A Voyage Around My Mother Ch. 2

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Ai Uehara

As the waves of orgasmic relief faded, my mother’s body slackened and she sank back in to the sofa, sucking in deep relaxing breaths. I stared at her nakedness, transfixed by the symmetrical perfection of her pussy lips.

She turned her eyes to me; I was still kneeling on the floor, holding the vibrator which continued to hum. She smiled affectionately and leant forward, taking the vibrator from me and twisting the base so the machine fell silent. I could still hear sexual exhortations from the TV. The usual porno talk – girls whose voices wavered as they took in massive cocks which shook their entire bodies; ‘Ye-e-e-s-s’, ‘Fu-u-c-c-k me like that, ‘Ha-a-a-r-d-e-r-r’.

The heat of the movie seemed ridiculously tame now compared to the bodily ignition I was having to deal with as I watched and felt my mother come. My dick ached and throbbed and my swollen balls were fit to burst.

‘Mmm… thank you sweetheart, thank you,’ mom said. ‘Are you OK?’

‘Sure,’ I croaked, my voice hoarse from a dry throat.

Mom spied the obvious bulge in my jeans. I wanted her so much to do something, anything to allow my body to release its pressure-pack of boiling semen. She reached out and drew me back onto the sofa, stroking my arms gently, slipping her hand under my T-shirt to massage my shoulder and neck.

‘Would you like me to make you come?’ mom whispered to me in a sultry voice I’d never really heard before.

I nodded, once more as helpless as a baby in my reliance on her. And she was lordbahis güvenilirmi nervous too. Nervous and incredibly excited. As she unbuttoned my fly and my engorged cock sprang out, she let out a small gasp. It wasn’t the size, which was average, but the immediacy and the stiffness. It was really stiff. I could have snapped it off like a nuisance branch on a dry tree. Almost glowing a deep red with touches of crimson, it couldn’t have been any harder if it had been reinforced with concrete. It felt to me like the heat radiating from my body could warm the whole house. Mom’s face was inches from my organ. I didn’t know what she was going to do and I didn’t care as long as she could precipitate that elusive first conscious orgasm. Drag me into some semblance of adult sexuality.

As I lifted my hips and my mother pulled my jeans down to my ankles. My cock pulsated along with my racing heart. It twitched and jerked and mom just watched it for a while. Then delicately she ran her open hand down the shaft and scooped my balls up in her fingers. I moaned. The breath seemed to be sucked out of me and my skin felt electrically charged. I was panting like a dog as Mom smiled a knowing, dirty, sex-smile at me and leant her head down on my stomach. Then I felt my dick plunge into what felt like a glorious hot bath. As I looked down I saw mom’s head bobbing. It was her mouth of course, her mouth sucking on me, almost swallowing me. My mom the deep throat expert. And now I was the star of the lordbahis yeni giriş hottest sex movie of all time. It wasn’t enough to just feel these sensations. I wanted to exploit the taboo; take it to a higher peak. The best sex, of course, is nasty ultra-heated sex.

So I began talking, almost without knowing it. Speaking in cliches, but even the most obvious dirty talk was a revelation to me, and mom, growling now as she lifted her head for breath and let her hand take over, wanted it. Her face was hungry and wild. She was whispering, ‘Yes…yes…want to see you come.’ So I talked.

‘You hot horny bitch,’ I said quivering at the power of such ordinary words. ‘You cocksucker. You never stop wanting it do you? You fuck yourself thinking about me don’t you.’ Mom was crying with the thrill of hearing me talk like this.

‘Yesss’ she sobbed .’Oh…mummy wants your hard cock in her pussy and her ass and her mouth. Mummy wants to fuck her little baby.’

I felt a surge, a wave of even more intense heat. I was about to come. I still didn’t realize it though. It felt like I needed to pee, and I almost said that I had to, but then my spine began to tingle and my legs seemed to go to water and my whole being was concentrated in the six inches of sexual organ. My cock was locked in mom’s fist and she gradually built up momentum until she was working on me with the precision of a well-oiled piston.

‘I’m going to come,’ I breathlessly gasped, and intuitively I straddled lordbahis giriş mom so my balls sat between her gorgeous tits, the eye of my cock taking aim at her face. Mom’s hand became a blur as I felt my dick getting the sort of treatment I’d been too scared, too uneducated to try. Now I knew. You could give that thing a real whipping. You could almost tear it off as long as you held it right. And mom held it right.

I grabbed mom’s breasts and as she said, ‘Shoot that spunk all over mummy,’ the first spasm arrived at the nerve endings at the base of my tool and a massive spurt of hot come flew out of my burning shaft. It slapped into mom’s chin, and dripped down onto her neck as a second salvo, even stronger, leapt from my dick and settled in mom’s hair. My eyes involuntarily closed for a few seconds but I could hear mom; ‘Oh fuck, yeah! Oh my God! You are really coming!’ The pulsations continued; six full contractions and what seemed like buckets of come. Mom rubbed the little creamy rivulets into her chest. I watched, dizzy and temporarily alarmed by the amazing muscular contractions, the volume of semen I had ejaculated. But soon I was feeling euphoric. And now that I knew how to make that dick present with my happy ending there would be no stopping me. And there would be no stopping mom.

And only five or so minutes after ejaculating, with mom and I still sprawled on the couch, naked in a dreamy other world, I felt the sting of sex returning. My young body was peaking out, crazy for that super-sense, that trip onto a different plain. I began to stroke my dick, telling mom to look, look at her bad boy pulling himself, telling her what I was about to do, telling her he wanted to see her behaving like a complete slut.

‘Yes,’ she said. ‘I want you to fuck mummy. Fuck my brains out.’

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