Pictures from Life Ch. 04

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All the characters in this story are older than 18 years.


Amy and her new girlfriend Lea were very happy to see Amy’s mom, Mariah sitting at the kitchen counter in her tight, black, business dress.

“Hi mom! Look at you all dressed up. It must be an important meeting!” said Amy.

Marah, also happy to see the girls in their bikinis replied, “Oh, hi there girls. I didn’t know you were here. I thought you were at the Volleyball practice. Yes, I have this meeting today, and I’m just waiting for the car to come and pick me up.”

“We went to practice this morning, then we came here to hang out,” said Lea. “Also, my mother and my aunt would like to invite you to come over on Saturday afternoon if that’s OK with you. They are really looking forward to meeting you two.”

“Oh wow, so it’s getting serious with you two. That’s so cool! Of course honey, I can’t wait to meet them. I’m sure it will be a lot of fun!” said Mariah. “So girls, how is that volleyball going? Are you still fucking your coach after the practice?”

“Not just the coach mom, her daughter too,” answered Amy, and the girls started laughing.

Mariah looked at her daughter and said, “Oh my god girls, where the hell do you find all these sluts anyway. Just be careful please, if someone finds out, we are all going to be in big trouble!”

“Don’t worry mom, I mean she initiated it, because her daughter is hanging around with us. It’s just couple of us girls having fun,” said Amy.

“Also, she is coming to our house on Saturday evening, so you can meet her, too,” added Lea. “Oh look, she just texted, or should I say sexted me. I think you will like this Mariah.”

Mariah took Lea’s phone and saw a picture of the girls coach Jessica, and her daughter posing naked on the bed. Daughter was on her knees showing her ass while her mom is stretching her cheeks and holding her tongue just above her asshole.

“Oh, wow, they are so hot. Oh, this is such a turn on,” said Mariah.

“We should probably reply them, with something similar. To bad you have to leave,” Lea said.

“Hmm, maybe we could still work something out”, replied Mariah and put her dress down and squeezed her big breasts. “Come on now Lea, I know what you want. Amy, why don’t you take the phone and make a photo for your coach.”

It took Lea only a second to start sucking Mariah’s nipples. Amy put down Lea’s panties and then took off her own bra. She then made a selfie showing her tits and Lea sucking Mariah’s nipples, showing in the background.

Unfortunately, Mariah, had to go right after Amy sent the photo. However, the girls were very happy because of the Mariah’s reaction to Lea’s invitation to meet her mom and aunt. Amy also hadn’t met them at that point, and she was ready to do anything to make a good impression. She knew that bringing her mom will be the right thing to do because Lea shared her sex life with her mom and aunt, similar to Amy.

When the Saturday finally came, Amy sent a message to her mom that she is has spent the night at Lea’s house as the two girls went clubbing the night before, and that she could come to the house in the afternoon. When Mariah knocked on the door in the afternoon, she was greeted by Lea. When asked where are the others, Lea replied that her mom and aunt are in the pool with Amy and invited Mariah to the room upstairs to change. Once they got in the room Mariah looked through the window and saw the two women passionately kissing and touching Amy all over her body.

Lea started unzipping Mariah’s dress and said, “Should we hurry changing and go downstairs to join them?”

“Hmm, let’s give them time to meet while we try some outfits here. I wanna look good when I meet your mom,” replied Mariah as she removed her dress.

The two of them then tried out several combinations before Mariah chose a red one piece bikini covering only her pussy, nipples’ and asshole while Lea wore only a pink thong. After a while they started making out since pinbahis yeni giriş they couldn’t stand the sexual tension any more. In the meantime Amy, and the two women, went from the pool to the master bedroom and their screaming become more and more intense.

“It looks like they are getting along just fine,” laughed Mariah. “Maybe we could check on them now?”

“You don’t have to tell me twice,” said Lea and took Mariah by the hand to the bedroom door.

When they got there, they saw Amy on the bed with Lea’s mom, Jessica rubbing her pussy against Amy’s and her aunt, Alannah, sitting on Amy’s face and grabbing her tits.

“Ohh, yeeeah, just like that, suck my sister’s pussy and ass, yeah that’s a good girl,” screamed mom.

The aunt took Amy’s hand and put them on her breasts, “Oh, you’re gonna make me cum you dirty, dirty girl, aaaaahhhh!”

As they were watching, Mariah and Lea were kissing and touching each other. Few moments, while Jessica was licking all of the cum from Amy’s body, the two of them entered the room.

“Well, you got along just fine as I see,” said Lea. “I think we can move on now to meeting Amy’s mom, Mariah”

“Hi everyone,” said Mariah.

Jessica said, “Oh, hi. Sorry, I didn’t think we’ll meet like this. Welcome to our house. We have already met your lovely daughter and I couldn’t be more happy for our girls. Also, love your bikini, I have to say.”

‘Thanks a lot. Don’t worry, I don’t mind at all. I dreamed about meeting you and your family for some time now. I already know Lea very well, so I was sure we’ll get along just fine,” replied Mariah. “Thank you for fucking my girl so good!”

Jessica then got out of the bed and approached Mariah, “You welcome! Thank you for all the things you taught my daughter!”

The two women then passionately kissed while feeling each other bodies. Mariah was so turned on as she was exchanging her daughter’s cum with Jessica.

Alannah also got out of the bed to greet Mariah, “Hi, I’m Lea’s aunt Alannah, nice to meet you.”

The two sister then started undressing Mariah while kissing her all over her body. Finally they got down and started licking her ass and pussy together. The daughters were watching this from the bed where Amy was kissing Lea’s neck and rubbing her pussy. It didn’t take long for the two sisters to make already very horny Mariah cum, after which they joined the girls in the bed for couple of hours of very intense orgy. Mariah couldn’t wait to finally get her hands on Lea again. She wanted to make a good impression so she put a lot of energy into scissoring hard and making Lea scream loud. Seeing this turned Jessica on, as she was kissing Mariah’s lips, neck and breasts, while Amy was deep into her asshole. Later on, Mariah had a 69 with Alannah, to whom she was very attracted. While watching this, Amy was rubbing her pussy against Jessica’s big fake tits and fingering her pussy. Lea was right behind Amy, grabbing her tits, kissing her neck and moving her ass right above her mother’s head. When the three MILFs were ready to cum, the daughters lied on the bed with their mouths opened until a lot of cum from three pussy’s from above made their faces and hair wet after which they started kissing and licking each other faces like crazy.

Although the girls were hopping for more action with strap-ons, there was no time since Jessica was expecting two more guests to show up for dinner. One guest was the volleyball coach, while the second guest was Linda, whom Mariah knew as she and Amy had a foursome with her and her daughter. Alannah wanted to stay and spend more time with the girls as she was going back to her home the next day. Mariah and Jessica went down stairs to prepare for the dinner. Once the guests were there, the four women sat in the dinning room.

“Thank you all for coming, I am very excited that we have finally gathered like this”, said Jessica. “A few weeks ago I was talking to coach Molly and we’ve realized that we are both, so to speak, very close to our pinbahis giriş daughters and that our daughters are also very close.”

Molly laughed and added, “Realized means, I caught the two of them fucking each other’s brains out… and then joined them.”

The four women laughed while Jessica continued, “Exactly, and then we started sharing new experiences with our daughters. After some time, Molly told me about these new hot friends of our daughters, that joined the team. As it turned out those girls were your daughters, Amy and Ashley, who also like sharing their sex life with their moms which of course got me really excited. Anyway, for these reasons I thought it would be super fun to meet. I had the pleasure of meeting Mariah and her daughter Amy this afternoon, which was really fun. Molly has some ideas for the future we could talk about later. Cheers!”

All four women were extremely excited and happy to meet each other and talk openly about their mother-daughter experiences. For all of them this was like a second youth where they could experiment with a lot of knew partners and also teach the younger generation about sex.

As the conversation was great, Molly made a proposition, “As you all know, our little girls are graduating from college soon. I thought, it would be nice if we could get together in two weeks at my house and have a full mother-daughter party.”

“I think I am already wet,” said Linda, and all of the four women laughed as they know that it will be a mother-daughter fuck fest, and they all agreed without hesitations.

“Let’s toast to mothers and daughters,” toasted Mariah.

“To mother and daughters,” said the other three women.

Before going home Mariah wanted to check up on the girls and so she went upstairs, to Lea’s bedroom. As she opened the door she heard really laud music in the room and saw Alannah fucking her niece Lea from behind with a strap-on and Amy with a strap-on as well pushing it into Lea’s mouth. Mariah left the room immediately but she knew what she saw and that she will think about in the next days.

During the next two weeks the four moms continued to meet and exchange all kinds of experiences. Also they, started working out more as they knew that being that being in good shape is important to make good impression. Finally the day came and all of the four women met at the coach’s Molly house. The daughters were there earlier because Molly invited them to come and prepare a surprise. Four moms went to the backyard where they can lie down and catch some sun. At some point Molly joined them and called their daughters who showed up in micro bikinis. The four girls then stood on the volleyball court in the backyard.

“As you all know, we have been practicing as a team for some time now and I thought it would be fair to present to you, what your daughter learned so far,” said Molly. “Come on now girls, show your moms what you know, just like a thought you.”

The girls started to play volleyball as two versus two. Of course, their main goal was to make the moms as horny as possible as their coach has instructed them. They would kiss or slap each other ass and tits after each point. While watching this the moms had a very hard time controlling themselves.

While touching her own breasts and pussy, Linda commented, “Oh my god Molly, I can’t believe what you did here. This is so fucking hot.”

“Well, I am happy you like it. As I can see we are all ready to start with the main thing,” replied Molly. “Ok girls, you were great, time to go to the shower now.”

As the girls were coming from the court Lea said, “I hope our moms liked this, and that we could get a reward.”

“We have all day to reward you, honey,” replied her mom Jessica.

The four girls looked at each other and took off their bikinis, and entered the house slowly, knowing the mothers are watching them.

“OK ladies, I can see we are all thinking the same,” Molly said. “Let’s toast again to mother and daughters and get this party started!”

After pinbahis güvenilirmi toasting, Molly put her glass down, and her clothes to, which the other three ladies followed. The women then marched into the shower room that Molly installed for the additional practices. Impatient and horny girls were ecstatic when they saw the four naked moms coming into the shower and a few minutes later the room echoed with screams of pleasure. Mariah grabbed Molly’s daughter Alison and started kissing her all over her body before going down and fingering her pussy and sucking her ass. Alison then got down on the floor, and Mariah sat on her face. She wasn’t sure what was turning her on more, the pleasuring she was getting from Alison or seeing all this beautiful women having intense sex around her. Seeing Amy rubbing her self against Jessica’s pussy, made her especially happy and proud. After the shower, the tension was relieved and the ladies walked into the master bedroom ready to let them self go and take their mother-daughter bond on to the next level. When Molly saw her daughter lying down and scissoring with Linda on top, she started kissing Linda, grabbed her ass and started moving it to show her how to fuck her girl properly. Linda’s daughter couldn’t resist and had to lick all of her mom’s cum from her friends body spit it all into her own mothers mouth. Jessica wanted to show what a good little whore her girl is, and so while Amy and Mariah were licking Lea, she was puling her hair, and slapping her face to make her daughter, and herself, cum harder, right into her daughter’s mouth. After some time, Molly took out strap-ons for the moms. After the four women put them on, Molly ordered the girls to suck them which they instantly obeyed. Afterwards, the girls got onto the bed and spread their asses. The mothers took turns in fucking each other daughter’s holes. They made sure that all of the girls get their pussy, ass and mouth filled at same time. After hours of making each other scream, they all started to kiss and thank each other for this lovely afternoon. The mom hugged and cuddled their daughters and told them how proud they are of what they’ve become.

The next evening, Amy was helping her mom to get ready for a business meeting.

“I don’t know what to say mom. Business meeting in a hotel, in the evening. If I didn’t know you better I would say you are having a secret affair,” said Amy.

Mariah laughed and replied, “Oh honey, you know I would never hide something like that from you. I would probably call you to join me. Although, who knows what could happened. I have a meeting with this CEO. She is tough, but rumor is she likes young girls and that she fucks her assistants all the time. So, maybe I could show her your picture.”

“You know, you can always count on me, mom,” replied Amy.

“I am just joking baby, who knows what she would think of me if she knew about our relationship.” said Mariah. “Anyway, I wanted to ask you about the night at the Molly’s house. Before I left, I entered the room to say goodbye, and I think I saw Lea being fucked by her own aunt and you. Can you maybe clarify that image for me?”

Amy giggled and said, “Yeah, I was gonna tell you that eventually. See, Lea’s aunt is really cool, she like knows a lot, so she was showing us some tricks. The two of them are really close and they do stuff like that. Lea’s mom is also fine with that. At first I thought it’s a bit weird but now I think it’s cool. What do you think mom?”

“Her aunt is gorgeous, I’m really sorry I didn’t spend more time with her I have to say. Well, if they are are happy, I guess it’s cool. I have to go now, what are your plans for tonight sweetie?” replied Mariah.

“Actually, Lea is coming over, we are gonna hang out and go out I guess. You look great mom, good luck with the meeting,” said Amy and hugged Mariah.

“Thanks baby,” said Mariah while lifting her daughter’s dress and touching her panties. “If Lea is coming I guess I can borrow these, as you won’t be needing them. Just for luck?”

Amy smiled as her mom was putting her panties down, “Sure mom, I hope they bring you luck. Too bad you can’t stay and help us get dressed though.”

“Don’t worry, baby, there will be time for that, see you later. I love you,” replied Mariah, and left.

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