Welcome to the Hotel California Ch. 02

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It was just before eight when I awoke the following morning, the sun was shining and despite the long day’s travel and last night’s encounter with Jack, I too was feeling as bright as a button; though perhaps that was because of Jack’s fucking rather than despite it? Jack was still in my bed, sound asleep — no bad thing, I needed time to think – and while he’d rolled away from me during the night, he still had one hand proprietorially cupping my breast; I can’t deny that I enjoyed that discovery. I was also pleasantly surprised, or perhaps that should read ‘relieved’ to find that I wasn’t racked by guilt over last night’s betrayal of my daughter. Yes, I know that I’d been unfaithful to my husband too, but to be honest I’d never anticipated having much remorse in that regard; hell, I’d been playing a very distant second-fiddle to his beloved football team for the last twenty five years!

I surmised that my carefree attitude toward our infidelity perhaps rested upon Jack’s words of the previous night: ‘What happens in Vegas – or in this case Los Angeles – stays in Vegas’. Last night was simply a holiday dalliance, compartmentalised and never to be repeated or even spoken of once we returned home; while Jack wasn’t a ship passing in the night, that perhaps was in some ways a bonus? No possibility of some holiday-lover appearing out of the blue to spill the beans once I was back in the real world; Jack had got just as much to lose as I did, so he could be relied upon to stay silent unto the grave. That rationale of course took me to its perhaps inevitable conclusion: Jack and I had another thirteen nights together and as one may as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb… Sliding free of Jack’s hand and out of the bed I tip-toed to the bathroom for a much needed pee, to freshen-up down below and collect my thoughts, before making an equally stealthy return; thankfully Jack was still asleep, I may not have found the courage otherwise.

Slipping delicately, though upended, back into bed saw me eye-to-eye with Jack’s cock; even flaccid it was magnificent, had it been erect I’m sure that up this close and personal it would’ve scared the life out of me! During my bathroom musings I’d identified another benefit which a discrete and finite affair with Jack would provide and here was where that was to begin: Over the years there had often been subjects arise during girly conversations to which I’d made the appropriately shocked, horrified, or even disgusted responses that the codes of polite society demanded, at times whilst actually thinking: ‘Perhaps that might be fun?’ More than once I’d even glanced around at my peers and wondered which of those privately thought so too? With a long-standing partner there are risks in proposing something new in the bedroom, especially something a little risque; it would undoubtedly raise questions as to ‘why now?’ or ‘where/who have you learnt that from?’ Perhaps worse, would be to propose such a thing, only to discover that you didn’t enjoy it; but if your husband had, then it might prove difficult to say ‘no’ in the future? The next two weeks I’d realised could be considered free from such concerns.

Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not trying to portray myself as some prissy little goody-two-shoes who’s never sucked a cock, but my sex-life has been somewhat conservative; I’ve heard the word ‘vanilla’ used as an adjective and that could be appropriately applied. My own Jack’s often requested a blow job and it’s been willingly granted as an adequate, albeit perfunctory precursor to our lovemaking – usually on high-days and holidays ; ) – but that’s been about my limit. What I was intending now for Anna’s-Jack was to deliver the sort of full-on, suck him dry, fellatio which I’d seen in those blue videos and no, I wasn’t being entirely altruistic, I would have been seriously pissed-off if Jack didn’t reciprocate; though for me that would casino siteleri be a new experience.

Stretching forward, I swept my extended tongue across the exposed tip of Jack’s resting cock, he twitched slightly but remained asleep, I repeated the move a second, third and fourth time; a little more firmly and assuredly with each pass. The flavour was rather stale, overlaid by a sharp acidic bite, I was rather regretting not having waited until Jack had freshened-up too, until I recognised that this tang was the taste of my own residue from the previous evening. That certainly perked things up, it seemed so appropriately sordid and that realisation sent tingles around my body, all of which ultimately convened in my groin. A glance toward Jack’s face confirmed that he was still sleeping, though on returning my eyes to his cock, I could see that he was beginning to awaken down there; a gentle swelling and starting to pulse. With my own confidence swelling likewise, I edged forward to lay my fingers on his shaft and that drew a gasp — my own! Even soft I could barely encircle Jack with my hand and that hand didn’t cover even half the length of Jack’s prick; he was huge!

Undeterred I drew back his foreskin and re-applied my tongue to the now fully exposed mushroom-dome crowning Jack’s erection, the expansion of which progressed in tandem with my own arousal; Jack’s cock and I seemed to feed off each other as my tongue and fingers became more ardent by the second. I wasn’t checking my watch, but it can’t have been long before my hunger overcame me, edging yet another few inches forward, I slipped the head of Jack’s by now tumescent organ into my mouth. Though perhaps ‘slipped’ rather under-plays the moment? Despite lips stretched wide and a jaw-bone threatening to dislocate, achieving Jack’s intrusion was a close call and once admitted I was initially able to do nothing beyond learn how to accommodate him and still draw breath! But necessity is the mother — or in this case perhaps, mother-in-law? – of invention and there was no way that I was conceding; after a long thirty seconds I was again breathing comfortably, that over-stretched feeling had slightly abated and I pressed forward in self-penetration.

In the same instant Jack’s hand slipped between my thighs and his fingers penetrated me at the other end too; this second intrusion drew a groan of pleasure which to escape past Jack’s intruding cock forced my lips to spread even wider, thereby allowing his cock an inch deeper into my throat; now that’s what you call a ‘win-win’ situation! I don’t know how long Jack had been aware of my ministrations, but the clarity of his speech suggested that he’d not just woken; I no longer cared, with one hand scratching along the length of his swollen shaft, the other teasing his tightening scrotum and my tongue having finally found space to operate, I didn’t ease off even as he spoke. Jack’s words affirmed my belief that I was damned good at this new skill I was learning and they aroused me almost as much as his intruding fingers between my legs: “If you want me to fuck you again Carol, you’re going to have to ease off down there.”

I disengaged from Jack’s cock for just long enough to reply and of course note his rapidly changing expressions: “But I don’t want you to fuck me again, thank you.”

Jack’s face fell and passed through surprise, perhaps even shock, then disappointment before finally morphing back to lust-filled pleasure in the instant that my own face fell – back into the depths of his groin — to re-engage with his now pulsing erection. On its return, my mouth feasted on Jack’s balls, allowing my hands to more aggressively assault his thick shaft, twin assaults which Jack’s lewd exhortations did nothing to discourage; yet only twenty four hours earlier I would’ve been outraged at his branding me a ‘dirty cock-sucking whore!’ When both güvenilir casino Jack’s words and the pulsations of his cock attested to his imminent climax, my mouth was quick to again devour his prick and barely an instant later, I received a literal demonstration of that time honoured maxim about biting off more than one can chew.

I’d understood the principal well enough, but my crash course in fellatio hadn’t prepared me for the reality of Jack’s cock seeming to explode inside my mouth; his first emission hit the back of my throat like a fire hose and a moment later I pushed myself free of him, coughing, gagging and gasping for breath. It was too late to stem Jack’s climax and stream upon stream of semen continued to spray across my face and décolletage to mix with the twin streams returning via my mouth and nostrils; I could feel it in my hair and dripping onto my breasts, I must’ve looked a complete mess. I was devastated to find that the dirty cock-sucking whore who’d so confidently plied her trade just moments earlier had seemingly fled, leaving only the demure and inexperienced housewife from Doncaster to cope with her consequences.

It was fortunate that Jack read and reacted to the situation so quickly; in that moment I was beyond consolation, so he didn’t even try. Ignoring the rising tears and expression of failure I must’ve worn, Jack simply redoubled the attentions that he’d been lavishing on my pussy. His fingers dug deep once again — there had to have been three, perhaps even all four! – and his tongue now joined the assault, dragging firmly along the soft, wet folds of my labia. This was a pleasure which my-Jack had never afforded me and the feeling was truly sensational, beyond even my wildest expectations; I’d anticipated the tactile stimulation but not the cerebral pleasure which Jack’s bestowal imbued. My hips bucked in response, driving Jack’s fingers even deeper and pressing his face harder into the wet softness of my crotch and thigh; I was on fire and those flames cauterised the wound of my perceived failure, while the orgasm which flooded through me a few seconds later washed away the tears. Jack had needed barely thirty seconds, to again leave me sprawled and struggling for breath, though this time in a far happier frame of mind; thinking that life could offer nothing to surpass that ebbing orgasm? Jack’s intruding fingers now withdrew, his face pressed unobstructed between my legs and I soon discovered that actually, it did.

What followed was a very different assault upon my honeypot, slow, predominantly gentle and tantalising beyond belief; there were moments when Jack’s caresses felt more like a torture! I may have been a cunnilingus virgin but even I could discern that I was at the mercy of a master. Jack’s tongue swept the entire length of my cleft in slow broad strokes, almost as he might’ve licked an ice-cream at the beach, then hardening and narrowing his tongue more insistently explored the warm furrows of my vulva. His fingers intermittently spread those outer lips wide allowing that eager tongue to reach between their soft folds and more aggressively assault my gaping channel before climbing upward to steal beneath the protective hood of my clitoris and lash that too; whenever he did so, I simply exploded. I was descending from the second, or perhaps even third such orgasm when I found Jack looking upward to meet my eyes; for a moment or two I was embarrassed by his gaze, but when he spoke: “Your pussy is just gorgeous…and the taste’s as sweet as honey.” my embarrassment fled before the realisation that Jack was enjoying this as much as I was.

Jack’s head dipped once again, now more heavily assaulting my labial lips, drawing them into his mouth and suckling on their swollen flesh, gently nibbling at them with his teeth, Jack even hummed, or perhaps he was speaking, or maybe even singing into my pussy? canlı casino I couldn’t discern his words of course, but the vibrations they created were just yummy! Jack was still managing to maintaining those reverberations and probe deeply into me with his tongue when he began re-addressing my clitoris too; flicking and teasing at it with his nose, Jack was taking multi-tasking to a whole new level! My arousal was re-escalating under this three-pronged assault when Jack’s finger entered the fray too, squeezing in above his tongue it began to stroke in tandem with his nose and I was tripped in seconds; presumably he’d found that legendary G-Spot? Whatever, I succumbed in the instant, bawling out a scream fit to wake the dead as my whole body bucked in response to my climax. I recall feeling the heavy bump as my pubic bone collided with Jack and hoped that it’d been his forehead and not his nose and also being afraid that I’d peed myself when a veritable torrent of juices streamed out of my pussy; drowned while concussed, a novel way to go ; ).

Jack’s lips and tongue continued to probe, they strayed everywhere, even venturing beyond my perineum to tease at the tight rose-bud of my bum! His persistent delving there was perhaps the most outrageously depraved experience of my entire life, but I still allowed it to bring me to the most shameless of that morning’s climaxes. Far worse, it set me to thinking of yet another and more degenerate violation that I might accommodate; that one I wickedly added to my already dissolute wish-list for the coming days. I’ve no idea of how long Jack’s attentions lasted, nor how many orgasms his tongue ultimately drew from me, but those climaxes were unceasing and saw me thrashing around violently in their throes. By the end of Jack’s oral assault I was spent beyond anything that I’d ever known and lay almost lifeless on the perspiration-soaked mattress, occasionally still trembling from the orgasmic after-shocks.

As I slowly recovered I could feel the moisture from within still trickling down the inside of my thighs and when Jack raised his head from my groin, his face and even his hair were similarly awash. Reaching down I grabbed Jack by that juice-soaked mane, pulled him up (or to be precise – down!) the bed and passionately kissed him; despite what had passed between us already, that was the first-time that we’d ever kissed in anything other than the most chaste and proper of fashions. As we continued that embrace, our protracted kisses were spiced by the taste of both my own secretions and Jack’s; a piquant flavour, which I swore to enjoy regularly before we flew home.

We lay there for ages recovering our equilibrium; A grinning Jack was the first to speak: “So… now would you perhaps like me to fuck you again Carol?”

His smile was extinguished by my reply: “Absolutely not! I need a shower; I must look an absolute fright? After that I want some breakfast and then we’ve got a busy day ahead of us.”

A crestfallen Jack almost pleaded with his eyes: “But… I’m not that hungry, there’s something I need far more than eggs and bacon, or a visit to Universal Studios either for that matter.”

It was time to stop teasing: “Oh, I’d assumed that Universal Studios had already been dropped from the day’s agenda? I was rather hoping that we might instead spend the day fucking each other’s brains out and to achieve all that I have in mind for you young man, you’re going to need a hearty breakfast to carry you through.”

Jack’s face lighting-up was all the answer that I’d been after, but when I began rising from the bed I caught sight of his cock — it really is rather eye-catching! – already standing tall and rigid; had my-Jack ever recuperated that quickly? Dropping back down beside a surprised Jack, I kissed him once again, stroking that stiff pole as I did so, before whispering: ” I’ve changed my mind, that’s a woman’s prerogative you know; I would like you to fuck me again…right now; the shower and breakfast can wait, but my pussy can’t.”

I pulled Jack on top of me and stared into his eager face; I wanted to be looking into his eyes when he came inside me this time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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