Blue Eyed Accident Ch. 2

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Opening up an email file that Ryan sent me, I found an anime drawing, those very lifelike drawings that the Japanese started. The drawing showed 2 males, one a teenager about 18 or 19, with long hair, the other a man about 25 or 30 years old, on a mat in a room that looks like a bedroom. The teen is on his hands and knees, with his head turned facing back at the man, who’s kneeling by his side. The teen is nude, except for a blindfold, and a pair of metallic blue panties, which are pulled down from his hips, settling around his knees. He’s seen almost completely from the side, but his butt is turned to the left, partially facing the viewer.

I can only think that he’s positioned himself that way so that the viewer can see his ass hole, as his hole is visible and slightly opened, at least there’s a dark spot in the center of the puckered slit that makes me think his sphincter muscles are relaxed. The other reason his ass is turned, is to show that the man’s fingers, 2 of them, his index finger and middle finger, are up inside the boy’s wet hole, and dripping with a sticky liquid.

A jar on the floor right under the couple reads “Grade A Honey”, and the cover is off, as though thrown off in haste. With this clue, it’s easy to see the places where honey is dripping into the teen’s ass slit, and off his ass cheeks, his balls, and dripping heavily down his left leg.

The teen’s dick is very erect, and looks to be about 5 1/2 inches long, but thick. His pubic hair above his dick is black, but matted down as though coated with the honey. The pubic hair between his cock and his ass hole is lighter in color, but also matted by a liquid. There’s a liquid dripping from the head of the teen’s cock, but it doesn’t look like the honey. It’s clearer and almost whitish. The teen is smiling broadly, and looks like he’s saying something to the man. From the look of pleasure on the teen’s face, it seems that the man is fucking the teen’s ass hole with his fingers, and the teen is close to cumming.

The man is also nude, except for a pair of white jockey shorts, which are on his hips, but pulled to one side to allow his cock and balls to hang out. His dick is about 7 1/2 inches long and fully erect. There’s a liquid dripping from his cock head too, but he doesn’t have honey on him anywhere other than on his fingers and, strangely, around his mouth, so the liquid is probably not honey. He’s smiling too, and the hand that’s not occupied in the teen’s ass is resting comfortably on the teen’s back. The title of the anime is “Snack Time.”

Ryan, my 18 year old lover, has a pair of panties just like those shown on the boy in the drawing, and bears a remarkable resemblance to him. I find myself wondering whether the man and teen are much like me and Ryan, wondering what the couple in the pictures have been doing up to this point, but even more so, what will happen to the lovers from this point on. Ryan has been a remarkable change in my life, and it all started by accident…

After Ryan and I had finished making love, as you will recall from Chapter 1, we both fell asleep for about 2 hours, in each other’s arms on the sofa. I slowly awoke, to see his eyes gazing into mine. His light brown hair hung down to his eyes, and was very tousled from our sweaty sex. He was so close that his eyes were slightly crossed, which gave him a really cute look, in my opinion. We were both still completely nude. “Hi lover,” he said with a grin.

“Hi Ryan,” I said. ” What time is it?”

“About 7,” he said.

“Wow, you’re going to need to get home or your parents’ll be worried,” I said.

“Not to worry,” he said. He explained that his parents were separated, and he was currently living with his father, but that his father was an extremely busy stockbroker who was hardly ever home, and didn’t pay much attention to Ryan when he was.

We started talking about ourselves, as we both seemed to feel a need to let the other know every important factor about ourselves possible. He asked me about my divorce, and whether I missed my wife, Caroline.

I said, “Just before Caroline and I separated we had a new neighbor move in. She was a beautiful red head with a great body, about 25 years old. I couldn’t help but notice how attractive she was, and apparently bahis şirketleri so did my wife.”

“I came home late from work one night about 3 weeks after the neighbor moved in, and I found the neighbor, Patricia, in our living room, nude, with Caroline’s mouth on her asshole. I guessed that Caroline wasn’t exactly an unwilling partner in this, as she was nude, too, and had most of her hand stuffed up inside her own cunt while she ate Patricia’s shapely ass, and she was moaning loudly.”

“When she saw me come into the room, rather than jump up and try to come up with a lame excuse, she took her mouth out of our neighbor’s ass and while looking in Patricia’s eyes and smirking, said,” ‘Now piss in my mouth, lover, so I can wash down your beautiful crap.'”

“We were divorced pretty soon after that, and now she’s living with the neighbor. Fortunately they moved out of town, since I’m still living in our old house.”

“Wow,” Ryan said. “That’s really something. Did you think it was gross to find her eating shit and drinking piss?”

“Well, not as much as you might think,” I said. “I had brought up the possibility of playing some water games to her, but she always told me she thought that was disgusting. I guess she changed her view. What I resented was her hypocrisy, and the way she was disloyal to me and loyal to her new lover. It’s quite a shock to be rejected by someone so close to you.”

“I don’t think I would ever do that to someone,” Ryan said with feeling. I looked in his eyes and saw anger there. “Why so angry, little one?” I said lightly.

“Because you’re a really nice guy, and you didn’t deserve to be treated like that!” he exclaimed.

“Come here and give me a kiss, sweetheart,” I said. He reached his upper body over my lap, put his lips on mine and thrust his tongue in my mouth quickly. We dueled for a few minutes with our tongues, and when I broke the kiss I could see by the size of both of our erections that we had easily rekindled our fire. “Whoah, baby, you’re going to start a vicious cycle here – kiss, fuck, sleep, kiss, fuck – and he laughed.

“Would that be so bad?” he said. “What else is better?”

“Well, eating, food that is, occasionally is probably necessary, and in order to have food I need to work, and…”

“Well, I’d like to give the kiss, fuck, sleep cycle a shot sometime,” he said. “If necessary, I’m willing to cut out that ‘sleep’ part…”

“Okay, okay,” I laughed. “We’ll make a date sometime for just that. But right now, we could probably use a shower. And I have to let you get home.”

“Uh, Jeff, before that, could I tell you something?” Ryan said.

“Sure, babe, what is it?” I replied.

“Well, what you said about ‘water games,’ that kind of turned me on…” Ryan said, blushing..

Far from being upset, I found myself tickled that my new male lover would be interested in learning about water sports, and playing some games. I assured him that that news only made me happier, not mad. “Ryan, it‘s true that you‘re quickly turning into a pervert,” I said, rolling my eyes, “but you have skills in using your cock, and your tongue, and ESPECIALLY that pretty little ass of yours that many people would KILL for!” As I said this, I grabbed his ass cheeks and squeezed, causing him to squeal in mock terror.

We giggled together for a few minutes, and when we stopped, Ryan looked into my eyes and said, softly, “I love you, baby.” I smiled at him and said, “Now, how about that shower?” and kissed his cheek.

So, holding hands, we headed over to the walk-in shower, a luxury that I had allowed myself in the mini renovation I had done of my house after the split from my wife. I like taking showers, and some of the best masturbation I’ve ever done has been in the shower. That’s all that had happened in the renovated shower so far, however, as I’d previously been too busy with work to start any relationships. So, no fucking to date, though I had shot plenty of cum.

“Gee, this is really big,” Ryan said. “You could fit, like 10 people in here!”

“Yeah, but I hope it’s not a letdown there’s only you and me.”

“Course not, let’s go!” he said. So I set the controls to blast out a stream of coarse hot water from over head height, and a fine, stinging spray bahis firmaları at mid body level. Still holding hands, we stepped into the stall and closed the door.

“Would you like some mood music?” I said.

“You’re kidding!” Ryan exclaimed happily. “Whatever you want, go for it!”

So I tweaked the controls and soon a soft violin concerto was issuing from the waterproof speakers in the stall. I turned to Ryan and said, “I really want to be a part of your life, and I think I’m falling in love with you, too.”

He didn’t say anything, but he got a really happy look in his eyes and embraced me. We started soaping each other, and soon there wasn’t a part of either of us that wasn’t slick with soap, and fired up from the friction of each other’s hands and cock. I turned Ryan around so that I was facing his back, and pushed my cock up to nestle between his butt cheeks, and he happily pushed back. My right hand went down to his soapy cock, to start the friction up and down the shaft that he loves so much. My other hand went to his hard, pink nipples, which despite the heat of the shower were jutting out as though ice cubes had been applied.

“Ummm, that feels really good, lover,” Ryan said.

“Which?” I said. “My hand on your cock or my fingers on your nipples?”

“Those are nice,” he said. “But I was talking about your cock between my ass cheeks. Please fuck me right now!”

He didn’t have to ask twice. I gently moved him forward until his hands were over his head, leaning against the shower stall. He moved his rear end back toward me, searching out the stiff dick he needed and knew I wanted inside of him. I grasped my cock with my right hand and inserted it into the tiny furrow between his ass cheeks, and between our mutual motion, and the slickness of the soap, I was soon buried up to the hilt inside his sweet rectum.

I returned my hand to his cock, and my left hand to his balls, so that I could gently squeeze them and stroke his cock, while he stroked my hard cock with his ass walls. We started a motion that seemed to continue for hours, building the sweet passions inside of both of us. He laid his head back on my shoulder, and looked up into my eyes, his lips gently parted. I brought my mouth to his with a passion that came from who knows where, and tried to suck all the air out of his lungs, while I pumped his ass and cock.

After an eternity of this, my cock started to spit long thick threads of cum into his tight ass hole, and my knees involuntarily buckled from the feeling. I held onto Ryan, though, to keep my balance, and I was rewarded with a shudder I felt run through his entire body. Cum blasted out of his teenage cock onto the shower walls, and ran down it in long, racing threads. There must have been a gallon of it.

We kissed for another few minutes, water coursing down our bodies and finally, reluctantly, broke the kiss. We grinned happily at each other, and I said, “Well, I guess it’s time to come out – of the shower, that is. But first,” I added, “let’s take care of a very special area first.”

I bent down to his ass, and giving it a slow kiss, re-inserted my index finger up his tight, smooth hole, wiggling it around. “You need to get the soap out of your butt, or it’s going to sting and itch. I’ve got other ways I’d like your ass to feel than that,” I said with a smile. I gently kissed his hole, letting my tongue linger inside his pucker, while he flexed his ass ring around my probing tongue. I heard him giggle from the pleasure he felt.

After finishing our rinse, we stepped out of the shower onto the bath mat. I reached for a thick, long towel and started gently drying Ryan off. “Here, let me treat you,” I said, “so that you’re nice and dry.” He did the same for me, and we reached for our underpants.

I slipped Ryan’s under his feet and brought them up snugly around his ass. As I did so, I took the opportunity to kiss the head of his erect cock, and let it slip into my mouth. He pumped lazily into my mouth for a few minutes, then let me finish putting his underpants on. He still had a noticeable bulge in the front of his underpants, and his smooth round ass filled the back out nicely. He did the same for me, but just as he got my underpants up around my knees, I felt a strong urge kaçak bahis siteleri to pee.

“Whoops, gotta go,” I said. Fortunately, the toilet was right in front of us, so it was simply a matter of directing my semi-erect cock toward the bowl. As I let loose a hard stream of ptss, I felt Ryan’s hand snake around my hip to take hold of my cock.

“You shit!” Ryan said, with mock severity. “Just when I have to pee, you take the toilet! But it DOES feel nice, your cock’s all warm and hard, and I can feel your piss running through it.” As he said this, he snuggled his bulge into my ass, and I felt a thrill course through me.

“Oh, god Ryan, that feels good, touch my ass some more…” I begged. I felt him kneel down behind me, and his warm, wet tongue enter my asshole. “Oh yeah, please, that’s SO good,” I exclaimed, his tongue widening my rear entrance slowly and pleasurably. “Do me, Ryan, please!” I begged. “Please, do me NOW!”

I felt him stand again, and felt a pang of loss when his tongue slipped out of my hole, but the thought disappeared when I felt the tip of his thick cock poking at my ass, searching for my hole. I wiggled my ass to help guide him in, and soon his dick was slowly easing into my tight anus.

“Oh, that’s good,” we both sighed at the same moment, then giggled together.

“Yes, do it, Ryan. Your cock is so hot in my ass. Please, fuck me! Oh yeah, yeah, YEAH, HARDER!” I exclaimed, as the length of his hardness stroked against my prostate, shooting sparks of electricity through my bowels. Meanwhile, Ryan’s hand was stroking my cock, which was fully stiff, and had long ago stopped peeing, though my bladder wasn’t near empty. The tip of his index finger rubbed across the residual pee in my piss slit, as well as the silkier pre cum that was now oozing out. “Yeah, your cock feels so nice in my hand, Jeff,” Ryan gasped. “And your ass is so tight on my hard cock!” He began pumping in and out of me, harder and harder. His other hand played with my balls, he was in complete control of my body, and I loved it!

“OH, MAN! FUCK! YOUR ASS IS MILKING MY COCK, BABY! SUCK MY COCK WITH YOUR ASS, LOVER!” Ryan shouted, as I flexed my rectal walls as best I could around his lovely penis. “OH, FUCK, FUCK! I’M GONNA CUM INSIDE YOU JEFF! OH, OHH, YEEEESSSSS, YEESSSSSSS!” I felt Ryan’s young cock expand, then shoot his load inside my eager and willing colon, filling me with his delicious white, sticky cum.

As Ryan shot, his hand on my cock sped up, and he played with my balls faster. Between the feeling in my ass, and my cock, I was ready to cum, too, and just seconds after Ryan, I shot my load all over the back of the toilet. We both stood together like that for a few minutes, as I felt Ryan’s beautiful dick slowly shrink inside my hole, as mine did in his warm grasp.

“That was fabulous,” I sighed. “I’d like to do that again, sometime,” I said as I turned to kiss him. Our lips met, our tongues dueled gently, and our hands roamed across each other’s body, feeling each other’s sweet body, finishing by caressing each other’s smooth, round ass cheeks. Ryan swiftly knelt down again, then, and turned me around so that he was facing my ass. His hands parted my ass cheeks, and I felt him reinsert his tongue in my anus again. He was licking up his cum out of my hot ass! I couldn’t believe the wonderful sensations, as he wiggled his sensuous tongue inside my being, and the slurping noises as he ate me out.

When he finished, stood up, and gave me a deep musk and cum flavored kiss, I then knelt in front of him to suck on his dick, licking off our joined flavors from his delicious young cock. I licked his rod from tip of his dimpled, circumcised head to his sack of balls hanging low under his dick. I then stood up after cleaning him, and rearranged his underpants as he fixed mine.

God, what an erotic boy I had found! I never wanted to leave him, with all the feelings he was churning up inside of me.

We then reluctantly replaced our clothes, and walked out to the garage, with my right hand inside his cutoffs, on his ass, with my middle finger stroking his hole; his left hand was inside my pants, holding and stroking my boner.

A quick check of the Caddy showed exactly zero damage to his car, so we didn’t need to worry about that.

“Come see me tomorrow, Ryan,” I said. It’s Saturday and we can spend the whole day together, doing, ohh, I don’t know what…” I said with a grin. He kissed me deeply on the lips, and said, “It’s a date, baby.”

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