Memories of Will

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In my early stay in the UK as a grad student, me and another foreign grad student doing the same course, got invited to stay overnight at the home of one of the faculty members of the university so they can bring us to visit famous tourist places like castles, etc.

We bought wine and a huge Easter egg chocolate as gifts to bring to our hosts. My coursemate bought the wine, which he knew nothing about because he just drinks Remy Martin. (This Remy Martin will figure in another story, that of the bartender story – just a preview.)

For my part, I also did not know that what I bought was an Easter egg. I was just sure it was chocolate shaped like an egg. Easter was way far in terms of months to come.

In other words, we probably brought strange or not too good gifts as we did not know any better except that we needed to bring something for our host and hostess.

We got picked up by the guy who was the faculty member from where we were studying. We arrived at the house at around 7pm. When we arrived, the host prepared gin and tonic for us and we chatted at their lounge while his wife attended to dinner preparations.

We did not know we were not the only guests. People started coming in from the time we arrived to about 8 or 830. There were like a dozen people who were there. They were approximately our age. The host and his wife were much older than us.

Will, short for William, was, I think, the wife’s nephew. He is a fun and cheerful person, always smiling. And he has blond hair and blue eyes like our hostess.

The host asked Will to take over serving the drinks to arriving guests. And he did.

Eventually, dinner was served. We were all seated at a very long table. This is a memory that, until now, is still very clear in my head. It was my first sit-down dinner in the UK that had a lot of guests. I was so amazed with the number of people invited.

When dinner was served, a girl, not our hostess, asked if we wanted whatever or whatever. I forgot if it was fish or chicken, or chicken or beef.

I know I chose red meat because when Will came over, he was serving the wines, and asked me, “You want red or white?”

I said, “I suppose I should take the red since I will be having the red meat.”

He said, “Not necessarily.”

And he asked, “What do you like to drink, Vera?” And he adiosbet yeni giriş smiled.

“I prefer white,” I said and also smiled at him.

“Then white it is!” he comically responded.

“And I will get you a better white to go with your steak, beautiful lady,” he teased.

And he got me a Chardonnay.

After all preferences have been taken, the food was served. That was the first time I had dinner for like two to three hours. People kept talking. And drinking.

Will was seated beside me and he was both funny and engaging. The coursemate I was with was seated at the other end. I don’t know who the others were but I remember I kept looking at the length of the table and the people seated and being amazed at how many there were and the very long time it took to have dinner.

Will would also stand occasionally to ensure everyone had their glasses served with wine.

While talking during dinner, everything was friendly, fun, and above board. And then dessert was served and we had a different wine with it. It went well with the dessert which I could not remember but I remember liking a different wine that went well with the dessert.

So, I think I had at least 3 or 4 glasses of Chardonnay and the dessert wine aside from the gin tonic.

I cannot remember how the party broke up but everyone started to go home except for Will who said he was staying the night in a spare bedroom.

Before everyone had left, my coursemate and I decided to retire to our rooms.

Will, however, asked me to join him for a nightcap.

He said, “You freshen up and change to your pajamas,” after his aunt and uncle were done talking to us about the next day’s schedule and arrangements.

It was exactly as Will said. Our hostess went to my room to tell me that breakfast will be at 7am but she will knock at 6am to bring me my morning tea before I prepare for the day.

I freshened up, changed clothes and went down again to the bar area of the lounge for the nightcap. I could not resist the offer of Bailey’s cream on the rocks, ever!

Will served me the Irish cream and I asked, “Do you think your coursemate is joining us?”

“Is he supposed to?” I asked. But then, “maybe he’s tired, I added.

I kind of felt then that maybe my coursemate did not get the invitation I did.

Then adiosbet giriş Will said, “You also look tired. Would you like a shoulder massage while you finish your drink?”

Before I could say yes or no, he started massaging my shoulders.

I was seated on one of the bar stools. He was giving me a massage from behind me.

I then noticed that the lights were already dimmed all over the house which kind of made me feel sleepy.

Will started chatting about how I found my British adventures so far and since I was tired and getting relaxed, I gave short answers.

Then Will suddenly asked, “Do you have a boyfriend?”.

I answered, “Yes.”

“Do you miss him?” he asked again

And I kind of nodded and closed my eyes.

Then he spun me around the stool and started kissing me long and hard.

I resisted and looked fearfully at the stairs.

Then he said, “Don’t worry, I know every crack and whatnot in this place and I will take care of everything.”

Then I realized my mistake in wearing a nightie under a robe.

His hands were all over me while kissing me and I also was no longer in a bra so I felt so horny when he started mashing my breasts. My breasts are really sensitive and mashing those two can even make me cum.

He took them out of the V-neck of my nightie and bathrobe.

And then lifted me up the bar, raised my nightie and pulled down my panties.

I kept looking at the stairs and he told me, “Close your eyes,” while he let me lie down on top of the bar.

I closed my eyes and felt him suck on my protruding breasts. My nipples are erect and really hard now. I gave out a soft moan. He also started to play with my clit and finger my cunt.

I wanted to moan so much but bit my lips instead as keeping my eyes shut was difficult enough. But I think I let some soft moans escape as I could not stop doing so. He was giving me so much pleasure.

It was boiling hot in my loins and I was on fire!

Will did not want to stop sucking my breasts and fingering my clit as I was lost in the ecstasy of it. Then I felt his mouth on my cunt as he started eating me. I was floating and felt really good. I forgot all fears and no longer cared.

And I felt so turned on by being on top of that bar with my breasts and cunt exposed to be sucked and eaten by this adiosbet güvenilirmi good-looking guy and the danger of someone coming down the stairs at any time just made me hotter.

I could not squirm much either lest I fall off that narrow ledge of a bar. So I let him eat me until I came. I know I made some soft sounds when I orgasmed.

After I came, he said, “I want to fuck you in your room.”

I said. “Not without a rubber.”

And he fished one out of his pocket and smiled his naughty smile and said, “Boy Scout!”

We went up to my room and he told me to step where he stepped. I did as told and there were just one or two creaks on the boards.

In my room, he got a towel from the stack prepared for me and said, “You will have to do with one less towel in the morning as I do want to soil the sheets and upset my aunt.”

After wearing the rubber, with me lying on top of the bed, he kissed me and slowly pushed his cock in. I gasped!

“I’ve been waiting the entire night to get my cock inside your cunt since I first saw you,” he whispered to me.

He fucked me slowly and I would moan as quietly as I could.

And he would say things like, “Oh Vera it’s so good to fuck you.”

Then he started to pump hard his cock into my cunt. And I would gasp every time he would push his cock inside my cunt. He’s a bit longer than my boyfriend but not as thick.

The slow but hard pushing in and out of his cock was so intense for me. I felt like I was sinking deeper and deeper into the bed, what with us being on top of the duvet. It was like I was on a cloud. I was totally turned on.

I kept telling Will, “You’re fucking me good, please don’t stop.”

He made me orgasm again twice with his fucking.

I would tell him, “I’m cumming again!”

And he would respond, “Yeah, I want you to cum for me.”

To this I could only say, “Fuck me, fuck me hard… harder and deeper please,” while having my orgasm.

After my second orgasm, he started pumping much harder and faster until he came hard.

He did a bit of a grunt and a loud exhale when he came. He slumped on top of me for a bit and then stood up.

He cleaned us up with the towel, kissed me goodnight, told me to rest well as I had a long day ahead. He took the towel with him and left.

He was no longer there when we had breakfast. His aunt told us that needed to leave early for something or somewhere.

I just hope she did not think I took home a towel with me…

During our day tour, all I could think of was Will and if we can ever meet again for another wild romp.

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