Bound and Trained by Panties Pt. 01

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Patty uses her muscular legs and dirty panties to introduce Tom to physical and emotional bondage.

Tom never liked Dave’s younger sister, Darcy. She was an annoying pest as far as he was concerned. And after they all came of age his opinion of her didn’t change. This was because she continued to act just like a spoiled ten-year old. Whenever he went over there she would start in on him.

“Oh no! Tom Thumb is here! All the girls say he’s queer!”

“Oh yeah!” Tom would shoot back as he held out his thumb, “I’ll give you Tom Thumb! You little…”

“You’re disgusting! Get out of here, Pervert!” Darcy would reply.

Then Dave would take him back into his room and make the same comment.

“Why don’t you just fuck her and get it over with!” he’d tell Tom.

“Fuck her?! Look dude, I know she’s your sister, but friendship only goes so far!”

“Come on, she’s been after you for years!”

“Yeah, just one problem. She’s still a kid emotionally! Besides, you call constant harassment a sign of attraction?!”

“You bet!”

But Tom never let it come to anything, until he saw Patty over there one day. Patty was one of those retro pretty types. She had long brown hair with bangs and wore black mascara like the girls did in the 1960’s. She also had an air of physical power that radiated mainly from her large-legged lower body. The day he met her she had tight shorts on which showed off her pronounced thigh biceps and the deep cut on the side of the muscle that separates the bicep from the quadricep. Tom was stopped in his tracks when he saw these legs of hers. Patty smiled and said “hi” to him.

“Hey.” he answered back in a somewhat flat, starstruck tone.

“Patty’s a friend of Darcy’s.” Dave interjected.

This news shocked him. How does a girl like this become friends with Darcy?

“Oh… okay. Cool!” Tom replied with real approval but false understanding.

Then Darcy entered with her shitty grin and sarcasm turned up three notches.

“Oh look! Here’s the neighborhood pervert again!” she charged.

Tom blushed and laughed in a forced manner. He was caught now and he knew it. With Patty there Darcy had leverage on him and she was going to make him suffer as much as possible. The awkward moment was broken by Dave.

“Well, you girls have fun.” he said as he got up, “We’re heading out.”

“See ya, Tommy Tongue Job!” Darcy cracked as Tom rose.

“Bye!” Patty chimed with a sweet smile and lilting voice.

After they got outside Tom almost burst.

“That Patty is sooo fucking hot!” he exclaimed.

“Yeah, imagine my surprise.” Dave agreed.

“But why the fuck is she friends with Darcy?” Tom puzzled.

“God knows, but I’m good with it!”

“Yeah, I bet you are!” Tom replied with a snear.

But for the next couple days Tom ate his heart out. He imagined Patty flirting with Dave over at his house and then the two of them having sex. He saw them laughing together, laughing at him! He had to do something!

The next day he went over there with fear and jealousy in his heart; jealousy for what might be going on between Dave and Patty and fear that Darcy would make an even bigger fool out of him than she had during his last visit. He knocked and Dave answered the door.

“What’s up, Loser?” Dave greeted him.

Tom walked in right past him and looked around the living room.

“Who’s home?” he asked with a tone of suspicion.

“Nobody. Why?”

Tom scanned the hallway and then the kitchen wondering if Patty was there.

“Dude! Are you smoking that weed that makes you paranoid again?’ Dave queried with irritation.

“Who me? No… just wanna make sure…” Tom started.

“Make sure of what?”

Tom had to come up with an excuse for his weirdness now.

“…make sure … there’re… no busybodies around.”

“Dude, the house is ours!” Dave reassured him.

“Okay, look. I just heard something about this girl Patty.” Tom blurted as he tried to think quickly.

“What about her?”

“Ah, I heard she has…”



Tom was even impressed with himself for coming up with this one under pressure.


“That’s what I heard!”

“No shit!”


“Damn! What a fucking shame!” Dave exclaimed, crestfallen.

“I know.”

After this Tom felt better about the Dave and Patty situation, now all he had to do was neutralize Darcy. This would be a bigger challenge. It would require him to actually talk to her and say complimentary things.

Not one to waste time, he started going over to Dave’s every day, and happily, as it turned out, Patty was always there. The first day was the hardest.

“Well! well!” Darcy announced sardonically when she opened the door that day, “If it isn’t the beast with the least!”

Tom almost returned the insult out of habit, but he swallowed it instead with a loud gulp.

“Hi Darcy!” he replied with obvious fake enthusiasm, “What’s new?”

“You saying hello to me.” she spat back.

“Well come on, we’re adults now, aren’t we?” başakşehir escort he cajoled.

That’s when Patty walked into the room wearing a short spring dress.

“Hi Tom!” she said warmly.

“Hi Patty!” he returned, trying to keep his eyes from gobbling up her body.

Darcy opened the door all the way and he entered. But now the three of them were standing in the middle of the living room in discomfort.

“So is Dave here?” Tom finally asked.

“Did you see his car out front?” Darcy cut in.


“Okay then, I guess he’s not here, El Dopo!” Darcy chided.

Tom wanted to smack her with the back of his hand and watch her sail… but he didn’t. He needed to walk a diplomatic tight rope here.

“So… what are you guys up to?” he inquired.

“Just girl stuff.” Patty replied with a coy look.

“We were putting on some make up. Would you like to join us?” Darcy added as an elbow to his ribs.

Tom thought this was probably just a cover story. They had probably been looking at dick pics on Darcy’s phone. He decided to take a chance.


“You asked for it, Pervert!” Darcy challenged.

Darcy grabbed him by the shirt sleeve and they lead him into the bathroom. Once there they got him in front of the mirror and started to assess his physical shortcomings.

“Her hair is definitely a mess!” Darcy started as she grabbed a handful of his black locks.

“Oh yes! And these eyes are horrible!” Patty added as she leaned in for a closer inspection.

Soon they had his hair in barrettes and a bikini top wrapped around his chest over his shirt. Then Patty moved in to put some lipstick somewhere between his cheesy mustache and his scraggly goatee.

“Hold still!” she commanded as she surpressed her laughter.

Tom noticed that her body smelled like peaches and her tan face shone with health as she held his chin and applied the lipstick.

“I always suspected you were a fag!” Darcy cracked as she stepped back to spectate.

“He’s not a fag!” Patty quickly corrected, “He just likes girlie stuff!”

The girls both doubled over in laughter after that.

Tom was in dangerous territory now. He was risking being taken for a fool. He decided a tactical retreat was in order.

“Okay, that’s it! I’m done!” he told them as he walked out of the bathroom pulling barrettes out of his hair as he went.

Both girls quickly pursued him and grabbed at his arms.

“Wait! wait!” Darcy pleaded.

“We’re sorry, Tom!” Patty insisted.

But Tom was flustered now. He continued back into the living room and tossed the bra they had wrapped him in on the couch. Seeing that he was unnerved and needing to make a quick exit, Patty stopped him.

“Hey Tom, I’m having a party at my house this Thursday after work. Do you want to come?”

Her choice of words was perfect. Did he want to cum? Yes!

“Sure.” he replied as he wiped his painted lips clean with the back of his hand.

“Great! I’ll text you the address. See you there!”

“Okay. See you… the…there.” he stammered as he backed out of the front door and almost fell.

That Thursday he arrived at her house in a nice suburb and saw no other cars out front. He wondered if the address was right. He walked up and knocked and was relieved when Patty answered.

“Hi Tom!” she said in that wholesome, sincere voice of hers.

But Tom was concentrating on the visuals now since there before him she stood wearing only a string bikini! Tom’s eyes got big and his language skills failed him.

“I didn’t see any other… I mean… no other… cars… so I wondered… if…” he babbled on as he involuntarily scanned her full frontal elevation.

Patty had obviously decided to pull out the big guns, and those guns were her jamming legs and natural bubble butt. She seemed to take pity on Tom at this point.

“Come in, you poor man!” she said as she took his arm.

Her butt and legs bounced with muscular power as they walked through the house into the kitchen.

“Well, everyone called off that I invited.” she advised him, “Even Darcy!”

“Wow! That’s messed up!”

“I know. I’m so disappointed!” she said as she sat down and sulked.

He had a chance now to look at her tits as he took the seat across from her at the kitchen table. They were maybe “B ” cups, although they sat high and firm. But then he thought about the improbability of her story. Had he ever heard of a chick throwing a party and every single person no showing? No. So what was the deal? Could it all be a ploy he wondered? An excuse to get him alone? Holy shit! Of course it was!

“Here’s your shot, Tommy Boy!” he said to himself.

“Well I’m sure we can have our own party without those losers!” he consoled her.

“Yeah! You’re right!” she replied, perking up suddenly, “I like the way you think, Tom!”

“Really? Well I like the way you dress for parties!” he said with a falsely confident smile.

“Oh, this old thing!” she complained looking down, “It’s so stretched out.”

“Sure, it needed more room!”

She kadıköy escort seemed a bit uncomfortable with this comment. Tom rushed in to amend it.

“I mean, you must have gained muscle!”

“Oh, yeah, I used to workout a lot. Total gym rat!”

“I can tell.”

“I had to keep fit for the school tennis team.”

Tom thought of all the voluptuous women playing tennis at that time and how he loved to watch their thighs flex during those deep lunging defensive backhands.

“Yeah, you generate all your power from the legs in tennis.” he observed.

He was drifting now and he knew it. He had to take a chance.

“You have very sexy legs by the way.” he finally had the nerve to confess to her.

“Really! Do you like them? A lot of guys say big legs are ugly.”

“No, quite the opposite. I think they’re the sexiest thing a woman can have.”

Her face lit up after that and she rose to her feet and walked over to the cooking island.

She turned her back to him and leaned into the counter. Then she looked over her shoulder as she got up on her tippytoes and contracted her calf muscles for him.

“Do you like them?” she asked.

Tom’s mind tumbled as the two heads of each of her calves rose up and took on the shape of rock-like, inverted hearts.

“Wow!” was all he could say as a general paralysis came over him.

“Would you like to feel them?”

This offer made shock waves roll down his back and pre-cum seep into his underwear.

“Ah, sure.”

Tom managed to push himself up to a standing position and drag his comparatively withered limbs over to where she was. Then he went down to his knees as a man does in church, slowly and with reverence. When he was finally in a sitting position with his legs splayed out to the sides, he reached out and gripped each calf with each hand. His face was only inches from her thighs now as he moved his fingers up along the sweeping musculature of her gastrocnemius. He looked up and closed his eyes as he concentrated on their power and roundness against his hands. These legs could stomp any man in a competition he understood.

When he got to the knee he moved back down again and paid special attention to the taper as the wide muscle belly of the mid calf gave way to the narrow ankle. Her feet were even beautifully arched and well-padded! But he couldn’t keep from putting his face against her leg biceps as he went, with their long, strong, muscle cords that were hot against his cheek.

She spoke several times during his journey but he didn’t respond to her. His hands only continued up and around to her hyper-developed quadiceps. He gripped the lower heads of the muscle just above the knee as they flexed back and forth when she shifted her weight. His nose was just starting to angle up toward her bikini crammed ass when he finally heard his name being called in a muffled echo.

“Tom! Can you hear me?” Patty beckoned as she turned around.

Tom opened his eyes suddenly. He didn’t remember even going to the floor. He quickly re-gathered his mind.

“Yeah, I uh… just zoned out there.”

“Oh okay. So I guess you like them.”

“Them? Oh yes! I like them very much!”

“Good.” Patty said as she reached down and started stroking his hair.

Tom looked up at her, and from this low angle saw only the round swell of her powerful thighs and the pert projections of her tits. She was his goddess of bounty now and he was her newly healed pet. Then she squatted down to get to his eye level.

“Tom,” she said, putting her hands on his shoulders, “I like you.”

This was it, he thought!

“I like you, too!”

“I’m sorry about that whole dress up episode the other day.”

“Aaaah! Forget it!”

“I want you to know I really see you as a man! A real man!”


In a squatting position her thighs looked twice as massive as usual. His member began to push against his jeans.

“I just wanted to ask you a question…” she continued.

“Sure, shoot.”

“Okay. Well, since you really seem to be attracted to me, I wondering if you’d let me tie you up.”

Tom had trouble believing his ears.

“Did you say ‘tie me up’?”

“Yes.” Patty replied with the same even tone.

Tom felt another dribble of pre-cum move out of him just then. This incredibly sexy, retro girl wanted to get kinky with him! Could he have wished for anything more? Did things like this really happen?

“Okaaay.” he replied, his vocal intonation rising as if to express a hint of apprehension.

“Really Tom! Will you let me?”

“Why not.” he said, throwing his hands in the air.

“Oh that’s wonderful! Come on then.” Patty gushed.

They both stood up and she lead him by the hand down the hall to her room. Tom’s heart was pounding. When they got inside he saw she still had some of the vestiges of high school on her walls: her graduation photo, her Justin Timberlake centerfolds, her cross country medals. And there in the corner was her bed with a wooden headboard and footboard, covered with esenyurt escort bayan stuffed animals. She went over and picked up the animals one by one and set them down in a rocking chair beside the bed.

“Nice room!” he complimented.

“Thanks!” she replied as she pulled the bedspread off.

Tom was getting a little uncomfortable now watching her.

“Okay, lie down!” she told him with a new tone of businesslike formality in her voice.

Tom smiled defensively and sat down on her floral bed sheets.

“Nice mattress!” he said as he patted it with both hands.

Then he swung his legs up and laid back. He stayed there with his hands on his stomach as Patty began to rustle around in her closet.

“Don’t have any whips in there, do you?” he kidded nervously.

A moment later she emerged holding three bathrobe ties. She dropped two and went to the end of the bed and tied his feet together. Then she tied his feet to the footboard rail with what was left of the tether.

“How does that feel?” she asked him, “Not too tight?”

“No, no, feels pretty good.”

Then she picked up the other ties and got up on the bed, stepping over him with one leg in a straddle manuever. She looked like an Amazon sex goddess from his perspective. He was amazed at how her barely covered twat projected out from between her thighs. Tom smiled and started to reach for her legs but was rebuffed.

“No!” she told him harshly.

Tom flinched and retreated, not sure exactly how this game was played.

She squatted down next and tied his left hand to the left bedpost and then his right hand to the other.

“Are we okay?” she checked.

“Yeah, I think so.”


Then she stepped down and went into her drawer and took out a black sleeping mask.

“Now I have something to put over your eyes so you can concentrate on my touch. Is that okay?”

Tom’s pulse was beating in his ears now.

“Yeah, sure. Sounds like fun.” he replied with shaky conviction.

“Good.” Patty said as she slipped it over his head and then down over his eyes, “Can you see any light?

“No. Nothing.”

“Good. Are you ready?”

Tom began to squirm.

“Ready for what?” he asked.

“Ready for your panty mask.”

“Panty mask?”

“Yes. I want to put my panties over your face. Would that be okay?”

Tom’s pulse exploded

“Jesus! Really?!” he exclaimed with a quiver in his voice.

“Unless you think it would be wrong…”

“No! No, not at all! Go ahead.”

“Okay good.”

She took the panties from her bedside drawer and slipped them over his face so the crotch was over his nose and the leg holes aligned with his eyes. Their scent was apparent to him immediately. They smelled of pussy musk and faintly of urine.

“You like those?”

“Yes! I can smell your cunt!”


Then there was a pause.

“Would it be okay if I pulled your pants down?”

“All right. Sure.”

“Would you like that?”



The next thing Tom felt was his belt being undone, then his jeans being unbuttoned and unzipped. Then two hands worked his pants and underwear down to his ankles. He knew instantly he was erect because his cock slapped up against his abdomen and then rebounded to an unknown holding position that he guessed was true perpendicular.

“Wow Tom! You’ve got a big boner here!” Patty complimented.

Tom couldn’t help the shivers that were moving through him now as his sex organ was being appraised by her.

“Yeah.” was all he could manage to say.

“Is it okay if I touch it?”

“Sure!” he blurted as he shook with tension.

“You sure?”

“Yeah! yeah! Please, go ahead!”


The next thing Tom felt was a warm hand gently grip his scrotum. He let out an involuntary exhalation of air.


“How does that feel, Tom?”

“Oh fuck!”

“Does that mean good?”

“Yeah! Yes!”

Her hand raked its fingers over his scrotum skin and then moved up, touching his shaft lightly with its nails. And then she let the other hand join in on the light finger touching. After this she gripped the root of his shaft firmly and started rubbing his gland with a solitary finger.

“You’re really excited, Tom!” she told him, “Your cock is turning purple, it’s already dripping!”

Tom only nodded and gnashed his teeth as his body shook uncontrollably. Each noseful of air he took in filled his head with her pungent cunt aroma. He imagined that her pussy was right there in front of him as she kept circling the head of his cock with her finger. His gland was soon engorged to the bursting point. Finally she began to work on him with two fingers in a sort of pinching motion. Tom’s tremors quickly turned to quakes as the tickling of his man head became too intense for him to bear. His breathless vocalizations then rose in pitch to a single note.

“Ahhhhh!” he called out as his long member released a surprise stream of semen straight up into the air.

Her fingers then encircled his gland rim and stroked the rest of his cum out in a slow, methodical pull. Tom emitted strange atonal squeals as his body stayed rigid for a full minute. Finally the pulsing pleasure waves that were crashing up from his prostate came slowly to a resolution.

“Oh god!” he panted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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