My Sexual Awakening – BF – Ch. 06

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My Sexual Awakening – BF — 6

FANTASY is so much better than REALITY!

I laid on his bed, not moving. I felt shame, humiliation, degraded and used. But I didn’t want to leave. I just wanted to do what he said. I felt helpless.

I finally picked my face off the pillow. The white case was smeared with make-up and tears. I thought to myself that I must look a mess. And smiled at the thought, I was beginning to even think like a girl! As I stood, I could feel Bernie’s cum seeping out of my ass and running down the inside of my thighs. For some reason I felt like crying. I tighten my hole as I walked to the bathroom trying not to let his cum run down my legs.

As I walked across the hall, I could hear the shower running in Burnie’s parent’s bedroom. In Jenny’s room I stopped and looked into the mirror, I did indeed, look like a mess. My make-up was streaky, the mascara now traced the tears I had shed from Burnies assault on my ass. I took off the dress and bra and placed them on the floor on top of the first dress I had worn. I turned on the shower testing the warmth of the water and stepped into the tube.

As soon as I stepped into the tub, I relaxed my sphincter to let the rest of Burnies’ cum seep out of me. I felt the warm water wash over my head and face, down my back, all over me. Cleansing me. I shampooed my hair, cleaning off some mascara and make-up that was clinging to it. I then washed my face, removing as much of the make-up as I could. I then started to wash the rest of me. My hands running over my hairless slender body. I washed my cock and balls. When I reached between my legs and around me to wash the crack of my ass, I realized how tender my butthole was. I gently washed my ass. Then I cleaned my inner thighs and my smooth hairless legs.

Then the thought came back into my mind. “I am a sissified, cocksucking, ass-fucked, faggot.”

I turned off the shower and dried myself off. I stepped back into Jenny’s room and found another summer dress on her bed, nothing else. I slipped it over my head, turned to the vanity and there was another note. It read, “Use these wipes to get your make-up off and come downstairs. I ordered pizza.”

I sat at the vanity, looking at myself in the mirror, reached for a wipe and started to remove the rest of the make-up from my face. I just stared at myself. Again wondering, what had happened to me?

I finished. Got up and walked downstairs. Burnie was in the living room, watching TV and drinking a beer. He looked up at me, patted the seat next to him and went back to looking the TV.

I sat next to him, crossed my legs. He motioned to the coffee table, “I got you a beer.” I said, “Thanks.” As he rested a hand just above my knee. I thought, “Just like boyfriend and girlfriend watching TV together.”

When the doorbell rang it jolted me back to reality. Burnie said, “The money’s right there.” Pointing to the coffee table. “Pay the guy.”

I didn’t move. I looked at him and was about to protest when I saw that glare again. Piercing through me, daring me to say, “No.”

I stood up, took the money and walked to the door. I opened it and the pizza guy was opening the warm container to pull out the pizza not noticing me, YET. “That’s 15.85.” He looked up as he handed me the pizza box. Then he did a double take. He actually looked me up and down and smiled. I handed him the 20 dollar bill and said, “Keep the change.” He kept smiling and said, “Thanks.” Eyed me up and down again as I closed the door.

GOD! I WAS SO HUMILATED! I turned and looked at Burnie on the couch and he was smiling at me.

“Good girl.” Now get some plates and napkins from the kitchen and me another beer. Okay, Jimmy?”

I just nodded and did what he said.

We just sat there watching a Spiderman movie and making comments about what parts we liked and didn’t like. I’d forgot I was wearing a dress until Burnie reached over and ran his hand up and down my thigh occasionally.

The movie ended and Burnie turned off the set. Got up and reached out his hand. I took it and he lifted me off the couch and we walked hand and hand up the stairs to Jenny’s room. He told me to go brush my teeth, I could use Jenny’s toothbrush, then come back, put my make-up on again and not to forget the perfume.

By the time I came out of the bedroom, he had already laid a white shear blouse on Jenny’s bed, again with a black lacey bra. He was looking at some of her skirts and finally tossed one on the bed next to the blouse. He turned and looked at me. “Well, don’t just stand there, the make-up, Jimmy boy.”

I turned and sat the vanity and applied the make-up again, trying to remember the video.

Burnie left the room for a few minutes and when he returned, I could see he was carrying a pair of 3 inch black high heels.

I finished with my make-up and sprayed a mist of perfume over me and turned. There on the bed was the blouse, bra, short plaid pleated skirt and some black, queenbet yeni giriş shear nylon thigh high stockings.

“Put this on JENNY.”

I was no longer Jimmy to him; I was now his SISTER again.

We traded places. He came over and sat at the vanity and I went and sat on the bed. I picked up the bra, put it on. I looked at the stockings and I had seen enough in movies on how to put them on. I balled them up and started with my toes and slipped them over my feet. I was amazed how cool and silky they felt as I ran them up past my ankle, over my calf, my knee and then mid-way up my thigh. I ran my hands over my nylon covered leg to straighten the fabric. It felt so nice, almost intoxicating. I did the same with my other leg. And after I was done, I pressed my legs together and moved them slightly up and down, feeling the coolness of the friction.

“You like that, huh Jenny?”

I looked up at Burnie. GOD, I almost forgot he was in the room watching. I put on the bra, I picked up the white blouse. It was almost transparent. As I put it on, I noticed you could see right through it to my skin and the lacy black bra underneath. I then reached for the short skirt and sat back on the bed to slip it over my feet and stood to fell it go up my legs. I got to my ass, wiggled a little to get over my hips and then I zipped it up on the side. The skirt, just reached to the top of the stockings. I glanced over at myself in the full-length mirror and thought, I looked like a schoolgirl that wanted to be FUCKED.

“You’re looking hot sis!” Burnie said with an approving smile. “Don’t forget the heels. They’re my moms, so I figured they’d fit you better. Don’t bother to put them on now, just carry them downstairs.”

He got up and left the room and I followed. Again, he sat on the couch and I sat next to him. This time he turned on the TV and connected it to his computer. He went to a porn site, did some searching in the Daddy/Daughter category. He flicked trough several choices and then found the one I guess he was looking for and started it.

“Put the shoes on Jenny.”

I obeyed slipping them over my feet. I was surprised how easily they went on and how comfortable they felt.

After the obligatory AD before the porno, it started with a very young-looking girl in bed, apparently asleep, when the bedroom door opens and man steps in. The girl opens her eyes and say’s, “Hi daddy.” Daddy replies, “Honey, your mom just left for work.”

As the girl looks up and sees her daddy unzip his pants, the girl with a soft plea, “But daddy, you said I wouldn’t have to do it anymore after the last time.”

Burnie reached over, turned off the sound. He put his hand on my knees and started to run it up and down my nylon covered knee and thigh. The skirt was so short now with me sitting that the top of my stocking covered thighs were completely exposed. He touched my bare skin above the stocking and then under the skirt and up next to my balls and stopped just short of them. Moving down to my knee and just enjoying the feel of my leg. His touch was warm and soft. I spread my thighs apart to give him more access to my inner thigh.

He stopped. Stood up.

“On your knees, Jenny.”

I thought, okay, he wants me to be pretend to be his sister again.

I got up off the couch and knelt in front of him. The coolness of the stockings made me feel sexy. My dick twitched with anticipation of what I was about to do. My knees resting on the carpet. I first looked up at his face and then straight ahead at his crotch.

I was looking at the outline of his pant covered thick dick, when he said, “You’ve always wanted to suck your daddy’s cock haven’t you Jenny?”

I looked up at him staring down at me. Did he just say ‘daddy’? Did he want to be pretend to be his dad and me be Jenny?

“Say it, Jenny. Say you’ve always wanted to suck daddy’s cock. My cock Jenny. SAY IT!”

I looked up at him and just above a whisper murmured, “I want to suck your cock daddy. I’ve always wanted to suck your cock.”

He looked down at me, “You can do better than that Jenny. Tell me, beg me. DO IT JENNY!”

I looked up at him trying to understand what he wanted me to say. I stammered out, “I want to suck your cock daddy. Please let me suck your cock, please daddy. I want it in my mouth. I want to taste it, smell it, feel it. I want you to pump my face with it daddy. I’m your little girl daddy, I’ll do what ever you want me too. I’ll do whatever mommy does to you and anything she won’t. Please daddy.”

As I looked up at Burnie, he smiled down at me. “That’s my girl. Now unbuckle daddy’s pants and pull them down. Let daddy show you his dick.”

I reached up and undid his belt, snapped open his jeans, unzipped them and pulled them down along with the boxers he had underneath to his knees. He semi-hard dick twitched with it freedom inches from my face. I noticed it’s girth, it’s smoothness. I wanted to put it into my mouth! But queenbet giriş I waited for his instructions and permission. For daddy’s instructions and permission.

“Now take your hand and wrap it around the base of daddy’s cock Jenny.”

I reached up and seized the base of his cock, wrapping my slender fingers around it. Feeling its warmth, smoothness as it stiffened in my grasp.

“Tell daddy what you want to do Jenny. Tell me.”

Looking up at him I pleaded, “Daddy, I want to suck your cock into my mouth. I want it daddy. Please daddy. Let me suck your dick.”

Still smiling down at me, he nodded, “Do it Jenny, SUCK YOUR DADDY’S DICK.”

I barely parted my lips and leaned forward. The tip of his now engorged circumcised helmet resting on my puckered lips and I SUCKED HIS COCK HEAD INTO MY MOUTH! I just sucked the head of his cock. Washing my tongue over his pee hole. Already I could taste some of his pre-cum. I thought to myself, “I’m tasting my daddy’s pre-cum.” I continued to suck just the head of his cock and I heard him moan softly. I was making my daddy feel good with my mouth.

Daddy then reached down and gently pulled back my hair from my face. “I want to be able to see my little girl face while she’s sucking my cock. That’s better. Now look up at me Jenny, daddy wants to see your eyes while he fucks your face.”

I looked up at him and slowly lowered my head onto his cock taking him into my mouth, moving my tongue over his dick, worshiping it, wanting it, needing it.


He let me move my face up and down on his cock. He let me enjoy sucking it. He wasn’t pumping my mouth as he did before. He was letting me explore his dick, taking it in. Letting me gag myself when I went to deep. I WAS IN HEAVEN! I was daddy’s little girl, sucking on daddy’s beautiful thick cock. OH GOD! I WAS PRETENDING TO SUCK BURNIE’S DAD’S COCK!

“Get it good and wet Jenny, cause your saliva is the only lube daddy is going to use when daddu fucks you up the ass.”

The words both frightened me and made me suck his dick harder. Wanting to coat it with as much wetness as I could.

I continued to hold on to the base and found myself squeezing it harder which seem to make his cock grow even fatter in my hand and mouth. My saliva was now running down his dick over my fingers and chin. I gagged a few times when it went to deep into my mouth which just helped to produced more saliva.

With my other hand I reached down under my skirt and put my fingers around my thin erect penis and started to pump my own firm thin cock. GOD IT FELT SO GOOD, MY DADDY’S, BURNIE’S DADDY, COCK IN MY MOUTH AND MY FINGERS MASSAGING MY CLIT!

Burnie then got a firmer grip on my hair and forcibly pulled my mouth off his saliva coated cock.

“Sit on the edge of the couch Jenny.”

I slid off my knees and sat on the edge of the couch. I looked up at ‘daddy’ as he looked down at me. My dress raised up over my thighs, just covering my dick. He stepped out of his pants and took off his t-shirt staring at me. Running his eyes up and down me, making me feel small, weak and vulnerable. His cock dripping with my saliva. He bent down and put his hands underneath my knees and pulled them up in the air forcing me to lay back on the couch, my head bent up by the back cushion. I could see what he was doing. My stocking cover legs spread wide apart, my ass hanging just barely over on the edge of the couch, black high heeled feet dangling in the air. Daddy crouched down and put the tip of his enlarged cock head against my asshole. My hands reached back on either side of me holding onto the back of the couch waiting for my daddy to penetrate me.

He then pushed and inserted his cock into me. Not FAST, but NOT SLOW. My daddy violated my ass with a steady push of his rock hard cock until he reached its base and he was completely imbedded in me. He as staring at me face. I knew he could see the mixture of PAIN and PLEASURE I was experiencing with dicks invasion of his daughter ass complete.

He started to rock back and forth, grimacing down at me. I kept looking at his face watching his expressions of almost sadistic satisfaction. Knowing he had conquered me. I was truly his little ‘bitch’.

Daddy’s little girl.

My skirt was still covering my small stiff dick and when I looked down it really looked like I was Jenny being fucked by Burnie’s dad. I knew he had to same view as me and perhaps the same thought. That made me want him to fuck me harder. For daddy to fuck his sweet young daughter, Jenny harder.

He then slid his hands up and over my calves and up to my ankles. He put them together, with one hand he held them together, FUCKING ME HARD WITH MY FEET UP IN THE AIR AND MY THIGHS NOW ALMOST TOUCHING! He pounded my ass relentlessly with his cock, one hand holding my feet together as he ran his other hand up and down my stocking covered legs, both of us enjoying the touch of his hand on my legs queenbet güvenilirmi and his cock hammering my ‘pussy’.

He increased his rhythm; I felt his cock thickened and readied for his orgasm. He pushed his cock deep into me, all the way to its hilt. He released his grip on my ankles and then both hands went to my shoulders as he started to guide me off the couch, holding me in place. His dick embedded in me still.

He slid me off the couch and on to the floor. There he looked down at me, placed his body on top of mine and started to rock back and forth, fucking me again! This time I put my feet up onto his side and over his ass and tried to push his ass into me. I found myself wanting his COCK, wanting MY DADDY’S COCK! I moved my ass to meet each of his thrusts. My skirt had moved up to my tummy and my cock moved up and down against his abs with each thrust.

Daddy started kissing my neck, running his hands over my sides. “I love fucking you Jenny, daddy’s wanted to do this for so long! I see how you watch me sometimes Jenny. I know you’ve wanted me Jenny, HAVEN’T YOU?”

I responded, “Yes daddy I’ve wanted you for so long. I can hear you and mommy fucking at night daddy (Burnie had told me as much that he had heard them fucking before and his mom got loud.)

I wanted to know what it felt like daddy, to have you inside me, punishing my pussy like you do mommy. I want you to fuck me like you do mommy, FUCK ME LIKE YOU FUCK MOMMY, DADDY PLEASE!”

With that daddy pushed one of my hands over my head and then the other and he held them in place. I felt I was his captive, helpless, subdued, tamed. He kissed and sucked on my neck and then kissed me full on the lips, HARD AND PASSIONATE. He moved his head to my neck and then over my shoulder and then my armpit! He licked, sucked and bit at my pit! Instead of it tickling me, it made me shiver with excitement. It stimulated me and made me want to fuck him more, made me wish his cock was even larger and could penetrate me deeper! I WAS HIS TOTAL BITCH NOW! HE OWNED ME!

He moved to the other armpit and did the same, holding my hands over my head in a powerful, forceful grip.

He then kissed me again full on the lips, sucking my tongue into his mouth. My feet still trying to push on his ass and my ‘pussy’ meeting each thrust, WANTING MORE!

His cock seemed to grow in width in me, I knew he was about to explode his load of daddy cum inside his little girl. I felt my own dick respond to this sensation and with our voices mixing and filling the room, his, a deep and rich tone and mine a girlish squeal, we erupted together, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

His COCK expanding and sending a warm wet wave of cum into my ‘pussy’, his Jenny’s ‘pussy’ and my own dick releasing a soft, creamy load between our stomachs, coating them in a sticky mess. My ass muscles contracting onto his COCK with each of my orgasm spasms, seeming to milk him of his precious juice, forcing it into me.

He was sucking on my neck as he continued to ejaculate into me. I felt whole and complete. He moved his lips to my mouth and his HOT breath filled it as he tenderly kissed me. He let my wrists go and I moved my hands over his back, feeling his hot skin covered in sweat. I inhaled his manly scent and never wanted this moment to end.

Finally, as his cock grew limp, he let it slip out of me. He pulled himself off me and knelt between my legs looking down at me. I was on the floor, my stocking covered legs wide apart, his mothers’ black heels still on my feet. My skirt up, but my cum covered stomach exposed. My hands over my head, my hair and make-up a mess.

He looked me up and down one more time, and as he stood he spat, “You’re nothing more than a pathetic, sick, perverted faggot. You know that?” He grabbed his clothes from the couch and walked upstairs, I assumed to shower and get my cum off him.

I lay on the floor until I heard the shower turn on and then dragged myself off the floor, this time using his sisters skirt to keep his cum seeping out of my ass and running down my inner thighs. I went into the hallway bath to clean myself up.

I turned on the shower and the hot water run over me, cleansing me, I thought about what he had called me, “…nothing more than a pathetic, sick, perverted faggot?” Yes, I know it’s true.

The rest of the weekend was the same. Me dressing up like Jenny. Him fucking me a few times but mostly he had me just give him blowjobs. I was his fuck-suck toy. He used me when he felt like it. At times I was just ‘Jim’ and we played some video games until he got horny, then I was ‘Jimmy’ if I didn’t have make-up on and a dress, if I did I was ‘Jenny’.

He got a text on Sunday afternoon from his parents saying they were leaving the campus and would be home in about 5 hours. He wanted another blow job before they got home so, of course I did it. When I was done, I got a little bold and said, “I want a blowjob to Burnie. It’s not fair. I give you one when ever you want and even let you fuck me up the ass. But you hardly ever touch me! It’s not fair! I want a blow job too!”

He gave me that ‘glare’ and sarcastically replied, “I ain’t giving you know blow job. I’m not the gay-wad, YOU ARE!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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