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Chelsea and Ronnie: 2 Horny Nerds

Ronnie Braxton was like my little brother – he’s 3 years younger than me. He and his family live across the street. My stepmom and I live at 530, and they live at number 527. His family and mines are the only blacks for almost 5 miles.

My name is Alexandria Rhodes, but everyone calls me Chelsea (my middle name). Me and Ronnie have been friends ever since we were kids. If you’re reading this, you’ve already figured that I’m gonna tell you about how me and Ronnie started fucking. This is true – this IS a story about how we started fucking (and continue to do so), but also about how we got to that point.

Ronnie and me have always had a lot in common. Besides the obvious (black), we’re also nerds (or as the other kids called us – “blerds”). This was cool for us. We spent lots of time reading comic books, debating Star Trek vs Star Wars (he’s the Trekkie), and blerding-out over Peter Jackson and Marvel movies. We even look like “nerd/blerds” – both with thick glasses, I’ve got a wide-gap in my front teeth, and Ronnie “might” weigh 180 dripping wet.

We lived in our own little world and we loved it.

Neither of us was a virgin when we finally hooked up. My first time was at summer camp when I was 16, his was with his junior prom date (I hated that bitch…!). And the first time that Ronnie got laid in my house wasn’t even with me.

He’d been fucking my stepmom…

Things got started the year that Ronnie decided to transfer schools and move back home. He also had a job waiting for him in town. I was still living at home, going to school part-time at the local community college, and working at a department store at the mall.

A few weeks after he’d moved back home, he asked me to help him find a place of his own. Ronnie was the youngest of his 3 siblings and his folks (especially his mom) insisted on treating him like he was still in middle school, despite the fact that he’d just turned 20.

We were sipping iced-coffees outside our favorite comic book shop when he brought it up.

“She just won’t let me breathe…!” Ronnie told me. “Fuckin’ sucks…”

I snorted a laugh and took another sip.

“Does she still check to see if you’re wearing clean socks and undies?”

He exhaled and shot me a dirty look.

“Wish I had your set up.” He said shuffling through his latest batch of comics. “At least Dee-Dee gives you some space.”

Dee-Dee is my stepmom. She prefers that we call her that.

“Yeah,” I agreed. “My situation is kinda sweet… She lets me come and go as I please, doesn’t ask me for any rent. She’s more like a cool, roommate than a stepmom.”

“Wish I could stay with you guys…” he added flippantly.

And that’s when the light-bulb went off. Why DIDN’T he stay with us? We had more than enough space. There were 3 bedrooms that no one used.

I didn’t say anything to him about it that day. I wanted time to think and talk it over with Dee-Dee first. But I knew she wouldn’t mind – she loved when Ronnie hung out at our place. Besides that, I missed spending time with my buddy.

That night I mentioned it to Dee-Dee. She was more excited about it than I was.

Wow – hindsight is 20-20.

The next day I hit Ronnie with the idea. He actually thought I was joking.

“Stop fuckin’ with me, C…” he laughed. “You don’t REALLY want me living with you guys.”

I just stared at him and blinked.


I nodded.

“Wow…!” he said as the idea slowly sank in. “That would be so cool.”

“Dee-Dee even said you could have the basement guest room.” The basement level of our “Mc-mansion” was almost a separate living space.

That sold it for kartal sarışın escort him. I helped him move in the following weekend. His mom hated the idea, and didn’t speak to us for a few days, but she eventually learned to accept it.

Dee-Dee was “weird” about it, as far as I was concerned. She had always been kinda “friendly, flirty” with Ronnie since we were in our teens. But the way she acted when he moved in with us was just…”weird”.

I repeat: Wow – hindsight is 20-20.

Dee-Dee would get that way around men sometimes. Delivery guys, some of the neighbors, and once even with Ronnie’s older brother (probably why his mom doesn’t really like her). So I really wasn’t that “surprised” when I actually caught the two of them in the act. I was suspicious that something was going on for weeks, and Ronnie wasn’t ever gonna ‘fess up about it. So I set to finding out on my own.

I checked the sheets in their rooms – yep, definite scent of “fuck-funk”.

They tried to avoid eye-contact when Ronnie and me were playing video games or watching Trek re-runs. But I could tell there was something there.

I finally got my confirmation a few weeks later.

We were all turning in for the night, and I was getting my outfit ready for work the next day, when I realized that my jeans were still in the dryer.

Our living arrangement went like this: Ronnie took the basement level, Dee-Dee’s room was on the first floor and my room was upstairs. There were extra guest rooms on the first and second floors. The washer and dryer were in the room next to Dee-Dee’s.

It was just after 11 when I went downstairs that night. I found my jeans and was about to go back up when I heard them through the vent.

“Mmm, yes baby…-gasp- right there, baby! Right there!” It was Dee-Dee. My slutty, fuck-my-best-friend stepmom.

I was mad at first.

I mean, I guess I could understand how Ronnie might want to fuck her… She’s “hot”, in a mid-40s, successful realtor, with a nice-body, slutty-Michele-Obama-wannabe kinda way. While my ass and tits are bigger than hers, Dee-Dee’s are shapelier. She carries herself better.

OK – if I were a 20-year-old, horny nerd, I’d wanna fuck her too!

And Ronnie wasn’t anything to overlook either. Like me, he probably wasn’t your first choice, but I’d considered doing him a couple of times myself. In fact, he’d been my first “real” kiss (I was 15 and needed to practice).

I listened for a few more minutes.

“Dee-Dee…I’m cummin’…I’m cummin’…Oh, shit…!!” My buddy was pumping his load into my stepmom.

That was all I could take.

So I slipped back to my room, and I dildo-fucked myself to sleep, imagining what they were doing downstairs. That’s when I decided I wanted to see him fuck her and maybe fuck him myself.

That weekend I went to the home electronics store at the mall and talked with a friend who worked there. Lucky for me the advice she gave me didn’t call for me spending a lot of money. We already had a home surveillance system and she told me that all I needed to do was buy extra cameras and have the feed go to my laptop. I bought two small cameras. I put one in each of their rooms and had a nice, clear picture on my Mac before either of them got home that night.

All I had to do now was wait… Two nights later I got what I wanted.

This time they did it in Ronnie’s room. Unfortunately, the cameras didn’t give me any audio, but they both put on an excellent show!

Ronnie was reading comics in bed like he did every night. Dee-Dee walked in wearing her favorite red, robe and dropped it to the floor to reveal that she was wearing nothing. kartal anal escort Things escalated from there…

He sat up on the bed, they kissed and then he sucked her tits and felt up her ass. I couldn’t tell what she was saying, but I could only imagine (Dee-Dee’s quite vocal and likes to talk dirty – I’d overheard her several times with one of her “conquests”).

They switched places, she laid across the bed and he stood in front of her and dropped his shorts. That was the first time I got to see Ronnie’s cock – I was impressed. He’s not necessarily porn-star impressive, but I wouldn’t turn it down. She took as much of him as she could into her mouth and he gave her a nice, deep face-fucking.

Their next position was a 69 on the bed, with her on top. He must have worked some serious magic with his tongue, because it wasn’t long before she bolted up-right and started shuddering.

Ronnie didn’t give her much of a break though. He flipped her over onto her stomach, spread her legs, mounted her and started pounding away. I was surprised that Ronnie was the “A-type” through most of this. I’d imagined he’d be the submissive one.

I was already wet and horny, and watching my best-friend slam my stepmom like that really got to me. When I cum, I cum hard. I also cum messy. I’m a “creamer”, not a “squirter” – thick globs, almost like semen. I always need a towel on hand when I masturbate.

I fingered myself while watching them. Wishing I was the one getting licked and fucked. I was so worked up that I kept playing with my pussy even after they were done. I think I got myself off at least four times that night.

I decided that I just had to find a way to get in on this action…!

I was a little “desperate-acting” over the next couple of days. When Ronnie and me had “blerd” time I did my best Dee-Dee impersonation – flirty and slutty.

He caught the hint and I finally hit paid-dirt that Friday night.

We were in the family-room watching a Star Wars marathon, and I was making fun of his Trekkie-ness. It always annoyed him when I made crude comments about his beloved Mr. Spock. This led to some poking, and tickling and before long we were wrestling on the floor.

I “gave in” and let him pin me on my back with my arms behind me. I was intentionally braless that night (just in case). My t-shirt was bunched up and one of my “girls” was out. I wiggled around and “struggled” to break free and cover myself.

Ronnie laughed and kept staring at my loose, jiggling boob and rock-hard nipple.

“She looks lonely…” he smirked as he tugged at the other side of my shirt. Both boobs were free now.

“What do you think you’re doing…?” I tried to pretend like I was annoyed, but I know he could tell I was faking it.

“Checking out your “Tribbles”…!” He smirked (he loved making corny-Trek jokes). With his free hand he lightly pinched my left nipple.

I gasped and nearly came.

My struggles had degraded to grinding against his leg. I could feel his cock growing against the back of my thigh. He loosened his grip on me and I continued to lay there with my legs tangled in his and my arms “pinned” behind me.

My body language was screaming “DO ME”!

He kept lightly teasing my nipple.

“Wow…” he marveled, “You like that, don’t you…?”

I moaned and bit my bottom lip.

“C’mon, admit it!” he was now teasing the right nipple. “You like me playing with your pert nippies…!”

I closed my eyes and kept moaning.

“Cool…!” he smirked as he unwrapped his legs from mine.

I was disappointed that he’d stopped playing with my tits. He gave me his hand to help me to my feet.

“Get kartal sınırsız escort undressed.” He told me.

Without hesitation, I did.

When I was stripped down to only my glasses and my striped knee sock, he led me to the “comfy-flop” chair. He propped me up so that both feet were planted on the arms, and I maintained my balance with my hands on the chair-back. I was a brown, horny crab suspended over our favorite chair.

My ass and neatly-shaved pussy was wet, willing and wide open for him to do whatever he wanted. He left me there, waiting, while he walked over and picked up his smart-phone.

Omigod! Was he going to take pictures or record me like this…? The thought of it got me soooo much more fucking horny!

“Smile, Chelsea…” he smirked. I could see from the nice tent forming in the front of his shorts that he was just as turned on as me.

He snapped some quick shots – of my face, my tits, my pussy, my rainbow-striped socks.

He put the phone down on the coffee table and leaned in to kiss me. A long, wet, sloppy, horny teenager kiss. My thighs trembled.

Two long, stiff fingers slipped into my pussy. We continued to kiss as Ronnie viciously finger-fucked me, and we kept kissing as I came.

Thick, gooey globs of Chelsea-cum all over his right hand.

Ronnie slowed his pace, but kept his fingers firmly planted inside me. I prayed he wouldn’t take them out.

“You good, C?” he asked looking down at me.

“I’m good…” I panted, trying to keep my balance still suspended above the chair.

“Good.” He smiled removing his fingers. He licked some Chelsea-cum from his index finger and smiled. “Mmmm…tasty!”

Seconds later, he was on his knees with his tongue working me into another frenzy. He ate out my pussy and ass until I came again.

This time I couldn’t keep my balance and awkwardly “fell” on his face. We laughed as he helped me over to the couch. I plopped down to catch my breath while he finally removed his clothes.

He started to climb onto of me and I stopped him.

“No, I wanna taste you first…” I smiled up at him and I took his cock into my mouth.

I am admittedly NOT the best blow-job giver… never really met anyone I felt that inspired to practice on. I decided to change all that.

I enthusiastically sucked Ronnie’s cock and balls, determined to make him cum, and cum hard. I must have been doing a good enough job, because at some point his knees started to shake and I had to let him sit down.

I got down between his legs and got back to business. I even pushed his legs up over my head and stuck my tongue in his ass.

“Oh shit, C…omigod…!” he gasped. His eyes were shut tight, and beads of sweat formed on his face. His glasses were a little fogged up (so were mines).

I knew I was getting close, so I continued my assault on his tight asshole. I piston-stroked his cock as hard as I could.

He suddenly tensed, gasped and in three quick, hard spurts shot his load on my hands and face (and glasses).

After cleaning up, we returned to our original spots on the couch. The second Star Wars movie was just starting. It didn’t take long before we were at each other again.

This time I mounted him. The feeling of Ronnie’s cock inside of me was mind-blowing.

I rode him until my knees started to cramp. We ended up on the floor between the TV and the coffee table, Ronnie on top of me with my knees bent back to my armpits.

We fucked and fucked and fucked… Just us and the second (crappy) Star Wars movie.

And Dee-Dee.

I don’t know when she came in or how long she’d been there, but we were so wrapped up in each other that neither of us saw or heard her come in.

She didn’t say a word. She just stood there and watched. And masturbated while she watched.

She told us the next day.

So fast-forward to now. Me and Ronnie and Dee-Dee. Two young, horny blerds, and one horny, mid-40s, step-MILF, all sharing a house.

-to be continued-

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