Double Trouble

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The chair was in the center of the bedroom facing the door. Her ankles were tied to the frame of the chair’s legs in such a way that they were almost touching her thighs, well off of the floor. Her hands were tied behind her and anchored to the crosspiece of the chair legs. Ropes encircled her upper arms, crisscrossing above and below her firm breasts. The rope running down between her legs was pulled tightly, cleaving her shaven lips and imbedded deep inside her ass, tied to the several turns of rope around her waist. The vibrating dildo tied perpendicular on the crotch rope just above her pubic mound was buzzing quietly, sending vibrations deep inside her along the length of the invasive rope. A folded washcloth filled her mouth completely, held in place by a long strip that ran from one side of her nose, under her chin and up the other side with several strips across her mouth and the lower part of her face. Moaning deeply, she closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on the dildo’s assault on her clit.

The man wearing the black ninja-style hood waited behind the door, watching the girl tied to the chair intently. The bulge in his pants betrayed his intent and he took several deep breaths to maintain control and not give in to the urge to satisfy himself with her now. In one hand he held a wide-strap ballgag. The girl’s mother was due home any minute now and he knew she would head for the bedroom eventually. He did not have long to wait.

They both heard the car pull into the driveway, the subsequent closing of the car door and the sound of footsteps walking up the front porch. A key was turned in the lock and the front door opened and closed. Wide-eyed, the girl struggled against the ropes, mmphing behind her gag in a vain attempt to warn her mother. Both heard the footsteps entering the kitchen and then walking towards the bedroom. Mom stopped in her tracks just inside the bedroom doorway as she saw her daughter tied, gagged, naked, violated by the pulsating crotch rope. She never saw him emerge from behind the door. He grabbed her wrists and pulled them behind her back. Holding them firmly with one hand, he forced the ballgag against her lips with his other bahis siteleri hand.

“Do what I say and no one will get hurt,” he said. “Nod if you understand.” She nodded quickly. “Open your mouth,” he commanded. She complied and he buckled the strap behind her head, the ballgag now deep into her mouth. Peeling off strips of tape that he had pre-positioned on his jacket sleeve, he taped the lower half of her face with two strips from cheek to cheek running under her chin and then layering the rest over her mouth, just like he had done with her daughter. She felt the rope that he had pulled from his pocket encircle her wrists, wrapping several turns around and cinching it tightly. He made sure he tied the knots out of reach of prying fingers.

He walked her over against the side of the bed and then began to cut her clothes off with a knife he carried on his belt. The blade sheared thru the material of her shirt and bra. He wrapped several loops above and below her breasts, his hands brushing against her nipples, cinching the rope between her shoulder blades. Then he wrapped rope around her arms just above her elbows, cinching this to the rope around her shoulders. Taking another long length of rope from the bag, he wrapped it around her forearms and waist, cinching it between her arms and her body before cinching it again between her arms and her wrists. He removed her pants and carefully, slowly slipped her panties off. Turning her around, he pushed her down onto the bed and then tied rope around each leg bending it into a frog-tie. He stood back to check his work and was pleased to see that Mom was as hot and sexy as the daughter. Like her daughter, Mom had long firm legs that tapered with a smooth-shaven pussy and breasts that were firm with hardened nipples. She was just as appetizing as her daughter, if not more so.

Returning to the daughter, he turned the chair around so that it faced the bed. Reaching into his bag, he withdrew took two clothespins to apply, one for each nipple. She groaned in mixed pleasure and pain, the crotch rope drawn between her lips now thoroughly soaked. His hands rubbed and massaged her swollen, tender breasts as she tried to canlı bahis siteleri close her legs together in an effort to manipulate the vibrating crotch rope. She could only strain against the ropes and groan into her gag as his hands roamed unimpeded while the vibrator continued its relentless assault.

Straining to free herself, mom twisted against the ropes rendering her accessible. This succeeded only in hardening his cock further as he watched her struggle on the bed, her legs held open by the ropes for full access. Crossing over to her, he rubbed the inside of her thighs, letting his fingers graze the length of her soft slit. She was becoming aroused as his fingers began to slide along her now-wet lips. He rubbed her along the top of her clit and then slid his thick middle finger deep inside her while his other hand massaged and squeezed her nipples.

While her mom was getting all the attention, the vibrating rope pulled taut against her clit was bringing the daughter to climax. She watched wide-eyed as he fingered her mother and ran his hands over her fine body, the building waves of pleasure beginning to peak. Rolling Mom over, he inserted a thick, slickened finger into her ass and began to slide it in and out. Mom felt the pressure against the back of her G-spot, closed her eyes and began to move her hips rhythmically in sync. His fingers moved knowingly and she began to ascend to climax. He stopped just as she was about to cum and walked over to the daughter, who had just cum herself.

Switching off the vibrating dildo, he slid his fingers deep inside her and rubbed her swollen clit. Mom watched helplessly as her daughter was brought to another climax, her hips rocking increasingly against the ropes holding her in the chair. She closed her eyes and welcomed the crashing waves of relief as his fingers stroked her throbbing clit. Spent, she felt him remove his fingers and watched him lick them clean as he approached her mom.

Removing his pants, his freed cock now waved thickly in the air, a hard pole seeking her warm wetness. Rolling her onto her back, he placed himself between her knees and pressed the head of his cock against her slippery canlı bahis wetness. Slowly, deliberately, he slid inside and buried himself deeply within her. She closed her eyes and groaned behind her gag as he started to pump her deeply, his thickness sliding in and out while he massaged her clit with his thumb. As she was beginning to move in response to his thrusts, he stopped abruptly and withdrew, only to deftly stroke her clit with a knowing tongue. Her hips moved involuntarily to his tongue’s massaging. She felt the waves of climax start to boil over as his tongue enveloped her clit and rubbed it from behind. Suddenly the walls came crashing down as wave after wave of pleasure wracked her bound form. He positioned himself between her legs again and slid his still-turgid member into her hot, wet slit and proceeded to fuck her hard and deeply. Her daughter could only watch as he continued to slide in and out until the demand to cum overcame him. He arched his back and slid his cock all the way into her as deeply as possible.

After a few minutes, he withdrew his still-hardened cock and walked over to the daughter. Gently peeling the tape off, he removed the washcloth from her daughter’s mouth and positioned his cock against her mouth. Her lips willingly opened wide to accept his juice-covered shaft and he slid it in slowly while she proceeded to massage his cock with her tongue, cleaning it. Her mom watched wide-eyed as he withdrew his cock and then leaned down to kiss her daughter fully, deeply on the mouth. She responded in kind as he removed the ropes encircling her body. He helped her stand up and stretch, working the stiffness out. Patting her lovingly on her ass, he said, “I have to get back to work, hon. I’ll let you untie your mom and I’ll see you later. You both’ll probably have a lot to talk about.” After a final kiss, he winked at Mom, letting his fingers softly stray across her still-wet slit as he walked by.

Approaching her bound mom, the daughter stood there looking at her for a moment with a devilish gleam in her eyes. “Looks like somebody had a good time. Since you’re still gagged, I can’t resist getting the last word in by saying ‘I told you so’,” she said, smiling.

After the daughter peeled the tape off and unbuckled the ballgag, Mom said, “Damn! That rocked! Next time you can have the bed. I want to see how that vibrating dildo feels tied on me like it was on you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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