Washing Machine Pt. 01

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Double Penetration

When you read the title you may find this hard to believe but it’s a story based on facts. I am Jake and I am 18 and I have a sister, Kara who is 20. She is as tall as I am which is around 5 feet 9. She gets a lot of comments from my friends especially about her lovely long legs and nicely shaped butt that is apparently more boyish than mine. I don’t really understand why they call it boyish. I don’t think it’s boyish at all. She looks very hot in a pair of shorts and her flat abs and c cups make her very exciting to dream about as well. Her figure is a lot slimmer than my mom and that makes her very shapely and hot. Although thinking about one’s sister is taboo, I can’t help looking down her t-shirt once in a while. She is quite free around the house and more often than not, I have seen her in her underwear. I do have flat abs and possibly my features seem a lot younger than guys my age which doesn’t get me the attention I want in school, at least from girls my age. A few hours in the gym every week keep my muscles toned but not as bulky like the guys you see in movies. You can say that I am shy around girls although I do have my perverse fantasies which are common among guys. After turning 18, I was waiting for the right girl to come along so that I could practice what I learnt from the countless nights I spent watching ‘educational’ movies.

My sister is the splitting image of mom in terms of facial features apart from the fact that mom is older, warmer and more loving. She looks way younger than her age. She does wear C cups and sometimes D based on the bras that I have inspected fairly intimately. So I am not sure which size she actually is and the circumstances and our relationship to each other, have not given me too many opportunities to find out. She has a slightly protruding tummy, wider hips and a butt which is womanly and alluring. She is also quite broader than my sister. Some of her hugs are very exciting to say the least. I really don’t understand how some girls can transform into ladies like my mom. They are never like this when they are my age! I know her legs are quite long and nicely shaped for her height of 5 foot 6. Although sexy is not a word I would use to describe her for obvious reasons, if it weren’t for the relationship we have, I might use that word without a second thought. However, I have not seen her body much as she prefers to wear clothes that mostly cover her body. She is usually in a dressing gown when she comes out of her room in the mornings. It is said that, the more a lady covers herself, the sexier she becomes, which holds true for her. Her short dark hair and small face makes her look younger than her age of 40. Younger guys give my mom a lot of attention even when I hang out with her. Their eyes go to most parts of her shapely body. Her face is so angelic and she is quite shy that it is hard to imagine that she could pick a guy up at random. Dad is out most of the time with his sales calls which leaves mom to look after us. She says that I make her look even younger with my youthful looks when we go out together!

Mom’s younger sister Aunt Emma lives next door. She lives alone after her divorce. Her son Steve visits her during his summer vacation. She is slimmer and slightly taller than my mom with a figure that is similar to my sister’s. Aunt Emma keeps herself fit by jogging regularly. Her features are alarmingly similar to a porn star I like which makes it embarrassing for me when I see her. Her D cups (confirmed!) seems hereditary from my mom’s side of the family and with her tall frame she is a knockout. She usually has a boyish hair cut making her overall effect seem much nicer than mom, but it’s all relative. She considers me to be her favorite and calls me whenever she needs help around the house. It goes without saying that she doesn’t wear a bra all the time and her nipples are the longest I have seen although my experience is somewhat limited.

So it was a Sunday morning when I heard my Aunt scream for me from outside my bedroom window that overlooked her house. The two houses were a few feet away and I could jump onto her balcony which I did frequently to gain access to her place. It was shorter in distance and most importantly I sometimes managed to get glimpses of her coming out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her amazing body. I love to watch her enormous breasts jiggle inside her night dress when I manage to spy on her on some nights. I could never say if she noticed my eyes on her but she never reacted when she caught me gaping at her nipples that seemed to push the limits of her t-shirts and my blood pressure. My room facing her room was a double edged sword, as I had to be careful to make sure the drapes were drawn during my marathon porn viewing sessions.

I was still in my night shorts as I jumped over to her balcony and walked towards her voice. I love showing off my upper body and hence I went there in this state. I found her in the room next to her bathroom sahabet güvenilirmi holding onto the washing machine as it tried to move across the floor or at least that’s how it looked. I noticed that only after I saw her lovely form bent over the machine and holding onto it making her whole body shake deliciously. She was dressed in a pair of figure hugging work out shorts and a t-shirt that was low cut which fit her shapely torso to perfection supporting her mountainous breasts. The side view of her was breath-taking as her breasts strained against the material and could glimpse the skin below her armpit. Seeing this part of a woman (call me strange) and the back of her neck always gave me a bigger thrill than the all popular trio: butt, breasts and crotch!

The room was pretty small and had two connecting doors: to her room and to the bath room. The washing machine was about 1.5 feet wide and 2 feet long and sat in the middle of the room which was slightly bigger to accommodate a dryer as well. There was a full length walk-in cupboard in one corner.

“Don’t just stand there, help me hold this!”

I rushed to the opposite end of the machine and held it down as it vibrated.

“I put too many clothes into it,” she grinned sheepishly. Her cleavage was tantalizing to say the least, and I noticed her crotch so close to the rounded edge of the machine. My porn ideas started to flow imagining various possibilities with that vibrating edge. Her hands were at the diagonal edges of the machine while I was right opposite her jamming my unprotected crotch against it making sure my cock was pointing down as it already had started to act according to my perverse thoughts. I looked at her face, smiling at her and vibrating along with the machine as it tried to spin the clothes. Her hair was boyish as ever and the t-shirt stretched tight over her slim body with her tummy slightly exposed. Was I imagining it or was that strip of bare midriff expanding?

Since we were leaning over, I got real close to her and managed to get a good glimpse of her lovely cleavage. Her breasts seemed to mash against each other showing a indentation between them making me want to push my finger in it. She didn’t seem to mind my scrutiny or so it seemed as there was no visible reaction on her lovely face and pouting lips. I forgot to mention her lips. They put Angelina Jolie to shame. Mom says that I have full lips too and long lashes that would have looked better on my sister.

I couldn’t stop thinking about her crotch and willing it to move so that it could rest against the vibrating edge and wondered if she would like it. Her crotch was puffed up in the way it does when a girl wears a tight pair of shorts. It was mesmerizing. One thing led to another and I was starting to imagine how she looked like under her shorts. Invariably my cock started getting harder which was not a good thing and the vibrating metal amplified the effect. The strength of my shorts was being tested along with their elasticity. My face was going red by the second and willing my erection down was a near impossible task. I was not willing to move away from the vibrating metal that would have helped in achieving this goal. One jerk from the machine and my cock sprang up to rest on the edge in plain view. I was glad that the button on the opening at the crotch managed to hold the head in place. I was lost in thought about how I could slip it back down when I heard her voice in the distance.

“I think this end is bucking a bit more than yours. Can you hold this end Jake?”

I noticed that her eyes were on my bulge, but she didn’t say a word as her whole body jiggled.

My head was full of my problems to notice anything wrong about this request as I was happier to be out of sight. When she didn’t move aside to let me hold her side of the machine which would have been the right move, I started to get worried. She stood there with her ass pointed toward me as I went close to her. The picture of Sara Stone (the porn star) came into my mind. My eyes when to her neck and the curls at the back of her neck that had escaped her pony tail made me want to kiss her neck. .

“Hurry up, Jake, I can’t hold it alone!”

The urgency in her voice made me forget my problems. I moved behind her and held the vibrating machine with my hands so close to hers. For a few seconds, I was able to keep my cock away from her butt but she asked me to hold it firmer and I forgot all about my bulge. I may have been imagining things but I felt her lean back a little when I moved closer but dismissed the thought immediately. This was my Aunt and I didn’t think she would do such a thing. Her body vibrated against mine, relaying the machine’s vibration directly to mine. Her soft body did a lot more than the hard metal did to lovingly convey the hard vibrations. I leaned against her body feeling the warmth and her fragrance. I knew it must be her natural body fragrance as she must have just got sahabet yeni giriş up and freshened up to go jogging. It gave me a heady feeling making me lose control slightly. It was as if an unseen hand was pushing me to do things that only existed in my wildest dreams.

I wondered what she would let me do. Would we eventually end up having sex? I shuddered involuntarily at the thought. I decided to take things slow and see how she would react. There was no way she couldn’t feel the hard cock rubbing against her. So, I first pushed lightly against her moving slowly into her body. After the first push she didn’t respond nor did she move away. I waited for a few seconds and moved even closer if that was actually possible! I felt her pushing back but it was impossible to tell. I was now sure that she knew what I was doing. But nothing in her behavior encouraged me. I was starting to get worried. I started to wonder if I was I imagining it and would I get into trouble? In the mean time, it was lovely to feel it against her softness coupled with the vibration. I have done this with a pillow a few times but this was way better. I got bolder with every passing second, started digging into her butt. I wished hard for the button on my shorts to come off so that I could rub my naked cock head against her shorts and sadly I didn’t have the guts to do something about it. Her butt was as soft as a pillow and I wanted to hold it in my hands and squeeze it.

I pushed her towards the machine wanting her crotch to make contact with the vibrating edge. I think I might have succeeded as I heard a small exclamation and she tried to jump back meeting my unrelenting body and finding that there was no where to go. She still didn’t say anything. I felt her move forward towards the edge. There was no way this was an accident.

“Hold it harder Jake, I think its getting worse!”

It was getting worse indeed and the washing machine vibration was not the only thing getting worse. My heart was going pitter patter. I badly wanted to do something more, but I felt paralyzed out of fear of something going wrong or Aunt Em changing her mind.

“Aunt Em, I can’t get any closer, I am doing the best I can!” My voice was almost a croak, over the racket made by the machine.

The next thing that happened made me weak in the knees like a school girl. She got on her toes lifting herself and pushing a few inches forward leaving me enough space to move forward. She was now about to straddle the edge of the machine. I wondered what I should do next. I felt her hand reaching back and pulling me towards her so that my cock in its glory rested on the edge, still covered by the material of my shorts. I was lucky that the shorts were loose to accommodate its full length. I hoped the flimsy button that held the opening for the crotch would remain buttoned although it was a mixed feeling. (BTW I am about 6.5 inches.). She calmly descended her crotch on it imprisoning me. I was dumbstruck.

“That feels better,” she sighed.

I didn’t dare say anything. Here I was with my dick on top of a vibrating washing machine with my aunt practically sitting on it. I was not very sure, but I felt pretty certain that she was starting to move on it, albeit slowly.

I just kept my big mouth shut as this was a moment that was beyond words and I knew words would spoil it. She reached for one of my hands and pulled it forward across her breasts.

“Hold me Jake or I might fall.”

I kept silent and held her breasts. My cock was lovingly held by my aunt securely against the delicious vibration. I could feel her heat permeating through the shorts giving me more thoughts about what was going to happen next.

Her breasts were so spongy and soft. I held them for what seemed like ages and slowly kneaded them. I think I heard her moan, gently rocking against my cock which was harder than ever. I felt her prodding the top of my cock that was protruding from under her crotch. She gently lifted herself making me wonder what she was doing. It was a few seconds later that I realized that she was unbuttoning the opening. My cock came out like a bull out of a pen. Now almost the full length of it lay like a head of a snake on the white metal top. She gently lowered her crotch back onto my throbbing cock. The warm vibrating metal and her loving crotch made me gasp.

“Oh my, Jake, the poor thing was trapped all this time! Did it hurt?”

“Yes, Aunt Em,” was all I could manage.

She held my cock head between her thumb and forefinger playing with the foreskin. She raised her hand to her mouth and moistened it with her lovely tongue and lubricated my cock. Her fingers slid easily over the head making me moan involuntarily. The fact that I could not see what she was doing made it even more erotic.

Somewhere down the line, she moved slightly back, off the machine and with my hard cock now leaving the smooth metal and the flesh I felt a bit disappointed. sahabet giriş But she was not going to stop. She lathered my cock with a generous amount of saliva again. Then she made me put it back between her thighs, sans the washing machine and squeezed them together trapping my cock deliciously. I started to move back and forth between her thighs. My cock was in heaven. It slid along the tight confines of her loving thighs. Her neck was so inviting that I started to kiss it. I moved both hands to her breasts while moving between her warm thighs.

“Oh Jake, You have a lovely cock “

“Aunt Em, is this OK? I .. I don’t know what mom would say,” I mustered, my mind telling me otherwise.

“Well if you want to stop, we can stop Jake. Do you want to?”

I didn’t say anything. She pushed against my tummy reaching back trying to stop my movements. I didn’t stop.

“Mmmm that’s what I thought,” she said, her voice soft.

She continued to push back against me in timing it perfectly against my moves. After a few more strokes, she pulled away only to push her shorts down. I made way for her to push them to her mid thighs and she pulled me back to where I was before and slid between her thighs again. But this time there was nothing against her slit to stop my cock from rubbing against it. The first feel of a woman’s wet slit against my cock was the most wonderful sensation. My cock fit between her inviting lips like a sausage on a hot dog bun. Her slit was all slimy with her wetness and I was getting soaked. The wetness seemed to gush out of her pussy even dripping to the floor.. I groaned wondering how it would finally feel to be inside her. Rubbing against her slit was so nice that I couldn’t even imagine how it would it be I actually pushed my cock into her pussy. She slid along the length of my cock like a snail, a very big snail at that!

She also pushed my hands under her t-shirt. Again, for the first time I cupped a woman’s breasts. The nipples seemed even larger that I had imagined. The only problem was that I couldn’t cup it fully as they were big. I squeezed them lightly while my hands shook. I was going crazy. I took a chance and licked the back of her neck. I have a long tongue so it was easy to reach most of her neck. I felt goose bumps on her skin pop up like crazy and she moaned my name.

“Oh baby, my neck is so sensitive, keep licking it.”

She kept rubbing her pussy against the length of my cock. She knew how to move. Her movements were slow and measured and deliciously wet. I was amazed to see her move so slowly and fluidly. I felt clumsy faced with such womanly grace.

She pushed me back, the machine now forgotten and turned to face me. I reluctantly pulled back. My cock was glistening with her juice. Her face was red with emotion. She pulled my shorts down completely, exposing me. My cock stood hard and proud in all its glory. Then she reached down and got hold of my cock, her fingers gently squeezing it. She pulled me to her and hugged me while she pumped my cock slowly and that made me instantly frustrated. I wanted her to rub it faster but she didn’t and I figured out that she was probably teasing me. She kissed my neck giving me goose bumps. I never thought my neck was this sensitive. Her pouting lips kissed most of my neck. I felt her nipples poking through her t-shirt rubbing against my chest. Her lips parted, letting her tongue out to taste my skin. I pulled her closer, slipping my hand to cup her butt cheeks. They were smooth and I started to squeeze them lightly starting to do a few moves I had seen in porn movies. Her cheeks felt firm in my hands.

“Reach down lower big boy. Explore your Aunt and see what she’s got,” she whispered in my ear. I tried my best to bring up memories of the movies I have seen. I pushed one hand lower between her crack hoping to find her pussy.

Then something embarrassing happened. I found a slightly wet opening and started to rub it. It seemed different than in the movies but I continued to rub with shaking hands. She moaned as I did and I pushed my finger in slightly wondering why it was this tight. She had been married after all.

“Oh you naughty boy, you found my ass hole!” she said. I got even more nervous.

I pulled my finger out and tried to pull my hand away but she urged me to go on. I tried to remember what I could from the anal scenes I had seen. I decided to rub the opening. She groaned at my fumbling fingers telling me that I was doing something right. I finally managed to trace her puckering ass hole a bit more confidently than before. It was drying out but her whispered instructions guided me to the edge of her slit. It was soaked and slimy. She asked me to wet my finger there and to rub her ass hole. I followed her advice and she moaned feeling my inexperienced finger trying to trace her rim. She squeezed my cock so hard that it almost hurt. The finger was getting dry again and I dipped my finger into her warm wet cunt and then rubbed her ass hole. The next instruction delighted me.

“Finger my ass hole, Jake,” she moaned.

I probed and prodded the opening and she spread her legs slightly and helped me. It was tight and after a bit of fumbling my finger slid into her tight opening.

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