Becoming a Bull Ch. 02

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** This is the next chapter in my story. The first chapter “From Handjobs to Orgies” is about my intro to swinging and group play, specifically my college girlfriend playing with other guys. This story is a continuation of how I became a bull for couples. As always, please leave a message if you want to know more!**


As my last story left off, I now had two very different but absolutely exhilarating experiences with couples. The first couple being a pretty straight forward MFM 3some situation where both the husband and I played with his wife and the second couple being a cuckold type situation where I banged his wife without him present.

I quickly found out that once couples start reviewing you on the various apps, your success rate goes from 1 to 100 almost instantly. Finding good, respectful, discreet and attractive single guys is something couples struggle to find so once someone is proven it is like the floodgates open. I started turning down more couples than ones I chose to talk to.

Eventually I started chatting with a nice couple, Lauren and Kyle, who were looking for a guy. Kyle was 32 and Lauren was 27, so she was pretty close to my age at that point. Initially they just wanted to chat as they were new to the idea and concept. They were thinking they wanted a guy to get to know, and eventually hang out and maybe she would give a handjob or blowjob at most.

Typically I would have said thanks but no thanks, but Lauren was truly stunning. She was a natural blonde, 5’5″, nice C boobs and had a fit but curvy body. She had a French look to her with smooth facial lines and a nice smile. To top it off she was a trainer at a local gym and had the body to show with a fantastic core, strong legs and a well defined ass. I had to at least see it through a ways.

We chatted online for a while before deciding to meet at a bar for drinks one night. It was a cool bar, plenty crowded on a Friday night. We grabbed drinks and headed for a vacant high top table where we could chat. It was the usual chit chat, life, sports, weather and some laughs. It never got too flirty or really went down a sexual path at all, despite a few attempts by me to push it that way.

We all went home and that was seemingly that. Later that night at about 3am(I saw it the next day) they had messaged me asking if I could meet again the next night. So I gave it another shot and showed up. The previous night Lauren had been wearing some jeans and a nice tight top, nothing too flashy. Tonight she was wearing a skintight yellow dress with plenty of cleavage. Quite the change.

I could tell right away that the tone was different and Lauren seemed far more friendly and relaxed. The conversation drifted into more suggestive material and we had more drinks than the prior night. At one point she even bent down in front of Kyle and I, needlessly picking up a dropped coaster. It was a fantastic view of her ass in the tight yellow dress.

After a little more chatting I offered up, “Anyone interested in heading güvenilir bahis back to my place to have a few more? Maybe have a bit more relaxed setting.”

Kyle responded almost hurriedly, “That sounds great, how far away are you?”

“Oh, only ten minutes or so. We can all grab an Uber together.”

“Perfect! Lets do it.”

I ordered the car as Lauren had suddenly gone a little quiet, perhaps nervous at the opportunities that would await her. We hopped in the car, Lauren in the middle. As we drove we continued chatting and I made the first move and placed my hand on her thigh near her knee at one point. I could practically feel her shudder. I left it there as we continued the short journey and arrived at my house.

We climbed out and headed inside where I fixed some drinks and we all took our places, Lauren and Kyle on the couch and me on a big chair to her left. At some point she adjusted her legs, giving me a quick glimpse of a matching yellow undergarment which I knew must be small as I had not noticed anything when she had bent down earlier.

Quickly the talk turned sexual and I asked Lauren, “What do you think about holding another guy’s cock?”

She laughed and responded “Well it certainly is a new concept, kind of nervous but it turns me on.”

“So you’ve never played with another cock?”

“Well not after we got married, saw a few prior.”

At that point I decided to be bold and come join them on the couch, Lauren now sandwiched between us.

“Maybe tonight is the night to spread your wings and try it out.”

She looked at Kyle and responded, “Yes, I think tonight may be right.”

Kyle had started to massage her thigh, getting closer and closer to the end of her short dress. I joined in, rubbing the other thigh as she placed her hand in mine and slightly spread her legs in excitement. Kyle unzipped his pants and his hard cock was obvious under his boxers. Lauren reached over and slid his cock out from the boxers opening, his cock rock hard. He was on the small side despite being above average height, probably only 5″ and average thickness.

She grabbed the base and started stroking the shaft, making easy motions covering his entire cock. I took the opportunity to move my hand up her thigh and slip it under the dress. I slowly moved my way to her pussy (which was not far from the end of her dress) and gently rubbed the outside of her thong. It was already wet and I could easily feel her pussy lips as I pushed the thong together. She moaned a little and laid back as she was still stroking his cock.

A couple minutes went by of this, me rubbing around her thong and pussy, moving the thong around to tease different parts. Then Kyle suddenly blew his load of cum, one nice shot a foot in the air and then a little dribble on her hand.

She turned to me and said “Your turn” and quickly started unzipping my pants. In a moment she had pulled my hard cock out of my boxers and told me how big my cock looked before grabbing the base and giving a long güvenilir bahis siteleri stroke. She clearly enjoyed stroking cock and was quite good at it, I understood why Kyle did not last long. She was gliding her hand up and down, getting all of my shaft and up to the head.

Kyle was watching now, clearly pleased and getting hard again. My hand was still on her pussy, and I decided to stop teasing her and moved the now soaked thong aside and slid two fingers in. Her pussy was like the rest of her body, not small but completely muscular and tight. I started finger banging her as she increased the rate of stroke and we both started moaning, enjoying the mutual satisfaction.

Kyle reached over and grabbed her other hand and put it back on his cock. She started stroking his cock simultaneously, hardly missing a beat. He laid back as she did this and closed his eyes. I took this opportunity to use my other hand to guide her head down my cock. She did not resist at all and quickly swallowed up my cock, working her way to deep throat. It took Kyle a few minutes to realize what she was doing but did not stop it once he did.

He blew his load again while watching her suck my cock, with me not far behind. I blasted a huge load of cum into her mouth with Lauren sucking it all out and swallowing it like a good hot wife. We all sat there in a heap on the couch, Kyle and I worn out. I continued finger banging her while we sat there and eventually she lost it, cumming hard on my fingers.

From there it didn’t take me long to feel the urge and get hard again, my glistening long shaft slowly hardening and gaining shape as a big thick cock. Lauren stood up and said she was going to change but before she could walk away I took initiative and slapped her ass that was covered tightly by her yellow dress. She turned around and smiled at me and I grabbed her waist and pulled her down onto my lap.

At this point she was sitting with her back to me, straddled across my lap with her thong covered ass on my crotch. My hard cock shooting up in front of her pussy, up against her soaked yellow thong covering her pussy. I reached around and slid a hand down her thong rubbing her soaked clit and making her moan. I kept at it for a few minutes until she was moaning hard before I quickly pulled her up a little ways and planted her on top of my cock. Her tiny soaked thong presented no obstacle and my cock slid right past it straight into her tight pussy.

She let out a loud gasp as my cock got stuck about 2/3rds of the way, and she tried to lift herself off it. She looked at her husband as if to apologize only to find him actively stroking his cock. He gently assured her that it was OK, all the while not stopping stroking his cock.

Lauren gently eased herself back down, slowly taking my length until her muscular body had taken it balls deep. I could feel her pussy wrapped tightly around my cock, seemingly her muscles were squeezing my cock. It was an unreal sensation. She began to bounce, slowly at first iddaa siteleri and then harder until she was bouncing from the tip of my cock head all the way down to my balls at a rapid pace. She was going so fast and taking the entire length that I was worried she would go too far and miss on the way down. But she didn’t.

I let her bounce that ass for a few minutes while trying not to blow my load inside her as her powerful legs and ass rode my cock. I then gently grabbed her waist and slowed down her rhythm, letting her feel each inch enter and exit her. As I began to feel myself getting too close to hold, I stood up, with her still attached to my cock, spun her around so that she was face down in the couch and started fucking her doggy style. I eventually slid her to the floor and had her go face down to the ground, ass up in the air so that I could stand up behind her and jackhammer almost straight down into her pussy.

She was moaning hard and I was barely holding on. Kyle was still jacking off and he was moaning also and had started egging me on, telling me to “fuck her”, “pound her hard”, etc. I began to slap her hard ass as my cock was stretching her pussy and destroying it stroke by stroke. I finally lost it and exploded deep inside Lauren, cumming for what felt like eternity. I blew load after load into her until I was completely exhausted, slid my cock out and collapsed on the floor. She collapsed beside me, panting and worn out, and still had on the yellow dress and matching yellow thong. Both with cum on them in various areas.

And of course Kyle had cum during the process and was equally as worn out.

After a few minutes Kyle spoke up, “Wow, that sure escalated.”

I replied, “Yeah it did. I enjoyed it…”

Lauren responded with a grin, “I certainly enjoyed it. Can’t believe we waited this long. Looks like I may need to find you a girl to make up for it.”

Kyle shot back, “No no babe, that was perfect. No need to make up for anything, just promise you will do it again.”

Lauren and I smiled at each other, knowing this certainly wouldn’t be the last time.

Not only was it not the last time, it wouldn’t be the last time that night. We ended up fucking three more times, once after Kyle had gone to sleep for the night. By the end of the night she had three loads of cum in her pussy, one on her face, one in her mouth and one all over her tits and body. She had ridden me in every angle, gotten fucked in the backyard hot tub, and gotten jackhammered multiple times. And best of all, she slept with me in the guest bed, her hand on my cock.

In the morning I gave her one last treat, which was filling her ass with my cock while Kyle made breakfast. It took me about ten minutes of applying lube, fingering her and working my cock in to make it work but eventually I fit snugly inside her incredibly tight ass. I put her in doggy style on the couch so that she could watch Kyle make breakfast as I had my way with her and eventually loaded her ass up with cum. Needless to say Kyle was hard the entire time and Lauren gave him a quick blowjob after I had lost my load.

I ate breakfast and hit the road, with quite the memory. We stayed in touch and had even more explorations… to be continued in Chapter 3.

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