First Thirst Ch. 13

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Chapter Thirteen: First Spanking

My first real spanking. It wasn’t that mother hadn’t spanked me, that was expected, but receiving a spanking from a stranger was quite another thing. Nutte entered quickly and brought me to reality with a swat that caught my left thigh.

Swat! I jumped and my eyes went wide from shock. My mouth opened and I made to scream until I saw Nutte. I could tell she was screaming, but couldn’t hear her over the voice on the cassette and shout reverberating around in my head. I was shocked to find I had hold of my hard-on and pulled my hand away quickly. I tried to focus in on Nutte’s face but the light was too great.

Swat! She caught my left thigh with her gloved hand again and I went up on my right side. I screamed and she attacked again.

Swat! This one sent me over, face down onto the floor. I was whining crying to the pain, and kept my hands away from my body. The cassettes sexy voice was telling me to, “…behave myself and take punishment like a man….” And I did my best to obey the voice in my head, and to bear my deserved punishment by offering no resistance. I even lifted my ass to my assailant in an act of servility, as the voice demanded.

Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Nutte took advantage of my demeanor by sending my buttocks back and forth in a bobbling frenzy.

Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! And swat! I was now bawling and retching myself hoarse. My hands made many attempts at protecting my behind, but each time I held them in check and bore the attack with a scream and more tears. My screams competed with the voice, but unfortunately, they complimented each other in a way that added to my exciting misery.

My throbbing hard-on bounced to the tempo created by Nutte’s onslaught and she was relentless. My sobbing was just as relentless as I tried anchoring my fingernails into the floor to keep my hands from interfering. The voice was explaining the nature of obedience and a husband’s duty. I looked back over my shoulder at Nutte and tried pleading with my eyes. My knees drummed and bounced on the floor until they hurt. Nutte kept me going until a final swat sent me forward onto my face. I landed on my face and slid forward on my tears. I came to rest with my chest on the floor, my buns in the air. I was sobbing uncontrollably and yelling for the spankings and voice to stop. The spankings ended, but not the voice and the next thing I felt was Nutte fitting my wrists with leather bands.

“…Never interfere with your wife’s çankaya escort wishes…” the voice screeched loud and clear. Nutte was agile and rough, and had my wrists cuffed in moments. Then she wrenched my arms behind my back and connected the cuffs. I must have been getting loud because the next thing I knew she was working a rubber ball into my mouth.

I was looking down at the floor as Nutte held the ball in one hand and worked it into my mouth. She used her other hand on the back of my head to press my mouth down over the ball. She twisted and forced the rubber past my teeth, popping it inside. It was a large ball of soft rubber and it took little effort on Nutte’s part. I watched my tears fall as drops that splashed when they hit the floor. Once the rubber got past my teeth it filled my mouth completely and Nutte used another strap to hold it in place. It too went around my head and was cinched tight as the others. The voice was telling me to, “…surrender!”

After the belt was tightened and my wrist’s checked, Nutte rolled me over onto my back. I discovered lying on my wrists very uncomfortable and had to adjust constantly, without doing much good. My mouth was stretched and sore and the belt cut into the sides of my face. Saliva now oozed and bubbled out from the corners of my mouth and I couldn’t control it because I couldn’t swallow. The voice was telling me to, “…obey without question and accept degradation….”

Nutte took my organ, my cock and balls, in one hand and squeezed tight. Then she pulled and lifted, until I hung from my root. I rested on the back of my head and my heels, like the great Arch of Triumph. I was crying and begging for a reprieve in sputtering, bubbly renditions, but Nutte simply kept yelling. I realized my indiscretion, and promised myself it would never happen again, but Nutte had no way of knowing that. She kept screaming and shaking my body around by my organ. God, I never wanted to cross this woman again. With her other hand, Nutte turned the volume up on the cassette player and the sexy voice began screeching its orders. “…You will obey at all times….”

I was being driven from my mind and Nutte let me drop. I stayed on my back withering around on my wrists like a fussy princess disturbed by a pea. The voice screeched on, “…take your place at the feet of your wife…” And God, I was ready! I’d do anything to stop the voice. I moved my hips from side to side, attempting to keep the cassette off çankırı escort the floor and it wasn’t easy. I kept my legs spread, my heels dug in and my legs bowed just enough. I strained and twisted about, unable to find the tiniest relief.

Nutte knelt down and took my hard-on in hand. This time she was gentle and worked me into a bucking frenzy. I was soon sloshing around in her fist, the cassette tapping on the floor, and I couldn’t control myself. Nutte could and knew just when to stop. She released me a moment before orgasm and let me suffer without the pleasure I so needed. She stood, turned and left me humping into air. The voice yelled for me to, “…accept every test with a smile….”

I finally slowed and went back to seeking a comfortable position. I was panting through my nose and trying to calm down. My hard-on bounced up and down on my lower abdomen seeking a hand. The voice yelled on and on, “…never speak unless spoken to, never…”

I was screaming as loud as I could internally, trying to drown out the sexy voice, but it didn’t work. I was rocking from side to side until eventually I flipped over and landed on my belly. I didn’t dare land on my boner, but kept it to the side with my body bent slightly. It wasn’t any more comfortable, but at least the cassette and my wrists were out of the way, sort of. I rested my head on my left cheek and looked into one of the camera lenses. I would have pondered the person at the other end, but the loud voice kept going over the rules again and again, bleaching my thoughts out of existence. “…Always answer in a respectful manner….”

My uncomfortable position strained my muscles, in new and unusual ways. I pulled on my cuffs and gnawed on the ball, but nothing helped. I stretched my legs wide, wiggled my toes and kept my boner to the side. I slithered like a snake and moved like a worm, but nothing seemed to remedy the situation. The voices kept clamoring on and on, “…strive to be the devoted husband, endeavor to be….” I was sweating hard, drooling like a dog and my boner was oozing as never before. In moments I was sloshing around in a puddle of my own making. I moaned and carried on as the seconds ticked by and the lady continued her dissertation.

I continued trying to calm down and did my best to relax, but it wasn’t easy, the voice saw to that. “…Wait on the floor, by her bed…” it droned on and I listened and learned because I had no other choice. I closed my eyes once again and let my çayyolu escort body go limp. Every time my boner tapped the floor I jumped and thought of Nutte, and Colleen. The voice began from the beginning, from the first rule, and I started to cry harder. I didn’t think it possible. I didn’t believe I’d be forced to hear it again, but I was about to.

How long was this to last? How long was I expected to endure an unending recital of rules and regulations? How much pain did they expect me to weather? When would Nutte stop it? “…Keep your eyes lowered and…” the voice demanded and it was driving me to the brink of insanity. Every inch of my body ached, every inch was sore, and the pain was killing me. But I went on, counting time by counting the pulses of torment wracking through my body. Preparing to become a husband was not as easy as expected, but deep down inside I was confident it would all be worth it.

At least an hour must have passed and I had turned in every direction possible. I couldn’t take too much more, yet had no choice. Suddenly I felt my hard-on grabbed and it was used to flip me over onto my back. I opened my eyes to find Nutte adjusting me for another evil purpose. She had more straps in her hands and went for my ankles. In moments my ankles were belted together and then she strapped my thighs just above the knees. She made the belts as tight as she could and then tried to get them tighter. More pressure, more pain, and more agony. Nutte flipped me back onto my belly and with another belt cinched my elbows together. She pulled me along the floor until I was situated over the drain. It was just a hole and my cock and balls dangled in the opening.

I strained my neck to see Nutte from over my shoulder. She was holding a rubber ring that was attached to a round nub about three inches long. The nub was rubber also and resembled a thick thumb. She was greasing the nub and looking at me with strange intent. I knew I wouldn’t enjoy this and yet enjoy it immensely. The voice kept yelling, “…obey your wife at all times…”

Nutte placed a hand in the small of my back and pressed down. I was forced to expel air as my head came up. Nutte then brought the nub to my anus and forced it into my tight chute. Always another pain to tolerate before I could get over the last. I felt the intrusion, my head went higher and I once again thought of Colleen. The voice now explained, “…obedience is a virtue….”

I moaned aloud and moaned some more. I moaned and groaned and sputtered all over the place. I withered in pain and yet throbbed with a desire I couldn’t understand. I hated and loved the pain and humiliation. Nutte stood to leave once more and the voice was going over lesson thirteen again, “…always have a hot bath ready….”

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