Cougar and her Five Virginal Cubs Ch. 11

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Chapter Eleven – The Prelude to the Gangbang

A typical guy thing, especially at that age, embarrassed that I was sitting there naked in front of my friends, other than with my shirt off or in the shower, after gym class in school, they had never seen me naked. Preserving some of my modesty, I grabbed a pillow and held it in lap, while I sat in the chair across from Kathleen. To be honest, I don’t think my friends would have noticed I was naked. Too focused on Kathleen’s hot, naked body, with none of us having ever seen a naked woman for such a prolonged period of time, their eyes were glued to her.

Usurping me, by her calling over my friends, and by my friends peeping on us from the park, they and she had robbed me of telling my friends the best damn, sexual story that any of us ever had to tell. Now, maybe even better, soon all of us will have an endless supply of stories to tell and memories to remember. Being the first to have sex with Kathleen, fucking her and eating her pussy, was way better than any down blouse and/or up skirt story that any of my friends had to tell. Having her suck my cock was way better than any story Steven told about seeing his big sister stepping out of the shower naked, better than any story that Joey told about his naked mother and all the down blouses he thought he saw in the supermarket, and better than any story that Anthony told about seeing Maryanne naked.

Only, with our innocence forever lost by this experience that we were about to embark upon now, we’d never sit in the shed in Slide Park and talk about naked sisters, down blouses, up skirts, and the accidental nudity of neighbors. Who am I kidding? Even after we fucked and were sucked by Kathleen, some things never change. Until the day we all die, voyeurs until the end, we’d always talk about all the tits we saw, the asses we thought we saw, and the pussies we hoped to see.

First and without doubt, jumping from virgin to swinger, this group sex experience would certainly supersede my first sexual experience with Kathleen, with her as my sexual education teacher. Now so much more sexually sophisticated than when we first spied on her climbing the cemetery fence to flash us her panties, after what Kathleen was about to do with us, we’d all be men of the world and, even though we’d still be voyeurs, we’d be way beyond sneaking a peek of a woman’s bra and panty. Actually, now that I think about it, no man is ever beyond looking at a woman’s exposed bra and panty.

Still, even though we’d look, no doubt, even though we’d hope to see all that we’d imagined we’d see, nonetheless, after experiencing Kathleen, the sexual excitement that we once had and shared about seeing a down blouse and/or up skirt view was now officially over. With our innocence lost, our sexual excitement to masturbate multiple times a day was over, that is, until later in life, such as now, when we aren’t having as much sex, as we were having back then. There’d be no need to masturbate, when we all had someone like Kathleen living in our neighborhood. Cougar woman, meet virginal men. Virginal men, meet cougar woman. There couldn’t be a better sexual match than this.

Wishing I could turn back the clock but keep the sexual knowledge that I have now, along with the innocence that I had then, maybe Kathleen would have kept me around, as her long-term lover than just casting me aside for my four, horny friends. Who knows? I’ll never know. Now, instead of telling the story of the sex that I just had for someone else to write about it, the shell of the testosterone filled man that I once was, I’m relegated to writing erotic literature and pornographic sex stories to publish as E-books.

We were all men now, after having seen Kathleen naked. Yet, what happened today was ten times better than the time that Stephen walked in on his older sister naked, better than the stories that Joey told about his mother and all of his down blouses and up skirts, and even better than the story that Anthony told about seeing Maryanne naked. A sexual memory, our sexual story, much like the story of the fisherman that caught the big fish that grows bigger, every time he tells his story, we’d never forget, what happened today. We’d have this memory for the rest of our lives. Never would we be the same, so sexually and emotionally unsophisticated, what happened today would change our lives forever.

“Does anyone have a cigarette? I need a cigarette,” she said looking up at my friends staring at her with eyes wide and mouth open.

With everyone smoking back then, not armed with the evidence that cigarettes caused cancer, all four of my friends reached in their pockets for their smokes and lighters, while never removing their eyes from Kathleen’s nakedness. Always working out in a gym punching a bag, sparring, and/or lifting weights, I was the only one of the bunch, who didn’t smoke. Ralph was the first to give her a cigarette and light it for her. It’s funny the little things casino siteleri that I remember and never forget. With none of us having any money, they were all cheap about sharing their cigarettes, back then. Yet, when naked Kathleen asked for a smoke, they’d give her our whole packs without complaint.

“Thank you,” she said, while holding Ralph’s shaking hand in hers to hold his hand steady enough to light her cigarette.

She turned away from them to look out her window and slowly blew a big puff of pale blue smoke in the air, while clicking her jaw to make four circles with the smoke, as if each little circle was her own personal lasso to rope my friends. With all of us being roundup and so tightly tied together, she was so smooth that we didn’t even know we were being roped into being innocent participants in her sexual rodeo. Nonetheless, even if we knew she was using us for her own sexual needs, we wouldn’t care. With no place we’d rather be, there’s nothing we’d rather do than to have sex with Kathleen.

Acting as if she didn’t know she was sitting there naked, she knew exactly what she was doing to drive us mad with desire for her. Acting as if she didn’t know what she was doing to us, as we discovered later, it was obvious that she had played this game before with others. Too sexually excited to care, no doubt, especially later, we all knew what she was doing to us. She was turning us into her personal pride of wild cougar cubs, while helping to mature us all into men.

I’ve never seen anyone blow circles before with cigarette smoke. I guess I lived a pretty sheltered life up to that point. Never having seen a naked woman other than my mother and sister, I never had sex, until I met Kathleen. Even so much as thinking that all cats were female and all dogs were male, I didn’t realize what she meant by asking me, if my friends could help her around the house. While waiting for her to sexually command us, we watched her mindlessly blowing circles with her cigarette smoke, as if none of us were even there.

Speechless and nervous, all the guys just stared at her naked body. She looked away from Ralph, Anthony, Joey and Stephen, while continuing to mindlessly blow circles with her expended cigarette smoke. Then, finally, when she returned her attention back to my four friends, she looked from Ralph to Anthony to Joey and Stephen. She gave them a long lustful stare with her bright, blue eyes. before letting out a tired sigh. As if they had all been hypnotized, as if she was in complete control of them and she was, I’ll never forget that moment and the contented look of in control she had on her face, while sitting there naked and looking at my friends. Unable to stop myself from not imagining otherwise, with her being so damn sexy and so damn beautiful, she was my personal version of Maureen O’Hara.

“Did you enjoy my little naked show?” After casting her bait with her strip tease show, after hooking them on the line with her sitting there naked, she reeled them in, while looking from one to the other and smiling. “Did you like watching me touch myself?” As if she was Madonna performing on stage, she dropped her fingers to her pussy. “Have you ever seen a woman touch herself? Have you ever seen a woman masturbate? Have any of you seen a naked woman?” She let out a laugh, when none of them responded to any of her questions.

“I did,” said Stephen. “I saw my sister, when she came out of the shower and I walked in on her. Only, she doesn’t look anything like you naked. My sister is short and fat and not tall and stacked like you.”

They all nodded their heads, while smiling and giggling like little girls. Joey’s face was red with embarrassment and Stephen looked down on the floor most of the time, as if he was embarrassed, too. Staring more at her tits than at her face, Ralph and Anthony never removed their eyes from her nakedness. I watched their eyes move from her tits to her pussy and from her tits to her pussy, before focusing on her tits. I wanted to tell them that if they took a step backward, they could better see both her tits and her pussy at the same time. Yet, I don’t think they would have heard me.

They appeared to be in a sexual trance of lustful desire and a horny daze of sexual delight. She put out her cigarette in the ashtray and moved her hands to her breasts and fingered her nipples, while looking up at them to watch their reaction. The four of them watched her without blinking their eyes. Immediately, her nipples responded to her touch, popped out, and became erect.

“Oops, dear me. Look at what I just did. Look how big my nipples get,” she said teasing them by looking down at her nipples, as she pulled them out, even more. “It feels so good, when I finger my nipples like this, twist them like that, and pull my nipples out this way,” she said fingering, twisting, and pulling her nipples out to full erection. “I just love my tits,” she said cupping a breast in each of güvenilir casino her hands and lifting them up, as if hugging them, before lifting them to her mouth to suck her own nipples, first one and then the other. “They’re so big and firm. Don’t you think I have nice tits?”

Again without anyone responding, as if they were bobble head dolls sitting on the backseat of a car’s package shelf, they all nodded their heads in unison,. She licked her fingertips and returned her hands to fingering her nipples again. My friends’ eyes were transfixed watching her touch her nipples and play with her tits. Never have any of us witnessed anything like this before. She had big tits, natural, firm and symmetrical breasts. Playboy playmate breasts, they were perfect tits in every way.

“I love sucking my nipples,” she said moving one breast to her mouth to suck her nipple, before moving her other. “I bet you wished you could all suck your own cocks,” she said with her sexy smile. “I love feeling, caressing, and fondling my tits. I love touching my breasts. Do you enjoy watching me playing with and sucking my tits in the way I’m doing now?”

Again they all nodded their heads. She was really teasing them, now. A sexy siren, she was such a sexual tease. With one hand still fingering her nipple, she reached down with her other hand and rubbed her pussy with her palm, before reaching her fingers inside to finger her clit. Then, acting as if they weren’t even there in the room with her, showing them a lot of pink, she closed her eyes and spread her legs wide open, pulled up her pussy lips, and fingered her clit, while looking down at herself. She knew just what she was doing, by giving them a good look of her vagina. Opening her eyes, she lifted her head and gave them all a sexy smile, before she closed her eyes again to slowly masturbate herself.

They watched her play with her clit and finger fuck herself with her long, manicured fingers. With none of us ever having seen a naked pussy up close before, never mind seeing a woman masturbate herself, the sexually aroused expression on her face added to their excitement. If there was an Oscar given for sexually teasing these four, poor, young men, she would have won the award. Then, after she had a small, quiet orgasm, when she pulled her fingers from out of her cunt and put them to her mouth to lick off her pussy juices, as a final touch to put them over the top, the excited looks on their faces were priceless.

“Do you like watching me play with my pussy? It feels so good, when I touch myself,” she said reaching her hands up to pull, turn, and twist her nipples. Again they nodded their heads while staring at her.

Not only in just the way she did things but also she was so sexy how she said things was just so sexy. No women we ever knew talked dirty like this. Before Kathleen, masturbation was something that no one admitted doing, especially not us and never women. Before Kathleen, none of us even knew that women masturbated and now there we were all witnesses to her pleasuring herself. Before Kathleen, we always thought that it was only the men who were horny, perverted, talked dirty, and masturbated. We never knew it was women, too, albeit, of course, not all women. Before Kathleen, we never knew there were older women, who wanted younger men. Before Kathleen, we were all so naive.

“Did you all get hot and bothered watching me in the window standing there naked?” Looking from one to the other, when no one answered her question, she asked another. “Did I make you horny, while watching me dance so slowly and so seductively in front of the window?”

She raised her arms of her head and wiggled her hot body in her seat on the couch, as if she was chair dancing, and they all watched her tits raise with her arms. In the way that she said things so sexy and demur, no one would think that she was so sexually depraved, but she was. For the fourth time, they obediently shook their heads without talking.

“Do you like what you see?” She looked down at herself, moved her hands away from her body, and opened her arms and uncrossed her legs. She looked up at Ralph with her big, blue eyes and asked, “What’s your name?”

“Me?” Even though she stared at him and nodded her head to him, he looked to his three friends, before responding. “Ralph,” he said.

“Do you like my body, Ralph?”

“Yes,” he said nodding his head.

“Do you want to touch me?”

He stepped forward and leaned down to feel her left breast. Then, as if being burnt by a hot pan, he pulled his hand away, while nervously giggling. When he stepped forward and leaned down, she reached out and felt his cock through his pants. Then, she looked to Anthony standing next to Ralph and made eye contact with his brown eyes.

“What about you? What’s your name? Do you like my body?”

“Anthony,” he said. “Yes, I like your body,” he said nodding his head yes.

“Do you want to touch canlı casino me?”

Unbelievably, he stepped forward, leaned down, and felt her same breast in the same way that Ralph had just done. Just as she had done with Ralph, when he stepped forward and leaned down, she reached out and felt Anthony’s cock through his pants. She had these four, poor saps eating out of her hand. She was in total control of them. Next, it was Joey’s turn and she looked up at him, but he looked down at the floor with red faced embarrassment.

“Look at me,” she said to Joey. He lifted his head and took her all in with a look of lust. “What’s your name?”

“Joey,” he said looking back down, as quickly as he looked up.

“Do you like my body, Joey?”

“Yes,” he said, nodding his head up and down, while looking longer at her, this time.

“Do you want to touch me?”

“Yes,” he said again, while stepping closer and reaching out his horny hand to touch her.

Instead of feeling her breast, without sticking his fingers inside of her, he reached down and cupped her pussy. Mostly, running his fingers through her auburn forest, he felt her bushy, red pubic hair. As she had done with Ralph and Anthony, she felt Joey’s cock through his pants, too. With his hand up to his face, he stepped back smiling and gave a look to his three friends, while giggling inside his palm. Stephen looked at Joey shaking his head and then looked back at her.

“What about you?” She looked to Stephen. “What’s your name?”

“Stephen,” he said without breaking the focused stare he had on her tits.

“Do you like my body?”

“You have a beautiful body,” he said shaking his head, yes, too, as if to highlight his response in the affirmative. “Do you want to touch me?”

“I do,” he said.

He stepped forward, while reaching out both hands and felt both of her tits, before stepping back. Only, before he stepped back, she reached out both her hands and felt his cock, too. As if my four friends were disciplined students in some sexually depraved school, after talking about sex every day for as long as I can remember, now that they have a naked woman sitting in front of them, their polite, reserved behavior bordered on bizarre. If it was me, I’d be all over her bodacious body. Even though their sexual excitement was obvious, they were all so very shy, even shier than I was with her, my first time, when helping her to paint her walls.

As soon as she asked the last of my four friends if they liked her body, she stood and slowly turned around. Then, showing them all of her body, she turned back around the other way and finally turned her back to them. Giving them a real show, she leaned over the couch and wiggled her ass to give them all a better look between her legs. They all looked like they were going to pass out from horniness. A time when sex was never discussed in public, a time when censorship controlled the television airwaves and cartoons commanded prime time television, and a time when it didn’t take much more than a down blouse or an up skirt to make us crazy with lust, she knew exactly what to do to make us crazy with sexual desire for her.

Then, she stepped back and planted her ass against Ralph. Instinctively, he put both his hands on her hips and pretended he was humping her. He looked to his friends smiling and giggling like the school boy that he still was but wouldn’t be for very long. Next was Anthony’s turn and she did the same to him, pushing her shapely ass up against his crotch. Placing his hands on her hips and pretending he was humping her, too, he responded in the same way that Ralph had. Then, it was Joey’s turn, only this time, when she moved up against him and rubbed her ass against his bulge, he reached a hand between her legs that made her giggle with delight by slowly running his hand along the full, wet length of her pussy. Then, he did something weird; he smelled his hand and, as if rejecting her, he wiped his hand on his pant leg. Last was Stephen, and he humped her, as if he was giving her anal sex, as he reached out and cupped a breast in each hand.

With every question she asked, my four perverted friends nodded their awestruck heads without saying a word, other than ‘yes’. What does she have to do to get these guys going? Now that I remember back, having just experienced sexual overload and, apparently, more than they could handle, I think they were all in sexual shock. Yet, Kathleen wasn’t about to have them leave, without first having her wicked way with all of them.

Without doubt, she did have an incredible body and the best body that we ever saw, perhaps because she was the first naked woman that any of us had seen up close and personal. It was the late 60’s and we were all so very young and inexperienced. At a time during the sexual revolution, times were changing quickly and we were all threading new ground, while running to stay on the same page. Granted, at the time, much more sexually sophisticated than my father was growing up on a farm in Kansas during the ’30’s, ’40’s, and ’50’s, I wasn’t much more sophisticated than any of my four friends growing up in Boston during the ’60’s, but I wasn’t as backward as my friends obviously were.

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