Bianca Comes to Worship

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Bianca Carmichael knelt in the shadows of the confessional box. The night before she had walked in and found her boyfriend and her best friend tied up together in a writhing sexual frenzy. Her whole world of expectations collapsed as she watched him thrusting hard between the thighs of Cindy. She was strangely sadly mesmerised as she watched them but then the spell was broken, he turned around and Bianca fled out the door.

She walked the streets all night and in the morning she found herself sitting in the church. The scent of incense, the dark corners, the flickering candles all reminded her of her uncomplicated childhood. She stepped into the confessional tentatively. It had been a long time since she had made a confession.

The priest welcomed the young blonde penitent and then allowed the silence to draw out her words. Angry broken words came tumbling out about love and betrayal, the injustice of life, loneliness. Father John McMurray knew that none of these words were coming from the centre of the pain.

“When you walked in and saw your boyfriend and best friend having sex what made you most angry?”

“It’s obvious. Isn’t it? He was being unfaithful. She was betraying our friendship.”

“And yet there was something more?”

She nearly spoke. She swallowed down her words. Her mind was pressed against the nature of the place she was in and so the priest spoke his usual words of reassurance, the words that would open the way to a true statement:

“Say what you really want to say,” he said.

“I was angry because.. because.. the way they were fucking. güvenilir bahis They were so… I don’t know.. it was more passion than I’ve ever known. It was like I felt I’d been cheated of that and I felt like.. lost.” She started sobbing and the priest looked through the veiled window at her. “I suppose you think I shouldn’t even be thinking that way,” she continued, “I mean talking about fucking like this.”

“It’s right for you to say these things,” the priest said with smooth reassurance, “you want to surrender, you want to be opened and filled, penetrated to your core.”

“Yes,” she replied.

“You want to feel possessed.”

“Yes,” she gasped.

“I am going to make a suggestion,” the priest said. “Come to the presbytery tonight and we shall talk more.”

Bianca felt a strange tangle of contradiction when she agreed to see the priest. His direct and vivid language seemed to have almost fingered her cunt. She felt hot and wet and wickedly deliciously inappropriate and it lasted through the day and into the night. She was nervously excited as she walked up the steps of the priest’s house and rang the bell. The door opened and Bianca was startled by what she saw. A woman was standing in front of her and it was obvious she was wearing nothing beneath her loosely draped sable coat.

“You must be Bianca?” the woman asked. There was warmth in her voice and a sparkle of mischief in her eyes. “I am his house keeper Tiffany. Come in. Don’t be shy. Aren’t you cold? You should have a coat for a night like this.”

Bianca was bewildered. This woman wasn’t like güvenilir bahis siteleri any housekeeper she had ever seen. There was obviously an incredible body moving around underneath all that gorgeous fur. It had been a long time since Bianca had felt the aching desire to reach out and touch something that seemed forbidden. At that precise moment the woman turned and looked Bianca straight in the eyes with all the magnetism of a mind reader.

“You like this coat don’t you?” the woman said. Bianca blushed like a child caught with her hands in a cookie jar. She nodded her head. “Then you should touch,” said the woman who commenced massaging her own fingers through the fur as though to demonstrate. Bianca’s heart was pounding so hard she thought it might break. She reached out and touched and the woman drew closer. Bianca could smell perfume. It was intoxicating. So was the beautiful woman and the generous folds fur.

Tiffany led Bianca into a study room. The walls were lined with books on theology, spirituality and pastoral care. The art on the walls was of a slightly different nature: beautifully illustrated depictions of various sexual positions. Tiffany led Bianca to a generous coach, draped with a fox throw. As Tiffany sat the fur fell open revealing one of her perfect breasts. “Why hesitate?” she said to Bianca. “Don’t think. Just do.”

Bianca was drawn into the world of fur and perfumed breasts. Her mouth was eager to lick and suck. Tiffany began undressing the eager guest, allowing the sable to slide over the girls cunt as she pushed down her panties. Bianca iddaa siteleri shuddered with the pleasure of the fur, the liberation of being stripped, the intoxication of feasting on another woman’s beauty. At that moment a door opened and the priest walked in. Bianca looked up, startled, with the taste of Tiffany spread on her lips and tongue.

“Don’t let me interrupt,” said the priest who was also wearing a long white fox coat. He slapped Bianca’s pretty bare arse. “You haven’t finished your meal yet.” Tiffany pulled Bianca back down into the little world of her wet vagina. Soon she felt her own cunt being given some digital attention. ” Oh Father!” she sighed as she started to pump up and down on the finger. A strange succession of images flashed through her mind, moments in churches, statues, candles, naked hard fucking. The convergence of images and feelings stretched inside her, heated her, provoked her to press her tongue deeper, to pump on the priest’s insistent cock more vigorously.

“Surrender!” commanded the priest as he thrust his cock into his little blonde penitent. He had been aching to fuck her all day. He had wanted to take her in the confessional but had restrained his impulse in favour of savouring the growing tension. He knew his sweet Tiffany would open the way with the pretty little blonde. “Welcome to the flock,” he said as he pressed his fingers through her prettly blond hair and slid his cock deeper through her tight little silk lips. The girl was writhing with pleasure as the priest fucked her from behind and as the deliciously tasty Tiffany enjoyed the benefits of her eager young tongue. “Oh God!” said Bianca as she pumped and bounced ,wanting the hard cock to drive right into her core. “Don’t think this is the end,” the priest whispered in her ear, “this is just the beginning of your initiation.”

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