Danny’s All Grown Up Pt. 02

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“Can’t a girl just have a good day, Ali? I don’t know why I look so good, but thank you for the compliment.”

“Fuck you Shelly! I know that glow! A woman only looks like that after she’s gotten it good! He was supposed to sleep on the couch. Now what happened?!”



“All right! I just, I….I taught him how to kiss is all. It was pretty harmless. He’s quite good actually.”

“Goddammit Shelly! We’ll just see about your lies,” said a furious Ali as she stormed off to Danny’s bedroom, with Shelly close behind.

“Oh shit,” said Shelly, knowing what her sister was up to.

Ali stomped into the room and pulled back the quilt and covers, and then gasped in shock. The bedsheet was covered in cumstains. Ali’s eyes went wide as she glared at her sister.

“What the fuck is this!? What the fuck Shelly?!”

Shelly was at a loss, so she tried to play it off.

“Yeah sis. So I noticed those stains too. The poor kid must really yank himself a lot. But I’m surprised he doesn’t do it into a dirty gym sock like most teenage….OWWW!!!”

Ali had slapped her sister across the face.

“Jesus Ali!!!”

“You fucking bitch! He does jack it into dirty socks! I know because I’m the one who washes the crusty, disgusting things! And I also wash his sheets and they NEVER have cumstains on them,” Ali yelled.

“My god Shelly! What all did you do!? My poor baby! What if Brian finds out!?”

“Brian? Why, he’d probably give Danny a hi five and a cigar.”

“Goddammit,” said Ali, knowing that her sister was right.

Danny was trying to stay out of sight while listening intently from around the corner just as his father called to him from the other end of the hall, exposing him to his aunt and mother.

“Danny, come visit with your grandparents! I’m making my famous waffles!”

Ali looked out into the hallway and caught Danny’s eye. She frowned and went to his bedroom door and slammed it shut, leaving her and her sister alone. Danny sulked on his way to the kitchen. Things were not looking good.

“What are they arguing about? You know what, never mind. Word of advice son, never get between sisters when they’re fighting. Just steer clear,” said his father.

Danny hung out in the kitchen with the rest of his family members. It felt like his mother and aunt were in his room forever, arguing. But eventually the door opened and they came out and went to the kitchen. His mother still looked incredibly pissed while Shelly just walked behind her, a sheepish look on her face.

“Make me a Bloody Mary, Brian,” Ali said to her husband. “A strong one.”

“Make it two,” said Shelly.

“All right! Getting the party started early,” said Danny’s father, slapping his hands together as he went to make the cocktails, while as usual totally failing to read the room.

Shelly walked behind Danny and whispered in his ear, “We need to talk at some point. But keep your mother drinking. She’s never been an angry drunk, so it should calm her down.”

The family drank mimosas and Bloody Marys as they ate breakfast and socialized. Danny made sure that full mimosas always appeared for his mother. Ali however, remained chilly around her sister which concerned him. He managed to find Shelly alone in the hallway and desperately pressed her for information.

“What’s happening?”

“Your mom wants me to pack my things and leave this afternoon.”

“No! You can’t Aunt Shelly! What about tonight? We need to be together again!”

Danny felt terrible for being so selfish, but all he could think about was being with his gorgeous aunt again. It had become an obsession.

Shelly put her hand on his face, “I know baby. I really want to be with you again. But things are really sensitive right now. What we did was extremely taboo, and she has every right to be angry with me. Now remember, keep her drinking.”

She then scampered off, not wanting her sister to catch her alone with Danny.

The day went on and the family relaxed around the beach, the pool, and the house. Ali and her sister continued to talk and Danny hoped that his mother was calming down, but he couldn’t tell. He was panicking that this was it, and he would never get the chance to be with Shelly again.

By early afternoon, everyone was back at the house relaxing. Danny’s father had him go to the garage where he kept his beer fridge, and told him to ice down a case. Danny was pouring ice into a cooler when the garage door opened, and his aunt slinked in. He stopped and just stared at her as she waltzed up to him, looking around to make sure they were alone.

“Danny, we need to talk.”

Oh no, he thought. This was it. This is where she says that last night was a mistake and that it could never happen again. Danny’s heart sank. She took his face in her hands.

“Danny, I need to apologize about last night.”

Please no, thought Danny. He felt deflated as he expected to hear the bad news.

“Aunt Shelly, please don’t apologize! bahis şirketleri I loved last night!”

“No Danny, I need to apologize to you. Last night was wonderful but….,” she trailed off. Danny’s heart was racing as he got ready for the disappointing bombshell.


He looked at her pleadingly, not wanting to hear her say that it was over.

“Danny, listen. I was a very bad girl last night. You were wonderful. So wonderful, and Danny, I should have…..”

“What,” he asked. “What, Aunt Shelly?”

“I should have sucked your cock a lot more than I did. And I’m so sorry about that.”

Danny wasn’t sure if he heard her correctly.


“Danny, you really did a number on me last night. You beat up my pussy so good. I know that you are new to this but you’re a goddamn natural. And when a woman gets it as good as you gave it to me last night, then it’s only right that she show her appreciation.”

“Appreciation,” Danny asked, feeling his heart surge.

“Yes Danny. By worshipping the man’s cock. And tonight I’m going to show my appreciation by loving on your cock with my mouth. I’m going to kiss it, lick it, suck on it. And I’m also going to lick and suck on your balls too.”

Shelly then opened her mouth and licked his face, from his chin up to his nose.

“I didn’t suck your cock anywhere near enough. I wanted to and I tried to, but my pussy was just too greedy and I had to have you back inside of me. But I’m going to make it up to you tonight. All you have to do is lay there and enjoy it. I’m going to worship that beautiful piece of meat of yours for a long, long time.”

“Oh my god….,” was all Danny could manage as Shelly stuck her tongue in his mouth and kissed him sensuously. She then broke the kiss and held his face, while giving him a serious look.

“And Danny, we’re still gonna fuck. We’re gonna fuck a lot. More than we fucked last night, ok? All night you’re going to be either on top of me, or getting your cock and balls sucked. Neither of us is going to get much sleep tonight. But we are going to have lots of fun.”

“That, that sounds amazing, Aunt Shelly,” Danny stammered, his heart pounding with joy. Shelly leaned in to kiss him again but then they both heard the sound of the garage door handle turning and quickly stepped away from each other. The door opened and Danny’s father popped his head in.

“Danny, make it two cases. I just got confirmation that some of the neighbors are coming over.”

“Roger that, dad.”

“Oh, and you’re eighteen now so, feel free to have a couple of brews yourself.”

“Thanks dad!”

Brian then closed the door, leaving Danny and his aunt alone. Shelly looked at the closed door for a bit and then said, “Tonight’s the night. What do you think?”

“I think you’re right. He’s already two bloody Mary’s in.”

They weren’t talking about sex, but instead Brian, Danny’s father. Every year at these gatherings he relaxed, drank, and had a good time. But there was always one night where he would overdo it and get absolutely blotto. Danny and other family members would have to help get the man to bed. It became tradition to try to guess which day would be the one where Brian went overboard. But nobody minded. Brian was a fun drunk.

Shelly then stepped back up to Danny and grabbed the wrist of the hand that had been inside of her, and put her mouth on his four fingers, and sensuously, slowly, pulled it out of her mouth. She regarded it with a small frown.

“I can barely taste myself on you. You need a top off baby,” she said, while pulling her dress up and raising her leg. “Get in there. It’s been a few hours so I’m more ripe now.”

Danny excitedly reached under her dress and made contact with her wet pussy. At some point during the day Shelly must have gone back to the room and removed her panties. He looked at her in surprise.

“I’m being naughty, I know. But I just wanted to surprise you. Now get your fingers inside of me. That’s it Danny. Mmmmmmm.”

“You feel so good, Aunt Shelly. I wish it was my dick inside you right now,” he said, while moving all four of his fingers in and out of her.

“I know, baby. But just think, in a couple more hours you’ll be on top of me, with my smooth legs wrapped around you, and your balls slapping off of my ass while you plunge your big fuckstick in and out and in and out and in and out….”

“Goddammit Shelly,” said Danny, now rapidly plunging half of his hand in and out of her along to her words.

Shelly laughed and pushed him away, and took a hold of his wrist. She took a whiff of his hand and went “ahhhh… nice and funky. Now, just take a sniff whenever you want to think about tonight.”

She then gave him a wink and turned around and headed to the door.

“Aunt Shelly,” he yelled, causing her to spin around. She looked at him and busted out laughing. He was sporting a massive erection that was very noticeably pushing against his swim trunks.

“Look what you did to me! You can’t leave me like bahis firmaları this!”

Shelly laughed and turned around and headed out, remarking over her shoulder, “You’re just going to have to figure that out, Danny.”

“Goddammit Aunt Shelly! I’m gonna fuck your brains out tonight!”

“That better be a promise,” she laughed while she left the garage, leaving Danny to deal with his hardon by himself.

Danny cracked open a cold one and proceeded to read the surgeon’s general warning on the beer cases over and over again, until his hardon finally went away, and then he brought the coolers out to the pool. When he set the second cooler down his aunt came up to him.

“Hey stud. So your mom has cooled off a bit. I’m not longer kicked out but you have to sleep on the couch.”

“The couch?!? I’m glad you’re staying Aunt Shelly, but I don’t want to sleep on the couch.”

Shelly laughed and said, “Danny, you’re not going to stay on the couch. Jesus, use your head, kid. Once everyone goes to bed you’re going to get up off that couch and come into the bedroom, where I’ll be naked under the covers, waiting for you. And then you can play with my body all night long.”

Shelly then giggled and turned to leave, swaying her ass for his eyes as she walked away.

The day went on and Danny’s father Brian proceeded to drink too much while everyone hung around the pool in their swimsuits. Danny was swimming in the pool, sipping another beer when his mom swam up to him in her bikini. She wrapped her gorgeous arms and legs around him and held his face in her hands.

“My little baby boy. God I can’t believe what a handsome man you’ve grown into,” she said while he held her in the pool, loving the feel of her. She gave him a lingering kiss that was somewhat more than motherly, and then disgenganged. She tapped his beer with a finger and said, “Make sure you don’t have too many of those or you’ll ruin your fun tonight,” before swimming away.

Danny was left there stunned, not sure what happened. What did she mean by that, he asked himself. Was she just drunk? Just then his aunt swam up behind him.

“I think she’s a little jealous, Danny. Your dad travels so much and he hasn’t really been providing her with what she needs in the bedroom, if you know what I mean.”

“So, what are you saying Aunt Shelly?”

She reached under the water and squeezed his John Thomas.

“I’m saying that we need to play our cards right,” and then she also swam away.

The rest of the day Shelly and her sister spent mostly together, and Danny noticed that much of it was spent laughing. They’ll also seemed to constantly catch him stealing glances at them, which would then make them burst out in giggles again. Or were they stealing glances at him?

The day turned into the evening, and Danny was going crazy with anticipation. Around nine o’clock there was a loud splash and lots of yelling and laughter. Brian had done his final shot of tequila and fell into the pool. Danny and his one uncle had to fish him out. They then each helped him to his bedroom. The party was over for him. Ali helped to dry him off and then they let him fall into bed, where he immediately passed out.

Ali stayed to tuck her husband in and Danny and his uncle went back to rejoin the party. Everyone had decided that even though the night was still young, it had been a long day, and people headed to bed. Danny and Shelly waited for everyone to say their good nights and leave them alone. Ali never reammerged from her bedroom.

Shelly sent a quick text from her phone, and then looked up at an extremely anxious Danny.

“Are you ready Danny?”

“I’m so ready!”

Shelly took his hand and led him to the bedroom and then closed the door behind them. She then said to him, “Take off your swim trunks and get into bed.”

Danny did as he was told and got into the bed naked. He sat against the headboard, looking at her, his dick starting to grow. She stood at the foot of the bed, looking at him and gave him an exaggerated frown and then said, “There is something about tonight that I’m not looking forward to at all.”

“What’s that,” said a worried Danny.

Shelly looked at her phone and then walked over to the bedroom door.

“Sharing you and your wonderful cock, Danny. That’s what I’m not looking forward to. I want you all to myself, but your mother won’t let me be greedy. Sisters have to share, after all,” she said as she opened the door.

Standing in the doorway was his mother Ali, causing Danny to gasp in surprise. She stepped into the room and Shelly closed the door. Now they were both standing at the end of the bed, looking at Danny who was so stunned he forgot to cover up. His fuck wand was now fully hard, sticking straight up. Ali looked at it in amazement.

“Jesus Shelly! It looks even bigger than you described it!”

“Just wait until you get it inside of you. It’s gonna touch places where you’ve never been touched before.”

Ali took a deep breath and then said, “Danny baby, your dad’s passed kaçak bahis siteleri out drunk and won’t notice me being gone. So do you mind if I join you two tonight?”

“Uh, no! I don’t mind at all! Jesus mom, you’re so fucking hot!”

“Oh baby, you’re so sweet.”

Danny sat there, mouth agape, staring at them. Shelly still had her bikini on with a bikini cover. And his mother appeared to only have a very short robe on that barely covered her ass, and a pair of tiny panties. The robe was very loosely tied so that it was partially open, showing most of her breasts and midsection. They both looked incredibly sexy.

The room was filled with the smell of chlorine from the pool and tanning lotion. Danny had always associated those two scents with summer, but also eroticism. And the latter was because of his beautiful aunt and mother, wearing bikinis around the house and pool while teasing him mercilessly. Slathering on tanning oil. Water beads running off of their incredible bodies when they got out of the pool. What guy wouldn’t lose his mind a little when surrounded by that? And now the room was thick with that scent of eroticism. Sex was about to happen. And lots of it.

“Ok sis. Let’s go get him,” said Shelly as they both proceeded to get on the bed and crawl towards Danny. Shelly on his right side and Ali on his left. They both lay on their sides next to him and let their hands roam his muscular chest and shoulders. Ali leaned in and kissed him deeply, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths.

Ali broke the kiss and then Shelly gently turned his face to her and then she began to kiss him while his mother spoke.

“Danny, my little man,” said Ali while looking into his eyes. “I’ve always known that you had a crush on me and my sister. The way you look at us. It’s so cute, and I always saw it as harmless fun. But I never expected Shelly to make your dreams come true.”

Shelly had moved from his mouth and started to kiss his chest and was heading down his body.

“It really made me jealous and angry. I realized that what I was really upset about was that I didn’t get to be your first.”

Danny looked into his mothers eyes as he felt his aunt’s mouth engulf his prick, causing him to let out a moan.

“So I was being silly. Acting like a jealous school girl. But I’m not jealous anymore Danny. I just want my fair share of my wonderful boy. We’re gonna have a lot of fun from now on Danny. Especially with how much your dad travels for work, leaving the two of us alone.”

Shelly’s mouth on his cock and his mother’s words made Danny groan out loud in pleasure. Ali pressed her mouth back against his and they made out as Shelly orally went up and down and up and down on his huge shaft. Shelly then pulled her mouth off of his cock.

“Hey sis. I could really use some help with this monster.”

Ali stopped kissing him and started to head down towards his crotch, but Shelly stopped her.

“You know what I think he’d love sis? If you’d take off those panties and then sit on that handsome face of his while you helped me with his meat.”

“Would you like that, sweetie,” Ali asked her son. Danny just nodded his head yes with a grin.

Ali pulled off her panties and then got into the 69 position. She let her pussy hover over his face.

“Are you ready Danny?”

Danny just stared up at her box. Like Shelly’s it was beautiful. Very fat with a well trimmed landing strip.


“Yes! Yes I’m ready! I’m so reammmmffff…mmmmm….”

Ali had sat her gorgeous, fat beaver down onto her son’s face while he was mid sentence, cutting him off. Not that he minded of course. She then removed her robe and tossed it aside. He moaned up into her pussy as she leaned down and plunged her mouth onto his cock. He grabbed onto her ass and pulled her tighter into his face. Then Shelly got between his legs and pushed them apart. She proceeded to work on his balls, licking them with her tongue and sucking them into her mouth.

The room filled with the sounds of Danny moaning while slurping away at his mother’s pussy, and also the wet sounds of Ali and Shelly’s mouths on his cock and balls. Danny wasn’t going to last long as he tried to focus on his mom’s button.

“Mmmmmhhmmmm….mmmhmmm…..MMMMM!!!,” Ali moaned while trying to suck Danny’s dick. His oral skills were having their effect and she was about to cum.

“He’s good, isn’t he,” asked Shelly as she sat up and removed her bikini. Now both ladies were completely naked. “The boy learns fast!”

Ali’s moan got louder as she grinded her pussy down onto Danny’s face, making it hard for him to breath. But she paid his struggles no mind because her orgasm hit her hard, causing her to grind down even more. She was no longer capable of sucking his cock, but kept it firmly lodged in her mouth as the orgasm worked through her. When it finally subsided, she resumed sucking Danny’s dong.

With his mother sitting her beautiful, soaking wet pussy on his face, while she sucked his cock, and his aunt working his balls with her mouth and tongue, Danny wasn’t going to last long. He began to tense up and Ali and Shelly noticed, and intensified their oral manipulations to his cock and balls. Danny grunted loudly into his mother’s pussy as he orgasmed.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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