Young Man and Older Lady Ch. 05

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Author’s note: Not everyone appreciates May-December stories that involve incest, so if that is you, this story isn’t you.

Pieter Strauss III, aka Trey, a young student who had a little over a year earlier lost his university Professor father, Pieter Strauss Jnr, himself son of another Professor, Pieter Strauss Snr, had a summer holiday fling with a mature lady, Sarah, then later learned on his return to university in September that the lady was in fact his father’s sister – his aunt – and his father’s replacement at the university. They decided to live secretly as a couple while looking simply like Aunt/Nephew house mates to the outside world.

This story takes place towards the end of the third – summer – session of Sarah’s first year teaching and Trey’s third year as a student. The summer holidays are just about to start after the last few days of classes. Trey is coming up 24 and Sarah approaching 59.

The weather was becoming more summer-like by the day, and Trey and Sarah decided it was time to go up to the lake and open up the cottage. They would have liked to have gone up on the Friday afternoon, but the Dean had decided that early that evening was a good time to hold his end of term cocktail party. Sarah had bought a new formal dress for such events. It was full-length, neck to floor, and had many, many pleats in it. The fabric, black with silver threads woven in, was almost sheer, so it hinted that things under the dress might just be seeable, but the layers and the constant swinging movement caused by the pleating kept everything modest. Still, the hint of something being revealed, and the fact that Sarah wore only a thong under it, was enough to titillate most of the male imaginations in the room.

Trey was talking to the Dean’s wife. She was a rather homely woman, a little on the plump side, which was magnified by the fact that she was not very tall. The Dean’s wife – Marjorie – was commenting on the fact that the Dean seemed to have a lot to say to Sarah, and Trey smiled to himself about why that might be. Sarah had that inner mysterious smile she always had when her body was sexually stimulated, and the fact that she had her Ben Wa balls inside her vagina ensured that she was indeed sexually stimulated!

The balls had become a ritual for these events thrown by the Dean, to give the pair of them some secret amusement. They normally resulted in a hot session when they got home, but a couple of times that had occurred even sooner. Trey loved the fact that Sarah, when stimulated by the balls, would need to flex her body in a most sensual way, and the guys would crowd round her like bees to a honey pot without knowing why.

The Dean’s wife was complaining that the Dean had arranged various trips through the summer break that she was not able to accompany him on, whether for the expense or for intensity of the sessions, and so she was going to be spending a lot of the summer alone, or with their only daughter and her very young kids. As she was explaining all of this, Mrs. Henry’s gaze was fixed on Professor Fotheringham, from the Arts department, who was alone, eating from the buffet.

“They’re nice enough kids,’ she was saying, “but so energetic.”

Trey, who had frequently been his father’s guest to such shindigs, had long since mastered the art of passive conversation at these dos, and would “MMM” and “I see” at the appropriate times while watching his Aunt play the room. They had evolved a system for these events. Sarah would take a clutch bag and put it on the corner of the food buffet. When she had had enough, she would pick up the bag, and that was Trey’s signal to “get me out of here.”

Sarah picked up the bag and nodded to Professor Fotheringham, but seeing that Trey was himself cornered, she came over to him and quietly said “We should go.” They made their good-byes, and like the Pink Panther, exited Stage Left as quickly as they could.

Their car was downstairs and already packed. They leapt in and drove away. A short distance away they pulled into the parking lot of the football stadium. They got out of the car and changed out of their dress clothes into shorts and T-shirt, and were off on their way to the cottage. The plan was to be there until Monday morning, at least, and the Twins were coming up for the day and night on Sunday. That would be a great day to be naked all day, and the weather forecast was ideal.

Arriving at the cabin, they did all the usual things. Turned on the power and the water, ran some water from each tap to clear anything trapped in there, and made up the beds, as the Twins were coming. They unpacked the car into the fridge and the freezer, which was small and would chill fairly quickly. They poured themselves a scotch and sat on the sofa side by side.

Trey started to tell Sarah about what Marjorie had said about the Dean going off on conferences and things all summer.

“That’s strange,” said Sarah, “at the last faculty meeting he was saying how he was so busy this summer writing a book that bonus veren siteler he was not going to conferences and was going to hibernate at home to work on it. Something to do with an analysis of the use of science by Arthur Conan Doyle in his Sherlock Holmes books. Sounds like a best seller!!” giving a thumbs down sign as she spoke.

Trey looked at Sarah. “Really, sounds like he is going somewhere where he wants nobody to know where he is. Can you think where that might be?”

They both looked at each other and grinned. They had a pretty good idea as to where, but not much of an idea as to why.

They finished their scotch and got into bed and made love slowly and gently before drifting off to sleep.


In the morning, it was warming up nicely, and so they didn’t bother to dress, staying naked. They just had cereals for breakfast as they didn’t feel like cooking, and decided they would laze on their dock for the morning, and maybe swim after lunch. The sun was full in bursts, but there was enough cloud around to stop it getting too hot. They had tested the water with their feet without going in fully. It was bracing, but not too cold to swim.

After a lunch of deli meats and salad, with white wine, and a pause for digestion, they dove into the clear water of the lake. The water was quite cold where it was deep, but nearer the edge was okay for swimming. Both strong swimmers, they set off for the headland that separated their little bay from the next bay, where there was a matching cabin owned by the university. Broaching the headland to the point where they could see the cabin, they rested partially on a rock where they could see and not be seen.

As they had guessed, the Dean’s car was there. The question was who was he with. The first surprise was that when he came out of the cabin to sit down on the small veranda, he was completely naked. The even bigger surprise was when his companion came out and was also naked.

Elizabeth Fotheringham was an art professor at the university nicknamed by students as the Virgin Queen. She had quite an attractive face, but was essentially straight up and down for her figure, being completely flat chested. And, she was the member of faculty who created the nickname ‘The Boobsy Twins’ for Jan and Sue, the photographers.

Trey and Sarah looked at each other. They too were naked, so if they were to swim over to the cabin, they would be as equally embarrassed as the Dean and his companion. While anyone in the world could understand the naked relationship of the two on the veranda, what would explain an Aunt and Nephew swimming around naked together. Could they get away with “We’re just Naturists?”

A further complication. If the Dean and Elizabeth were still here tomorrow when the Boobsy Twins came up, what would happen? What rumors would start? Or should Trey and Sarah swim home, dress and walk to the cabin? “On the other hand, and there’s always another hand.” said Sarah, quoting Tevye from Fiddler On The Roof,

“If he knows about us and we know about him, there’s nothing he can do about it.”

They looked at each other and at the dock, and then back at each other, and started to swim to the Dean’s dock. There were two ladders out of the water, so they each climbed one so that their shoulders appeared above the surface of the dock. In particular, Sarah deliberately climbed up enough to expose her breasts so as to show she was naked.

They called out “Hi” and the pair on the veranda looked up. Elizabeth immediately shrieked and ran into the cabin. The Dean, whose name was Charles Henry, wrapped a towel around his waist and walked down the dock.

“Well, this is a surprise,” said Dean Henry.

“I’m sure it is,” said Sarah.

“Do you wish to join us for coffee?” Dean Henry asked, trying to be civilized.

“That would be nice,” replied Sarah, “as long as you don’t mind the fact we’re both naked. But then again, so were you both.”

The Dean shrugged his shoulders, said “That’s okay, I guess” and walked back towards the cabin.

Sarah and Trey came out of the water and followed him. Elizabeth came out of the cabin wearing a beach wrap. “Hello,” she said, trying her best to be casual.

Sarah smiled at her. “Given we are completely naked, and given we know you both were until you saw us, may I suggest we put this on an equal footing and all remove the wrappings?”

She stood there, completely naked, proudly exposing her breasts and her hairless pussy. She made no attempt to cover up with her hands, and to his credit, neither did Trey. He was amused by Elizabeth sneaking glances at him, and not eye to eye either. After a pause, Elizabeth shucked off her beach wrap, looked at the Dean and said “Drop the towel, Charlie.”

Sarah was amazed. She had never heard anyone, including the Dean’s wife, call him Charlie. There was all the proof – if any more were needed – of the level their relationship had reached.

“You’re right, Liz,” bedava bahis said Charlie, dropping the towel. “I guess we can all agree that what happens at the lake stays at the lake?” It was more a pleading question than a statement, but Trey simply replied “Of course, sir.”

Naked, the Dean was not a bad looking guy. He wasn’t an Adonis, but there was not much fat on him and his waist was clearly noticeable. He didn’t have a pronounced belly, or flabby bum. All in all, not a bad body.

“So,” said the Dean – Trey was really having a problem thinking of him as Charlie – “afternoon tea, or something stronger? Wine or Scotch?”

“A white wine would be nice,” replied Sarah.

It was a nice warm afternoon and a gentle breeze was blowing preventing it getting too hot, at least air temperature wise. But heat was building up elsewhere. Liz kept staring at Trey, and Trey did nothing to hide his manhood from her. Eventually, Liz couldn’t bottle it up any longer. She looked at Sarah.

“I’m sorry, it’s rude of me I know, but I need to know something. I know you are Trey’s Aunt, but are you really able to live with that gorgeous hunk of a young man and not take advantage of his body?” The question was blurted out, and she even blushed as she asked it.

Charlie looked up. “Liz! they’re Aunt and Nephew, how can you ask something like that?”

Sarah smiled. “Charlie, calm down, remember we just agreed that what happens at the lake, stays at the lake. A year ago, before I started at the university, you loaned me this cabin. You didn’t tell me that my brother owned the one next door. Trey and I met here. Because we were both on holiday – escaping, in fact – we never exchanged surnames, just first names. And we had a glorious weekend of sex.”

She paused.

“After you introduced me at my first lecture, and I saw Pieter’s name on the class list, it was obvious to each of us who the other was. We discussed it, and decided we would live as lovers within our own world and as Aunt and Nephew in the outside world. And we sealed the deal with a glorious night of sex and scotch! So now you know.”

Liz smiled. She didn’t look shocked. “I kind of suspected there was something more intimate between you, but what a story. To fall in love as strangers and then find out later how intimately you are connected. Could make a plot for a romance novel….”

“So, in the interests of full disclosure, how did you two meet?” Sarah asked.

Liz looked at Charlie and laughed. “Not quite so romantic. I had had a long affair with a girlfriend, who dumped me for a man and said that I should get myself a man, it was more fun. I joined a website for people looking for no-strings sex, and we found each other there. When we realized who exactly we had just met, we realized it was a golden opportunity for both to get what we wanted without fear of being blackmailed or anything.”

Charlie – Sarah was still processing thinking of Dean Charles Henry as Charlie – picked up the story. “When we became a secret couple and rediscovered the pleasures of sex – Marjorie gave up sex once she found she was pregnant – we decided to broaden out and try a swingers’ club. It’s in the State Capital, so, far enough away for privacy, and we go down there and have some fun every now and then. Marjorie suspects, but turns a blind eye. Doesn’t want to lose her position in the world, or the benefits of my income and pension for that matter.”

Liz looked at Sarah. “I must say, Sarah, that you look absolutely great naked. That’s quite the figure you’ve got there. I can well understand a young man like Trey wanting to enjoy your body – could go for you myself! I still have an eye for sexy women, despite regularly bedding Charlie here.”

“Well,” said Sarah, “we do enjoy broadening our sex lives from time to time in various directions. For example, we have a couple of young ladies visiting tomorrow.”

“Ah, the Boobsy twins!”

“How did you know?”

“That project was set by me, and when I saw the finished photographs, which were, I must say, well worth the ‘A+’ grade I gave both girls, some things became obvious. Especially, the fact that you were in the pictures also, Sarah, meant I knew you had to have seen Trey naked, even if that was the only time. I knew that pictures like that had to have an underlying emotion and attraction, and I was pretty sure that the photo session had finished up in a bedroom or two.”

“Just one bedroom. The couple that plays together, stays together,” responded Sarah.

“Well, their pictures made Trey look really gorgeous, quite fuckable, pardon my French, and in real life, he’s even better…”

“Oh, he is! Very fuckable and quite accomplished with it, and Liz, you speak excellent French!.” Sarah laughed as she said this.

“Do you two mind? I’m still here, you know,” said Trey, blushing.

Liz looked up at the sky. “It’s going to get really hot out here soon, and I, for one, don’t handle sunburn very well. Maybe we should go inside where it’s deneme bonus cooler.”

As they all stood up, Liz put her arm around Trey. “Come young man, let’s get better acquainted.”

Trey looked at Sarah, who gave a very subtle nod and then glanced towards Charlie. Trey smiled, and put his arm around Liz. “Excellent idea, Liz,” and off they walked.

Sarah put her arm through Charlie’s. “I guess that leaves us to get better acquainted.” They followed Liz and Trey into the house. Trey picked up Liz and carried her through to the bedroom, where there was a king-sized bed. The bedclothes had been pulled down to air, as they had only arrived that morning, and so the mattress just had the bottom sheet on it. He laid Liz down on one side of the bed.

Showing pretty remarkable strength himself, Charlie picked up Sarah, and lifted her high enough to kiss, before laying her down next to Liz.

Liz looked at Sarah, and asked “Do you mind if we swap guys for a while? I can assure you, Charlie is quite an attentive lover, and an excellent kisser.”

As if wanting to provide further proof, Charlie pulled Sarah towards him and kissed her full on the lips. Within seconds, their lips had opened and their tongues were twisting and thrusting together. Sarah’s tits were being compressed against him, and she could feel his erection hardening and pushing up between their bellies. He got between her legs with his legs, and placed himself so the tip of his cock was touching her vagina lips. She raised and lowered her pelvis so as to rub her pussy on the very tip of his cock, and felt herself get moister down there. Then suddenly he thrust his hips forward, and was in her in one push enough to be a couple of inches inside her pussy. Gradually, Charlie eased his way deeper and deeper into Sarah until their pubic bones prevented any further possession of her by him. He lay still, letting her vagina adjust to his quite thick penis.

On the other side of the bed, Trey had sat down on the edge and was running his finger tips over Liz’s breasts, and teasing her nipples. Laying down, Liz’s breasts were even more non-existent, but her nipples were very pronounced. He bent down and sucked one nipple – already hard and enlarged – into his mouth. While he sucked, his fingers ran slowly and gently towards her pussy. The hair above her clit was shaped nicely and trimmed short, but between her legs, around her actual pussy, there was no hair at all. He rubbed her clit gently and could feel it responding. As he stood up to face her, Liz sat upright and moved to the foot of the bed.

“Lay down” she ordered, and he did.

She pulled his legs apart and knelt between them, and leaned down to blow gently on his cock. Then she grasped it and started to move her hand up and down on it, getting him harder and longer and fatter. She leaned right down and swallowed his cock almost whole, taking him deep in her mouth. She positioned herself so that her flat breast was rubbing on his thigh. Trey could feel one hard nipple rubbing up and down his thigh as she moved her mouth up and down him. Eventually he was in her so far, he could feel her lips on the base of his cock, her lower lip actually touching his ball sack!

Before he could cum, Liz stopped and released his cock from her mouth, She crawled up the bed, and straddled his hips. She reached behind and grasped his cock to hold it upright, and then she began to lower herself on to his cock. He was hard and rigid and she was wet, and so slid down him with ease. Liz looked at Sarah and smiled, and Sarah, with her legs wrapped around Charlie’s waist as he rocked to and fro to drive his cock in and out of her, smiled back.

Liz’s pubic bone was grinding into Trey’s, and Sarah called out, “Ride him, girlfriend!” Trey’s fingers had found Liz’s clit, and his thumbs pulled her lips open and then one thumb rubbed on her clit and it went hard to his touch. Liz began to moan and then suddenly her juices gushed out over Trey’s buried-deep cock. Just then, Sarah let out a familiar cry and came herself.

The foursome all rolled apart on to their backs, and Liz looked at Sarah, and said “Oh my God.”

“Don’t call him that – he gets big-headed!” called out Sarah.

And Trey looked at Liz, and said “You may call me Trey when we are being intimate.” Charlie laughed as soon as he got the joke.

“Well,” he said, “some of those photographs made him look like a Greek God!”

Sarah asked “Has everyone in the damn university seen those photos? I hope not!”

Liz looked at Sarah, and said “No, just Charlie and I. Charlie thought you looked beautiful and sexy, and I thought the same about Trey. When you said your good-byes last evening and said you were coming up to the lake to open the cottage, we decided we would leave early this morning in the hopes of ‘running into you’.”

“So all of this was a carefully planned ambush?” asked Trey.

“Yes, we hope you don’t mind. We’ve suspected your real situation for a time, and the photo session involving both of you made it seem even more likely. And after some probing, Jan and Sue confirmed it, albeit accidently, when they confessed they spent the night with the pair of you. Given our situation, you’ve nothing to worry about from blackmail or anything.”

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