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Though we seldom actually spoke of it, sex was unique between us. It was unforgiving, and unapologetic. Our sex was always a ceremony of enlightenment. It was always about the pleasure—the mental, physical, and emotional sensations that melted together into one luxurious event. Our hands and fingers, our tongues and bodies, our sweat and skin; these were the tools of our exploration, and we exhausted them regularly.


The wedding was enjoyable but long. I could tell my friends were indulging this conservative ceremony solely for the sake of their family; it was obvious they longed for something a little more, provocative? I looked over at my date. God, she looked good. My eyes ran from her delicately wrapped feet to her creamy soft legs. Under her skirt was a pussy whose familiar taste I had been craving all day. I had to have it soon. My mouth was watering. Every guy in the place was eyeing the magnificent woman I would have in my bed tonight. I felt proud and simultaneously aroused beyond belief. I had shifted a number of times to hide the growing bulge in my dress pants.

The drive home was playful but hesitant. We had discussed our evening of pleasure some time prior to the event. As time drew near, the tension mounted. More often our eyes would meet in a mutual stare of unadulterated sexual hunger. As we drove I placed my hand on her exposed thigh, gently grazing the silky skin with my fingertips as I would soon do with my tongue.

She took the lead from the car to the hotel. As I walked behind her, the urge to grab her delicious ass was overpowering. I pawed it shamelessly as she fumbled with the lock. I began biting her neck. The key dropped, and I pressed my hard cock against her behind as she bent to pick it up. I felt her pause and enjoy our crude position on the semi-lit doorstep. Realizing we couldn’t do much until we got inside, she focused her attention on the lock, and we stepped through the door.


Though my heart rejoiced for our friends’ marriage, the wetness in my pussy demanded attention. I could feel his eyes burning a hole in my body. Little did he know that I was secretly checking out the main course for the evening myself: him. And though he looked hot in his new suit, I couldn’t wait to rip it from him. We were easily the sexiest couple there. I could feel the stares amplifying my arousal. We may have to sneak away early.

The whole drive home he fondled my leg ever so slightly. It was driving me insane. I let him trail as we walked to the door, and my plan worked perfectly; his hands were soon all over my ass, but it was his sharp teeth embedded in my neck that made me drop the keys. I could feel his hardness pressed against my ass. It would soon be inside me.

As the door shut behind us I made my move, pinning him to the door and showing him what teasing will result in!

“I must have you,” I sighed.

We kissed passionately against the wall, and I wasted no time reaching down to give his cock a playful squeeze through his pants. I loved the way he moaned into my mouth and sucked eagerly at my tongue.

“Horny?” he asked. How he loved his rhetorical flirtations, and how I loved to play along.

“Desperately. Will you deny me any further?”


He offered his knee and I graciously accepted it between my legs, grinding my now soaked and freshly shaved pussy on his knee. I had not mentioned that I wasn’t wearing panties. I mentally shrugged and reasoned that he would just have to wash his pants now!

Without breaking our tongue filled kiss, we tumbled onto the bed. There was no way I was going to settle for a short fuck tonight; I needed stamina. I secretly brought my toys in case he couldn’t satisfy me, and I had every intention of fucking myself into oblivion to show him so if he couldn’t.


Her enthusiasm, as always, set me on fire. Her aggression thrilled me to no end. She nearly attacked me upon entering the room, and our tongues danced wildly as we slowly made our way to the bed. Removing our clothes one piece at a time, we devoured each other without compromise. Our tops came first, bahis siteleri and it felt incredible to have just our bare chests pressed together as we continued kissing. We ground our hips together, eliciting moans into each other’s wide-open mouth. We stayed like that for some time—kissing, grinding, building. The tension was exquisite. The air was so thick with desire that I could feel it press against my flesh. I pulled away and stood beside the bed, each of us surprised at how short of breath we were.

Suddenly, and between the dueling of our tongues, she spoke.

“I want to sweat.”

Without responding, I moved to the air conditioner and set the temperature to the hottest heat. She lay there panting, watching me intently. I moved to the foot of the bed and observed. With arms stretched playfully above her head, she lifted her stocking toes to graze across my chest. I moved to pull her skirt from her waist, and she lifted to accommodate my unwrapping.

I was surprised and delighted to see her naked and clean-shaven pussy glistening with moisture between her legs. I licked my lips involuntary as I slowly descended and prepared for my feast. And then, like a Queen to her servant, she addressed me.

“Enjoy,” adding only to it a devilish and cocky grin.


I have rarely seen him so turned on; he loved it when I gave him direction. His cock was visibly aching in his pants. As the room became warm and intoxicating, our eyes locked as he lowered his head between my legs. I put an extra pillow under my head so that I could comfortably watch his oral ministrations. Ever so delicately he began a slow lapping of the skin around and above my soaked pussy. The first contact shot through me like an electric shock. I arched my back as he continued his licking of the sensitive surrounding area. Every now and then he would cause me to take a deep intake of breath as he blew his own across my swollen lips. I began lifting my hips in an effort to meet his tongue.

“Yes, oh yes.”

I could scarcely restrain my voice from exclaiming the soft pleasures he was wreaking on me. After many minutes of delectable torture, his tongue descended upon my outer lips like a warm stream. I nearly came there, but I held it in. He began a slow, methodical exploration of my pussy, first outside, then gradually working his way into my moist depths. Surely this was heaven. My legs contracted, and I could feel his smooth, soft face brush against my inner thighs. His efforts were now mixing with the heat in some dreamy atmospheric cocktail. He was definitely good; I smiled to myself as he softly nibbled on my clit just long enough before plunging his tongue deep inside me, repeating over and over and forcing me to clutch the sheets desperately.

In a hungry tone he gasped, “I could feast on you all night.”

“Hmmm,” I thought to myself.


Her pussy was the most luscious of any I had tasted—so soft and smooth and light in flavor. I was enraptured in my task. I darted my exercised tongue in and out and all around, making her body squirm. I sucked and tongued her swollen clit, frequently looking up to see her expressions that only encouraged me more. I feasted on her hole, sucking and savoring everything she could produce. I was in heaven. Her moans told me she was there with me.

Few things bring me more pleasure than pleasing her, and what pleased me most was her reaction. She was alive and responsive; never dormant, and always outputting a collection of signals to direct my action. She was never content to lie there still. Every touch elicited a sigh, and every lick resulted in a moan. It was this constant parrying of sounds and signs that heightened our sensitivity to one another over the course of our many rendezvous.

Without warning I deftly slipped a long slender finger into her pussy, causing her to yelp. I curled my finger upward, massaging her G-spot, as my tongue concentrated on her throbbing clit. I rolled it between my full lips. Tongue and fingers worked together to peak her pleasure, and she came violently all over my face and hand; I kept licking. Her orgasm continued into multiples, canlı bahis siteleri and her cries became unintelligible slurs of horniness. My cock was a frenzied rod of nerves. I had to have her lips wrapped around it. But first I wanted to taste her ass.

“Get on all fours for me,” I said while making no attempt to guise my fervor.

She thrust her magnificent ass into the warm air. I wasted no time in positioning myself behind her, also on all fours, and buried my face between her soft cheeks. She gasped violently as my tongue assaulted her tight hole. I freed my cock from its restraints and began a steady pumping with my fist.

“Mmmm dirty boy” she giggled infectiously. I had to be careful and she knew it; her words cut through my resistance like a hot blade. I was nearly powerless to prevent my orgasm once her talking picked up pace and intensity. Her tight asshole clenched my tongue like a vice, sucking it in deeper and deeper. My moans of delight were muffled by her quivering behind. I slipped two fingers into her thoroughly lubricated pussy and she exploded into a second round of climaxes. I devoured her ass and finger fucked her steadily until she collapsed from exhaustion.


Words. Collections of sounds and syllables. We always knew exactly which ones to use, and just exactly when. Words were important to our sex. Unlike to most, our words weren’t funny or trashy. Our passionate expletives weren’t contrived or synthetic. We insisted on connecting every available outlet to one another. Touching was not enough, nor was looking. We spoke and listened—before sex, after sex, but most importantly, during sex. We purged and let slip every identifiable thought and emotion to be procured by our coupling. We didn’t pretend. We didn’t act. It was, quite plainly, overwhelming, and there was no room for apprehension.


I parted my lips and said, “You thrill me with your willingness to do just about anything. Do you know that?”

I knew he did, and I knew his response would be little more than another series of loving assaults on my flesh. Though my eyes were open, I could barely see. My whole body glowed like a burning ember. Every inch of me tingled. I had to have more. I shakily got up and pushed him down, hovering over him like a scheming cat. I purred as I bent down to lick his smooth chest and stomach. He rolled his head back and closed his eyes. Now it was my turn.

Very slowly I licked and kissed my way down his torso, letting my bare breasts graze over his fully erect and twitching cock. The sensations were mutually wonderful. Not before long my eyes were met with the sight of his cock, and my mouth watered. I let a slow drizzle of saliva coat its length. He was squirming in anticipation. I looked up into his eyes and was met with the most powerful gaze of erotic necessity.

“How bad do you want this?” I asked him with a slight tone of importance.

And then, much to my satisfaction, he calmly replied, “I don’t want it. I need it. Give it to me.”

Careful not to break our powerful eye contact, I took a long, slow, deliberate lick up the underside of his cock. I secretly rejoiced as I watched him fight to keep his eyes open. Our souls were joining quickly in a sexual bond that I will never underestimate. I lowered my warm, wet, and very willing mouth over his head, wrapping my lips delicately around him as I descended. His neck failed him, and he fell back onto the pillow, eliciting a potent sigh of bliss.

His pleasure was simultaneously mine, and I found my hips grinding into the mattress as I began a slow but rhythmical blow job. Hearing his moans, however, proved too much for me to handle, and I snuck a hand down to play with my engorged clit. I moaned suddenly, and the consequent vibrations to his cock caused him to moan in turn. We began a primal communication of approving sounds, so carnal, yet so descriptive. I was dripping, and two fingers easily slipped inside of me.


She always knew how to suck me so perfectly: gently and steadily, caressing the length of my cock like a musician. My mind reeled, and my chest heaved. canlı bahis I could feel her sucking the strength, stress, and will from my body through the center of my being. Occasionally she would pause and run her tongue up and down, teasing me, letting me recover only to begin the building of pressure with her long slow sucking again. I conjured my only strength and put my hands to her head, running my fingers gently through her soft hair. She broke from her task and mused at her accomplishment.

“Getting close baby?” she sadistically paused to ask.

I moaned in confirmation. She knew talking like that was sure to drive me over the edge. I cherished our ability to transcend all verbal awkwardness and say what wanted to be said. Dutifully, she returned to her goal.

My passion grew, and I knew she would surely make me cum from this. I increased the intensity of my moans in an attempt to warn her of my approaching climax. Like the old familiar partner she was, she received and responded to my message with encouraging sounds of her own. We began a wordless exchange so evolved that the exact moment of my peak was clearly marked. I resisted until the pressure and pleasure was intolerable, and then let my orgasm occur. I was blinded with white light, and I felt the cum spurt violently from my cock into her mouth, flooding it. She swallowed it hungrily, always eager, ever ready to make my pleasure more spectacular with each moment. Spurt after spurt filled her mouth, until I was wonderfully drained.

Ever the sensualist, she took several firm last strokes to my cock with her tightened lips and climbed up my body like an aroused feline goddess. She looked into my eyes and I mustered a very satisfied smile. Suddenly she lowered her face and pressed her lips to mine. I was both surprised and delighted when I felt her tongue part my mouth and a warm tongue sought to deliver the taste of my own cum. She rarely disappointed me in her capacity to break taboos, and this was no exception. I eagerly dealt my tongue against hers as we mutually swallowed the creamy mixture. Our sweaty and naked bodies demanded more, and more I was definitely ready to give it.


He always had the sweetest taste, not like others I have indulged. It was light and sweet without the slightest bitterness. At moments like this I craved his cum in larger quantities than he could supply, so I savored. As we kissed and shared, my pussy tingled that he was so willing to accept his own flavor. His shallow breath indicated that he was surely too exhausted to move, but it mattered not; I would accommodate his condition to achieve my own pleasure. With a wicked smile I playfully nibbled his ear, feeling his cock stir beneath me.

“Hungry?” I asked.

“Starving,” was his breathless reply.

Quickly but with graceful attempt I moved my body above him, facing his feet and straddling his chest, grinding my slippery lower lips all over his smooth and hairless torso. The sensation was indescribable, and I pushed hard against him to stimulate my most sensitive area.

It felt so wonderful to be like this with him: naked, covered in sweat, and wild. This sex was somehow different; it was more primal, and less concerned about appearance. I thrashed about on his hard chest, arching my back and grinding my slippery sex against him. My ass was mere inches from his face when I writhed my way towards the sensation of his hot and rapid breath.

Shortly then I ascended to his face, where I parted my legs and gently lowered my aching pussy to his open and ready mouth. The initial contact made me squeal like a little girl. He responded by cupping my ass with his hands and pulling me toward him. He proceeded to calmly devour me, thrusting his tongue in and out. With one hand clutching the sheet and one hand gripping his hair behind me, I gently rode his tongue like I would soon ride his cock. I looked back to inspect his condition, and was pleasantly surprised to see him hard as ever. Perhaps I wouldn’t need my toys tonight after all!


Sex was different with her. Even the most perverse acts seemed justifiable, inexplicably transformed by our involvement into something pure, logical. Nothing seemed dirty with her. Only our flesh and our thoughts mattered, and nothing to come from either could be anything but completely appropriate.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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