Calliope’s New Life Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 — Cleaning Day

Calliope woke alone in her own bed to the silence of the house. Rubbing her eyes she sat up and looked around for a clock. There wasn’t one and she wondered about that as she slipped from the bed. Padding quietly through the bathroom that linked their two rooms she peaked into Padraic’s room listening to his heavy breathing and realising he was still asleep. Silently moving closer she could see the display on the radio alarm clock showing that it was barely five and knew the alarm would not go for another hour.

Not wanting to return to her empty room Calliope curled up in the big chair beside his bed and watched Padraic sleep feeling her own eyes start to droop again. She woke with a start as the alarm sounded and realising where she was she crept into the oversized bed burrowing down under the covers to wake him as he liked to be woken. Wrapping her lips around his cock she slowly and gently sucked him to full rigidity.

Padraic smiled and groaned softly as he felt her lips surround his cock. The night had been just as much a punishment for him, he thought as he enjoyed her gentle attentions. Padraic pulled the cover off the bed and gripped her body turning her until she straddled his head without losing contact with his cock.

Calliope’s body was quivering in pleasure as his mouth began to travel over her cunt, his hands kneading at firm cheeks of her ass as his tongue teased and rolled its way through her lips and over her clit. She squeaked and widened her legs as she felt him nip at her inner thighs. Her body writhed in excitement, and her legs widen further. She felt his fingers pull her cheeks further apart as his tongue tantalizingly flicked over her clit and inner core.

Padraic prodded the rosebud between her ass cheeks as he held her tightly to him, and his tongue explored her wet pussy, her squeaks and whimpers sounded out her pleasure. Allowing her to set her own pace as she sucked his cock slowly, her tongue fluttering under the mushroom head driving him wild and he began to buck his hips urging her to take him deeper and faster.

Calliope’s thighs began to shake as he pushed a thick finger into her while flicking his tongue over her clit, lifting her head from his cock she whimpered loudly and began rolling her hips. Padraic’s hand landed harshly on her ass at her lack of attention to his cock. She tried to brace her knees on the bed to slow the shaking that had gripped her thighs. She found she was barely able to control them, and she whimpered loudly around his cock, her head spinning as his pumped his fingers in and out of her and sucked on her clit until she howled out her orgasm unable to hold it back or ask permission.

Moving quickly, Padraic rolled her off him and climbed on top of her. He lifted her legs high and rammed his rock like cock into her wanting to feel the last ripples of her orgasm around him. He leaned down to kiss her open, gasping mouth; his cock buried deeply within her before rising up to begin a hard, deep, fuck. Letting her legs go to wrap around his hips he leaned in to kiss her deeply sharing the same breath as their bodies moved together. He could feel her thighs begin to shake again as they gripped his hips and his pace quickened, pounding into her hard and fast.

Calliope felt as if her first orgasm had never left her but rather simmered on a low point just below her skin keeping her tingling and on the edge. As Padraic had rolled her and began to fuck hard into her, she thought she could almost cum again, and began to beg him as she knew he liked and wanted from her. “Fuck me, fuck me, please, please! Can I come, Please Paddy?”

Her legs wrapped around his hips they moved together in unison her hips bucking to meet his every thrust and once again, her legs began to shake and her body quivered in pleasure. She saw him rise above her and increase his pace and force sending her quickly to the edge she tried to hold back, but her head exploded as she came hard, her inner muscles gripping his cock.

Padraic was in heaven, he adored the small, lithe body beneath him. He felt himself begin to come as she shook and writhed, the pressure on his cock, milking his own orgasm from him. He growled low in contrast to her howl as they both came and he collapsed on top of her, trying not to crush her as he held her close and kissed her. After a few minutes, he rolled off her but unwilling to break the contact they shared, he pulled her with him to lie on top of him and wrapped his arms around her.

Neither of them spoke while their breathing slowly returning to normal, “Good morning baby,” Padraic smiled down on her.

“Good morning,” Callie snuggled closer enjoying the feel of being in his arms after her night of isolation, she felt his arms tighten around her, and she smiled happily.

Padraic smacked her ass thinking of the delights ahead and said, “Time to get up!”

“Noooooo,” Calliope whined, “Not yet, pleaseeeee.” She pulled the blanket taksim escort up over them covering her head.

Padraic let a low rumble build to a growl, “Rule number one.”

“But I already got up once today,” she tried to wheedle.

Padraic pulled the covers from her and smacked her ass again, making her yelp. “After such a lovely beginning, this morning is not shaping up well at all.”

Callie looked up at him with big eyes, “Okay. It’s just that I like being in the big bed with you.” She hadn’t enjoyed her night alone at all. Being isolated from him was the worst punishment ever as far as she was concerned. Being alone left her too much time to dwell on the fact that her life now was far preferable to what it had been, she had found someone to love who truly loved her in return and she hated that she kept messing that up.

Squirming against him once more she nuzzled his neck, “Wouldn’t you rather stay in bed all day with me?” Callie tried one last time.

A small smile curled his lip despite himself, he loved the small child-like woman beside him, and the idea of spending all day with her wrapped around him was tempting, to say the least, but he was a creature of habit to the point of obsession and he had plans for the day. Guiding her back down his body, he murmured gruffly, “Clean my cock while I think about it.”

The smile widened as he felt her eagerly move between his legs and he closed his eyes sighing in pleasure. While not quite the extreme of some people he knew Padraic liked everything clean, tidy and orderly in his life. He liked things a specific way, his way, and if they didn’t fit his narrow view of what was right he discarded them. As a much younger man, he had been informally diagnosed as having mild obsessive compulsive disorder, otherwise known as OCD, by one of the few lovers he ever had out side of the life style.

She had tried to live with his need to control everything in his world longer than most of the women he had had affairs with did. In the end though his jealousy over their bosses and family or anyone who seemed to have influence over them aside of himself became too much for even her understanding heart and they parted in an acrimonious split, that had sent Padraic out to find someone who needed looking after and would love him for his care and control. He had found the BDSM community and found a home so to speak with like minded people.

Padraic had let his mind wander to that time as Callie moved enticingly against him and he smiled down at his girl. It was a complicated relationship he was drawing her into, and he only knew one way to teach her what she must learn not only about his wants and needs but also her new life as his grown up little girl at the same time. His expectations were high, but he was sure she could meet them now that he had opened himself up to love for the first time in the many years since Shelly had left him for a life in a polyamorous household. While the introduction to his friendship circle was a well worn tradition he had no plans to allow her or himself the freedom of playing with others again, at least for a long while yet, and even then it would be restricted to lifestyle outings only.

Carl had made it quite clear that he had wanted to be involved in her training and when he returned to work he considered that sending Callie to college with Carl may be a smart idea. He had known Carl for years and knew that he respected the boundaries put in place by a little ones Daddy-Dom. It could work out quite nicely if he was specific with both of them about his rules for going to school. Callie’s increasingly skilful hands and mouth were making his blood pump again, and he lowered his hands to twist into her hair. She certainly was an eager learner he smiled and let himself enjoy his second erection of the morning.

Pulling her hair and feeling her squeal and whimper around his cock aroused him even more and he growl loudly pulling her up by the hair and turning her face down on the bed. Kneeling up he raised her hips and smacked her ass several times turning it pink and making her cry out loudly. “Look at me,” Padraic growled, “Is this what you had in mind when you asked to stay in bed all day?” He began to spank her ass again watching her blink a tear to her cheek as she craned her head to look over her shoulder at him.

“She is so fucking gorgeous,” he thought to himself and stopped spanking her to plunge into her cum filled pussy. Enjoying the squealing gasps that filled the room and the hot skin of her now red ass against his thighs he held her hips as he rocked her body with each forceful thrust. He could feel himself edging closer to orgasm and curled one of the hands from her hip down to her soaked pussy, pinching her clit eliciting a delicious squeal. He felt the tremble in her body turn to a tremor and hearing her begin to beg let himself truly enjoy the moment.

There was nothing sweeter to Padraic than this moment, when she begged, like a little slut, kadıköy escort to be fucked and used and to cum for him, and him alone. Twisting the little nub between his fingers he growled “Cum,” and groaned deeply as she howled, her pussy contracting around his cock. Padraic pulled out of her and grabbing her tiny body spun her around easily feeding her his cock as he began to cum. She trembled and twitched as her mouth closed around his cock swallowing the spurts of milky fluid.

Groaning Padraic finally pushed her off him and lay her on her belly collapsing beside her one hand needing her red ass, “If we stay in bed all day this ass will stay bright red all day,” he murmured softly to her, and she turned her head to look at him, her face streaked with tears.

“I am ready to get up now, Paddy,” Callie said plaintively. She squirmed as he continued to play with her sore ass.

“I see,” Padraic held back his smile, “I was just thinking of all the fun we could have in bed today, I think I have those nipple clamps in one of these drawers,” he rolled on his side to open a drawer in the bedside table smiling at her squeak. “On second thoughts I had plans for today and what is rule number one baby?” He grinned at her.

“Paddy knows best,” she said quietly.

While still not entirely happy with the compromise that she could call him Paddy, he struggled to accept her use of it at times irrespective of how cutely she said it. “And next time I tell you that it’s time to get up what will you do, little one?” He had lost his smile and was frowning at her.

“I’ll be a good girl I promise,” she said still talking quietly, remorse in her voice.

Padraic stood up and picked Calliope up cuddling her close and walking into the bathroom. “Let’s get you cleaned up dirty girl, then we will have some breakfast and get our work done,” Padraic said, “It’s not the weekend yet, and we have stayed in bed way to long.” Padraic let her go to the toilet while be ran her a bath and poured in bubbles before he remembered she preferred more grown up cleansers.

Callie watched on and wrinkled her nose but didn’t complain. She understood after the last week the benefits of a bath when Paddy had been rough with her so she climbed in and sunk down into the bubbles and warm water gratefully saying, “Thank you Paddy.” Padraic showered as Calliope soaked and ran the razor over legs, pussy and underarms. It was part of her daily routine now, and she barely thought about it as she re-shaved her already smooth skin. Padraic left her in the bath soaking as he dressed and went into her room to choose an outfit for his girl. As her skin was beginning to prune he appeared beside the tub with a large fluffy towel, “All clean now dirty girl?” He asked with a grin.

Calliope nodded and stood up for him to wrap the towel around her and lift her from the tub. Padraic carefully dried her off and carried her into the bedroom helping her dress in a mini skirt that flared from her hips like a collapsed tutu and a tiny white t-shirt that left her midriff bare and flattened her already small tits, so her nipples seemed to poke at the material looking for escape and a pair of white cotton panties. Calliope could find no rhyme or reason for when she was allowed to wear underwear, it seemed wholly to depend on his mood, she had not been with him long enough to gauge whether it denoted that something might or might not happen during the day and she looked up at Padraic thoughtfully.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Padraic asked noticing her thoughtful look.

“Just wondering what we were doing today,” she explained.

“We have lots to do today but let’s start with fixing your hair and getting breakfast,” he leaned down and kissed her before picking up a brush. Once he has given her perfect pigtails, he took her hand and walked to the kitchen.

Padraic lifted Calliope to a stool at the kitchen bench and walk around the bench into the kitchen. Rather than the usual cereal bowls Calliope watched as he gathered blueberries, bananas and honey along with the milk. Chopping up the fruit and putting it into the blender with some seeds Calliope had not seen before and she tilted her head. Always aware of the girl across from him he saw her wrinkle her nose. “It’s flax seed baby, it’s good for your insides and outsides,” he chuckled, “Today is cleaning day for us as well as the house. You know how I like everything impeccably, that means you too.”

Calliope nodded, but she didn’t say anything as her mind tried to work out if she was being put on a diet. His next words confirmed her suspicions, “No meat today, not fats, no bread and no taking cookies from Mama Bea when she is here,” Padraic looked at her seriously, “Understand?”

“Yes, Paddy,” she said quietly, “Am I getting fat?”

“No baby but today is cleaning day, and that means us as well,” she smiled at her, “Your body is perfect just the way it is.” He leaned across the bench and stroked her cheek, “You halkalı escort bayan are the most beautiful baby I could ever wish for. I am just teaching you how to stay that way. It will keep your skin clear and healthy and your eyes bright and lively, and it will be beneficial for everything inside of you too to clean out your system once a week.”

“Okay,” she said eyeing the blender suspiciously. Padraic poured her a fruit smoothie and pushed the glass across the bench to her before pouring his own and cleaning out the blender and washing it before sitting down with her.

“Drink it all, baby,” Padraic urged, “This is all the breakfast we are having today.” Calliope took a large gulp and swallowed noisily. It wasn’t the worst thing she had ever tasted, but it wasn’t so pleasant either, she hoped it wouldn’t be like this all day.

Mama Bea bustled in carrying bags of groceries and cleaning products, stopping to set everything down and look at them, “You two are starting late today.”

Padraic grinned, “Callie had a little trouble getting up this morning.”

Mama Bea raised her eyebrow but didn’t comment on that as Jamie came in behind her. “Did you ask him yet?” Jamie asked eagerly.

“How about you say hello to Uncle Padraic and Calliope first, rude boy,” Mama gave him a small smile taking the sting out of her words.

Jamie blushed at the rebuke and greeted Padraic with a grown up handshake and gave Calliope a lingering kiss on the cheek making Padraic raise his eyebrow. “I think Jamie has a little crush on your Callie he has been nagging me about inviting her over for a play date.”

“Mama!” Jamie exclaimed.

Padraic chuckled, “Callie isn’t going on any play dates for a while I am sorry Jamie, at least not until I go back to work and I am not really sure about then either. I don’t blame you for asking though she is very pretty isn’t she.”

It was Calliope’s turn to blush as they talked about her over her head. Jamie tried to hide his disappointment as he nodded his agreement trying to mask his disappointment about not having a play date with Calliope in the near future. “Jesse will be disappointed,” he said bravely.

“We’ll leave you to it,” Padraic said trying to end the awkward moment, “No baking today, please Bea. We are doing a whole body cleanse.” Padraic grinned, “We have had a late start, and I have work to attend to, this one distracts me so much.” He picked Calliope up off the stool and walked away toward the study. Remembering the purchases he made yesterday he stopped and turned, “We went shopping yesterday there are so new things in Calliope’s room. If you get that far, see what you can do with them, would you?”

Mama grinned, “Ooh goodie, I love decorating. That will make up for the lack of baking today.” Padraic winked at her and walked to the study with Calliope. He placed her over the back of the armchair in front of his desk and walked around to the box he kept in there for her training. Picking up the lube and the plug he was currently using in her training he returned to stand behind her and remove the panties she wore.

While still not entirely used to this part of her training, she had grown used to the pain and discomfort having the plug inserted gave her and his look of pleasure after made her feel warm and fluttery. She did not mind the feeling of fullness it gave her either so she closed her eyes determined to impress him today with her obedience. She did not want to spend another night all alone in her own small bed. She wiggled as he pulled her panties down her legs helping him as best she could without being eager.

Padraic loved the cute little upturned ass of his baby. He smacked her lightly watching the skin go pink as he lubed both her and the plug before inserting it. Always so careful not to scare or damage her, he knew he would not wait much longer to claim this virgin hole. Tonight he thought, after the day long cleanse he would enjoy taking his time and preparing her properly, his cock twitched at the thought, and before he got carried away with his new baby again he pulled her down off the chair and bent to kiss her.

They each went to their own desks, Calliope still using the small second hand wooden desk that Padraic had bought from a refurbished local school. The chair sat on was oversized and feet barely touched the floor as she opened the desk to get out her laptop and journals. As always she logged into her email account first. It had been specially set up by Padraic for her daily use, and he sent her tasks to do during their work time.

While Padraic had taken a leave of absence from his law firm, there were a couple of lingering cases that needed his background information and expertise as they were finalised. It was an excellent time to further Calliope’s understanding of the lifestyle he and his close friends lead and what his expectations of her would be. Callie never spoke while they worked unless Padraic asked her a question about what she was reading or doing based in her expressive face and concentration. He constantly looked up from his work to gauge her reactions and comfort with the tasks. He loved to see her sitting in the oversized chair swinging her legs and working away on one of her tasks.

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