Ready Maid Family Bk. 01

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This series has 3 volumes completed, and I’m posting them as full volumes. I can split them into sections if I get requests for that. Volume 4 is in progress, and I have no idea when, or if it may be finished.

Book One opens with our 3 main characters coming together, then growing as they learn about each other.

* * * * *

Ready Maid Family Book One

HELP WANTED: Live-in Domestic to care for single, mid-thirties male. Apply in person. References preferred, but not required. Compensation based on experience and performance.

Early February


Sylvia Mitchell read the ad for the fourth time as she sat in the kitchen of the little apartment she had rented when she had come to town four months ago. She had been looking for a job since she got to town with no success, and what little money she had was running out fast.

It was almost too good to be true. If she could get this job, both of her problems, money and a better place to live, would be solved.

Trying not to let her hopes get too high, she got up and went into her bedroom, wondering what she had in her small wardrobe that would help her get this job.


Julie Bedford pulled her van out from behind the strip mall she had parked behind the night before and turned onto North Oak Street. She grinned as she looked at the shelf under the front console. Her laptop, both her tablets, backup battery pack, and phone were all fully charged. She’d gotten all of her clothes washed at the Suds-n-Duds, and Sandy had let her charge up all her devices while she played pinochle with him.

Glancing down at the newspaper laying on the dash, she decided that the quickest route would be going up Grayson to Clark, then onto the expressway. The address was only a couple blocks from exit 28.

She hoped that there weren’t too many other people applying for the job. A live-in position would be a great way for her to put some money away, and build up her bankroll.

She really wanted to get an apartment, or a house, even if she had to share it with someone for a while. She loved the retired old UPS package car, the long, wide rear compartment was roomy enough for a full sized mattress, and the shelves built into the back gave her lots of room for her stuff, but she knew that eventually, she’d get robbed, or busted for parking in the wrong place, or would run out of money.


‘This isn’t going to work’. Gage Carson thought to himself as he looked out the window. A long line stretched from the front porch almost to the gate two hundred feet away. He estimated that there was close to eighty people, mostly women, waiting to apply for the job he had listed in the paper.

He had already talked to almost a dozen of them, and none of them were what he wanted. There was no way he’d be able to get along with most of them. The ones he did like personally, didn’t really have the other traits he was looking for.

Leaning back against the wall, he thought for a moment, then turned and went out into the hall to talk to the latest group of women he’d already let into the house.


Standing at the gate to the unobtrusive manor house, Sylvia sighed as she looked down the drive at the line of women outside the door. She doubted if she’d even get interviewed, much less get the job, but the bus ride had taken almost an hour, then it had taken her another fifteen minutes to walk the rest of the way. The least she could do was put in an application.

As she approached the line of women, a girl stepped from the door, her head down. She glanced at the other women and shook her head, then trudged down the walk toward the gate.

“Excuse me, but do yo…” She began, speaking to the woman in front of her.

“I don’t know nuthin’ honey.” The woman said curtly, not bothering to turn around. “I’m here for a job, not to make friends, and you’re the competition. So leave me alone.”

For the next ten minutes, Sylvia stood quietly, lost in her own thoughts. What was she doing here? She could cook and keep her own house clean enough, but didn’t know anything about housekeeping. What kind of care did the man need? She didn’t have any medical training, and didn’t even know anyone with a disability or a handicap.

A quiet murmur went through the line as a man came out of the doorway, standing and surveying the crowd waiting to enter the house. He stepped to one side, and half a dozen women came out the door, made their way down the steps, then moved quickly for the gate.

“Ladies, I’d like to thank you all for coming out today.” Gage said as he danced down the steps and walked slowly down the line. He smiled at a tall blonde girl, nodding toward the door. As she went into the house, he continued down the line. He had picked two other women before he reached Sylvia, and she stood up straight, throwing her shoulders back by habit. He smiled as he stopped in front of her.

“Yes, I think you’ll do nicely.” He said softly, looking her up and down. “What’s your name, miss?”

“Sy…Sylvia, bahis siteleri sir. Sylvia Mitchell.” she replied, meeting his gaze.

“It’s nice to meet you, Sylvia.” He said, lifting his hand and pointing toward the house. “I’m Gage Carson, would you mind waiting for me inside? I’ll be with you in a minute.”

“Yes sir.” She said with a small smile. “I…”

But Gage was already moving down the line, stopping to look one or two of the women over, then stepping back, pausing, and raising his voice.

“If I could have your attention for a moment ladies…” he said, then waited for them to quiet down and look at him.”Thank you all for coming out today, but I’ve chosen my candidates. If they don’t work out, I’ll be placing another ad in a few weeks. Please be careful going home.”

He turned and strode briskly up the walk, catching up to Sylvia as she was going through the door.

“I didn’t expect this kind of turn out.” He said quietly as he stepped up next to her. “But it looks like I got a nice lot to choose from. I hope one of you will be what I’m looking for.”

“I’m sure I am, sir.” Sylvia said softly as she moved over to stand with the other girls.

Glancing at the other women, she noticed that like her, they were all tall and full figured. There was a redhead, a brunette, and two other blondes. One of the blondes and the brunette were wearing pantsuits, the other blonde was dressed in jeans and a tight fitting t-shirt, and the redhead had on a loose black knee length skirt and a white button down shirt like her own.

“Okay ladies, I’m Gage Carson.” He said as he looked them over. “I’m looking for a live-in domestic, who’s duties will include keeping the house clean, preparing meals, and taking care of my needs as I deem necessary. Any questions so far?”

“How big is the house?” One of the blondes asked. “And will we be doing any work in the outbuildings?”

“The house has twenty-six rooms, not all of them being used right now, but I’d like to open them up.” Gage told her. “That’s why I want to hire some help. I’m only using three or four rooms on the first floor, not including the kitchen right now. You won’t have to do anything in the outbuildings, I’d actually prefer that you stayed out of them. Most of them are in need of repair.”

“You want to tell us more about these ‘needs’ we’ll be taking care of?” the brunette asked.

“Bathing, grooming…and whatever you’re open to.” Gage said lightly. “But nothing uncomfortable or illegal, I can assure you.”

“No thanks, perv.” The brunette laughed as she turned and headed for the door. “I think I’ll pass.”

Gage nodded and followed her, then stood at the open door, his hand on the knob.

“Anyone else want to go with her?” He asked.

“No sir.” Sylvia said quietly.

The redhead and the two blondes shook their heads.

“Good.” He said as he closed the door. “Now if you’d be so kind, please step into the next room and have a seat at the table. I’ll be with you in a moment.”

The girls walked though a doorway into a large room. Sylvia guessed that it was the dining room since there was a long table in the center. She walked to the far end and took a seat, while the redhead sat at the other end. The two other blondes took seats on either side.

Gage came into the room a moment later with a stack of notepads and a handful of pens in his hands. He placed a notepad and a pen in front of each of them, then laid a sheet of paper face down on top of the pads.

“Please print clearly, no longhand or script please.” He said as he walked back over to the door. “Take as long as you like to finish, and write the question numbers next to your answers. Most of them will be obvious, but it will make them easier to read. You can start whenever you’d like, I’ll be back in a few minutes to check on you.”

Sylvia turned the sheet of paper over, scanning it quickly. She saw immediately that it wasn’t the standard employment questionnaire.

The first few questions were normal enough, name, age, place of birth, names and address of the last three employers. The next question made Sylvia laugh out loud.

“You just read four and five too, huh?” The redhead grinned from the other end of the table.

Sylvia smiled and nodded as she scanned the rest of the form.

4) Height, weight, measurements

5) Clothing sizes: bra, panty, dress, blouse, slacks, shoes

6) If you are currently employed, please explain in fifty words or less why you want to leave your job.

7) In fifty words or less, please explain why your last relationship failed

8) In fifty words or less, please describe your favorite fantasy.

9) In fifty words or less, please describe your favorite experience.

10) In one hundred words or less, tell me who you are and what you want to be.

Sylvia looked up from the form, and noticed the redhead looking at her. She smiled shyly at her.

“What’s your name, hon?” the redhead asked, looking down and writing canlı bahis siteleri quickly on her notepad. She grinned as she looked back up at Sylvia. “I’m Julie.”

“Sylvia.” She answered.

“So tell me Sylvia, do you think he wants a sexual fant…” Julie began, then stopped when Gage walked into the room.

“I want whatever you want to share with me miss…” He leaned over her shoulder, looking at her answers. “…Bedford. If your favorite fantasy is about sex, by all means, I’d love to read it. But if it’s about a day at the beach with your friends, or snuggling up in front of a toasty fire with your cat, I’d like to read those to. I asked these questions to see if you could be honest with me, and if I could get along with you.”

The rest of the girls laughed as Julie blushed a deep shade of red. Gage patted Julie on the shoulder as he turned back toward the door.

“I’ll give you a little more time. Just relax, answer the questions as honestly as you can, and be yourself.” He said. He smiled as he stood in the doorway, then turned and walked away.

“Wow, is he hot, or what?” The blue jeaned blonde asked.

“Yeah, I don’t think I’ll mind taking care of his needs.” The other blonde grinned at her. “Even if he wants to get a little kinky.”

Sylvia didn’t say anything, she stared at the questionnaire, then pulled the notepad over and started writing.


When Gage came back twenty minutes later, all four girls were sitting quietly, reading over their answers.

“All done?” He asked, stepping up to the table. “Everyone happy with their answers? Anyone need a few more minutes, maybe want to make some changes?”

None of the girls said anything, so he moved around the table picking up the papers, pads, and pens, then walked out the door without saying a word.

“What was your fantasy Sylvia?” Julie asked, grinning broadly. “He said he wanted the truth, so I wrote about this really hot roommate I used to have, and how much I wanted to make it with her.”

“I…I wrote about a man…a man I…think about alot.” Sylvia said, glancing up at Julie, then back down at the table. “But you really, uh…you want to…”

“With the right girl, sure.” Julie smiled, coloring slightly. “I’ve never done it, but if I met the right girl…”

“Think we should give these two a few minutes alone?” the blue jean blonde laughed, looking over at the other blonde.

“That won’t be necessary, Amber.” Gage said from the doorway. “Would you and Carla come with me please?”

Both girls got up and walked toward him, then followed him through the door. A moment later, Gage walked into the room alone. He moved down the backside of the table, pulled a chair out and sat down.

“Okay, Julie, Sylvia, would you come stand by the seats across from me please.” He said as he opened a folder and began sorting papers into two piles. He waited till they were standing directly across from him, then looked over at them.

“I knew as soon as I brought you in that I’d be picking one of you.” he said lightly. “There’s something about both of you that I liked.”

“Sylvia, you were respectful, and called me sir. Julie, you were nice to a girl you just met, someone competing with you for a job.” He smiled as he looked at them. “I thought that was classy. I think both of you are.”

He looked down at one of the piles in front of him and picked up a sheet of paper.

“Julie Bedford, twenty-eight, five-nine, forty-two triple E bust, thirty-three inch waist, and forty inch hips, self-employed. You ended your last relationship because your boyfriend loved your tits, but thought the rest of you was too fat.” He read aloud. “You can do better, because he must be a moron.”

Picking up a sheet of paper from the other pile, he continued. “Sylvia Mitchell, twenty-six, five-ten, forty-two double F bust, thirty-two inch waist, thirty-nine inch hips, unemployed. “Your last boyfriend just stopped calling you, and wouldn’t return your calls. That was over a year ago.” Shaking his head, he added, “Another moron.”

“For the rest of it, you were both open and honest in your answers, you expressed yourselves well, and…” He paused, looking at them steadily. “To be honest with you, I don’t want to decide between you. I want you both.”

Sylvia felt Julie’s fingers touching hers, and she wrapped hers around them, never taking her eyes off Gage.

“What you said to that girl…the brunette that left…did you mean…do you really want to have…uh, sex…with m…me? Us?” Sylvia whispered. She felt Julie’s hand tighten around hers, and she looked over at her.

“It’ll be okay, Syl.” She said softly. “I won’t let him hurt you.”

“Hurting either of you is the last thing I want to do, Julie.” Gage answered evenly. Letting his eyes roam casually over both of them, he smiled before he spoke again. “But to answer Sylvia’s question…yes, that is one of the needs I’d want you to take care of.”

“I don’t know if I…” Sylvia began, but Julie cut her canlı bahis off.

“It’ll be okay, Syl.” Julie said softly, her fingers tightening around Sylvia’s. She looked over at Gage. “Can we sit down while you tell us wha…exactly what you would expect from us?”

“Not yet.” Gage said softly. “I’d like you to step back and turn around…slowly…a quarter turn, pause, then continue.”

As the girls stepped back together, he cleared his throat.

“One at a time please, so we can both watch, if you don’t mind.” He smiled. “Julie, would you like to go first?”

Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, Julie nodded and turned to her left, so she was facing Sylvia. Her face was flushed, but she smiled at Sylvia before she turned again.

Sylvia knew that she was blushing too, but not from embarrassment. She felt warm, mildly surprised that she’d begun perspiring lightly, even though it was cool in the room. She felt a quiver of excitement in her stomach as she watched the other girl turn in a slow circle in front of her.

Julie glanced at her as she turned to face Gage. She smiled, taking a step to the side. “You’re up, Syl.” she breathed huskily.

Sylvia nodded, then turned to her right and paused, facing her. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw that Julie was breathing heavily, her breasts rising and falling under her white shirt. She noticed rings of perspiration under her arms, and was relieved that she wasn’t the only one being affected.

Turning again, she stopped when she was facing away from Gage. Her heart was racing now, and her legs were trembling with an excitement she’d never felt before. Turning again, she gasped when she heard Julie giggle, then say, “Nice ass you got there, Syl.”

She turned to face Gage, her hand reaching out unconsciously toward Julie. She sighed with relief when she felt her fingers close over her own.

Gage smiled, looking at their clasped hands. He leaned back in his chair, looking them over again.

“Tell me how you feel.” He said softly. “Don’t think, just answer.”

“Good.” Sylvia whispered, glancing over at Julie, then back at Gage. “Th…that was exciting.”

“God, I am so turned on right now…” Julie laughed, squeezing Sylvia’s fingers.

Gage nodded, smiling at their reactions. ‘God, this is even better than I could have hoped for.’ He mused.

“Have a seat ladies, and I’ll…”

“No.” Julie said firmly, moving in front of a chair, glancing at Sylvia as she sat down. “You’ve checked us out…now it’s your turn.”

Sylvia gasped in surprise, her hand coming up to cover her mouth. She felt another shiver of excitement flow over her, and she grabbed the back of the chair next to her, steadying herself as she sat down.

Gage’s mouth dropped open, caught completely by surprise by this turn of events. He stared at Julie for a moment, then pushed his chair back.

“I…I suppose that’s only fair.” He said lightly as he got to his feet.

He started to turn, but Sylvia spoke up quickly.

“Ta…take a step back, away from the table.” She said softly. She looked up at him as she added. “Like we did, so we can see.”

“Yeah, show us the goods, big boy.” Julie laughed, leaning forward, resting her forearms on the table. “Show us why we should give you the good stuff.”

Gage just smiled as he pushed his chair back and took another step away from the table. He stood quietly, his hands at his sides as they looked at him.

He was wearing a pair of faded jeans and a light green button down shirt. His erection was obvious, stretching down the left leg of his jeans. He had a shock of medium brown hair with a hint of silver at the temples, and his green eyes glittered as he gazed at them evenly.

His hands turned palms forward as he lifted his arms slightly. A sly smile crossed his lips as he arched one eyebrow at them.

“Well?” He asked after a long moment.

“Oh yeah, you’ll do.” Julie panted.

Sylvia nodded, not trusting herself to speak. She was staring at the thick bulge running down his left leg. Her fingers came up, and opened a button on her shirt, then another. Grasping the front of it, she pulled it away from her skin, shaking it, trying to cool herself.

Gage grinned at her reaction, and turned so he was side on to them.

“Suuuuuuweeeeeeeet.” Julie muttered, staring at his ass.

Gage let out a soft chuckle as he turned again, putting his hands on his hips. He barely resisted the urge to shake his ass at them before he turned again. Pausing as he stood in profile, he glanced at them out of the corner of his eye, then turned to face them full on again.

“You’re right, Sylvia.” He grinned as he sat down, pulling his seat closer to the table. “That was exciting.”

“I don’t have specifics of just what I’ll want from you, Julie. But judging from your and Sylvia’s reactions…” He said, his eyes locking on hers as he said her name. “I don’t think either of you find the idea disagreeable.”

“I sure as hell don’t!” Julie laughed, turning to look at Sylvia.

Sylvia felt both of them looking at her. She wasn’t sure if she could do what he was suggesting…no, he had said it outright, her wanted to pay her…them, to have sex with him.

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