Fluffy, Furry Angora CockTease Ch. 06

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I’ve dolled myself up into a gorgeous blonde stripper-style temptress for you, and I’ve already undressed you and teased you into a delicious state of arousal in my living room. After strutting around and showing myself off for you, I make you chase me around the room with your big hardon leading the way.

The view of my voluptuous body from behind is deliciously enticing, with my long, wavy blonde hair falling down my back and swaying side to side, and my hot ass wiggling and gyrating around with every step I take in my sky-high spike heels. The scent of my Chanel Coco perfume also seems to have a certain effect of enticement on you…

You follow me in hot pursuit, but you don’t catch me, because I don’t let you; instead I want you to keep following me around with your eyes on the prize while I reject any real advances on your part. And for some reason, you clearly don’t mind playing along with my little game and you gladly deny yourself on my behalf…

Now this activity continues for a while before I spin around and come toward you, stopping you in your tracks. I approach you slowly, looking into your eyes as I reach out and wrap the warm palm of my soft hand around your fully erect member. You just stand there as my feminine fingers envelop your erection, and then, with a come-hither smile, I slowly lead you into my bedroom.

Mmm, I just love doing that, leading you around by your dick, enjoying the symbolism of having this overwhelming sexual power over you, with your aroused male genitalia being at the mercy of my irresistible feminine charms. And it seems to have a very pacifying affect on you as I lead you over toward my bed…

I lie you down on your back and tell you to keep still. It is awfully difficult for you to do so, since you are so sexually aroused and you want me so badly, and you’re just dying to reach out and grab me – but you obey.

Then I begin tormenting you by dangling my soft angora sweater right before your eyes and making you beg me to rub you all over with it. Little soft touches with it, for oh-so-brief periods of time, are granted and then removed, and the effect is deliciously wicked because the object of your desire is so deliciously displayed but then cruelly denied…

Over and over I offer it to you, dangling it right in your face while you beg for it, and then I hold it right above your dick and sway it back and forth, causing you to throw your hips upwards in a futile attempt to get some pleasure from it. But I take great delight in denying you repeatedly, laughing at you and pulling it away effortlessly every time you try.

Suddenly, just like before, as your begging becomes increasingly desperate, I just let it drop gently right onto your erection, and you inhale quickly as the soft fur envelops your highly sensitized member again. I rest my hand on it and begin to gently rub it up and down the length of your cock, studying the reaction on your face, one of indescribable ecstasy.

But then I take it away, lifting it slowly off your cock with a playful giggle as I let it glide over your ultra-sensitive cockhead. I do this knowing full well that giving you a taste of something and then denying you more is the purest essence of any truly effective prick tease, and so it shall be with you…

So now I go back to dangling it above your erection again, offering it so close but keeping it so far, watching carefully and waiting for your desperate attempts to stick your cock out to come get it. When you do, I yank it away and burst out laughing, loving every minute of the way you keep falling into the same little trap over and over!

As I repeat the cruel torment again and again, sweetly offering it but rejecting your advances with deliciously wicked effectiveness, it’s almost inevitable that you’re going to grab your dick and start pleasuring yourself…

I’m waiting patiently for that, methodically teasing and denying you until it happens, and sure enough, before long, you reach for your cock with one hand and start absent-mindedly stroking it. Immediately I drop the sweater right on your face and rub it all over as I taunt you, “Now, now, now, we’ll have none of that!”

Then I grab your wrist firmly and pull it away from your cock, pinning it down near the corner of my bed. My other hand continues to rub my furry sweater in your face, and I can hear your muffled apology as I leave the sweater there and take my hand away to begin fastening the fur-lined restraint around your wrist.

Something about having my fluffy sweater being rubbed in your face seems to have put you in a very passive state, and you just lie there as I tighten the restraint around your wrist. Then I grab your other wrist, guiding it to the opposite corner of the bed and pinning it there with the weight of my upper body. Once again I am delighted to see that you just stay still as I use both hands to fasten the restraint on your other wrist.

I don’t waste any time now, as I slide my body down cebeci escort to the foot of the bed and attach each of the other two restraints to your legs, tightening them around your ankles. You don’t fight me one bit, seeming to have become completely resigned to your fate for some reason…

And then I stand up and look down at you, restrained in a spread-eagle position on my bed, with my deliciously soft pink angora sweater right on your face. Your fully erect cock is poking up on your stomach, twitching and pulsing as the blood pumps through it, and you are completely helpless and vulnerable, just the way I want you to be!

So now I climb on top of you and slowly lift the furry sweater up off your face, putting it on your chest. The sight of me sitting on top of you has you going absolutely wild with excitement – I’m your very own busty blonde sex kitten cock teaser looking down at her captive! And the look in my eyes tells you I’m not done with you yet, not by a long shot…

You want me so badly at this point that you instinctively flex your body, testing the strength of the restraints by trying to reach up and grab me with your arms. There is a little bit of give in the wrist and ankle cuffs and the straps attaching them to the bed posts, letting you move your arms and legs just a few inches, which provides just a suggestion of the possibility of escape. But as you try to move any more than that, the tightness of them assures that there is simply no chance…

I smile with a sheer, knowing confidence as I look down at you, my long blonde hair dangling down on your cheeks, and I swish it back and forth on you before leaning down toward your ear and whispering, “I’ve got you now…” And I lift my face away a bit, smile broadly and wink at you as I lean in even slower toward your other ear, whispering, “You’re mine!”

And then I pick up the sweater again, wrapping it in both hands and rubbing it in a zig-zag pattern down your stomach and onto your cock.

Your entire body tenses up against the restraints as the sensation of the erotic fur pulses through every inch of you, and I begin softly massaging your balls through the fetishy angora. I rub it round and round in small circles on them, very lightly at first, and then I slowly begin to apply more pressure, going in larger circles.

“Oooo,” I coo seductively, “these balls are just all swollen and full of naughty cum, aren’t they baby!” I lick my lips as I continue giving you the luscious pleasure, and your eyes roll back in your brain as I work my magic on your testicles. I grab them gently through the fluffy fur and give them a soft, sexy squeeze, causing a drop of pre-cum to ooze out the top.

“Oh, my, what is THAT?” I ask innocently, dabbing at the clear drop of fluid on your slit, rubbing it all over with my finger before grabbing a tissue and cleaning it off. “We can’t have that naughty goo getting all over my sexy sweater, now can we!” Your eyes have been focusing on me working you over now, and every word coming out of my mouth is driving you simply out of your mind!

You have never experienced anything like this, and I look down at you as I continue to rub your balls with the fluffy fur, pausing to squeeze them again and again. Little drops of precum continue to ooze out the top of your dick, and they get quickly wiped away with a tissue.

I carefully observe the look of unimaginable pleasure on your face at this point, as your eyes close and your mouth hangs open, and you’re completely paralyzed as your mind and body begins to melt in reaction to the sensual, erotic bliss!

My expertise and experience with the response to stimulus of the aroused male tells me you are close to the edge, and so I slow my loving caresses to a crawl, lightening the pressure on your turgid dick at the same time.

Suddenly I stop, simply leaving the exquisitely soft furry angora resting on your cock, and I sit up straight, looking down at you with my hands on my hips. It’s as though I’m waiting for something, pausing to see if you’ll react the way I expect.

Sure enough, you start thrusting your hips up and down, desperately attempting to give yourself some yummy pleasure from the soft angora, trying to fuck it with your cock. But the sweater simply moves when you do, denying you the pleasure of having it rub on your sex organ.

“Awww…”, I say, taunting you, “look at my poor baaaby, all he wants is to fuck my angora, doesn’t he!” I just watch the kinky spectacle for a minute as you continue to futilely push your midsection up and down, but the sweater just moves with you, only barely giving you a little friction on your erection.

And I burst out laughing at you, simply delighted at the sight of my completely restrained, totally tantalized little captive, pumping and humping away in desperation for more kinky angora teasing pleasure. It’s openly humiliating, but you don’t care, you are in such a worked up lather of arousal, you’ll çeşme escort endure anything for just a little relief!

Suddenly I reach down and bunch up the sweater around your cock, smiling and forming a small little fuck-hole with the furry fabric. I hold it still and let you shove your aching erection through it, and you moan loudly as the sensation of the fabulously sexy angora rubbing your cock sinks in. Slowly you move your hips up and down, enjoying the feeling of making love to my soft sweater with your aching cock, and I say sweetly, “There you go…is that what you wanted?”

“Yes, Kitty, yes, please!” you moan as you breathe heavily, barely able to speak as I hold the sweater still for you, letting you continue to have sex with it. You slowly slide your big dick in and out of the angora a few times, but soon you begin moving your hips faster, trying to get yourself off and make yourself come.

I just giggle playfully as I take my hand away, leaving the pink angora fluff just resting on you again as I wave one long-nailed finger in your face, saying with a scolding tone, “Now, now, now, no more of that for you, sweetie, not yet..” Your eyes roll back in your brain again as you are once again denied the release you so desperately want.

And your desperate humping resumes in earnest. You throw your hips up and down as you try to regain the pleasure of feeling that soft fur rubbing all over you. The sweater does move around a little as you thrust up and down, giving you soft little tickles, but again, it’s just not enough to be at all satisfying. But it IS quite kinky to watch!

Yes, you really are quite the sight to behold, completely restrained there on my bed and totally vulnerable and exposed for me to torment however I choose! I really do have you right where I want you and I am in no particular hurry to take you anywhere else…but there are just a few more things to do before I’ll be satisfied with tonight’s little activity…

To that end, I get up off the bed, standing on the side of it, right in front of you. I call your attention to my shiny pink miniskirt as I take the zipper in between my deliciously slutty, long shiny pink fingernails.

“Oh, sweetie,” I call out like a siren, “I have a little surprise for you, something you’re really gonna like. You wanna see?” You pause your desperate humping and look at me, your eyes totally focused in on my feminine fingernails tugging on the little zipper. You nod your head, indicating your emphatic approval of everything I’m about to do…

Slowly, teasingly I begin unzipping the zipper, and then I spin around and sway my hot ass back and forth as I unzip it little by little, pausing every inch or so before slowly continuing. As the miniskirt comes undone, you can see that I am wearing a pair of deliciously furry angora panties under it, something you never even knew existed, but I managed to find a pair online and knew I had to have them for just this kind of occasion…

Off comes the shiny pink miniskirt, and I let it fall to the floor, revealing my bare ass only slightly covered by the furry pink panties. I pose for you for a moment, fussing over the furry straps of my angora panties, tugging on them and hiking them up my wide, curvy hips. The pretty, pink fluffy fur looks so feminine and erotic on me, you have simply never seen anything like it. Your eyes are simply glued to me toying with my fluffy panties, and it seems clear that I have something extra naughty in mind for you…

I spin around, facing away from you and showing off my ass for you as I slip my fingers inside the panties, adjusting them on the cheeks of my ass. And then I turn back around, facing you and giving you a big smile before climbing back on the bed.

I kneel on all fours above you, smiling down at you as my long, silky blonde hair falls down on you, and I swish it back and forth daintily across your face. I giggle playfully at your helplessness at this point, saying sweetly, “Oooo, baby, I’ve got you now, I’ve got you right where I want you!”

And then, with a big smile I lower my body onto yours, gently rubbing my angora-covered crotch along the length of your cock. Your eyes roll up into your brain as the warmth and pressure of the soft fur panties presses against your manhood, and I just slowly glide myself up and down your cockshaft a few times before stopping.

“You like that?” I ask innocently, and your immediate begging approval tells me exactly what I want to know. “You want more?” I add, and again, more begging ensues, much to my delight!

I wiggle my angora-covered pussy all over your dick, gliding it up and down the shaft, then back and forth across it, and then making little circles that slow become larger circles. Every conceivable motion and pattern on your aching erection is now slowly and methodically explored, with me looking down at you, observing your helpless reactions.

And then I just plop my body down on you, cim cif yapan escort capturing your dick between us and slowly massaging it with my fur-covered pussy as I reach underneath the bed. Out comes a pair of super-soft, fluffy pink angora mittens, which again, you have never seen before and didn’t know existed. But it turns out there are all kinds of angora goodies in the world besides sweaters…

You watch in fascination as I slowly pull them on over my hands and begin rubbing them on your chest. I rub them all over there for a while, and then begin moving down onto your tummy, staying there for a while. Round and round they go in circles, and soon they slowly they go lower and lower, until they are rubbing all around near your cock, zeroing in on it. But I don’t go onto it yet, it’s as though I’m waiting for something instead…

Sure enough, you burst out in delicious agony, begging and pleading with me to rub your cock with the furry mittens, and I take great delight in ignoring you, rubbing you all over every single inch of your body except the place you most desperately want…

I start on one of your hands, caressing it slowly before moving down your arms to your shoulders, and then I rub both mittens up over your neck and right onto your face. I make it a point to rub them all over your cheeks, nose, and mouth, and then I move them up right onto your eyes; there’s just something kinda demeaning about doing it like that…

You even start to flinch when I rub the fluffy fur in your face, desperately trying to escape the kinky humiliation, but I simply torment you even more, chasing your face and rubbing my mittens all over it as you move it side to side trying to get away. “Where do you think you’re going?” I taunt as I rub your face, “Now you get back here!”

“Mmmmf, mmmmf, mmmmmmfff” you respond with muffled words as I continue to torment you with deliciously sensual cruelty. Oh my god, the whole situation is just so naughty!

When I’ve had enough of tormenting your face I start rubbing your body all over again, starting with the other hand and slowly moving up your arm, even slower and more sensually this time. Your shoulders and neck receive similar cuddly attention before I focus on your face again. I am really taking my time at this point, and you are alternating between pleas of desire and stunned silence as I tantalize every inch of your body with my soft, furry mittens.

Meanwhile, my fur-covered pussy has found the head of your cock and I am letting the fluffy panties glide back and forth over it, rubbing just that one little part of your erection, much to your delight and dismay. I put just the right amount of pressure on it, tantalizing it softly and letting it feel the warmth of my pussy through the furry fabric, and you are absolutely going right out of your mind!

The whole situation is just so wonderfully empowering for me, and the feelings of surrender and vulnerability are almost becoming too much for you to bear. But there really isn’t anything you can do about it, now is there, baby!

I continue to titillate your love muscle with my fur panties, and after I have taunted you by rubbing the mittens all over your face some more, I move my body lower down on you and sit down on your legs.

I proceed to lean forward and rub the furry mittens slowly down over your neck and shoulders, focusing on that area for a while and then slowly moving down your chest and all over your tummy. But then I pause as I get lower, pulling them off your body before reaching your crotch, and I start the whole ordeal over again, reaching behind me to rub your legs.

Then I spin around into a 69 position so my fur-covered pussy is right above your face, and I sway it back and forth as I slowly run my angora mittens up the entire length of your leg. Over and over I rub up it, pausing near your crotch and listening to you beg me to keep going onto your dick. And I lower my crotch toward your face a little, taunting you with it at the same time.

I continue to torment you in this fashion for a few minutes, rubbing the furry mittens all over each leg, moving up closer to your crotch but stopping before getting to your cock. Your begging continues and intensifies, but there is a certain level of desperation I am waiting for before I indulge your need to feel the furry mittens on your erection.

I know it’s coming, but I simply will not give you what you want until I get it. Soon enough, your will completely breaks, and your voice cracks as you plead with me to fondle your cock with my angora-covered hands. And that’s what I’ve been waiting for as I say, “Aww, poor baaaby!” and I grab your dick with both furry mittens and start making furry love to it, slowly caressing it between my hands.

You go silent as you finally get what you want, not everything you want, but the sensation of my soft mittens cuddling your cock has you going simply wild with desire. I rub you slowly and seductively, and I can tell by your breathing that you are nearing a mind-blowing orgasm. I slow my caresses down, watching the way your cock is reacting to the stimulation. The head is turning all shiny and purple, and drops of precum keep oozing out the top, causing me to stop and dab them away with a tissue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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