. “Just hold it, I wanna get that shot…The light, your look…” I looked back at her and we locked eyes temporarily.

I grabbed my phone and went to adjust the settings so I could catch that beautiful look. God she is for sure heaven sent, and I was to be her defiler.

Her body moved all over the bed, rolling in multiple positions. Posing every so often so I could snap those forbidden looks. I’d catch her ass in the air, or maybe her feet propped on the wall. I wanted to see her spread wide, and she obliged. I got to capture the suppressed goddess that I craved, the one she still doesn’t know exists. Moments locked in a still frame to obsess over forever.

Next to the bed, on the white, single drawer nightstand is one of my favorite lamps. Black with soft white light bulbs at the end of the branches that looked like flowering buds. It very much resembled a bonsai tree. It cast almost a yellow light which I thought worked perfectly with the shots. Playing with the exposure, I could soften or brighten those areas I love so much. Highlighting or darkening her tits, or face. Snapping off pictures of want and desire. It was crystal clear from the look she had deep within those big blue eyes.

“Scoot toward the end of the bed,” I demanded.

She dikmen escort was back in the original position she started in, head toward the end of the bed, right where I was standing. Her head was right at level with my penis, which was noticeably thicker than I remembered it just before.

I reached down to position one of the fishnet holes to slip around just the nipple. The green material was very soft to the touch but it looked like it was squeezing it a little. “Now that’s a perfect visual right there.” I mentioned, and grabbed my phone for a close-up.

I managed to get the neon-hugged nipple close up with her faded face in the background. Wow, this woman makes me so crazy for her.

Shortly after I snapped off a few more perfectly pink nipple pics, she positioned her head such that the end of my cock was right in line with her lips. She momentarily stared at the end of my dick and I looked to see what was holding her attention. I had a little pre-cum on the tip and she stuck her tongue out to get a mere taste of me.

The tip of her tongue barely touched the little drip and then she retracted, pulling back with it a thin drooping trail of juice. “Mmm, you taste amazing,” she replied. She looked up at me, and her eyes locked firmly on mine. There was a sense of hesitation and silence as she waited for me to respond.

Words were not going to do my feelings any justice. Basic instincts took over and I locked both of my hands under her chin, and pushed my cock in between her lips. She was making me work for it. In my mind, I was the one directing our little sexcapade. But in reality, there were definite power exchanges going on as I felt she was forcing me to force her into submission.

The bulge from inside her throat was protruding outward and I could feel myself sliding in and out of her airway. I took it upon myself to tighten my hands against her throat, just barely choking her. I didn’t ask for permission. “Is this what you want?” I asked. My voice was fluttering as I tried to time my breathing with the slow thrusts.

She shook her head yes and tried to mumble something past my dick, but it didn’t matter, I knew. I grabbed my phone again because these images were not going to remain solely in my memory. I was going to have to look at these again later.

I pointed the camera down at her, and she gazed up. “Freeze, right there,” I said. Leaning over just a little I snapped a shot of her lips encasing my aching penis. “Fuck, you are so hot.” She had the most lustful look in her eyes. And now I could reference it anytime I wanted.

She continued drawing me in and out, using just the suction from her mouth. Unable to focus a whole lot, I took a few more pictures, this time capturing her legs and feet.

I have somewhat of a foot fetish and she doesn’t mind catering to my inner cravings. I won’t lie, the way her toes looked, with bright purple polish popping perfectly under the neon green fabric, if she were using her feet to play with my dick, I would have come.

“Put that down and eat me!” She demanded. Her arms wrapped around my ass, pulling my cock deeper down her throat. This was the first time her hands had been on me since we started. Without further elmadağ escort hesitation I leaned forward to grab her legs and pull them back, spreading her wide open.

I used my forearms to pin her thighs down, giving me direct access to bury my mouth right into her swollen lips. Not only could I put my tongue wherever I wanted, I could also use my fingers to easily finger fuck her as well.

I couldn’t seem to pull her close enough into my mouth, and I wanted more. With my arms still pressing on her thighs, I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled even harder, lifting her ass a little off of the bed. Now I could taste her asshole, and that’s exactly what I did. I laid my tongue right against it and flicked it a little. “Oh my God!” She screamed. “Push your tongue in harder!” She cried out again.

I felt as she tried to raise her hips even higher. She was trying to push her groin as hard as she could into my mouth, and it was working.

I knew she was getting close, and so was I. My dick had slipped out of her mouth and I refused to let her put it back in. It was my turn now.

“I’m in control now baby girl,” I uttered. “I don’t want to cum yet,” I told her. “You on the other hand, I’m gonna make you cum all over my face. No more fucking around,” I said.

My tongue danced little circles around her ass and then I slipped my finger tip inside. Her back arched, even under my restraint.

I pressed my finger further into her ass and at the same time slid my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy. I began to suck on her deep from the inside. My suction broke free and her skin fluttered against my lips.

She was able to free her arms and reached through our intertwined bodies to grab my head. Now she was able to guide and force my face exactly how she needed. It was coming, I could feel her tense up.

I looked toward the opposite end of the bed and saw her toes start to spread out wide, and then curled tightly in. I proceeded to flatten my tongue wide, then slowly, but very firm, lick at her clit. Her body was starting to shudder and convulse.

With one finger still in her ass, I used my thumb to enter her pussy. She pressed on my head with one hand to keep me right in that spot. Her other hand roamed around her right breast until she found her nipple, and gave it a good squeeze. This was the final straw. Her lust and desire would be contained no longer as she erupted with slick juices.

“Oh my god!!” She yelled out. At the same time she grabbed my head again and fucked my face harder. She tried to suck my cock back into her mouth in one last attempt to finish me, but she couldn’t focus past the intensity of her orgasm.

Her thighs clinched tight against the sides of my head and I had to force them back open to continue. Right then she started to project her pussy juice. She squirted very intensely. It came in gushes. Her ejaculate soaked my face. The bed, also soaked. I looked at her in absolute amazement.

“Ohhhh……woooow……That was so intense,” I exclaimed, as I rested my head between her tits. We laid there, she was immobile, and completely exhausted. Eventually we mustered enough energy to separate.

I grabbed a nearby towel and wiped my face, then gave it to her. “Why didn’t you cum with me?” She asked.

“I want to keep this charade going for at least one more session, my goddess. I am not quite through with you,” I murmured.

She pulled me back in for an embrace. “I have more picture plans, for the both of us,” I said. And we shared a devious smile.

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