Love and Destiny Ch. 03

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For compliance purposes, all sexually active characters in the story are over the age of 18. This is a long, complete story that I have cut into digestible chunks but for a full understanding, it probably needs to be read from the start and in sequence. I plan to publish each section immediately after its predecessor is posted.


CH. 03

My daughter lay on my stomach, her head not too distant from my droopy but slowly hardening cock. Her eyes rolled up at me and a small smile played on her lips as I stroked her hair and rubbed her shoulder.

Destiny said with a bit of a teasing tone. “I guess that even though you didn’t seem to mind when you found out it wasn’t Fiona having sex with you, I did sort of rape you since I wasn’t at all who you were expecting to have sex with. I’m a very naughty girl, aren’t I, Daddy?” she asked with a coy smile.”

I played along, “Yes baby, you’ve been very naughty.”

With a lusty, mischievous look Des stroked my hardening cock. “I should be severely punished. Spare the rod, spoil the child, right Daddy? So maybe you should use the rod on me.” Her grip on my prick left no doubt what rod she was talking about. “You should use the rod to punish me, make it so I won’t be able to sit down for a while.”

I wondered for a second how she expected me to spank her so hard with my cock. It might be slightly big but it’s not a bat, despite what she said before. With a twinkle in her eye she crawled up next to me and lay on her stomach, she spread her legs slightly and hunched up her back so that the nearly perfect hemispheres of her round firm butt were raised and rubbing against my nearly erect cock. “After all, I’m still a virgin in one place.”

So now, as part of her Valentine’s Day fantasy, my daughter wanted her Daddy to take her last virginity.

It should come as no surprise that Fiona and I had never had anal sex. I had experienced it very rarely during my marriage. Desiree and I did it perhaps once or twice a year, three at the most. Although Desiree had enjoyed anal sex it was something that her Catholic upbringing made her feel guilty about afterward. From the looks I got from the priests at church sometimes I’m sure she confessed after each time we did it.

Unlike a lot of other guys I wasn’t obsessed with it, and the reason I liked it was probably atypical. It was the same reason why Desiree also enjoyed it. Anal sex can feel even more intimate than vaginal sex. You feel connected to your partner in such a physically primal way and this can enhance your emotional bond.

Of course, as a virile man, the thought of being inside the perfect ass resting next to my rising cock was itself compelling. Yet knowing that this was my daughter made me hesitate. But then, I chided myself, Hell, admit it, man, you not only willingly screwed her you loved doing so. Below her winking, beckoning rosebud her splayed lips fairly dripped with anticipation. This combined with her expectant desire crumbled any lingering objections I had about further breaking the incest taboo.

However, I was determined to not hurt her and make the experience as intensely loving as I could, like how Desiree and I had experienced it. I knelt behind her and slowly stroked her sopping snatch. Destiny drew in a shaky breath and cooed, “Oh Daddy, that feels wonderful” Several times I got my fingers wet with her dew which I then applied to my cock and also to her little rosebud. I hoped our natural lubrication would be enough as I placed the head of my cock against her pucker.

“Try and relax, baby, it’s gonna feel a little strange.” I pushed forward and slid forward and inside my little girl’s backdoor tunnel. Its pulsing tightness made my cock thrum with delightful sparks from its tip down to my balls. Destiny shuddered and squealed a bit at the intrusion but she was relaxed. She grabbed güvenilir bahis onto the headboard and held it in a tight grip. “Oh my God, Daddy I love how much you’re filling me up!” Her eyes blazed with love and lust.

I had about a third of my cock inside her when she tensed up and stopped my progress. I knew that pulling back out would be as painful as going forward. I needed her to relax so she could enjoy the experience and not be hurt. I knew telling her to relax would do the opposite so I tried to take her mind off what was happening but still keep her aroused.

“So you little minx, did you enjoy having your first sex with your duped daddy?” Destiny giggled and I felt her loosen a bit. With a bit of a guilty smile and a girly voice, she said, “Yes, Daddy I loved fucking you.” Her eyes glowed and her lips curled into a wicked little smile. “I really liked sucking your dick too, daddy.” She giggled at her cursing. Her eyes rolled and she made a little sour moue. “I guess that’s when you knew it wasn’t Fiona, huh? I probably didn’t do as good a job as her.”

Although I had moved slighter deeper into her ass her thoughts about Fiona had tensed her up again. “Well, no sweetie, Fiona never gave me a blowjob. So although I could tell it was someone inexperienced but I didn’t know it wasn’t her. I admit I was a bit surprised that she made it so enjoyable for me and that she enjoyed doing it. Now that I know it was you I guess that makes sense.”

Destiny grinned happily. “So you liked it then? I mean, you acted like it. but I wasn’t sure if you were just being nice.”

“I loved it, sweetie. You were wonderful even if it was your first time”

Destiny beamed at me. My praise relaxed her and I was able to fill her chute a bit more but then she tensed up again. “So when did you know it wasn’t Fiona.”

“Well, Fiona waxes she doesn’t have a bush.” I anticipated her next question. “Once I realized her deception I decided to break up with her but the mystery girl seemed like she really wanted to have sex with me… so… well… I’m a guy. What can I say?”

“Oh Daddy,” Destiny giggled and that pulled me deeper inside her. I was there. Destiny’s eyes widened as she realized her bottom was now completely packed with her Daddy’s prick.

I played along with her little fantasy for a little while longer. “So you wicked little girl, are you ready for your punishment.’ I smacked her firm right cheek lightly.

“Yes, Daddy give lots of hard strokes with that big old rod!” she giggled. Her eyes danced with lust and merriment as she gazed back at me.

Despite what she thought I didn’t plan to pound her ass like in some porn video which is probably where her ideas on what anal sex was like had been formed. That would hurt her and she probably wouldn’t enjoy it at all. I knew I needed was stimulate her anal nerves which would then (hopefully) send vibrations to her clitoris and g-spot. All I needed to accomplish this was to move back and forth very slowly and very slightly. As long as she kept relaxed the slight friction and tiny tingly pain associated with it would add to her pleasure.

I slowly moved back and forth slightly. Destiny moaned and gripped the headboard tightly.

To make certain she stay relaxed I kept talking to her. “You know it was naughty to trick your Daddy like that so in addition to this punishment, you’re gonna be grounded, at least for the next few days”.

She giggled, “Grounded?” Destiny shivered and clutched the headboard. “Oh God, Dad it’s like you’re inside my pussy too!”

“Yes, grounded. You’re to come home from school, do your homework, make supper, and then after supper, you’re not to take one step out of your Daddy’s bedroom.”

Destiny craned her head to look back at me with a wondering smile. “You are such a meanie, Daddy. I bet you’re gonna use the rod on me, aren’t you.” She güvenilir bahis siteleri stared up, craning to see the sight of her butt impaled by my shaft.

“Oh little girl, you’re gonna get the rod several times a night!”

Destiny made a noise that was a combination of a groan and a squeal. I realized it was a muffled scream of “Ooooooh Daaaaadddyyyyy! Her sphincter tightened around my cock and I thought she was gonna pinch it off. Her legs trembled and her ass shook against me with the intensity of her orgasm. Destiny was definitely not Desiree. Desiree had never cum so intensely so early in anal intercourse. I increased my thrusting speed slightly and she groaned in pleasure.

Destiny rolled a bit so she was on her shoulder. With an adoring look, she made a happy sigh. “Daddy this is almost perfect.” While the male side of me couldn’t help noticing the way her big breasts curled up towards me enticingly, looking so suckable, as she looked up at me, the way her face was cradled in her curly red locks made my fatherly heart murmur at her very cuteness.

“Almost!” I said, as if insulted, while I cupped her bottom and made an incremental move backward.

“Well, what I miss most is your touch. When I first made love to you I wanted to be held in my Daddy’s big, strong arms as you thrust inside me. I wanted to feel your hands cupping my breasts, holding my hips, stroking my hair. That kind of thing.”

Destiny was romanticizing a bit since my arms are more wiry than big and strong. However, I carefully lay down behind her so that my cock wouldn’t move too much in her anal canal. We shifted so that we lay side by side. I slid my left arm underneath her and then pulled her tight against me my arms crossing her stomach. I kissed her neck and hugged her tightly while slowly moving my cock fractionally back and forth. I kept hugging her with my elbows as my hands cupped her breasts. I squeezed them softly and tweaked her engorged nipples between my fingers. “Is this better, baby girl?”

“Yes, Daddy! Loads better” She snuggled back against me and in doing so accidentally made my cock drive deeper into her rectum. She cooed.

“Stay still darling. Just lay there, held tight in Daddy’s arms.” I then began fucking her ass in slow measured stroked. Not pounding her but fucking her ass ever so much slightly harder. I enjoyed the sensation of her firm, tight ass cheeks bouncing against my balls and thighs with every thrust and stroke.

Instead of the headboard Destiny now grabbed my wrists and held on tight. My hands were still filled with the sweet globes of her delicious breasts. She entwined her feet around mine half holding them and half supporting herself on them. I fucked my daughter’s ass slowly and surely, kissing her neck, shoulders, and face, blowing her hair, and rubbing my face against hers. As I slowly stroked inside her, I whispered how beautiful she was, how much l loved her, how wonderful she felt. And she did indeed feel wonderful. Holding her beautiful, sexy sweaty body in my arms as my cock slid back and forth inside her tight little ass, gripping it so firmly it rolled back and forth with every thrust.

Destiny was so overwhelmed by the sensations and emotions that she was feeling, (so she told me later) that all she could do was softly moan and whimper while kissing my shoulder and arms. The barrage of pleasure and love she felt was like falling through a warm waterfall and then plunging into a pool of pleasure only to have its pounding waters pour over you sending you tumbling and careening to and fro.

The slight friction between my cock and her tunnel walls sent fabulous tingles all along my shaft, the ever so slight pinprick of pain that shadowed each thrust only added to the pleasure radiating from it.

My daughter shook slightly and she clutched her hands tightly against mine. “Oh, Daddy iddaa siteleri I feel twinkles all over the place. Tingles go from my titties to my fingertips and toes,” Destiny wriggled against me and slowly thrust her butt in counterpoint to my thrusts. As her tight ass stroked my prick even hard, I groaned at the increased sense of delight.

“I don’t know if you meant what you said or if you were just larping”…

“Larping? What the hell is larping” I thought to myself and almost missed part of what she was saying.

“about you, know… using your rod on me every night. So if this only happens today, I want you to know I love being so connected to you. So intimate with you. I know it may sound weird but having you inside me makes me feel even closer to you as a daughter, and as a woman. It wasn’t quite how imagined but my first time has been so wonderful, especially since it was with you, the most wonderful daddy in the world.” Destiny gripped my hands and kissed my shoulder.

“I was kidding about you being grounded.”

“Oh…” The amount of sadness and disappointment in that one syllable was soul-crushing.

“But I’ll use the rod on you as much as you want, but never as punishment. Always, Always with the greatest of love. I love you Destiny, you’re Daddy’s precious, perfect baby girl.” I unconsciously began to fuck her a little harder. “Daddy loves your perfect little pussy and your perfect little titties, your sweet perfect kisses, and your perfect little ass.” I fucked her a little harder, hoping I was not hurting her.

“Yessss, Daddy…. Faster please…”

I fucked her ass as fast as I thought I could without causing too much friction. The slight burning sensation drove me to new heights of pain/pleasure. Destiny whimpered and her body trembled. It seems as though she was experiencing a frission of pain and pleasure that were driving her to experience yet another orgasm. While I’d like to claim the status of a masterful cocksman and take the credit for her many orgasms I believe it had more to do with her Daddy fucking her rather than me having mad skills.

“No one is gonna come between me and my little girl ever again. You have always been and always will be Daddy’s special lady. I love you, Des.” I hugged her hard and kissed her firmly on the side of her mouth.

Destiny whimpered loudly, “Tell me again, Daddy”.

I pulled her even tightly” Daddy loves you, Destiny, Daddy loves you so muuch!”

My daughter convulsed and for a second I thought she was going to crush my cock to a pulp inside of her ass. With an incoherent scream she quaked, thumping her cute bubble butt against my thighs as a hot gush of fluid sprayed them. When I realized I had just made my daughter squirt a sudden rush of vertigo seized me like that flying, falling feeling that you get on a roller coaster the split second you are disconnected from the car. I jerked as a spasm rocketed through me and my prick blasted deep inside my baby girl’s ass. As my cock jetted into Destiny her ass convulsed around it and a cold/hot flash swept over me.

Afterwards, I lay on my back and pulled Destiny on top of me, and held her in my arms. She brought my arms up to cradle her just under her breasts. We lay cuddling in silence for a few moments basking in the afterglow of such intimate and emotionally powerful lovemaking. In a bit Des delicately slid off of me, carefully dislodging my limp cock from the confines of her rosebud. She rolled over to my nightstand and pulled out some wet wipes. I wondered how she knew they were there.

With a little giggle, she wiped my prick clean of the fluids and solids that come along with anal sex. Her eyes widened a bit as she also wiped her fluids off from where they had dripped on my groin, thighs, and upper legs. “Wow… that’s um.. wow.” She dabbed at her pussy and butt and as she did I felt an odd thrill as dribbles of pearlescent fluid flowed out against the bright pink of her sex-chafed rosebud and labia. My seed against the flesh of my daughter. Then Destiny crawled back into bed and hugged me tightly as we took a little nap.

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