Aunt Cathy Pt. 26

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Brother Sister

{Disclaimer: All characters in this piece are eighteen or over}

I just stood looking at my bedroom door chewing over what it used to be, and how it now had become a portal for devilishness. Sob on the other hand was engrossed with his crotch, grinning. Didn’t wanna ask and didn’t have to, he started for the door, “This shit keeps up were gonna need larger cans. Well, I will.” He high tailed it before the nearest object had a chance to get air born.

Actually it would have been funny to see his face considering the object nearest me was mom’s vibrator. Had to wonder what would have happened if he’d got a hold of it, and, if she would have ever seen it again. The mental picture of the two of them playing keep away made me make a noise no human should be able to make. When it happened twice, I knew it wasn’t me.

“What and who the fuck..?” Peeking through the curtains made me blink. There, in all its worn in glory was a tour bus, circa late Fifty’s. Badly chipped paint on her nose, the company logo on the side had been hastily brush painted over, and most of the window tinting was peeling bad. In the destination window was our team’s name. She made that obnoxious, out of tune, triple air horn sound again. Sounded like a choir.

“Don’t worry girl. By the time were done with you, you’re going to be the most rocking bus on the interstate. HELL YEAH!” Some quick math and I figured two steps at a time I’d be flying out the door and out quick. Outside was freezing though so my coat was needed. Did a blind eye reach to where it had always hung and found my jersey instead.

That was no big deal except when the coat came off I stalled. The brass finish on the hook had worn off years ago and we’d had to replace the screws a few times, (was inclined to use my jacket as a b-ball and the hook as a basket) that got me to thinking. Sob’s words echoed. ‘Voted in’, ‘Unanimous’, ‘Coach had decided before’. I was still on shaky ground. I’d told coach I could handle the new role but truthfully had no stone set confidence.

For good or for bad, a spark lit up in me. “Okay. Evidently we have a new bus. So why not greet it and ‘MY’ team, (yes that felt very weird to think), shirted in my new job role?” Wasn’t one idea I could think of that said bad idea.

Coat was subbed for the jersey.

The two steps at a time turned into a wary riser by riser stomp till the last step where I let out a ‘damn it’. The edging club was giggling away right between me and the bus.

Bolster up and power through right?


“Looks good razz, gonna lead the team like you do your women?”


Cross legged on the couch she was relishing her position in this confrontation. Pretty damn clear she’d seen it, guess popoff too? I’d already paid a few times for snotty retorts, didn’t care this time. “Typical porn freak. You don’t pay a lot of attention huh? I was pretty much being told and led all night.” Despite her name Misty does not move slow, she pops up and races, had her in my face lickety-split.

“YOU did take control, albeit a ways in, but you did. You’ll make a good leader.” I know misty, we have a bit of secret history. Wasn’t buying it.

“Uh-huh, until you boyfriend gets a hold of me. That man does not know how to let it bahis siteleri be.” Guess that came out a little too loud, got the shhhhh


“The kitchen has ears.” She looked that direction then focused back on me. “Yesterday was my birthday, all I wanted was sex. He got lovingly raped from noon till about thirty minutes before the show. Was out like a light for the whole thing.”

“You didn’t tell him?”

“Why for? You know what the best part was?”

“No, but you’re going to tell me no matter what I say.”


“Yup! The best part was seeing how much you three love each other. The sex was wickedly hot, you have a really nice dick by the way (What?) but shit, it was like watching an incestuous Walton’s episode.”

Misty has always been hot to me. Likely because she’s on a whole different plane than what I’d be surrounded by. Mom, Mary and Cathy were all control thinkers, first step to last step. Misty had a right here, right now, with sunshine, personality. Where the later three had sweater puppy’s, (if all puppies are Irish Elk Hounds), popoffs girl was the definition of ‘more than a handful is a waste’.

One summer our lot had all been in the pond swimming and goofing when I went into grab a beer. Didn’t really know misty so well then, and when I turned the corner to the kitchen froze. She had her arms over her head pulling her t-shirt off, I stood there for way longer than I should have till my brain piped in, ‘don’t take that long to remove a shirt dude.’ In other words caught myself gawking.

“Well? Are they good or small?” She gave me the most sly, fake pout, and I knew she was a tease, so I gave her a double thumbs up, mixed in a ‘dang’, and fetched my beer. Got halfway out of situation kitchen when, “Hey razz?”

My beer foamed in my mouth when I turned. She was looking over a shoulder, that just happened to be near her ankles. Where hands just happened to be holding bikini bottoms. And that pose? Yeah, it just happened to arrange the cutest butt on top of some very lovely, slightly spread legs, giving me a view of a pussy my tongue most definitely wanted to dive into.

“Don’t tell popoff, K?”

(Ponder. huh? Okay)

“Tell him what? That you have perfect boobs and butt? Or that you bend over and give, (said loudly), T.M.I!!” She got the joke, we both cracked up. I made a new friend that day, and that’s why she read my face knowing what past was being remembered, a past where time seemed less complicated.

“Razz, nothing’s changed, but everything has. Just go do what you know you’re supposed to do now, in this now.” She softened up. “This now will never come around again.”

All the people in my life from friends to lovers have at one time laid a heavy on me. Misty just took her turn. What she said went to heart and She winked at me knowing I understood. Don’t get all teary eyed, like any good friend would do, she flipped the somber table. “Or can go on dreaming about fucking my boobs, Ewwww.”

That made me smile. “You and Cathy. Fuckin’ females.”

“Oh? Another movie in mind? Don’t leave out Bonnie, Mom and Mary now.” You can’t get mad when a friend is pulling your chain to bring you to a better place.

“Thanks Misty.”

“Your welcome supper cock.”

“Oh man canlı bahis siteleri come on!”

“Sorry, sorry, sorry. SUPER!!”


“You are one nutty female my friend.”

“And you love me like the sister you want to fuck.” The strangest look came over her face. Somewhere between regret and relief.

Regardless, there was a bus to greet. Time to break the barrier into the club house, or the kitchen depending on how you looked at it. Gave Misty a wink, turned and got jumped from behind, legs around my waist, words in my ear.

“The only reason it was ewwww was because of popoff and Cathy. Otherwise it would be Mmmmm.” She reached around to massage her palm over the crest. “A few moments later back in that kitchen? Who knows?” She dismounted pushing me forward, “Don’t look back, go live your destiny.”

With a giggle behind me the barrier into the club house, broke. There was no way they could have missed that sickly horn, or the conversation, so when I cut through dead serious there were some looks but not a word was uttered. Even mom, with all the taboo breaking events, was still mom. She followed me out, cell in hand for photo ops.

Sob was the first one that saw me outside, he grinned and gave me a ‘all right bro’ thumbs up and nod. ‘Cube’ came out of the bus, looked at me and snapped his fingers with a grin. He was our go to goalie, Clayton was his real name, but he had the nickname for being as tall as he was wide. He’s mentioned because he saved my life.

One by one the team unloaded, and they all smiled at the jersey decision, that had my ego up. Till coach stepped off dressed in his fatigues; Combat helmet and all. A huge cigar hung from his mouth, and he was feeling no pain. Focused on the rear end of the bus he didn’t see me right away.

When he did, something odd happened. The more he rotated, the more I bolstered in my decision on wearing my ‘C’. When he met my sight, he gave the Patton grin from hell. His cigar came out from between his lips in peace sign fingers. “SO! What do you think cap’s?” He was beaming proud and elated.

“I think, sir. She’s not blowing smoke out her ass. Needs some new lipstick and carries our team’s name well. May just have to marry her.” He guffawed and planted the helmet on my head.

“Good answer troop. Get over there and help unload.” Everybody was here, except popoff. Got very uneasy over that. A motivated team of young men emptied a bus P.D.Q. Bags and bags of equipment went to the pump house near the pond. More boxes went into the house.

Coach didn’t believe in luxury tax, (or any other bullshit tax) we stayed in motels, not hotels. Learned how to cook good food for more than one in kitchenettes. Since we had no games left, and the house was now going to be home base, three weeks of food stuffs had to be unloaded.

When the thought hit my head it was bound to show on my face. Coach misconstrued my apprehension.

“Don’t even think about it son, mom already cleared it.”

I Was not thinking on those lines at all. I was worrying about mom’s ‘hockey candy’ crack. After the last thirty-six hours that wasn’t inconceivable. Popoff not being on the bus was solved when he pulled up in Misty’s jeep, (guess he got the Vette lesson) an actual WWII canlı bahis jeep, that as of right had been pristine but now had been blasphemed.

She’d painted it bimbo, puffy lipped pink.

“Dude!? Why!”

“Her jeep, not my choice. It matches her streak.” Misty had kept her mall make-over look but had added a bright pink streak off to one side. It did give her a very edgy seductiveness, and she was right of course, was her jeep, but man still. Off to the right of us somebody dropped something swearing, ‘mother fucker’. Popoff gave me the quickest glance ever beating a path to the pond blink quick.

He knew.

The rest of that day for the team was full of unpacking, painting lines on the ice and setting up some diesel-powered work lights. Inside mom and the ladies had set up picnic benches while cooking up a feast. When the sun finally sank too low to see we got the go ahead to fire the generators up.

I’m sure it happens, maybe not to every team, but the sight of those lights on the ice shining up those newly fresh lines? You got a bunch of young men taking it all very, very serious now. They’d taken our house arena, but we had a new bus, a pond rink and a coach that was as biting cold as the weather.

Felt fucking good!

Mom was in her element when we sat to chow down, Bonnie was right along which kind of surprised me, never thought of her as a mom type, till the panties were remembered. Mary and misty served plate after plate. I got to be honest here, you get this many worked up hockey players in this situation, there will be some ass grabs an off-color remarks, didn’t happen. Why? Yup, Coach.

About Five minutes before we’d finished mom clapped her hands. “Momma’s and miss, wine and a movie?” We knew exactly what that meant. They cooked, so we did dishes…alllll the dishes. The dissertations on gripe’s could have filled up a cloud storage till somebody mentioned M.A.S.H.

“Remember how they used to walk out the mess tent and just chuck everything into a barrel of boiling water? That could be useful”

I had the means and way to do that, We owned food grade barrels for storing grain and such. Dad loved his barbecue, so a propane fuled fire stand was on hand, Barrel on top, water in, light her up, presto! Dish washing army style. Also gave me an opportunity to get popoff alone. “Dude. that is a great idea. YO! Popoff come help.” Quite possible the last thing he ever wanted to do.

Took about a half hour to find everything and rig it all up and I couldn’t figure a way to ease into the subject, so I dropped a bomb. “You saw me, and mom fucking didn’t you?” He turned his head and nodded. “We’ve been in here thirty minutes, and you haven’t laid into me. Why?”

He put his hands behind his neck and thought really hard, then blew my fucking mind. Reaching into his coat he pulled a wallet out producing two drivers’ licenses, his and misty’s. “Check the D.O.B man.” They matched.

“So? Same birth date, what’s the deal.” He looked at me serious and tired of harboring a secret. “My mom got pregnant right out of high school, had two kid’s a boy and a girl. Couldn’t afford both so the girl was sent for adoption.”

“Okay, didn’t know that sorry bro. Still don’t explain why you haven’t ripped me up and down.” Got another ‘seriously’ look, I must be a collector.

“Me and misty were going to elope, till we got the blood tests back. You getting it now?” It sunk in like a sledgehammer on a skull.

“She… She’s your sister.”

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