Dreams Become Reality

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Big Tits

Since I met Jack, three long and chaotic years ago, he had frequently visited my dreams. Each dream made the next time I saw him more bitter-sweet. The bitter being that he was not only married, but never would he want someone like me. The sweet was the pure lust that raged within me at the very sight or sound of him.

I blush furiously in front of him, the memory of my dreams thrust to the front of my mind when he is near. I am so grateful to be a woman and able to hide my arousal from him, but nothing would keep my nipples from hardening. I lied constantly that I was cold.

Every inch of him turns me on. Though I had never seen it, I imagined how his body must look. Broad shoulders, firm skin, powerful muscles pulsing beneath his tall frame, his bum round and tight, his hands (Oh my God! His hands!) big, strong and hard-working but every bit a gentleman’s hands. Best of all, his face; it begins with immaculately styled hair, dark with flecks of silver, instantly framing his brow, his eyes are surrounded by dark lashes and lit with fire – one look from those eyes and I am his slave. Finally his mouth, full and red lips, which spread into a dazzling smile, especially when he grows a goatee on his masculine chin. His voice is deep and kind, He doesn’t know it but he could make me climax with just a few well chosen words whispered in my ear.

His allure overshadows me. It is no surprise that only one man has touched me in eight years, even then only once and for a very brief moment. It was a booze filled fumble, brought about in no small way by Jack’s brief brush against my neck earlier in the day and as Jack was out of my reach, I settled for someone else, hoping I could imagine his touch was Jack’s touch.

I know the truth in my heart, have always known it, really. I’m not bonus veren siteler sexy, my red hair falls limply around my shoulders, my face scarred by wrinkles and skin covered in freckles. My eyes are grey and dull, I carry more weight than I should for my short body. I both desire and fear Jack’s touch, I fear he will see me as I truly am and either laugh at me or run away screaming. The tight knot in my belly burns for his touch but I know I could never be brave enough to allow it.

So when he calls to ask me to work for him again, I cannot refuse. Easily the old routine comes back to me, Jack sits beside me as we count the day’s takings and just a bump of his knee against mine under the desk sends thrills through me, he glances over the rim of his spectacles at me and I melt.

There is something different this time, though. Our usual conversations about how bizarre life is, are replaced more and more by what each of us have done or have wanted to do in bed. If I didn’t know better, I might mistake it for flirtation. Whatever it is, my pussy aches for him more because of it.

It is after one of these conversations that I steal a glance at his groin as he stands up and what I see makes me gasp, quite audibly. His trousers are strained by his huge, erect cock. I’m so shocked – did I turn him on? Really? Me? My head spins with questions. As if reading my mind he says “There’s always been something between us, Kim.”. My pulse starts to race, my cheeks fill with colour and my hands begin to tremble. He sits back down next to me, pointing at the monitor and asking me about the order displayed there. Almost offhandedly, his fingers stroke my thigh, crossing back and forth over the top of my stockings. I moan quietly and the sweet ache between my legs begins to throb. bedava bahis I am panting and red faced, he smiles at the power he wields over me. Were he to touch my neck or whisper in my ear, I would cum, then and there. I risk it happening just with the touch of his fingers on my thigh. “Jack, don’t.” I whisper, “I can’t.”. He stands again and his bulge is level with my face and the urge to suck on his cock is too strong, my mouth fills with saliva.

“Wait, Jack,” I speak before I realise my lips are moving, “let’s stay late tonight.”. I instantly regret saying anything, how could I show this man my disgusting body? Both my body and I are not worthy of him.

“Yeah?” he asks. The question weighs heavily between us as my brain and body argue, brain saying no, body screaming yes. My body wins, I say yes.

The rest of the day drags on, each second as a minute, each minute as an hour until we are finally alone. He takes my hand and leads me out of the office. I ask where we are going, he answers “Wait and see.”, then he kisses me, his lips on mine and his tongue probing in my mouth. My trembling hands run through his hair and down his back. He pulls away and leads me to a showroom bed. He undoes the top two buttons of my dress and releases my breasts, pert and standing to attention in his hand. He moves his mouth to my nipples, my hands again stroke through his hair and I try to hide it as I climax. He continues to undress me, before removing his own clothes. In my wildest dreams of him, I did not do him justice. His body is phenomenal, tanned and firm. His cock is swollen and huge, I take his tip gently between my lips, licking all around the helmet, sucking gently all the time. My hand grasps him firmly and slides up, down and gently side to side, now and then stopping to deneme bonus caress his balls. I glide my tongue up and down the shaft of his cock, flicking it sideways and round all the while.

I feel moisture between my legs and can’t believe how horny he makes me feel. He shudders not once but twice and pulls out of my dripping wet mouth, rolling me onto my back, lifting my legs onto his shoulders and he enters me. I close my eyes and wait for him to stop, run away in repulsion, but he doesn’t. My juices flood over him inside me and he starts to grind against me faster and faster. My eyes roll back into my head and I hold onto him tightly as my orgasm reaches a crescendo, unlike any I have had before, it leaves me wanting more and more of him. He pulls away, and lies back, I climb on top of him, face to face at first, then turning away from him. I can’t keep it going for long though, because I feel my nerves tingling and my hips thrusting more urgently and I know in just a couple more thrusts he will have made me come three times. I take him in my mouth once more, licking, sucking, my hands again taking turns in fondling his shaft and balls. I could carry on sucking on him til my jaw seized, but he instead bends me over and thrusts deep from behind. He’s teasing me, pounding hard and fast for a few minutes, then slowing down and fingering my very wet and thoroughly fucked hole. His hat trick is complete, I come hard and fast as he spins me over and mounts on top of me. I beg him not to stop, please don’t stop giving it to me, he hesitates for a moment before sliding deeper and faster into me. I feel his firmness give way to pulsing and he comes inside me. I am dripping with sweat from my brow and my pussy is overflowing with a mix of our fluids.

We get dressed and go outside to smoke. My head is spinning with thoughts of how amazing it was and how I could never have dreamed in all my years that he would own me completely just by a touch or a word.

I travel home alone that night with a wry smile on my lips, and a craving to do it all over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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