Changes: One Spell at a Time

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Author’s note: This story involves themes of incest, mind-control, the abuse of magic, and transgender. If these don’t appeal to you then don’t read it. Otherwise please enjoy.


I was still young when I lost my virginity. She was older than me, a high school girl in fact, but she was so impressed by how large my dick was that she gave me a shot. I imagine I wasn’t fantastic with it being my first time and all, but she certainly was. After that experience I wanted sex all the time. Hell, by all rights I was a male slut. By the time I’d graduated high school there was hardly a girl I’d known who I hadn’t been with. No pussy was off-limits, save for one.

As depraved as it might sound I’d started having fantasies about that most taboo of encounters, sex with my own mom. It wasn’t like she was some impossibly endowed MILF like you read about in online stories. Mom was… mom. A bit short, a bit chunky, and more pretty than beautiful. Mom had fairly small tits compared to her build, and you’d honestly think she was flat thanks to the baggy clothes she fancied. Why I thought about her at all was beyond me. Honestly I just couldn’t help myself. I guess it was just the appeal of it all; being with that one person a boy should never be with. I wanted to fuck her. I needed to fuck her.

Now of course it wasn’t as if mom had the same fantasies in return. She was typical of a parent. She’d comment on how much of a man I’d become, but I’d never caught her checking me out. Even when I wore tight pants to show off my bulge she wouldn’t take notice. To her I was just her son. It drove me wild. The less she wanted me the more I wanted her. Just being in the same room as her was causing me to cum. I knew there had to be a way to get mom to become the sort of woman I could truly fantasize about, but I just didn’t know how. That is until I bothered to check the ultimate source of all information, Google.

My question was simple. “How can I turn my mom into a MILF”. I guess I didn’t expect any serious responses, and indeed most of what came up was just photos of horny housewives. But one link stuck out. It was an obscure post by a guy who claimed to have discovered a magical spell to transform a woman into a horny, willing sex slave. He’d posted all these photos that he claimed were of his own daughter. The first was of an average looking, college age girl. Slowly the girl changed from photo to photo. Larger breasts, a thinner waist, different coloring of her hair and eyes, and even skimpier clothes. It all looked like a big Photo Shop project honestly. But at the very least I was enticed.

I got hold of the guy and told him my story. He was more than intrigued. As a fellow man with sexual fantasies about family members he seemed to understand my pain. According to him his daughter’s transformation had been successful. She now slept with him every night, and was even due to give him a child… grandchild… whatever. Of course I had no way of confirming that, but listening to him was at least arousing. He agreed to share the spell with me. He said that I could use it once each day to change one aspect of my target. Using it any more than that would be too dangerous. It all seemed too fantastic to be true, but who was I to deny giving it a shot. If it didn’t work then I’d just be an idiot for ever listening to him. But if the spell did indeed work… Well you can imagine how badly I was hoping that’d be the case.

The spell was simple enough. Just a few words spoken along with some crude drawings that had to be done on the floor for some reason. I decided the first thing that needed to change was mom’s tits. They were too small on her body. I wanted her to be far more endowed. So I mumbled the chant and called out for what I wanted. I asked that mom’s breasts balloon up at least five-fold.

I went out to the kitchen where mom was boiling water for tea. She looked as normal as aksaray escort ever. Wearing a loose-fitting blouse, she was about as unappealing as a woman could be. I’d never felt so disappointed. But then something odd happened. Mom sighed real loud and stumbled back. All of the sudden I noticed her blouse getting tighter on her. I could hardly believe it, her tits were actually swelling! Mom just stood there, seemingly in a daze, as her breasts swelled up to the size of honey-mellons. Then she just opened her eyes and went back to her tea. She didn’t seem at all aware of the change.

This was all too fantastic. I ran to my room and jerked off. I just couldn’t fathom how magic could actually be real. As soon as I’d cum I called the guy to thank him for the spell. He laughed a bit and only asked that I only ever share the spell with one person like he had. Too much of a good thing and all that.

As soon as it hit midnight I was eager to begin my next spell. Mom would need to be more petite if her new breasts were to look truly wonderful. How thin I should make her was a tough question. Should I make her like a cartoon? An impossibly thin waist with such plump, impossible tits? The thought of it really made my dick twitch. Yes, that was exactly what I’d do. I’d turn the woman into a thing of fantasy. So I cast the spell and called for her to shrink down to a twenty-inch waist. Now it was just a matter of waiting for morning to see the results.

I’d barely managed to sleep. I kept waking up to jerk off. My dick had never quite been so hard. When morning finally came I was disturbed by the sound of mom yelling loudly from her room. Quickly I chased down the hallway and threw open her door, thinking maybe something had gone wrong. There mom was, butt-naked, and struggling to sit any of her clothes to her body.

“Sorry,” I yelled out, as I slammed the door behind me, “I heard you yell.”

“Nothing fits,” she cried, “For some reason all of my clothes have grown! Is this a prank? Are you messing with me? Hell, my bras are too tight too!”

I’d never heard the woman so riled up. Thankfully I’d had a few girlfriends leave things behind. Mom wasn’t pleased to learn that I’d had girls in my bed, but she was grateful for something that fit. Of course she wasn’t used to such things. Colorful, skimpy panties covered with lace. A bra designed to exaggerate already ample tits. A shirt that fit like a second-skin. A skirt so short that it barely covered the thighs. These were the sorts of things my exes wore. Mom scolded me for dating such sluts.

I was amazed at how taken mom was to her body. She wasn’t at all aware that she’d changed. In her mind it was the rest of the world that was wrong. Luckily I was still able to enjoy her new form. Goddamn she looked like a sex-doll with that petite little waist. I think my hands would have almost fit around her. How she could hold herself upright was beyond me.

The next day I decided to do something about mom’s wardrobe. I called for everything she owned to become skimpy and slutty, with plenty of see-through fabrics. Any set of shoes she owned should be high heals, nothing shorter than four inches.

Sure enough I woke up to find mom in the kitchen wearing this white, skin-tight tank top that conformed to her tits like a second skin. Written on it was “Cum Dumpster”. She obviously had no bra on underneath, as the pink of her nipples was showing through. And she had on this micro-skirt that was somehow skimpier than the one I’d given her the previous day. When she sat I could see that her thong-panties were more string than cloth. I’d never imagined mom in anything so lewd.

All through the day mom seemed annoyed by how I was gawking at her. When she went outside our neighbors also took notice. It was like she couldn’t understand why they were so obsessed. In her mind nothing had changed after all. It was killing alsancak escort me how often I needed to go jerk off. I was worried mom might catch me, or get suspicious over the abundance of tissues in my trash. Something needed to be done.

My next spell was a good choice. I said that mom should be fine with the sight of me naked, and that if I masturbated in front of her she should be fine with that and my cummy mess. I hadn’t yet done a spell to affect only her brain. I wondered how it’d go over. The best way to test it was to go right for the gold. When I met mom for breakfast the next day I started rubbing myself through my boxers. Mom didn’t say anything, so I slowly snuck out my dick. Even when she saw the thing she only smiled and proceeded to eat her breakfast.

“What’s got you so hard this early,” she asked in a calm tone.

“Just thinking about a girl.”

Mom only giggled a bit before sipping down her coffee. Here I was with my dick out, rubbing it furiously to the sight of her body, and mom could care less. I couldn’t help but to groan when I was ready to cum.

“Not on my floor,” mom yelled. With that she grabbed a paper towel and held it there for my dick to cum on. It was like I was cumming into her hand. Afterwards she wadded it up and tossed it into the trash. This was all so fantastic.

I spent most of the rest of the day naked. At every turn I was following mom from room to room, cock in hand, always ready to cum. She never acted upset in the least. If I squirted onto the floor she’d clean it up. If she saw I was ready to orgasm she’d get a tissue. After a bit I decided to press it by getting close enough to cum on her. I shot my load straight onto mom’s ass while she was picking something up. Her only response was a loud sigh before using her skirt to soak it up.

That evening when mom crawled into bed for the night, wearing a see-through teddy that left nothing to the imagination, I went in to kiss her good night. I’d never been so happy for hot weather. She was on top of the blankets and fully exposed. Of course I rubbed myself. By then my dick was red and sore from over-use, but I knew I had one last load in me. Mom was content to read her book. When it came time to cum I leaned in and pointed straight at her pussy. I shot a massive load, drenching her shaved pussy and in between her thighs with my cum. Mom shook her head and scolded me for not getting a tissue. She didn’t bother to clean it up. My own mom was sleeping that night covered in my cum. I only wished my dick weren’t so sore so I could keep going all night long.

I decided the next day that mom needed one of those plump asses like you normally only see on a black woman. It suited her well. Between her large breasts and tiny waist she was becoming a real tease. Unfortunately my cock was still awfully sore. If I really needed to cum I’d be sure to do it on her. I did learn though that mom wasn’t at all ok with me directly touching her with my cock. I accidentally pressed my head up against her new ass and she flipped, telling me what a disgusting pig I was. It took all day for her to calm.

Obviously I had to take care of that. The following day I made it so mom would be fine with me touching her in any way I saw fit. Sure enough my first test of this was giving her a morning kiss straight on her beautiful new ass. Mom giggled like a school girl. I ran my hands all over her body. She just kept blushing and laughing, insisting I was tickling her. Even when I rubbed her with my cock she was fine. At one time I had to cum awfully bad, so I pulled her panties away from her body, slid my dick in, and just let myself cum into them. Mom just sighed and shook her head, insisting I was being too playful. No, honestly I wasn’t playful enough in my mind.

As the days progressed I altered mom more and more. Her breasts went up to become triple J’s. amasya escort Her waist shrunk another three inches. I even changed her face, wanting mom to look like herself as a teenager. Suddenly my mom looked younger than me, which was awesomely hot. I even decided to strip her of her intelligence. Turning mom into a ditzy blonde was an amazing thing. She was always giggling and passing off my advances as play. Even when I’d suck on her tits or strip her during the middle of the day she’d laugh about it.

An odd thought occurred to me. Why should I only focus on mom? Sure I had a big dick, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to have some porn-star sized monster in my jeans? I talked to the guy I’d gotten the spell from. He said you couldn’t target yourself, but that if I let him over he’d be happy to try it out on me. Thankfully he only lived a bit away.

When the guy arrived I was surprised by how he looked. Tall, handsome, well-built, and obviously packing. I guess I’d expected someone more pathetic. I decided it was best to keep him away from mom, so I’d sent her out shopping. He convinced me to allow him to use several spells to help me reach my full potential. We’d start with my cock of course.

I took a measure of my dick before we started. Eight inches. I figured a full foot would do nicely. The guy did the chant and drawings as needed. A second later I felt a bit dizzy but once it’d passed it was like I’d forgotten what I’d even been doing. The guy reminded me to measure my dick. I grabbed the ruler and checked it out. I couldn’t believe it, my flaccid cock was over a quarter of an inch long. I’d never been happier. Having a baby cock had always been a dream.

The next day the guy stopped by again. I figured it’d be great if I had a body like his. Sure I was athletic, but wouldn’t it be fantastic to look absolutely pumped? Once the spell was performed I was eager to check myself out. I nearly squealed like little girl. There I was, barely five-foot tall with a frame no heavier than eighty pounds. I looked adorable, especially my perky ass. This certainly suited by tiny little dick.

And again he came by. I thought I should become so much more… wordly. Maybe he could alter my mind so that I’d know every language, and have a grasp of advanced mathematics. Being a genius would certainly be fantastic.

He cast the spell and I felt so silly. I couldn’t stop laughing. When he touched my little pecker and told me how cute I was I loved it so much! He said he could sleep with my mom that night so he could be there already for tomorrow and I was ok with that. He and mom made so much noise I couldn’t sleep. Mom said that they had had sex but I was jealous because I wanted sex but he reminded me that my dick was too small. But it gets bigger sometimes. Almost an inch but its very pink. Not very useful I guess.

I wondered what spell he would use. I don’t know I guess what it was but that day I was fitted for my first bra. I loved it and the girl at the store says its cute that I’m a boy with breasts. His daughter came over and he said we could be like sisters. I’m a boy I told him and he said I was a sissy of a boy so I was like a girl. Mom would be our mommy and he would be our daddy. I like that I guess.

My new daddy has fun with his spells with us. Mommy and sis look like twins and they like to kiss each other. Daddy sometimes sticks his big thing in my butt and it feels so good. I like sucking on it too. Daddy says I’m a good sissy but then he used a spell and I don’t know why but I began wetting so I need diapers. We go out and I wear only my diaper and people laugh at me. Sometimes my old friends from school come by and they tease me but I don’t know why. Daddy says I must suck their things until they like me again. Now they stop by all the time.

Soon is daddy’s wedding to mommy. I will be the flower sissy. Daddy says after the wedding he only wants daughters so I will be losing my thingy. Do I really need my thingy? Not if daddy says so I guess. I’ll be his best little girl just like my sister. And we can all share a bed. I hope I get pregnant like mommy and sis when that happens. That’s up to daddy I guess.

Bye bye.

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