Quarantined with Karen Ch. 02

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This morning I drove three hours up Highway 101 to spend time with my lady friend Karen. We first met years ago on a train trip from San Francisco to Denver. Karen continued on to Chicago to visit her daughter. Upon arriving in Santa Clara, California I was met at the front door by her younger sister, Tessa.

Tessa’s face resembles Karen, but that’s about the only feature the share in common. Tessa is much shorter at five foot even. Karen is a statuette five-foot-seven with narrow hips. Tessa was wearing a loose peasant blouse with denim capris. The blouse is a sheer feather print that did not hide her purple lace bra, nor her massive tits, the size I’ve only seen on websites like pinupfiles.com. To say I was awestruck is an understatement.

Once I got over my gawking, Tessa led me into the house where Karen and I rekindled our love affair. When I finally got settled after the long drive, the three of us had lunch and then Karen took me out to her backyard patio where I was reintroduced to her black leotard and green running shorts. I just finished eating Karen’s smooth pussy. Her thin landing strip tickled my nose as I brought her to her first orgasm of the weekend.

Karen shook with pleasure as I held her in place on the lounge. She was breathing hard while her climax blew through her entire frame. We are now collapsed together on her chaise lounge with her flushed body and my face covered in her cum.

“Geez Rob, that was more than I was expecting. Wow. Give me a few minutes and then we will continue. I am not even close to being finished with your body.”

“I’m so glad we reconnected. I have missed our intimate times together. I still get aroused remembering our time on the train. If you hadn’t seen me reading that hard cover book, I don’t know that we would have ever met.”

“I’m sure if there were some other scenario, we definitely would have met on the train. Rob, you were too cute, not to pass up. Let’s change places, I want this cock inside of me right now.”

I remove myself from between Karen’s thighs and pull her to her feet. We share a long drawn out kiss with Karen thanking me for her exquisite climax. She kisses me on the mouth and on my cheeks, tasting her cum juices.

We exchange places and I lay down on my back with a hard-on ready for action. Karen straddles the lounge and lowers herself on my thighs. She moves forward and sits astride my hard cock. She glides her quim along the length of my shaft, coating me with her moisture. Her orgasm has left her dripping. Karen lifts, grabs my cock, and lines the tip up with the entrance of her smooth pussy.

“Are you ready Rob? I am going to ride you into the sunset. I’m going to fuck you until I can’t stand it any longer.”

I push up as she slides down my shaft. Her hot cunt surrounds my seven inches. Karen grinds down on me as I fill her completely. My cock disappears within her puffy cunt lips.

“You fill me up; your cock feels exactly right, just like the time we were camping at Big Sur. I hope they open up soon when all this craziness is behind us. I would love to go back with you and make love on the beach again.”

Karen lifts and grinds down, rotating her pelvis with each move. She knows exactly how to get the most pleasure for both of us. I reach up to massage her tits and tweak her dark-pink nipples. She proceeds to furiously hump me. She puts her palms on my chest to balance her movement as she fucks me. Her boobs hang low scrunched between her arms. I reach up and slide my hands under each of her D-Cups. I knead her flesh and pinch her erect nipples. She flexes her pussy muscles and massages my erection with every lift. It feels like she is trying milk the jizz right out of me.

Karen bends down mashing her big tits into me. I feel her hard nipples press into my chest. She stares into my eyes and smiles as she rides my cock. I open my mouth and invite a kiss.

“This is so fucking good and right now you are all mine.”

Karen’s cum coats my shaft. The heat within her cunt surrounds my throbbing dick. My hands continue to massage her tits as she enjoys her ride. Karen searches for another orgasm. Her breathing intensifies and reaches a crescendo. We are both looking for release. Her hips quiver as she reaches down and fingers her clit. I press my cock deep into her womb. I can see her clit fully extended and pink.

“Uggghhhh. I’m there Rob, I’m there. Oh, my gawd, this feels so good.”

My cock vibrates as the pleasure engulfs me too. I feel her inner flesh squeeze down and her juices cascade down her thighs onto mine. I explode with a series of spasms that feed her hungry pussy with my cum. Our bodies rock together in a shared climax.

“Yes, fill me up. Shoot your seed deep in my pussy. Give it to me. Give it to me!”

My climax continues for several moments until there is nothing left to give. I grunt one last time and we both collapse on the chaise lounge totally spent. We remain motionless for several minutes. Our breathing is short and quick. Sweat covers our bodies while my cock kaçak iddaa remains buried in Karen.

As we enjoy the end of our climax, Karen sits upright, and I put my hands on her boobs and rub them all around. I love playing with her tits. Karen holds her hands against mine as she equally enjoys having her tits fondled.

“I think now is a good time to head back to my bedroom. I need a rest after two powerful orgasms. Thank you so much for this little escapade. I hope you weren’t distracted by the thought of Tessa spying on us?”

“Once your green shorts hit the ground, the idea didn’t even cross my mind.”

“Good. Grab your clothes and let’s go.”

“Shouldn’t we get dressed first?”

“Silly man. Who’s going to see us? Tessa maybe? I think she would be impressed with your nice big cock. Now, come on.”

I grab my clothes and Karen grabs my hand; she doesn’t bother pulling up her leotard. Her lovely breasts sway with each step as we head back into the house and climb between her bedsheets for a well-deserved rest. I spoon Karen and drape my arm over her side clutching one boob in my palm. Sleep comes easily after our lunchtime tryst.

I wake up around 4:00 PM with a hand wrapped around my cock. The hand belongs to Karen who is on her side facing me.

“Rob, you must have had a sexy dream because when I woke up, this stiff tool was poking me in the ass. What’s your explanation mister?”

“I don’t recall, but I sure do like what I’m feeling right now.”

Karen squeezes my shaft and strokes me a few times.

“Doesn’t this ever go down?”

“Not while I’m in your presence.”

“Good answer. Hey, would you like to barbecue some chicken this evening? I could use a good chef to help with dinner.”

“Maybe. It depends on what my salary and benefits will be.”

“Sorry there is no salary. But a fringe benefit might be a blow job right now. Yes or no?”

“Yes, definitely yes!”

“Hey, did you really bring your cock ring with you?”

“Yes, I really did, would you like to see it?”

“Yes, go get it while I get out of this leotard, I want to see what it does for your cock.”

I grab my ring from my overnight bag and hand it to Karen. She inspects it and pokes her finger in and out a few times.

“Okay, lay down on the bed.”

Karen grabs my cock and slides my ring down my shaft. She moves her hand to the base of my shaft and applies pressure with her thumb and forefinger as she licks up and down my shaft. Her saliva bathes my cock. She opens her mouth and sucks a couple of inches into her mouth. Her lips move up while she applies a gentle suction which feels so good.

“Mmm, you taste good. I can still taste some of my pussy and your cum on these seven inches.”

Karen licks all around my shaft and then grabs my balls with her free hand. She rolls them around and pulls down on my sack as she continues sucking. She is really getting into this blow job.

“Wow, your cock is super-hard now. I love how your glans gets inflated and your veins pulse. It’s like you are growing right before my eyes.”

Karen shows a real determination to make me cum. She grips my shaft as hard as she can and proceeds to jack me off. Her hand moves quickly up and down with a twisting motion. Her lips are glued to my tip as she masturbates me to climax. I push up my hips and pump three good strands of cum directly into her mouth. She gulps down my load and never releases her suction of my cock. Her hand pumps, drawing a few more spurts of jizz. When she is satisfied that I have no more cum, she releases me.

“That is your fringe benefit, now get up and let’s cook.”

“Karen, you are already cooking with gas as far as I’m concerned. You are too good to me.”

Karen puts on a robe and while I grab my jeans. We head out to the kitchen to start dinner preparations. Karen points out the barbecue on the patio, near the chaise lounge where she rode me hard earlier. She starts preparing side dishes and tells me to grab the chicken from the refrigerator. The skin has been removed and it’s ready to cook.

I blow Karen a kiss and head to the patio. She owns a gas grill, so a simple knob twist on the propane tank and a push of a button, the barbecue fires up. The grill comes to the right temperature in a few minutes and I throw the chicken on the metal grate. While the meat cooks I check out the backyard. It has a large section of new mown lawn and several high bushes along the fences for maximum privacy. I guess that’s why Karen was so nonchalant about making love outside. As I am lost in thought, the sound of the sliding glass door startles me for a moment.

“Hey Rob, how’s it going? Did you and Karen enjoy the afternoon?”

Tessa joins me on the patio and hands me a glass of Chardonnay. She has one for herself. I notice something different about her right away. I wonder if Tessa spied on us, or is she just baiting me to come clean.

“I was out on a 5K walk around the neighborhood. I needed some fresh air, can’t stay cooped up in the house all day.

“Were kaçak bahis you dressed like that?”

I question Tessa because she is still wearing her thin peasant blouse, only now she is missing her purple lace bra. Her massive tits are on display with thick red nipples pointing in my direction. The sheer material can’t hide the large round areole that makes my mouth water. My query makes Tessa laugh.

“No, I didn’t put on a display for the neighbors. I was still wearing my lace bra. I just took it off; the girls need to breathe once in a while. You don’t mind, do you? I can put it back on.”

“No, no I don’t mind at all. I’m enjoying the view.”

“Karen told me you are a bit of a ‘perv’ and a big boobman. We share all of our secrets.”

“Well, did she tell you how we met?”

“Oh yes! She told me all about the train ride to Denver and how you fell into her clutches. You didn’t put up much of a fight. Once she had her mind made up, you didn’t stand a chance. She also told me about the amorous couple sharing the stateroom next to you; married, but not to each other.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed meeting your sister. That was a trip of a lifetime.”

“So, do you like my big boobs? You’ve been staring at my chest all day.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just a habit of mine.”

“I don’t mind. In fact, I’m very proud of my tits. There was a time that I considered breast reduction, but I’m glad I didn’t act upon it. In high school, I was already a Double-D and took a fair amount of teasing. But I’ve grown accustom to the stares. Only, a select few get to sample these babies.”

As Tessa continues to talk, she sips her wine. Her free hand snakes under her blouse and rubs her big boobs. I watch her massage her flesh and pinch and pull on her thick nipples. It’s seems she is doing this without even thinking. I’m mesmerized.

“So Tessa, that was a beautiful purple lace bra you were wearing. Is hard to shop for bras?”

“Rob, are you keeping an eye on the chicken breasts, or just my breasts?”

“My dear, the secret to barbecuing chicken is to cook each side for twenty minutes and then baste with sauce and cook for only five more. And I have it well in hand.”

As I explain my technique to Tessa, I’m thinking I wish I had her breasts well in hand. I inquire again about her brassieres.

“It was hard at first, but once I finally stopped growing, I was able to find a perfect size for my stature. Unfortunately, they are special order and expensive. Luckily, I can place the order through the boutique and get them at cost. You’d be surprised what kind of a markup those stores charge.”

Tessa continues to sip her wine and fondle her tits. As I flip the chicken for the final time and add the mesquite sauce, I hear the glass slider open again. Karen joins us on the patio.

“Hey what’s going on out here? How is the chicken, Rob?”

“Almost ready.”

“Tessa, are you distracting poor Rob with those boobs of yours?”

“He’s been quizzing me on my choice of bras. I merely offered him a glass of Chardonnay.”

“Uh huh, sure. Well bring the chicken and your breasts inside, dinner is ready.”

Tessa holds the platter while I fill it with chicken. She tries to distract me by shaking her tits back and forth, but I focus on the platter and all is well.

Dinner is a lively affair with lots of talking and laughing. Karen made Tessa wear a sweater at the table so I would not be so distracted. We reminisce about our previous escapades and make future plans. I suggest that Tessa joins us, and Karen just rolls her eyes. We end the evening with a bit of television and retire for the night. We bid Tessa goodnight and go to Karen’s bedroom.

By 9:30 PM we are naked and under the covers. Karen cuddles up to me and I drape my arm over her waist. I anticipate another love session with this sexy lady. Her skin is warm, and her lips press to mine with a gentle kiss. I slide my palm down to her body and massage her flesh. I squeeze her ass cheek and pull her hips to mine. I grind my cock between her thighs searching out contact with her pussy. Karen whispers into my ear.

“Hey Rob, I want you to make love to Tessa. It has been a long time since she’s been with a man. Lately her only release has been masturbation. She has a few vibrators and dildos that keep her sane. I’m serious, I want her to be happy while she is here.”

“Really, you’re serious? Will she even let me get close?”

“I am serious. We have talked about it already. I think she needs your gentle touch. You know she mentioned how you keep staring at her boobs, and how it turns her on.”

“Hey, I plead the fifth on that one. You know me?”

“Yes, I do and I really want you to do this favor for me. I think Tessa will appreciate you.”

“When should we schedule this little rendezvous?”

“She’s in her room waiting for you.”

“Am I being setup here?”

“Look, I’ve seen they way you stare at her breasts too, and this is your chance to discover her special assets.”

“Are you sure you are good with this.”

“Yes, illegal bahis my darling. Now go. Enjoy.”

I get up and grab my shorts. Karen laughs out loud and tells me I do not need to get dressed. She says I’m fine just the way I am, and Tessa would appreciate seeing me naked when I open her door.

“Come here and let me slip your ring on your cock. Tessa needs to see you in your full glory.”

I hand my purple cock ring to Karen and she grabs my shaft. She strokes my cock a few times and slides the ring down to my root. A bit of pre-cum leaks from my tip. Karen licks the droplet and sends my on my way. These ladies are up to no good. I send an air kiss her way as I leave and walk the few steps over to the guest bedroom. I knock lightly and am summoned in.

Tessa is spread-eagle on top of the bed that is covered with towels. She is sliding a large dildo in and out of her pussy. She smiles and invites me to join her. My cock rises to the occasion and she licks her lips. She has a wanton look that tells me I am in for the ride of my life.

“Starting without me, are you? And what’s with all the towels?”

“I tend to get really wet when I cum, many times I squirt. It is just one of things you’ll get to love. So, I wasn’t sure if Karen would talk you into staying with me tonight.”

“There was no need to talk me into anything. I’ve been smitten with you since I first set eyes on you.”

“You mean you’ve been smitten with these.”

Tessa grabs her massive tits and pulls on her thick red nipples. She motions for me to lay on the bed with my legs spread around her. I do as she instructs because I am dying to feast on her boobs. She presses her dildo deep within her puffy folds and sits upright. My cock is ripe for the taking. Tessa reaches out with both hands and grabs my seven-inches.

“Karen told me she adores this cock and now I see why. You were not kidding about having your cock ring. Purple is my favorite color, I love it. Rob, you have such a nice big cock and I want your cum. Do you like hand jobs? I want to give you a hand job.”

I spread my legs wider and scoot closer to Tessa to give her a better grip. She uses both hands to stroke my shaft up and down. She squeezes my cock and rotates her hands with each stroke. I will not last long if she continues this technique and I tell her so.

“I don’t want you to last, I want your cum. Wow, Rob, you are throbbing. I guess your cock ring is doing its job. I can’t believe how hard you are.”

I reach up to grab her tits, but she slaps my hand away.

“You can look but not touch until you cum. Karen told me you can shoot a big load and that’s what I want.”

Tessa smiles as she watches me squirm. She slowly glides her fingers up and down along my shaft.

“I love feeling your cock throb and twitch.”

Tessa changes her technique again with strong, tight, and deliberate strokes. She uses one hand to squeeze my cock ring which intensifies the feeling. I jerk my hips up and my balls tighten as I prepare to reach climax. She rubs around my glans with one hand and strokes with the other.

“I feel your cock pulsing Rob, it’s so hot in my hands. Are you ready to shoot your load all over these giant boobs? You love my big tits, don’t you? If you cum right now, I will let you play with them. I bet this will help.”

Tessa grabs my ball sack and squeezes, as if she is trying to extract juice from an orange. This is all I can take and groan out loud. Before I can utter a single word, the first jet of cum explodes from my cock and lands halfway up on Tessa’s right breast. A second spurt follows with the same force and covers her thick red nipple.

“Oh, my gawd Tessa. I’m coming, I’m ccummminnnggg. Shit.”

Tessa pumps my shaft with a tight grip. I force several more spurts of jizz which covers her hands and my belly. Tessa finally lets me touch her boobs. I rub my cum around her breast and nipple while she licks her fingers clean. I gather the cum from my belly and apply it to her other breast and nipple. I moisturize her tits and pinch her nipples which elicits a moan from Tessa.

“Wow, Karen wasn’t kidding when she said you cum a lot. You have quite the load Rob. I love it. Now it is my turn. I want you to fuck me with my dildo. I was just getting started when you came in. It’s my favorite eight-inch silicone cock. I use it all the time to masturbate.”

I scoot back and Tessa lays down next to me. My cock ring keeps me semi-erect. Tessa holds onto my shaft while I massage her boobs. Her dildo is still planted deep in her cunt. I grab the base and slide the fake cock in and out of her juicy quim. She has a layer of light brown curls covering her mons. I guess Tessa does not wax like Karen. As I work her dildo, I bend down and get my first taste of her magnificent boobs. I slip her thick red nipple between my lips and suckle like a newborn.

“That feels so good Rob. My nipples are really sensitive. I can cum with just my nipples being stimulated.”

I continue to slide Tessa’s dildo in and out of her wet pussy. The shaft is covered with her cum. I pull it out and feed the tip to Tessa. She sucks and licks her juices for a few moments before I slide it back in between her puffy folds.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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