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I’d known Ken for a while through work. He was a few years older than me, in his early sixties and we got on well. It also helped that his wife, Sara, was a knockout. In her early thirties, she had dark hair and a slim figure, with a peachy bum I’d wanted to bite for ages and small tits that looked just perfect when she wore vest tops. She also had very sexy looking feet.

One Friday, Ken rang me and said he was having a party at his over the weekend, just a few work colleagues and would I like to go. I had nothing planned so I agreed.

Saturday was a glorious day and I turned up in the early evening at the allotted time. I rang the doorbell and Ken answered.

“Pete,” he said, “good to see you. Come through.”

I followed him into the lounge when there were two other men. I recognised them from work and we exchanged greetings. Steve was Ken’s age, the other – Bill – had retired.

“Sara’ll be here soon,” Ken said. “Now what’re you drinking?”

The four of us sat around, chatting about work and nothing, for a couple of hours and Ken kept the drinks flowing. By the time the front door opened at a little after ten, we were all a bit tipsy.

Sara came in. She wore a little black dress, stockings and high heels. Her hair was thick and lustrous, her eyes were sexily made-up and her lips were a luscious red. She sashayed into the room, clearly knowing the effect she was having on us and kissed Ken gently on his lips, leaving a trace of lipstick. Her position meant that she was thrusting her bum in my direction and – did she give it a little wiggle? No, I told myself, that was just wishful thinking. She stood up and turned slowly to appraise us all.

“Evening boys,” she said. “It’s a bit quiet in here, shall I put on some music?”

“That’s a great idea,” said Steve, who was sitting by the window. “Let’s get this party going.” He winked at Ken and I caught it. Ken glanced at me and smiled.

Sara put on some soul music and turned it up then, as she backed away from the stereo, began to sway in time with the music. There was a slow beat and she moved her hips, as if enticing every single one of it.

Steve got up. “How about a dance?” he said. Sara gave him a smile and moved close to him. He put his hand on her waist and pulled her tight, their groins pressing together. Steve moved slowly, as if he’d had a bit too much to drink, but as the song went on they were clearly getting into it. I sat on the edge of the sofa, taking it all in. The others were leaning forward too. The song changed and Ken got up. He took over, pulling Sara roughly against him and she leaned her head back with a gasp, grinding her crotch against his.

She looked over her shoulder at me. She’d clearly had a bit to drink but I could see the devilment in her eyes. She was enjoying this and obviously wanted me to as well. Ken glanced at me and winked. There was an air of anticipation in the room and I liked it. I was starting to get very horny.

When the song ended, Sara sat next to me on the sofa and snuggled up against me.

“I think she likes you,” said Ken.

“He knows I do,” Sara purred. She touched my face. “Do you like me?”

“I do,” I said. “A lot.”

She wriggled and I watched as she pulled her dress up so she could open her legs. Her stockings were hold-ups and her skin was pale. She wore a red thong and it was almost completely see-through, showing off the delight of her shaved pussy. There was a wet spot right at the edge of her cunt lips.

“Are you feeling horny?” I asked.

“Oh you wouldn’t believe it,” she replied and pointed at the others. Steve spread his legs, his hard-on clearly visible through his trousers. Everyone, it seemed, had a bulge in their trousers, even Ken.

He came over and knelt on the floor, holding her knees. She sucked her finger as she looked at him then looked at me.

“Do you want to touch me?” she asked.

I began to rub her pussy through her thong. Sara rested her head on my shoulder and started to moan. I pressed a bit harder, rubbing from top to bottom, feeling the material of her thong slide against her lips. It felt wet and hot. Sara licked her lips and rubbed her hand against my crotch. My cock felt like it was going to explode.

“What do you think of the view?” Ken asked.

The others all agreed they were loving it.

“I want some cock,” she said. Her voice had taken on a sultry edge and as she looked at me, she bit her lip. I pressed my thumb against her clit and she gasped.

Pressing kaçak iddaa herself back against the couch forced Jeff, who’d been sitting on the other side of her, up and out of the way quick. He already had his cock out and was slowly stroking it as he watched her.

Sara laid down and opened her legs, putting one up against the sofa back to give us all a good view. She slowly slid her hands over her tits and then pulled the dress up past her belly. She put her foot in my lap and as I began to massage her toes, she rubbed her sole against my straining hard-on.

“Fuck me,” said Ken.

“Do you like that?” Sara asked. “You’re the foot man, aren’t you?”

“I am,” I said. “I fucking love it.”

She rubbed her pussy through her thong and I saw the juices start to soak through. She smirked and asked if I wanted to see more. I told her yes and she put her other foot to my face. I licked her big toe and made her groan.

Someone else said “lucky bastard” and I could only agree.

Sara slowly pulled the wet thong to the side and her pussy glistened in the light, the lips looking swollen and eager. I don’t think I’ve ever known a woman get so wet so quick. Her clit stood proud and I leaned forward to brush it with my thumb. She shuddered at my touch and moaned deeply. I sucked hard on her big toe at the same time and she moaned more.

“Fucking hell mate,” said Ken, “you’re really getting her going.”

Sara smiled at him and slowly licked her fingers then reached down with both her hands to part her pussy lips. The juice leaked down from her cunt and into her bum. She slipped in a finger, then another, pushing them both deep. I heard the squelch, saw more juice. She arched her back, loving the sensations she was giving herself and moaned again. Her foot pressed into my groin, her toes playing against the head of my cock.

She looked around the room. “Who wants to join me?”

“Me,” I said, along with everyone else there.

“Get your fucking kit off then.”

We were all up and stripped in less than a minute and I didn’t feel at all self conscious, standing there with my raging hard-on. Bill’s cock was the smallest and she reached out to flick the tip of it with her fingers. Bill shivered as she touched him. Ken slowly stroked his cock and Sara nodded at him and licked her lips. Jeff’s cock made her look twice. It must have been nine inches or more and thick with it. Then it was my turn for scrutiny. I’m an average eight inches with a decent girth but I had something else in my favour.

“Oh I love a bit of foreskin,” she purred.

“Then you’re in luck,” I said.

She wanked herself a little bit quicker at that, her eyes wild with excitement then stood up. She slid her hands under her dress and shimmied the thong over her backside and down her legs. She stepped daintily out of them then lifted the crotch to her lips. Closing her eyes, she licked her pussy juice from the material and smeared it around her lips, then licked them clean.

“Anyone else want a taste?”

Bill stepped forward and she gestured for him to get on his knees. When he did, his tongue hanging out, she lifted her leg and pulled his head forward, pressing his face into her pussy. Sara began to moan as I heard Bill start to lap at her juicy cunt.

Bill was the first to reply. She walked to Bill, stood in front of him on the couch, lifted her right leg and placed it to his side. She lifted her dress, and reached for his head pulling it into her pussy. As Sara began to moan, you could see Bill raise his hand and cup her ass, pulling her hot steamy pussy into his face.

Ken knelt on the sofa and she cupped his balls as he leaned in and began to bite on her neck while massaging her tits. He pulled her dress over her head and I knelt on the other side of her, playing with her nipple. She groaned, deep in her throat.

Bill was hitting the spot as Sara shuddered through an orgasm. When she’d finished, he stood up, his cock leaking and wiped around his slick mouth as he smiled at me and the others.

“Well tasty,” he said.

Sara got up, put her hands around Jeff’s neck and turned him so he was sitting on the sofa. She straddled his face and Ken stepped in front of her, pulling her towards his cock. She slowly slid it into her mouth, flicking her tongue over the head and looked at me. She let go of his cock with a pop.

“Hey Pete, you enjoying yourself?”

“I am.”

“Show me how you stroke your cock. I want you good and hard.”

I kaçak bahis did as she told me and I watched as she slipped away from Jeff’s reaching mouth and sat on the sofa. He stood up, on the other side of her to Ken. She looked at his cock and opened her mouth as wide as she could.

“Think I can take it?”

“I think so,” he said.

She ran her hand through the white hair on his chest. “Will you gag me with it?”

“As much as you want me to.”

“Oh I want you too.”

She almost sucked his cock in and got most of the way down the length of it. Jeff grabbed the sides of her head and looked at the ceiling as he moaned. Sara started to wank Ken off and Bill got on his knees again to lap at her cunt. She put her legs on his shoulders and her feet were tantalisingly close to me. She wiggled her toes, even though she was focussed entirely on Jeff and his cock. I stepped forward and guided her feet and she wrapped her toes around my cock.

It was glorious.

I watched her, sucking one old man off, wanking another while a third ate her out and then I looked at her feet, rubbing up and down my cock. Her feet felt exquisite and, at the tip of my cock, her toes played with my foreskin. I lost myself to the feeling and watching her, feeling my cock get ever harder.

She let go of Jeff’s cock.

“Upstairs,” she said. “I need people fucking me.”

She got unsteadily to her feet – Ken had to help her – and went upstairs. Jeff followed her, his fingers finding her arse and sloppy pussy. She giggled and ran up the stairs into a bedroom and we followed her in.

Sara grabbed Ken by the hand and pulled him onto the bed. She lay on her back and opened her legs as wide as possible for all of us to take in the beautiful pussy awaiting us. She pulled Ken by his dick and rubbed his cock head against her swollen pussy lips.

“Husband’s privelge,” she said with a grin. “Fuck me, lover, fuck me.”

He pushed into her gently and I watched her pussy lips slowly wrap around his cock, swallowing it. He pushed deeper into her and her back arched with pleasure as she whispered ” oh my god.” Sara’s eyes rolled back in her head and she reached for his bum, pulling him even deeper into her.

Jeff sat on the edge of the bed stroking his cock and Bill stood on the other side, leaning forward so his cock was against her mouth. He pulled him closer and easily swallowed his whole cock. Bill held her head and began to fuck her mouth, making gurgling sounds deep in her throat.

She reached for Jeff’s cock and began to wank him. Watching them, Bill fucked her face quicker and then had to step back, holding his cock tightly and he looked as if he might explode. Jeff took advantage and pushed his cock into her mouth as Ken fucked her harder and faster. She tried to take all of Jeff again but couldn’t quite manage it and tickled his balls.

Ken pumped her harder and faster, both of them grunting with pleasure and then she came, her juices squirting all over his cock. Her eyes rolled again and Jeff pushed hard, more of his cock disappearing into her mouth. She made a gagging sound and he said “yes!” and punched the air.

“Let me try something different,” she said and pushed Ken away. He stepped back and stood next to me.

“What do you think, Pete?”

“I think you’re a fucking maniac, Ken. This is glorious.”

“She loves it.”

“It looks like it.”

Sara held his ears, kissed him gently and pushed him down on the bed. She straddled him, sticking her bum up in the air.

“I like your slim cock Billy,” she said. “I think I could fit that in my arse.”

“Holy shit,” I said.

“This girl’s filth,” said Jeff admiringly.

Sara slid herself onto Ken’s cock and she began to fuck him slowly. She gestured for me to go around the opposite side of the bed to Jeff and started to wank me slowly.

“Come on Billy,” she said, “fuck my arse.”

She took Jeff’s cock into her mouth and he and I watched Bill get onto the bed. He moved behind her and wanked his cock a little to get it rock hard. Ken kept fucking her, but slowed down a little.

“Take it easy,” she said, “let me get used to it.”

I could tell when Bill pushed his cock into her because she winced but the expression was quick and then her eyes were filled with lust. She pushed back against him, winced, then pushed back again.

Bill spit and I watched him rub either her arse or his cock. He pushed again.

“I can feel him,” Ken said.

“I can feel illegal bahis the pair of you fuckers,” Sara said and shifted her backside, as if slowly accepting Bill’s cock. Then she seemed to settle and moaned again. “That’s it,” she said. She took hold of Jeff’s cock and licked up and down the shaft then gobbled him as Ken and Bill settled into a rhythm as they both began to fuck her.

Within seconds, you could hear the juices from Sara’s pussy. Her moans and grunts rose into a fever pitch and sweat beaded over her face.

“Fuck me harder,” she cried and they both did.

She looked at me through hooded eyes, wanking my cock furiously.

Bill and Ken continued to pound her and she was almost squealing with pleasure now.

“Nearly there,” Bill said.

“Cum in my arse,” Sara said, her voice straining, “cum in my fucking arse.”

Bill thrust faster, his face red and sweaty and then stopped suddenly. His expression crumpled and he groaned then pulled his cock out and wanked it into her arse. Sara screamed. Ken kept fucking her hard and she wanked me and Jeff off, her head dropping, the pleasure so intense her chest was reddening.

his face reddening and then he slammed to a halt, his expression

Bill flopped back onto the bed.

Jeff held Sara’s head and guided his cock into her mouth. He started to thrust at her and she took more and more of it. She gagged and he pulled out just long enough for Sara to get a breath then jammed it back in again.

Ken kept fucking her. I was worried she was going to wank me off altogether so moved her hand down until she was massaging my balls.

Jeff’s face creased and he closed his eyes. “I’m almost there,” he said.

She kept sucking. When it looked as if he was about to collapse, he grunted “yes” and she released him and wanked him hard against her lips. He came over her face and she slapped his cock against her cheek until there was no more cum.

With Jeff finished, she pushed back and rode Ken until he was almost whimpering with delight. At the last moment, she moved forward and reached down, wanking his cock furiously until he came against his own belly. She moved down and licked it up.

“Fucking brilliant,” he said. He wiped Jeff’s cum off her mouth and she licked it from his fingers. “Fucking brilliant,” he said again as he watched her.

Once she’d licked his fingers clean, Ken and Sara both looked at me.

“You’re on, Pete,” he said and tipped me a wink.

“Give me that cock,” Sara said.

“You sure?” I asked and they both nodded.

Sara began to rub her clit until her breathing got more and more rapid. I leaned forward, held my fingers to her mouth and she licked them for me then I slid them into her pussy. She squirmed as I started to finger fuck her. Once she was panting for breath, I slipped between her legs and put my cock against her pussy.

Her fingers were really moving now.

“She’s cumming,” Ken said.

When she did, with a cry, I slid my cock easily into her pussy. It felt wonderfully warm and juicy. I grabbed her left tit and Ken grabbed the right and I ran my thumb across her nipple.

“Jesus,” she muttered.

I began to thrust into her, my cock buried deep in her pussy. She drew up her legs and put her sexy feet on my chest and I dipped my head so I could lick her toes. I began to thumb her clit and, very soon, she was groaning again as another orgasm swept through her. Her pussy was slick now, the juices flooding my thumb as I kept working on her.

“No more,” she begged.

I let go but Ken moved in and rubbed his fingers over her clit making her scream and arch her back in pleasure.

He kept frigging her, I kept fucking her and she clutched his arm and my hand.

“Let me up,” she gasped, “you’ll kill me.”

We both stopped though I kept my cock in her and Ken helped her move so that she was on all fours. She leaned forward, head on the bed and thrust her bum up in the air. I sucked my index finger and slipped it, every so slowly, into her arse. She squeezed against it and I started to fuck her again.

Sara quickly got into the rhythm and thrust herself against me. Her hand snaked back between her legs and she started to tickle my balls. The sensation – her slick pussy, the noises she was making, my finger in her arse and her tickling my balls – was too much.

“I’m cumming,” I said.

“Cum inside me,” she cried.

I thrust harder and faster. Her fingertips stroked my balls.

I came.

Her pussy rippled against my cock, pulling everything out of me and I leaned forward, kissing the back of her neck.

“Wow,” I said.

“We’re going to have to have you come to more parties,” Sara said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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