Megan and Paige – The Beginning

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Megan and Paige were good friends. Paige, a blonde Greek beauty with green eyes, ample cleavage, and a firm, fit lower body was a former fitness competitor married to Andy. Megan, a former lingerie model, was a raven-haired Sicilian beauty who had light brown eyes, an ample, inviting chest, great ass and long sinewy legs. She was married to Daniel. Although both women were in their early fifties, they both caused men, and women, to look twice as they walked by and could literally stop traffic.

They had met through their husbands and found that they had much in common. Both enjoyed fine wine, upscale restaurants, and luxury travel. Because of these common interests the ladies had become great friends over the last 30 years and the couples would see each other at least once a month and would travel together regularly.

Paige and Megan also had something else in common. Something that bonded them more closely than with the spouses of their husband’s other friends. The ladies both led homes where they were in control. Not publicly. As far as anyone knew Andy and Daniel were the ones in charge and their relationships with their wives were structured in the traditional male/female hierarchy. But behind closed the scripts was flipped.

Both women dominated their men physically, sexually, and psychologically. Both husbands accepted and embraced this arrangement.

The couples had discovered their mutual ‘arrangements’ by accident some 25 years ago. They had been on a luxury Mediterranean cruise together when one afternoon Paige and Andy had been late for pool side drinks. Megan and Daniel, thinking their friends had forgotten the appointment decided to go to their friend’s cabin and collect them.

When they arrived, they knocked and got no response. Thinking something might be amiss they used their key card, (the couples had a key for bahis siteleri each other’s cabins) and opened the door. They were confronted with a very surprising scene. Paige, in her white one-piece bathing suit and white high heeled beach sandals, was standing in front of Andy twisting his right hand with her left in a counterclockwise direction and pushing the back of his hand downward with her right hand. He was on one knee in front of her, wincing in pain. Megan and Daniel instantly recognized the wrist lock technique Paige was using. Megan had often used it on Daniel.

Both Paige and Andy looked over to the door and saw their friends standing there. Daniel with a moderately shocked expression on his face and Megan with a small appreciative smile on hers.

Paige said, “Hi guys.”

Daniel said” Oh, Hi! So sorry to barge in. We were just checking to make sure you guys were ok, we’ll wait for you at the pool.”

Paige said, “No don’t go. We were almost done here.” She looked down at her husband. “Right honey?”

She pushed down with her right hand applying more pressure to his wrist joint. He let out a soft “Ah!” and sunk down to both knees.

Daniel said, “C’mon Megan let’s go wait at the pool.”

As Daniel started to turn towards the door Megan put a firm hand on his forearm and said, “Sweetie, Paige said they were almost done. Let’s stay.”

Daniel looked into his wife’s eyes. They were now both very aroused and neither could believe they had stumbled upon a scene that looked so like what happened behind closed doors at their home.

Megan said, “Sweetie may I have your permission to help Paige?”

“Yes,” he replied.

Megan was wearing a black bikini with a sheer black wrap and black pumps. She walked over to Paige and stood beside her. Looking at Andy, helpless and in pain on his knees she asked Paige, “Has canlı bahis siteleri he submitted yet?”

“He was just about to,” Paige replied.

“May I have the pleasure?”

Paige looked at Megan and smiled. She looked down at her husband and asked,

“Andy honey, Megan would like to finish you. Would you like that?”

He wanted to say yes but he was in so much pain all he could do was nod.

Megan put her right hand on Paige’s ass, something she had been wanting to do for a long time, leaned in close to her ear and whispered,” I’ll take it from here gorgeous. “

Paige handed Andy’s right wrist to Megan who promptly grasped it with her left hand and twisted it back and counterclockwise, keeping Andy on the floor. Paige took Megan’s hand from her ass and kissed it gently.

“I like that.” she told her. Paige smiled at her friend and walked toward Daniel who by now was both very nervous and extremely aroused.

Megan looked at Andy keeping the pressure on his aching wrist. With her right hand she pulled the knot on her sheer wrap loose letting the garment fall to the floor. Andy was now looking straight at the long glass piercing in her naval. She was in total control.

In the meantime, Paige had crossed the room to face Daniel. They both watched the wrap fall from Megan’s waist exposing her long lean legs and fit, firm ass, clothed only with a black thong bikini bottom. Paige approached Daniel and cupped the back of his neck with her left hand. She took her right hand and placed it two thirds of the way up inside his right thigh. Daniel did not know what to do. He wanted desperately to touch Paige, but he found the situation so confusing. This was his best friends’ wife! Paige pulled his neck forward and leaned in to whisper in his ear.

“I know you want me,” she said. “That day will come but it won’t be canlı bahis today. For now, you may place your hands on my hips. But be careful Daniel. If they so much as move a centimeter towards my ass or anywhere else I will hurt you. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” was his gulped reply.

He put his hands gently on her hips. Paige moved her right hand up ever so slightly towards his groin. She let it rest there. Teasing him. They both looked over at Megan and Andy.

Megan was looking down at Andy jerking his wrist to the breaking point. Without warning her right hand shot out and grasped his throat in a claw grip, constricting his windpipe.

“Andy, will you submit to me?”

She squeezed his windpipe tighter. He was turning a deep red. He grabbed desperately at Megan’s hand with his free hand, but he could not break her grip. His vision blurred and just as he was about to lose consciousness Megan released his throat and wrist and stepped back. Andy crumpled to the floor twitching, coughing, trying to catch his breath. As he regained his breath, and his vison was clearing he felt a pressure on his groin. He looked up and realized that Megan had planted her black heel on his crotch.

“I asked if you would submit to me Andy?” She pushed down with her heel crushing his balls and sending ripples of pain all up through his body.

“Yes, I submit!” he yelped.

Megan removed her heel. Andy turned sideways into the fetal position clutching at his throbbing balls. Megan crouched down and ran a tender hand across his cheek.

“I enjoyed that. I’m looking forward to the next time.” She rose collecting her sheer wrap and looked over to Daniel and Paige.

“Paige why don’t you and I go have a drink at the pool. We have a lot to talk about. Daniel, you stay here and help your friend.”

Paige looked at Daniel and smiled. “Soon.” she said.

She removed her hand from his thigh brushing his swollen groin as she did so.

The women left their husbands and headed poolside. That day marked the beginning of many erotic adventures for the foursome.

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