Camping Adventures Ch. 02

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(Thank you for all of your comments they have really helped me to finish this story, even if the length was quite short. However, if you stick with me I will attempt to make them a lot longer.)


Sam fell back towards the floor of the tent with the force of me colliding against his body. Our mouths were connected once again, tongues fighting for dominance. Sam grinded against me, making me moan into his mouth as we were still duelling. The sound seemed to shock him for a second, for he stopped the grinding, but soon started up again and found a rhythm, which I managed to match thrust for thrust.

I felt Sam’s hands moved from where they had caught me around my back slowly down towards my shorts. Slowly, oh so very slowly, he slipped one hand under the waist band of my shorts and panties and started to knead my backside. This movement made me so horny that I became unaware of everything, but the points at which our bodies were connected to each other. Unfortunately, I was so unaware of my surroundings that I didn’t hear the zip on the tent go down.

As soon as I heard a gasp I jumped off of Sam and whipped around to face the door. And standing there, in the entrance to my tent, was my little sister, Cora. She looked so shocked to find me like this with Sam that she was frozen to the spot, just staring at us. I quickly glanced back at Sam to see how he was taking this development and realised that he wasn’t wearing anything to cover his cock. When he made eye contact with me I nodded down to his erection with my eyebrows raised to make sure that he was aware of his state of undress. Sam quickly glanced down and while turning bright red grabbed a random blanket to cover his dick with.

“Cor, look it-“, I started.

“I don’t want to know, Kate. I do not want to know, but I only came in here because I can hear you all the way from my tent and with all the groaning…I thought someone might be hurt,” she glanced down at Sam holding the blanket over his crotch and quickly moved her eyes back up to mine, but not without stopping to glance at my exposed breasts first. “Obviously I was wrong. So I think that I’ll be going now, but be warned that if I can hear you then Richard and Judy definitely can, so be quieter. Er, bye.” She said with a wave as she quickly escaped out of the tent, doing it back up on the way out.

I contemplated going after her, but then realised that I couldn’t go out there half naked and if I took the time to get dressed I probably wouldn’t catch up with her before she arrived at her own tent. Instead, I sighed and plonked myself onto the floor of the tent, putting my head in my hands. Sam, seeing my distress, immediately came to comfort me.

“It’ll be fine, Katie. Don’t panic about it, she won’t tell anyone, you know she won’t.” He consoled.

I nodded my head; for I knew that to be the truth, Cora wouldn’t tell anyone what she saw me doing in the tent, but it would ruin how she saw me. I just knew it kartal otele gelen escort would.


As always, at dinner time Sam and I sat next to each other, away from everyone else. However, today was different. Courtesy of our place in the corner, no one could see what we were doing. Therefore, nobody could see Sam’s hand travelling up and down my leg, caressing the inside of my thigh, but they could also not see my hand playing with the bulge in Sam’s shorts.

As much as I wanted to carry on earlier I couldn’t because I just had to find my sister and make sure that she was, not okay with it, but accepted that it was going to happen no matter what she thought. Gosh, that sounds bitchy. However, when I looked in her tent I only found her best friend, Jaz, lying on her bed and when I asked where Cora was she said that she went to find me and never came back. That worried me, but I knew that if she didn’t come back she mustn’t have for a reason, so I just went back to my now empty tent and stared at the top of it, wishing that I could have ran out after her.

At the moment, I was starting to regret my decision to chase after my sister as the juices started leaking out of my pussy and soaking through my panties. Sam’s hand was travelling further and further towards that sweet spot that I wanted him to touch. All of a sudden, he was there, touching my pussy through my shorts, so lightly that it made me shiver from anticipation. Oh, how much I wished that we had already had sex. I breathed out a low groan, hoping that nobody could hear me but not really caring if they did.

I needed him; all I could think about was his hands, there. He slowly stroked up and down the outsides of my pussy lips and then gently pushed his finger between them – with my shorts and panties on. When he withdrew his hand from my crotch he lifted his wet finger up to his mouth and slowly licked my juices off of it; it was the hottest thing that I had ever seen.

“Mmm, even better than my special, first night of camp dinner!” he exclaimed, mischievously. On the first night of camp, we always had fish fingers and chips. My face fell into a wounded expression, until he amended his words. “Okay, it was even better than that ice cream that we had in Devon that one time.”

I thought about that for a second and then nodded, appeased, after all, that ice cream was heavenly. “That’s what I thought,” my voice sounded strangely husky, but Sam seemed to like it since he gave me that slow, sexy smile and pulled me further towards him on the bench.

“Your tent or mine, Katie-Lou? I can’t wait any longer to have that sweet, tight pussy wrapped around me.”

“Mine, there’s no one else in there and it’s further away from all the others, but you know as well as I do that straight after dinner we have to go to flag, it’s compulsory, but afterwards…” I said with longing heavily evident in my voice.

“Urgh, why do istanbul kartal escort we have to go? They won’t miss us. We can, we can just hide in your tent and no one will ever know. We could do it, Kates, we could.” He pleaded, but stopped as soon as he saw me sadly shaking my head. “You don’t want to, do you? I knew it was too much, I just knew it. How could ever be so stupid? Look Kates I’m if I was too-“

“No,” I cut him off. “It’s not that Sam; believe me I want to and most definitely with you. It’s just that I’m afraid that they’ll find out and stop us from going into the tent together and I could not deal with that.” I said looking into his eyes so he could see the truth behind mine. Sam sighed heavily, “Okay, Kates, okay. When you put it that way, I couldn’t bear to be without you either.”

I grinned up at him and then hugged him fiercely, nuzzling his chest. I was impatient to be alone with him so we could go further, but I liked these moments. It reminded me of the old times, when our unlikely friendship first came to be, when we were just friends, but I wouldn’t trade what we have now for the world. What we had now was going to be way, way more exciting and fulfilling.


We stood around the flag with everybody else, but I felt removed from the rest of the people watching the dorky scenes being performed on stage, with the terrible singers and the ones that blew you away. I felt like it was just me and Sam. We had chosen to do the thing that would probably turn out better for us in the long run and go to flag down, even if we were both still horny and just wanted to go to the tent and fuck like rabbits all week long. To my delight, even though we stood with the rest of our troop, we were right at the back of them and we were in a corner. I stood in front of Sam and he had his arms wrapped around me from behind, slowly stroking the underside of my tit, while resting his chin on the top of my chin.

The sensations that that small movement was causing were unbelievably pleasurable. It took all I had to keep in the groan that was just itching to break free of my lips, his fingers just felt so good. However, I knew that if I was to let out even the tiniest of noises, the nosy 14 year olds would turn around and see exactly what we were doing, that would definitely put an end to all of our fun. Instead, I took the torture, but I did give it back to him as well; after all I wasn’t going to let him think that he had this over me, was I?

Slowly, I ground my ass into his crotch, twirling around and around. The movements were small enough that they wouldn’t attract people’s attention but large enough that they had a profound effect on Sam, who was also struggling to keep in his own groan. This made me want to move quicker and thrust harder, but I knew that I would attract too much attention if I did, so I used all the will power that I possessed and kept my speed and rhythm steady.

I kartal rus escort could feel his dick pressing incessantly into my ass and it was almost enough for me to let go of my control and start moaning at the top of my lungs. Almost, but not quite. I somehow managed to hold the groan in and just settled for a slight whimper that was just loud enough for the two of us to hear. It felt too good for me to not voice my thoughts so I leant my head back and placed my lips next to his ear. I was about to whisper some truly dirty thing when his dick rubbed against my clit, so instead of voicing my joy, loudly, I bit down on his earlobe, causing Sam to whimper in barely controlled pleasure.

Oh, the sensations that ran through me when his dick found the desired friction against my pussy. I couldn’t hold it in any longer I was going to cum. A few milliseconds before I tipped over the edge I felt Sam’s hand clamp over my mouth to muffle the sounds that were slipping out as my control failed. The orgasm was so intense; it was the best that I had ever experienced. I then knew what that hand over my mouth was for, I moaned, as quietly as I could. If I had moaned that loud without anyone covering my mouth I would have attracted attention for sure.

I stood there, in Sam’s arms, shuddering from the after effects of the most intense orgasm of my life for a few minutes, until I regained control over my body. My head lolled back on Sam’s shoulder and I panted as I tried to slow down the speed of my heart, which made me feel like I had just run a marathon.

“That was amazing. I’ve never, ever cum that hard before in my life!” I panted out.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed watching you, Kate. However, there is more where that came from and you should be prepared to cum that hard and probably even harder later.” He grinned.

I grinned back at him, turned towards him and threw my arms around his neck. Carefully, in case anybody was watching, I placed a soft, chaste kiss on his lips.

“I’m looking forward to it,” I said right by his ear, which made him shiver in anticipation. This was going to be a great night for both of us, no doubt about it.

I was longing to drag him back to the campsite right then so that he could fulfil his promise, but I restrained myself and just turned back around to watch the end of the scene. I heard Sam chuckle behind me as he watched a guy in a cowboy hat run across the stage, armed with a nerf gun, and break the ‘prisoners’ out of the cardboard jail. As I watched the guy run across the stage I thought that I recognised those gangly limbs, loping across the stage.

I turned around to Sam and asked “Who is that running across the stage, in the cowboy hat?” Sam squinted at the guy and recognition flashed across his face seconds before it turned into humour and he started to laugh. “That, Kate, is Drew.”

“Ha, I thought he said that he would never get involved with these scenes because they were childish and extremely unfunny?”

“Yep, he did, but obviously he had a change of heart.”


He smiled at me and we both straightened when we heard the blare of the siren that signalled flag down. We both turned towards the stage and Sam, reluctantly, released me so that we could fulfil our duty as Explorers and salute the flag.

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