A New School Ch. 01

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Big Tits

The erotic characters:

Jake: 6 foot 1 , 18 years old , dusty brown hair , big brown eyes , olive skin , 185 pounds , a little bit muscular, but not over the top , extremely fucking adorable.

“You”- a female. Whatever you look like. 18 years of age.

Chapter one: A New School,

I walked to school with my friend, Jake. We at first met up at the park next to my apartment complex. It was one of the most beautiful parks I’d see since I moved. It had lush green trees and intriguingly architecturally designed chairs all spread out. My walking had slowed as I pondered about the beautiful park.

“Hey, you alright?” Asked Jake.

“Yeah, yeah.” I managed to stutter out.

We reached the school in no time, it was pretty close to my home. We walked in and it Immediately smelled of cedar. I saw Jake squint a little bit at the smell. I thought it was wonderful. As my staring went on, I noticed Jake’s friends close by. Their names were Paul and Cameron. Paul was average height and quite chubby. Cameron was tall and blond with some acne. Of course out of the three I would always choose Jake. Not that it was a choosing situation, but by far if I had just seen these three, Jake would obviously stand out as the most attractive.

“Shit J, that’s a hot piece of ass you got there!”

I was so far zoned out I barely heard a crude comment Paul made. Hot piece of ass? Of course, what did I expect. These are high school boys. I turned to Jake to see how he’d respond and his face was bright kolej escort red. I giggled a bit.

“What?” He asked.

“You’re blushing.” I giggled out.

“Oh.” He said as he became more red.

“Hey would you wanna maybe go out on a date sometime Laur?” Asked Paul.

Before I knew it Jake pulled me away.

“What the fuck?” I said in a whispery voice.

“I don’t want you going out with him” he told me. “The guy is bad news.”

“You want me all to yourself?” I asked slyly.

Paul and Cameron were heading over and before I knew what was going on Jake pulled me close and kissed me hard on the lips. I was shocked at how good he was. During the summer he told me he’s never had a girlfriend nor kissed anyone. This kiss though, it made my pussy tingle with excitement. I grabbed his arm and did something I would’ve regretted, but didn’t whatsoever. I pulled him to a closet and locked the door behind us. I kissed him hard on the lips to repay him for his kiss and he kissed back. I could taste a smoothie after I kissed him. It was pretty wonderful. I quickly took ahold of his belt and started undoing it. He was shocked.

“I-is this alright?” I asked nervously.

“Yes!” He replied sounding too excited.

His response made me smile and I continued undoing his belt. I pulled down his pants then his boxers. His dick was huge, probably something like 9 inches when erect. To be fair I didn’t know what was big and what wasn’t because I’d never kurtuluş escort done this, yet I was going about like I was a pro. I held his dick near his balls and licked the tip of his dick. He grunted high pitched and my heart was beating fast. I swirled my tongue around his tip and focused there for about 3 minutes. I then pressed my lips against his head and slowly moved his member in my mouth. It tasted of pre-cum. It wasn’t very salty, mostly a wonderful sweet taste. This made me euphoric. I’d never done anything like this and it felt amazing. I could only get about 5 inches in before I’d start gagging. I shoved his dick in and out of my mouth trying to get deeper. I reached 8 inches and swirled my tongue as I moved his dick in and out. I could feel his dick pulsating, ready to cum. I began to caress his balls and with that he came. All of it went into my mouth. It tasted so damn wonderful it wasn’t hard to swallow whatsoever. I examined him after everything went down and he was smiling more than I’d see before. He was still very hard when I looked down. He inched toward me and grabbed my waist. He kissed me hard once again and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Can I take your top off?” He asked politely.

“Just fuck me.” I said.

Those three words were all he needed. He grabbed the bottom of my top and pulled it off along with my lacy bra. He took my waistband and pulled down my shorts and panties. We were both completely naked in a storeroom closet of school. maltepe escort It was risky yet completely invigorating. It made me feel almost high. He sucked on my nipples as I began to give him a handjob.

“You’re so fucking beautiful.” He said continuing to suck on my tits.

“You too.” I dumbly said, but went with it anyway.

As he licked my breasts he moved his hand down to my pussy. His thumb began to rub my clit. Butterflies went insane in my stomach. It was an intense feeling. This went on for 20 minutes and we were well late for class. It didn’t matter. What mattered is what we were doing right at this moment. My eyes went wide. I hadn’t noticed he shoved a finger in my cunt. He wiggled it around inside and the squishing became louder. The wetness was pouring out of my aroused pussy. He pushed my body back on the wall and my arms were up against it too. He sat me down and he began to spread open my legs. He pushed his tongue in my pussy and I came quickly.

“You taste really good.” He said licking his lips.

I blushed hard and managed out a “thank you” as he continued flicking my clit and swirling his tongue in my pussy. I came once more and he picked me up and spun me around. He teased my cunt with his throbbing penis. He began pushing it in slow. I moaned really loudly. I was ready for him. He went slow at first. I am tight because before this encounter I was indeed a complete virgin. Once he became more comfortable he started pumping in and out of me. I started moving with him and it felt like ecstasy. Such a vibrant yet intense feeling. I squealed a couple times and moaned a lot as his large member pumped in and out of my virgin pussy. He grunted as he came.

“Fuck, we forgot condoms!” I yelped.

“Oh shit.” He stammered.

To be continued…

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