The Lockett Camp

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Big Tits

A/N: All of the characters are aged 18 and above.

It was during a hot summer day when Sydney broke up with me via text message. Both my mom and dad left me alone for the rest of the afternoon. Dad had received a message from his foreman, telling him that there was an issue with one of the houses they were building while mom went grocery shopping once she found the refrigerator and the stocks almost empty. She then handed me money to go buy myself a meal in one of the local diners here in town.

Uncle Johnny’s diner is only a couple of blocks away from our street. They had one of the best menus in town but what always sold me was their smoothies. Their smoothies were one of a kind, having the right amount of sweetness and creaminess. I could swear it melts in your mouth.

I happily ate a burger with fries and a banana smoothie. Saving the smoothie for the last is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I then drank a glass of iced water to finish it all off and finally complete my appetite. Everything was going great for me until I started the engine of my car.

My phone notified me that Sydney just sent me a text message. ‘Hey Tom, over the past couple of weeks, I feel like we’ve been drifting apart as a couple, and that I have been slipping away from being with you as a girlfriend. After some thinking, I’ve decided that I can no longer continue with our relationship and that I’m breaking up with you. Tom, I want you to know that you did nothing wrong and that it’s not you, it’s me. I hope we can get through this.’

My stomach turned and almost made me vomit as I kept reading through the text messages. All kinds of negative thoughts went inside my head and made me want to puke everything that I had just eaten. I wanted to cry but my pain and sadness turned into anger. I loved her and put the best of my efforts to make her feel like the perfect woman in the world and this is what she gives me in return. A fucking break-up message in a fucking text message? Bullshit.

I grip the steering wheel because of my anger and then slammed it with my right fist. I tried to control my breathing to calm down and it barely worked. Fortunately, my loneliness is interrupted when Ashton Presley appeared in my peripheral vision.

Ashton walked towards my car window and knocked three times. I open it and show him a confused look. He notices my expression and quickly addresses the reason for his presence.

“I was just hanging around here when I saw you walking to your car. I planned on minding my own business but then I saw you inside the car and slamming the steering wheel once or twice. What’s with that bud?” He explains and flashes me a charming smile.

“Nothing.” Lie. “It was just a relationship problem. Nothing to be worried about.” Big lie.

“Oh, well, do you mind if I ask what it is?”

“I don’t know, man…” I reply as I start to scrunch my brows.

“Hey, hey, no pressure, Tom,” Ashton quickly follows, raising both of his arms in the air to surrender. “Change of topic, so, where are you going after this?”

“Probably just going to be driving all around town to ease my mind, I guess.”

“Do you mind if I join?” he asks and shows me an inviting grin. I debated with myself if I should allow him to join or not. I soon just told him to hop in since I felt lonely and I didn’t want to come off as rude to a person who just distracted me from my anger.

“Yeah, sure, come in,” I reply and Ashton went for the shotgun seat.

I knew Ashton Presley from school. He was one of those sporty guys in school who blended well with the team he was in. He’s popular but not in a way that everyone swoons over him and drops their panties whenever they see him. People know Ashton because he has this “presence that really draws you in” according to the cheering squad. We officially met each other because of Sydney. One of her girlfriends had a fling with Presley and he mingled with their squad just in time for when I came to pick her up.

Since then, we occasionally see each other from time to time. I even got jealous of him one time since he’s with her for quite long periods while I was busy studying. Ashton ended his fling with Sydney’s friend and I never saw him hanging out with them again. Other than that, all of my interactions with him have been pretty cool.

“Hey, if you still don’t know where you’re going, then why don’t we take a trip to Lockett Camp near the quarry? What do you say, huh?” Ashton suggested.

“And do what, sing Kumbaya in front of a bonfire? No, thanks, Ashton,” I snickered.

“Dude, you can just call me Ash, you know? Ashton is taking so much time to say.”

“Oh, so we’re going by nicknames now?” I suggested nonchalantly.

“Yeah, Thomas.”

“That’s not even my real name, Ash…” I said, heavily emphasizing his name.

“Whatever you say, so are we going to the camp or not?”

“I guess we will.”

I put on my shades and fastened my seatbelt. Ashton put on his shades from his pocket, placing his elbow on escort izmir top of the side door window after. We then got out of the parking lot and drove off to Locett Camp. On our way, Ashton started asking me questions about why I was angry back at the diner.

“So, Tom, what’s your issue back at Uncle Johnny’s?”

“I don’t know if I should even be talking about that with you.”

“Aw, come on man,” he lightly slaps the back of my shoulders. “Don’t be such a shy guy. What is it? Is it about Sydney?” Damn this guy likes to snoop around.

“Ugh. Fine. Yes, it’s about Sydney, she sent me a text message telling me that she’s breaking up with me. That’s why I got mad in the car back at the diner.”

“Aw, man, I’m sorry to hear that, Tom.” He sympathizes.

“Thanks, I’ve been trying to keep her out of my mind.”

“Hey, if you want to then we can go to the camp and help the counselors set up some things. I have a friend there who told me that they were still looking for a bit of help setting up the whole camp for this week’s summer camp.”

I just replied with a small “okay”. Helping with the summer camp sounded like a good idea and would help keep Sydney away from my thoughts. Who knows? Maybe I could even go and sign up as a camp counselor.

Both Ashton and I kept our heads on the road as we approach the entrance of the camp. I see a guy wearing a moss green T-shirt that hugged his fit body perfectly and cargo shorts that went just above the knee. I’m guessing that he’s one of the counselors. He stood under the cement arc painted to look wooden. The Lockett Camp sign is placed at the center.

Ashton hopped off the car excitedly once I’d parked the car. I followed him as he jogged towards the guy. As I got closer, I can see that he was just within my age group. Once I was near the two, I realized that this guy looked way more muscular than he was looking from far away. While he and Ashton were talking, I caught a glimpse of the guy’s nametag. Brandon. His name rang a bell, one of Ashton’s most admired teammates.

“Hey, Tom, this is Brandon. He’s one of my teammates who just signed up as a camp counselor three days ago.”

“Yeah, I know him.”

Brandon has the reputation of a golden retriever in a man’s body but unlike Ashton, it does not take long for an individual to like him.

The three of us exchanged greetings. I zoned off once the two started to talk about sports. I observed the overall ambiance of the place and I can say that it’s very calming. This place might even get my mind off of her. As I was looking around the greenery, I thought I heard Brandon say something to Ashton but decided to shrug it off.

“Damn, Ash, you’ve got taste.”

“I know, man. No need to tell.”

Once I hear them stop talking, I walked back to them and asked what are the things that need some help within the camp.

“Yeah, so since a lot of helpers came here today, the remaining things to be done are only just the simple tasks, like folding clothes, cleaning the area, and rechecking the supplies and like food and water.” I just stared at Brandon the whole time. This guy was Adonis came to reality. Of course, I can say I looked better than average because of genetics and a steady routine of workouts and so did Ashton with the same but more defined build as me and his jet-black hair that emphasizes his light blue eyes and carefree attitude. Brandon is on another level.

Brandon’s muscles could almost tear his shirt out and he’s got those perfect white teeth. Another thing that’s noticeable about Brandon is his thick thighs. You could tell he works out more than his teammates off the bat. I think I have never seen this guy before play with Ashton at all. He caught me staring and just smiled at me which brought me back to reality.

Realizing that he and Ash were taking too much time chit-chatting, Brandon directed us to the cabins which needed some help in cleaning. The simple tasks turned out to not be as simple as he said as the three of us broke off quite an amount of sweat in doing the chores. Brandon told us that we can go shower and wear the clothes meant for additional counselors. We just had to return it after using it or keep it if we sign up.

Ashton, Brandon, and I entered the male counselors’ locker room and proceeded to shower after gathering bathroom supplies. A minute after starting our baths, the room quieted as our showers were turned off while we lather soap on our bodies and wash our heads. I stopped in the middle of scrubbing the shampoo on my head when I heard quiet moans. Ashton was in the stall next to mine so I had to ask him.

“Ash, yo, do you hear that?”

“What?” he answered seconds after.

“Do you hear that?” I repeat.

“Hear what?”

“I think I just heard someone moan.”

“What? I don’t know. Maybe you’re just being horny. You really have to take Syd off your mind.”

I felt offended but I guess what he was saying was true. Maybe it’s just my sexual frustration making up things in my head.

However, escort izmir my ears still picked up the continuation of the tiny moans and occasional grunts present within the bathroom.

“Ash, Brandon, is one of you jacking off? I can still hear that moaning shit.”

“No!” They both said in unison.

“Maybe what you should do is go fuck some hot and sexy counselor for the meantime and get that dick of yours the fun it needs, which I’ve heard is a trophy dick,” Ashton suggested. I can hear Brandon snickering two stalls from mine. I guess it was true again. I may not be a famous person but I can say I’ve always been someone to stare at.

Even though I don’t really play many sports, people knew me for the tool that I was packing down there. When I first hit the gym and locker room showers, people made me the talk of the town. More likely, the “stare” of the town. It started with the boys in my class, then the girls, and then the teachers and other people.

I quickly finished my shower and went back inside the cabin after putting on the mustard yellow Lockett Camp T-shirt, boxers, and dirty white cargo pants. Brandon and Ash followed minutes later in the same attire. The three of us had nothing to do so we just lay on the beds. I was staring at the sky through the window when Ashton suggested something.

“Yo guys, should the three of us head to the building at the quarry? We don’t have anything to do anyway. Let’s try to find something to do there.”

“I don’t know, man, we might get lost in the forest. It’s also almost sunset and I have to go back,” I replied.

“Oh, come on, Tom, don’t chicken out. Plus, it’s not even a forest, it’s just a thicket,” Brandon commented. “We might even discover something fun while we’re there.”

I went out of the cabin, just in front of the door, and stared at the sky once more. Looking straight ahead, rows and rows of trees that are mostly pine and clumps of hills covered the land. I debated between my two options of joining them or going back home. Mom and dad might come back on or before six p.m. I’m pretty sure I can still spare some time before I go and wait for the next day to look for a job this summer.

“Yeah, I’m coming along, but you guys better make it quick,” I finally said.

“Heck yeah!” Ashton cheered while Brandon gave a wide grin.

What Brandon said was true, the forest isn’t even a forest if you consider how long you spend passing through it. Ashton, Brandon, and I speedily walked through rows and rows of trees and bush in a matter of minutes and we could already see the whole view of the quarry and the building at the top. The place looked similar to a cabin but a bit larger. I guess it’s a place to accommodate the workers of the quarry when it is active.

Seeing that the destination is within our view, we begin the arduous task of climbing up the steep part of the hill. The man-made trail of stairs did little to no help in easing the climb. I am not as active as the other two in sports involved with running but I can see them struggling as well once we have gotten past the middle part of the stair.

One thing that did help was the continuous words of motivation Brandon let out each time he heard a groan. He had difficulties with the steps as well but not as much as Ashton and I.

“A few more steps guys and we’ll finally reach the top.”

“I hope you’re not tired once we reach it.” I hear Ashton mutter. Whatever activities they were planning on doing are probably going to be nothing anymore with all of this climbing.

After a minute, the three of us thankfully plopped down on the grass as we have reached the front of the building. From afar, you would’ve thought that it was already a run-down and abandoned cabin. Taking a closer look, the building seemed to be doing fine by itself. It looked as if it had a slight renovation from the paint job and part replacements.

Ashton wrapped both of his arms around my shoulders managed to do the same to Brandon. We enter the hallway and the smell of sex filled my nose once the wind blew from one of the rooms. It immediately made my cock twitch and grow. The two must have noticed since Ashton lightly smacked my crotch, making it grow even more as it got rearranged inside of my underwear. Brandon just laughed at the interaction.

Scents of wood and sweat intermingled with the grassy odor within the halls but the smell of sex distracted me from thinking straight. I had to get away from this area.

I looked around the cabin for the purpose of exploration in the newly found place while also looking for a decent room for me to rest. I finally found an okay room and so I sat on the bed as soon as I enter. In front of the bed was a wall with posters of men posing suggestively. Next to it was a full-on erotic calendar with a naked muscular blond guy posed on a bed with his erect cock pointing upwards. I wonder if ever the people who visit this place ever find out these graphic images displayed in one of the rooms.

My dick reacted to these images and I do not know why. Desperation and horniness were the reasons that I could think about. Shit.

I closed my eyes and lay on the bed. No matter how horny I was being right now, resting became my main priority and I can deal with this present boner later. A few minutes have passed and I can say that I have recovered the energy I exerted in climbing the stairs. My boner, however, didn’t go away and might’ve even grown more since I laid on the bed so I just unbuttoned the fly of the shorts and rearranged my penis upwards to lessen the tension.

Jacking off would be the best option right now but I decided against it. Daylight is still at its peak when I peeked through the small window in the room. At last, I dared to get up from the bed and leave the room, not wanting to waste more time.

The hallways were quiet. Ashton and Brandon left no signs of where they went and so I looked for them in silence. The returning scent of sex hit my nostrils, keeping my hardon alive. I continued looking in between the rooms of the hallways and finally heard distant moans and groaning which I followed. It came from a room above me.

The noise became clearer once I walked up the stairs. The second floor seems to be much more pleasant than the floor below and more windows are present, revealing the beautiful skyline of the hills. I identified that the noise came from the room opposite to the right of the staircase and so I walked confidently to catch the scene. I reach the door in front of the room and peek through the small open space. What I saw took my breath away. I slammed the door open, slightly shocking the people who saw me.

Ashton was all in his fours, back arched, while Brandon held his neck and pounded him from the back. Both of the naked guys looked at me but continued doing the unspeakable. Ashton smirked at me, our stares were unbreaking.

This scene is what I would have never imagined seeing on this boring day of my life either. So many thoughts coursed through my brain. Nonetheless, my dick throbbed as it reacted to the sexual activity happening right before my eyes.

“What the hell is happening?”

None of them answered. Instead, Ashton perfunctorily jumped off the bed and Brandon’s hold. This caused Brandon’s HUGE eight-inch cock to bounce on his stomach. Ashton walked toward me and grabbed my raging cock as soon as he reached me.

“We’re just having fun, Tom.”

“Ash, what the fuck?”

“Come on, Tom, it’s okay. I promise you you’ll like my skills,” he said as he knelt in front of me and unzipped my shorts. He was about to take off my boxers but I stopped his hand.

“Dude, Ash, no!” I protested.

“Come on, Tom, don’t be such a fucking pussy, let Ash handle your dick,” Brandon finally spoke. I was stunned to hear him say those things but I did as he said.

I froze in place and let go of Ash’s hand. He pulled my boxers down to my thighs, causing my dick to bounce.

“Holy shit, such a fucking trophy dick,” Ashton said and stuck his tongue out, immediately licking my seven-and-a-half inches from base to the tip, sending shivers all over my body. I let out a deep moan and closed my eyes to savor the sensation of his hot and wet mouth enveloping my dick.

“Dude, Tom’s got precum for days, I’ll never get tired of this treat,” Ashton spoke as he let go of my dick. Brandon was just jacking off the whole time, watching us and preserving his erection.

My cock got held by Ashton as he pulled me towards the bed. Brandon slightly repositioned his legs as Ashton pushed me down to sit. He knelt once again to suck on my dick, throating me into ecstasy. I didn’t realize that Brandon stood up from the bed and put his cock on the side of my face.

“Brandon, what, I-I don’t suck cocks.”

“There’s always a first time to everything, Tom. Go ahead, try it,” Brandon said, holding his dick closer to my face. Ashton looked at me, winking and raising his eyebrows.

Out of peer pressure, I closed in on Brandon’s dick and licked the tip. I could immediately taste sweet and salty precum. I went deeper and deeper with each suck, reaching past the middle of his cock. At that point, I have already gagged so I switched to his balls. Brandon looked up and put his left hand on his hip and his right on the ceiling. Ashton was sucking me the entire time my first blowjob with me giving head happened.

Ash stopped which also made me stop. He stood up and pulled me so that my entire body is on the bed. He reached for the lube on the nightstand put an ample amount on my dick. I watch him as he squatted and inserted my dick into his ass. Both of us moaned in pleasure. His tight hole perfectly fit my cock.

“Tell me, is this better than pussy?” Ash said as he ground on my dick.

“Oh, my fucking shit! Yes, holy shit, do that again.” And he happily obliged.

“Better than Sydney?”

“Yes, tighter.”

He leaned in on me and kissed me which I returned.

Brandon knelt on top of Ashton and seconds later, I felt the head of his penis get in Ashton’s asshole. Ashton moaned loudly as Brandon pushed all of his manhood inside, making a complete double penetration.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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